Historic Germantown, Philadelphia
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I have a book published in 1911 called "Philadelphia Pictorial and Biographical" and it is a collection of biographies of over 100 prominent Philadelphians from that era. A friend gave it to me to try to sell for her. If anyone is interested or knows of anyone who may be interested in it please email me. William Rotch Wister is one of the many who are profiled in it. Most of the biographies have pictures as well. You can let me know by reply email. Judy Harrington Merion Station, PA
Judy Harrington, Former Germantown Resident [12-29-2004]

what is a u-einheit?
celina, 13years old,hates historie [12-28-2004]

Thomas Barta, 14 [12-28-2004]

I have a woodblock print from Staton's Gallery. The artist Is C.S (Soder?) I want to find out about it but I am not sure what the artists last name is, Can you help?
Hilary, 40 from Chestnut Hill [12-19-2004]

I grew up in Germantown in the 70's, I used to live at Staint Joseph's Hall for Girl's. I'm interested in getting in contact with some of the women I grew up with. Also I remember the Vassallo's water ice stand very fondly.
Marlene Kennedy, 42 years old living in south Philly [12-19-2004]

Patorius certainly would never have used the French spelling for Strassburg in Alsace, and you should not either (unless you say, "now Strasbourg"). At the time he studied there, there were less than 300 people in the city who could even speak French. Not one Pennsylvania Dutch settlement named Strassburg (whether in in Pa, Va, WV or elsewhere) ever used the French spelling.
Kearn C. Schemm, Washington DC, Human Rights Activist [12-15-2004]

graduated from G-town high 1970.lived on high street close to corner store i think the name was cashans. knew all the sojourners, mike,ikey,dennis,etc.i'm trying to find info on knabs bakery at chew and chelten.
Ray johnson, houston texas, 51 [12-04-2004]

kianna, from chicago [12-04-2004]

charlie tuna contact me again about the ambroses
mildred smith elliott, north carolina [12-04-2004]

I Born and raised in EastGermantown on Ardleigh St.and then later in(I guess you would say) "Germantown Proper". Left in 1971.Love to hear from any of my old classmates and neighbors.I have such great memories of living there. I have been back a few times over the years and it was so sad to see how it is now and recall how lovely it used to be. I went to the house we used to live in on Price St.and it was all boarded up. I was sorry after that I went.They can destroy the homes but they can't destroy the memories. Germantown lives forever in our hearts and minds!
Pat (McAllister)DePaolo, lived on Price St. and Utah St.Went to St. Vincent DePaul grade school . Married Charlie DePaolo in 1962 now live in Bucks Co. [12-04-2004]

I am trying to find directions to the church of St., Catherine on E. Chilten, Phila, Pa. Thank you.
Mary Ellen Carney [12-04-2004]

Looking for my old friend Tim Isackman he lived on the corner of coulter and bayton st in the 50s,I lived on lena stTHANK YOU DOMINIC 'Rock'
Dominic Margiotti 'Rock', 62 living in nj [12-04-2004]

I was born and lived in GTN utnil age 13........then moved to East Falls. I attended the Immaculate Conception School, then Litle Flower High School, then on to Immaculata College and Misericordia Hosp School of Nursing. Married in 1952, raised seven children and moved to HHI SC 9 years ago. Would enjoy contact wih classmates, neighbors, etc.
Mary Cosmas Conville Toland, Hilton Head SC, 75 years old [12-04-2004]

Anne Carroll Camp, Age 75. Lived in Germantown from 1929 to 1951 on Woodlawn Ave., and then on Rittenhouse Street. Attended Immaculate Conception School from 1936 to 1943. Brother, Tom; and Sisters Mary and Peggy. [12-04-2004]

Can anyone tell me about the Orpheum Theater and why it was torn down? I am working on a project for school (at Temple U) about urban decay in various parts of Philadelphia. From what I can tell, the PGW building is there in its place...how sad! Please contact me if you have any info, its much appreciated. Thanks
Erin, philadelphia, pa [12-04-2004]

like to know about my old friend tim isakmen he lived on the cornner of coulter and bayton st we would sit in front of wiley's store eating lemon pie and drinking pepse in the summer while our parents were at worke 'those were the day's'
Dominic 'Rock', 62 living in nj [12-04-2004]

what happened during the battle of germantown? write back
Ashley phillips, girl, robbinsville, 18 [12-02-2004]

An Ulrich Wetzler Ich suche einen Ulrich Wetzler, der vor langer Zeit in Stuttgart in die Waldorfschule ging (Klasse vom Herrn Asche) Wenn Du dieser Ulrich bist, dann melde Dich bitte bei mir. Viele Gre, Michael
Horst Michael Mews, Berlin / Germany [12-02-2004]

Try germantown@yahoogroups.com
Gene Stackhouse, Germantown, age 65 [12-01-2004]

Today my Mom handed me a pamphlet of a dedication of a memorial to John Rorer a private in Col. Butler's Regiment,Capt. Davis company. Though his descendants( my grand mother included) they raised enough money and with the help of the DAR this feat was concluded on May 12,1928 located on 5515 Market St. I have some pictures and his complete line but I was wondering if there was a way to get more info on this event or the Regiment. Thank you for your time,Charles Herold
Charles Herold [12-01-2004]

