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January-March 2007

I am updating my message from March 16: I am still looking for pics from the Brickyard (I have Holy Rosary more than covered, but if you have any early photos of the High and Magnolia settlement, by all means contact me!) for the Italians of Philadelphia book to be published by Arcadia Publishing. My deadline has been extended to the end of April. What I'm looking for are pictures of the inside of St. Michael's, a picture or two of the feast, pics of social clubs and beneficial organizations, school pics from St. Michael's (the earlier, the better) .. you get the idea. Please note that all photos will be properly credited to the person/people who give me permission to use them. I look forward to hearing from those who are interested.
Donna Di Giacomo, Germantown [03-30-2007]

I am looking for anybody who knows the whereabouts of Robert Belmonte, Frank Fumarie, Kenneth Ellis, Philip Rehill, Valentine ??? Romana Pinder, or others that attended Our Lady of the Rosary in Gt own 62-70
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [03-30-2007]

My parents were Marian (Potter) and Al Fox. They owned Potter Camera Shop at 39 Maplewood Avenue until 1964. I was a child when they closed the store, but I still have many fond memories of the time spent in Germantown. There was a maternity shop next door on one side and a locksmith on the other side. Across the street I believe was a Kosher deli. My dad was friends with the owner of Falatico's Restaurant and we would go there to eat from time to time. Dad would always go back to the kitchen to talk with the employees. Saturday afternoons my brother and I would walk around to Chelten Ave for the matinee at the Orpheum Theater. Up the street was a bakery (can't remember the name) where we would go afterwards for an eclair and glass of milk. I remember Horn & Hardart's on the Avenue, Woolworth's Five and Ten, and Mom's favorite store, J. C Penney's. So many wonderful memories! Does anyone remember Potter camera Shop, or Marion (Potter) and Al Fox?
Casey Fox, 51 year old male from Wilkes-Barre, Pa [03-29-2007]

when i was younger (1960's)i had family on the 900 block of east price street, & went to the immaculate conception church. what's that area like now. thank you very much.
jack hager, coaldale pa, 18218, 56yrs old [03-27-2007]

can you guys help me find my grand mom joan i want to search for her online
brianna, favroit coulr's blue pink [03-25-2007]

Robert, we would get one treat a summer of going to the diner for fresh strawberry shortcake. I ride the R7 to work every day and we pass through Wayne Junction. The diner is demolished.
Donna [03-25-2007]

just wanted to let anyone who is interested that my e-mail address has changed Joanne Posimo
Joanne Posimo [03-25-2007]

hi born and raised in phila moved to sarasota fl in 1973. been here ever since. have family still in phila. and friends
barb jacquinto gravsen, sarasota florida 54 [03-25-2007]

Does anyone remember Miss Sandy? She was the crossing guard for Our Lady of the Rosary School on Haines street. I use to go to school with her son Shelton Burke??. Anybody know of these folk or their whereabouts, pls let me know. thanx ed.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [03-25-2007]

To Jo-Anne. Please give my regards to your uncle Mario the next time that you see him. I'm sure that he'll remember me even though it's been over 40 years since I've seen him. Yes indeed, he always was a generous man and a good friend to many of us kids. To Kathy Reale. I knew your brother Eddie very well from church (Trinity Lutheran) and from school (Cooke & Gtn High School). I lived over on the 5100 block of Stenton Ave near Sheldon St. Say hello to your brother for me.
Robert Daley, 58, Lehigh County, PA. [03-22-2007]

This message is for Robert Daley, Hi Robert, my name is Jo-Anne Primus and I was reading your message to Donna. I just wanted to let you know that Mario Adamoli is my Uncle and he is doing well. My Uncle was always and still a very generous person. Thank you for mentioning his name. Jo-Anne Primus, 53 - Montgomery County
Jo-Anne Primus [03-22-2007]

I grow up at 4927 Wakefield street, my parents were Violet and Edward Tighe, my brother is Edward Tighe. We both graduated from Germantown High. Friends of Elizabeth Clark and Frank Gisondi, looking for friend Lynne Rudolph also from Germantown. I graduated in 1970.
Kathy Reale (Tighe), age 54 now living in Feasterville pa, bucks county [03-22-2007]

This may be more of a Mt. Airy question -- does anyone know if there is any sort of alumni group for Little Flower Grade School, Upsal and Anersons Streets. Does anyone remember two motorcades, one after the other, in 1963 - Kennedy in one, Nixon in the other - down Washington Lane? Tell me if my memory is faulty. I was 8 at the time.
coleman, Wash dc [03-22-2007]

To Donna. The Wayne Junction Diner...yes, I remember it well. The guy who owned it was named Gus, and his family lived on Sylvania Street a few houses up from ours. His son Steve and I were playmates until they moved away when we were in first grade (Fitler). For many years, my family would go for a good old fashion Sunday afternoon drive. Afterward, we usually ended up at the Diner for Sunday dinner. You often had to wait in line on a Sunday to get a seat. Later, when I was a teen, a group of us from the Boy's Club would go down to the Diner on Friday nights after the Club closed, for sodas (or coffee) and a snack. Many times our good friend Mario Adamoli (he was one of the adult leaders at the Gtn Boy's Club) would pick up the tab. We had a favorite booth there where the Juke Box would play twice as many songs as it was supposed to for a quarter. All that remains now are the memories....
Robert Daley, 58, Lehigh County, PA. [03-21-2007]

