Historic Germantown, Philadelphia
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My early ancesters lived in Germantown in the same street that Gilbert Stuart painted Washington`s famous picture. Later the Ashmead`s owned the barn where the portrait was painted.
Walter H Ashmead Jr, Rochester N.Y.-Age 72 [12-14-2003]

wahrscheinlich werden die meisten nichts lesen können, aber ich bin erfreut darüber, dass es in den usa städte mit deutschen bezeichnungen gibt. ihr habt wahrscheinlich keine deutschen brauchtümer mehr, vielleicht ein paar familien, aber kocht ihr noch deutsch? deutsche feiertage? sowas vermiss ich auf euren seiten leider. noch ein thematischer abschweif: bayern haben keine lederhosen an, unsere frauen keine bärte und wir sind keine nazis, ganz im gegenteil, in deutschland wird der rechtsradikalismus mehr und verschärfter bekämpft als irgendwo anders. diese stereotypen sollten für immer aus nichtswissenden köpfen verschwinden. aber der krieg mit seiner beispiellosen brutalität darf nicht in vergessenheit geraten, damit der einmalig bleibt. ach ja, amerika braucht eine andere umweltpolitik, sonst überlebt die erde nicht mal das nexte millenium.
S.W., altusried/allgäu(bavarian)germany age:19 [12-10-2003]

my great grandfather was one of the first policeman of germantown.his last name was smith his sons were john,howard,jim, i presume one of these sons were named after him uncle hy lived with john j smith in germantown. we lived on wister in the thirtys, wakefield in the fortys and fiftys sixtys have some family in south philly i lived in gonzaga in the early fortyswhere did gonzaga go?
mildred smith elliott, born in germantown hosp 1931 [11-29-2003]

this is great.@ the names and places go running thru my mind, sheldon st,wister st wakefield st,bringhurst st.i spent many years at st joseph gonzaga 910 church lane. many nights i waited for the lamplighter on our front steps, that was special to me. the lyric was a saturday must go.i have been away for manny years but germantown still lives in my heart we were the johnny smith mildred,margie john john and joan. the ambrose cousins are bill bob,jack.joe patsy,margie the old fire house is no more,ladder8,engine12 thanks guys played in wister woods,got water from the spring life was good back then would like to hear from someone germantownn
anonymous, i now live in north carolina [11-29-2003]

born on rubicam ave also sheldon,93 east wister.5246 wakefield, germantown and bringhurst. father john smith children mildred,margie johnny,joan gram came from ireland athen rye mother mildred burlingame lived in gonzaga from 1940 to about 1945 any one care to email me meme@northstat.net i live in trinity n.c.
mildred elliott nee smith, trinity north caro;ina [11-29-2003]

Love this site! I was born and lived in Germantown on Wister,Walnut lane and Baton.My gr grandfather Edward Appel lived on Herman street. he would walk dow and take for ice cream at the corner. My grantparent live on Brian st Archie and Carrie Robertson-Mt Airy.I went to Wister el school and have a picture of a Wister first grade class all dresses in holloween custumse. I am giveing a copy of to this picture to the Histaricle center,It is in 1946 or 1947. I lived near all my relitives and with some of them. My two cuisin use to march on Germantown ave in a drum and bugal from the post on Chelton ave .We would sit and what this parade go by this was the post of our gr grandfather Simon Abey that had been in the Civil War and help to rebuild the secound Baptist church on Germantown ave. Living this close to old and new relitives was great.Civil War name like Oliver Skilton,Alexander Skilton, Charles Idell and more of my Family are on the Market Square Post on Germantwon ave.My mother and father gr from Germantwon High 1939.I went to Wister,Falton,Roselvet jr high.
Judith Robertson, born Germantown Hosp.1941 [11-25-2003]

I have many relatives from Germantown dating back to 1840.Charles Barnes was the first of my line arriving from Nottinghamshire,his son John married Elizabeth Price also of Germantown.John's grandson John married Rose Wilchinsky of Chelten Ave. Her home was the orignal rectory for Immaculate Conception Church and served as her fathers bird store from 1915 to 1960.By 1980 they were all out of the area.Germantown names associated with my family Barnes,Wilchinsky,Lambe,Mc Cool,Kiker,Price,Dillon,Hamill,Dougherty,and Holodnak.Streets they resided Chelton,Price and Haines.
Jack Barnes, 6th generation decendent from germantown [11-17-2003]

my name is ashely and i am the daughter of charles and roseann (fasy) prozzillo. they speak about great memories growing up and are still in contact with many people of that time. we now live in fort washington, pa now but they grew up at 462 and 463 mechanic street - i know my dad grew up somewhere on magnolia when he was younger. if anyone would like to take a trip down memory lane please email me and i will pass it onto my parents - thanks a lot - ashely kearsley (prozzillo)
ASHELY KEARSLEY (PROZZILLO), daughter of charles and roseann(fasy) prozzillo [11-07-2003]