Do I remember? Let's see... Germantown Boys' Club, John Nyce, Bud Alexander, Mr. Riggs, Bill Harris, Mr & Mrs Zacher, T-Ball, Earl Jay, Mrs. Curren, Mrs. Jay, Colonel Asher, Mrs Barclay, John Wilkinson, Duff Levitt, soccer, indians, skating in "The Cage", Boy Scouts Troop 7, Mr. Gottsabend, Augie Petrucci, John Pigeon, Joe Kendra, Mrs. Camp Indiandale, Fitler School, Happy Hollow, Wayne Avenue Playhouse, The Bandbox, The Orpheum, The Armat, luckey numbers and hula-hoop contests at the New Lyric, the 23 and 56 trollies, the H1, XH, J, K, 26, Duva's, Fats, Dorie's Coney Island, The Hot Shoppe, The Dog House, Armat Diner, Toddle Inn, Germantown Y, Camp Carson, Calvani's, Imhofs, The Coulter Inn, Lintons, Allens, C.A. Rowells, Penny's, The Vernon Shop, Patty Page, Kresges, Woolworths, Horn & Hardart's Automat, Nelson's 5 & 10, Trinity Dances, Yearsley Cadets Drum Corps, brick streets, cobblestone avenues, historic mansions, Vernon Park, Market Square, the old Ladder Eight / Engine 19 at Germantown & Bringhurst, the old post office on Coulter Street, Army trucks helping with the Christmas mail, parties and weddings at the Masonic Hall above Maurers Hardware on the Ave, Fern Hill Park when you could sled all the way down from Abbottsford Road to Roberts Avenue, hikes to the Wissahickon, day trips to Willow Grove Park or Westpoint Park, ice skating on Gustine Lake, big families, front porches, punch blocks, the old witch on Morris Street, beating curfew. Yeah, I guess I remember a couple of things. And you? - Jim Smith
Jim Smith [11-05-2004]

Hello, I'm searching for information about my great-great grandparent's home located at 136 Tulpehocken St (not sure E. or W.). They resided there around 1890s. Names: Thomas Chester Walbridge and Anne Editha Carter Walbridge. Children: Thomas Knickerbocker Walbridge (b. 1883) and Charles Carter Walbridge (b. 1887). Any information you can share will be greatly appreciated.
Matthew Cox, East Corinth, Vermont [10-29-2004]

I am looking for any information, papres, publications on the Charleston patriots and thier families who were released by the British from prison in St. Augistine. They were not allowed to return to Charleston so Philidelphia was were they went. Their families were thrown out of Chalreston and they also went to Philidelphia. This occured in 1781. They were allowed to take nothing with them so Philidelphians must have feed adn cared for them until the end of the war. Any ideas? Many thanks.
Rick Corrian, Charleston, SC [10-22-2004]

I found a couple of The Cliveden from Germantown High School, years 1922 - 1925. Do you know of anyone who might be interested in them. Ihave emailed the school and am also awaiting a reply fromt hem. Thank you
Carol, Lansdale,pa [10-22-2004]

What is being done to restore lower germantown area? It is horrible now-Where can I help or find information? This area(around Wayne Junction) up to Chelten Ave needs help! This is the beginning of Germantown, it should be a gateway to historic Germantown. Many,many people drive thru this area,especially from Roberts Ave to Wayne Ave,Germantown Ave,Chelten Ave...it's very depressing. I came here 21 years agao...it was a pleasure then. What happened?? What can be done??
Beverly King, Germantown resident- @ Wayne Junction area [10-22-2004]

No one seems to have written for over a year. Is that because messages aren't posted, or just non received? In 1998 I bought the unique "Germantown" logo (designed by Frank Nofer) from the C.A. Asher Chocolate Co. I continue to sell T-shirts and license plates with its design as a hobby. If anyone would like more information, please email me. Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith, 5900 block of Wayne Ave. native of neighborhood, 1946 [10-02-2004]

Thanks to Judy Fanelli for posting that notice about the meeting on 11/14 to plan for an Immaculate Conception all-class reunion. I plan to attend as well. If anyone who cannot attend but wants to have their name added to the IC Alumni List, email me your name, address, telephone number and email address. All info will be held confidential and will be turned over to the reunion committee. Likewise, if you know of family or friends that might be interested in having their name added to this alumni list, let me know as well. I share many of the sentiments made here. Germantown was a great place to live and grow up in. many great memories... Best regards
Dennis McGlinchey, Immac (70) & CD (74) grad [10-02-2004]

Please change my email address to donnypena@aol.com it is not arizona039@aol.com anymore. Please contact me if you get this change. Thank you very much Donny Pena
Donny Pena [09-29-2004]

For anyone who might be interested there will be a mass Sunday 11/14/2004 at Immaculate Conception church with coffee and donuts afterwards. There will be an open forum for ideas on the new alumni assoc of the Immaculate Conception school.
Judy Fanelli [09-29-2004]

I was recently visiting a friend in Germantown (my first visit) and was so taken by the historic buildings that surround the area. I always new Philadelphia had a rich history, but to what extent, I did not know. Are any of this locations open for visitors? For my next trip I would love to visit these wonderfuil sites.
Marie, Niagara Falls, Ontario age 28 [09-29-2004]