Anyone remember the home on the corner of Chew and Church Lane.Remember J.c.penny's on chelten ave. any that went into Yearsley Post on chelten ave.I would love to here from you had some great times there anyone remember the food store behind St Vincents I think it was pantry pride and it had a belt that you put your bags on because you had to go up and down the steps any one remember that anyone see or talk to Joe or Bill O'Donald they worked in a gas station on belfied ave. would sure like to here something about them. anyone who remembers the Graham's from Church Lane would love to here from you, well I love to get on this site just to see what people have to say a lot of good in Germantown after so many years have past when was the last time anyone went back to the old neighbor hood to check things out I was there about four years ago and it was a sin to see what has happened to so many of the great homes that where on Church Lane anyone remember Jamares I think that wa the name on the corner of belfield and church lane anyone from there remember the floods we would get and how the man hole covers would fly up in the air how lucky where we that all we got was water in our basements and remember we ran out to move our cars so they would not flot away we all park on Morton Street by Jack's cornor store anyone remember Jack from the store. remember how we would stand out side on the porch and watch the septa bus go thourgh and make a lot of waves and more water in to the basements they sure where good old days to be albe to sit and remember so much that went on it would be great if we could all go back to what we called home for just one day. Well thanks for this site it is really great to share so much with eachother it great to see old names and new names I remember a lot of the names and it is always great to see new Linda Graham Northeast Philadelphia
Linda Graham [03-21-2007]

To Sandy Cipriano: Sandy the name of the small "village" McNabbtown was on the east side of Belfield Ave and Walnut Lane, bordered by the wall of the Wahington Lane Reading Railroad and Awbury.It was only a couple of blocks square. It was founded after the civil war, but was still referred to as McNabbtown by most of the Irish in Germantown up until the late forties and early fifties. My Mother was raised on Haines and ofter referred to friends that lived in McNabbtown when I was growing up in Gtn.We lived on Haines St. My Family goes back a long way on Musgrave St. and Haines and McMahon. If You look up Phila. neighborhoods on google You will see it is still listed. Hope this helps...Charlie
Charlie McGinnis, Warrrenton, Va. [03-20-2007]

McNabbtown was located in the vicinity of Chew and Washington Lane. Here is an interesting site on Philadelphia's neighborhoods and mentions McNabbtown and other little villages that make up modern-day Germantown such as Somerville, Brickyard, Irishtown, Fenian Hill, Branchtown, Harper’ s Hollow, Pitville, Forrest Hillegs, etc. They are listed alphabetically over 3 pages: http://www.phila.gov/phils/docs/otherinfo/placname.htm
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown - 50 yo [03-20-2007]

Ms.Parham you neesd to contact the: http://www.germantownhistory.org/tours.html
Born & Raised in G-town [03-20-2007]

TO: sandy cipriano. I've never heard of knabtown but there was a bakery called Knab's on Chew St. just off the corner of Chew and Chelten (accross the street from Freddie's Steak Shop). Hope that's helpful. Mike Horn
Mike Horn (AKA Mikey) [03-20-2007]

I still like to drive through the old neighborhood and remember what used to be. Anyone remember the Wayne Junction Diner or the Vick's jar on top of their factory.
Donna Waldeck Lorenz, Lived on Knox Street, went to Fitler [03-19-2007]

My extended family will be in town visiting for 2007 Christmas holiday. I would like to arrange for a tour of Germantown historic sites. We will have a large leased van for the 15 of us. Do you have a tour guide you can recommend?
Jill Parham, Family is new to the area and would love to tour Germantown. [03-19-2007]

Happy St.Patrick Day to you Mike. The McGann family had the farm on Wakefield St. Patty Ireland was hit by a car on the AC Expressway. Kathy Deacon had a fatal heart attach a few years after her sister Bonnie past away from cancer. God Bless Them.
TC. [03-19-2007]

to charlie could you please tell me what section of germantown knabtown is i can;t find anyone who heard of it an my dad was born an raise on rittenhouse an maganolia an he never heard an he is 84 years it really bugging me so if you can please let me know so i can tell all my from from the area thank you sandy cipriano
sandy cipriano, cowntown [03-19-2007]

Born, raised, educated (literally) in G-Town went to St Fran, CDHC, lived on Hansbery St. Thanks for all the memories! “You can take the kid out of G-town ­ but you can’t take the G-town out of the kid!)
Robert (Bob) Barr, Phoenix, AZ 48 [03-19-2007]

I'm looking for anyone who has neighborhood pictures of the Italian settlement of the Brickyard to use for my forthcoming book, "Italians of Philadelphia," to be published by Arcadia Publishing later this year. I need between 5 and 10 pictures of neighborhood people (the early on and the more casual the picture, the better). I know this is extremely short notice, but my deadline is March 28th. Proper credit will be given to whoever chooses to contribute. Happy Saint Joseph's Day!
Donna Di Giacomo, 31; Germantown [03-16-2007]

To all my old friends and neighbors from Germantown have a Happy St. Patrick's Day."Erin Go Bragh"
Charlie McGinnis, Warrenton, Va. [03-16-2007]

happy st. patrick day to every one from g-town.(brickyard)
mike garvey [03-15-2007]

A co-worker told me about this site. I'm glad I took the time to read through most of people’s thoughts. I attended St. Francis of Assissi and then Little Flower. Where is everybody? Get in touch!
Joyce (Radocaj) Ruggero, now living in Central Bucks County, Pa. [03-14-2007]

I graduated from Ravenhill in 1960. I don't recognize Patricia Priest, she must have been in grammer school in 1959.
Ginny Roberts DeCoursey [03-14-2007]

For Cassie (cardile) Kormanicki: I have a cousin who attended Ravenhill Academy. Her name is Patricia Priest (Patricia Burkhart today). I think she was there in '59. She attended from 5th grade through 12th grade. She lived on Rittenhouse Street at Ardleigh. I lived on the other side of Gtn. on Wingohocking Terrace and went to Immaculate Conception from 1st through 5th grades; Melrose Academy 6th through 8th grade, four years at Dougherty (class of '65)then LaSalle College class of '72. Today I live in Andorra which is close enough to Gtn for me to travel through there often. Sometimes I'll drive down my old street and "see" all of my former neighbors. Funny how memory works.
Francis Michael (Mike) Horn [03-12-2007]

For Kathy Craney:Kathy had a heart attack at 36. It was fast and sudden. It was aweful.
anonymous [03-09-2007]

