Historic Germantown, Philadelphia
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I grew up in Germantown, so I find your site to be an interesting one. I would love to hear from others who were raised in Germantown during the 1960s.
Gillian Andersen, Age 49 [12-22-2005]

I grew up on Fernhill Rd and attended St. Michael's between 1960 and 1968. I would enjoy hearing from former classmates and neighbors.
LouAnn (Louise Goffredo) Langdale, Lafayette HIll, PA [12-22-2005]

It was a great place to grow up. Going to Immaculate Conception and hanging out with friends at Chew and Chelten, Sunray, Suzy and Lou's, Connies Steaks, Knabs Bakery(would you like some sugar with that). I moved out in 1981 but I am still there every day because I now own the bar and restaurant supply, (A & E Products)at Sprague & Chelten, so I never really left there. Still see Fr. Rock once and awhile. If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop in, it would great to see old neighbors..
Nick Capozzi, 800 block of Price St. [12-22-2005]

Lived on 4400 Bloack of 19th Street. Went to St. Michael's 56-64 North Catholic 64-68. MOved to Tacony in 68.
Tom Lisowski, CPA in Bucks County. 55 Year Old. [12-22-2005]

Tom Lisowski, CPA in Bucks County. 55 Year Old. [12-22-2005]

I was born in Northeast Philadelphia in 1954. I went horseback riding in the park. I used to drive up and down Limekeln Pike. Are you going to keep adding to the site. I would like to know about the more recent history of the area. what happened to Walter Ross and the area after 1926? Where are the descendants of the area living? Please keep updating the site.
Alice Belschner, 51 Annapolis, Md [12-16-2005]

I spent many Christmases in Germantown and Mt. Airy until I moved to Roslyn and later to the Lehigh Valley. Central Germantown was great at christmas Time. The stores prospered and the decorations were great. It was like a mini Center City with smaller stores. I have many fond memories of northwest Philly and would like to hear of more memories from other residents of Germantown former or current. I wish a happy Christmas and great new year for all citizens of Germantown; especially the friends who made life great there. Dennis Penglase
Dennis Penglase, lLive in Danielsville Pa; close to the Blue Mountain [12-16-2005]

I am looking for information on my great aunt, Margaret Garner and her family that lived in Germantown. She passed away in the 50's. Her husband was Francis and they had four or five children. They were of the Catholic faith. Any information of locating the descendants would be greatly apprecaited. Audrey
Audrey McLaughlin, Bethlehem, PA [12-05-2005]

Recently, I had contact with Peter Brasspenney, but I lost his address and now my email address has changed. If he sees this he should email me, or leave a note for me here.
gillian andersen, I am 49 and live in the South West where I am wife, mother, and teach. [12-05-2005]

i remember mary ann falatico daughter of the resturant owner errichetti funeral home and the dollhouse lite up for the holidays knabs bakery at chew and chelten walton movie theatre carolls ice cream and candy store knight's grocery store on chelten ave sun ray drugs mickey maguire tavern milliner shop run by a german woman la salle dances awbury park reading these notes stirs up all kinds of memories long forgotten germantown had so much to offer so sad to go back and see what it has become i remember families by the lname of sheeran campbell horan mc creight haligan milby lalley
MAE MC ALEER, hatfiled 60s immaculate parish [12-05-2005]

If anyone from Saint Michael's uses this site, please send an e-mail. I would love to hear from old friends.
Theresa Desiderio Rossi, Roxborough [11-23-2005]

Really known as "Margaret Mary" in those days. Went to St. Michael's. Loved to walk up "the Avenue" to shop, swim at the boys club and going to the Lyric. Would love to hear from any cleassmates from St. Michael's
Maggie Desiderio, West Norriton, 48 [11-21-2005]

My understanding from internet research is that Pastorius did not come from Krefeld, as your site implies, but came earlier in 1683 in a boat other than the Concord, and the Krefelders joined him and people with him to found Germantown.
Richard Blaker, Ancestor of Bleycker (Bleickers, etc) -- Krefelder [11-21-2005]

Does anyone know anything about Carney's Dairy Farm? My wife and I are purchasing the property/old farm house and would appreciate knowing more about it.
Michael Barry [11-21-2005]

First time checking out the "your thoughts" section of the site (thanks for telling me about it MB). So much fun and nostalgia reading all the posts! Can remember going to Rosie's on Magnolia street for the tomato pie AND it was always on the "menu" Fridays at school. Memories of going to the Bandbox to see the Marx Brothers movies. To the person with the pic of the pool at the Womens Y, that's where I learned to swim! And let's not forget sledding and feeding the ducks in the park at Rittenhousetown. To the person who mentioned Youngs candies...Best candy around and they still have their original store between 28th and 29th on Girard Ave. Anyone remember Margratans (sp?) on the corner of GTN and Maplewood (loved going there with my Mom to have a treat at the ice cream counter)? And to whoever posted about the fireworks at the Pa School for the Deaf,they were the BEST! Ok,could go on and on,but will leave it at that for now.
Karen, Born,raised and still reside in GTN!,Graduate of Ancilla Domini Academy. [11-08-2005]

Grew up on 5200 Clarkson in the late 60's Early 70's.Germantown Hospital was in my backyard. I remember lots of families with lots of kids. Mostly everyone went to Immaculate Conception.My brother and my cousins would make the long walk up Penn St. to the Germantown Boys Club every Saturday.We would play baseball, soccer basketball, swim,woodshop, and lots of other stuff.My friends were Ray Minnich,Jimmy Rush, Chas and Block, and my brother Jim.We got into a little trouble running through the Germantown Hospital and LaSalle College for kicks.Anybody out there from the old neighborhood?
Rick A., Age 47 [11-08-2005]

Walking the ledge (wall) at Waterview. Walking the tracks to Germantown station
Ed Farrar, Germantown Raised [11-08-2005]

wuld like to meet some one from the old neighborhood
slice zimbardi, iam 70 years old and live in north wales [10-27-2005]

I am looking to move into Germantown on Magnolia St. I would appreciate any thoughts or advise anyone could give me. I feel as though this area is going to boom in a couple years, but any thoughts would be a big help.
Alexandria Gehman, Philadelphia, 24 [10-27-2005]

Rembering Gtn.in the years from 1938 till 1946. New Lyric movie Fliegmans 5&10 cent store Abamonties grocery store on Gtn. Ave &collom st.Who could forget the Germantown boys club? Did some boxing &wrestling there. They had a yearly tournament.I fought joey Hood 2 years in a row 7 got lucky both years &won trophys both years,Also beat Joey Hood at wrestling& another trophy.Dues were 50 cents a year. Bill Cagno was athletic director.Also was a boy scout at the club.Charles Gottsabend was our scout master. Belonged to a club within the club called the Crusaders.We partisapated in all sporyts at the club.I lived at 5134 Sheldon St.,&21 E. Bringhurst St. Down the corner from the firrehouse. My Dad 7Unclewere members of the Balbo bocce clu on Coolm St. Also rembered Scalias Itilian bakery on wakefild St.My Uncle Bill or Vito(same person) owned B7L steak shop on wakefield Sr.next to Billy's shoemakers. Also around the corner from the club was Youngs ice cream parlor. Rember brickyard,wister wooda the cool water from the stream there.Left Germantown in1946,to join the army.Served in Japan for one year,and met and married a girl from Trenton NJ. and have been here for 58years. If anyone rembers any of these things,I would love to here from you.
Bill Leonardo, My age is77 [10-27-2005]

Hi to all our old friends from beautiful Germantown ! It sure was a great place to live and boy do we have terrific memories. Wish we had known about the reunion so we could attend. Do the guys remember the football and softball games at the old Wister playground ? We had our first experience with air conditioning when the New Lyric movie theatre ? Remember the scary saturday matinees ?? So there you have it from the Campbells of 74 E. Clapier Steet ! Bye for now !
The Campbells (Bobby, Billy, David & Eileen), We are all still nearby Philly and Jersey ! [10-27-2005]

Reading all of the thoughts posted by people who lived in Germantown and those who have an interest in the history of Germantown, I think pressure should be applied to restore this once beautiful area. So many people who are interested in the history of Germantown and want to visit, are unaware of the deteriorated condition it is in.
Sheila Milligan DeNardo [10-27-2005]

Born and raised in east Germantown. If you went to Pastorious or Immaculate or recognize my name and, give an e-mail. My old address was 821 E. Stafford st. went to Pastorius 1952-1957 and Immaculate 1958-1960. Sure would like to hear from some old friends.
HARRY A. MILBY, Live in Lake forest calif since 1966 [10-27-2005]

Does anyone happen to know a minnie (Wilhemina) Morgan who was married to Bill (William) Morgan. They lived in Germantown in the 1900s. There son Billy (William) Morgan was born in 1923 and went into the army sometime. The family names included, Helen and Claud Davenport. Minnies parents came from Germany. She was born in PA. PLease email me if anyone has any link!? Thankyou. Pattie
Pattie Morgan, 30 sanford, nc [10-27-2005]