This is a very emotional site and I was thrilled to find it.My memories have only sharpened over the years but reading the notes and rememberences of so many familiars has stirred me in ways that require trying to contact the people who make our memories so precious.Please contact me at mjza@comcast.net.Irish Terry McGinn get in touch with me.Could anyone tell me how Lorraine Hawkins of St.Benidicts parrish is doing.We have not seen or spoken with each other for over thirty years.I would love to know she is doing well.
Matt Zakreski, I live in Atlanta Ga.Three generations on Price St.Attended C.D. and graduated in 1968 [09-29-2004]

I immigrated as a young man of 22 from Germany over 40 years ago and I am fascinated with our history. Especially with the history of the first Germans to ever settle in the U.S. 321 years ago. There is a reminder to that fact in my home, the town that I was born in. One of the main streets is actually called Philadelphia Strasse. There is a plaque on the street sign post on the corner of Philadelphia and Krakauer Strasse describing the first 13 German families to immigrate to America. You see, I was born in Krefeld and now that I am an American I feel proud to be part of that history. God Bless our beloved U.S. of A. Ulrich Wetzler
Ulrich Wetzler, Resident of Los Angeles [09-16-2004]

EDDIE DEAN, now live in mantua n.j. [09-16-2004]

My father's family all lived in Germantown. My grandfather ran Staton's Book Store and was the choir director and organist at St. Luke's Episcopal Church. My great-uncle had Staton's Art Gallery. My father, William (Bill) Staton played on the Stenton (Avenue) Maroons Baseball team in 1924. In 1965 they had a reunion to which 49 men attended. Now I work at the Baseball Hall of Fame and a picture of the Stenton Maroons hangs proudly in my ofiice. If anyone out there has any information on the team, I'd love to hear about it. Unfortunately, my Dad passed away in 1976 and I have no one else to contact. Thanks!
Mary Bellew, Cooperstown, NY [09-16-2004]

Mary Bellew [09-16-2004]

I have heard of the "Mechanics" on a PBS show called "Liberty's Kids." The "mechanics was supposed to be a secret organization of tradesmen who supported the revolution in Philadelphia. I have found very little written about them. Do you have any information? Do you you where I might aquire more information? Thank You. Tony Steer, 785 Wyoming Ave., Fairfield Oh. 45014
Tony Steer, I am interested in the Revolutionary War. A reenactor who impersonates Patrick Henry and George Mason. [09-16-2004]

The site here labels Germantown as either Upper Germantown and Lower Germantown. I only knew Germantown as being East Germantown or West Germantown, with Germantown being the dividing line. Maybe just not familiar with those terms. Anyone else know of Germantown as being Upper Germantown and Lower Germantown?
Dennis McGlinchey [09-16-2004]

What a great neighborhood it was! I lived on the 1300 block of Haines st. It was considered East Germantown and it was on the border of West Oak Lane and Mt. Airy neighborhoods. I attended Immaculate Conception and finished there in 1965. We moved in 1969 because they built the Martin Luther King H.S. and took our homes for that site. I remember going out to the "Ave." with my parents. That was the place to shop. All the great stores on Germantown Ave. and Chelten. Later they built the Cedarbrook Mall and Cheltenham Plaza and we started going there. Germantown and Chelten at Christmas was wonderful. I remember the big lighted bells strung along the wires on Chelten Ave. all the way to Green Lane. Germantown Ave was also decorated that way all the way to Chestnut Hill. I spent so much time in that neighborhood buying records at Woolworth's and going to the movies at the Orpheum. I would take the trolley to Chestnut Hill to Valley Green park. All this alone at age 14 or so. I had a park two doors down from me on Haines called Aubury Park. We had three big hills for sledding and lots of wooded area for playing "army". We used to hang out on the stone wall that surrounded the park on Haines st to Ardleigh st. The kids from the neighborhood played baseball all day in the summer and football in the fall. We would go to Heller's store on Price st. for a 16 oz soda and a pack of Tastycake for a total of .25. Maybe play a little pinball at Mom's on the corner of price and Crittenden. Does anyone remember the carnival every year at Immaculate? Also a small one on Price st. and Crittenden. There was also a Thanksgiving Parade on Haines st every year with horses and antique cars and of course, the Oscar Meyer Weinner Whiltle car. Great memories!
Bill Cupo, Now living in Chalfont, working for Postal Service for 26yrs at Langhorne, Pa. [09-16-2004]

I was glad to find such a historic place as Rittenhouse. I would like to know, why only Monticello, the house of Thomas Jefferson is on the Cultural Heritage List of Unesco. Nothing else in the whole US! Are there not many more places, specially in Pennsylvania, that have to get onto that list? Please, I would like an answer as nobody could answer that question of mine. Thank you, Thank you for the tremendous work you are doing! Mrs. S. Alpers
Sigrid Alpers, visitor from Germany, age 64, interested in history [09-16-2004]

I am doing a project on Francis Pastorius for a college class. I'm having trouble finding any books about him. I would also like to find some pictures. Any ideas?
Teresa Taylor [09-15-2004]

For anyone else that might be interested, Charlie McGlinnis provided an answer to where Montebello was located. It was at Washington Lane and Morton Street. Thanks Charlie.
Dennis McGlinchey [08-25-2004]

Does anyone know where "Monetbello", the estate of Chartlotte Cardeza was located? I know it was in Germantown somewhere. Charlotte Cardeza was a very wealthy passenger on the Titanic. She, and her son, did survive the sinking.
Dennis McGlinchey [08-21-2004]

is there any info on Penn Knox present? This section is up for national historic designation.
andrew smith [08-21-2004]