I love reading the notes on this site. It brings back many memories, both those that I experienced while living on East Chelten Avenue and those shared with me by my dad, Tom McCreight, born in 1906 in the Immaculate and died in 1973 while working at his beloved Church. I was hoping to arrange a 40th reunion for my class from Immaculate Conception, 1967, and hope that anyone who is or knows a classmate could forward their address or e mail. Thanks for your help. Hello to Dennis Mc Glinchey, where is your brother John? Bob mc Creight, Havertown
Bob Mc Creight, Immaculate Conception class of 1967, Havertown PA [03-07-2007]

I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to Kathy Deacon.
Kathy Craney, Drexel Hill [03-07-2007]

great site brought back so many great memories will visit often and add my memories
vince(buz) griffin, 72years old lived in germantown from 1943 untill 1963 anderson st ardleighm st and upsal st what a great site brought back so many great memories will visit often [03-06-2007]

To: Robert Daley. I knew a girl named Barbara who had a farm on her land. Around where you are speaking of. I don't know what her father did other than farming but they had chickens, cows, goats, etc. right in the middle of row homes.
Kathy Craney, Drexel Hill [03-06-2007]

I am so sorry to hear of Kathy Deacon 's passing. She will live in my memories. Thank you for your post.
Kathy Craney, Drexel Hill [03-06-2007]

Thank you B Campbell for answering my mail here. Sorry I was under the impression that when someone asked how you were, even if it was generalized, that you wanted an answer to that question. If you ever really wanted to buy me a drink or a cup of coffee I would be honored to to meet up with you again. It would be great to hear how you are doing and what you have been up to. Should the urge hit you to do so, you have my e-mail address write me. I will always find the time to sit and chat and share old memories about the old neighborhood Stay healthy and keep in touch Bill T
Bill Tresnan [03-05-2007]

do u know where the location of usher raymond lives now i wish i would get some information on his address ....
kaylynn yazzie, aneth utah 18 years old [03-05-2007]

hi looking for anyone who attended Ravenhill Academy of the Assumption during: 1959 located on School House Lane in Germantown. Looking for Bernadette, or Chris old boarding school buddies. Like to hear from anyone from that class!
cassie (cardile) Kormanicki [03-04-2007]

Hey Bill Tresnan, Chill Out ! The comment "how's everyone doing ?" was a generalized salutation directed at all the great people who grew up in Germantown. If they ever have another reunion, I'll buy you a beverage of your choice ! Regards !
B. Campbell [03-03-2007]

Does anyone know that true story of what happen the Pat Ireland?
anonymous [03-03-2007]

Would love to hear from anyone from Heiskell ST. I went to Holy Rosary and graduated from Cardinal Dougherty in 62. I have a brother named Pat. Would love to hear from any old friends from cowtown. Joanne Posimo
Joanne Posimo [03-03-2007]

I grew up on the 5100 block of Stenton Ave (between Sheldon Street and Rubican Street). My mother's aunt lived over on Wakefield Street near Shedaker. I remember hearing stories when I was a kid, about one of her neighbors (across the street I think) that kept a cow is his backyard. I think she said that the guy was a Philly cop. Does anyone remember that?
Robert Daley, 58, Lehigh County, PA [03-03-2007]

To Kathy Craney and Bill Tresnan...Kathy and Jimmy Deacon were brother and sister. They lived on Stenton ave. Kathy passed away in November 1993. She was only 36. It was tragic and sudden. Norma is not related to Jimmy but her brother Michael was married to Kathy Deacon. Yes, he is a philly fireman.
anonymous [03-03-2007]

Hi to Bill James, Bill, I let my father know that you remembered him and my family. He sends his regards and wishes you well. He said he knew your family and I did too. When I was a little girl, i remember Mr. & Mrs. Schindeldecker. I used to say hello to them from my grandfather's porch. They were always so nice to my brother and I. I really enjoyed those times. I remember that my grandfather used to send us to the grocery store on Wayne Avenue to buy him things when we got older. It was such a great time. Take care, Anna Maria Forgione
Anna Maria Forgione [03-01-2007]

I stumbled upon this site and have been feverishly reading the comments and loving every sentence of it. My Mother's family was raised at 904 E. Chelten Ave., near the corner of Boyer. Their last name was Kelly. The mother and father were Thomas B. and Gertrude. They had 8 chlidren-Jack, Mary, Thomas(Goldy), Ed, Ray(Barrell), Rita, Betty and Alma(my mom). Betty and Alma were twins born on March 17, 1932. The boys went to Northeast Catholic and the girls went to Little Flower. They all use to talk about what a wonderful youth they had growing up in Germantown. I saw someone else's comments about the celebration at the end of World war 2 and my mom use to tell us about that day all the time. They all went to Immaculate Conception and she was married there in October of 1954. I remember going to the Fair held at the church in the early 60's. There was a bakery at the corner of Chelten & Boyer that we loved going to, when we went to my Grandmothers every Sunday. My father and uncle use to own a woolen mill in Germantown at the corner of Church Lane & Lena St. It was called Landowne Spinning Mills. It closed around 1988, but I spent days off from school and summers working there from 1972 through the 80's. If anyone has knowledge of my MOther's family or any thoughts related to the woolen mill, please share them with me and my brothers and sisters. Thanks for your time.
Tom Gorman, Broomall PA [03-01-2007]

Oh this site is priceless. Was wading through the net trying to see if I truly live on a quarry, and happened upon you all. This is so wonderful you all had such a wonderful neighborhood. This would be an excellent idea for other neighborhoods as well. Just wanted to add what a joy it was reading all the funny stories and good memories. Excellent history as well. Who knew? By the way I'm not from Germantown. I'm Mayfair, and I always thought most German people settled in Fishtown. We never learned our cities complete history.
Mommy Mayfair, Northeast Philly [03-01-2007]

Germantown is a ok neighborhood to live in even though it can be hard to live in at times.
Alyssa Goodwin, Philadelphia, 18 [03-01-2007]

I knew a Kathy Deacon when I was in High School. She lived around Belfield Avenue, I can not rememeber the street. She lived near Mary Jo Smith.
Kathy Craney [03-01-2007]

