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June 2007

Sheila the more I thought about it I think water ice stand at Bayton and Chelten it was connected to the Idle Hour Bar an they owned it but I relly think it was called Ralaph's he was the owner of the bar it I remember right Sandy
anonymous [06-30-2007]

hi franny ... so glad you arrived ...
rosemarie hite malageri [06-30-2007]

italian decendant ... oh my god .. you are so right about those places and the food .. and for some reason the vegtables and fruits really tasted so good too ...
rosemarie hite malageri [06-30-2007]

shiela, that place was called the idle hour ... if i am thinking of the same place that you are .. it was on the corner ...
rosemarie hite malageri [06-30-2007]

I have made a Blog where you can post your thoughts of Germantown and to share all those great memories. http://www.germantownpafriends.myeweb.net Have fun and enjoy the sight! thanks :-)
pattie morgan, 32 mon of 2 nc [06-30-2007]

Shelia you are right Frisco Frank had great water ice he was my uncle the water ice stand at Chelten and Bayton was the Idle Hour the Spagnolia family had it they also had great water ice with all Lemon an Cherry pieces in it and it cost 10 cents for a small cup those were the days Sandy
anonymous [06-30-2007]

to sheila - the water ice stand at chelten & bayton was apart of the idol hour bar. first owned by the spagnolia's then frank jaquinto. it was just known as "the water ice stand" to us who lived in that part of gnt.
DENISE [06-30-2007]

To everyone: I'm sorry if any of my prior entries or thoughts offended anyone. That wasn't my intention. I realize that Germantown, like other old time places in America, isn't what it used to be. We can't expect it to be the same today because things are much different. The memories stay the same and will always be treasures. The real tragedy is that our youth missed out on something very special that yesteryear held and today doesn't.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [06-30-2007]

Sheila, It's hard to find places like that today. Places where you can buy good water ice that actually has fruit in it. I think that someone would make out well if they opened a store that sold these old time foods that we can't get anymore.The young generation doesn't know because they never had it. When I was working for a large company I asked my co workers if they ever heard of tomatoe pie, because I wanted to bring one in. They had no idea what a tomatoe pie was and they all loved it! It's just that the foods in the old days tasted so much better than today. How many Italians go to Italian restaurants and complain about the "gravy"? It's either too sweet or too bitter. They expected it to be the same as what they make at home and are often dissappointed. My late grandmother's gravy was the best I ever tasted because she used plum tomatoes from her own garden and a pork neck bone. It just doesn't get any better than that. You mentioned Silvi's at 6th & Pike. They had the closest to real homemade Italian food and I've not found anything close to it since.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [06-30-2007]

Does anyone remember the Stokes' from Wakefield Street in the 50's. My dad's name was Joe Stokes. Thanks.
Donna Kennedy, 52 years old, Roxborough [06-30-2007]

Italian Person..I agree that Silvy's at 6th & Pike had the best mussels! When I was dating my husband, we'd go there with a group of friends. Delasandros was and still is my favorite cheesesteak. We got our water ice from Frisco Frank's across the street from Holy Rosary. The lemon had lemon chunks and the cherry had cherry chunks. The water ice at Chelten & Bayton was good too. I don't remember the name of that one.
Sheila [06-29-2007]

Hi, I lived in Germantown from 1947 until 1969. I had friends from St Michael's, St Francis and St Vincents as well as Germantown High and Little Flower. I am looking forward to reading over this site and hopefully touching base with some long lost friends.
Franny (Smith) Lindmar [06-29-2007]

I was born and raised in Germantown. It was a great place. My daughter found the 2004 archives site by accident. I read the message from Pat(McAllister)DePaolo. Is Charlie a dancer? If he is the same Charlie, please tell him he is the greatest dancer of all times. I loved dancing with him. I hope you are well. Sandy(Lawler)Ford
Sandy Ford [06-29-2007]

My great grandfather lived in G-town from the end of the 19th century until his death in the 1950's and raised atleast 7 children. He worked for the city and was a very good man. He came from Italy to America with hopes and dreams for a better life as did thousands of others from Europe. Most of the immigrants, Italian or not, were all very independent and never accepted anything UNLESS they worked for it. We're talking about a generation of people that had different priorities and a different outlook on life. My great grandfather came to this country with next to nothing and took advantage of wholesome opportunities. That's what made Germantown the great place that it once was. They actually had it better than most of us because they didn't have to deal with a complicated and unnecessary Freudian lifestyle like we do. They didn't have the problem of keepin up with the Joneses. They were satisfied because everyone was happy even though most of them were poor.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [06-29-2007]

