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April-May 2007

Thanks Denise, tell her I said hello.Thanks Erda for this link. It is great.Hello to everyone else from Germantown and went to St.Vincent's
anita (neaty) Kelly, Lived on Morton Street, Germantown [05-31-2007]

I lived at 6036 Wister Street, from 1957 to 1981.
Jackie, Olney, 50 [05-31-2007]

well if you didnt have a computer how could you read it, magic?
DUH! [05-31-2007]

to Joe Taylor -- Hi Joe. We lived on the 4900 block of Greene Street, just a block up from the church. Think I remember Sister Grace. Was Sister Agnes Dorothy there when you were in school? Don't think I knew your sister Rita. Take care.
joyce ruggero, St. Francis ’62; Little Flower ’66 [05-31-2007]

TO Anita Gontz (Kelly): My mother, Eleanor Poli (Head)said to say hello to you and you sister Terry.
DENISE [05-30-2007]

to joe taylor.. i dont know why it came up anonymous..but it is dennis garvey..and i am not the dennis who is cried about jamming up this website..
anonymous [05-30-2007]

To Dennis: sorry I am tying this web site up--however, I thought the site was to communicate--maybe some folks don't have a computer--why don't you post your last name
joe taylor [05-28-2007]

to Anonymous--joe taylor here--my grandmother's name was Mary. My mother Rita. We lived @ 312 Shedaker St.--Write me @ brbluis@yahoo.com if you have any info.
joe taylor [05-28-2007]

Went to school with My sister Terry Kelly (she was one years ahead)Joan Haney, Joan Coyle, Mary Jo Graham, Maryann Malagerie
anita gontz (Kelly), graduated from ST vincent in 1960 or 61 can't remember [05-28-2007]

Looking for anyone who lived on W. Airdrie street in 1930. I am in search of ANYONE who knew my grandparents WILHELMINIA (MINNIE) OR WILLIAM MORGAN. Helen and Claud Davenport lived right beside them. I am trying to trace my family roots. Please email me at pattieann2004@yahoo.com. Thankyou so much.
pattie morgan sheffield, 31 mother of 2 sanford, nc [05-28-2007]

Does anyone remember a couple named Molly and Nathan Marks? They lived on Locust ave. near Chew st. in the 70's Their home was facing Crowson st. They moved to Lynnewood Gardens are both deceased. They were my great aunt and uncle and were also deaf-mutes. Nathan was Jewish and Molly was Italian. Any info would be appreciated.
Michael [05-26-2007]

To Carole (Buggey) McKeehan, Bear Valley Springs, CA., 56 [04-02-2007] I am married to Mike Graham from 317 Church Lane.. Carol Ann is my sister in law.. I also grew up with Rosely Bradley from Woodlawn Steet on the west side.. Did you belong to Yearsley also.. I spent many hours in the Graham house as a teenager.. I will give your information to Carol Hope she emails you.. Erda
Erda, Erda Graham [05-26-2007]

To Rosemarie Malageri I am an old friend of your mothers from Stafford Street. I would like to here from you Joanne Posimo Lockard
Joanne Posimo lockard [05-25-2007]

To Denise of West Norriton..Hello neighbor! You are just around the corner from us. We live just off Whitehall near the State Farm Park. Our oldes son lives by the Jeffersonville Club off Main Street. So you are a cowtown girl. My husband grew up on Church Lane and Belfield, that row of houses that faced up Belfield Ave. I worked at VIZ on Price Street for 20 years. Went to St Vincent's and Little Flower. We where 5 generations in Germantown. I hated to leave but now love my dead end quite street.. We will have to meet and chat sometime soon. Thanks for contacting me.
Erda, West Norriton, 60 years of knowledge, [05-25-2007]

Dennis and Mike Garvey, what a small world! After all these many years, a friend directs me to a website where I see messages posted by my childhood neighbors. How are the rest of your family members? My brothers, Phil and Tom, are fine. Phil just became a grandfather. He has two sons. Tom has two daughters. I have one son. Our brother, Michael, passed away in 1993. Both of our parents are gone too. Great memories of Germantown. Billy James, now that's a person I remember. Great times at St. Francis. You were always a hoot. I miss the Germantown of our youth.
Martha Turner Green, 58, Horsham, PA [05-24-2007]

Any body home ????
Raymond Garand, Born and raised in Blue Bell Hill, Philly ! [05-24-2007]

Sheila, My cousins are alive and well. Both are grandparents. Anthony was married to Jeanette Maguire and she passed away a few years ago. She lived on Haines Street. Who was your brother that lived next to the Murphy's? I was best friends with Terry Murphy and we lost touch. Steven Lomanac who lived on Price Street saw her in Europe a few years ago. By the was Steve ( Bucky to Us) was a Stewart on Airforce One. He keeps in touch with Joanne Warnick.
Ginger Rio Swist [05-23-2007]

I would like to contact Sheila who responded to my message. She wanted to know about my cousins and I would like to know her e-mail address and respond. I am new here and I don't know how to contact anyone unless I post. People have contacted me which I am thrilled about.
Virginia Rio-Ginger [05-23-2007]

to erda graham- my family was from the east side of gnt... chelten & heiskell...3 generations...i found it funny that i also live in west norriton now, across the street from adm. bldg.
DENISE [05-23-2007]

hello to everyone from germantown who i grew up with ... i have fond and wonderful memories of "cow town" dances and of course st. vincent's
rosemarie hite malageri, have one son and two grandchildren/ boy and girl [05-22-2007]

My brothers are Joe. Lou and Robert Brownholtz. COntacvt me about joining the GErmantown Historical Society.
Catherine BrownholtZ, Still in Germantown. [05-22-2007]

the good old days in germantown yearsley post and many friends
susan houseal-frattarola, living in south philly am 59 years young [05-22-2007]

to joe taylor..joe i never heard that unless you are related to a mary who lived on shedaker st..who was some how related to my father..i will ask my mom
anonymous [05-22-2007]