Any old Edwin H. Fitler School kids out there? There were seven kids in our family, and at least one of us was at Fitler from 1956 to 1966, and probably at least one sitting on the bench outside the Principal's office during the same time period. We did our best to drive old Ms Brandt crazy. My best subjects were handball, stickball, chink, Duncan yo-yo's and baseball card flipping - all the skills that served us so well in later life. - Jim Smith
Jim Smith [03-01-2007]

Hey, Dennis McGlinchey of East Germantown -Yes, I remember the Rialto. Do you remember the Armat? How about the Orpheum, New Lyric, Bandbox and the Wayne Avenue Playhouse? - Jim Smith
Jim Smith [03-01-2007]

To the Campbells: Why do you ask how people are doing? When I tried to write to you. You ignored my mail and then started blocking it. I went all through St Francis and North with Bobby. I even played football and basketball with you over at Wister Playground. But when I write to you I get no response from you. I would just like to know why? Thank you Bill T.
Bill Tresnan [03-01-2007]

This is for Norma. I grew up with a Jimmy Deacon who lived on Stenton Ave, by chance is this a relative of your's? The last I heard he was a Philly fireman. Does anyone out there know what happened to the Sprisslers who also lived on Stenton Ave.? Ricky Sprissler would be 59 years old now.
Bill Tresnan, Grew up on the 5100 block of Sheldon Strreet, went to St. Francis of Assisi [03-01-2007]

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Ginny Zeek
Ginny (LaVecchia) Zeek, Forest Grove, Pa. 60 years old married with three sons and 1 granddaughter Jaimie 18 and 2 step grandchildren, Ashley 18 and Josh 13. [03-01-2007]

Just an addendum: How many remember Civil Air Patrol Squadron 103? Is it still on Belfield Ave. in the National Guard armory? Germantown Beverages sodas in GLASS bottles? (And don't you just HATE those large plastic pop bottles that collapse in your hand and soon lose their fizz?) Regards, Stanley Sandler
Stanley Sandler [03-01-2007]

Your website is great. Kudos to the webmaster.
Lisa Kucinskas [03-01-2007]

Hi Sandy, This is Barbara Teubner. We went to Dougherty together. I just got off the phone with Joan Campbell, your old neighbor. She said to say Hi. It's nice to hear from old classmates. I'm living in Limerick. I married Bill Conaway. You might remember his sister Anna Marie. Her and Joan went to St. Vincents together. This web site is great.
Barbara Conaway (Teubner) [03-01-2007]

Charlie Peterson Sorry I lost your email. Please write again.
Barbara Conaway [03-01-2007]

I am the son of Samuel Paul Rittenhouse that lived and grew up in hunington Indiana and his father was a salesman and a farmer and I miss him dearly and I can recall him talking About his family being from a german town somewhere in PA and I dont have much on his family but his mom and dads names and I am hoping someone might know or might direct me to the right people who might know someone who knows the Rittenhouse family.
Mark Rittenhouse, 35y Living in Sydney australia [03-01-2007]

Saw many notes @ Awbury Park..Does any one remember the victory gardens there during WW2? Lived on Stafford, Ogontz & 21st st, just off Chelten...
Mike Deely, 69 yrs old, living in S.C. [03-01-2007]

i grew up on haines st. where we all used to go sledding and ice skating in aubury park. later in life we hung at wister and haines st. where there were at least 70 that came up to that location. also we all used to go up to the mt. carmel club at 16 yrs of age. i married ed lawson from germantown and we now live in warrington. i went to the immaculate conception and only went to little flower 1 yr. germantown was the best that i will never forget. elaine
ELAINE HELSEN, married haines & stenton ave [03-01-2007]

Hi Norma,I think I remember your brother and Kathy. You said he "was" married to her? I remember Chuck Jakeman. I kissed him once on Sheldon street at the playground. Can't believe how much time has passed.
Mary [02-13-2007]

Tho I only lived in Belfield, 5700 Beechwood st., for 3 yrs. I made so many great friends which I still stay in touch with today. Does anybody remember those big families who lived there at that time ? I'm referring to the Deans, the Donnellys, the Gavins, the Bresnans, The Shields, The Shortalls, The McGuires,The Glackins, The Watkins and others that I can,t think of right now. When I moved from Belfield to Olney I still came back to Belfield to play ball and see all my friends. I have so many great memories of those days and what a great time and place to grow up. Would like to hear from any Belfield guys that might remember me.
Jim "Gus" Wenzell, now live in North Wales - age 81 lived in Belfield 1939-1942 [02-13-2007]

If Greg Striano reads this please email me again because i lost your email and i would like to send you a email..thanks hope to hear from you soon...sandy cipriano
sandy cipriano, cowtown....63....class of 61.. Doughtery [02-13-2007]

o sorry you did;nt get ny frist el mail but i;am just learning the cp as of about a month i;am so slow hope u and ur family i;am hanging in their my cousin terry cipriano is still living on wooldlawn ave i wrote u last week but it never got through i hope this gets tt u please send me u e mail sandy cipriano
sandy cipriano, cowtown....63....class of 61.. Doughtery [02-13-2007]

Chestnut Hill had the Hill Theatre. Anybody recall this theatre?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [02-05-2007]

RESPONDING TO MARY: yes. i am Norma Guirate. The Jakeman's are my cousin's and my brother was married to Kathy Deacon.
Norma Guirate [02-04-2007]

What was the whole impact on the Johnson House
Brianna, Philadelphia,PA- 13- [02-01-2007]

mildred magarity [01-31-2007]

Does anyone remember the Guirate, Jakeman, Deacon families?
Mary [01-31-2007]

Anybody recall the Rialto Theatre?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-30-2007]

looking to get in contact with old friends. I now live in gilbertsville pa.retired worked at fairmountpark comm.for 34yrs. anybody remember me?
george greene, grew up on 5658 morton st ( cowtown) 57 [01-30-2007]