I remember the little place that sold freshly baked soft pretzels on Chelten Avenue about half a block west of Germantown Avenue on the South side of Chelten Avenue. It was a delightful place;especially during the winter. I grew up in East germantown and later West Mt. Ary. I finally spent my last days in Germantown on Stenton Avenue; three houses down from Pletcher Ford
Dennis Penglase, Danielsville, Northampton County [10-27-2005]

I didn't grow in Germantown, but rather was from St. Hugh's Parish and lived on North Phillip Street. My family moved to Jersey when I was 12 years old, so I was too young to go to Wagner's Ballroom in Germantown. However, I've been to many events at which the DJ was Jerry Blavet. At the most recent event, the Fabulous 50's Weekend in Wildwood...Jerry talked about a dance called the "Wagner Walk." I watched as well over a hundred people did this dance together. I'd love for someone to tell me the steps...so I could do it at the next function where 'The Geator' will be playing the great oldies he's so famous for.
Kathy Jeffries, Sewell, NJ, Age 49 [10-17-2005]

Does anyone remember Falotico's restaurant on Chelten Avenue, Brooks Shoes, Young's Ice Cream Parlor on Germantown Avenue, or Tru-Site Optical Company on Chelten Avenue?
Carol Taylor, 330A Delancey Place, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 [10-17-2005]

i live at 133 w hansberry st from 1968 to 1993
ray leyrer, i live in las vegas age 37 [10-17-2005]

Left Germantown in the late 1950's and have always regretted it. Living in Minnesota now, but Germantown will always be home to me. Lived in neighborhood with Christophers, Polaneczky's, Himsworth's, Smiths, Bobers just to name a few.
Pat Melody, Born and raised on Portico Street - went to St Francis of Assisi School [10-17-2005]

There is a group of 50 orso who all lived near Penn & Magnolia sts--- just below where Gtn Hospital was. We are having a reunion 10-29 at the ACE conference center. Join us!
charles herrmann, 68, lived on magnolia st. [10-17-2005]

Iizabella [10-12-2005]

Does anybody know where Anthony Marinelli and or Billy Wagner are these days? They lived on Narragansett St..
Sheila Milligan De Nardo [10-11-2005]

Came across your web site by Accident. I grew up on 1000 Chelten Avenue which is considered East Germantown. My Family lived on CHew Street from the 1890's and were there until the 1980's. I have many fond memories of Germantown. We used to walk to "The Avenue" (Germantown Avenue) and do shopping at Rowells,and Green's Dept Store along with eating at H&H or Lintons.
Bob Mc Creight, Havertown, PA. Age 52 [10-11-2005]

Looking for Joe and Bob O'Donnell that use to work at the gas station at Belfield and Church Lane worked for Bill, we would make you soup when you worked at night or you would buy something from John"s corner store and we would heat it up for you if your out there let me know it would be nice to here from you Linda
linda [10-11-2005]

did gilbert stuart live in bordentown, n.j.?
mae silver, bordentown, n.j. [10-11-2005]

lived on Berkley St. went to St francis and then north catholic. this is a great site and has a lot of ooold names from the neighborhood.
jack brennan, living in palmyra n.j now. 54 yrs old [10-11-2005]

I lived on Wingohocking Terrace at Penn & Magnolia. I went to Logan, Roosevelt and Germantown. I used to go to the Trinity dance. It is so great reading all of these names that some of you have mentioned. I'd love to hear from anybody who might remember me. Sheila
Sheila Milligan De Nardo, Phila. [10-11-2005]

To the Watson family I remember Mrs. Clark's garden very well. Correct me if I'm wrong butI think her next door neighbors were the Sutton family and they had a son David? If your are asking about the Lyric theater the local bar was "The Wister" on the corner of Wister st. and Germanton ave. and I think it was Matty's Bar on the opposite corner at Manheim st.and the avenue. On Shedaker st. there was the ever famous 239 Bar that used to give out apple taffy's every Halloween. Does anyone remember that? We also had Buckley's corner store on Sheldon st. at Shedaker along with Mike's store and Glick's drugstore where you could still buy loose pretzels and chips by the pound. All of this at one intersection, how exciting was that? To Alfred Watson:Jess Hartopp was my father. Please drop me a line, I'd like to hear from you. Carol Hartopp Randall
Carol Hartopp Randall, Burholme/Foxchase [09-30-2005]

Just a correction, to earlier submission my cousins the Stoners lived on Wakefield Street. Uncle Roy was a trolley driver for many years, wife Shiela, son's Dan, Ron and Gary. Remember Mrs. Clarks beautiful garden on Sheldon Street?
Patti Watson Hayes, Age50 [09-29-2005]

the germantown reunion is two weeks away .hoping to see many from neigborhood. the DANGELOS...THE ROSSANOS ...THE TRACEYS THE FALCONES
anthony dellaporta, i grew up on hansberry st. from 1950 too 1959 moved to newhall st. till 1967 [09-29-2005]

was wondering what the local bar was on the street where the movie theatre is located in 1960's
yvonne (cox) hinton, texas 58 yrs old [09-29-2005]

To Carol Hartopp Randall Iremember a Jessie Hartopp,he lived in Lees court on Sheldon St. He was a good friend of my brother Roy Stoner. We lived at 4957 Sheldon St.
Alfred Watson, I lived on Sheldon St. from 1934 to1962 [09-29-2005]

So many great memories, Best friend Cathy Jamison lived on Elwood St. Mikes Store on corner, playground aross the st. Old Dr. Hartung making housecalls, Cousins, The Stoners lived on Sheddiker (sp) The Frascatore's, Christmas time on Germantown Ave. Getting tree and dragging it home, the ride (The Whip) coming around on a large truck, Good Humor man, went to St Francis of Assisi, Sister St.Ignacious? Seeing Dee Dee Sharp in leopard coat. She lived on or around Elwood Street. Love the site Thank you
Patti Watson Hayes, I lived at 4959 Sheldon St. Germantown from 1954-1964 [09-29-2005]

please contact me if you know bobby or his web site,thanks
francesca grimaldi[grosso, 'hung ' out at penn and magnolia, looking for bobby camradella, he has a web site, or any one from those days!late fiftys early sixtys [09-29-2005]

I remember all the floods we used to have how we would all watch and see if the man hole covers would blow off how we all would run out and move our cars before it got up to far.i sure dont miss that now.
Graham's, 300 Block of Church lane [09-29-2005]

I grew up in Germantown. I lived on Seymour Street and as a child my Mom took us to Logan Park. Does anyone remember the story about Willie - the little ghost boy who lived in the Loudon Mansion there. I loved Germantown, everything you wanted was right on Germantown Ave. I went to St. Francis of Assisi. I married Johnny Clark of Wakefield Street in 1965. My best memories of Germantown all involve the historical houses and history, I took a ride back a few times but sadly a lot of what I knew is gone now. It was a great place to grow up,and I have happy memories of my "home"
Ginny McCurdy Clark [09-29-2005]

i came across a photograph of a painting of charlie b. ross and want to know more about the artist or if the picure still exists. who would i contack to find out this information?
LESTER P LARR [09-28-2005]

Nancy Byrne Boyle, I'm from 200 block of Abbottsford......56 yrs.old [09-14-2005]

Went to St. Francis Graduated in 67, remember New Lyric threatre, Russells Dept. Store, Duva's Lang McCann Post and Holy Child Dances
Marirose Smith Camillo [09-14-2005]

jeanne rockland ma gonzaga is no more now it is house of good shepard I am told they took over the property
meme [09-12-2005]

i grew up on greene and rockland streets across from st. francis.anyone out there from the old neighborhood? would love to hear from ya
BILL MCGINTY, former g-towner [09-12-2005]

I am writing a book about my dad, Jimmy McAdoo, wh was the swimming coach at Swarthmore College from 1938-1972. He was born in Germantown in 1909 and I think lived on the 5200 block of Germantown Ave., then on W. Ashmead Street. He was an outstanding swimmer for the Germantown Boys Club in the 1920's and coached at the Germantown Y in the 1930's and 1940's. My grandmother's family, the Butler's immigrated to Germantown in 1870. I am interested in hearing from anyone who may remember the McAdoo and Butler families or have information about Germantown Boys Club and Lower Germantown from 1910-1930.
Jim McAdoo, I lived on the 500 block of E. Bringhurst from 1935-1956 [09-12-2005]

History is or greatest gift that links us to people of the past. Someday I hope to visit Germantown via my own footsteps. Das ist gut!
Micheal Gertje, Friend of the Union [09-12-2005]

Here is a trivia question for all the former Germantown folks. "Where in Germantown was McNabbtown located?" Charlie McGinnis, now living in Warrenton, Va.
Charlie McGinnis, Warrrenton, Va. Age 64 [09-12-2005]

you probley remmber my brother john the mailman, i still am a member of your brother american legion
junior didonato, north wales, 76yrs old [09-12-2005]