I remember the lamp lighter on sheldon street,playing hide and seek[after dark and it was safe] wister woods where we played[the spring] the apartments the called the ship at wister and sheldon. it was a wonderful neighborhood. the block parties, where they closed off the street to traffic, they were good times.we were the smiths
mildred, born in gtm hosp in 1931 [08-16-2004]

Why is Mary Rinker, patriot spy during the Battle of Germantown completely forgotten? I have good information on her if this site is interested. Thanks Susan
Susan Guggenheim, West Mt. Airy, Emlen St. [08-07-2004]

Does anyone remember the Vernon Fair? It was held in Vernon Parka near the Germantown YMCA at Germantown and Chelten Avenues>
Liz McNally [08-07-2004]

Can you tell me if any of these mansions are available for wedding reception?
jean martin [08-07-2004]

I grew up on Belfield Avenue across from the greatest sleding hill in town. I went to the Immaculate Conception Grade School, and graduated from Cardinal Dougherty in 1970. I haven't been back to Germantown for many years. This site has brought back some great memories. Thanks Joe for finding it for us.
Jane L. Smith (Doyle), Age 52, now living Trenton, New Jersey. [07-31-2004]

regina edwards, 31- [07-31-2004]

What a great site,I loved living in .germantown. Went to Immanculate in the 50's. I remember the good ole IHM,s, Sister Stella Marie, Sister Joachim(whew). Went back for a 35th class reunion in '91, was sad to see that the school burnt down. went to Cardinal Dougherty for one year, got tired of getting my head slammed against the blackboard in math class by Father Cornwell (?). I transferred to germantown, which I will forever regret not because of the education, but for not graduating with my classmate from Immaculate. I recall the good times at waterview, the pool there, remember boys swimming days, and girls swimming days ? My kids can't believe that we swam on seperate days. The Walton theater, the Orpheum, the Colonial. The great banana splits at the dairy maid at germantown ave and ashmead st. The great hoagies, cheesesteaks at the steak shop at chew and chelton. Knabs and Maryann's bakery's. We can't get anything like that down here in Virginia. I lived on Haines street across from the Holy Rosary Church. Also live on Musgrave street behind the Miraculous Medal Shrine and Seminary. Germantown was a great place to live, the people were close, and everyone knew one another. I took my kids up there a few years back, and they said "You live in this area", I told them it wasn't always like this. Any way I miss the old days, and the old Germantown, but things change and I guess we do to. Hello to all who once called Germantown, and those who still do, their hometown....
Charlie McGinnis, Retired Coast Guard, living in Warrrenton, Va. [07-31-2004]

Ethel Geiger Hays, Levittown, Born 1933, lived in Germantown until I was 12 years old, then moved to Mt Airy,. All of my mother's family lived in Germantown, they were the Hagan's, Quinn's, Marino' & Hansberry's. I went to Immaculate Conception School and continued school at Immaculate Conception Commercial. Germantown was a great place to raise a family. It hold's great memories for me. I just wish that I would have kept in touch with all of the people that I went to school with. They have had reunion's for the 8th grade people, but I have been unable to attend. My dad had a Gas Station on Chelton Ave near Germantown Ave. next to the firehouse. The best place to get fresh fish was Calvanie's on Chelton Ave. Like I said they were the good old day's. [07-31-2004]

I have some living history of Germantown. My mother, Mary Bennis Osborne, age 93 resides with her two sisters ages 91 and 88 at St. Joseph's Villa, Flourtown. Her sisters are Sisters of Saint Joseph. All three have strong minds and memory. They are full of Germantown stories. Mom was reared a few doors from Chew and Chelten. Mom was the daughter of Edward Bennis, U of Penn 1905 and Josephine Normile. They married in Philadelphia in 1910. Ed Bennis was the step-grandson of David McMahon, one of the largest contractors in Philadelphia in late 1800's.
John Osborne, I'm 64 and live in Radnor, PA and was reared in West Oak Lane. [07-25-2004]

As a direct decendent of Mr. Thones Kunders...I have grown very fond of this site and reading of the folks who with perseverance and faith made the rest of us possible! I cannot look into the palms of my own hands and not think of these pioneers...I hope to do them justice by passing their great memory to many more who come behind me. THANKS FOR THIS GREAT SITE!
Dennis K. Davidson, 49 yrs old...Cumming, Ga. [07-25-2004]

I have enjoyed this website, a lot of information. can you tell me anything about Saint Joseph's Hall for girls when i lived there in the mid late 1960's it was called Saint Joseph Gonzaga Home 910 Church Lane. group home was on 405 E. High Street. any information would be great to have I plan a visit to Philadelphia May of 2005, my Daughter will graduate from U Penn. then. thanks so much. Jeanie Gilligan Gover
Jeanie, Rockland Me( lived in Germantown mid 1960's) [07-25-2004]

I remember that donut shop at Germantown & Chelten. I loved their creme donuts. I worked at a restaurant as a teen and took the E bus to Germantown & Chelten before transferring on to the K or 26 bus. Sometimes it would be quite late, but they were always open. There was another great bakery at Chelten Ave & Boyer St called Marianne's Bakery. Loved their treats.
Dennis McGlinchey [07-25-2004]

