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July-December 2006

Gerry, I lived on Meehan Ave. The Kitsch's were my neighbors. I knew a Gerry Murphy - the Gerry I knew had sisters named Alice, Mandy and Paula and a brother named Steve. I moved to Ardsley, PA in 1959. My best friend back then was Judy Primus. I lived outside the area for 20 years and moved back in 1982 - lost track of all those I knew. MT. Airy was a great place to grow up!
Judy Chatburn (formerly Cowell), AGe 63, Living in NE Philly, Grew up in MT. AIry [12-30-2006]

HAPPY YEAR to all of my former neighbors from Germantown. Hope you all had a Blessed Christmas. I always think back to the memories of Christmas in Germantown, the Ave., the stores, Immaculate Conception decorated I still see it every in my mind every year, what great memories. We put up a village in our house each year, and one of my prize possesions is a HO PTC trolley that has #23 on the front, reminds me of Gtn Ave..Happy Memories to All
Charlie McGinnis, Living in Warrenton, Va. 65yrs old [12-28-2006]

Every Christmas my thoughts go back to Germantown. The way the avenue was decorated and all the stores. St. Francis of Assisi and the large, life like manager in the lower church. We used to get some straw from it every year to keep. The St.Joe nuns were so good to us (and strict)..... Jack McGann used to sell Christmas trees on Seymour Street in front of the church on the corner of Seymour and Germantown Avenue. The 5&10 at the corner on Germantown Ave. All these memories come rushing back at Christmas time. Visiting my cousins on Bringhurst Street. Asher's Candy................. So many memoires.
Ginny [12-27-2006]

Walked Germantown ave. growing up. Really love my roots. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the experienge of growing up surrounded by such glorius history. Learned much exploring this site. Never knew the rich Mennonite facts. I once lived across Germantown Ave from the meeting house. By the way Germantown Ave is paved with Belguim block which was used as ballast in ships coming from Europe. Check this out.
gerry murphy, about that old currently living and working in ne philadelphia. grew up in Mt. Airy [12-27-2006]

It's Christmas Eve and I've had better ones and I discovered this site quite by accident. Does anybody remember the snow storm of Christmas, I think, 1966? Lots of thunder and lightning and a ton of snow. It was truly wonderful. My name then was Mary Elizabeth Phelan. My parents were living in Mt. Airy when I was born in '54. They moved to 7308 N. 21st Street in August of '55. I graduated from St. A's in 1968 and started high school at CD in the fall. My mother died in March of 1969 and my dad and I moved to Delaware County in June. Trying to remember the names of classmates at St. A's...there was Frances Devine and Jaclyn Weigand, Patty McLaughlin (moved to Virginia around 6th grade)and her brother, Jimmy, who was a couple of years younger than us. There was Patty Black and Cathy Hinney and Richard Briggs and John Pagan and Sidney Burgoyne and Steven Rainey and Steven Allen, whose father put up a great train set every Christmas. Mr. Norton owned the Supreme Meat Market, down on "the Avenue". There was Carey's dress shop at Ogontz and Walnut Lane, McKeon's Real Estate across the street and the 5 & 10. There was the Renel and Erlen theaters and the Saturday matinees, ice skating at Simon's Rec and Gruber's bakery. We went sledding behind the Food Fair on Cheltenham Avenue and rode our bikes through Northwood Cemetery. Used to ride the #6 trolley to the Broad Street Subway at Broad and Olney and catch the subway downtown to Wanamakers at Christmas. My mother and I would meet my dad at the Eagle and eat lunch in their tearoom with the huge, tall Christmas tree in the center. Wanamaker's had a toy department with a train that ran all around where the walls met the ceiling. Neatest thing I'd ever seen. Does anybody remember the air raid drills at St. A's when they'd herd us all down into the auditorium and have us say the Rosary? Or the Fourth of July fireworks at Temple Stadium? Or Hogan's Tavern on, I think, Washington Lane? Penn Fruit was on the corner of 74th Avenue and Ogontz Avenue and the library was further up 74th at the corner of Washington Lane. You could catch the H bus to the Washington Lane station of the Reading Railroad. The train was called the Chestnut Hill local. It's all altered and sadly changed. But it was a good place to be a kid.
Beth Longanecker, Central Florida, 52 years old and whenever I think of home, I think of West Oak Lane [12-27-2006]

I live in SJHFG between 70 &74. Had a best friend named Lori. People called me Jan, Jen, or Jenny. The home was at Church ln and Wister St.
Jenevieve Whyte, St. Joseph's Hall for Girls [12-27-2006]

Tom, I happened upon this site looking for informatation for one of my brothers. I remember my husband talking about you when he was alive. I was married to johnny Hartopp(Ireland)who passed away almost 5 years ago.I grew up on the other side of the avenue, Knox St, went to St.Francis of Assissi.I have two brothers David and Ears(Mike).
teri, 48, widow Royersford pa [12-27-2006]

I want to wish everyone in GERMANTOWN a Merry CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year, Mike
Mike Bresnan, East Germantown Belfield Immaculate. Conception [12-27-2006]

This is in response to John Brennan's memories of Awbury Park. John, was David Brennan related to you? He was my classmate at Immaculate Conception '54. Awbury Park is etched in my mind for as long as I live. Not for the fun times I had but for the loss of my good friend John Griffith, also an IC '54 classmate. It was the summer of '55 after our freshman year at North. John and I were taking my bike to another friends house to get a chain. On the way through Awbury, we would take turns riding up and down the hills in the park. John's turn took him down a hill by the train station. Instead of turning into the park, he paniced and turned out into the parking lot of the train station and down to Washington Lane. All I heard was screeching brakes and a bang. He died a few hours later at Germantown Hospital. We were looking forward to going to the "Big House" at North the next month. But he is now in a much bigger house than we can imagine. You were two years behind us, so you may have heard of John. I do remember the accident that took the lives of the Kennedy brothers and Duzzy. But on to happier times. We lived on the 5700 block of Beechwood St. directly next to the Belfield Rec. Center. Belfield was our hangout and played way too much basketball. I would be interested in hearing about your memories of Belfield. Maybe you can drop some names I may remember.You mentioned sledding. As we lived closer to Olney Ave than Awbury Park, we would go sledding down Central High's front lawn. If you didn't stop in time you would become a part of the shrubbery that seperated you from Ogontz Ave.
Charlie Peterson, Immaculate '54; North '58; LaSalle '71 Now living in Wisconsin [12-27-2006]

Hi, I attended St. Michael of the Saints with Joan Adamoli. I lived at 30 E. Seymour Street until we moved to Roxborough. I missed the neighborhood. I went to school with Maria Barrilli, Anoinette Famularo. They were my cousins. Tony Nigro, was the sexton at St. Michaels and was related to me. I remember the post being named after Rowland Adamoli in honor of his dealth in Vietnam. My aunts and uncles lived on Knox Street and my grandparents lived on Keyser and Hansberry Streets. It was a great neighborhood. My brother and I had many wonderful times on those streets playing with my cousins. Please email me if you would like to get in contact with me. I attended St. Michaels in the 60's and early 70's.
Ann Marie Geissel (Forgione), Skippack, PA [12-27-2006]

do you know where to go for you James Logan photos.
princess, 4grader [12-27-2006]

i researched the address and found it listed in the 1902 directory, owned by a everly (have first name, lots of family in area) who was a knitter... later owned by italian name (have not right here) 1932... have gotten to know some neighbors who have been here for two or three generations.. interested in more information
honey rodgers, i just bought a house at 408 e ashmead [12-27-2006]

