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January-June 2006

I remember Germantown Avenue and many of the places. I remember the Kunders house because it was nearest my home. I have family buried in Hood Cem. My father's family came to Germantown in 1850-1860. My great grandfather was a weaver and a musician. He reportedly had a music store in Germantown. I'm trying to find information on his music background. He was Thomas S. Morley. I have the family documented back to England.
Roberta Morley Daymon, Born on Wister St. near Germantown Ave., now live in Doylestown, PA. [06-26-2006]

joshua nicholson [06-23-2006]

Hi.. My name is Stefanie McGowan I am the daughter of Gerry McGowan his family lived on Symore street in Germantown.. I have located one family member on here and would like to find more.... Please contact me if you know the McGowans .... It would be great becuase my father is the last living of the 7 borthers and sister.. Edward Chick Mcgowan was my Grandfather Please contact me!
Stefanie McGowan, Daugther Of Gerry Mcgowan [06-20-2006]

Like everyone who posts on this site, assumedly, I would LOVE to return to Germantown for one day, week, month, whatever. It was a wonderful place, especially for a sports nut. We lived at 914 E. Rittenhouse Street, within easy reach of E. Gtn and Waterview rec centers and Awbury Park (was that even the official name?). Then, of course, there were always games of Wiffleball or touch football or basketball (or anything) in the driveway between Rittenhouse and Price. Or outside the house owned by the Magarity family (yes, of automotive fame) at 830 E. Rittenhouse. That space looks tiny now! Back then it seemed as large as the Palestra (smile). We moved in July 1963 to an area between Glenside and Oreland, and though Oreland had a "Germantownish" feel, it was never quite the same. In the winter of '63, our 12-and-under basketball team, coached by Joe Ryan (a track star at Dougherty and still active with the sport as an official), placed second in the city. Our game was played as a prelim to the Gold Medal final at Lincoln HS. Great thrill for all of us! Some of my childhood buddies: Joe Magarity, Frank Moffatt, Peter Coyle, Jack McGlone, Charlie Manzi, John Welsh, Jack Cummings, John Brennan, John Gonsior, Jim Fitzpatrick . . . and I apologize to those I'm forgetting. My grandparents lived at 1357 E. Haines in a home (right at the fire hydrant; it's still there! smile) that was knocked down to make way for King HS. Overall, my most vivid sports memory is reporting to Immaculate Conception's Hall on a Saturday morning for a youth basketball and finding out that Wilt had scored 100 points the night before for the Warriors. Toward the end of our time in Germantown, Chubby Checker bought a house on the corner of Chew and Haines and a bunch of us went over to meet him. Even played some hoops with Chubby's brother, Spencer Evans. Any time I'm even remotely in the area, I make sure to drive past the old house and let the memories come flooding back. Oh, one more. When the Eagles won the championship in 1960, I jumped up and down on my bed to such a degree that it broke. Dad was NOT happy. (ha ha). Anyway, thanks to the website folks for this opportunity to write about G-town. Again, wouldn't we all love to go back?
Ted Silary, age 55, south jersey [06-15-2006]

My Grandparents and Parents lived on Germantown Avenue since the 1930s. My sons participated in the Feast of the Madonna Del Roseto (statue of the Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus that was brought over from Solopaca, Italy when the church burned down). The beautiful thing is that this feast (first Sunday in June annually) consists of family, friends, associates of St. Michaels a/o Germantown relations. My Godmother, Joan (Abruzzese - Class of 1961 - St Michaels) is trying to get the 45 year reunion St Michael's Reunion together with other classmates so I am putting the word out. We were the Manco Family and my Cousins are Klitsch's, Miles, Ferry's, Fusco's, Corr's, Abruzzese's, Delagog(sp?-lost touch with them)....I just came across this site tonight...Very cool...We will get the word out to the family and have the gang login and keep in touch with former classmates, friends, etc. What perfect timing! God Bless the Germantown community!
Martina (Manco) Del Rocini, Washington Township, NJ - 43 yrs old - Born on Germantown Avenue and went to St. Michael's of the Saints (1968-1970) [06-07-2006]