Do youse remember Silvy's steak shop Frisco Franks and the Garabaldi club? I used to frequent these places when I lived in Germantown 30 years ago. I hung with guys named Big Petey, Little Petey, Fuzzle, Burr, Weezle, Lips, rusty, surge, and they called me Joey Bag-A-donuts. TRUE! Because I always took everybody some donuts from the donut shop at germantown and chelten. It was open all night.
Joe Rhode [06-30-2004]

We need more representation in the form of e-mails from those who grew up in lower Germantown. Let's hear it from The Hollow, and Brickyard. I saw that one of the Garveys wrote in, two of them coached my 14th District PAL baseball team one year. They were great, although we were a mediocre team. That was when the east and west sides of Germantown Ave. finally put their defenses down and got together. I hung at the Hollow and delived RXs for Louis Pharmacy, I dreaded it when I had to cross the avenue and deliver one back Wister Street or pick up a Texas Tommy from the Doghouse on Germantown ave, (near the New Lyric)on a saturday night. I went to St. Francis, then North Catholic (class of '67). Nuns taught me that taught my Aunt. It was a great school and a good time. I "stayed after school" a lot. I was usually the one there late enough to carry sister's bookbag across the street to the convent. I spent most of my free time at the Hollow. I started going there when I was just old enough to go without a parent. It was a great place to hang, although if I didn't hang there, I never would've even walked past it. There were a lot of us. Old Heads, Young Heads, sons of fathers who grew up hanging there. In my time, it was largely Italian. Those of us who weren't Italian were considered to be Irish. My mother was a Schindeldecker, but to everyone else there, I was Irish. The Hollow was a playground, besides being A Corner. We played football, baseball, basketball, and volleyball there. We also played buck-buck, block ball, halfball, chink (sorry! but we called it that back then. We didn't mean anything ethnic by it), we pitched nickels or quarters), even played poker and shot craps sometimes (not ME...the other guys, mom). We used to go up the Wissihickon to swim and dive/jump from that rock near Devil's Pool, we took the 53 to Carpenter's Lane, then walked. In younger years, we squeezed ourselves into the Boys Club pool, after annoying the girls as they filed past on their way out from "Girl's Swim Time". We had good names like all corners did - The Head (me), Charlie Fu, [Cheech, Mammal, Moon (all one person)], Cricket, Roach, Spider, Magoo, Apples, Freddie Bones, BB, Goo, Turk, Peanut, Tree, Curseword, Duck, Drainpipe, Newspapers, and the Muscle Brothers. We had two great s
Bill James (The Head), 4th generation Germantown [06-24-2004]

im just searching my last name and found this site. my fater grew up in germantown as you may know. my god father uncle nick just past as well miss him. write back soon
JOHN.V.PROZZILLO, im 34 years old and my fater is james v. prozzillo [06-24-2004]

My father, Joe Fanelli aka "Hambone" from Edgehill spent all of his summers with his grandparents Pasquale and Louisa DiCriscio on Woodlawn Ave in Germantown. Pasquale was a lamplighter for the city and used an "A" framed ladder. They had children: Joe, Sal, Mike (WW2 POW),Tony, John, Lucy (my father's mother) and Molly who was deaf and lived at Chew and Locust near the drugstore. His uncles were ball players and hung at Waterview and at Luken's store. My wife's father (Chinney) is renowned to anyone from Germantown. We could write a book about him..all AMUSING STORIES of course, but who could carry it? Names like SNAKE, WEISEL, NAILS, BOOP, LOVER, RAT, SCRAPPY, TA-HOE, DILLIO, KAISER BILL, STUMP, GUMMA, NICKY BOY, MEATS, DINO, MARIAN THE BUTCHER, ELSIE NOVAK, BROTHER, PATSY THE BUTCHER, FR. NAPOTI, FR INDIA, HOLY ROSARY, FLY, FRANKIE SICOLI, BILLY THE BUTCHER, CARMEN, CARMELA AND BOO,MONK ROSIE ROSANOVA, MARY CAPPS, KATIE FLASH, STROLLO LODGE, SANDORA POST, MILLIE AND JACK LA RUE (JACK WAS GODSON TO MY GRANDMOTHER LUCY). JUDY'S GRANDFATHER WAS ALSO CHINNEY. HE LIVED AT MECHANIC AND MAGNOLIA AND USED TO GUARD THE FIREPLUG. THE KIDS WOULD TAKE HIM AND HIS CHAIR AND PUT HIM UNDER THE WATER. HE ATE a lot OF HOT PEPPERS. HE USED TO SWEAR IN ITALIAN AT THE MR SOFTY ICE CREAM TRUCK BECAUSE HE DIDN'T LIKE HEARING THE MUSIC BEING REPEATED. THIS IS JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBURG. IMMACULATE CONCEPTION CHURCH (PRICE AND ARDLEIGH) IS HAVING A REUNION MASS SUNDAY JUNE 13TH AT 11:00AM Michael Fanelli and Judith ( Iannuzzi) Fanelli
Michael Fanelli and Judith ( Iannuzzi) Fanelli, revised and edited version for correctness [06-14-2004]

My family goes back many generations in Phila. My greatgrandparents were 100% German. My have always lived away. However, always drawn to the history and connection. I was going thru some pictures and found one of my greatgrandfather at the St. Vincent's Orphanage. He was a barber and volunteered there to cut the girl's hair. The picture is of 5 or 6 barbers, girls sitting in the barber chairs and others sitting in chairs waiting their turn. I wonder about those girls and would like to get information on the orphanage. Thank you.
Kathy Connelly, Phila. Ancestory [06-06-2004]