My name is Tom Colella, I lived on Baynton St. across from Wister Playground. I saw your e-mail on the G-town web-page. I went to St France's (61) and know your Uncle Mario from the Boys Club and Camp Indiandale. The reason I'm e-mailing you is that my uncle, Harry Colella (harryandpatcolella@netzero.net) is the President of the St Michaels of the Saints socity and was a good friend of your uncle Rowland. Every spring we have a mass and dinner for the Madonna Del Roseto (200 people) which was keep in St Mike's before it closed. All the members are from Saint Mike's and I'm sure most know of the Adanmoli family. E-mail my uncle and he can tell you about the Socity, and also about your Uncle Rowland (Mole).
Tommy Colella, South Jersey 59 [12-04-2006]

I found this site by accident. I grew up in Germantown. 5375 Wingohocking Terrace. My mother and her 7 sibblings purchased the home in 1940 (it is still there). I was born in 1947 and lived there until 1963 when we moved to the west side of Germantown (Rittenhouse and Morris Sts.). I went to Immaculate Conception grade school. I would have been in the class of 61 but my mother decided to send me to Melrose Academy in Melrose Park for 6th, 7th and 8th grade. From there I went to Cardinal Dougherty High School and then to LaSalle College (Cardinal Dougherty High School's graduate school someone called it). I married a girl from Olney, Ronnie McDermott. We have two children Diane and Eric both of whom have families of their own. I have 5 grandchildren. I remember Friday nights going to the movies at the Germantown Boys Club. I remember hanging out with Charlie Watson, Billy Withers, Joey DiSilva, Marty Walsh, Jimmy Harold, Butch Toomey. I remember eating in the H&H on "The Ave." it was cafateria style but the food was pretty good. I remember Falatico's resturant (The Italian Resturant, my mother called it). They had the best Antipasto. I remember the Dariy Maid too. It was on the corrner of Maplewood and Gtn Ave. It seems to me that the interior was on two levels. The retail store in the front on ground level and the resturant area further back and up 4 or 5 steps. I remember Wister Woods and the spring where people would come to fill bottles to take home. I remember walking to Carvels custard stand. Usually it was me, Charlie Watson and one or two others. We would walk down Belfield from Penn St. past Wister Woods to the Carvelle stand and back. I remember once passing one of those factories on Belfield near Wister. There was a long drop from the side walk to their driveway, 10-15 feet, maybe. Charlie Watson and Billy Withers spotted a pile of Balsa wood behind one of the buildings and decided that they wanted some. They decided that the best way to get at the wood was to lower me over the side and down with a closeline rope. It was just a loop that I stuck my foot through and held my leg stiff. At the bottom I would gather up an arm full of wood, slip it through the loop and they would pull it up. After several times someone came out of the building I dropped the last arm load, slipped my foot into the loop and yelled PULL. Up I went just in the nick of time. I was also the one that got lowered head first down the sewer to retrieve lost balls. I was always getting pick for jobs like that since I was the youngest and the lightest (and probably the dumbest, too). While at Immaculate I remember the entire school going to the Walton theater to see "The Song of Bernadette". We walked down Chelten Ave. from the school at Ardleigh St. to the movies at Chew. That has to be 1/2 a mile or more. We went two by two with Nuns keeping us in line along the way. We sat with our class, just like the 9 o'clock mass, the Sisters would use their clickers to keep us in line and there was no popcorn. I had a cousin who also went to Immaculate, Pat Priest. She lived at 1106 E. Rittenhouse St. and was a year behind me.
Mike Horn, dob 10/24/47, Cardingal Dougherty HS, 65; LaSalle College, 72 [11-30-2006]

my name is jo-anne primus and i am Rowlad J. Adamoli Post 985 neice. My mother is Constance Primus and my grandmother was Susan Adamoli. My Uncles are Mario, Carl and my Aunt is Jean (Susan).My memories of Germantown are just so great and I would love to hear from you or anyone who remembers my family. email me at: joprimad@yahoo.com
jo-anne primus [11-29-2006]

how is debbie and sharod doing
lauren jackson, love wearing pink 18 [11-29-2006]

hey grew up on hansberry st my father grew up in brickyard on bringhurst st name mickey leyrer this web page brings back memories
Ray Leyrer, collingdale pa age 38 [11-29-2006]

Frances, thanks for your response about your uncle, humpback Joe. Many of the old timers were known by their nicknames instead of their real names. If you mentioned their real names, no one knew who you were talking about. I know that a lot of the old timers from Edgehill/ Glenside had nicknames such as "chuckie" "shewy" "chisel" "pigs" "murf" "chipso" " Meats" "foot" "blackie" "Chickie" "Dynamite Mike" "taut" "babbie" " scribbs" " birdie" and my late father was known as "hambone". There were countless others who had nicknames too. I was watching a program recently about South Philly (1997) and it showed a man with the nickname "bag-a-doughnuts". It makes you laugh and wonder how these names came about in the first place. Some of these names tell a funny story and they also prove that people were more sociable. They didn't have PC's like we do. Thanks again for your reply.
Michael Fanelli, Willow Grove [11-29-2006]

Would it be possible to have a reunion say at St Vincents or Immaculate Parish just like cow town used to do.I think that the numbers would be there for this to happen.Lets run it the flag pole and see what response we get.Thanks Bob Farrell Gtn and Cheltenj guy
bob farrell, Huntingdon Valley pa [11-27-2006]

This is for Bernie Hartopp. I knew your Dad well. I lived in Olney and saw him almost every day. I also remember you and your sister. I no that he loved to take you guys places like the Zoo. I was told a lot of stores from Bruce about your Dad's days at Girard College. They were good friends. If I get a good story I will share with you
Ann Marie Scalzo, I went to St Michael's and graduated in 1963. My sisters Marion, Jeanette, brothers Anthony and Ernie also went. Looking for fellow graduates i [11-27-2006]

I am one of the 14 Garveys from East Bringhurst Street later moved in 1964 to Manheim Street. Class of 1966 at St. Francis.
Walt Garvey, Roxborough, age: 54 [11-27-2006]

Lived at 21 east Bringhurst st.,Until 1946,went into service.There was a fire house on the corner,Bringhurst and gtn. ave.Went to gtn. boys club did a lot of boxing. Beat Joey Hood 2 years straight for the trophy.Hung out at wakefiel and ashmead sts.My Uncle Vito had a steak shop there.It was called B&Lsteaks.Knew John Pine(Paneeta) Billie the shoemaker,next door to the steak shop. Knew algy GannonJoe ritz,jojo Panulla Tucker Jakeman. Up on the avenue Fliegmans 5&10 Ablemondis grocery. new lyric movie. Bitner bakery. youngs bakery and ice cream parlor.went to schaefer-wistar school. St. Michaels catholic church.Charlie Gottsabend was my scout master,troop7 at the gtn boys club. If any one rembers any of this please email me at candi139@optonline.net
Bill Leonardo (Willie), 78 yrs.live in jersey [11-27-2006]

Hi: Nice to see so many names from the past. Like bruce lawless,john markee,bobo nines,vinnie beatty,mary lou malaggieri all from brickyard and bob camardella,and sheila denardo from penn and magnolia st. From brickyard and penn and magnolia have a great holiday season. MIKE
mike garvey, feasterville,age 62 From Bringhurst st [11-27-2006]

Hi today i would like to talk about Awbury park since it was such a big part of the people that grew up in that area. In the late 40s and early 50s we would enter the park from anderson st. even back then the steps were broken and uneven, we would head for tapesy wall we would climb it and head deeper into the woods until we came upon "three large ponds" Man what a sight to see. As we pushed we would enter the third stage of the park and the coolest of all "Cowboy Land" it was all open and flat as far as you could see like a prarie. Being only about eight it was time for long walk back to matthew st. Does anybody remember the army camp built in awbury park it was only there a couple of years, but the best part of park was in the winter sledding,especially suacide hill here was a beutifil steep hill but unfotunately at the end there was a rather large tree almost dead center. so if you had a sled that didn't steer very good you had some serious collisions. i'd like to comment about some questions people asked. someone mentioned the kennedys from wister st. i used to hang with both joey and alan, until that fatal accident which took joey butchie and duzzy lighty. the last time i saw alan was in 65. tom meehan mentioned if anybody new his bother well i see andy all the time. he lives around the corner from where i work. next time i'd like to talk about belfield thanks
John Brennan, 56 graduate of Immaculate [11-27-2006]