Trying to get a hold of William Weaver, Dickie Offerman, William Miller, Barbra Fazy,Linda Hodge, Joan Boyce .
Raymond Garand, Looking for any body from Blue Bell Hill ! [10-31-2003]

Can anyone direct me to an old map of Germantown? I have assumed that some street names have changed or no longer exist, as I have had trouble finding the residences of ancestors in the 1900 census. Thank you for any help. Jo
Jo O'Rourke, I am writing a book about my husband's and my family; i.e. geneology in the context of the city and it's history. [10-31-2003]

i can't believe you have this site i lived on the 500 block of walnut lane off of belfeid ave went to immaculate conception school.everyone new each other and took care of each other germantown and philly were the best place to grow up. does any one remember waterview recreation center
patty-anne butler -brown -obiedzinski, moved to fl. 3yrs ago 65 yrs old [10-30-2003]

trying to locate my friends from germantown and blue bell hill
raymind garand, relocated to fla. in 85 [10-30-2003]

I live in Misawa and want t0 kn0w m0re haunted places here.
amanda, 15 [10-13-2003]

Why don't you put HOW TO GET HERE on map so that we could find German Town???? From the freeways or Toll ways???
anonymous, From Calif. Visiting Son [10-12-2003]

Was born and raised in the Germantown area, went to St Vincent elementary school, went to all the dances in the area, also went to Duva's luncheonette, have wonderful memories of friends from Cowtown and Brickyard area, would love to hear from you .
Joan Farrell [10-12-2003]

I loved this site. i lived in Germantown in 1966-67-68 in a home called St Joseph Gonzaga spelling maybe wrong on the Gonzaga, I remember Nuns running the home, can i please get any information on this place, is it still there? if not,what has become of it?? PLEASE any information i would so appreciate. thanks, Jeanie
Jeanie, age 47, live in rockland Maine [09-29-2003]

went to st vincents grad 51 anybody from the old neighbor still around.would like to say hi
bob farrell, 66yrs old north catholic 55 lived at 5724 knox st. [09-29-2003]

i moved from Price Street in 1985, but whenever I think of home, I think of Germantown. When I go back to visit Germantown, everyone is gone - and that's what made the neighborhood. I certainly miss the people but have been in contact with many throughout the years. I still go the the Miraculous Medal Novena every Monday and gives me the feeling of being home again!
daniel difrancesco, dresher, pa. 67 years old [09-29-2003]

There is an excellent Symposium on Abraham Lincoln:The War President at Hatboro High School all day Sat.Oct.18 Excellent speakers:James Paradis,Steven Wright,Mark Neely,Alan Guelzo and more. Cost is $50($25 for students)including all meals,CW music,and door prizes! contact:http://ulcwrt.com or oct2003amart@yahooo.com or 215.443.7632(E) 215.302.737.9482.
Sanford P Sher, Resident of Chestnut hill Civil War Buff [09-24-2003]

I am from St Vincents Parish.Knox and Chelten. Would be nice to hear some news from people I knew from the old neighborhood.
bob farrell, bustleton. age 66 retired cop [09-24-2003]

i am a direct descendant of Pastorius, and i am trying to find out any information possible about him. if u have anything e-mail me at batslave666@yahoo.com
Tucker, Tx, [09-14-2003]

Is there a scheduled tour or a way to schedule a tour of historic Germantown?
Vickie Melvin, Live in Mt. Airy (about 30 yrs.), Social Work Admin. in Germantown (Foster Care) [09-14-2003]

Seeking information on Christ Bible Presbyterian Church in Germantown - during 1950-60s. My husband grew up in Germantown.
Diane, Milton, FL [09-11-2003]

under edmund randoloph in the second paragraph u siad he was the gov. of virgina u might want to add an "i"
will, greensboro, nc 16 [08-23-2003]