My thoughts on Germantown... revitalize it back to what it was ...just like Chestnut Hill The homes are the same the area and community brings it down clean the streets on historical blocks ...hang street signs that read historical Germantown and plant trees up and doen germantown that light up Xmas time from High Street to Stenton Avenue... clean the streets they are dirty...especially in lower historical Germantown ..it looks bad .. commercial side of things needs some work where the old Thriftway behind the post office make it a decent shopping area ..that whole are is not good... I have many ideas but we need more than me
Afia McKinley, Germantown, homeowner, in historical area [06-02-2004]

as a boy attending central high school, i enjoyed many wonderful afternoons in wister woods -- studying nature, hiking, running, playing baseball. years later, as a homeowner in southwest germantown on neglee's hill, my love for this wonderful old american village deepened. at one point, i organized an informal advocacy group, "the friends of wister woods," to help protect this forest now deep inside philadelphia. i still enjoy visiting germantown and keeping abreast of the neighborhood.
lonnie fogel, philadelphia, pa [06-02-2004]

I really enjoyed the posts here. I was born and raised in East Germantown, on the 900 block of Price Street. I graduated from Immaculate Conception in 1970, from Cardinal Dougherty in 1974 and my family moved out of Germantown in 1976. I still go back there, at least once a year for the homecomings at Immaculate Conception. This year, it is on Sunday, 6-3-04 at 11:00am. Germantown was a wonderful place to live and to grow up. Like so many others, I have a lot of fond memories of Germantown. Would love to talk more about Germantown. Email me Dennis McGlinchey Dennis.McGlinchey@ibx.com
Dennis McGlinchey [05-28-2004]

My great grandfather was suspicious that he was Charley Ross. He was adopted from an orphanage in New Orleans. The story told to his adoptive parents was that two men in suits dropped off this little boy to a black woman and paid her to keep him for a few days and said they would return. When they never returned, she brought him to the nuns at the orphanage (St. Elizabeth's I think). I possess a picture taken of my grandmother, Elizabeth Droz Dawson, as a child. I have an old magazine article with Charley's picture on it and it is uncanny how much both the baby pictures resemble each other. My great-grandfather was a federal prohibition agent that was killed in 1929, before my mother, his ONLY grandchild, was born. I am his ONLY great-grandchild and I have one son by birth in the National Guard. My mother is not a well person (heart disease and emphasema) and has always wanted to learn the truth and connect with long, lost family. I have in my possession, the article from the Ladies Home Journal and also the actual linen embroidered skirt he was brought to the orphanage in. It is thought that this is his original clothing. Can someone contact me about the Ross family, particularly if we can prove that Charley was my great-grandfather. I have a picture of him and my great-grandmother in my home and numerous ones of my maternal grandmother that strongly resembled him. Please contact me!
Elizabeth Langlois, Pine Bluff, AR (originally from Louisiana), age 46 [05-15-2004]

great to look and see where my family history was originated......
Linda, decendant of pastorius [04-28-2004]

My grandfather, Harry or Henry Davis's mother, Alice Davis lived in Germantown on Asflyst Street (Spelling??) for sometime around 1900. Can you help me find her or any census or any clues?? I have no info other than that, and that my grandfather was put in an orphanage in Phil. somewhere. Any ideas??
GLoria Preston, Albertan doing genealogy research [04-20-2004]

Just recently found out identity of Hiram Berdan. I was playing marbles on Berdan St. when hurricane Hazel struck.Also found info on Sedgick. Played football and basketball @ the playground named for him. After having worn out three passports, Philadelphia is still the best city in the world. Lived in Minnesota for the past 25 years and laugh whenever someone speaks of their "history". Walking to school every day, I passed the site of the Battle of Germantown.
Eric Kamau Gravatt, grew up @ 42 W. Sharpnack St. [04-03-2004]

I visited GHS and joined last Oct. I could find little on my Selsor ancestors. I knew some were buried in the lower burial ground and that they operated the Germantown Tool Works on Armat st.. Now, I did a search and find all this listed in "Your Thoughts" I also did reserach at the David Library at Washington's Crossing. There were Quaker Selsors who refused to fight during the battle of Germantown. They were mustered at Gwynedd. Their farm was mentioned in another source. Frederick Selsor was a Sgt. Orderly during the battle of Germantown.
Marcia Selsor, retired professor emerita, 55, currently in Italy [03-31-2004]

I am interested in visiting the final resting place of my relative Christopher Sower. Does anyone know where this might be? Also, does anyone know of the whereabouts of examples of the German bibles my great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather printed? Many thanks!
Roger Sower Sellers, Desendant of Christopher Sower [03-31-2004]

George where are you? You sent me amessage saying you grew up at 358 Shedaker Street, I grew up at 315 Shedaker Street, please get back with me. Vinnie
anonymous [03-28-2004]

I have never been there, but I LOVE Germantown. My 10x great grandfather Op Den Graeff, help found German town. I love my family history and am so proud of my forefathers. I have dedicated a wall in my home to them and all the great Uptagagraffts that have been since. what a great family history I have. Some day I'll make it there to see that beautifull town Thanks Cheryl Thornton
cheryl thornton, I'm 35, live in Dayton in E. Washington [03-28-2004]