Hi Im looking for any one who went to St Vincent de Paul and graduated in the early 60's
karen Buster, 55 [11-27-2006]

This is for Michael Fanelli, about hump-back Joe. Joe was my uncle and used to live with us in Edge Hill when I was a little girl. He was my mother's half brother. I can still remember him going off to caddy. He died when when I was very young, so I don't remember much else about him. I know he had a daughter and a son, who also lived with us for awhile at 55 Limekiln Pike in Edge Hill.
Frances Fabiani Harton, Chalfont, 11-23-06 [11-27-2006]

My uncle vito owned b&l steak shop on wakefield st.I lived on e.bringhurst st. until 1945.belonged to the germantown boys club.was a boy scout with troop 7. Charles Gottsabend was scout master.any one out there that knows of any of these things,please email me.candi139@optonline.net
Bill Leonardo, living in trenton nj,78yrs.old.lived on e.bringhurst st. [11-27-2006]

Went to St. Michael of the Saints. Graduated in 1962.My brother just moved back to Gtn. from Virginia.
donna (dellaporte) boyko, I lived in Gtn. all my life (off of 4800 block of Gtn. Ave.) [11-27-2006]

Annemarie Adomoli. I remember you. You lived around the corner from me and I belonged I think it was your uncle who the post was named afteer Roland? Am I correct? Maria Barrilli Fazzolari
Maria A. Fazzolari (Barrilli), Florida [11-27-2006]

Hi: My ancestor James French lived in Germantown at the breakout of the American Revolution. I would be interested in communicating with others re: this fascinating part of history! Heather
Heather Hess, Victoria, B.C. [11-19-2006]

I sent in three messages and I don't see any posted?? thank you, Mike
Mike Bresnan, East Germantown Belfield [11-19-2006]

Hi everyone! When it gets close to the holidays, I think about the old neighborhood. It seemed that every house on Haines st. was decorated for the holidays with as many lights as there were windows and railings and trees. I still remember how "The Ave." looked at this time of year with green garland and red bells strung across Chelten and Germantown Aves. Do you remember the Robert Hall store where everyone was "doing their Christmas shopping"? How about the M&H hobby sporting goods store orthe E&H Hobby store across from it on Chelten Ave? Rowell's dept. store was all decorated, Woolworth's on Germantown Ave. was the place to buy tinsel and lights for the tree. Closer to my home on Stenton Ave., I remember the excitement of going to get our Christmas tree on the corner of Mechanic st. and Stenton or going a little farther up Stenton to Washington Ln. if the price was too high for my dad. Midnight Mass at Immaculate was spectular; all decorated with trees and wreaths, the altar boy procession that went on and on it seemed. The great choir loft looking down on the people. Though those days are gone now, but the memories are still there. It seemed we knew all of our neighbors and helped out those who couldn't shovel snow or get to the store. We spent all day sledding down the hills of Awbury Park when it snowed and we were off from school. Great times and great memories of a great neighborhood. Take care everybody and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. "Here's to Germantown".
Bill Cupo, Chalfont, Pa. [11-17-2006]

Some helpful info: To all those folks who have posted comments and questions about those old movie theaters in Germantown -- there's a great site on the web: cinematreasures.org/ that has the history of almost all of these theaters, and sometimes even old photos. You just type in the name of the theater in the Search Box and then pick out your particular theater. Roger Gardner
Roger W. Gardner, age: 69; living north of Boston; retired [11-17-2006]

Looking for 1964 graduates of st michael of the sts.
cecelia amendolia [11-17-2006]

Came across this page accidentally and now have forwarded the address to my sibs in Japan, VA, MD, DE and GA...was reading all of the letters in re Germantown and the names just popped off of the page...Most of my 6 brothers and sisters were born @ Germ'twn Hosp...I was brought home to the 600 block Stafford st. and baptized @ Immaculate Conception. Moved to Ogontz Ave.(6300 block) and a few years later moved to N. 21stSt @ Chelten (Joe Vare's Bar) opposite Dr. Chasen's dental office..Attended St. Benedict's and was graduated in 1951...Myelder sister and brother attended Little Flower and North Catholic, respectively..Our Dad was President of the Letter Carriers' Union (Branch 157) in Philly and in 1953 we moved to the D.C. area (Arlington, VA)after he was elected to the National Office...Dad, himself, was from 308 Shedaker St. and St. Francis Parish (Green & Logan, I think) He carried out of Germantown Station (Green & Coulter, I think). Mom was from St. Bridget's Parish (Fiske Ave. [her maiden name was McCulla])....You have a great homepage and hope this letter stirs a few memories, much like I experienced while reading it....To some in our family, memories of living in East Germantown/West Oak Lane are indelibly etched in our minds...Other sibs have no recollection of having been there. For them life began in Arlington, VA...(circa 1953, 1954)But some of us remember the Gannon Family of 1810 Medary Ave., The Higgins' family of the 6300 block of 18th St., DeMarco's Butcher Shop @ Medary & 18th st. and so on . Great Page...Keep on Keep'n On...Mike Deely
Mike Deely, So. Carolina (near Hilton Head) [11-13-2006]

I sold plants at Chew & Chelten Aves outside of the Chew Tavern for my father who owned Germantown Landscape co.I attended Immaculate Conception school.My brother Russell hung around with Chickie,Butchie Stewart and Jimmie Barry and others.My sister Lorraine & I always had a lot of fun in Germantown.
MaryAnn Pellizzeri, 844 Locust Ave. 59 yrs [11-13-2006]

i would like to hear from any one who lived in germantown or west oak lane from 1963 to 1968.i lived on fayette st at 75th and ogontz ave and attended cardinal dougherty high school from 1964 to 1968.
anne RAVENDA briggs., i am 56 yrs old presently living in roxborough,pa 19128 [11-13-2006]

I went to st micheals OF THE ST'S school I had a crush on my paperboy name jeffey mcfredrick I was wild (lol) had a club house in the back of the alley between mrs banks house my best girlfrend was sue wyatt the evans live on ashmend street tresten out back from my house the old acme lot where the older peeps use to drink my little fling with jerry lewis (lol) and can't forget joey mcginley and that wooly bush of his (lol)gregory cook,jojo jones,billy jones,the colemans on manheim street,the preston,any one remember me?? send me a email please oo my mother's name was joan my father's name was carl the last name adamoli my uncle mario was the director of the germantown boys club
annamarie adamoli, I live on greene street 5100 block of greene street [11-13-2006]

Loved the note from Richard Hartung! Your uncle Dr. Hartung delivered me and was our family Dr. I remember he made a house call when I was very young, his white hair and wire rimmed glasses. He prescribed defizzed soda for my tummy and was so sweet. My mom said he charged $1 for the housecall. They thought the world of him.
Patti Hayes (Watson), 52 years old lived in Germantown till 1964 [11-09-2006]

I know that this is a stretch, but does anyone remember a guy from Edgehill named Joe "Butch" Fanelli or another guy named "Hump Back Joe?" This is no joke. They were around in the 30's,40's and 50's. "Hump Back" was the caddie master at North Hills Country Club and lived around Limekiln pike near the water ice stand. "Butch" was one of his caddies. It's apparent that many Germantown people had connections with a lot of folks in Edgehill. Most of them had nicknames too. The reason for asking is that a sportswriter from Virginia contacted me and is writing an article about a wealthy stockbroker who golfed a marathon at North Hills Country Club in 1938. Their names came up. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
Michael Fanelli, Willow Grove [11-09-2006]

looking for classmates who lived in germantown and attended cardinal dougherty high school
anne ravenda briggs, looking for classmates [11-09-2006]