Germantown, the kids of today have no idea what a real neighborhood is like. Grandparents around the corner, the neighbors where 2nd & 3rd generation. Everyone knew everyone else and you couldn't get away with anything in any part of Germantown. Someone knew who your parents where. I grew up on the west side Chelten and Morris, we had Dorrows Drug store, the Del Mar, Alden Park Manor, Clarks Park, and so much more. We went to Trinty Dance at Germantown & Queen lane, we walked everywhere and knew someone from every neighborhood. We had Yearsley Blackhawks, Christmas and Mamorial Day Parades. The Holloween paintings contest in the store windowns on Chelten Ave every fall. If any of you are from St Vincent's parish, Yearsley, or the neighborhood I would love to hear from you.. Erda..
Erda Graham (Armstrong), West Norriton, PA, [05-22-2007]

to Bill Tresnan: Bill. I forgot to add your e-mail address to my address book--would appreciate it if you would write a note back so I can. Have not heard from emily
joe taylor [05-22-2007]

Ginger Rio, I knew your cousins, Anthony & Diane. How are they? In fact, my brother lived on Price St., across the driveway from your house, next door to the Murphy's.
Sheila [05-22-2007]

To Virginia Ro, I read your note and please contact me. I always had great memories of your dad. From the garage on Sprague Street to the big place at Woodlawn and Sprague to the Garage at 937 E. Chelten. I remember your grandparents on the left side of the street on Sprague Street and your uncles Pete and Joey, and the R10 Rae Car. I am trying to get a class lsit and addresses and e mails for the class of 1967 from Immaculate Conception. If you or anyone else know of anyone please let me know. I have een Regina Talbot and she seemed slightl interested.My e mail's Rmccreight@comcast.net or RJM2374@aol.com
Bob Mc Creight, 53 Havertown PA [05-21-2007]

to dennis garvey: Dennis?? Do you know we are related somehow?? Don't know how. If you do, I would appreciate some details--Joe Taylor
joe taylor [05-21-2007]

to: Bill Tresnan--you can write me @ brbluis@yahoo.com if it is easier?? I look forward to hearing from emily--I have history w/ her family. You said WAS Mike--has he passed??
joe taylor [05-21-2007]

why dont you answer Joe Taylor directly instead of tying this whole website up with stuff.
dennis [05-21-2007]

To Joe Taylor, click here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Germantown
Webmaster [05-18-2007]

to joe taylor.. i am mike's brother dennis there are 14 of us 12 boy's 2 girls..myself being the youngest 44 y/o and jim the oldest being 71 y/o..glade to see you are enjoying this site..
dennis garvey [05-18-2007]

To Joe Taylor: Joe I don't think Emily has a computer. She works around the corner from me and I will let her know you said hi when I go past today. Artie is doing good and his older brother was Mike. When you get a chance send me your snail mail address and I will give it to Emily also. Does your sister Rita have an e-mail address?
Bill Tresnan [05-18-2007]

To JOE TAYLOR Joe I have 11 brothers and 2 sisters.The reunion i was talking about was the gtn.reunion.john markee,frank colella,tom colella, george colella,harry hartopp,jack mc cannn,vinny & barbara beatty bo nines butch duccilli so many more.it was a great time. mike g.
mike garvey [05-18-2007]

to Sheila: thanks for the update--from Joe Taylor
joe taylor [05-18-2007]

To Joe Taylor, I knew Hank Crane and he was the one who had the place in Ambler. I haven't seen Hank in years. He also owned the place in Surf City. Our daughters were gymnasts together.
Sheila [05-17-2007]

We are going to be in Phil. June 29-July 1. We need to known when the houses in Germantown are open for tours.
Judith Dunham, Illinois female 55 [05-17-2007]

to Mike Garvey--Mike would you do me a favor?? How many brothers & sisters do you have?? joe taylor
joe taylor [05-17-2007]

to Bill Tresnan--Emily McKeon--yes--she always called me Joey :) How is she?? Tell her to write me brbluis@yahoo.com Would love to hear from her. I was buds w/ her brother Artie. How is he?? Had older brother--forget his name. Please tell her to write me.
joe taylor [05-17-2007]

to Mike Garvey--well, I'll be darn. How are you?? Jimmy is living in Conyers, GA. How is he doing?? I guess OK. We have not spoken in over 20 years--long story. Sure he is in the telephone directory if you wanted to touch base. Rita lives in Glen Mills, PA--on the border of Delaware--Lived in Sharon Hill & Aston before moving here. Reunion?? I assume St. Francis reunion?? Or North Catholic reunion?? I don't get up that way much anymore--altho I was up there 2 weeks ago for a 50th anniversary party for a cousin--Jackie Clark--sister of Johnny Clark--lived on Wakefield St--do you remember them--I am Southern boy now. Yes, 239 was a fun place, shuffleboard, darts, softball--had a pretty good steak sandwich 2--John Belmonte was bartender--Jimmy Stabalito(sp)the owner--it is boarded up now--sad the way the neighborhood went down. Keep in touch if you want. Joe Taylor
joe taylor [05-16-2007]

joyce: I am a bit older than you. graduated St. Francis in '57 & North Catholic in '61. Left after this & never returned except for visits. Guess you were in 4th grade when I was in 8th. Where did you live?? I have a sister Rita who is 2 years younger--maybe you know her. Thanks for your reply. Did you remember Sister Grace Winifred--think this is the spelling.
joe taylor [05-16-2007]

To: Charlie Peterson---Greetings from Tokyo, Japan. Am curious --- would you be related to a Lou Peterson? He used to visit us on Ogontz Ave.in St. Benny's Parish. Don't know where he lived (could very well have lived in the Immaculate Parish, as you did). I was just a tyke when one day this wonderful Lou Peterson gave me a Marine Cap. It's a long shot, I know but---you and I are only a yr. apart (I would've graduated from St. Benny's in '55, if we hadn't moved to Va. in '53), and besides --- the way coincidences are always happening to me, I was just wonderin'!?! Fr. Jack Deely, OMI
Fr. Jack Deely, 66 yrs., Tokyo [05-16-2007]

I tried emailing Vincent Beatty, Jr. at vbeatty@kua.net from which email address he sent his thoughts to "Your Thoughts" in 2003. I only saw the note today when I visited Your Thoughts Archives. Vincent talked about his days at 315 Shedaker and about his grandfather, who was from Ireland and who also lived at 315. I did some calculating and figure that the grandfather must've been there when my grandfather lived at 308 Shedaker, as well as a cousin (Hansbury, also from Ireland) who lived only a few doors away. If anyone can get this note to Vincent, I'd certainly appreciate it. Thank you. And --- thank you for a great site. The memories and messages are precious.
Fr. Jack Deely, OMI, 66 yrs.,Tokyo [05-16-2007]