For Joe Taylor: It's not important that I give my name. Many others have left anonymous messages also and it's still a free country. It was nice that you gave yours. I'm not the only Italian American on this site who is or had descendants from G-town. I would bet that more than 50% of the people that leave these messages are Italian descendants from G-town. There are/were many. I agree with your other message when you say that we should move on and leave it alone. I'm with you on that one. Good idea!
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [06-29-2007]

To Anonymous - your admonishing message might have had an effect/impact if you hadn't chosen to hide behind the moniker "Anonymous" without an email link. I just dismissed it off when I saw that. Sorry.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [06-29-2007]

TO Italian Man: Do you have a name or is Italian Man it?? Are you afraid to use your name assuming you have one
joe taylor [06-28-2007]

Leila: I have been reading all the comments made after your posting. I am sure you were talking about Germantown TODAY & not in the past. I would just leave it alone now. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [06-28-2007]

OK. Enough with the world against Leila and visa/versa. We need to focus on the purpose and real value of this website. The title is YOUR THOUGHTS on Germantown. This site started out sharing our thoughts and memories of Germantown which, by design, opened a flood gate of "do you remember" memories. Great stuff. Now it appears to be a chat room or blog. If possible, please use email to discuss family history. If someone says something that you find offensive, ignore it and move on. They are entitled to their opinion. But please let's not make this another blog. Sorry for the anonymous but my name is not important, just the message. I will have accomplished something here if no one responds to this and just returns to the real intent of YOUR THOUGHTS. Thank you
anonymous [06-28-2007]

Regarding the good ole days in Germantown: I can remember my father saying that when he was a teenager back in the 40's, he spent his entire summer vacation with his grandparents in G-Town. He couldn't wait to go there every year. He loved being with the old timers and his relatives for many reasons. His grandmother would tell him to go down the "Cantina" (the basement) to help himself to a banana. He told me that he's never tasted a banana as good as that since then. They had a fondness for roast pork, eggplant,tomatoe pie, dandelions, and homemade ravioli. Does anyone remember the bakery in Manyunk called Consolo? They had great bread and rolls. We talk about the best home made food items that came from the Philadelphia area. We remember Salerno's in Edge Hill for the best lemon ice. Too bad that they closed. I haven't had a decent italian lemon ice since. Their lemon ice had real lemon flavor, was yellow, and had pieces of lemon in it. Scalese had the best tomatoe pie in Philly, next to my grandmom of course. I'm not going to mention the cheesesteaks because it may start a commotion in South Philly, but we had Luigi's in Willow Grove across from Willow Grove Park. The best Italian Rum Cake came from Lido's Bakery in South Philly and the best roast pork sandwich came from Willie's at 9th and Christian. Then there was the Italian seafood...the mussels, clams, etc. The best place for that was Silvi's at 6th and Pike. It's too bad that some of these places shut down. Someone with a generous heart and good skills could make a fortune with a store that sold these good homemade items again. It's too bad that some of those delicious homemade foods of yesteryear are long gone. The old timers passed away and so did their products. They really put their hearts into making things taste good.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [06-28-2007]

Hi All, I have been looking for someone I grew up with for years. Bob Smith from St Vincent's parish class of '61.. We lived next door to eachother most of our youth, on the 5500 Block of Morris Street. Bob has 4 brothers, Michial, Bill, John & Kevin. They moved to Levittown sometime in the late 60's, early 70's. If anyone knows how I can connect with him it would be great. Thanks in advance.. Erda
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, West Norriton, PA [06-27-2007]

I never, ever once said that you should not remember the good old days. I never downed any of your for your thoughts and expressions. You all really need to settle down. You my dear Germantown friends have opened your own can of worms.
Leila [06-27-2007]

hi does anyone ever see or hear from the rosiollas .. and how about the family of an italian man who worked at holy seplecure cemetery named sambo he was good friends with my uncle vic catalano ... the rossiollas were friends of the entire family .. how about the vasallo's .. and the giordanos! thanks for any info .. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [06-27-2007]

italian decendant ... thanks for answering .. i was just curious since i thought perhaps you did .. take care rosemarie h
rosemarie hite malageri [06-27-2007]

sandy i sent an e mail through this site last week but apparently it didnot go thru! how are you .. it is so good to hear from you ... i hope you, joanne, my sister lily and i can get together .. lets try and do that hope to hear from you again rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [06-26-2007]