Francis (66) and Joan (65) are living in the Pocono Mtns.Pa. Grew up in Germantown. Many memories!
Francis and Joan (Leo) Lynch, Pocono Mountains Pa. [01-30-2007]

i heard that there is a eagles football player who owns a resturant with his wife that has an opening, can you ell me where that is, i think someone said olney. thanks
ELIZABETH LEWIS, chef/unemployed [01-30-2007]

I would love to hear from anyone from Heiskell and chelten ave area.. i graduated cardinal doughtery in 1961.. any old friends out there send me a message. hope to hear from some old friends soon...
sandy cipriano, cowtown....63....class of 61.. Doughtery [01-30-2007]

Anybody here recall Al's Market on Heiskell Street, in the middle of the block?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-30-2007]

Does anyone remember my family - the Moore's, Bosworth's and Stokes's. My father Joe lived at 5241 Wakefield Street, and actually I was born in that house in 1955. He had three sisters, Margaret, Genevieve, and Rosemary. My mom's name was Mary Ann Clements and she lived on Crowson Street. She had two brothers, Charles (Sonny) and Norman and a sister Grace (Sissie). My grandmother worked at Falatico's on Chelten Avenue in the 60's. Her name was Evelyn Clements.
Donna Kennedy, Roxborough - 52 years old [01-30-2007]

wonderful to read all the great messages. it sure brings up lots of fabulous memories.
ROSEMARY MAIDA, From High and Morton Sts. [01-30-2007]

Grew up on Morton St. Heard about someone looking for people for a cowtown reunion on this site. Mom was a Lazaro. Just looking to hear from old friends.
george greene, 57 [01-30-2007]

anyone out there from holy rosary school.
jackie mc ginnis, caregiver 2 my mom ida spinelli [01-30-2007]

I coordinate the fundraisers and special events for the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia. Our mission is to raise awareness on the significance of Philadelphia's historic preservation and landmark reservation as well as to unite the public in a joined objective in conserving the historical buildings, landmarks, and grounds of the Greater Philadelphia region. One of our forthcoming events will be the Annual Old House Fair taking place at the Germantown Friends School on West Coultier Street. This will be on Saturday, March 17, from 9am-5pm. I would like to know if there is any opportunity to bring awareness of this event to the public of Germantown (and surrounding regions) through your organization. There will be 50 professional vendors and consultants from the area's preservation and restoration industry, service and product workshops, demonstrations, and lectures, free consultations with field specific specialists at the Ask the Experts table, and catering services all day. Please let me know if you would like a link to this event to display on your site as well as postcards, posters, or any other marketing literature in order to make this event known to the citizens of Germantown. We very much appreciate your help. Thanks so much!
Alyssa Baum, Germantown resident, 27, Events Coordinator, Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia [01-30-2007]

I am looking for any further information regarding the McGowan family who lived on Seymour Street. My dad was Buddy McGowan. Perhaps someone has information on both Michael & Catherine Devine (my great grandparents). They originally owned the house my dad grew up in. Any information would be great!
Fran X. McGowan, Philadelphia/Northeast [01-30-2007]

My earliest memory of Germantown goes back to August of 1945, when hoardes of people danced and banged pots and pans marching up and down East Haines Street in front of Aubury Arboretum. (Kids at age 5 had more freedom to roam in those days.) As I got to the top of the alley between Stockton and Brush Roads, I was amazed at the bands, noise, and celebration. At age 5, I had not the slightest idea what was going on until I was told it was VJ Day. I guess I knew something called a war was going on because of newspaper collections, ration cards, and occasional references to my cousin flying something called a B-24. One rarely saw airplanes flying over East Germantown in the forties. I stepped out out of our house at 5823 Stockton Road looked toward Immaculate Conception Church when suddenly the sky was filled directly overhead with what I now know to be a brown B-17 bomber. And it was flying straight for the church and loudly and low to the ground. When I say low I mean low. In retrospect, having later become a pilot and air traffic controller, I can attest to the B-17 being about 100 to 150 feet above ground level. I was transfixed at the sight, and I like to think this was one of our Irish or Italian guys from East Germantown just announcing his return. It was a spectacular sight! I have three brothers, two of whom are identical twins, Jimmy and Johnny Hone. They went to North Catholic. I am in between them and my younger brother, Danny. We all went to Immaculate Conception. I am IC '54; La Salle High School '57; La Salle College '61; Viet Nam 66-67; Nova Law School '77, and retired lawyer at age 67 from the military and local government and now live in Dania Beach, Florida. Oh, how I remember Germantown! My first mathematical calculation was 2 x .16 = .32 cents, which was how much I need to get me and my younger brother into the Walton theater. After the Saturday afternoon cowboy movie I would head straight for Aubury park to roam the wide open ranges of this fantastic park. I remember Webby's Tavern (bar) with a Ladies Entrance on Price street near Crittenden. I was an altar boy with starched collar at Christmas. Visits to Willow Grove NAS to watch F4U Corsairs. Visits to Wildwood in the summertime. I've done Suicide Hill. I know how the Spanish Explorers and Conquistadores felt. My nine and ten year old comrades and I had never before proceeded farther than the Army anti-aircraft installation on our left and to stone walls surrounding a stone buiding we regarded as the headquarters of something awful. We skirted the walled house, ate black berries along the way, and soon discovered a sight we only visited once. It looked like the Grand Canyon, turns out it was a quarry. We never returned. Since leaving Germantown in the middle sixties I have only returned once in 1995, "to show my wife where I grew up." As I drove down Stockton Road, the memory of the B-17 of some 50 years earlier, and many other things, came flying back.
Robert E. Hone, The day in 1945 a B-17 bomber buzzed East Germantown. [01-30-2007]

My family lived in Germantown for years. My grandparents, William and Catherine Frey bought our house in 1940 at 306 E Bringhurst St. Later, my dad, John "Jack" Frey and my mom, Rose owned the house. I went to school at John Wister, my brothers at John Story Jenks. We left in 1969. I remember Nellie's corner store and the Scarnara's that lived across the street. They had a store too and moved to NJ. Mrs. Erdswell lived across the street from us, she passed away. There was another family, I remember two of them, Charlie and his sister Lorraine. Charlie played chess with my dad on our front porch. I think the house is still there but all boarded up now. If anyone remembers our family, please email me!
Sally Cooper, Montana - 47 [01-30-2007]