Anonymous 5-10-07 I like to find out what happened to the Rizzo brothers and all of those guys from Moms and Podells too! Were you one of them?
Maria, Maria P. [05-16-2007]

To Joe Taylor: I was talking to an old neighbor of your's. She told me to tell Joey hello. Her name is Emily McKeon. Emily is also my cousin.
Bill Tresnan [05-16-2007]

Joe Taylor: I went to your not to Tom Colella (e.g.) and punched on your name..Up pops the following: brbluis@yahoo.com.I did that when I first wrote and retested the process just now with the same result....As for Shedaker St., The Grandparents moved into 308 in the early 1900, but there was a continuous presence until the early 1950's..The last member of our family to reside there was Mary (Deely) Conroy with her husband and 2 daughters..Some other names you may recognize are the Carmody's and the Hansberry Family..I think a Mary Crete ran the candy store on the corner..It's been so long ago...Take care, Mike Deely (go "uga")
Mike Deely, see previous "guano" [05-16-2007]

Joe Taylor: I attended St. Francis 1st through 8th grades and graduated in 1962. Graduated from Little Flower in 1966. Married Jack Ruggero from North Catholic in 1969.
joyce ruggero [05-15-2007]

To: Mike Deely--don't understand the punched up comment--what did you get?? Your dad lived @ 308?? Assumed name was Deely?? Can't recall this name. It was only 2 houses dwon from me. When did he live there?? I was there in the '50s--left in '61--never to return. Went to school @ Penn State, then in Texas, met a GA girl, got married, went in the Marines--got out--went to University of GA & never left AThens--60 miles east of Atlanta--home to the University of GA--& I also have a condo on Hilton Head & an aunt & cousin live there--Hilton Head Plantation. Thanks for the reply
joe taylor [05-15-2007]

To Joe Taylor,Joe -Mike Garvey from bringhurst st. How is your brother Jimmy doing i see he is living in GA.is Rita living in GA.too? Talk to a lots of old friends at the reunion. great time. A lots of good time in the 239 bar.
mike garvey, 63 yrs. bringhurst st brickyard [05-15-2007]

Joe Taylor: I punched up your namme @ the end of your article and got something other than Joe Taylor,,My dad lived @308 Shedaker years ago, and that Crane's you allude to has a place in Surf City on Long Beach Island, N.J.Where in Georgia are you situated? My older brother and sister went to North Catholic & Little Flower.I went to the seminary in Pendel..My Dad was an attendee @ St. Francis in GMTWN, but I'm not sure if he graduated....Take careMIke Deely
Mike Deely, age-70, Hilton Head S.C. [05-14-2007]

to Tommy Colella---Tommy--joe Taylor here--I lived on Shedaker Street--312--do you have any recollections(s) of me?? Let me hear from you if you still check this site
joe taylor, live in Athens, GA, graduated St. Francis & North Catholic--1961 [05-14-2007]

someone said there was a germantown group on yahoo groups but I can't seem to find it--any suggestions?/ Joe taylor
joe taylor [05-14-2007] [See Links pages -webmaster]

to Carol Hartoop Randall from Joe Taylor: hope you still check this site-thanks for listing the Taylor family in your list of families you remember--my sister Rita was/is best friends w/ Betsy Bittner--I am Joe Taylor
joe taylor [05-14-2007]

to vinnie beatty: was reading the 2005 archives & the reunion--you wanted to hear from Jimmy Taylor--he lives in Conyers, GA--how do I know??--this is Joe Taylor--his older brother & we lived across the street from you
joe taylor [05-14-2007]

to bill tresnan: have to apologize because I don't remember you or your brother--sorry. My brother Jimmy lives in Conyers, GA. married w/ one son & step daughter
joe taylor [05-14-2007]

to sheila--i heard there was another but never made it there--i was a fun place--did you ever go to either??
joe taylor [05-14-2007]

There was also a Cranes in Ambler owned by the same family. I don't know if it still there.
Sheila [05-11-2007]

Joyce Ruggero from Joe Taylor. What year(s) were you @ St. Francis & Little Flower--you might know my sister--Rita Taylor or me for that matter
Joe Taylor [05-11-2007]

To: Cathy Reale (Tighe): I am Joe Taylor--Elizabeth Clsrk's cousin--have you found her?? I saw her last weekend
Joe Taylor [05-11-2007]

Thanx Bruce. Crane's was the place for a lot of years & famous for their large drinks & good food-- no shot glasses--got drunk there many a night when in college--lots of celebs would come all the time--was a fun, fun place. I remember standing in line & they used to have a cop on duty because of the neighborhood--there was this huge public housing high rise close by. Fun times back then. I did not know they moved. Expected they just closed down. I was up last week but did not come over this way. Just Shedaker Street where I lived. Sad. Have lived in GA for over 40 years. Thanks for the update
Joe Taylor [05-11-2007]

To Bruce Marshall & Joe Taylor. There were 3 Crane's Taverns 1 on Queen Lane, 1 in Andora Shopping center, and 1 in Ambler. They were owned by different family members. To Joe Taylor I grew up on Sheldon Street and played ball with your brother at Wister play ground. You went through St Francis and North with my brother Joe. Where is your brother at now?
Bill Tresnan [05-11-2007]

To Joe Taylor, Crane's was on Queen Lane. It later moved to the Andorra Shopping Center, and the site became Trey's Jazz Cafe' for quite a while, ultimately burning down.
Bruce Marshall, 55, Still in Germantown [05-10-2007]

pretzel pete was living on shurs lane right about where burnside and lauriston came in. there was a little bit of a cliffy area on the left hand side of the street where he had a makeshift tent. that was around 1982/1983. i think that bit of property wahed away and colapsed on some cars the last bad rain storm we had.
DENISE [05-10-2007]

to Sandy Cipriano, I used to live on morton st. in cowtown. I remenber you, in as a kid I had a crush on you. didn't you have blonde hair and married to a guy called "Skinny Joe" ?
george greene, gilbertsville pa age 57 [05-09-2007]