Grew up at 5026 Newhall St. until 1983. Great times, always a kickball game or some activity going on. Rainy days sucked. Best friends Marianne Grivnovics, Pat, Denise, Eileen, Bill McGinly.
Tripp (Larry) Brickner, 42, live in Roanoke, TX (north of Fort Worth, TX) [06-26-2007]

My family lived in Germantown. We didn't have much money, but like our neighbors we took care of what we had. The front steps got scrubbed every saturday morning with cleanser or fels naphta soap. My mother swept the payment and even the street in front of our house. The curtains were old, but clean, if a window got broke, you had it fixed, even if you had to take the money out of something else. We didn't have much, but we took care of what we had, - that's the difference. Germantown is now a filthy, run down slum where you're not safe to walk the streets, and who made it that way?
anonymous [06-26-2007]

Any relation to Marylou and Mike Malageri from Wakefield St.in Brickyard? They went to Saint Mike's in the early 60ths. There father was Louie, he was a good friend of my father George Colella. He would take us up to Holy Rosary after Sunday mass for there spaghetti dinners. Tom Colella
Tom Colella, St Francis of Assisi Class of 61 [06-26-2007]

Leila, We are all aware of the present condition of Germantown. That's not at all what we come to this site about. I'm sure that most of us had a negative experience toward the end of our time in Germantown. That's why we left. It was no longer the kind of place where we wanted to raise our children. Believe me, if it was as I remember, I would still be there. But our reason for coming to this site is to come together to recall the wonderful memories of our past. We're in touch with people who without this site, we wouldn't know where they are. This is good. I don't want to dwell on how bad Germantown is. It is what it is. I'd rather remember what it was. And it was wonderful!
Sheila [06-26-2007]

Rosemarie, the answer to your question is NO. I don't know you or your faamily.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [06-26-2007]

hi .. does anyone remember or can get in touch with judy and terrance melaney if so please let me know thanks
rosemarie hite malageri [06-25-2007]

to joe wray ... hi i am a classmate from st vincents and linda your first girlfriend is my cousin .....
rosemarie hite malageri [06-25-2007]

to the italian decendant .. do you know me or my family the catalano's? do i know you ?
rosemarie hite malageri [06-25-2007]

So good to hear all the stories and memories of Germantown...You had to live there to appreciate them.....
Betty Ann Penderghest Karnicky, LIved on Church Lane near Market Square....Graduated St.Vincents in 61, Little Flower in 65...have an older brother Bill [06-25-2007]

Leila ­ the reaction here was natural. People come to this site because they have a love and connection to Germantown in some way. None of us here likes what has happened to Germantown. But, in your anger and frustration, you touched a nerve with your harsh words of criticism of Germantown. Yeah, you are entitled to your opinion of Germantown. You say that you, too, love Germantown. But, that did not come out in your words. We all know what Germantown has become. You can’t fault people here for wanting to remember the great neighborhood that it was. Sometimes, it’s not what you say, but how you say it.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [06-25-2007]

Leila, As you can see, we know what Germantown is today. I think we all agree with you about the present condition of Germantown. But you missed the point of our discussions. Our discussions celebrate the Germantown we remember.
anonymous [06-25-2007]

Lelia, I'm sorry to hear about the incident on your steps, but you still opened a big can of worms with your remarks. It's like I said before: "people have no respect." It wasn't right that the teacher from Germantown high school was brutally beaten either. Imagine if that teacher had laid a finger on one of his assailants? THAT would have made the national news. The problem is that some of the kids/teens/young people who live in G-town and in other parts of the city aren't being trained at home BECAUSE THE PARENTS CAN'T GIVE WHAT THE PARENTS DON'T HAVE! Many of their kids don't even know who their fathers are and are living without a stable adult male presence in the household. AM I RIGHT? The mothers send their kids to school then expect the teachers to perform miracles. It doesn't work that way. It's the people who make up a neighborhood and if the people are bad then the neighborhood is bad. It stands to reason. I can tell you again that it wasn't that way when the Irish and the Italians lived in Germantown only a half century ago. The people back then went to sleep with their doors unlocked. Imagine doing that today? Also, I had a healthy fear of my father. He was only 5'4" but was as wide as he was tall. He was a stone mason and had huge arms. All he had to do was to look at me a certain way and I knew...... If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have what I have and and I wouldn't be sitting here typing this message. These kids don't understand what "TOUGH LOVE" is all about. If I had any say over the matter, I would initiate a mandatory 2 year military requirement for ALL of these kids after high school and if they drop out of school prematurely that would mean automatic military service. Life isn't a free for all picnic where you can do whatever you want to without regard for the well being of others. God didn't put us on this earth for ourselves.
an Italian Descedant from Germantown [06-25-2007]