I can't think of any other place in Philadelphia that had so much to offer like Germantown did if you were a kid growing up there. My fondest memories from my youth always take me back there.My family lived on Sheldon st.the 4900 block between Wister and Shedaker sts. from 1938-1977.The Mickles family Nines,Donovan,Higgin, Taylor,Markey,Deacon,Collella and Beatty families just to name a few were some of our friends and close neighbors. So many of summer days were spent in Wister playground which was right up the street from my. There was always something to do up there weather it be Arts & Crafts, we made so many of those plaster of paris statues that our parents ran out of places to put them. Let's face it they really weren't that good, playing volleyball or just sitting on the sidelines watching one of the many baseball games out in the field.Taking a walk at night down to Joe & Jenny's store to get a hand dipped ice-cream cone for a quarter or a 15 cent bottle of Triple Cola.There were so many saturday afternoons spent in the New Lyric Theather where you could sit all afternoon and watch as many cartoons as you wanted to and occasionally get yelled at by Mr. Lewis the manager for making to much noise or for throwing popcorn around. Who could forget the Dog-House with their great Hoagies and Steaks. One of my favorite stores on the avenue was Bitner's Bakery and their George Washington cakes.... 3 for $1.00 with strawberry,vanilla or chocolate icing.To this day I've never found a bakery that makes them. Germantown had some of the best stores around. We had Allen's,Pat Paiges,Rowell's and don't forget Robert Halls on Chelten ave.near Wayne.Then we had the Orpheum movie theather.I used to love to sit in the balcony and throw popcorn down on the kids sitting below us. How many people remember sledding down the back hill on Sheldon st. while kids stood on the roofs of the garages and pelted the sledders with snowballs and down in Wister woods on Deadman's hill after a good snow. We all had fun sneaking onto Lasalle's field. Does anyone remember the Bull that lived on the property across the street from Lasalle at Belfield and 20th st. as well as Statue Rock and the free spring water you could in the park. The Boy's Club,The Wissohickon, 23 Trolley,Brickyard,Bert's Ice-cream truck,Queen Bee Beer distributors,239 Bar, Scalia's hot pizza and rolls right from the oven and the Lang-McCann Post drum and bugle corps as well as Yearsley post on Chelten ave. There are so many great memories from a long time ago,unfortunately there best left back there and in your heart. I've been back to the old neighborhood a couple of times and it's so different now. I don't think that I'll be going back anymore. It's best to remember it as it was and not what it has become.
Carol Hartopp Randall, Burholme [09-12-2005]

doing research on the shedaker family of germantown any help would be appreciated. thanks
thomas scott shedaker, howell,nj [09-12-2005]

doing research on the shedaker name, please help if you can. were they german quakers?
thomas scott shedaker, would like info on the shedaker's of past germantown [09-01-2005]

there is a gertrude v thompson in germantown ohio 82 yrs go to google white pages ohio this is for kevin
M Smith elliott, north carolina [09-01-2005]

i too remember wagners, gellardts, and L&m dances - - sunday's were the best when afternoons were spent at wagners ballroom with the geator...i do also remember seeing sgt.pepper's band (an underground) movie made by the beatles' at the band box on armat street....i also did silly things athe new lyric movie house on gtn ave; there was an old guy named, i believe, mr.lewis who has a terrible lisp and would yell at all us kids because we would bring " fire flys into the theater in jars and release the as soon as the light went down...great times to remember...i too went to horn and hardart's with my aubts for lunch after they would take me shopping for the requisite "new winter coat" every fall...another good memory...lived in lower gtown, up the street from lang-mcann post.
mary lou malagieri, lansdale, pa. age nearing 60 [08-30-2005]

Would love to hear from anyone from the Belfield Rec. area. Beechwood, Furley, Conlyn, Grange, Nedro, Woodstock etc. We lived there from 1944 to 1960. Great times and played way too much basketball after school and my grades showed it.
Charlie Peterson, Immaculate Conception 54' 5700 Beechwood St [08-30-2005]

Wonderful Web site! You are one-stop historic shopping.We used it to plan a day in Germantown. Thank you.
Bronwyn, Maryland, interested in history and architecture [08-30-2005]

In your listings of people of Germantown you left out the founder one of my ancesters-Henry Frey. He is the German that came here and the Idians gave him all of the land that is now called Germantown,Roxberha,Mt Airy and Chestnut hill.When William Penn came over he honered the land grant of Henry Frey.
judi, born in Germantown 1941 10th or more generations [08-30-2005]

I am curious about my East Germantown friends I grew up with. We had many good times and it would be nice to hear from them. They incude Mike Horn, Jeanne Buonopane, Jeanne Burden, Mary Cory and others. Dennis Penglase.
Dennis Penglase, Danielsville Northampton County [08-30-2005]

Was at a party for Jessie Hartopp who lives with my oldest in LA. We sat with her family and started to remember all the good times from growing up there. Boy's Club, Wister Woods, Chick's store on Gtown Ave. Who else can remember the good times!
Jerry Murphy, 4900 Wakefield, born 1952 left Gtown 1975 [08-30-2005]

of all the goodtimes in germantown and all the good friends there.
jean adamoli, ashmead st. 67years old [08-21-2005]

graduated from St. Vincent's in 1958. lived at 318 E. Price St.& also on Utah St.Graduated from Little Flower High Anyone out there remember me? Would love to hear from you. I live in Warminster now.Anyone know my husband Charlie? He was from Cowtown area and later Waterview area. What a great place to grow up. Everything was just a trolley ride away. All my best memories are from there. Dolly De Francesco, Joey Ambrose,Frankie Sherwood, Mildred O'Brien where are you?
Pat (McAllister)DePaolo, lived in Gtn 1944 till 1969-sisters, Bonnie and Joyce all still alive and kicking [08-19-2005]

dominic Sarnesejr [08-19-2005]

I lived on Mc mahon ave 5600 block-i always remember--Joe Cardona--Lee Adornetto-Tommmy Lennon-Joey Depompayo-Kirk Mogee-Ralph Desomone- Jimmy Klein.These were my Friend also gregg Streno. Crosen st old and new.Holy rosary class of 1958. Familys Quaresima's Diferdindo's Mcanns-Burns Wallhours It was a great time--The walton movies. You paid 20 cents and stayed from 12noon till 6pm.What a great time to have lived.
Dominic Sarnese Jr, Hatboro Pa 61 [08-17-2005]

I remember good old Germantown. I loved growing up there. Jeannie Quartucci, Salvatore Maida,Loretta Gardi, Palma Diorio,and the Gallaghers. I still go to the shrine-Miraculous Medal. I try to go once a month. I worked at lukens-Tommy & Mary DeLuca.& Phylis . The Sonjermonos.Billy the butcher.
Anthony DiFerdinando Jr, I'm 59, and live in Levittown., Pa. [08-16-2005]

I lived on Shedaker street and spent a lot of time at wister playground, wister woods the cemetery at Logan and Germantown av. I remember the Lyric movies and the doghouse. I attended St Michaels of the Saints school on Germantown av. which was up the street from St. Francis school at Green street. I remember playing ball at the field on Belfield av across from Logan school and Dunn’s store across the street. I remember sneaking into La Salle to watch the games. In wister woods there were the tennis courts behind Rubercum street. I know I spelled that one wrong. All the beer parties at the tennis courts. We also played football and baseball there as kids. Remember the old spooky houses, one at Bayton and Wister and the other at the back of the lot that was across the street from the 239 bar on shedaker street. And remember playing in that lot on the large heavy equipment that was in the lot for years. In the teen years I played ball for D & D grocery and spent a lot of time at the Lang McCann VFW at the end of Shedaker street. I played soccer at the gtown boys club. Anyone remember some of these great times, it would be nice to chat about the old neighborhood.
Michael Guirate, Born and raised in Germantown from 1959 until 1990 [08-16-2005]

I plan to visit the area around Sept. 9th or 10th 2005. My 1st trip to that area and any additional information would be helpful. I'd like to find a Bed & Breakfast in the area. My wife and I (age 60) are interested in American history. I've built a website dedicated to the oldest patriotic fraternity in the US, which was founded in the Concord School House (www.jrouam.org) and I want to make sure the facts are accurate.
James Wolfe, National Vice Councilor Jr Order UAM [08-16-2005]

anthony dellaPorta, I lived on hansberry st. then moved to 5100 newhall st. [08-16-2005]

I am looking for help..I have lost family members who lived in Germantown in the 1900's. My dad William (Bill) kling, Morgan had parents named Wilhemina and William,s Morgan. My dad had an aunt named Helen who was married to a claud Davenport (sons named Charles Davenport who was born in the early 1900's) My dad moved to NYC in 1970 after he got out of the service. I am lost on where to turn..I just pray someone has any information. Thankyou for your time..Pattie Morgan
pattie morgan, Sanford, NC mom 0f 2. looking ofr family in germantown [08-16-2005]

Was touched to see John Wilkinson mentioned as one of Germantown's fond memories. John passed away in 2002, but did touch a lot of lives. peace.
LM Halligan [08-16-2005]

The germantown@yahoogroups.com discussion group was mentioned here. Regarding that group, there are some very interesting discussions there on Germantown. But know that discussions of a sexual, moral, political and religious nature are fair game there as well. If you join that discussion group thinking it is just a discussion on "Germantown", just know that discussions there go beyond just Germantown.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown 48yo [08-10-2005]

For discussions about Germantown, go to germantown@yahoogroups.com
Eugene G Stackhouse, Germantown, age 66 [08-10-2005]