Where is the genealogy of James Logan located at. Did he have children?
Teddy Triggs, Researching Logans [03-28-2004]

Growing up in Germantown I attended miss marty's pre school,dr pooshack was my pediatrician at walnut lane and greene street and attended and graduated from penn charter (k)1968-1981
Andrew Biront, 39 years old,penn knox area [03-21-2004]

I remember sledding down Magnolia St.,the Victory garden on Woodlawn St. and climbing over the Seminary walls at the "Shrine" to play basketball. We went to the dances at the Knights of Columbus and bought candy at Sam's on the corner of Morton and Chelten.Immaculate Conception was my parish but we all went to church at the Shrine because it was closer.St. Vincent's had dances too.This site brought back a lot of happy memories
Marlene Hober Molishus, Far NE -57 yrs.old [03-03-2004]

I'm thinking of buying a house on the Penn Knox section of germantown. Good or bad idea? Thanks
Richard, 35 male [03-03-2004]

Born in Germantowne Hospitol,live on High Street Baptized at Holy Rosery Parish. Father lived on Cosgrov St
Richard Guglielmi, 51/m/ Roslyn Pa. [03-03-2004]

My most fondest memories of Germantown are the way the area looked around Christmas time. I remember all the stores and how the road turned to cobblestone the further up you went on Germantown Ave. Rose LaMott, Pa http://members.aol.com/Roseb44170/lamott.dir/lamott.htm
Rose, Cheltenham, born in Phila [02-25-2004]

What a great web site! Wonderful pictures and great memories. I went to Immaculate Conception in the 50's. Beautiful church which is still there, but the school burned down some time ago. I worked at the Band Box and the Orpheum theater as an usher. Played soccer at the Germantown Boy's Club, where they had these old movies on Friday nights and the kids screamed all the way through the shows. Played indoor soccer in the "Cage" downstairs. Hung out with the guys on Papiana's grocery store step asking older guys to buy us beer. Every Sunday in the summer went out to Blue Bell park with all the guys from Cowtown to play softball. Went to dances at some place called "The Canteen" on Germantown Ave. I remember all the Holy Rosary guys hanging out at Minton's. Most of my friends came from St. Vincent's. We played stick ball and hose ball and half ball and step ball. I remember the older guys played football in the streets with newspapers rolled together and taped. I was dying to get out of Germantown. Now, of course, I miss it. Go figure.
Jerry Murphy, Yreka, California (near Oregon) age- 58 [02-25-2004]

hung out in 2 places.Gtn and Chelten the other place was blue bell hill/with Jimmy reeves Fazy brothers.Jack Offerman.Curt Rittenhouse,Bill Gaffney
bob farrell, age 67 5700 knox st St vicents grammar ne catholic [02-25-2004]

I was born in Chesnut Hill but my Grandparents and family lived on Germantown Ave. I went to school at St. Vincent. Grandpa had a vegetable store on Germantown Ave and there were lots of cousins, Aunts and Uncles there. Can anyone give me more information on family?
Patricia Di Orio, Arizona, 3/4/43 [02-20-2004]

born & raised in Germantown, went to St Michael of The Saints,Germantown & Logan, North Catholic class of 56, looking for a old friend who lived on Locust ave met at the Lasalle Dances.
Jim Clark, NE Phila [02-19-2004]

I remember your mother and father I walked past your house almost every day 'bringhurst st' knew CHARLIE 'BABE' JOHNNY MIKEY AND JIMMY AND 'DUTCH' TOMMY STINER LIVED ACROSS THE STREET I LIVED ON LENA ST MY NICKNAME WAS 'ROCK' DOMINIC 62 NJ
Dominic [02-18-2004]

Just doing family research and browsed on your website. My grandparents were Harp and Sadie Doyle from Belfield Ave. Children were Billy, Sally, Maryann, Harry, Franny, Joe, Jimmy, Janie, Nancy, Raymond and Terry. Harp Doyle's parents were William and Ellen nee West. William's parents, Thomas and Johanna nee Calahan immigrated to Germantown from Ireland around 1850. Ellen's parents, Ambrose and Jane nee Wagstaff-Freeman immigrated from Leicester, England to Germantown around the same time. Ambrose West lived at 135 Bringhurst Street and owned a Hoisery Mill with Charles Taylor at 128 Ashmead St. William Doyle worked in the mill along with Ambrose's daughter Ellen. William and Ellen's children were; William Jr., John, George, Thomas, Helen, Jane and Henry "Harp" Doyle who married Sarah "Sadie" Baxter. I remember visiting my grandparents during the 60's and 70's and playing football across the street on a lot from their house on Belfield Ave., which I believe was turned into a Mazda Dealership. We use to walk down the street and buy candy at John's corner store ?, and play behind the house in the old horse stables and climb the cliff next to the lawnmower repair shop. Just some fond memories of my visits to Germantown.
Joe Dougherty, Philadelphia [02-18-2004]

Can you send me some valuble info for the Battle of Germantown for a Social Studies project? Thanks for your help
Trey Myles, florida [02-15-2004]

was born in Germantown, my family had 14 chirldren my father and mother lived there pretty much their whole life. I remember the boys club, duvas and all the great things that my sons will never really get to understand. I live in Maryland now but I have old photos of germantown and the club hanging in my family room. Anyone who remembers the Garvey's let me know
Garvey, 43 [02-11-2004]