I lived in Germantown until I was 23....my statements were made in anger about what has happend to the neighborhood. Relax. I too loved it there...but when my neighbor was killed on our front steps...it was time to go. My mother cried her eyeballs eye the day we drove away from there. Don't take everything so personally....you all did not contribute to the way the neighborhood is now and I am allowed to have an opinion just as you are.
Leila [06-22-2007]

erda .. very nicely put ! you go girl ...
rosemarie hite malageri [06-22-2007]

For Erda, Dennis and Rosemarie. You guys are right. It was a "neighborhood" where the people had large families, respected God others and themselves for the most part. Yes, the Germantown of yesteryear had a few bad eggs too, but it wasn't anything like it is today. It seems like it became a dangerous place during the Kennedy administation as did other cities and towns acoss this country. I don't drive through Germantown too often, but when I do, the current residents look at me as if I don't belong and I'm not welcome. THEY'RE RIGHT! I just keep driving with the windows up and the doors locked. I drove by the house of my great grandparents around two years ago and I have to say that never in my life have I ever seen a house painted purple and orange with green trim.....HELLO! It looked like something that you would see in Disney World or the home of the fictional character "The Joker" from Bat Man. I can only imagine how the old timers would react to seeing their homes now. God forbid! My uncle who lived near Chew st. had to replace his copper down spout every week because they would steal it. He finally got tired of replacing it then installed an aluminum one. It's just that no one has any respect. Some of the people who live there now are of the opinion that the world owes them when in reality they owe themselves. I would love to see the old Germantown return but it can't because the people who made it the great place it once was are no longer with us.
a Italian Descendant from Germantown [06-22-2007]

Leila, We are a proud bunch of people who grew up in Germantown, PA! Germantown back then was a real neighborhood. Everyone looked out for there neighbors. Kids respected their neighbors and their property.. If we chalked on our neighbors pavement we where given a bucket and scrub brush and told to clean it.. Not by our parent by the neighbor. Believe me, you best do it or when you got home mom would take you to the neighbor by the ear and make you clean it with an apology for disrespecting my neighbor.. "Now imagine what would have happened if we put paint on someone else property”. We where taught to respect our neighbors and neighborhood. IT WAS NOT THE HOOD, IT WAS OUR NEIGHBORHOOD! The reason Germantown is the way it is today is because the people who live there now don't care about the neighborhood. They don't teach there children to respect other people. Remember the teacher that was beaten so badly at Germantown High School?? No respect for any thing or anyone, not even themselves. I love Germantown, I hated to move, but it was not safe and I did not want to become a prisoner in my own home. We did not want to worry about our son every time he left the house. As for the drug! Dealer would go out of business if the demand was not there. It is a vicious circle the people using the drugs do not respect themselves, because they are not taught to respect anything or anyone. Maybe if the respect started in the home and neighborhoods like it was when we grew up things would change. Maybe there would not be a demand for drugs, dealers, graffiti, vandalism, and disrespect for authority figures. The history, in Germantown is not just the Revolution; it was one of the first places to speak out against slavery, and to hide slaves. I am sorry this was so long but just had get my thoughts out there..
Erda, Proud to be from Germantown, Philadelphia, PA [06-21-2007]

to the itailian decendant of germantown you hit it right on target ... germantown was a wonderful place to live and grow up in .. i don't know who leila is but unfortunetly she apparently didn't have the good fortune to live and experience the germantown that we grew up in ... when i was a kid in germantown .. i could walk anywhere day or night without fear of being battered by somebody .. and if there was a group of boys either hanging on a corner or walking near me .. i didn't fear them if anything i felt better that they were there .. there are still some of my husbands relatives who live in germantown and they take good care of their home but the surrounding area .. sadly has been let go by the many people who moved in to germantown ... the homes that i grew up around were kept clean and tidy and everyone .. everyone looked out for each other ... and to sandy ...you are so right too people did sweep the sidewalks and the streets .. they did have pride in their neighborhoods .. but then they weren't consumed with drugs etc .. they were consumed with family and friends ..
rosemarie hite malageri [06-21-2007]