My (I THINK) 5TH gr. grandfather was Jacob Scheimer; his 2nd wife (in America) was Margaret Papen. Margaret was the dau. of Elizabeth Rittenhouse Papen; Elizabeth was the dau. of William Rittenhouse. So much is written about William, but except for the name of his son, I cannot find anything personal--like who was his wife and where was Elizabeth born. Can you give me some idea where I might find that? Thank you so much and thanks for a wonderful and informative website!
Judy, family historian - roots are in PA/NY but living in TX [08-08-2003]

Moved to Germantown in 50s and was well schooled in all the historic sites. Went to old and new Wistar school, Germantown, Naval Academy and later LaSalle. Remember Duva's, Trinity dances, New Lyric, The Colonial, Band Box, and Boys Club... St. Stephens, and all the rest. Amazing how time passes and so much remains the same. Thanks for the memories ---
Jim Johson, 58 yr. old attorney, living in Florida [08-04-2003]

I lived at 5042 Portico Street and went to St Francis School, graduated from there in 1949. I now live in Minnesota but I have never found a neighborhood like that one in Germantown. The people were great and I have wonderful memories of growing up there.
Patricia Melody, Born and raised in Germantown - now living in Minnesota [07-26-2003]

Remember the Knights of Columbus and Immaculate Conceptions yearly fairs? Listening to WIBG (I only have eyes for you-There was a Spanish Rose-Blue Moon-Could this be majic always in the background playing? Remember the "Boat neck shirts" Palmolive grease in my hair,tight T-shirts,the "GreenMan" at the tracks of Waterview? Germantown High,20 guys trying to harmonize,20 guys in detention;19th and Cheltenham "Lee's Hoagies",Sunny Honey on Stenton Ave.,Big Boys. You all get the picture,Oldies but Goodies...... The Laz!
Little Nicky Lazaro, Presently live in Cape May but grew up in Germantown on Morton St. [07-11-2003]

I was raised in Germantown, 462 Mechanic Street. Remember The Crinitis, Innunizis, Quains, Tratolia, Nickie Boy, Bracken, Bylets telling stories on the corner next to the fire alarm box, (Mechanic and Magnolia), Jack Laroo, Playing in the "LOT",stick ball, pimple ball, Genedene Pop??? who sat and guarded the Fire Hydrant, The Bunk, Chinney, Sicolie??, Cashans Grocery store, Sister Angelus, Miss Sandy Crossing Guard, Alter Boy Duty, K Burke, Orpheum Theater, Waterview, Montelones, DeAngelo, Barbardos, Haines St Gang, Somerville Gang, Gussies Junk Yard, Scarpello, Fumaria, Ellis, Scarpello, Noble's Water Ice, SYlvies Steak Shop, and Hunts on Haines street. My Step-parents were the Prozzillos (both deceased). I went to Our Lady Of The Rosary School. I did meet a great family who took me under their wing. They were the Tartagliones on Musgrave St. We had tons of fun at the "CAVE", but that is a story for another day.
Ed Farrar (Bommie), Currently Live in Virginia [07-10-2003]

My great grandmother was a Rittenhouse of Philadelphia who is said to be related to the original Rittenhouse family. Her granddaughter had a coat of arms and had painted a picture of the Rittenhouse home. Does anyone know if there is still a publication from Rittenhousetown or how to research the family line? KG
Karen Grosby, university administrator [07-10-2003]

My family moved to Philadelpia in the late 1800s. They arrived in America in 1635. My grandfather was in the cabinet of four Mayors of the City. I lived in Chestnut Hill and Germantown and was baptized at Trinity Lutheran Church on Germantown Ave.I loved Germantown and Germantown High. I remember us all cheering on Bill Cosby as he started his career. Look where he is today !Just wanted to say Hello to the school and wish the best to you all.I brought my daughter back in 1999 to see my old school and to take a few photographs. Unfortunately they were lost during our return.......so, I never did get a photo of my old school and the stadium in Oak Lane. We lived near Washington Street and Bellevue Ave, on McMahon Street.
Ernest Hatton, Winter Park, Florida age 65 [07-02-2003]

Loved Germantown & its small town But big-city feel. Friendly neighbors, similar customs-food-families etc. On 400 Block of Cosgrove St. my granparents,2-uncles/aunts, and we lived; with other family members within a 5-block radius. All the Dasconio & Cozzi's. Then there was "hanging" @ Gemantown & Chelton-Lintons Rest-Brills Poolroom, and all the musicians I grew up & performed with.
MICHAEL DASCONIO, high & magnolia area [06-24-2003]

just last sat.june 21 we had a st.vincent picnic at one of our classmates house and had a great time we try to keep our old friends in touch with each other.i told some of them about the web site .i spent a lot of time as a kid in brills pool room and at chew & chelten and at lintons at germantown& chelten.if any remembers me or any from those places let me know i'm 55
GREGG STRIANO, born in germantown 131 rittenhouse st also lived 633 e woodlawn ave. [06-24-2003]