Wister family home was(Grumblethorpe) & painter Gilbert Stuart lived next door for a while. May have painted an unsigned portrait I inheritated many years ago. Need name of really professional individual to guide me. Not a know it all, over confident.. !
D. Miles, senior, N. Ohio. Great, G, G, G, Grandmother Cathrine Wister Miles [06-04-2006]

hi any one remember the Mijkas they went to St Vincent de paul in the 50s and 60s itrying to find Peggy i went 8 grades with her thanks for any info
Karen Buster, grew up in Rittenhouse Town IM 54 [06-04-2006]

We are responding because of submissions from Dennis and Kathy Penglase. Your notes triggered many fond memories of shared friends in the neiborhood, including Herb and Joanne. I am a 1972 graduate of La salle, and Rose a 1972 graduate of Chesnut Hill. So many of us started our married lives in Germantown, and it seemed there was always a gathering where we would connect with old friends or make new ones. The values we shared, and our youthful ideals shaped the lives we lived. We would love to hear from others!
Tony and Rose Poekert, We now live in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire, bur started our married life in a wonderful old home on Johnson St. We often reflect on the rich history and wonderful cultural diversity of our first neighborhood. [06-04-2006]

I wish you'd post or send a picture of the "Queen's House", @ 9 W.Tulpehocken St. I used to live there and I miss it terribly. Kindest regards, RRT3
rich taylor, 45, denver [06-04-2006]

I understand from family history that the first meeting of the mennonites was held at Issac VanBebber's house and that he later deed some of his 6000 acreages to build the church and school house on.
Randall VanBibber (VanBebber), Charleston WV [05-31-2006]

great stuff.the area is changing for the better soon. i can feel it. please include some paranormal stories at your site.. thats what makes this area so cool too.
chris cannon, 800 block chelten ave. [05-31-2006]

for nancy tresnan: the postmaster said they could not deiver my email to you. there is a message already on the board with mine. peace beverly
beverly cipriano [05-23-2006]

Graduated from St Mikes in 52, North Catholic 56, 4 Years overseas in the Pacific, retired from Phila PD in 88 & United Airlines 04, looking for old friends from the good old days, including Friends from Lasalle Dances.
Jim Clark, St Michael's Of The Saints Bayton Field [05-22-2006]

message for nancy tresnan. please email me direct unable to get thru otherwise to you. puppypaw3@MSN.com
beverly cipriano [05-20-2006]

My ancestor was born there in 1770 but his parents died when he was around 7 years old. He was raised by his older siblings and moved south then west. Who knows if his parents would have lived, our family might have been Mennonites still and living in the Germantown Area still.
Ken Writtenhouse, Muncie, IN 45 yrs old [05-17-2006]

This message is for Beverly Cipriano. My name is Nancy Tresnan maiden name was Scorza. Always lived in germantown. Holy Rosary School close I think in 1971. And the church about 1974-75. We belong to Immaculation Church now. Are related to Sandra Cipriano. I don't know her marriage name. I think she was from chelten ave. I went to grade school with her. I live on the 6000 block of magnolia st. I am going to move when I retirer from work. I lost my husband 5 years ago. So I am all alone
Nancy Tresnan, live on magnolia st, I am 62 Graduate from Holy Rosary [05-11-2006]

I am looking for an email address for Robert Gac or an email from him. Thank you in advance
William Tresnan, St. Francis of Assisi class of '61 [05-08-2006]

i went to st francis of asissi grad school graduate 1n '62 i went to north catholic graduated '66 i would like to hear from anyone who grew up in this are from early to late 1960's
TOMMY JONES, 44 e clapier st will be 59 in june 06 2006 [05-01-2006]