Looking for any who attened St Michaels of the Saints school on Germantown av. I attened from mid 60's thru the 70's. Would love to get a reunion together.
Michael Guirate, I live in the Chalfont Lansdale area and I am 46 years old [08-10-2005]

To my sister, Peggy James Servay, who submitted some thoughts on Germantown a few weeks back......You lived on the 5000 block of Keyser, there was no 5200 block. (I just had to do this to her! St. Francis and Little Flower still deny she went there). As far as our old street, I wish my kids lived on a street that had as much closeness and love from all the other kids and adults as we did. It was a great place to grow up. On the down side (as a kid), I'd walk into the house and my mother would already know what I did blocks away because of the parent-network that was in place. It was faster than the internet. Especially when there were so many aunts and uncles who lived in the neighborhood. Even the ones who weren't REALLY relatives, but were Aunt so-and-so, or Uncle so-and-so, anyway. I think we all had that extended family in those days. Thank you and God bless you to Aunt Dot, Aunt Katie, Little Mary, and all my mom's other informers.
Bill James, The Head, 56, hung at the Hollow [08-09-2005]

Hey all! I was born and raised in Germantown....41 years old now. I see someone is looking for my brother..Mike Guirate! I recognized some names on here. I was raised on Shedaker Street between Sheldon & Rubicam. Wister Woods was just down the street. Good ole' Wister Woods! Who remembers that? The tennis courts....sledding down deadman's hill.....the train stop. My mother's family all grew up in Germantown also....the JAKEMAN'S. I'm sure that name rings a bell also with some. Looking forward to hearing back!
Norma Guirate, shedaker street [08-09-2005]

To Margaret(Peggy) Brett Wittekind, Yes, I remember the Brett Family of Boyer Street. I lived at 5615 Boyer St., Immaculate from 45 to 54 and North Catholic from 54-58. I remember a Maureen (Mo) Brett who was around my age possibly your younger sister. Also a Brett family with 3 children Peggy, Jimmy & Patty lived behind us on Nelson St and they later moved to Locust Street.
Joe McDermott, Immaculate Conception "54" [08-09-2005]

very interesting story on charley ross also very sad I have a very old bottle with charley ross on it I heard his father had them made up thank's
patrick cantwell, 47 yr. old male from mass [08-09-2005]

It's great to run across a site with so many fond memories of Germantown. I am the youngest of 7 children (The Janifer's-Baynton/Haines St. We all attended St.Vincents, Germantown during the 70 & 80's) I helped lead St.Vincents to Basketball Finals during 84, Graduated College-Ship Univ of PA, all siblings alive, doing well -- St.Vincents was one of the first schools to encourage racial harmony and respect for elders, something I'll never forget
j janifer, 39 ( living now in Atlanta) [08-04-2005]

Mary Anne's at the corner of Chew & Chelton was the BEST bakery in all of Philadelphia. I walked past it everyday going to school and every Sunday my mother would buy the greastest Cinnamon buns ever made after she returned from 7:00 mass. Across the street was Ryan's Beer Distributor and on the other corner, Gallo's Steak Shop. Anyone who lived on Boyer Street will remember John DeAlfonso also know as "John the Barber". What a great mix of Italian & Irish cultures in that neighborhood. Most of us kids were the children of Italian & Irish immigrants who taught us respect, good manners and a love of this country.
Joe McDermott, Immaculate Conception "54" [08-04-2005]

What great reading. Discovered this site by accident. Loved the ones about Horn and Hardart resturant because when I came home on leave from the service I was dating a girl who's family was out of my class.....she was from Roxborough....LOL. While we were eating in a nice resturant, she informed me her Aunt told her to tell me that " Horn and Hardart's" closes early. In other words...Horn & Hardart's was probably all I would ever be able to afford. She was wrong...LOL, and I wonder where she is now?
Joe McDermott, Immaculate Conception "54" [08-04-2005]

What history there is in Germantown! And what a fine person Pastorius was to bring his many religious friends to Penn's "experiment" which fostered the best in America's history. Your website reveals wondrous truths of which we may well be proud, for a dear friend, Marguerite Gillette Haldeman is related to Rittenhouse, the inventor and President of the Philosphical Society and friend of Benjamin Franklin.
Geraldine Rasmussen, My maternal grgr grandmother's father Georg Rexrode, was the grandson of Zacharias Rexroth/Rexroad bron in Erbach, Germany who came to the USA in 1749. [08-04-2005]

Seeking information about he Blue Book Store at 5314 Germantown Avenue. This store was owned and run by Marianna Sloan, sister of artist John Sloan, in the 1930's, 40's and 50's. Does anyone remember the book store or Marianna?
Kris Betts, Biographer of Marianna Sloan [08-03-2005]

i would like to find my father. his mother is gertrude v thompson she live at 6sunset germantown,ohio. if someone can help me find them. please thank you kevin lamar thompson jr.xoxo
kevin lamar thompson jr, im 16 and live tucson az #520-603-1358 [08-03-2005]

I recently went to an antique store down at the Jersey Shore where I bought a extremely over-priced framed photograph taken sometime around 1915. Its just a simple picture of a group of women standing around an indoor pool. For some odd reason, I had to buy it. Later I found out the photograph was taken at the Germantown Women's Y. The fact sparked my interest even more. I found out a little bit about the Germantown YWCA and about that pool (it is the third oldest indoor pool in the nation), but mostly just the location. I decided I was going to check things out. So I went to the Y on Germantown Ave only to find that it had been closed for good. I poked around the grounds and managed to get a view of the pool through a window. It was still exactly the same as in the photo. I am very curious and would appriciate any information anyone could give me.
Laura Romano, East Falls, 20, college student [08-03-2005]

Does anyone remember the Brett family who lived on Boyer Street. There were 7 children and we are all alive and well. Germantown was a great place for us in our young lives.
Margaret(Peggy) Brett Wittekind, Immaculate in 48;little flower in 51 [08-03-2005]

Hello! For all of you looking to possibly get together with other people born and raised in Germantown, please go to germantownreunion.com and check out this website. There is a reunion scheduled for Oct. 16. Get all the details on this website.
Bill Cupo, Chalfont, Pa. [08-03-2005]

For anyone interested, here are a couple links to sites about Philly trolley lines, including the Rte 52, which ran along Chelten Avenue until 1956. The Rte 53 (Wayne Ave), Rte 23 (Germantown Ave) and Rte 6 (Ogontz Ave) are covered here as well. phillytrolley.org/payenter.html, phillytrolley.org/ptc-map.html, davesrailpix.com/phila/htm/phil007.htm
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown - 48yo [07-26-2005]

Does anyone remember the Douglas family? They lived at 6116 McCallum St. during the early - mid 1900s. It was a brother (Walter), and two sisters (Agnes and Gertrude). I would be interested in hearing from anyone who knew them, or knew of them.
Gillian Andersen, NM, age 49 [07-26-2005]

It has been fun to read about memories that people have of Germantown. I wonder if anyone remembers the Italian restaurant on Chelten Ave. (Felotico's)? I spend many afternoons there with my wheelchair-bound brother. Although we couldn't get his wheelchair through the front door, Frank Felotico always let us come in through the kitchen (this would probably be a health violation today). The last time I ate in there was March of 1969 on the day of my sister's funeral. Somehow, it was comforting to be some place where we knew people on a day that hurt so much. If you have any memories of Felotico's, I would love to hear them. Also, does anyone remember Frank's Pizza on Germantown Ave. near Walnut Lane? Is it still open? Finally, I am wondering if anyone remembers the Bertholfs and the Peters families? I remember that they both had a lot of children.
Gillian Andersen, Living in New Mexico, 49, university professor [07-26-2005]

do you remember..... eddies lunchenette, camillo beer distributer, lou's pizza, blackie the barber,taylor's appliances, clare's variety store,the american store at belfield and walnut ln,etc
tony giudice, lived at belfield and tulpoehocken [07-26-2005]

I agree, trolleys back on Germantown Avenue would be great. Maybe once they get them up and running again on Girard Avenue (which is happening right now), the Rte 23 line will be next. SEPTA is nortoriously slow-moving and there are always funding issues. Still it would be good for Germantown. Gone forever are trolleys on Wayne Avenue and Ogontz Avenue. Anybody remember trolleys running on Chelten Avenue?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East. Germantown - 48yo [07-26-2005]

Vinnie Beatty, Germantown Reunion, check out our web site www.germantownreunion.com if you are interested please email me for more info. [07-25-2005]

How about getting on SEPTA to get the trolleys back on Germantown Ave. Think of the advantage of visitors riding up from center city on the world's longest street running trolley line. The trolleys were suppose to be back in service in 1997, it is 2005 and the tracks remain rusty. SEPTA needs a push.
Dan Schuster [07-19-2005]

this is for wendy wells I believe the theatre your are looking for was the colonial
a fleming, warminster [07-10-2005]

I got a call the other day from the Museum of the Living Image in NYC. They have a number of programs from the Germantown Theater at Schoolhouse Lane and Germantown Ave. They thought maybe it was there from about 1910 to 1950. So far, I've only found people who remember the Bandbox, the Orpheum, the Lyric and the Vernon, but those locations aren't right. Can anyone shed light on this?
Wendy Wells, Germantown Friends Meeting [07-07-2005]