I remember Hecates Circle (1972??). It was right next to the train station on Chelton Ave. I use to ride the "J" Bus which stopped there. I always heard the rock music blaring out of the club. They had some good bands there. My Sister also knew some folk there. I went in one night to see this band playing the Santana song "Evil Ways". They were great.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [05-09-2007]

was advised of this site by a relative & thought I would post--lived on Shedaker Street until I was 18--went to college & never returned--settled in GA after living in Houston -born in Nicetown--Denny Street--then moved to Germantown where i lived on the street where the famous Cranes' bar was located--can't remember the street--moved to Shedaker--attended St. Francis & graduated North Catholic in '61--& UGA--was in the old neighborhood the past week--May 3.4.5 & it is always sad--especially Chelton Ave & this area. don't know why people let things run down like thet do--i remember many of the places you all mention & hung many days & nites @ the 239 bar on Shedaker Street--some will have to tell me about this Immaculate school you all talk about--hope to hear from someone who might know me
joe taylor, live in GA--raised on Shedaker st [05-09-2007]

I also remember the Pretzel Man - he use to push that pretzel cart up and down Chelton Ave. The pretzels were great too! I did not know where he came from or where he got the pretzels either!
Kathy Craney, Born and raised in GTN [05-09-2007]

To Dennis McG: Great description of him, that was absolutely how he dressed and behaved - the seemingly excess clothes, topped off with an aviator skull cap and flaps, or a fleece Russian hat. But he was definitely "Poison Pete" to us in Germantown, and this would have been late 50's and early 60's - it may have gotten rougher for him in these parts, because he disappeared and I never though much of it until I was startled to see him in Roxborough in the late 70's - it was a total flashback to the good old days! To Jeff of Nicetown: Hecate's Circle was probably right - I definitely remember that name; googling it yields two references to it. There was also "World Control Studios" on Germantown Ave., and another coffee house on the north side of Market Square called "Gog and Magog". Later, in the mid 70's when Maplewood Mall was trying to have a renaissance, there was Taker's Cafe' and Maplewood Cheese, two cool hangs. BTW folks who may still be in the area: I recommend the Urban Cafe' on Wayne just below Rittenhouse. It's open on weekdays for all three meals, and the building is owned by Tom, who has had it for about 20 years, from when Anthony the barber was there for many years (next to the Chinese take-out place). There are some outdoor tables and the food rocks - I stop for breakfast regularly.
Bruce Marshall, 55 and still in Germantown [05-09-2007]

Maria- What about all those other guys from that corner, Moms, Podells Drugs. There really was a lot of guys in that crowd like Curtis, Imperial, Rick & Don Rizzo, Menna,George, Dukie, Big Raymond, Harry, Yut, Ronnie, John. What ever happened to all of them?
anonymous [05-09-2007]

To Bruce Marshall, I never knew "Poison Pete" had a Germantown connection. He was known in Roxborough as "Pete the Pretzel Man" or just "The Pretzel Man". My wife recalls him pushing that pretzel cart around Roxborough growing up, which would have been the 1960s and 1970s. I lived in Roxborough from 1981 to 1993 and I recall him from that time period. It is true, he didn't speak any English, was homeless and I guess he slept wherever he could. But, in spite of being homeless, he was very clean and you weren't hesitant about buying his pretzels. I also remember he would wear a lot of clothes, no matter how hot is was. Every now and then, he would break out into a song and dance, and seemed to be in a transic state. I don't know where he got those pretzels but he would walk all over pushing that cart of his selling them. I remember when he died. Must have been in the late 1980s or early 1990s. The Roxborough Review did a feature story on him when he passed away. I long forget the details of his life but I recall being surprised by what I read. Because he was a fixture in the community, people raised funds to bury him. He is buried in Leverington Cemetery on Ridge Avenue, supposedly just inside the front gate. I don't know if his grave is marked though.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [05-08-2007]

spagnolia family did own the idol hour, my mother worked in the water ice stand attached to it. frank jaquinto owned it after the spagnolia's. the water ice stand was a hang out for me and the kids in the neighborhood in the late 70's, the sborlini's worked there.
DENISE [05-08-2007]

I may be thinking about another place, but the name that comes to mind for the Coffee House on Chelten Ave is Hecate's Circle. It was only there for a few years around 69 or 70.
Jeff, Grew up in Nicetown - 1955 to 1970 [05-07-2007]

To Cora Jean [Penland] Reynolds Have some info. about Thones. I have immigration date, marriage date, and other info.He was born in 1653
Al Watson, lived in germantown. 82 years old. [05-07-2007]

ihe idle hour bar was on the corner of Baynton an Chelten Ave across from the fire house it never was a coffee house the Spagnolia Family owned the bar i think it closed in the late 70's the coffee house was next to the train station an on the other side was the Garabaldi italian after hours club the name of the coffee house i can't remember but i went their a few times it was a hang out for hippies an beatnick of the late 1960 an early 70's i will ask around to see if anyone remember the name it was only their for a few years
sa [05-07-2007]

Some comments re recent posts and some photo info: I don’t remember the coffeehouse at Chelten and Baynton, but we always went to Ralph’s water ice right there; it was set back from the street. That was a big treat on a hot summer night. Brian B mentioned “Poison Pete”, who used to walk the streets with his pretzel cart when I was a kid in the late 50’s and 60’s. I was astounded in the late 70’s, when I had a print shop in Roxborough, that he was still plying his trade (he’d relocated from Germantown) and still didn’t speak a word of English (he was Eastern European and slept in vacant lots and fields at night). Also in the vicinity of Manheim and Tacoma was Kodner’s Star Pharmacy at Wayne and Seymour, the 5 & 10 on the east side of Wayne (I think it was “Strickler’ s) and Kane and Brown hardware, still operating. I hope this isn’t a repost, but I highly recommend going on www.phillyhistory.org for a lot of great shots of Germantown. You can sort by section of the city and there are loads of vintage photos. I found a shot of the Princess Pat Café at Germantown and Berkley from 1929, where my father was a short order cook, and met my mother, and several shots form the 50’s of my area, Wissahickon and Manheim, so check it out. Lastly, there’s a site devoted to Broad and Erie that may be of interest to some, http://jim-frizzell.com/philadelphia_broad_erie_germantown.htm and it has a lot of neat shots of that vicinity and some links to other sites. On one of them I found a really slick shot of a 53 trolley going past the Penn Fruit at Wayne and Chelten (where we did all our food shopping back in the 50’s and 60’s): http://www.davesrailpix.com/phila/htm/ehp157.htm It appears to be late 40’s by the cars, and a glimpse of Maplewood Avenue is in the background. Bye for now.
Bruce Marshall, 55, born / raised / still living in SW G'town [05-07-2007]