I am responding to Colleen Tobias' letter of 4/28/06. Yes, St. Helena's is still there. Yes, there was a school at 5th & Spencer Streets. Next to the school on 5th Street, was the Convent, then the Church and finally at 5th & Godfrey was the rectory. I do not know where Acker Street is, but Linton Street is definitely in Olney. I grew up at 158 W. Sparks Street near 2nd & Godfrey. I attended St. Helena's School from 1st to 8th grade. At the time I attended there was 3 of each grade level with approximately 80 children per classroom. My first grade class had 81 children with 2 other classes having the same amount. By 3rd grade we had thinned down to 60 approximately per class. My view on this thinning down is because we made our Communion and Confirmation in 2nd grade and then there was no real reason you had to attend Catholic school except that your parents liked the education and discipline there. At the time I attended school there was only 1 school building. Later in the early sixties they built a second school behind the first school because now there was approximately 4 classes to each grade level. I graduated in 1962 from St. Helena's and went on to Cardinal Dougherty High School. This high school right above 2nd & Godfrey held approximately 6,000 students. (Just think about fire drills. We were all over the neighborhood when we had a drill.) In high school we had approximately 40 children per class. This was a luxury and I loved it. At Saint Helena's we wore blue uniforms with a white long sleeved shirt with a Peter Pan collar. At Cardinal Dougherty we wore a green uniform with the same white long sleeved shirt and Peter Pan collar. Cardinal Dougherty was built and opened in 1955. Before that the children attended Little Flower (girls) and North Catholic (boys). During my time at St. Helena's we all went to the same mass on Sunday morning (9:00 in the Upper church - Children's mass) and the parents attended church in the lower church at 9:00). We had May processions in May all around the block. The faculty consisted of all nuns and 2 lay teachers (Approximately 28 nuns and 2 lay teachers). Today I believe they have only about 2 nuns and the rest are lay faculty. My senior graduating class at Cardinal Dougherty had approximately 1,526 students. I got married to my one and only lover in 1969 at St Helena's church. We are married 36-1/2 years now.
Cathy Penglase, I am the wife of Dennis Penglase who grew up in West Mount Airy and East Germantown. I grew up in Olney and attended St. Helena's School and church during the mid 50's and early 60s. I went to Cardinal Dougherty High School and graduated in 1966. At Dougherty where I met Dennis Penglase. We were married in August of 1969 after Dennis graduated from LaSalle College. [04-30-2006]

Does anyone know what ever happened to Johnny Bresek or Danny Jordan? If you have an e-mail or a snail mail address for either I would apprecate it.
resnan, I grew up on the 5100 block of Sheldon street and went to SFA class of '61 & North '65 [04-28-2006]

By father, grandparents and great-grandparents were all originally from Onley. They lived there from the late 1880's through the early 50's. Family names are Matthew & Madeline Quinn Cairnes (grandparents) John A. and Catherine Brown Quinn (great grandparents) and Julia and Matthew Cairnes (great grandparents). The Cairnes family lived on Acker Street and the Quinn's and Brown's lived on Linton St (#174) in the 20's and 30's. I believe they attended St Helena's R.C. Church but have had trouble finding any info on the church. Is it still there? I believe there was a school too? I think my dad went there in the 40's (elementary school). Any information would be appreciated - especially if you know about St Helena's Church or school.
Colleen Cairnes-Tobias, Multiple Ancestors from Germantown [04-28-2006]

gee i wish i could move back to a big old home in germantown.
dennis garvey, age 42 [04-28-2006]

moved from magnolia st in 1961. interested in information concerning the closing of our lady of the holy rosary church and school
beverly cipriano [04-28-2006]

i knew patty and john ireland.sad to say they both have passed on.and i know the family the little girl was with.
Dennis Garvey [04-28-2006]

Looking for anyone who may remember the Devine Family living in Germatown. Michael Devine was my great-great grandfather. His wife, my gggrandmom, was Catherine Lydon Devine. When they both passed away they were living on Seymour Street. Sometime in the early to late 30's. F.X.
Fran McGowan, Northeast Philly, 47 [04-28-2006]