Responding to Leila's message. You sound like you have a huge chip on your shoulder. I wanted to ask if you live in G-town and what you're doing leaving comments like that on this website? Most of the peole who use this site share fond memories of families, friends, and their days in Germantown. Let's try hard not to turn this forum into a "disgrace" too ok?
anonymous [06-21-2007]

leila, if you should happen to learn anything from this it's that the old gnt means a lot to us and we have a lot of great memories, and enjoy reminising about the old gnt. "you can take the people out of germantown but you can't take the germantown out of the people"
DENISE [06-21-2007]

To ”an Italian descendent from Germantown”, very well said. There does seem to be a lacking of personal pride and personal responsibility in the Germantown of today vs the Germantown of my youth. That will have to change if there is to be any real and lasting change. Who doesn’t feel a sadness when they remember “how it was” and then see it “how it is now”? But, that said, I do think Leila went a bit far in her comments to disparage the entire neighborhood. There are well-kept homes inter-mixed with the run-down and blighted homes and empty lots. There are people who care mixed in with those who don’t. There are sections of Germantown that are considered very “trendy” and sought out by professionals, artists, etc. West Germantown is thought to be the “next Philly hot spot”. There is a revitalization trend that seems to be working its way down Germantown Avenue. Once that takes hold in West Germantown, maybe East Germantown and Lower Germantown will be after that. But, the people have to want it. They have to take the initiative to take back their neighborhood in force. It has to start somewhere and with someone and then build the momentum. Me, I will always hold on to hope for Germantown. I have long accepted that the Germantown of my youth is gone forever. My hope is first for stability, then revitalization and growth. Though it will be a different Germantown than where I grew up, it will be a better Germantown than what is there now. It can happen, and I believe it will, in time.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [06-21-2007]

To Leila, The reason we write our memories of Germantown is because we love it as we remember it. Physically it is not the same place with the grafitti and run down properties that are there now. We write to each other here on this site to remember those days we grew up in that wonderful place, as it was then. Don't fault us for wanting to preserve those memories. If given the power, I'm sure most of us would jump at the chance to restore Germantown to what it was. It can be just as beautiful as we remember, no matter who lives there, if the majority of the residents cared as we did.Few if any of us were wealthy people. It doesn't take wealth to be a decent law abiding citizen. We learned to be good people because the grownups in our lives weren't afraid of us, and we had penalties for whatever we did wrong. It doesn't take very much money to be clean. Cleaning stuff can be bought at a dollar store..that's an advantage our Mom's didn't have! It certainly isn't a matter of money to have pride in yourself and your surroundings. Our families did it years ago, with very little in their pockets. Germantown doesn't have to be what it is today, but it is and all we have left are memories of the Germantown we loved. I find it unique how so many people share the same bond to the place where they grew up. We probably spent the least of our years there, but the impact it had on us is amazing.
Sheila [06-21-2007]

Yes, it's me. Connie says hello back to you!
Sheila [06-21-2007]

This is for Leila and you are right about Germantown but most of the people on this are people who grew up in Gtn. and remember it when it wasn't like it is now and we are saddened about that. Not everybodyis like you describe. I have a friend wqho still lives on Baynton st and she takes care of her house both inside and outside. She trys to keep her place neat with flowers in the summer. It is a shame the houses around her are not like that. So you see some people still care about what thier places look like. Do you still live in Gtn.? I am sorry you fell the way you do but some people still care about thier neighborhood. joanne
anonymous [06-20-2007]