I was trying to find some additional info on my family's history (Thones Kunders from Krefeld/Crefeld, Germany, one of the early settlers of Germantown, PA, when I was directed to this site. I am a descendant of Thones Kunders. My grandfather was T. Albert Conard, married to Grace Through. I also have one of the original books on our family's history printed in 1939. I cherish this book greatly since my grandmother gave it to me in 1962 when I was struggling with my middle school history class. I have never been to any of the family reunions in Germantown, but plan to go sometime soon. I think it is still held on Father's Day weekend.
Cora Jean (Penland) Reynolds, I live in Young Harris, GA, age 59 [05-04-2007]

To anonymous on your 5/2/07 post, I remember that coffeehouse at Chelten & Baynton, which was next to the train station. I recall it being a hangout for "hippies". I'm curious about it too and hopefully someone will know more about it.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [05-04-2007]

To Anonymous; I don't know the name of the "Coffee House",At Bayton and Chelte Ave, but at one time it was a bar called the "Idyl Hour"
Charlie McGinnis, Warrenton, Va [05-04-2007]

What was the name of the 'coffehouse' at Baynton and Chelten in the early 70's?
anonymous [05-02-2007]

to dennis mcglinchey:no i'm sorry but i moved from gtn to manayunk-rox. in 1990 and lived there until 2000. house did sell for more than 3 times what i paid for it but that only means the yuppies are dumb enough to pay that kind of money for a row house that you can never park in front of because it's manayunk. just because the yuppies moved in that doesn't mean the crime level hasn't risen. like i said i have a sister who is trying to sell her house on manayunk ave now for $329,000 (row w/3 bdrm) she's only listing for that price because she is close to main street. i'm down there a lot and there is trash and grafitti around believe me. i also know someone who lives closer to andorra in a twin much bigger than my sister's house w/garage and only got $249,000, the reason,they aren't close to main street. all the catholic schools have closed in manayunk except one, (my kids went to st lucy's) the pulic schools there are terrible. eventually that area will get worse, believe me i know the area well!
anonymous [05-02-2007]

We can't talk about Germantown without mentioning two local men who gave their lives for our country in Viet Nam. John J. Gallagher (Jackie) CD '62 and Thomas Kevin Lyons CD' 65. we should remember their sacrifice and keep them in our prayers. I have lots of other stories about Germantown and about Jackie Gallagher, Jimmy King, Smitty, Vinny Lyons, Jackie Goulden but I'll never tell. Maria
Maria Pollacco, Immaculate Conception '58, CD '62 [05-02-2007]

Maria Brown [05-02-2007]

To Charlie Peterson, great idea,teach Virginia and Wisconsin how to make cheese steaks. Down here they advertise authentic Philly steak and cheese sandwiches, even the name is backwards. Forget about a hoagie, they are italian subs, with ham cheese, and pepperoni.
Charlie McGinnis, 66 Living in Warrenton, Va [05-02-2007]

i am living in Brigantine NJ. I am divorced and have two daughter. One is graduating in a few weeks from College and the other is still away at college. This is my first time on the site. If you could give my address to Bob McCreight I would appreciate it. What happened to little Bernadette Maida. I still keep in touch with the John and Danny DiMaria, John Pillinger, Rose Sciarra, Laura Streck. Someone, please get in touch. Ginger Rio
Ginger Rio-Virginia to the nuns, Graduated from Immaculate 1967-Remember Bob McCreight-John McGlinchy=John Mullin=Ed Roach-lots others. Read Bob McCreight's e-mail but was unable to get his. I remember his father who I believe had a beer distributer. My dad still is on Chelten Ave, Rio Brothers. My brother Frank runs it but my dad still goes there every day. My mom is there also. It's what is keeping them healthy. I would love to help get a reuinion together. [04-30-2007]

To Denise, you could not be more wrong about Manayunk and Roxborough. Manayunk is a Philly hot spot. It is trendy, for young urban professionals, and not for everyone. An area where small, 2-bedroom non-descript rowhomes that are going for $300,000 is not one that is hurting... As for Roxborough, the main business district is trying to re-define itself and still has a ways to go, but the housing property values have been very strong. You cannot compare Germantown with Manayunk or Roxborough. Germantown still has too long of a ways to go. But, it will re-define itself in time. It will be a different Germantown than what we grew up in, but it will be a more stable Germantown than what is there now. I, for one, am not giving up on Germantown. But, at the same time, I do realize it will be a "different" Germantown...
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-30-2007]

To the two Charlie's, a Philly cheese steak is not rocket science, so it surprises me other areas just cannot seem to get it right. As I see it, you can get rib-eyed steak anywhere. Same with onions, Provolone cheese (or Cheese Whiz (yuch!)). The sauce needs to be perfected, but that should be do-able. But, what seems to make a big difference is the Amorosso roll - you can't get them everywhere. Truth be told, even local Philly, there are a good many steak shops who can't get the Philly cheesesteak right either....But, at least, in Philly, locals sure do know the ones that can get it right!
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-30-2007]

OK, let's talk about good ole Tacoma St between Seymour and Manheim or even St Francis or Poison Pete with Smelly Feet (the Pretzel Man who came up the street) or even the whip(amusement ride also up the street) or the horse (also up the street, of course) or SR Rita Josephine or FernHill Park or the PAL on Seymour Street--how bout Deuter's Store on Manheim and Tacoma and Lou's Pharmacy on Wayne Ave...the New Lyric Movie Theatre on Germantown Ave....all in the 60's--moved in 1970---how about the Kearn's, Michael Granziano..and all the Tacoma Street gang...we are rough we are tough...we don't take no monkey stuff..take off our shoes and smell our feet. we are the gang from Tacoma Street
Brian Buchanan, 48 in bristol pa [04-28-2007]