I am Buddy McGowan's son, who grew up on East Seymour Street. My granfather was Edward "Chick" McGowan. He was a retired Philadelphia Park Guard. I am looking for any information on how I can find records of his service with the Philly Park Guard. Photographs etc.. Really any information would be great. I remember buying my first Beatles 45 record on Germantown Avenue. It really was a nice area of the city. Thanks! F.X.
Fran X. McGowan, Northeast Philly, 47, father raised in Germantown [04-28-2006]

looking for Ed Tressiter, lived on Walnut Lane, went to St, Vincent's on price st. in the fifties, and attended Germantown High .If you out there Ed drop me a line. Charlie living in Warrenton, Va. 65yrs old.
Charlie McGinnis [04-28-2006]

Dennis Penglase, I live in Danielsville Pa; near lue Mountain ski Area [04-28-2006]

I just stumbled on this site looking for information on the Immaculate Conception. Such a walk down Memory Lane! The Annual Parish Reunion is Sunday May 7th, 2006 with 11:00 Mass and a (ticketed)reception at the Irish Center. Information from ann@baida.com. Browsing through the archives, I saw a question about Hassis' bakery on Germantown Ave. The only Haasis that I knew was not on the Ave. but on either Queen Lane or School House Lane, about a block east of Wayne Avenue. The shop seemed small for the amount of business that it did - a little bigger than Knab's but on the same order. Haasis' also delivered to a number of local grocery stores, including the one that I worked in at Chew and Haines Sts. Also, about the Bray and Roach families on Price St. They were neighbors of ours. If I recall correctly, the two wives were sisters. The Brays left around 1960, and the Roaches stayed for some time after that. Linton's on Chelten Ave. (Horn and Hardart's was a much smaller place, around the corner on G'tn Ave.) was the scene of many a gathering after the Monday Novena. "Pauline" was our favorite waitress, and the first ones to arrive used to spot out her station before choosing their table. Of course everyone else followed suit. There were many good matches made on the front landing of the Shrine and nurtured over a Linton's milkshake afterward. I remember the McCreight's on Chew St. very well, also the Errichetti's and the Misses McMahon. McMahon Ave. was named after their father, who owned a good part of the area when it was still a farm. Thanks for the memories!
Long Memory, Minnesota [04-28-2006]

What in the world happened to Etore? Every girl within 50 miles was in love with him!
Lorraine, Pulaski Ave. Pulaski and Chelten and Schoolhouse Lane [04-28-2006]

I went to Immaculate Conception on Price Street. Class of 1961. I want to start a Germantown Reunion. Please e mial me. Where is Harry Milby from Stafford street and Frank Dailey from Chew Street. What are their e mail address. Thanks, I loved growing up in Germantown and going to Carol's Candy store and the Walton Movie.
Carol-Ann Varallo, Hi, I lived at Chew & Price in Germantown [04-28-2006]

cathy jameson mcgarry [04-28-2006]

I have a bugal if you would like to see a picture e-mail me at the above address
Amber Divine, mcgehee ar 71654 16 [04-28-2006]

Interesting the upper and lower Germantown. I always knew it as east and west but the division seems to be from Chelten Ave going north or south. I always try to take a drive through when I'm in Philadlephia just to gather the many fond memories.
Mike Russo, Kissimmee, Fl [04-28-2006]

I'm looking for any information on the Hartopp family. I am the youngest of 7 children born to James Hartopp, Jr. He never spoke of his childhood, but I know some of my sibling were born in Germantown Hospital. And I know he was born in Philadelphia in 1943. Any info would be appreciated.
Beth Trail, Florida [04-28-2006]

carol, I live in Wayne, PA; Am a baby boomer, I grew up in Mt. Airy, PA, but my first job out of high school was at Germantown Savings Bank at corner of School House Lane & Germantown Avenue. I fondly remember shopping with my mother in Rowell's (spelling?), The Cherry Store (up from Woolworth's), eating at the restaurant which also sold chocolates--can't remember name--but it was just down the street from GSB on the same side of Gtn. Avenue. Learned to swim at YMCA...played volleyball at Immaculate Conception in Gtn., Attended Holy Cross in Mt. Airy...later went to Cecilian Academy and then onto St. Joseph's University (then college). Remember Allen's on Chelten Avenue, near Green St. - great department store. Took trolley to/from work and shopping there. Wonderful memories...anyone remember things I forgot? Thanks. [04-28-2006]