Do you have info on an engineering School in Germantown, where Wyandot Indian Bill Moose attended in 1853. He died in 1937 and was considered the last Wyandot.
Jim Thompson, Columbus, O. [02-07-2004]

I am searching the descendants of Enrico STRIANO born in San Giuseppe Vesuviano 5Napoli) married with my aunt Fiorizia GATTO born in Cetara (Salerno area) brother in law of COSTABILE (Vietri)
Salerno, France,60years old [01-31-2004]

I was in Germantown recently looking for information about my family. They settled there in the 1700s and owned and operated the Germantown Tool Works on Armat St. William Selsor is buried in the lower burial grounds with a civil war plaque on his grave. Does anyone have further information about the Tool Works? Marcia Selsor
Marcia Selsor, currently in Italy, 55 looking for lost signs [01-28-2004]

see Aaron carter
yvette alvarez, iam 11 [01-26-2004]

What a blast from the past this site is. My family moved to Germantown in the mid 50's and we lived in the 500 block of Chelten Avenue directly across from the Miraculous Medal Shrine/ St. Vincent's Seminary. We had relatives who also lived in the area prior to us. My Aunt Cissy worked at the Miraculous Medal (400 block of Chelten for a few years). We attended Immaculate Conception parochial school. Every friday afternoon we would go over to the church for the stations of the cross, and every week some kid would either vomit or pass out in the church, we couldn't wait to see who the next victim was, praying it wasn't one of us.. Some of the nuns stick out my my mind Sister Vera (4th grade), and Sister Regina Patrice (8th grade), she was the best. My sister Nancy and I were volunteer Candystripers at Germantown Hospital for a few years. We went to Cardinal Dougherty High School, Nancy '68. We moved after my sisters graduation, and I graduated from Lansdale Catholic '69. Germantown was a great place to grow up. Most of our friends went to the same schools, everyone knew each other and we had a great sense of community. I often think of all the fun we had and all the great family names; Gallagher ( my cousins), Griffin, Monaghan, Crawford, Ryan (my relatives), McCaffrey, Nash, Flanaghan, Cantwell, Balutis, Madden, Willauer (willhauer?), McGovern, Keefe (owned the candy shop on the corner of our block, gave out candy apples every Halloween), and many more. My sister would often meet up with friends at the deli up around the corner of our house. In the mid sixties I was in the Acme and rounded a corner and collided with someone, turned out to be Chubby Checker. In 1955 my grandmother died, in those days the viewing was held in the family home, and all the relatives would stay in the home during that period.. The day of the funeral the water heater caught fire and we all (around 20 of us Aunts, Uncles and kids), had to go across the street to the seminary (500 Chelton Ave., where they gave all of us kid
Susan Gilpin (Medaglia), Germantown 50's and 60's [01-25-2004]

I was at Hershey Park recently and I noticed a plaque on the Carousel that indicated that the carousel was built in Germantown, Phila, PA. Does anyone know where the plant that built it might have been?
Sheila Roos, Born and raised in Germantown. My age is 58 [01-25-2004]

I am interested in the cemetaries and horticulture of Germantown. I live in the Pelham section now at Westview Street. I have always been a history buff. Always willing to learn just a bit more.
Lori M. Hayes, mid-forties lifelong Upper Germantown Resident [01-25-2004]

I am trying to determine if John Jacob Dreiblebis was an indentured servant at Grumblethorpe, he came on the ship Mary from Germany in 1732, do you have any knowlege or directions I could follow to confirm.
Mary Sue Wiedmer, historian in Chester Co. [01-25-2004]

I would like to know who maintains this site, it seems like a good idea that is largly unknown in the area. I am the owner of the ubique "germantown" logo design which was created in 1975. The design features a characteristic of the community in each letter. I'd be pleased to send a message illustrating the design to any who inquires by email. Happy New Year!
Jeff Smith, Germantown native and resident/activist, 57 [01-04-2004]

Born on 10/4/47 at G'twn hospital. Lived at 11 E. Bringhurst St. until 1964 when we moved uptown to Roxbourgh. Attended St. Vincent and Cardianal Dougherty which I graduated in 1965. Miss the diversification and the junk food. Can't get a good hogie or Frank's cherry wishnik out her in Ca. I first girl friend was Linda, nice Italian/Scot girl. I think she is a nurse some where. Spent a few years in the Air Force. I joined in 1966 to escape the draft. So were do I wind up? Nam during the 'Tet . Married the first time to a very strange Polish girl from Kensington. She waited for me for while I was overseas. That was doomed from the beginning. Met a younger woman ithe 1970's. Woke up one day and she was still there so we married. Had two great kids. Moved to Seattle in 1984 for a grat job. The rain got to her and she left for Vegas with the kids. Last Christmas I spent it with the ex,her husband, my son and his girlfriend, my daughter (who is pre-vet at Davis),her boyfriend, two dogs, and the ex-father-in-law and everyone got along. Mom and Dad passed this year and are planted in Montgomeryville. Philly has changed, I miss the 23 trolley, St. Vincent's, Bringhurst before the crack houses, the trips back and forth to school passing the most historic houses in the city. Lot more memories to come. Stay safe. Joe Wray
Joe Wray, San Ramon, CA 56 [01-04-2004]

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