Lived on Church Lane, wnet to Immaculate after school would go to the grave yard behind the boys club,when I was older I would go to Yearsley Post to play pool and cards and have good time,I worked on Price Street V.I.Z not sure if it is even there any more the old molding factory I was there for 20years. it will be nice to here from anyone out there from good old Church Lane it was the 300 block. I remember going down to wister woods to the spring that was there for water, Germantown will always be around because there is so much to remember
Linda Graham, Northeast [01-30-2007]

hi, my name is barbara, one of the 3 di tommaso's from east germantown, who grew up on the 1100 block of rittenhouse street. my brother, tony, graduated from northeast high in 1952, our brother, ray, is the class of 64 from cardinal dougherty, and i'm the class of 61, also, from dougherty. our parents were tony and virginia. it was like spending a day in the past, as i read everyone's entry on this terrifc site. my brothers and i reminisce, often, of our childhood growing up in germantown, and what fond memories we have ! since tony is 9 years my senior, he remembers working as an usher at the orpheium theater, where he met his bride, annette. he shares stories of sledding in awbury park, and who could forget playing kick ball in the driveway? tony was born at 315 armat street and began his education at st. vincent's. our family later moved to rittenhouse street in 1943. we all graduated from immaculate conception school. as for me, i remember riding on the 52 streetcar, that ran along chelten avenue to midvale, coming home for an hour lunch in grade school, the may processions, the elocusion lessons on saturday, at the convent, with sister gonzaga, and the great summers we all had as kids, playing in the driveway, and looking forward to catching lightning bugs each night. we certainly didn't have much, but what great memories we wouldn't trade, and, oh, the fun we had making them. thanks to all of you for keeping the memory alive by sharing your stories. keep the memories coming.
Barbara Di Tommaso, living in Dresher, PA [01-30-2007]

I grew up in Germantown and lived on the 1300 block of Haines street. Awbury park was a big part of my childhood. Is there anyone out there that remembers me? If so, drop me a line.
Ron Cupo, Grew up in Germantown and [01-17-2007]

Anyone with an interesting story about Germantown or who has roots here should consider submitting your recollections or personal experiences to a website created to capture past glories. It's called The Penguin Newsletter. Google it or Google me and you'll get there. If you have something to say we will consider it.
Lou Brownholtz, From Belfield Ave and St. Vincents. [01-17-2007]

I am looking for any information on the Butler Family who lived on Pastorius Street in the 1960's. Any information would be much appreciated.
Joe Wojcik [01-17-2007]

I was at St. Joseph Catholic Home for Children in Philadelphia, PA in the late 60's. My name is Sheila but I went by my middle name Marie. I only spent one year there but this place sure did make an impression on me. I would say it changed my life for the better and maybe I should have not been so stubborn, insisting on leaving to go back to the dysfunctional situation from which I came. Don¡¦t get me wrong, my life turned out great. While I was there I had several people bless my life and would like to find them again, unfortunately I don't know their full names. I remember sweet Mary who was taken from the home suddenly. It was so traumatic for me because we were so close and I could not get answers to where she was going or why they took her out in such an awful way. I love you, miss you, and hope you are well. I remember Kendra who was very close to Mary. She looked up to her like a big sister. I remember sitting listening to music and singing with these girls and miss you all very much. I also remember Madonna White who was so sweet and a great friend. She had a mother that was an alcoholic and I think at least one sister maybe two, whose names escape me, there at the home with us. I remember keeping in touch with you afterwards but losing touch because I moved so much. I remember the bunch of us: Mary, Kendra, Madonna, her sister, and I walking to school everyday. What a trip that was to walk through several gang territories. I just remember them all wearing different hats to identify the different gangs. I remember my roommate, whose name escapes me. Denise pops in my head but I just don¡¦t think that is your name. I remember her being so sweet and we talked a lot as we were getting ready for bed and we talked late at night about lot¡¦s of things. I remember your curly hair. I remember you were adopted to a family and you were either from North Dakota or went to live in North Dakota, I could be wrong about the state. I really missed you after you left St Joseph¡¦s and hope your life turned out well and would love to hear from you. I remember Bernadette. I don¡¦t remember if we were so close but I remember you not knowing how to swim and going on a trip to the park where you started drowning. I jumped in to save you and I almost drowned too. I wonder if you ever learned to swim. Hope your life turned out well and would love to hear from you. I remember a friend from the outside Catholic school (can¡¦t remember the school name either) they sent us to and can¡¦t be sure of her name, it might have been Marie like mine or better yet Maria ¡VYes I think that¡¦s it Maria, just not sure. She had a brother, Jose who had a crush on me. He sent me letters all the time and would follow me back to the home to make sure I got back safely. Thank you so much for being my friend in that way and many others way! I hope your life turned out well and would love to hear from you. I remember Barbara who was the first one to teach me to fight and stand up for myself by slugging me in the jaw. I think was my first week at the children¡¦s home. Thanks for the lesson, it was tough on me and my jaw hurt for weeks but it needed to be done. I was such a wimpy but spirited child, but I think I got the better of you in that fight. I did not know how to fight for myself and I think I went a bit berserk. The other girls drug me off of you. Well it might have been the other way around but I am writing the story and that¡¦s how I remember it ƒº. When I got back home with my family no one ever beat me up again. I wonder how you are and where life has taken you. Thank you again. I hope your life turned out well and would love to hear from you. There was a Floor person on duty that was the coolest. I think her name was Judy. She was so loving to all of us. Thank you! I remember your long hair. I hope your life turned out well and would love to hear from you. I remember an older girl about 18 who wanted to become an opera singer. She had a beautiful voice. I wonder if you ever made it into the opera. I hope your life turned out well and would love to hear from you. Of course there were so many workers and girls who touched my life; I see the faces, remember playing on the swings, watching TV (Roller Derby and Soul Train) but I just don¡¦t remember the stories. I wish all the girls who went through the doors of St Joe¡¦s the best and would love to here your stories from any one who would like to contact me.
Sheila Marie (Zuccarini) (DeLarso) Bianco, PA, age48, St. Joseph Catholic Home for Children in Philadelphia, PA [01-17-2007]