I remember Germantown - it was such a treat to get out of the house at Park Line and Cliveden (W. Mt. Airy) and go to Germantown. There was an A&P where I first tasted pistachio nuts as a child: they stained my lips and fingers something fierce. I remember an eatery, like an automat - H&H? _ where my sister took me, the drug store vaguely, lots of shops - wasn't there a Woolworths or something like that? I didn't get to spend a lot of time there and I haven't been back in years. I used to love a little amusement park on Stenton Ave and the few times I got taken by siblings to Willow Grove Park (long ago leveled), I found the Wild Mouse the most exciting ride. Best of all, I remember Tommy's Hill off Wissahickon Ave for sledding and the duck pond, probably down near Lincoln Drive, but darned if I can remember exactly. I do recall many times taking an Easter duckling that grew too big for its little wading pool and visiting often with bits of bread. Not far from the Walnut Lane Circle, there was a little park area where you could build great fires in stone barbecue pits and roast hot dogs and marshmallows. There was a lane of some kind, but cars could only go so far. I loved Valley Green and the main drive and all the little bridle paths through out the hills of the Wissahickon Valley. There was a stable north of Roxborough in the park where you used to be able to rent a horse for a trail ride - Gorgas Lane, I think - Al's Riding Academy - run by two brothers. I fell over this site looking for missing classmates from Ravenhill Academy. Triggered lots more memories - the Bandbox, Orpheum - saturday matinees - and reminded me how little I got to explore my childhood home and its surroundings. Reading the posts on this site has been fun - thank you, everyone, for your reminiscences!
Lauren R Giannini, living in the heart of Virginia's horse country [11-08-2006]

Hey is anybody out there from class of '59 Germantown H S? Let me know how you are doing. Its sure been a bumpy ride but a reach out and a smile wouldn't hurt about now. I'll be looking for a reply so come on ok?
Judy Garvin, Retired to N. C. I'm 64 (ahhhh) [11-05-2006]

Born at Temple Hospital and lived at 46 Maplewood Avenue. I remember the Dairy Maid, Nedick's, Telegraph Office, Rowell's, Allen's, Cherry's, FLAGG Bros with the blinking orange sign Corners of Gtn and Chelten, the 23 on the cobblestone Gtn Ave., I was baptized in Market Square Church, my uncle was Dr. Frank Hartung whose office was on corner of Greene St. and School House Lane (VIctor8-7600). Wow, lots of memories. Left when I was 6. What nice memories to read these.
Richard Hartung, 59yrs., Condo in Holland, PA. but working near London, England [11-05-2006]

I am trying to find out about an unwed mothers facility where my grandmothers baby was born. If anyone can help me with information about this it woudl be greatly appreciated.
Amanda Criswell [11-05-2006]

looking for dead relatives in the st michaels cemetery of germantown in 1789- philip mervine and his wife mary??? can youhelp me to get started in any way - maps - lists etc
connie merwine, poconos - [11-05-2006]

I was born at Germantown Hospital in 1937. We lived for a while in Mt. Airy, but eventually moved to Bala-Cynwyd. However, in the 40s and early 50s, my parents would often take us to Germantown on Friday or Saturday nights for dinner and a movie. I remember eating at the H&H Automat on Germantown Ave.(my favorite), or a place called Lackeys, or the Green Tree Tavern, or for special occasions, Imhofs, on Chelton Ave. After dinner, we would go to see a movie at one of four nearby theaters: the Orpheum, on Chelton Ave.; the Colonial, on Germantown Ave.; the Vernon, also on Germantown Ave.; or the Band Box, on a little side street off Germantown Ave. I recall seeing "Song of the South" at the Orpheum theater -- that movie came out in 1946. I also remember going to see the fireworks on the Fourth of July on the grounds of the School for the Deaf. Does anyone else recall these fireworks events?
Roger W. Gardner, Age: 69; Location: north of Boston; retired [11-05-2006]

I have lived in Germantown all my life and I have never seen my neighborhood this way. I have always loved history, and now I can really say I have history all around me.
Latasha Shepherd, Germantown resident 21yrs [10-30-2006]

patsy melody mary leahy is on line now wants to say hello
mse [10-28-2006]

I was born and raised on the 800 block of chelten avenue. I have one brother, Andy, and we grew up in Germantown until I went into the service in 1964. I'll always remember the guys and girls in our crowd and I'll never forget the fun we had, especially in the chew tavern. We went to the I/C Catholic school which we graduated from in 1960. I thank you for putting this web site together and would like to hear from anyone who might remember me or my brother. thanks, Tom meehan
Tom Meehan, Northeast Phila, 60 years old. [10-28-2006]

Corrections to posting of 10-05-06. Please note that The Orpeheum was on West Chelten ave. not East, and that the correct spelling of the drugstore at Chew and Chelten was Chanes, not Chains. Also, the drugstore on the 800 block was SunRay Drugs, not Reys. I was dictating while someone else was typing who was not from the neighborhood and not familiar with these locales! I have been getting many calls and e-mails about these and wish to have these correctly noted. Please add J.C.Penney and Sears to the list of major department stores on West Chelten Ave.also. These also were part of the Gtn shopping district back in the 50'sand 60's. Thank-you! Norman G-Calapristi
Norman Giorno-Calapristi [10-25-2006] [Earlier posting has been corrected –Webmaster]

Might anybody have a picture of the Colonial, Vernon, Orpheum or Bandbox theatres?
charlie herrmann, Now 69, Lived on Magnolia st between Church lane and Penn [10-24-2006]

I was born on Price St. behind the KofC house on Chelten Ave. We later moved to 2100 Grange St. The section was called Belfield and we had a great football team. We were the 1948 Champs. We were having reunions until this year when participation dropped. I miss Myers steak shop at 21st & Conlyn Sts, The pavillion with the card and dice games, the street dances on little Beechwood St., especially the kazoo band and the Okinawa Jungle Giants. Donald Bresnan, Imm. Concp. class of '48 72 and living at the Phila. Protestant Home with my wife Anna Marie (Lawson). I love reading this web site!
Donald Bresnan, lived in belfield (east germantown) 2100 grange st, [10-24-2006]

I was born and raised in Germantown. I lived at on E. Seymour St off of Gtn ave. My aunt lived on Portico Street and I was born in Germantown Hospital. I attended St. Francis from 1962 to 1970.
Kathy Craney [10-23-2006]

re union of okd friends and class mates
anonymous, baroda,48 ssc 1974 batch english medium [10-23-2006]