I see you are an all or nothing type Leila-broad statements you make about the "neighborhood" Why do you bother reading about this crime and drug infested place or for that matter, leave a comment like that?So you can sleep better tonight, I'd like to tell you I always send my mail to Germantown,Pa. and guess what? it gets there!As for it being such a "bad" neighborhood, I got mugged in Bucks county 15 years ago, but lived (and walked) the streets of Germantown for 20 without a bugbite! There are beautiful well-kept homes in Germantown. I just left one on Wayne Ave,and wonder how you can judge an entire neighborhood, by a class of people who seem to live in every part of town.Is your view of things at all impacted by the distance you cover? Or possibly the lack of it. Hmmmm.
pat, proud to call it germantown,pa! [06-20-2007]

to leila: your right about the "current germentown" but most people on this site are from germantown of a different time. years ago germantown was a great close knit neighborhood, that was far from being a disgrace.
DENISE [06-20-2007]

Lelia when i was growing in Germantown I can remember my Mother cleaning our pavement and even in front of our house the street an she was not alone all our neighbors did the same we took pride in our neighborhood we did not have drugs nor gangs it was a great place to grow up in then but that all change now an it could never go back to how it was it was a diffrent time we all respect each other an help each other Germantown was a great place then Sandy
sandy cipriano1225@comcast.comL [06-20-2007]

This message is for Leila. I just couldn't read your message then not reply. Calling Germantown Germantown, Pa is just like calling Roxborough Roxborough, Pa. People can identify and relate to that part of Philadelphia. Did you know that there's Germantown Maryland too? As far as your remarks about Germantown Pa. being a run down disgraceful mess, I'll have you know that my family, my wife's family and the thousands of others who migrated from Europe to Germantown Pa. weren't the ones who trashed the place. I have a photo from 1920's of my grandmother and her sister standing in front of the Germantown library. It was taken in front of beautiful ornamental iron set on top of a beautiful stone wall. It wasn't riddled with ugly graffiti back then either. The people in those days didn't do drugs and had a lot of respect and self-respect. They worked very hard for a living and kept EVERYTHING in tip top shape...including their families. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE! My great grandfather....God rest his soul, attended Catholic Mass every morning at Holy Rosary Church until he was mugged by two males. They beat him, stole some change and his rosary beads. I hope that atleast they learned how to use the rosary beads. Anyway, his son- my great uncle, found out who they were then beat the living daylights out of both of them. They got what they deserved. This is not an exaggeration either. Germantown is what it is because it's made of the people who live there now. They don't have to tolerate the drugs or the crime. Home Depot and Lowes always carries a good supply of brooms too. It's up to them to clean the place up and I don't mean by just sweeping a dirty sidewalk. Wouldn't that be a great inititative?
an Italian descendant from Germantown [06-20-2007]

Why do people refer to "germantown" as germantown,pa? Germantown is a neighborhood in Philadelphia. At least as far as this site goes. It is nothing but a crime, drug infested neighborhood. No one takes care of their homes, keeps the outside swept, nor do they have any respect for themselves. It is a disgrace.
Leila [06-19-2007]

I know this sounds a bit weird, but does anyone know if any of the Kunders family members still live in the area? I'm trying to do a little family history and interested to see if any of the relatives are still in the area. Thanks
Kris Freiling, Kunders? [06-19-2007]

Hi Sheila I think I know who you are hope you an your family are fine this is a wonderful site I see names I haven;t seen in years I hope I have the right Sheila tell Connie I said Hi take care sandy cipriano
sandy cipriano [06-19-2007]

hi,rosemarie; Yes, I remember the Catalano's. I grew up with Joey and new mikie his older brother, who died in a auto accident when he was in the service.They lived at greeve's ct right near locust ave. I think thier cousin Charley (called Chops ) and sister linda lived on armat st. near morton st.Keep in touch. if you known anyone who may know me tell them to get on line like to hear from them.
geoge greene, gilbertsville pa 57 [06-19-2007]

hi sandy good to hear from you .. lily is all grown up although she still has beautiful hair it is now on the short side but can you believe .. she is 42! thanks for your kind words about lou. hope to hear from you soon .. i spoke to joanne a couple of times .. and so did lily speak to her .. wow what memories .. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [06-18-2007]

Hi Sandy!
Sheila [06-18-2007]

sandy cipriano .. hi it is good to hear from you .. thanks for your kind words about my mom and sister .. thank you too for the nice things you said about lou .. i miss him very much how are you and your family ... hope you are well ... keep in touch !
rosemarie hite malageri [06-18-2007]

denise viola ... thank you so much for giving your mom my message .. i was just telling somebody the other day .. that i remember your mom on her wedding day she looked like an angel .. so pretty she was always such a nice person ... thank you again ...
rosemarie hite malageri [06-18-2007]