Help.. I'm looking for info on my grandfather. His name was Leonard Prodorutti he was an Italian baker and had a bakery on Roberts Ave.
Judy DeCicco, Looking for info on my grandfather- prodorutti [07-04-2005]

to Susan of Perkasie, PA (left msg on site 04/05)Susan, you asked if there really was a home for unwed mothers in Germantown. There really was. I grew up at McCallum St at Johnson St. As a child in the 1950's, I would sit in my window on the second floor and watch very pregnant women in groups of two, three and four walk past our house. I finally got old enough to be told what it was about. I was told about out-of-wedlock birth and that there was a home for pregnant women in the neighborhood. I never was told the exact location. I hope this is helpful.
tavish halsey [06-30-2005]

I am looking for descendents of Charles S. Bringhurst of Germantown. He lived in the mid-1800's. He fought in the Civil War and was in action at Ft. Sumter, SC, when the war began. Please contact me. I have some items possibly of interest.
tavish halsey, I was born and grew up in Germantown. [06-30-2005]

I remember another movie on germantown ave. i haven't seen on any of your thought's. The Vernon movie across the street from Cherry's Dept. store and the Horn and Hardart caferteria,which I loved to go to with my aunt and mother and sometimes with my father and mother on sunday's. The other Horn and Hardart's was one door down from Gtn and chelten and that was a lunch counter and table restaurant. They were the day's. My Grandfather was a motorman on the 52 trolly and my father was a mechanic at the 10th and Luzerne car barn. My brother Joe was a motorman on the 23 trolly. Great memories.
Reenie Corey Bear, lived on Cornelius St 6700 block [06-28-2005]

Maureen Corey Bear, lived on Cornelius St at w [06-28-2005]

Remember how the old tallies would go to south Philly to buy pigs, goats, lambs and other animals? This was a big thing for my father, grandfather and cousins to do in the 40's, 50's and 60's. In those days you either went to the butcher or you went to south Philly to buy an animal. My grandfather (Tony Fanelli) and his cousin Dynamite Mike Fanelli, (because he worked as a blaster at Edgehill quarry), would kill all the pigs in Edgehill every January. This is how they made sausage and fed their families during the winter months. One time, when they where on their way back from South Philly with their pig in the back of the pick-up, it got loose in the area of Wayne and Chelten avenues. They were able to capture it with a tow truck then my grandfather slaughtered it right there. Could you imagine if someone did that today? They would end up in jail for animal cruelty or some similar charge. When they butchered the pig, my grandmother would render the lard and use the tiny pieces of pork (Cracklings). She mixed them in the doe for white pizza with olive oil, garlic and black pepper. They also made soap, blood pudding, sausage, and pickled pigs feet. So when you drive by Wayne and Chelten avenues, picture two Italians guys from the 50's with an empty pick up truck chasing around a 300 lb. pig. This is a true story.
Michael P. Fanelli [06-28-2005]

How about all the great dances in the neighorbood on the weekends. You could go to a dance all 3 days if you wanted to. Immaculate, St Bennies, Lasalle, St tims, Wagners, Gellarts/L&M, K of C, ST Johns, McDevitt Dougherty. How can you forget being at Gellatrs when they played the Bristol Stomp and the whole building would jump. There were a lot of good dancers from Germantown then. How about all the guests that would appear, The Geator, Hy Litt, Joe Niagra, Wolfman Jack, Roland. Anyone else remember?
Bernadette Iannuzzi Rizzo, 59 [06-28-2005]

Dear Sirs, Have 32in. by 90in. illustrated scroll of Chrstoher Sower fammily tree, history, and bibliography covering the years 1693 through 1885. Document has inscription saying "Copy to Irwin Sower, grandson of Brook Watson, 1957." Found document in attic of house in East Texas. Need to sell and would like to know if you have interest or know of anyone who does. Thank you, C. Beach
casey beach [06-28-2005]

To Dennis Pengalese, regarding your reply " There was also a movie further East of anderson street. It had no Marquis and I don't remember going there. I would appreciate any information concerning this small neighborhood theater." That would have been the Allen Theater at 1209 E. Chelten Avenue. It was before my time. The building was converted over into Bolands Clothing store, which I do remember. Not sure what is there now. Curious if anyone else here was ever in the Allen Theater and what it was like.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown - 48yo [06-28-2005]

Does anyone remember the dances at Happy Hollow Playground also the military barracks in Fernhill park.Also the Wayne Junction Diner where our family always ended up for dinner after a Sunday ride.
Peggy James Servay, Lived on the 5200 block of Keyser Street age59 [06-20-2005]

I lived at 6036 Wister,second house from Devon St.My mom and aunt used to work at the mill there.We used to go to the Bocci club for family things like Easter.I went to Imac.School until third grade.I loved that school,at first!Fist grade sister was young and so nice,second grade sister was elderly and short and heavy,but very nice!Then she became ill and was replaced by a nasty sister who was mean as all get out.I was born in Geermantown hospital Jan.1,1946.I wasn't the first born in the city however,but I think I was the first in that hospital at 2:35 AM.So,yes,that makes me one of the very first boomer babies!My family lived in that house until I was 7,bit all toll,the family lived there for 14 years.Would like to hear from any of you who went to school or lived around Wister St.Also,any of you who remember my brothers John(jack) Brassell and Frannie(francis,Frank or "Ra ssell-dassell-brassell".Also older sister Florence.Jack and Frannie both belonged the the "Belfield Assciation" or so Jack said it was called.They were a bunce of guys who all hung out together and They had a football team or teams.This guys stayed together all these years!Stayed good friends and some of them became in-laws!Any body know about the Kennedy's,lived across Wister,Aunt Blanch and Whitie(lived next door to us on the end house.Nick,the tailor, Moores bar,At Wister and Church Lane.We lived between Church Ln and Devon.Later we moved two blocks up the Wister over top of a beer store.There was a hobbie shop my brother Jack took me to every Friday after work!.It was a few doors up from Nick's tailor shop.I'd be waiting for him to get off the bus so we could go to the hobbie shop for 20 coloring books and 10pounds of crayons(as Jack would say)He told my mom that i must smell Fridays,because that was the only day I'd be waiting for him!Ofcourse i could smell Friday's,fish was cooking!Maybe some of you would rember my parents Harry and Florence Brassell.My dad was a butcher.My dad's uncle "Doc" Brassell lived with us,too.He was my g-pop's brother and He was like a g-pop to me.I am living at the shore now for 22 years.Near Wildwood.My husband passed away two years ago the 4th of June.I have a daughter and son.My husband was a Phila firefighter until he was disabled with a heart attack at age 34.We.moved to Levittown in 1954 and moved back about a year later.I was supposed to go to Immac.Conception school in Levettown but it was full and I went to public.When we moved back to phila.we lived on 5th.St right across from Fishers Park.I went to St Helena's since it was just across a little st from me.After that west oak lane on Limekiln pike and then from age 11 to 21 We lived in East Falls.I never went back to catholic school after we moved away from St.Helenas.I can remember almost everything from my time in Germantown!Not long ago,my husband had to see a special doctor at Germantown Hospital and i asked him to take me past my old house.He stop but not for long and I could see everthing in my mind!Anyone remember the Gates familyMy brother Jack worked with Authsie and his brother out at Pierce-phelps dis.Well,I guees I better get done writing this book!Please write!
Kathy Brassell McCann [06-20-2005]

My favorite Germantown area theater was the Renel,in West Oak Lane. It was a great kids movie that entertained us all day running continues movies until late afternoon. One of our great pleasures was annoying the manager until he lost it and threatened to have us all arrested. He did show great movies; and for that we appreciated him and the good old Renel. The Band Box on Armat Street was more artistic and showed great, if not well known movies. The Chelten was in East Germantown, and evenually become a church. Some of their movies was very good if not great art. There was also a movie further East of anderson street. It had no Marquis and I don't remember going there. I would appreciate any information concerning this small neighborhood theater.
Dennis Penglase, Danielsville Pa; Becky's Drive-in is the only movie here. [06-20-2005]

Does anyone know the location of Luken's Mill, on the Wingohocking Creek, which at one time flowed through East Germantown? The Mill was a pivotal point in the Battle of Germantown, but I can't seem to pin point its location. Awbury Park has the only remaining streamlet that was once the Wingohocking Creek, otherwise it disappeared in the Philadephia sewer system in the last century. Thank you.
Robert Wilkinson, History Buff/ 58 years old/GHS Graduate [06-20-2005]

I have been to all of the theaters listed growing uip in Germantown. We could go the movies for .15 cents and spend the whole afternoon, what a grreat time. There is on theater that wasn't listed and that was the Colonial on Germantown Ave and Ashmead. It was right next to the Dairy Maid ice cream and candy store which was on the corner. They had the greatest banana splits around. I remember going to the colonial to see "When Worlds Collide" back in '55. The Band Box theater was on Armat st. and yes it was a small theater. It was right next door to Aschers candie factory. The Rialto wasn't on the corner of Germantown and Tulpehocken, it was a block or so south on Germantown Ave, I can't recall the street now, but went there often growning up. What memories to see the names of all these theaters. Good old Germantown !
charlie McGinnis, Warrenton, Va Age 64 [06-20-2005]