I'm researching the William Wister house at 330 South 3rd Street in Old City. Was John Wister (Iron Master) a descendent of Williams? Would there be an living descendents that might be intrested in talking about William Wister?
Mike Fitzgerald, Philadelphia, PA [03-21-2006]

Im studying World Religion. Christopher Sowers is my ancestor. I posses a leaflet of the printed bible and a copy of the property deed signed by William Penn. This is very exciting research. If there is any other information I could receive from your community I would be so very grateful. My mother has passed away and being a single parent I want to ensure my children the knowledge of their acestors and how they came to the Americas! Sincerely, Sherri Hirata
Sherri Hirata, 41 year old college student from Santa Maria, California [03-20-2006]

I would like to know more about Dan McAarty who owned aan appliance store on Chelten Avenue in East Germantown. My father bought a Dumont television from him which served him well. Dan McCarty's store was a couple of blocks down the avenue, not far from my uncle's seafood restaurant on the corner of Chelten and Wister; across from the Germantown Savings Bank
Dennis Penglase, Danielsville Pa [03-19-2006]

My grandfather, Harry (or Henry Grover) Davis' mother was Mary Davis who lived in Germantown PA on Asflyst street in early 1900's. Can anyone give me info on her or tell me where I can find the census of that area??
Gloria Preston, Albertan searching for ancestors [03-19-2006]

My parents Mary Marcelonis and Daniel McCarty grew up in Germantown Pa, we lived there until I was about 5 years old. I miss the walks in Mister Woods (Wister Woods) and shopping on the Ave with my Grandma. Only people that have lived there can really apprieciate the mystic of such a history laden area let alone the bonds of friendships with friends and family only Philly residents have! Anyone on Boyer St give us a holler, or anyone that attended St Vincents too!
mary mccarty, blue bell pa [03-01-2006]

Joseph Polichetti, I lived on Sprague St. Went to Immaculate Conception School and Germantown High School in the 1940's [03-01-2006]

Our Dad was John Nyce....G-town Boys Club.... brothers Bob, Mike and sister Marie our dad volunteered at the club for many years....sorry to say he just passed away Monday....Feb 27 2006... at the age of 82....anyone interested in info can email me....and the obituary will be in Thursday's Inquier...talking to people he has known thru the years they all say what a gentle wonderful man he was....we're proud of him....
Jane Nyce Bender, born raised in germatown 60s 70s Immaculate [03-01-2006]

The Penn & Magnolia Web Site (Since 1996)
Bob Camardella, 62 yrs old, born & raised on 5300 block of Magnolia St., webmaster for P&M reunion group, now in it's forty first year of yearly reunion. [03-01-2006]

Trying to track history of my family being of German heritage thought this would be a good place to start. I know my Grand father Floyd was born Meadville Pa.believe my family may have first settled in Germantown any help would be great.We are part of the Albert Schweitzer family he being my grandfathers 1st.cus.
Thomas Schweitzer, Akron Ohio,age 63 [03-01-2006]

Hi,anyone out there that went to St.Vincent de Paul grade school who graduated in 1958? Love to hear from you.Drop me a line sometime. Pat
Pat (McAllister)DePaolo, married,live in warminster,3 grown children,2 golden retrievers [02-26-2006]

Hi, I grew up in Chestnut Hill, but I was born in Germantown. I was wondering if anyone would remember my parents, Edward and Laura Mae Pertuit. They had three children. I was the youngest named Diana Lynn Pertuit. My mother left and we three kids were put into the orphanage run by Catholic Charities. I was adopted at 20 mmonths by a family in Ch. Hill. My birth mother died in 1953 of Bulbar Polio. I have found my sister and brother. My sister lives in TX. now but we keep in touch by computer and she keeps in touch with "our" father. His name is on my birth cert. but he swears he is not my father. About 15 years ago I found my mother's second husband but he said he met her in the summer of '46. I was born in Feb. '46. I don't hold anything against my father, but I would really like to know who he is. If anybody out there knew the Pertuits please let me know what you remember about them. btw, he worked at the Acme Supermarket. Don't know which one. Thanks, Betty Smith
Betty Smith, adopted in gtn. around 1947 [02-26-2006]