I was born in Germantown in November 1952. I am a second generation Italian-American whose grandparents and great granparents settled in Germantown upon their arrival in the US. I was the 3rd generation to attend Our Lady of the Rosary School along with my 3 brothers and sister. Both my parents and my paternal grandmother attended the same school. I lived on the same block as most of my aunts uncles and cousins. In the 60's we actually had 4 generations of my family living on the same blocks at Mechanic & Magnolia strrets. My entire family lived in Germantown until well into the 70's. My neighborhood was predominately Italian-American with some Irish and Black families. The beauty of it all was that we did not separate by color. G'town was always an integrated neighborhood and we did not treat our black friends any different. The only difference was that they were not Italian. You couln't go anywhere in the neighborhood and get in trouble. Somebody always knew who you were or what family you belonged too...you were somebody daughter, niece or grandchild so you were sure that somebody would tell your family if you did something you were not suppose to do. Our summers were filled with playing stickball in the streets or going to Waterview playground to play. I learned to play softball there under the coaching of Miss Marcy. I played varsity in high school and played softball competitevly until my early 40's. We were cvolled off by asking Jack La Rue Cantiello to turn on the fireplug for us or we went to the pool at Waterview. Winters we'd go sleding down the hill on Magnolia Street from Washington Lane down to Hianes St, with somebody watching for traffic at High and Magnolia. I wouldn't trade my time grwoing up in Germantown for all the money in the world!
karen cerrato, I'm 50 years old, a college graduate working in Marketing and Advertising and live in Montgomery County. [06-23-2003]

still live in philly still in contact with a lot of old GTN>people going to a ST. VINCENT reunion today
gregg striano, still in PHILLY age 55 (chew& chelten) [06-22-2003]

one of the best known spots in germantown. it was a steak & hoagie shop where guys and girls met and shared stories from day to day. it was owned by my wife's uncle joe casciano. "known as joe buck to everyone". this was in the fifties and sixties.

Through my father's genealogy research, I believe that I am a descendent of the Philadelphia Whartons, some of whom settled in Germantown. Specifically, we believe that we come from Captain John Wharton, cousin of Charles (the first Wharton in Germantown, at Bellevue). Unfortunately, we do not have too much information about this John -- does anyone have any genealogy information about his descendents? It would greatly help to close some holes in our family tree!
Joshua Wharton, 24 year old Mount Airy resident [06-12-2003]

My Grandfather was affectionately called the Mayor of germantown, his name was James beatty from Ireland, he was a contractor with drop bottom wagons and many many teams of horses. They (Myfathers family) went to St Vincents on price street, however I was raised in lower germantown and went to St Francis of Assisi at Green & Logan, I joined the Germantown Boys Club at age 5 or 6. My house was around the corner from Wister Playground, where I spent a lot of time. I also spent a lot of time in Wister woods. My best friend growing up was Johnny Markee, & Bobo Nines. If there is anyone from back in the day, get in touch. I was given this web site by Bruce Lawless also from Germantown.
vincent Beatty Jr., age 58 years, born and raised in Germantown at 315 E Shedaker St. [06-09-2003]

I grew up in the lower section of Germantown. First house was at 5230 Wakefield Street. (Brickyard) Then 69 E. Wister Street. I went to St. Michael's. Hung on the corner of Bringhurst and Wakefield, then Duva's and then Linton's. Remember Leese's Candy Store, Nicoletti's The New Lyric Theatre, The Little Dog House, Albamonde's, Up the Avenue and all the great shopping, Trinity's dances, the Boys Club where girls were welcome and so much more. Loved that town. Would love to hear from someone from the same time and place. My last name was Martinelli and I am related to the Granozio's and Lawless's
Sheila Roos, Mechanicsburg, PA, age 58 [06-08-2003]