Germantown had several theaters back in the day. The only one I was ever in was the Orpheum Theater on Chelten Avem just above Germantown Avenue. That was a real gem. It was originally built as a vaudeville house and had a deep stage, an orchestra pit, a balcony, an upstairs lobby with windows that overlooked Chelten Ave and numerous dressing rooms behind the stage. It was very opulent in its day. Does anybody have memories of the following theatres: the Bandbox (I hear this was another neat, but small theater on Armat St just below Germantown Ave), the Rialto/Tulpehocken (on Germantown Ave in Mt Airy), the New Lyric (on Germantown Ave in lover Germantown), the Walton (it was XXX in my day so I couldn't go there, at Chew & Chelten), The Chelten (Chelten & Anderson St), the Allen (1100 block of Chelten), the Hill (Germantown Ave in Chestnut Hill) and the Ogontz (on Ogontz Ave in West Oak Lane). Would be interested in learning more about Germantown's (ans its surrounding areas') theaters.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Getmantown 49yo [06-17-2005]

I agree with Dennis Penglasse, the firework display at the Pennsylvanis School for the Deaf was a good one. My Dad used to take us there. Now, whenever I drive by those grounds (it is no longer a school for the deaf), it still brings back memories of the fireworks that took place there long ago. I never saw the fireworks at Temple Stadium, but heard that was a good one as well. Temple Stadium is long gone and a church is being built on the grounds now.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown - 48yo - 934 Price St [06-17-2005]

Played and took dance lesson's and Gyn classes at Germantown recreation play ground. Miss Foster was our dance teacher. Do you remember !
Maureen C. Bear, lived in West Oak Lane but went to Gtn. playgound. [06-17-2005]

grandson of john s.trower and son of walter s.trower.want to know more about my family.please send me information if you have it.
joseph r.trower, 13220 s. 48th st. #2043 Phoenix, Az 85044 age 64 [06-13-2005]

Would love to hear from Vinnie Beatty about the Germantown Reunion. Had trouble sending you a message directly. Maryann McIntyre O'Brien
Maryann McIntrye O'Brien, Attended St. Francis of Assisi and Little Flower HS [06-13-2005]

im looking for my father his, mother live at 6 sunset germantown ohio . butt his mother want or will not help me find him,kevin lamar thompson .his mother is gertude v thompson
kevin lamar thompson jr, tucson az my is 16 [06-13-2005]

Temple Stadium Fireworks were better and longer
anonymous [06-13-2005]

Soon it will be summer with the heat and humidity that are vital parts of the season in Philly. my favorite memory is of attending the Fourth of july fireworks at PSD;The Pennsylvania School For the Deaf. The displays were beautiful and it was great waking down germantown Avenue after the fireworks were over . The crowd was huge and festive and the display was wondrous. It would be great to hear of other summer memories of Germantown.
Dennis Penglase, Danielsville Pa [06-09-2005]

Looking for Bobo Nines, Marty Mcgowan, Jimmy Taylor, Michael Higgens, Eddie Weston, Tommy Colella, Harry Hardtop and many others. Get back to me, we are having a reunion
Vinnie, Shedaker Street [06-08-2005]

this is for jodina errichetti. i believe the other owner was named shubbi.my friends cousin leonard anglione,learned the business from your dad.he has aplace in roslyn. no news of any waterview reunion.pete cozzi,still plays in a band.hope this info was of some help. ann f.
anonymous [06-08-2005]

My Great-Great-Grandparents, Pietro and Vittoria (Coralluzzo) Stellaccio came to settle in Germantown around Bayton and Rittenhouse Sts. in between 1890 and 1900. They came from Montecorvino Rovella (SA), Italy. There were also a fair share of Pietro and Vittoria's siblings and cousins who also came to America around that same time and settled in or near Germantown. There are several variations of the Spelling for Stellaccio (Stelacio, Stellacio, Stellacci) and Coralluzzo (Coraluzzo, Coraluzzi) and other names connected to my family are DiFrancesco, D'Arminio and Ciancetta. My father was from Brickyard and my mother from Mt. Airy, I too was born in Germantown and we lived at 33 W. Logan St. across from St. Francis of Assisi. It was a duplex owned by the Murphy's who lived there also. I was too young to remember my family moving to Mt. Airy, However in my teenage years I hung around all over Germantown as I knew many people and had friends there, Touni, Guirate, Mott, Deke, Ikey France, Tony Furio, John Nizio, Rick Chiodo, Yock, Block, Ray Boykin, Dago, and Mousie to name a few, lol. Around the mid 1980's I lived at Germantown Ave and Seymore Sts. and worked for my friend Rick at Pizzeria Italiano next to Vassallo's Construction (the old Italian club) at Germantown Ave. And Logan Sts. A few of my old watering holes were the Italian Club on Wayne Ave., The post at Sheddaker and Wakefield Sts. and the post on Chelten Ave. and the Mt. Airy Tavern at Germantown And Mt. Airy Aves. around the corner from my house. There was always a good time to be found and a good time adds up to a good memory to which I have many.
John, N.E. Philly [06-08-2005]

I am in the middle of research for my next book and one of the central figures is Amos Wakelin. A Germantown and Philadelphia resident and business man who owned a famous plantation here in Florida. I am very interested in you have any information on him. He had a home on Clarkson. He was partners in the Marston-Wakelin Insuranse Agency. My gratitude for your quick response.
Bob Grenier, author [06-03-2005]

i am trying to trace my uncle his name was thomas burns and he married a woman called olga,my mum went to visit them in 1948 and i seem to remember her telling me that they lived in germantown,ialso had an aunt called susan burns who married abill smith he was a policeman.if anyone has any info i would be most grateful,please email me SueCraven@hotmail.com.thank you
sue craven, i live on the isle of wight england [06-03-2005]

I was looking for Immaculate Conception's site and stumbled on to this great site. Who remembers my Dad, Victor Errichetti, and the Halloween and Christmas parties that he had out in our back yard by my dollhouse? I would love to attend a Waterview reunion if there is one. I am looking for Weegee Palladino, he is about 67 yrs old. Does anyone know what happened to him. Does anyone know who owned the funeral home that I grew up in before my Dad bought it in 1946. (On the corner of Chew and Price)
JoDina Errichetti, Scottsdale, Az. & Seaside Park, NJ 65 yrs old [06-03-2005]

Just got back from a visit in Philly.Leaving Germantown was like the pain of leaving home so long ago.Once you visit,it's hard to leave again. Hi to all G-towners
pat mcmenamin [06-03-2005]

There's a book called Portrait of Italians in America. Germantown was one of those places that received many immigrants from Southern Italy. The trip across the Atlantic took about 18 days and many of them like my grandfather, had to work while aboard the ship. They came to America with dreams and worked very hard to make this country what it is today. They were stone masons, tailors, shoe makers, barbers, laborers, city workers etc. Many of their children went to War and fought to keep America free. Some of them ended up in internment camps during WW2. They had gardens, made bread and did whatever they had to for survival. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for their sacrifices. When you think about it, their lives were harder, yet they were better off than we are in many respects.
Michael P. Fanelli, Willow Grove [05-26-2005]

if you know me e mail me
stephen donohoe, former resident of germantown [05-26-2005]

My great grandfather is buried in Hood Cemetery (Lower Burial Ground.) My parents had homes in Gtn. until 1997. For my lifetime the cemetery has been locked. Is there a way to visit, as I would like to see my great-grandfathers grave. I think the name would be Schindeldecker or Butscher.
Arlene Mc Mahon, Lived in Gtn. for 25 yrs near Hood Cemetery now live in Alburtis Pa (Lower Macungie) [05-26-2005]

Does anyone remember a guy in Bermuda shorts walking a Turkey on a leash down Chelten avenue? no kidding
anonymous [05-26-2005]

We are having a reunion for friends who attended The Germantown Boys Club between the years 1950 and 1965 or who went to St Francis of Assisi, St Michaels or Fitler school or who hung around Wister or Happy Hollow playgrounds. If you are interest3ed let me know and I will give you more info. Vinnie
Vinnie Beatty, Age 59 raised on Shedaker Street [05-25-2005]

I had an aunt and uncle who were deaf and lived on Locust avenue about three houses from the corner drug store and across from Crowson street. They were Molly and Nathan Marks now both deceased.
anonymous [05-14-2005]

went to germantown,still friends with betty garret,maryln calloway, elaine helson, joan stellini, pete cozzi see his band play at the vfw.in warmunster
anna (artillio) fleming, warminster [05-13-2005]

Regarding the Tomatoe pie message, I found a place in Feasterville that beats them all hands down and is less expensive. It is called Don Giovanni's located at 346 W.. Street rd. They also make and sell Italian pastry. I have tasted every tomatoe pie from all over and this is the closest I've had to my grandmother's...the best!
anonymous, anonymous [05-13-2005]