Just returned to Florida from Philly, and had to drive thru the "old neighborhood" I will always love Germantown,Pa. I have great memories and loved living on Pulaski St. and Harvey St.My aspirations are to move back soon.
Pat Mcmenamin, Ancilla Domini Academy graduate(70) [06-18-2007]

I have created a webpage for you to post your thoughts of germantown and if you are looking for someone like I am, hopefully they may reply. feel free to post a blog entry. http://www.webspawner.com/users/pattiemorgan/index.html
pattie morgan [06-15-2007]

Looking for anyone who has known the MORGAN family who lived in Germantown in the early 1900's. One address was on W. Airdrie street. William (Bill) and Wilhelminia (Minnie) MORGAN. They had a son named William ( Bill) Jr. Please email me and/or reply to this. Thankyou. Pattie Morgan
pattie morgan sheffield, sanford, nc [06-15-2007]

Tony, Thanks for your reply. It amazes me how many people have connections with Germantown. I was once working for a company in King of Prussia and keeping up with my upholstering business at the same time. A co-worker wanted me to follow her home because her neighbor in Limerick Pa. wanted some chairs reupholstered. It turned out that the lady was from Germantown and knew my mother and father in law from the old neighborhood. Now who would have thought that someone all the way up in Limerick Pa would have a connection to G- Town? It was by chance that I had my wedding photo album with me so I was able to show her photos of everyone. She hadn't seen these folks in many years. Most of the people in my current neighborhood came from Germantown or had a relative from Germantown. My grandmother's family, the Dicriscio's, lived on Rittenhouse St. then moved to Woodlawn ave many years ago. My great uncle....Mike Dicriscio and my wife's uncle Philip Iannuzzi were both recovering at the same military hospital in Oxford England in WW2. My great uncle Mike was shell shocked and was identified by my wife's uncle Philip. This is how uncle Mike made it back to the states. This is a true story. Molly was my great aunt and Mike's sister. She met Nathan at the school for the deaf and they lived on Locust ave. for many years before moving to Lynnwood Gardens in Cheltenham. They never had any children and were the nicest people. Whenever we would go to visit she would give us kids the little blocks of ice cream (neopolitan) with the paper attached to it and always had the tea kettle on. They were always very kind and generous...God rest their souls. I miss all the old time people. Isn't it a shame that the young generation doesn't know what it's like to pay Sunday visits to people? I guess that a lot of it has to do with modern lifestyles, the age of the computer, and email. People just don't make the time anymore.
Michael Fanelli [06-15-2007]

mr. greene do you remember the catalano's from cow town ..
rosemarie malageri [06-15-2007]

to linda graham hi i went to school with your sister rita ... and your brother mike's wife erda .. how are you ... hope to hear from you
rosemarie malageri [06-15-2007]

To all those from Germantown who knew our family, the Donovans from Hansberry St, I wanted to let them know that on May 29th, my brother Timothy passed away. He and his wife, the former Lila Braden of Newhall St, have lived in Cape May NJ, for the past 30 years. He is survived by his wife and two daughters, Jennifer and Diana and 2 Grandsons. His family was with him at the time and he passed peacefully in his sleep. He will be missed greatly by all. Thank you all that came to his services and sent flowers and wonderful notes of condolences. Eleanor Donovan Zerega (sister)
Eleanor Donovan Zerega, Pittsburgh, Pa. formerly from Germantown..Hansberry St [06-15-2007]

Why does everyone on here have such a chip on their shoulders and an attitude about stuff. Settle down....its just Germantown!
Michelle [06-15-2007]

to RoseMarie Malageri: My mother Eleanor Poli said to tell you hello.
denise viola (poli) [06-15-2007]

Jack Lowe, You can find out most anything about Germantown by contacting the Germantown Historic.. Here is there link http://www.germantownhistory.org/ Hope this helps you Erda
Erda, West Norriton PA [06-15-2007]

hi rosemarie i don't know if you remember me but i was friends with your cousin jackie catalano i also knew your mother so sorry to hear she in a nursing home i do remember your little sister lilly with her beautiful blonde hair so sorry to hear of louie death he was a nice guy hope you an your family are fine sandy cipriano
sandy cipriano, cowtown [06-15-2007]