Hi, my name is Jo-Anne Primus. My father lived on 270 East Bringhurst St his name is Remo Ralph Primus he would have been 83 years his parent's name who would be my grandparents are Matteo and Giovanna Primus. My grandfather was a stone mason and worked for Guerino and my grandmother was a homemaker. They lived in Germantown and their parish was Saint Michael's of the Saints. My mother's name is Constance M. DiPasquale Adamoli who would have been 80 years old this year and her parents were Susan Fasano,maiden name) Julio DiPasquale who died in 1928 and her mother remarried to Carlos Adamoli. They lived at 112 West Ashmead Street and their parish was St. Francis of Assisi. Susan Fasano (her maiden name) was from Wayne Avenue and her father Matthew owned a produce store on Wayne Ave called Fasano Food Market. I have very fond memories of Germantown, walking along Germantown Ave to Rowells Department Store, Sabra Lees, Franklin Simons, Woolworths, Kresge, Allens Department Store, Lowells Jewelry and Germantown Bank. We would have so much fun just walking along Germantown Ave and enjoying the sites. I also remember the 23 trolley and getting off at Germantown and Bringhurst Street to visit my Noonie and Pop Primus and walking down Bringhurst Street and going to to Scalas where you used to get the tomato pie and rolls. i also remember the club across the street the Bacci Club where my grandfather would play cards with his friends. This area was called the Brickyard. We use to go to mass at the italian parish St.Michaels of the Saints and walk in the processions. My mother Constance DiPasquale Adamoli lived on West Ashmead Street and belonged to St. Francis of Assisi Parish. Her siblings names were Rudolph DiPasquale, Mario Adamoli, Carl Adamoli, Susan (Jean)Adamoli and Rowland (Mole) Adamoli. Rowland (Mole) Adamoli was a Corporal in the US Marines and was the first Philadelphia resident killed in the Vietnam War in August, 1965. They all attended St. Francis of Assisi, Germantown High School and Little Flower High School. I had a a lot of relatives on the West side and on Wayne Avenue and Logan Street and the Fasano's were our first cousins. My granfather was a writer for the Italian newsparer Il-Poplo and Progresso newspapers. My grandmother Susan worked at Dearnley's Brothers for 30 years. My Uncle Mario was associated with Germantown Boys Club he was in charge of Camp Indiandale. My Uncle Carl installed heating and air conditioning units. Mole (Rowland) Adamoli hang at the Brickyard and his best fried was Charlie McHugh. We had very happy times playing in the very tight knit neighborhood. Susan (Jean) Adamoli was very good friends with Mickey Duffy and use to dance on American Bandstand. Do you the remember the Acme on Germantown Ave and Duvas Steak Shop? I had a aunt who lived on Chelten Avenue (Vicky Primus Masone) who lived across the street from Knab's Bakery as we would go there and buy our pastry. We would go the Pharmcy on Chelten and Germantown Avenues and buy our Aunts cigarettes for 24 cents. I also use to go every Monday night to the Immaculate Conception for the Novena for the Miraculous Medal. Even though I did not actually live in Germantown I am 53 years old it was truly my home as my parents took us there all the time every week to visit our grandparents, go to Mass and shop. When people ask where I lived growing up I always say Germantown because that is where all my memories are. If anyone has information on my parents family, please e-mail me. Thnk you, Jo-Anne Primus.
Jo-Anne Primus, East Bringhurst St and West Ashmead Street [10-23-2006]

lived at 112 w ashmead st, went to st. francis of assissi school. had 4 brothers and one sister please write back would love to hear from you
jean adamoli, 68 yrs [10-23-2006]

I wish to enter a correction here regarding the spelling of the bakery on Chew ave.that I talked about in my long posting dated 10/16/06 I believe. It was spelled Knab's. Not Naab's as appears in the posting. I have been getting calls and e-mails about this,and I do apologize. I was dictating as someone else was typing who was not familiar with the neighborhood. Please note this.The bakery building and facade are still standing there today on the 5600 block of Chew Ave. Please keep the posts coming they are wonderful to read.
Norman Giorno-Calapristi. [10-21-2006] [The earlier entry has been changed -Webmaster]

looking for people who went to st stephens grade school at broad & butler st in phila for an all school reunion. please contact drupertus@comcast.net
diane rupertus, 61 yrs young [10-19-2006]

I was raised on Church Lane in Germantown. I attended St.Vincent De Paul elementary school on Haines St.for 6 years. I have fond memories of my neighborhood. I went to Ada Lewis Middle School and then Dobbins H.S. I remember how fun it used to be and how safe it was. The homes were beautiful and friends were really friends.
Tori Degraffenreidt, Female,31 Grew up in G-Town [10-17-2006]

The Kelly boys, Jay and Bill, of Germantown are alive and well living in Los Angeles.
George "Jay" Kelly [10-16-2006]

looking for margert ketchum she lived 300 block chelten ave
mary beth d'angelo, holy rosary 62-70 [10-15-2006]

I am looking for any of the descendants of Mr.David McMahon the famous EastGtn architect who resided at 600 E.Chelten Ave. at Musgrave St.(deceased 1912)who built much of East Chelten Ave and much of EastGtn in general,and even some beautiful homes on West School House Lane. Without him there would not be an East Gtn as we know it! How about any of the Bennis descendants ( his step-sons families, descendants of Edward F. or Richard P.Bennis).Or any descendants of Anna McMahon Quinn and Mary McMahon Clark both of the 600block of East Chelten Ave. What happened to all of you? I know Anna McMahon Quinn lived at her father's mansion on Chelten Ave until her death in 1958. If any of you are out there who know the whereabouts of these people please let me know.I would like to interview you and pick up where I left off with my research and hopefully get some more photos for an article and for the archives at Gtn Historical Society. I can't believe these families have all disappeared.I know the faimly names McMahon, Quinn, and Clark are quite common so they must be able to prove descesnt from the ancestors I mentioned who lived at the locations on East Chelten Ave I have cited for me to interview. In addition, if anyone else (need not be related to these families) has photos of locations along East Chelten in the early years,please let me know also. This is all an integral part of our local Gtn history that needs to be preserved, so much has already been lost.
Norman Giorno-Calapristi, West Walnut Lane, Germantown [10-10-2006]

does any body remember my father bernard [bernie] hartopp? he grew up on seldon st near brick yard he past away in 97 at the age of 46 if you knew him please share any stories good or bad...
Bernie Hartopp, 23 years old philadelphia [10-05-2006]

My grandparents were Tom and Bernadette Noone, lived on Green Street. My mother is Mary, she had three sisters Bernadette, Joan and Kate, and three brothers Tom, Jim and Bill. My other grandparents were Pat and Catherine Cashman, he had a store on Germantown Avenue. My father was James, he had two brothers Jack and Pat. I am one of thirteen, we attended St. Frances, moved about 38 years ago, I moved after 2nd grade but I remember my whole class. I had Sister Rose Patricia and Mic Kaulp. Great Memories.
Joan Cashman Woltemate [10-05-2006]