My family moved to Danielsville a year ago. I am very interested in the history of a building near us. We have been told that it was at one time a Candy Shop. It is located at 945 and Walnut Rd. It is not open now but looks like it was last an anitque shop. Can anyone tell me about the Candy Shop that may have been there a long time ago. We love this little town of Danielsville and would like to know more about the history of it.
~dawn, Danielsville [02-26-2006]

John Burke, living in ne philly,52,lived 400 blk hansberry [02-26-2006]

I am in search of the Dillon brothers, Neil and John. They lived in the 5000 block of Newhall Street. They both left Phila. around 1960 for California and have lost touch with everyone here (I think). Any information would be helpful.
Dan Breslin, From Seymour and Portico Sts. [02-25-2006]

RICHARD CHEW, my great great grandfather lived in Germantow about 1780's and on.. I don't know his wife's name..but they had a daughter born in 1812 and she was Emmeline Chew, who is my great grandmother. I'm looking for information on this family. I don't know if he's related to BENJAMIN CHEW, whose mansion is in Germantown. Thanks for any info, Kathy
Kathy Lampi, Minnesota [02-09-2006]

You´re the best!
Miss XXX, tall,big,and beautiful =) [02-07-2006]

Hi Pat Melody, We've seen your entry and want to say hi. So many memories of Germantown, and your Mother's store.
Rosemary Polaneczky, Ed And Rosemary, Hatfield.Pa. [02-06-2006]

subscribe please
Eve Cassady [02-06-2006]

Do you have any vintage photos of Wayne Aveue, Germantown, around 1923. I was born on Wayne Avenue in 1923 and would like to have some photos of what Wayne Avenue looked like at that time. Especially between Seymour and Clapier Streets.
Sylvia Hoffman, 82 years of age. I was born in Germantown on Wayne Avenue [02-06-2006]

I would appreciate any information you can give me about my old home and neighborhood and what it is like now.
Sylvia Wise Hoffman, I am 82 years old, born and raised on Wayne Avenue in Germantown. My father was a shoemaker and had his business at 4938 Wayne Avenue. Our residence was also there. I attending Fitler Elementary School which was only 2 blocks away. [02-06-2006]

i have information about the kidnapping of charly ross, i have a letter dated 1888 i believe from the mother of a boy who was adopted out of an orphange in boston and sent by train to maine and in the letter it explains things the child told the woman about what he remembers about 2 men who took him away and he never saw him parents again and there is questions if this was charlie ross.
sue williams, java village, ny [02-02-2006]

Doe anyone recall the Bray, Roach and Kent families of East germantown. The Brays lived on Price Street East of Ardleigh street and Immaculate Church. The Roaches also lived on Price street. Bob Roach was a bus driver. Jack Kent was bus and subway motorman.
Dennis Penglase [02-01-2006]

Does anyone remember Patty and John Ireland? Patty had a daughter, she was living w/some people on Shedaker street after Patty died. What ever happened to her. Who was her father?
Terry [01-30-2006]

Hi I am writing a brief message in hopes of finding relations. Christopher Sower is a distant relative of mine. My grandmother was a Sower before marrying my grandfather. Shirley Sower. She has done an extensive family tree, but I am kind of stricking out on my own to find other relations. I hope to chat with you, Kara.
Kara Rabe, Colorado, 30 [01-30-2006]

Grumblethorp! 5267 Germantown Ave. Have portrait of Great,Great, G..... Grandmother Cathrine Wister. Wife of Gen. Samuel Miles. He is in The Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D.C. Any contacts, historians, or thoughts??
Miles McCann, 77 - Midwestern - Ohio [01-30-2006]

there needs more info on the Virginia plan because for some reason i don't understand it very well...
billy-bob Jr. [01-30-2006]