I've been noticing that the messages here fall into two categories. The first group is from people who grew up in Germantown in the 1950-70's who seem genuinely nostalgic about good old Germantown and want to revisit with old friends and talk about all the cool dances, gangs, and delis. The other group is interested in history for the sake of history or they are trying to find out if their ancestors were bigshots back in the 1830's. I suspect the site was really set up for the latter, but I'm genuinely pleased that the people who hung out on the real street corners of Germantown have take over. Bravo! I'm one of the former. Perhaps we need two different web sites so that both groups can be served better. But since I'm not about to put out that kind of effort, I'll just have to live with what we have- which ain't too bad. Jerry Murphy Cowtown Rules! Let's get up a softball game at Bluebell, drink a keg of beer, and talk about the old days!
Jerry Murphy, retired English teacher, 60 [05-13-2005]

I am interested in John S. Trower, born in Virginia and lived in Germantown as a caterer.
Frances B. Latimer [05-11-2005]

BARRY E. BROWN [05-11-2005]

Enjoyed this site. Would love to see larger map of area. Also, I was wondering if this Germantown had any connections to Germantown renamed to Long Valley, N.J. and Leanhart Nachbar? Any help or info appreciated.
D Forman, Swan/Neighbour/Wise genealogy [05-11-2005]

You can get Scaleas tomtoe pie at Gaeta's 215.745.2262 they took over the business
anonymous [05-11-2005]

I think such a historical area should be much better taken care of,how sad
anonymous [05-11-2005]

I use to save my pennies for a piece of Scalea's Tomato Pie (Pizza). It was crusty, had good seasoning/saucey and was served in squares. I always opted for the corners. Excuse me while I go to Cashan's Grocery Store on High and Magnolia and get a piece. After that I may opt for a cherry water ice from Nobles.
Ed Farrar, G-Town [05-11-2005]

ELAINE [05-05-2005]

lived in the great area of chelten & chew 1949 thru 1956 parents where there thru 1965
PETER ATTILIO, in n.j. 71 years old [05-05-2005]

husband late joseph fleming grew up in bluebell and gilbert st.
anna (artillio)fleming, gorgas lane germantown high age68 [05-05-2005]

Susan from perksie try ErefSSH@excen.library.phila.gov
mildred elliott, n.c. [04-28-2005]

I am interested in locating decendants or friends of the family of men by the name of Joseph Ferrell, John C Sims, David Newhall, Henry Reed and L. Clark Davis. all of this men i believe lived in Germantown in the early 1900's and formed a Corp. Named Broadwater Land and improvement Co.Also a Hunting lodge called Broadwater Lodge.,which is location off Northampton County on Virginia Eastern Shore, The island washed away for the most part in 1933 ending their dream. I am looking for old pictures, surveys, writing etc. Any information could be helpful.
James Kelly, 45yrs old,live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia [04-25-2005]

I would like to know if anyone knows of an unwed mother's home in Germantown, PA that supposedly burned down destroying all records. My mother was told that is where she was born and I am trying to figure out if there really was an unwed mother's home. She was born in 1952. I am not sure of the year of the fire. My mother passed away in 1999 and I am trying to figure this puzzle out.
susan, Perkasie PA [04-25-2005]

A big part of growing up in East Germantown was going to the numerous movie theaters in the area. This included the Renel in West Oak Lane, the beautiful Orpheum in the center of Germantown and the Walton(before its skinflick days and eventual closing). There were other theaters in the area, including Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill. Saturday trips to the movies were a big part of my life and I'm sure that was true for other kids in the area. It would be fun to hear of other movie memories of Germantown and environs.
Dennis Penglase, Danielsville Northampton County Pa. [04-25-2005]

horn and hardart was one block below chelton, on the left going down gtn ave
mse, north carolina [04-25-2005]

I am trying to find the roots of my family. One Andrew Williams or Andreus Wilhelm married Elizabeth Engard 1798. Does anyone have any information??He was a member of the Luthran Evengelical Church (Germantown), I believe. They had 7 children born in the Philadelphia. Thank you!
Mary Lou Williams Rowe [04-15-2005]

Have old 2ft. by 5ft. illustrated chart of Sower family tree and history starting with Christopher Sower and ending in 1885. It has an embossed notary seal from the state of Idaho dated 1886 and an inscription that reads "To Irwin Sower, Grandson of Brook Watson." Wish to have it appraised and sold but so far have had no luck in finding appraiser in my area. Would appreciate any help. Thanks, cobeach@aol.com
casey beach, East Texas [04-12-2005]

I own a Curwen's modulator and wonder if it may be of interest to a Germantowm museum? Names the town on the bottom.
rhian fitter [04-11-2005]

I'm the ninth generation of Peter, Do you know how I can get in touch with the Conard Family Reunion Committee?
alyce kollmer, descendant of Thones Kunnders [04-05-2005]

What is the cost to bring school children for a field trip to visit the historic homes in Germantown? Diane Houser
Diane Houser, Elem teacher [04-05-2005]

I lived in East Falls, but I went to GFS and Ancilla Domini Academy (Graduated '67) and attended St. Peter's Episcopal Church on Wayne Ave. Interesting site.
Elizabeth Cochrane Gober, Live in Northern VA, work for FEMA [04-02-2005]

There was a Silvy's steakshop at Haines & Belfield. Across the street is now Tranzilli's Italian water ice.
Judy Fanelli, willow grove,pa [04-01-2005]

I remember Scalea's and I agree with Dennis McGlinchey. It was wonderful. If I remember correctly;it was only made on Friday and Saturday Nights. Germantown had numerous excellent Eateries including one owned by my Uncles Milton and Norman. It kept the name Milton's Seafood Restaurant until it was made into a loan compamy location;Ritter Finance I believe. The food was great and family members ran it.
Dennis Penglase [04-01-2005]

In response to a post left by Dennis Penglase, one place that comes to mind is Scalea's Italian Bakery. Others here would be more familiar with it and where it was located, but I'm toldit was on Wakefield Street in Lower Germantown. They made the very best tomato pie. I had it only one time at some function back when Scalea's was still in Germantown. It was excellent and I never forgot it. I found out a couple years ago that the recipe is still around and you can still get Scalea's tomato pie at Gaeta's Italian Baker on Castor Avenue in Philly, which is run by a family member. I tried it and it was just as I remembered...
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown - 48yo [03-31-2005]

I Think it would be interesting to hear about street corner eateries such as luncheonettes,delis, and of course steak and hoagie shops. One of my favorites was Gravina's Pizzaria at Haines and Cornelius, about a half a block above Stenton Avenue. My favorite was the pizza of course. My cousin and I would watch Shock Theater and enjoy fine dining on one of Gravinas famous pizzas. Roland and pepperoni pizza;an unbeatable combination.
Dennis Penglase, Danielsville Northampton County [03-28-2005]

i have some coat/clothing hooks that claim to have come from the morris house. i am curious if this might possibly be true. the hooks have been placed on a board and on the back of the board it says: 8-20-1955 NOTE! HAND-WROUGHT HOOKS ORIGINALLY FROM THE MORRIS HOUSE - PHILADELPHIA
mike skonieczki, nj, 47, question about morris house [03-24-2005]

Ms.Weiser We were introduced at the 2/17 TSCHP seminar at Cliveden. It was inferred that we have a mutual interest with historic furnishings. We sure did not get a chance to talk that day: too much to do, too little time. Hibernia is furnished with material that spans a period from 1840 to @1910. Most of it was owned by our resident Anglophile who lived here from 1894-1924. The collection was inventoried and catalogued by the Chester County Historical Society in 1983. Can you think of any information we could share that would be to our mutual benefit?
Tom Waters, Regional Park Superintendent, Hibernia County Park - Hibernia Mansion [03-23-2005]

For many years, I have had a 1926 (4th edition) copy of "Guide Book to Historic Germantown" by Charles F Jenkins for the Site & Relic Society. It was in my late parents' house for as long as I can remember but, I have no idea why, as there is no American connection in my family history. Inside the book are a couple of odd items. The first is a paper cup, made by Wolf Bros. of Philadelphia, for Woodward & Yothray of Washington D.C., with a pencilled note that it was provided free to customers by a department store. The second is a newspaper cutting, "The story of ancient Wyck", by Edward B Phillips, but only the second of two parts! The bbok is in pretty good condition for its age, although there are several pencilled annotations, and the cover is slightly marked (by chalk, apparently). I wonder if it would be of any interest to anyone - there seems little point in my keeping it.
Paul Dann, Age 61. Mytchett, Surrey, England, U.K. [03-23-2005]

Every now and then I review postings and invite Germantown people to inquire about the Germantown logo which I have owned since 1998. I have white,gray, or black t-shirts and embossed license plates with the colorful design that has been around since 1975 and was formerly owned by the Asher's Chocolate Co. email me and I will send a free sticker to you. If you are interested in the design products I'll give you more information. Tommy's Hill is still there, as is the natural spring that few know about, but the hill is disappearing due to lack of funding to clear the fallen wood. If you are interested in contacting the park, let me know. We still use the hill when it snows...one of the best sledding hills ever. Bumps, turns and speed. But the "back trails" are gone. I'm happy to provide info or feedback to those far afield on Gtn. Communicate!
Jeff Smith, Wayne and Haines, G.H.S. grad, 58, still in Gtn. [03-23-2005]

In seeing the story about Charley Ross, which happened so long ago, I still feel sad for the little boy who was lost, and the parents who waited forever.
Gillian Andersen [03-18-2005]