My name is Peter Braspennincx Went to Anne Lane Lingelbach in the 60's and also attended St.Vincents on Price street. My father had a volkswagen repair shop on Washington Lane. I have 2 brothers John and Tony, and a sister Maria. I would love to hear from you or anyone who remembers my family. Peter Braspennincx 50 years old Netherlands Europe
Peter Braspennincx [01-17-2007]

This is especially for Bob McCarty. I was able to contact his brother Danny because he e-mailed me when he saw my notes on this site. Been about 40 years. Thanks again. Bob, do I remember hopping cars. Your right, we used to get on the back of cars at Boyer/Woodlawn and hang on until we fell off. One time, we moved up to the faster Chelten avenue. I'll never forget this time there were three of us on the back of this car when he started to go real fast on Chelten Avenue. I think it was Jimmy Lukert (anybody remember him) was on the drivers side when he lost his grip and starting sking/sliding right into the oncoming traffic. To this day, I don't know how that car coming the other way missed him. I remember as kids, three of us would get on a Sunday K bus to the end of the line on Frankford avenue. With the transfer, we hop the EL, run thru the cars and take it to 8th and Market. There, we would get off and punch three new transfers from the machine on the platform, get on the next train and ride to 69th and market. There, we would connect with the E bus back to Germantown and Chelten and connect with the K bus to Chew and Chelten. Three of us would ride all day for about 30 cents. Bob, your right, kids today really don't know how to have fun. HA.
Tom Meehan, N.E. Phila, 60 yrs. old [01-17-2007]

Dominic [rock]Margiotti...Timmy Isackman married a girl from roxborough they had 4 boys.Remember when we used to take your dad's De soto around the block while he was at work.email me....babe
chalie [babe] garvey, lived on e.bringhurst st - living in roxborough [01-17-2007]

MIKE REILLY, 49 years 1100 block price st. [01-17-2007]

hello, i am a german student and i have to write about 12 pages about germantown. But i have one problem: here in the area i cannot find books about this topic: hisotry, settlers, pastorious... Maybe you could help me. Do you know some good books about Germantown, or maybe you have some brochures... Is it possible to send me these information, and do you know someone who sells books and could send it to me? I know that you do not have to do this, but it is really important for me and my marks^^ OR maybe someone just wants to write me about this town and and and.. Hope you write back... Thank you Olga
Olga Mese, Krefeld, Germany, 17 years old [01-17-2007]

Hello again to all the former residents of beautiful Germantown and have a great 2007 ! The Campbell's (Bobby, Billy, David & Eileen) formerly from Clapier Street & St. Francis of Assisi parish are all doing great !
B. Campbell [01-17-2007]

I am looking to see if anyone there remembers any of my family that grew up in Roxborough? My family line was Carl and Rachel Hayes, Curven & Margaret Hayes, Mark Hayes, William Hayes, Ruby Hayes, Irene Carr. My father was William Thomas Hayes his mother was Cora Hayes they lived on Cimmeron street or Lemont street. My Grandfather owned a Candy store so I am told. I just wish I could connect with anyone who might know my family Thanks for reading this Caroline
Caroline Edwards (Hayes), age 50 [01-17-2007]

To Charlie Peterson. Good to see your message. I will tell Bud who is in Az. about this web site. I loved being raised in Germantown. It only brings back good memories. It was a though we lived in our own special world and never realized how special it was. The people made the neighborhood. The Deans, The Bresnans and all of us. I am married to Bill 44yrs, have two children and four grandchildren and live in Limerick.
Barbara Conaway (Teubner), From 5700 Beechwood St. Belfield - IMC. School "57 [01-17-2007]

Hi everyone and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. My fondest memories of the holidays were at Immaculate when just before dismissal for the holidays each student was given a box of candy. either "hard candy or chocolate straws " My worst memory was the "Lent Box" My brothers and myself would always wait to the last day and try and get the money from my mom Well being a large family and on a tight budget You can imagine the screaming that went on that morning It was bad. another not so great memory from Immaculate was that on fridays if you needed dental work they would send you to the Star center dental clinic. REmember the golden stairs I think they were reserved for the Pope only. In eight years I may have used them once. and lord have mercy if Sister Maria Joachim caught you. In response to Charlie peterson Yes my older brother was named Dave but better known as Spike. We moved to 5700 woodstock st. around 52 we still went to Immaculate man was that a haul four times a day. We didn't take no stinkin bus. Belfield was a great place Some of the people I or mostly my brother knew were Champ durkin billy lombardi mike bresnan demetre bros "twins" leighty bros kennedys neil vinny gallagher bobby langdon hemerly bros So many i can't remember. I do remember going to the Esquire movies at broad & olney for the saturday matinea and also the Bromely across the street. I remember ridin my Skato down Conlyn st to 20th street. There used to be DEERS candy store at woodstock & conlyn you could buy a 12oz Pepsi for 8 cents and promise to drink it inside and save the two cents deposit but of course you would take it outside anyway and then return it and get another two cents. Hey i made up for those transgressions with the lent box! One of my best memories of belfield was after Christmas and people started to put there trees out, the younger guys like me would go up and down the streetcollecting them we would drag the playground where the older head s would pile them maybe twenty feet high and if they were really dry the flames would shoot forty feet in the air. Man what a thrill, I remember the old wooden Pavillion where everyone would run when it rained. I remember the pennel school during the summer they always had something going on. How about the woods across olney ave just before you went into wister woods. there was a cottage with a large fence around it in the second woods we used to climb up the hill to Lasalle football field and be able to see over the cottage wall, it was a scene out of story book they had all kinds of animals. cows chickens dogs cats. Well I'm gettin weary as I'm sure you are of reading it. Later John Brennan
John Brennan, IC 56 dougherty 60 [01-17-2007]