Does anyone remember the McGowan family who lived on East Seymour Street? Ed (Chick) McGowan & Mary McGowan/Devine were my grandparents. Buddy (Francis) McGowan was my father.
Francis X. McGowan, 47 born at Germantown Hospital [01-30-2006]

I lived on Clapier st and have 2 brothers
katherine dawes, I went to St Francis of Assisi [01-30-2006]

Looking for any info on a "Haasis" bakery and ice cream parlor on Germantown Avenue, anyone with any info please let me know, a photo would be great!
Carl Haasis [01-30-2006]

still looking for bob and joe who worked at the gas station at belfield and church lane for bill i used to heat your food for you send me a line if you are out there Linda from church lane email address is grandmomg121703@Comcast.net
linda graham, northeast philadelphia [01-30-2006]

Does anyone remember Fern Hills Park, Germantown Cricket Club, Berkley St.,Polaski & Wayne Ave. Drug Store on Wayne and Zarelda. The hand carved Indian in front of the drug Store. The Gallager Family on Berkley. Anyone remember Katherine Gallager. The Hopkins Twins. The Florio Family on Berkley. Lived there from 1925 to 1939. Went to St Francis of Assi on Green & Logan. Moved to West Philly, went to West Catholic. Loved Germantown, it was the best place to grow up. Jean Campbell Burke
Jean Campbell, Born and grew up on West Berkley St in the 1930's [01-30-2006]

I would like to see about getting a copy of a picture of David and of his home...black and white to go inside of an antique room. Thanks
Michelle Rittenhouse-Sherwood, Twentynine Palms, Ca age 38, 7th great grand-daughter of Wilhelm [01-30-2006]

Hi, I have a question for your readers. Although I did not grow up in Germantown, both my parents were from Germantown/Mt. Airy. They left in the late 1950's,but Germantown was always a spoken of as though it was a magical place. I remember how beautiful it all was from early trips to my grandparents. Strangely, after living in other places all my life, I now live in Mt. Airy, just blocks from where my mother and fathers homes were. I spend a lot of time driving through Mt. Airy and Germantown and found a phenomenal house recently on Church Lane. It appears to be an extraordinary formal 18th century house, kind of at the top of the hill. Why has this house not appeared on the standard histories of great houses in Philadephia? It is truly extraordiinary, but very rundown. It does not appear to be inhabited. Can anyone tell me anything about this house? I would be interested in hearing from anyone involved in an effort to revive/preserve the emperiled 18th century buildings of Germantown that seem to be destined for demolition. Pat Moran
pat moran, homing pigeon - interested in information about Church Land [01-30-2006]

You have a very indepth site, that presents itself well about the germantown history.
Earl P White Jr, local [01-30-2006]

Married Nick DiCiacco, of Woodlawn St. moved to New Jersey and had three children, Nickey, and twins, Alicia and Angie. Divorced Nick in 1993 and remarried to Joe B. 1996. Now have six grandchildren. I have such wonderful memories of Germantown, I think I can remember all the stores! Sams, Blocks, Reiders Drug Store,Youngs, Duva's Scalea s Pizza, the best! Good friends, Linda Catalano, good times Germantown Boys Club swimming! Wonderful memories of a special neighborhood!
Kathy Wray(DiCiacco)Benasutti, I lived on E. Bringhurst St., at Germantown Ave. Went to grammar school at St. Vincent;s, graduated 1963, went on to Little Flower, graduated 1967 [01-30-2006]

I am looking for any information regarding the McGowan family who lived on East Seymour Street. My father was Francis (Buddy) McGowan. Dad passed away in 1975. I remember my grandmothers house. It was a three story house..really big. Dad was one of 7 McGowan children. They were all from St.Francis of Assissi parish.
Francis X. McGowan, 47 Philadelphia born and raised [01-24-2006]

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