I grew up in Germantown, and spent my winter days on "Tommy's Hill" with my sled and friends. Anybody remember the Bertholfs and the Peters kids?
Gillian Andersen, 49, New Mexico [03-18-2005]

I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could find where Thones Kunders was buried at. I heard Germantown Friends Cemetery?
Joshua Buxton, Newark, Ohio, 22 [03-18-2005]

Armat Street was the home of the Band Box theater, an art theater that offered a wide variey of films. There were two H&Hs in Germantown; the one near Armat which was a small sit down restaurant. Further south on Gmt. Ave. was an H&H cafeteria. My mother enjoyed the food there but was appalled by the winos who ate there because the other bars were closed on Sunday. Speaking of bars I do remember Wolfmans north of Chelten Avenue below Pastorius Park
Dennis M. Penglase Sr., 57 live in Danielsville Pa 65 CD grad [03-18-2005]

Are any of the proberties rented out for private events? Thanks, Dyanne Glass
Dyanne Glass, Philadelphian [03-18-2005]

I lived in East Germantown and West Mount Airy I graduated from Cardinal Dougherty High School and LaSalle College. I am 57 years old, Does anyone remembe Jeannie Buonopane, Mike Horn and other friends from central and East Germantown. How about the great dances at Cardinal Dougherty.
Dennis M. Penglase Sr., live in Northwest Northampton County Pa [03-18-2005]

My grandfather Robert Staton and his family lived in Germantown and Nicetown after immigrating to this country.He had two sisters Mary and Sarah and one brother Samuel.I've been told his brother owned the Staton Art Gallery on Germantown Ave. I'd be interested in any information or hearing if any of the relatives are still in the area as I am doing family research. Thanks
phyllis Krause, Retired in Ocala, Florida [03-18-2005]

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I grew up in Germantown and went to school at Ancilla Domini Academy. I'd love to find some of my classmates.
Arlinda Jones-Abekasis, St. Louis, graduated in 1976 [03-18-2005]

Looking for some general historical information on Holy Rosary Church that was located at Haines and Belfield Aves.
Lou Brownholtz, Former resident of Belfield Ave (down the hill!) [03-07-2005]

horn & hardart was on germantown ave near armat st. one block below flag brothers.
richard rizzo, 60 [02-28-2005]

Trying to find info on my late father, Charles L. Essick, who graduated from Germantown High School in 1939 or 1940. Also, he was in a Drum and Bugle Corps there during that time frame. I have a letter stating he had a good friend, Johnny Nemeth, who helped him learn to play the trumpet. Can anyone help? Thanks.
Marva Essick Doremus [02-23-2005]

I remember a Lintons being on Chelten Ave. but I don't remember a Horn and Hardart in Gtn. My mother (she's getting old) and my wife (she's from Manayunk) both say there was one. Was there? I figure if there was, it probably would've been on Germantown Ave., near Chelten.
Bill James, Roxborough now, Germantown forever [02-21-2005]

I used to live on Juniata Street(about 50 years ago). I remember singing in the choir when I was 5 at Market Square Presyb. Church. My parents were Steven & Kathryn Janos. Lived next door to Marge & Dick Manny. Is the church still there?
Susan, Live in Denver now [02-17-2005]

Found this site and love the idea.I went to school at Ancilla Domini Academy on Church street.I also lived on Harvey St.after that and visited the Del-Mar morris hotel lounge quite often when I moved to Pulaski St. I LOVE Germantown and when I come home make a point of showing her off to my Fl. friends. Thanks for the site. Anybody want to write-feel free.Pat
Pat McMenamin, Body in Fl.Heart in Germantown [02-17-2005]

WOW It was so wild to read every ones thoughts on Germantown.i spent the best days of my life being a KID growing up there i lived in a wonderland at Rittenhouse Town which we called back the CREEK.I went to St. Vincents and graduted from GERMANTOWN HIGH IN 1969.i would love to hear from anyone thats remembers all the wonderful days
karen buster, ny 53 [02-16-2005]

Michaela elliott email me about ireland
meme, north carolina [02-16-2005]

What happened to Stevens School. What is there now?
Harriet Henderson Landry, I am a graduate of Stevens School. in 1954. Married with three boys [02-16-2005]

The germantown@yahoogroups.com discussion group was mentioned here. Regarding that group, there's some very interesting discussions there on Germantown. But, discussions of a sexual, moral, political and religious nature are fair game there as well. If you join that discussion group thinking it is just a discussion on "Germantown", just know that discussions there go beyond just Germantown.
Dennis McGlinchey, born & raised in East Germantown [02-09-2005]

I am currently compiling my family tree and I am trying to find out who Rebecca Hillard (nee Deans) married. She was my great grandmothers sister. She was born in Ireland 1886 and died around 1975. As far as I know she lived in Germantown and had a family there. I would appreciate any help anyone can give me. Many thanks Michaela Elliott
Michaela Elliott, Live in Ireland, age 39, doing family history research [02-07-2005]

(adding to my comments on previous e-mail) Blue Bell Hill has a great website worth checking out!
Mary ellen Toland [02-03-2005]

My husband and I lived in the Blue Bell Hill section of Germantown for several years. We owned two houses (twins)which were originally built to house the families of mill workers above Rittenhousetown and by the Wissahickon Creek. It is a beautiful neighborhood nestled by the woods of Fairmount Park with easy access to center city.
Maryellen Toland, Abington, PA / 50 yrs [02-03-2005]

I chose to live here over Center City because of the wealth of beauty in the architecture
Jeff Faust, Designer,53 yo, [02-03-2005]

jerome churchill, wade, 62' [01-30-2005]

Terry - the church she was referring to at St. Catherine's on Chelten Avenue is the Miraculous Medal Shrine, aka Mary's Central Shrine. Not sure why she referred to it as St. Catherine's but when she mentioned the Monday novenas, that's how I knew it was the shrine that she was refering to.
Dennis McGlinchey, grew up in East Germantown [01-27-2005]

There are 2 St. Catherine/Katherines of Siena churches. Or were, anyway. St. Catherine of Siena was located at 436 W. Penn Street. Opened in 1910 and closed in 1972. I've read where it was a black parish, as was Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament (1910-1972), at 712 N. Broad Street (records are at Cathedral).. St. Vincent's has their records. St. Katherine of Siena is located at Frankford Avenue and Primrose Road, opened in 1922. Terry C NJ
Terry Callen, Live in South Jersey, Legal Secretary in Philadelphia. [01-25-2005]

im interest about 5208-5214-5218 gemantown ave i work at this site i cannot found anything about this address or history.
REGINA EDWARDS, west philly 32 [01-25-2005]

good job! very good website! weiter so! Schöne Grüße aus Deutschland! nice to met you! thank you!
Marco Wanders, Gelsenkirchen/germany, i´m 20 [01-19-2005]

I attended St. Francis of Assissi school, graduated in '48. A few years ago I drove by my home on Sheldon Street and was shocked at the change. If there is anyone in Myrtle Beach who resided in Germantown, please contact. My aunt had a candy store on Gtn. Ave. just above Wayne Junction. My uncle was a cartoonist for the Bulletin (Jerry Callahan). Many a good time was had at the store and lots of good stories told.
eleanor joan strouse, myrtle beach, 70 [01-19-2005]

I would like to know if anyone has any information on the location of the statue of St Gemma Galgani that was in Holy Rosary Church on Haines St. in Germantown, Phila., PA. My Grandfather's (John Barba) partner Luigi Ummarelli had the statue made and brought to the United States. The statue was put in the care of the Raguci family after the church closed. I do not know the where abouts of either the Raguci Family or the statue. Can anyone help me find it or them. St. Gemma is my patron saint. I was named after her at Luigi Ummarelli's request. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Gemma Barba, Live in Willow Grove, Pa age: 47 Italian decent [01-19-2005]

ELAINE (HELSEN) LAWSON, haines st &stenton ave 66yrs [01-19-2005]

wrong:Graphic used with kind permission from "http:"http://grid.let.rug.nl/~usa/ from:http://www.ushistory.org/germantown/people/randolph.htm
Jose Solis, Los Angeles C.A. age 15 [01-19-2005]

Grew up on Germantown Ave (5006) where my ancestors lived in the same house. My ancestors sold Wister Street to John Wister! Nice site!
Montel Raser Twist, A lower Germantown kid! Age 50 [01-19-2005]

hi,to all would like to hear from anyone from cowtown,and st. vincent's
LARRY MALAGERI, live in upper southamton pa. graduated 1956 st. vincent depa ul .1960 cardinal dougherty [01-19-2005]

I went to St. Vincent's, Little Flower Highschool and Bishop Mc Devitt. I am looking for family, friends, school photos. Grandpa Di Orio lived on Germantown Ave and had 17(?) children. We all lived in Upper Germantown. Uncles owned Market in Chesnut Hill(Toni). Any information would be appreciated. Welcome to a New Year!
Patricia Di Orio, Mesa, AZ going on 62 Looking for photos [01-02-2005]

there was a waters tool and dye house on wister street,my grandfather worked there,it was near germantown ave
m.s.elliott, northcarolina 73 [01-02-2005]

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