I know Bill Cupo. He went to Immaculate at the same time I did I remember all those places: Awbury, East Germantown playground, Simons up in St. A's. It was a great place to live back then. Virtually everything within walking distance. Immaculate's parish hall,playing baseball at Simons and Finley playgrounds. It is indeed sad to see the old neighborhood now. Does John Brennan have a brother Donald? He was in my class at Immaculate, too.
anonymous, Ray Crawford, Immaculate Conception, '65. [04-28-2007]

A Police Story: One Friday night after dropping my girlfriend (now Wife) off at her house, I deceided to stop by the corner(Boyer and Chelten) to see what the guys were up to. Big mistake! They had been hootin and holleren all night and the neighbors had called the cops. About fifteen minutes after I got there they showed up in force. Remember those little blue Larks(unmarked police cars-Rizzo). Well we all scsttered in different directions, Franny M. and I tool off down Boyer St. he went left up Stafford and I went right. The cops went after me. I ran down Stafford and only got to about the tenth parked car and hid between two cars, scared to death. The cop car stopped at the end of the street with its lights shinning down the street. One jack booted officer got out of the car and proceeded to go up the steps of each house, shook the bushes and then came down and looked under the car in front. It was only a matter of time for me to get caught. Some neighbors hearing the noise came out on their front porch, I thought they would see me for sure. The woman didn't see me and went back into the house. The cop heard the door close and thought it was me getting away. He proceeded to run across the street and up onto the porch and began banging on the door. You can imagine my fright by this time. The woman opened the door and the cop pushed right past her. Her son was just coming down the stairs, robe and pajamas, after hearing the all the noise. I have a front row seat as this unfolded and by now am shivering on this summer night. The cop grabs the kid(he is much younger than me like 14 or so) and drags him out of the house, thinking it's me. The mother is tugging at the cop and screaming. Now all the neighbors are out and I'm still hiding, thought I was a dead man. The cop throws the kid in the car, they back out of the street and speed off with their criminal. Now it's time to run. Fortunately everybody stayed on their porch and just watched me do a 10 second 440. Some of the other guys were caught and already in the other cop car. When the kid is thrown in with them you can imagine what they were thinking. Who the hell is he! Someone tells the cops this kid is not one of us and they send him on his way. I'm sure their was no apology to the kid or his mother but that was the Rizzo police force. This was only one of many, now funny true story's of life in Germantown in the 50's. Can you top that one?
Joe Stewart, Mc Mahon Ave, Immaculate 56' [04-28-2007]

to charlie mcginnis: i've got news for you too, roxborough and manayunk aren't so great anymore either. there is a lot of crime and the type that ruined gtn are ruining roxborough & manayunk. i have family who live there. my mother moved from heiskell & chelten ave.in gtn 11 yrs ago, and i have a sister who lives on manayunk ave. she is selling her house now so she can get out while the value of houses are still holding in the area.
DENISE, born & raised gtn [04-28-2007]

To Charlie McGinnis and others who visited Germantown recently: I have been back to the old neighborhood about 3 times in the last 4 years. I'm 66 years old and still able to cry. I parked in Immaculate's Church parking lot and tried to visualize the School and the memories of good times. It works when you close your eyes, but don't open them and look around. It's sad. However there are pockets of the neighborhood that are relatively kept up. We lived on the fringe of Immaculate Parish on Beechwood Street in the Belfield area. But drive up Wister to Sprague and beyond and "wow" what a depressing sight. Again, some pockets of, shall I say, pride in their homes. Maybe in my next life I'll come back as Charlie (Trump) Peterson and buy the old neighborhood and restore all the homes and rebuild the school to its former glory. But first things first. Charlie McGinnis, do you want to go into business with me and teach Virgina and Wisconsin how to make a cheese steak? I went to a restaurant in Madison and asked for a Philly cheese steak which they advertised as authentic. They gave me a ribeye steak, not shaved and chopped, with fried onions and chedder, yes chedder, cheese on a hamburger bun. We could make a ton of money. Charlie
Charlie Peterson, Immaculate '54, North Catholic '58 La Salle '71 [04-28-2007]

To John Brennan: You'er right it' hard to believe Germantown looks the way it does today; a far cry from when we grew up there. Like you my old house on Haines St. is gone also. I took my Daughter and Neice up there about five years ago to show them where I used to live, and Immaculate. I was sad to see that the school was gone. It was hard for them to visulize what it used to be. I have reletives on live in Roxbourgh and Manyunk and it still looks good. I guess things change and sometimes not for the good. Sure do miss the steak shops, can't get good cheese steaks and hoagies down here in Virginia.....
Charlie McGinnis, Warrenton, Va. [04-27-2007]

to john brennan: it's beenn that way for the last 25 years.
DENISE VIOLA, born and raised @ heiskell street [04-26-2007]

It was good to hear of Delesandros Steak Shop. I remember in the very early 1970s they were accused of using hoarse meat. Was there any truth to this rumor?
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [04-26-2007]

GTN GTN Where to begin. So many memories The Yellow Cab Company had a depot up around Woodlawn and Nelson and every friday they would play softball 0n the cinder field at east GTN playground, this was arouind 1947 I remember walking over to watch, and man did I get an education I learned every curse there ever was, and I was only SIX. The other day I decided to take a friend to experince a great Delasandra cheese steak, "I went there often in the early sixties" So I decided to take my friend right through the heart of GTN instead of using RT1 Big mistake! I crossed over Ogontz ave on to Chelten ave by ST. Benedicts. a couple blocks down I thought I was in a war zone, Three story bldgs were now two stories, Store fronts all boarded up, Chelten Grille where you needed a sport coat now a broken down dive! Acme market gone! The beautiful GTN saving bank nothing but Rubble! as I turned the bend on chelten ave. My house on the right completely destroyed as was my neighbors. as I stopped at chelten and anderson everything was gone, No drug store, no lunchonette, nothing. when I got to chelten and Sprague and saw the disgraceful amount of graffeti on the Pastorius School that was enought for me. So I quickly got to Walnut lane crossed the bridge and was on Henry ave. and guess what, It was just the way it was 45 yrs ago, little trash and no graffiti. As I ate my sandwich I felt nothing but anger for the people that now live in GTN for they completly destroyed that beautiful town. most of the people I knew who grew up in GTN came from large large families with one income, Yet they still respected their properties. So to the few people who were asking about moving to GTN. If youre thinking about the east GTN area all I can say is. FORGETABOUTIT!
John brennan, ic 56 cd 60 [04-25-2007]