WOW! What a website! I stumbled across this the other night and the next thing I knew it was 5 A.M. My name is Norman Giorno-Calapristi and, yes, indeed I still live here in Germantown in a beautiful old Victorian twin on West Walnut Lane for the last five years. Originally born and raised in East Germantown at 646 East Chelten Avenue in another old Victorian, built by David Mc Mahon in 1896 near the street that bears his name. I am the son of Norma Giorno of High and Magnolia, daughter of Maestro Luigi Giorno, and Joseph Calapristi, a watchmaker and jeweler originally from South Philadelphia. My parents married in 1951 and immediately bought the house on Chelten Avenue from the widow of Dr. James Miller Tyson, well-known physician who lived at the location for over 40 years. My grandfather has the well-known Germantown Community Band that provided music for the processions and church festivals held by Holy Rosary Italian Church and St. Michael's on Germantown Avenue. He also had an orchestra of mandolins and guitars that provided many serenades at the midnight hour beneath the window of many prospective brides. These customs continued well into the 1950s in Germantown. He also accompanied noted vocalist Gina Carano of Alden Park Manor. I attended Immaculate Conception grade school but my parents supported both Holy Rosary and Immaculate Conception. What a wonderful eclectic mix of Italian, Irish, and black families this Germantown was — a truly multi-cultural mecca in a somewhat like a city all unto itself. So much concentrated in such a small area. Our shopping district in those days had it all. There was really or no need to travel to Center City. Why would you? We had department stores like C.A. Rowell, George Allen, Cherry's, Franklin Simon, the Vernon Men's Shop, J.C.Penney and Sears just to name a few. The world's best candy stores such as Asher's, Young's, and Maron's. The world's best fresh seafood at Calvani's, to name a few. Wonderful sit-down restaurants such as Falotico's for Italian food, Imhoff's, Linton's and, later on in the 60s, Hathaway House. And, let's not forget, the two Horn & Hardart's on Germantown Avenue along with a number of steak-hoagie-hot dog shops along Germantown Avenue. For pizza there was the world-famous Scalea's Bakery in the Brickyard, now reincarnated as the Gaeta Bakery in Northeast Philadelphia, which bears little resemblance to the original. For bakeries, we also had the best. I'm 52 years old and, to this day, I have yet to taste cinnamon buns or cream doughnuts like those sold at Mary Ann's Pastry Shop at East Chelten Avenue at Boyer Street. Knab's on Chew Avenue was also good as was Hildebrand's, originally on Chelten Avenue around 738 East Chelten Avenue, so my mother used to say (long before my time in the 1940s). The Avenue also had Handscom Bakery, one of many throughout the entire city. A list of theatres could go on and on. I think other writers have exhausted the topic of this, with other messages I've read. However my favorite was the Orpheum on West Chelten Avenue and the Walton at Chew and Chelten, since I lived so close to it. Even though to many today Germantown seems but a mere shadow of its former self, it's not beyond hope and it's still salvageable. Yes, there's blight, there's crime just as there is in every other neighborhood of the city including the generically depressing Northeast as well as Chestnut Hill as well as in the suburbs. Yes, some parts of East Germantown and the Brickyard are drug infested, though not all East Germantown is. Much of the problem is the bad press that Germantown constantly gets. When something happens here, it's blown out of proportion and talked about in the media ad nauseum. Redevelopment is going on all over the city at this point with little or no attention paid to Germantown, even though you'd be hard-pressed to find another neighborhood in the city with as much history — Colonial, Victorian, modern — as Germantown has. I do feel, however, that this neighborhood is on the brink of something good, you can see traces of it happening here and there. I am pleased to see much restoration and renovation going on on Germantown Avenue, in the Germantown and Chelten vicinity, respecting the original architecture. It 's only a matter of time before this area bursts forth again, superceding the quickly deteriorating and degenerating areas of the Northeast and South Philadelphia. It's unfortunate in the last twenty years, when I drive around town, I take note of how many beautiful buildings and homes are no longer standing and how others have been transformed and/or mangled beyond recognition. The first one that comes to mind is the former Bennis Mansion at 641 East Chelten Avenue, across from my house, later the home of Dr. Taglianetti, tragically razed by a fire in 1971 — victim of a Hare Krishna candle-making business. On the opposite corner, 701 East Chelten Avenue, our beloved Knight's Market, is now a Dunkin' Donuts. Further down the 700 block, on the same side, the former site of the Italian Sons and Daughters of America, now a Chinese take-out. How confusing to the passerby when the inscription on the top of the building still reads, "Order of Italian Sons and Daughters of America" and the neon sign features a bowl of wonton soup. Directly across the street, the former Carol's Ice Cream and Candy, still a snack shop, is overshadowed by the former office of Dr. Goodman, optometrist, now an Ethiopian and Jamaican delicacy tore. Traveling further down, bringing us to the corner of Chew and Chelten, the former Chane's Drug Store now a heavily grated check cashing and money order house. The 800 and 900 blocks of East Chelten Avenue have gone through so much radical transformation that they're practically unrecognizable, and they've lost so many house to fires and tragedies that very little remains that would be recognizable to someone who hasn't seen the block sine the 1950's. The Immaculate Conception Parish Hall, however, still stands, however, on the 800 block, now as a Haitian Baptist Church, and SunRay Drugs still survives as a Korean novelty store. In the middle of all this, however, on the 900 block Axelrod Florist still flourishes, bigger and better than ever, with no intention of ever leaving. So, you see, there is hope for Germantown. Turning left on Chew Avenue, the entrance to the former Acme Market, now the closed-down façade of Marino's Auto Service Center. Further down and across on Chew, the once-magnificent Errichetti Funeral Parlor, whose beautiful porch and façade have been mangled beyond recognition into the Germantown Medical Company is also missing the large poured concrete, or cement, ball on the left side of the steps leading up into the walkway. How they could have ever destroyed a piece of cement that large, I'll never know. This was by far Germantown's most elaborate and beautiful funeral parlor whose owners, Victor and Marie, were my mother's dear friends. Note that the house, originally built in 1899, was originally the home of Richard P. Bennis, brother of Edward F. Bennis, both stepsons of David Mc Mahon, noted Germantown architect and philanthropist. I loved reading so many of your comments, recollections, and reminiscences of Germantown in the day and would love to read more. I especially enjoyed some of the articles that listed nicknames in the High and Magnolia area. They left no one out as was particularly pleased to see the name of my mother's cousin, Katie "Flash" more than once. To anyone reading this, please note that she also bore the names of Winchell, Elevator, "K-K-K-Katie," to name a few. She certainly lent lots of local color to the streets of Germantown. Also, for everyone's information, Frankie the Manager Altomare, of Frank's Barber Shop on Chew Avenue, is alive and well and still pounding the sidewalks of Chelten Avenue in search of a dollar from people outside of the Novena every Monday.
Norman Giorno-Calapristi, Germantown [10-05-2006, corrected 10-25-2006]

It's sad seeing Germantown a shell of itself after seeing and hearing about what it used to be. But I love it here regardless.
Donna Di Giacomo, 30 years old, Germantown [10-05-2006]

My great-grandparents (father's family) all settled in Germantown. One line lived on East Haines Street (thwy ere from Luzzi, Cosenza, Calabria, Italy) and the other line originally settled at Price and Bayton Streets (originally from Montecorvino Rovella, Salerno, Campania, Italy). In 1929, they moved to live amongst their pisans in North Philadelphia. I was born in 1976 and Philadelphia's neighborhoods were pretty much gone by then but I do enjoy hearing and reading about the way the city used to be (growing up in the 1980's, we had absolutely nothing). My great-great-grandparents lived on the 400 block of East Mechanic Street from the teens to the early-1930s. My great-grandmother's brother was Maestro Luigi Giorno and one of my grandmother's sisters was Katie Cesario (or, as she was known to many in the neighborhood, "Flash," amongst MANY other nicknames). I am intrigued by the camaraderie between the Italians and the Irish of Germantown, at the inter-marrying and, most of all, at the fond memories the two groups have of each other. I became very interested in one David Mc Mahon and, along with cousin Norman Giorno-Calapristi, we had an article published about him in the Spring 2005 issue of the Crier, the magazine of the Germanton Historical Society. The Society was very enthusiastic to publish the article and I hope will people will find it informative. I'd like to encourage people to visit an informative site called www.findagrave.com. I've entered many submissions for Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County, PA over the years (I LOVE genealogy research — doing it for myself and for others). It was the preferred cemetery for folks in Germantown (as well as North Philadelphia).
Donna, 30 years old, moved to Germantown [10-05-2006]

The only thing that's sad about reading this is how many people have abandoned Germantown, selling to slum landlords now, living in other places, etc. The neighborhood has a long way to go.
Christopher Muller, 32, Philadelphia, PA [10-05-2006]

I'm curious to hear more about a woman people in the neighborhood called Flash. Any stories?
Donna, Philadelphia, PA [09-26-2006]

My mother, Mary Hogan Curtin, age 85 and still alive, speaks fondly of her days with all her East Germantown friends. In years past she attended some reunions held down in Avalon. Although she was from Saint Athanasius parish, most of her girlfriends were from The Immaculate. She was the oldest of six children, the other Hogans were John, Margaret, Ruth, Bobby and Tommy.
Jim Curtin, Philadelphia, 49 [09-26-2006]

I grew up in East Germantown. Attended St Francis of Assissi and then Northeast Catholic. I played Soccer at the boys club abd spent many hours exploring Wister woods and The nearby auto junk yard. My best friends were Larry Jeffords and Allan Wiater. We spent summer days biking to the Wisahickon or playning pin balls at Nicolletti's. My first girlfrien was Patty Finkenhoffer and I thougt those days would never end. Kennedy was President and our Dads won the war. Life was good.
Robert Gac, Living in DC area [09-21-2006]