Trying to send an answer to Joe Dougherty, Phila. grandson of Harp and Sadie Doyle of Belfield Ave, Germantown. "Pop" Doyle helped my husband Jesse Wiley construct a new building that was added on to our garages, which were part of our business property at 362 Church Lane, named Star Lawn Mower, which was the lawn mower shop around the corner from your grandfather Harp Doyle's home. Presently I am living in Doylestown, Pa. My four sons run the lawn mower business, moved from Germantown to Jamison, Pa. Hope this reaches you, I remember your grandad, nice man. The Wiley family home was at 5611 Musgrave St, they moved from there in 1970, my home in 1955 was on Wingohocking Terrace, around the corner from the shop,
Joan (McMenamin)Wiley, Husband was Jesse N. owner of Star Lawn Mower 362 Church Lane Germantown, my age now is 74 [01-17-2007]

Just doing family research and browsed on your website. My grandparents were Harp and Sadie Doyle from Belfield Ave. Children were Billy, Sally, Maryann, Harry, Franny, Joe, Jimmy, Janie, Nancy, Raymond and Terry. Harp Doyle's parents were William and Ellen nee West. William's parents, Thomas and Johanna nee Calahan immigrated to Germantown from Ireland around 1850. Ellen's parents, Ambrose and Jane nee Wagstaff-Freeman immigrated from Leicester, England to Germantown around the same time. Ambrose West lived at 135 Bringhurst Street and owned a Hoisery Mill with Charles Taylor at 128 Ashmead St. William Doyle worked in the mill along with Ambrose's daughter Ellen. William and Ellen's children were; William Jr., John, George, Thomas, Helen, Jane and Henry "Harp" Doyle who married Sarah "Sadie" Baxter. I remember visiting my grandparents during the 60's and 70's and playing football across the street on a lot from their house on Belfield Ave., which I believe was turned into a Mazda Dealership. We use to walk down the street and buy candy at John's corner store ?, and play behind the house in the old horse stables and climb the cliff next to the lawnmower repair shop. Just some fond memories of my visits to Germantown. Joe Dougherty, Philadelphia [02-18-2004]
anonymous [01-17-2007]

To Anna Marie Forgione: I know you said your father lived on Seymour St. but did he ever live on Keyser St.? Because if your father had a brother named Stanley and a sister named Marie, then I lived up the street from them on Keyser St. I remember the Forgione family on our street, at 5014. The parents were Angelo and I think, Anna. Of course, I didn't call Mr. and Mrs. Forgione by their first names back then. Frankie and Stanley were 'old heads' to me. I think they were near my aunt Eleanor's age, which would make your father about 73 or so. My mother was a Schindeldecker, Marguerite, she's 82 now, and grew up across the street (at 5017) from the Forgiones, then moved a few houses up the street from them when she got married (5022). My great-grandparents, who died before I was born, lived two doors down from them at 5010 (Andrew and Annie Damm). Funny how some families didn't even move away from the same street, huh?. My mother said she remembers Frankie working at Kane and Brown's for years. I'm 57 (born 1949). In my memory, I'm not sure if Frank lived there when I was young or if he was just around a lot visiting his parents. But I think him and Stanley still lived there during part of my childhood. On a side note, I do remember a bunch of us taking our wing-tips to Goffredo's shoe repair to get ripple soles put on them when that was the cool thing to do. Funny, I forgot about that little trivia until I saw your letter where you mentioned the shoe repair store. If your father is one of the Forgiones from Keyser St., say Hi to him for me, and thanks for the memories. It was a great street to grow up on.
Bill James, roxborough now, germantown forever [01-17-2007]

I want to say Hello to Anna Marie Forgione. We use to play together as kids; To Ginny, I knew your little sister "Tuti" (Susan). Please e-mail me, I would like to know how you both are doing. Kathy
Kathy Craney [01-09-2007]

Have 4 brothers, Jimmy,Danny, Tommy and Richard the Twins. Raised by my Aunts and Uncle the Mullens. Went to I/C "63" and CD "67" Viet Nam in 68/69. Been married for 38 years. Loved Aubury Park sledding down Suicide hill was great. Anyone remember catching a ride on the back of cars in the snow and using just our feet as our skis. Usually we would hop on around Boyer and Woodlawn and ride up to Nelson. The GOOD old days, we had to make up allot of our entertainment back then. I don't envy the kids today because they don't know how to really have fun the way we use too. Football on Boyer Street, Baseball and stick ball in Pastorius school yard. Aubury park, one night we were playing in a big pile of leaves and a Doberman Pincher came running to us and we were all trying to hide. And all of a sudden the dog stopped when his owner called him. Who was Chubby Checker! The Good old days, sure miss them. Happy that I found this site, it bought back allot of memories.
Bob McCarty, Age 58 live in E.Greenville, grew up on 5600 blk of Boyer St. [01-09-2007]

On my post of 12/28/06: should have been "Happy New Year", not Happpy Year. Getting old!
Charlie McGinnis [01-09-2007]

Judy Chatburn - I was just reading your memories and I noticed that your best friend was a Judy Primus. I am Primus and my family lived on East Bringhurst Street. Where did Judy Primus live and we were her parents> please e-mail me at: joprimad@yahoo.com. Thank you.
Jo-Anne Primus, East Bringhurst Street and West Ashmead Street [01-09-2007]

I am trying to locate people who may have known my father Frank Forgione. He attended St. Michael's Church and Simon Gratz High School. He's related to Harry Colella and participates in the yearly Feast in June. He lived on Seymour Street and is now living in Roxborough. His best friends are Louie Giorno and the late Danny Goffredo. Danny's brother Frank had the shoe repair store on Germantown Ave. If there is anyoen out there who knows my dad, please email me. I'm sure he'd like to hear from you. Thanks, Anna Marie Forgione Geissel
Ann Marie Geissel (Forgione), Skippack, PA [01-09-2007]

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