Looking for old Germantown school friends from Our Lady of the Rosary; Estelle Mckim, Donna Spano, Donna Capolla......Shelton Burke, Romana Pinder, Kenneth Ellis, Philip Rehill.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [04-24-2007]

I grew up in Germatown, 900 block of Price street. I left the city in 1973 when I moved to Bristol, then Levittown, Browns Mills, NJ and then Central Florida. I now live in Kissimmee, Fl. work for Walt Disney World and enjoy a comfortable life with plans to relocate somewhere between here and there within the next few years.
Mike Russo, Kissimmee, Fl. 57 yoa [04-23-2007]

Lived in Germantown E. Seymour St. Went to Fitler and remembered Ms. Brandt well. My first job at 13 was Youngs candy store. Heard Kate Smith sing God Bless America at Germantown Boys Club field for war bond event.
Dorothy Hammel McCoy, North Wales Pa. 70 [04-19-2007]

Granted, I'm much older than most of you,,but have great memories of playing @ Anderson Field (between Chelten & Woodlawn)Played for St. Bennie's and we came within 2 games of winning the City CYO Championship in 1951..Jimmy Darragh was our pitcher and was an unbelievable athlete...Ray Cullen from 6610 Opal was our catcher...We had a great year...Earlier i posted an item Awbury Park and our Family's Victory Garden (most of America during WW2 were requested to raise their own veggies.. We did that up on Haines St. and my Dad's veggies stood up to and surpassed most of the surrounding Gardens.Hope someone remebers the Victory Gardens and this Deely Family.
Mike Deely, Sun City Hilton Head, S.C. [04-16-2007]

Anyone remember Young's candy store? Anyone from Fitler?
donna [04-11-2007]

anyone that has been emailing me i am not recieving them because the email given on here is incorrect... my correct email is sandy1225@comcast.net
sandy cipriano, cowtown [04-11-2007]

This is to say hi to all my old freinds from St. Fransis of Assisi on Green St., & St. Michales on Germantown Ave. to My best friend Jerry Saladino, Jim Kelley, my old girl friend Lisa Chicki, she was beautiful!and her sister Bonnie,Jerry's girl. Hi to Donavan, the Derning's, Walsh's, Gallager's, Owen Riely,and the Deniglios, Tony, Joey, and the girls. and to all I can not put down, We all lived on Keyser St. & Henly St. remember the good times in the Germantown Boys Club, and Happy Hollow! Take Care!
Chalie Keller, work in Philly, live in Abington [04-10-2007]

to Barbara Jacquinto. Were you from Haines St near Kenny Yanni?
Joe, Mc Mahon Ave [04-09-2007]

hi Charlie Mi Ginnis that you for the location of Mabbtown i know where it is but i never heard??Charlie did you know John Golhopher he lived on magolia st we were goods i remember he had a friend name charlie back in the late 1958 or 59 could it be you if so i knew you then so many years ago another life time let me know if it was you take care an happy spring sandy cipriano
sandy cipriano, cowtown [04-08-2007]

Lived in East Germantown on Blakemore St.Immaculate Conception School was right down the street. My brother Jack (they called him Howdy Doody) Brother Jimmy. I went to Little Flower High School. Brother Jack went to LaSalle and Jim went to Northeast Catholic.Jim passed away 2 years.I married Joe Malone at Immaculate in 57.Love to hear from anyone.
Pat Doody Malone., Sun City Center Fla. 33573 [04-08-2007]

I lived (still do) over by the Germantown Cricket Club, so the Wayne Avenue Playhouse was a place I'd occasionally go. It was owned by Bernard L. Sackett, who made sure his name was on all the printed material. I used to like it because they had silent movies (this was in the 60's). In the 70's Sackett married a much younger woman and lived on Maplewood Avenue between Green and Wayne, where I was also living at the time. They didn't get along well, as I recall. Across the street from the Playhouse was Joe's, where we'd go at night for these enormous cheesesteaks - they rocked! This was right by The Hollow, of course. Later in the 60's, I had a '55 Chevy, and I had a new headliner put in it by Leon's Upholstery, which was up a driveway within the strip of businesses that included the movie house. In the early 60's I'd deliver the Bulletin, which had its distribution area behind that block, at the NW corner of Seymour and Newhall in what used to be a corner store. Enuf for now. . .
Bruce Marshall, 55, still in G'town [04-07-2007]

Although most of my family from Germantown have passed, I have a million stories in my memory from a place I have actually never been. My grandfather, William Lloyd Williams, grew up in Germantown along with his two brothers Jim and Charles (Yie) and sister Dorothy. I'm hoping for some information on the Lounge in the basement of the Bandbox theatre. As the story goes, my grandfather was just home from WWII and first saw my grandmother on stage there. Her stage name was Constance June but up until recently, we have had no real information on where she performed. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers the lounge in the 40s. Thank you.
Jacqualynn, Woodbury, NJ Age 29 with family fron Germantown [04-07-2007]

I'm thinking of an old buddy by the name of Bruce Galati of Mt.Airy. We went to Cardinal Dougherty together. He and I were great friends. He was a member of Holy Rosary church and I attended Immaculate and we met on the bus to CD when we were freshman. We later were in the same classes and hung out a lot near Stenton and Washington Lane at the Bowling alley. I lived on Haines st off Stenton, so it wasn't too long of a walk back then. Our parents let us go to Wildwood one summer; his aunt owned a restaurant and hotel on Garfield Ave called the Melrose hotel(I think). It was the summer of "68", the summer that Russia invaded Czechoslovakia as we later learned the next day on the beach. Along with us was one of the McCoy brothers from Price st. The three of us rented a room with breakfast and dinner for 7 days and 6 nights for $35 each. The room had a sink but the bathroom was down the hall and was shared by the entire floor. I was wondering if anyone knew Bruce. I heard that he died at a very young age not long after high school. The next summer, we all went down again and this time it was $40. The three of us would catch the "L" bus to Broad and Olney, then the subway to City Hall and would carry our luggage to the bus station on Filbert and catch the bus to Wildwood for $5, round trip ticket. The three of us met up with a couple of girls from Archbishop Ryan and spent some time on the roof of the Rio Hotel where they were staying. The Rio had an observation deck and pool on the roof. Now, even that is gone as of 2 summers ago, torn down for new condos. Would appreciate someone sending me an e-mail if they knew him. Thanks
Bill Cupo, Living in Chalfont, Pa. [04-06-2007]