My Great uncle was a Francis Mcgowan, wife Winifrid. I have the history of his mother's family. Hoping to find a cousin for my mom to say hello to. She is 82, and never met cousins on her mothers side. Of any help, let me know. Sara
Sara Endicott, Washington State [09-18-2006]

does anyone remember any of the Spinellis'or the mc ginnis how bout the sorrentinos. we are from G town n holy rosary.and do now the places that i been reading. those were the days. peace out 4 now
jackie pacheco, crazy funny all round good person/ caregiver 2 my mom [09-18-2006]

I enjoyed reading the notes from people from East Germantown. I had many memories and heard many stories from my dad who spent his whole life there 1906-1973
Bob Mc Creight, 52, Havertown PA [09-18-2006]

A friend of mine is looking for anyone who might know of any of the descendants of John and Kate Breen from Woodlawn Ave. Germantown, Pa. They had a number of children. She's doing geneology and was trying to contact them. Thanks for any information. Maryann Kelly
maryann kelly [09-18-2006]

L&M Ballroom good idea
ben hetrick, incarnation 65 grad olney high [09-18-2006]

I lived on Mc Mahon Street(5612) I attended Holy Rosary graduated in "64" then on to Dougherty. We moved to Doylestown in 1965 .
Rosemary Sirianni, I live in Dublin Pa, I'm 55 yrs old [09-18-2006]

Graduated from St. Vincent's in 1961. Walked down Germantown Av. from Pastorius St. to school everyday. Remember Fat's!I have been all over this country;there is no place like Germantown. I ran into three guys from Germantown in San Francisco, CA.
Jim Nally, Live in montgomery county [09-18-2006]

I would like to know if you plan another reunion this year and if so, when and will it will be held at Williamsons again? I'd love to go but am hoping that there will be others from my section of Germantown there to represent us. Looks like you had a great showing from the people down at the lower end (Fern Hill, Happy Hollow etc. How about some of you from up near Vernon Park area? Let's give all of Germantown true representation. How about it guys?
Pat (McAllister) DePaolo, I graduated from St. Vincent De Paul Grade School in 58 and lived on Price St. and then Utah St. Went to Boy"s Club dance on Wednesday nights ussually with Betty Lynn Vitelli. Also went to Trinity Dance on Saturday nights. I live in Warminster, Bucks County now. [09-18-2006]

wister woods super,gelarts, blvd ballroom dances. rd rider/lil beaver.novenas, open fire plugs,yes! looking for lombardi's, roberto's,donnelly kids, durkin,reply anyone....
JUDY GARVIN, wister & conlyn sts. penn & magnolia '59ghs [09-18-2006]

hi i grew up in east gtn. around chelten and anderson. it was a wonderful time. i mean on one corner you had the chelten movie. rosners drud store. lou's luncheonette a nd the fourth corner you had east gtn playground. come on you can't ask for more than that!but one of the fondest memories of that time for me was in the fall and it was football season. on friday afternoon after finishing my paper route (bulletin) I would head for waterview playground to experince some great CYO football. especially the mighty mighty Immaculate Conception team. there usually was only one school that could almost match them. and that was a little school called HOLY ROSARY. WOW talk about tough players. when these two teams met hundreads of people would come out to see. and whether it was first game or the middle of the season whoever won would almost always win the CYO. city and then state when IMMACULATE took the field in those blue and white uniform man what a thrill.anybody remmember those great games get back to me thanks john
john brennan, immaculate grad 56 dougherty 60hi [09-18-2006]

I was excited to locate information on the Rittenhouse's here. Per chance do you know where they are buried? William and David? or where I can go to locate that information. Thank you.
Jean Walter, CA decendent of William Rittenhouse [09-18-2006]

hello i was reading all the letters to this site and would like to put my two cents in. the allen theatre was in the 1200 block of chelten ave.how about the chelten grill at 20th an chelten.or the esquire theatre at broad and olney we watched many horrow and serials there but when it burned down in the early fiftys and they rebuilt it,it was so beautiful it was to intimidating . a lot of people mention wagners ballroom but before that it was the bromely theatre.
john brennan, 57 graduate of immaculate [09-18-2006]

looking for people who went to l&m ballroom for a reunion
diane rupertus, age 60 [09-01-2006]

anyone who knowes where gonzaga home for girls moved to please put it on this site
mse, northcarolina [08-31-2006]

Hello, I was born and grew up in Germantown. My maiden name was Diana Ciardulo My Parents Dominic and Gilda, ran a store a few blocks from the Holy Rosary School on Haines Street. I would love to hear from any other Holy Rosary alumni. I attended Holy Rosary in the 60's. If any of my fellow classmates see this posting I would love to hear from you. I have many happy memories of the school and my friends from Holy Rosary. Would love to hear from you. I still have lots of family in the Philadelphia area.
Dianna Ciardullo, Venice, FL, ( 50 years old ) [08-31-2006]

some have suggested that germantown was a magical place but childhood is mostly a magical time. germantown was indeed a magical place.
JOE STEWART, born 1942 gtn hosp lived@ stafford,church lane and mc mahon ave. [08-31-2006]

I lived at 910 Church Lane It was a home for girls in Germantown call, St. Joseph Gonzaga. I was just 6yrs old when I went there is was 1958. I lived there until I was 14.I am wondering if anyone remembers anything about this place.Or has any picture's of it .My bed room window looked out from the front of the bilding. In the summer we would go to bed at around 7:00pm. and I would sit on the big windowsil and watch all the kid's playing up the street,I'm not sure what that street was .I alwasy wished I could go out there and play too.However, I'm looking for anyone who may have been at gonzaga at the same time. Or know's anything. Thank you in advance....
JoAnn (Palmieri) Benton, I am 53yrs. old live in Boca Raton ;FL. [08-27-2006]

i want to search about st.francis of asissi and i want to have a reaction about it...............
robey, alabang,15 [08-22-2006]

Went to St. Michael's was the 1st class to gradute 1961. Then to Germantown HS. Played baseball at the Germantown boys club. What a great place to grow up. Happy Hollow, Fernhill Park etc.
Joe D'Agostino, 59 [08-22-2006]

I am looking for anyone who would like to talk about my father Robert B. Owings who was an avid tennis player at the Germantown Cricket Club, born 1924 . I am also looking for anyone who would like to talk about Dr. Capers Baxter Owings who was connected with the Germantown Hospital (My fathers father) Thank You
Christina Owings, I live in Germantown and I am 32 Years old [08-22-2006]

T. Sicoli, Northeast, 2 kids [08-22-2006]

does anyone remember the dance at l&m ballroom at 5th & rockland st in philadelphia pa
diane rupertus [08-22-2006]

I went to Germantown Grade School in 1966, I am Scottish I spent a year in Far Hills, with my family,met lots of nice people and made friends kept in touch for a long time, thenlost touch. I would love to know if anyone knows Vicky Shoopman or her whereabouts, we wrote for year then I did not get a reply for some reason. I am just curious as to why she stopped writing, I was a great year I will never forget it as long as I live. I was only 13 then so it was a long time ago.
nancy Gaughan, 52, Live in Bothwell, nr Glasgow, Scotland [08-22-2006]

I lived at 5722 Crittenden St from 1944 until 1956. I fondly remeber the Aubury Arboretum and the Ponds. I attended The Immaculate Conception grammar school. I remember the Tatlows from Stafford St(Mike and Patty), Daniel Mellon and WIlliam Johnson, Ellen Derr, Andrew Bomentre and James Claffy. James is a Priest now. I met him at an Immaculate Conception Parish Homecoming.I remember Sister Marie Thomas (1st), Sister Marie Immaculate (3rd I think) and Mrs ? in 5th.
Joe McGough, Germantown, Bellmawr, swedesboro, cape May, Drexel Hill [08-22-2006]