Michael:I knew Nathan and Molly. Molly was related to my uncle, John DiCriscio who lived on Woodlawn Ave up near Pastorius grammmar school. The four DiCriscio siblings live in the area, and, would know more about Nathan and Molly than I would. Best Regards, Tony Risi, McMahon & Woodlawn
Tony Risi, Lancaster County, Pa. [06-13-2007]

hi to eleanor head poli .. i don't know if you remember the catalanos .. they are my cousins whom i lived with in cow town .. greeves ct. i hope you are well ...
rosemarie hite malageri [06-13-2007]

joanne, i'm not sure who you are ... but my mother is in a nursing facility and i guess you knew lily .. she is now living with me ... you say you lived on stafford st .. when i lived there or when my mother only lived there ... it will be good to hear from you ... i have listed my e mail address
rosemarie malageri, widow, 1son, 2grandchildren . live in bucks county [06-13-2007]

I have been asked by the 300th Anniversary Committee of the Church of the Brethren to do a 20 minute presentation about Germantown as it was whn the first Brethren arrived about 1719. I am looking for suggestions of where to find this information and for any help you can give me. Thank you.
Jack Lowe, Roanoke, VA [06-12-2007]

looking to see if anyone can tell me some stories about my father
matt smith, jack smith [06-12-2007]

Paul grew up on Collum St(Brickyard) and went to St. Mikes(class 64)then North (class 68). Rose grew up on Zeralda (between Apsley and Berkley off of Wayne Ave)went to St Francis (class of 66) then Little Flower (class 70). We loved Germantown and have great memories.
Paul and Rose (McWilliams) Rotondi, Rockledge,PA [06-10-2007]

Hello to all of Germantown. Germantown was a very special place to grow up in, I have a lot of fond memories of growing up. From Sun Ray drugs to Suzy and Lou;s, Standing in front of Chanes drug store waiting for the K Bus to take me to Cardinal Dougherty. I would like to give special thanks to a great person who did not grow up in Germantown but is probably the best person to be involved in Germantown and that person is Father Rock. I still have the pleasure of talking to him and he has helped me and I am sure thousands of other people who have crossed his path. And I want to say hello to my cousin Linda Cantiello, I hope everyting is well with you.
Nick, 46 [06-09-2007]

Linda Cantiello, Do you have any relatives named Anna Marie, Nick, or Anna Marie's father Joe also known as Jack La Rue?
Judy Iannuzzi Fanelli [06-08-2007]

To Linda Cantiello, i would like to hear from you. Your cousin, Joanne
Joanne Posimo [06-08-2007]

I have wonderful memories living in Germantown. When my mother remarried we had to move but I went back every weekend to visit my grandparents, Rose and Tom Cantiello
Linda Cantiello, 5629 Crowson Street [06-07-2007]

To Anita Kelly: Do you have a sister Frances? I lived on Heiskell St. I used to go down the alley to her backyard. We had fun on the seesaw and in the clubhouse. My family and I moved to California in 1962. I attended St. Vincents until then. Graduated from 8th grade in 1964. THis is a fun site.
Carol Buggey McKeehan [06-02-2007]

i have the book one of your people(donny pena,waco texas) is looking for. it is "the white house gallery official portrates of the presidents" published 1902 registered and numbered "276"
peter b. murphy, paso robles ca. 58 yrs. [06-01-2007]

Hi Joyce: I graduated ST. Francis in '57--so there is a 4-5 year difference in our age.- & NC in '61 then hightailed it out of town to college--not been back nuch except for funerals & weddings. Now live in Athens, GA. I talked w/ my sister & she does not remember you becsuse she gradutaed LF 2 years before you. She lives in Glen Mills, PA. I loved Sister Grace. She came when I was in 5th grade. Nice lady. However, I do not remember Sister Agnes Dorothy--must have been after I left. Take care. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [06-01-2007]

Is there any one know Joyce McCook from Germantown?
Raymond Garand, Born and raised in Blue Bell Hill, Daniel St., PhillEy ! [06-01-2007]

i went to immaculate and graduated in 1951.then on to n.catholic. live in warrington now . let me know if anyone remembers .
ED LAWSON, stafford st. 69 yrs. [06-01-2007]

to duh who cannot use his/her name--I read from a friend's computer when I am @ his house. Joe taylor
joe taylor [06-01-2007]

i am charles artillio sister who is friends with your brother lou anne
ANN FLEMING, gorgas lane 70 [06-01-2007]

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