I think the Cayuga was in Nicetown, around Germantown Ave. and Cayuga Street. That's like 4300 or so Germantown Ave. I don't remember the Aardvark name though, or if they were the same place. The Lyric was our main place in Lower Germantown. I can't count the times we got thrown out of there when we were teenagers. Remember the Wayne Avenue Playhouse ? It was near the Hollow. It was the place of Beatniks and films with Subtitles. I don't think most neighborhood people ever went there.
Bill James, The Head, roxborough now, germantown forever [04-06-2007]

To Carole (buggy) McKeehan, My entire family was from Heiskell St. My mother (Eleanor) worked at Shens and my father was Raymond Poli. My great grandfather Angelo Rossi owned the bar at Heiskell & Armat Sts. and his daughter rose, my fathers mother owned steak shop on Armat across the street from Pappiano's store.
DENISE VIOLA (POLI) [04-06-2007]

Does anybody recall a theatre called the Cayuga Theatre, later renamed the Aardvark Theatre? It was located at 4731 Germantown Ave, 3 blocks south of the New Lyric, right on the very edge of the Brickyard section of Germantown. Let me know.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-06-2007]

the name of the drug store was called BAKER it was a Mom Pop store with a ice cream counter hope this help
sandy cipriano, cowtown....63....class of 61.. Doughtery [04-06-2007]

anyone remember the Drug Store at Armat and Morton Street right on the corner
L.M.G. [04-06-2007]

Went to Germantown High School. A friend told me about this site. Looking forward visiting it
Helen [04-05-2007]

To Frank Gisondi. I probably wouldn't have remembered the name of your parent's store if you hadn't mentioned Jen's Variety Store (we called it Jenny's). I lived on Stenton near Sheldon. For quite a few years on Saturday evenings my Dad would give me the money and I would walk up to your parent's store and buy the Sunday papers for him (Bulletin & Inquirer). It was the closest store in the area that carried them.
Robert Daley, 58, Lehigh County, PA [04-04-2007]

Frank, Not single,but would love to get together, you name the place i'll pick the time! Love Kathy Tighe
anonymous [04-04-2007]

Lived at Baynton and Shedaker Sts. Mom and Dad owned Jen's Variety Store at that location (I used to work there as a kid). Was friends with Tom Carmody, Frank Chatory, Jim Connors, Mike Higgins and all the gang from S&B. Still see Dobie Wagner. Went to St Michaels until 1964 then North Catholic 65-66, then Bishop Mcdevitt 66-68 when we moved to Mt Airy. Married Elizabeth Clark from Wakefield St. To Kathy Tighe: Are you still single? We should get together sometime.
Frank Gisondi, Bucks County, 56 [04-04-2007]

The best days in my life where on the streets of Germantown, sides out, chink, pimpleball, stickball,Happy Hollow, and Fairmount Park! Oh and a girl named Lisa Chicki!
Charlie Keller, 49 years old, live in Abington, Pa. and a Grandfather [04-04-2007]

To Kathy Reale (Tighe): You may remember me from the old days (40 years ago) at Calvary Church. I knew Lynne (and brothers Tommy and Eugene). I think I can get a lead on Eugene from Mrs. Leser, who's still going strong in Roxborough. If I turn anything up, I'll shoot you an e-mail. Hope you're doing great! Regards to all you posters - I eat this stuff up, and will try to make some contributions myself.
Bruce Marshall, 56, still in G'town [04-04-2007]

This seems like an incredibly knowledgeable and sincere website. I'd like to get Germantown residents' thoughts on the the following. My wife and I are traveling to Germantown this weekend to look at a house for sale within Awbury Arboretum. The house has two addresses -- 6 Awbury Street and 6125 Boyer Street -- and is located inside the arboretum. I wanted to get people's thoughts on raising children in Germantown, Germantown schools, etc., and any history about the house if anyone knows. A couple of sites on-line indicated that the area may not be safe. The house was built between 1872-75, supposedly as summer place for the Cope family. Any insights or advice would be appreciated. Thanks, James
James, 37, 3 kids, visting Germantown this Saturday to look at the neighborhoods. [04-04-2007]

my grandmom speaks of a candy store she worked at in philadelphia, Garretts? she can"t remember what street it was,any information?
terry, cape may [04-02-2007]

I saw the message from several people about the Gonzaga Home. I went to St. Benedict's School in the late 50s and early 60s. I remember girls from the home at the school. I relocated to England for a few years around 1961 and had to give my toys to the girls. One name I remember was Devlin (could have been Mary Ann) another was Quigley. I often wondered who the children were because they said they had parents and as a child I couldn't understand why they weren't with them. When I returned to the US several years later, I was in HS but my siblings went to St. Francis @Greene and Logan and was no longer in touch with children from St. Bs. Susan Rosano
Susan Rosano, Susan R (57) Phila/Phoenix [04-02-2007]

Hi all! Gee, this is a fabulous website I found! I lived at 5641 Heiskell St.I loved it there! Childhood friends were Eileen Mahoney, Carol Graham, Barbara Belmonte, Ginny Posimo, Rosalie Bradley, Lindsey Larsen, Carol Triantofelo(sp). Most of us went to St. Vincent's. I remember so many fun times-Halloween trick or treat, watching American Bandstand(especially at the Graham's) at 317 E. Church Ln. My mother worked at Shen's Factory and Dad at Robinson Steel. We used to go to Calender's fish market on Friday's. I remember the huckster, ragman, and coal going into the basement to heat. Also the merry go round ride that came around during the summmer. Anyone out there remember Carol Buggey? God bless.
Carole (Buggey) McKeehan, Bear Valley Springs, CA., 56 [04-02-2007]

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