Is Staton Gallery still in existence?
Karyn Fisher, pastor [08-07-2006]

att. john v prozzillo . try to e mail you about your uncle NIcky Jake but you must have changed your e mail address . please e mail with your new address thanks
B Benson, 69 and live in fl. [08-07-2006]

looking for cathy collela
Cecelia Amendolia, went to st michael's class 64 little flower 68 [08-07-2006]

Hi everyone, I came upon this site while looking for the Cardez estate. I was born in 1928 on East Pomona Street. The Cardeza estate occupied a whole city block or more beginning at the intersection of Pomona and Morton Streets. There was a great stone wall about the whole property with round towers at the front gate — and a great gate it was. You could see the mansion from the gate at the intersection of Morton and Washington Lane. I believe the widow died after WWII and the property was sold to a developer. Before new housing was built there we kids were able to go into the grounds and play football there. the house was demolished so we weren't able to get in there. I think it was Duval or Johsnon Street that bounded the estate on the north. There was an open field which we called the cow lot where we played ball. My brothers and sisters and I went to St. Madeleine Sophie Church and School at Greene and Upsal Streets. On my street the family names that I remember were Batchelder, Hilmer, Achey, Ruck (Walter), McWhorter, Billy Thornton, a bachelor, Rosemary and Doris Hoffmayer, Charlie Knittel and family, the Armstrongs, the Patrick twins, and so on. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who shares this experience. Joe
Joe O'Callaghan [08-04-2006]

I was looking for info on my family's last name and your sight came up saying you were connected with Difrancesco's somehow. Well my Father, Dominic Arther was a Difrancesco, and my Mom by marriage, Anne Marie, (Waldinger) and they lived in Erie, Pa. for the first 1/2 of their lives. Dominic had his own market called "Frisco's Market,(Frisco was a nickname. I think it was on 16 street. They left Erie in 1955? and moved to Phoenix,Az. My Dad has 2 daughters that still live in Erie and a sister Mary Lindquist. Anyhow, just wondering if anyone else out there might be related or knew them. Thanks a lot. His daughter in Phoenix, Deb Hoese
Debbie (DiFrancesco) Hoese [08-04-2006]

looking for people who went to l&m ballroom for a reunion
diane rupertus, palmyra nj 60 [07-29-2006]

Does anyone remember St. John the Baptist church at the corner of Seymour and G-town Ave. Any info or stories!
Jerry Murphy, Phila. 53yrs old [07-20-2006]

i am looking for people interested in a dance reunion from L & M ballroom
diane, age 60 [07-20-2006]

My family settled in the Germantown area and I an doing genealogy on my family. I have the following names in my family: Moore, King, Derr, and Eastburn. Do you have these names too? Also, I spent about six months in St. Joseph's Gonzaga Hall on Washington Lane. Does anyone remember this place?
dmk [07-18-2006]

The Saint Michael of the Saints Class of 1961 will have a reunion at Casmirri's Restaurant in Bensalem PA on Sunday, September 17, 2006 from 12:30PM till 3:30 PM. Contact me for details.
John Abbamondi, Living in Choctaw, Oklahoma. Age 59. [07-17-2006]

do you all remember trips to willow grove park when the whole school would go, the trollys were lined up on chilton ave, or going to Camp StVincents i never knew it was a camp for underprivlidged kids Dr Tracy would gives us our check up, whitch ment checing our head for lice or dear old Paddy Mallon who took care of the hall. a lot of myfriends from devon and locust are dead Rosy Flaherty, Patsy Ross, Joanie GriffinRonnie Boccellie Joey Rio. married 53 years underprivlidge kids DR. Tracy on chilton would gives us a check up whitch meant chegking our head for lice how about waxing the beautiful hardwood stairs in the school thayt we were never alowd to use ! had to use the cold fire escapes in stead . also old Paddy Mallon who took care otf the hall. my kids gre up nice and are well educated but never ha what i had, and they are the losers for it . God bless all who read this.
bernadette mcCreight, live in fl. but still long for the east gtn experience age 69 [07-15-2006]

I came across this site by accident. I was searching for my school records(I attended St.Michaesl of the Saints)and to my astonishment I found my old neighborhood 5029 Wayne Ave.I have the greatest memories. My family immigrated from Italy in 1968 and lived there til 1976. Anyone that remembers our family Carmela, Valentina, Salvatore, Maria, my parents Ennio and Carmela Basile. I would love to here from anyone that has attended St. Michaels.
Valentina Basile, I live in Italy, 46 [07-13-2006]

Played, as a boy, in Wister Woods, just above Fisher Railroad station, on the Chestnut Hill branch of the Reading Railroad. Had a little fish pond in our garden out front. Anyone out there remember this block of Stenton Ave.? Remember Joe Salerno, Donald Carr, any others on this block? Looking for a girl I knew as Anne Bonner, who lived on Stenton Avenue, in Germantown, Pa. I lived there until about 1962. I was pretty sweet on her, and we dated a few times. Are you still there, Anne? Get in touch with me. I lived at 5105 Stenton Ave. Additional information about me: I was raised by my grandparents, Mrs. Gerda and William Miller, who lived at 5105 Stenton Ave. Anyone out there who remembers us? Anyone remember Logan Demonstration School, at Lindley and Ogontz Aves.? I attended this school, up to the 6th grade. Had Miss Breen, Miss Hazlitt as teachers.
Charles C. Crabb, 71 years old [07-12-2006]

to me i asked my husband,when i die have me cremated and scatter me over east germantownor in holy seplacore with all of my old neighbors
bernadette mccreight benson, born and raised in the shdow of immac con.easr gtn . is a way of life and and astate of mind my childhod freinds are still my friends an i am 69 yrs old [07-12-2006]

Would love to hear from you, as I grew up on your street. Please answer.
Ethel Rennard, I grew up on 150 W Sparks St in Olney,Wen to St Helena's graduated in June 1940 [07-12-2006]

Is would help to know how to get to Germantown from centeral Philly and other locations...perhaps a maps...subway map and directions.
anonymous [07-10-2006]

I just found thie web site and could not stop reading until I went back to 2000. I lived at 442 W. Stafford St. from August of 1944 until November 1963. My home was a stone and brick semi detached that my parents converted into apartments. We lived on the first floor with use of the full basement. In 1958 my parents bought 444, our twin, and converted that into apartments. We had a grand front porch where we would sit on hot summer nights and my mother would tell one story after another about her growing up in West Philadelphia and my father growing up in Germantown. I have a fabulous picture of my father's 1928 class trip from Germantown High to Mount Vernon. I'm doing my genealogy now and those stories have led me to many ancesters. I remember so many of the stories told in "your thoughts." Does anyone remember the spring water in Wissahickon Park, the soda fountain in Darrows Drug Store and Leedom and Wisler Drug Store. I attended Mass at St. Vincents on Price St. and was married there in 1964. I went to Ravenhill Academy for the first four years and then went to Cecilian Academy from 5th grade until graduation in 1962. I have kept in touch with a lot of Cecilian girls and we all agree that there was something magical about our time there. Germantown will always have a place in my heart.
Sally Moore Quinlan, Pennsauken, NJ age 62 [07-07-2006]

My brother, Bill Cupo, made me aware of this site. In reading the Archives, I realized there may be someone "out there" who could help me locate a long lost friend, AnnaMarie DiLisio. She lived on Mechanic St. (400 block), had three brothers, also living @ home. She & I worked together in the early 60's @ the USMC @ 1300 S. Broad St. Often wondered how & where she is. Would love to hear from anyone who may help me in finding her. Enjoyed reading all of the earlier submissions & remembering all of the good times shared in our Gtn. neighborhood. I lived @ 1333 E. Haines St. (now the site of MLK HS). The entire block was demolished in the 60's in order to build it. Thanks for sharing your memories. I felt as though I were "home" again. Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, Deerfield Beach, FL; 64, IC '47-'55; CDHS '59 [07-07-2006]

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