Born Gtn Hosp. Lived on Hansberry St. across from Gtn Cricket Club's high stone wall--used for wall ball/over which we hit stick-ball home runs; fond memories of music from Club (site of college prom)& glimpses of tennis Tournaments from 2nd floor window. Lamplighter w. ladder lighting street lamp, 1940's; hitching post for horses. St. Francis of Assisi school, 5 yrs; home through Happy Hollow. Baseball, tennis: Fern Hill Park. Full day of features, cartoons, serial ("The Scorpion!") at Wayne Ave. theater; Roy Rogers movies, New Lyric; first date at Orpheum. Long walks home fr La Salle College & running/walking through nearby East Falls, past Queen Lane Sta., reservoir & Grace Kelly's old home, Henry & Coulter. Used to joke that Germantown of my youth was neighborhood of trees, old ladies & cats but I feel fortunate to have lived there.
John Murray, 62; Feasterville, PA; lived in Gtn. 30+ years [06-07-2003]

thank you for the great site. i walked by these places regularly for many years. i have always enjoyed the history of germantown. when i was a small boy living on wakefield st.,i always played in an old grave yard behind st. stevens church. the church is located between wister st. and ashmead st. it was never fenced or maintained. i remenber all the grave stones dated back to the 17 th century. i hope that site is protected. are you aware of this site? it has not been maintained for many years. i wish it had been because of all the history there. the other burying grounds have been fenced and maintained for many years.
BRUCE LAWLESS, i lived at 59 e wister st and bringhurst and wakefield st for many years. [06-06-2003]

there was a Dehaven family that lived in the Mt.Airy section of Philadelphia.A fellow I once knew was well acqainted with some members of the family.His name was Harry Shedler,who also lived in Mt.Airy
joe weierbach, retired,living in Mmohawk valley,Ny [06-04-2003]

My father - Charle Hug - was born in 1909 on Maplewood (where the Maplewood "Mall" is now ) and my grandfather - Nicholas Jacob Hug - who came from a small farming village in Germany around 1883 - owned and operated the largest barber shop / hair dressing salon in Germantown from about 1898 to the 1920's. He had afew locations - at different times - all on Germantown Ave - but one was in the old "King of Prussia Inn" which I think is long gone... He supposedly had the first neon sign "Hug The Barber" in Germantown... My grandmother had -at one time - a "doll hospital" on the 2nd floor of my grandfathers shop...
Walt Hug [05-27-2003]

Family lore tells me that my ancestors lived and had businesses in Germantown. My gr.was in a family business called the SEVEN BROTHERS MOVING COMPANY or Rhoads Moving.The family had a disagreement. Some members stayed with the business, others moved away. My gr.grandfather John Rhoads, moved away. The family was well educated. For example, my grandfather John E. Rhoads attended Doylestown University (Part of Penn State?) and his aunt Elizabeth "Betty" Rhoads taught college classes there. The depression changed my grandfather's situation. The family began to move around ending up in Corning, New YOrk. I would love to learn more about the life and times of my ancestors in Germantown, PA.
Rita Rhoads Maury, Descended from Rhoads in Germantown [05-25-2003]

I am quite interested in Germantown and the Rittenhouse history. My father always said that the Rittenhouse name was Pennsylvania Dutch--not German..I think he may have been right.
Teri Rittenhouse Starkebaum [05-22-2003]

when did george washington begin fighting in the war?
hannah, 11.f.texas [05-22-2003]

I was baptized at Trinity Lutheran Church on Germantown Ave.and lived on Cliveden St. I would like to have a photograph of the old church and thought maybe there might be one on this Site. My mother's family, John Potter, arrived in 1635 and settled New Haven, CT. My father's family, Melcher/Melchior, I think may have been distanctly related to the Muhlenbergs. I worked in the Muhlenberg building for the Lutheran Church when I was a young man.If anyone has a photograph or picture of Trinity Lutheran Church, Germantown I would love to have a copy.
Ernest Hatton, Orlando, Florida [05-14-2003]

I believe there is a beautiful Red Bud tree on the grounds of Grumblethorpe and I have always wanted to know he official name of the tree. It is Cercis Canadensis. Just thought I would share this with you.
B fisher, Teacher at Wister School [05-02-2003]

My family is doing some geneology research, and I am trying to track down my paternal great-grandmother. I have had no luck whatsoever; she disappeared when my grandfather was about 2, and no one knows what became of her. In fact, except for my grandfather's birth certificate, I've found no other evidence that she even existed. All I know is her name was Christina Anne Nicolai, and that she listed Germantown as her hometown when my grandfather was born at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. I know that geneology is not the purpose of this website, but if you could give me a push in the right direction that would be great. I'm sure you can imagine, being stationed in Japan makes the research even more challenging!
SSgt Stephanie Csornok, Misawa Air Base, Northern Honshu, Japan [05-02-2003]

I am disappointed that there is absolutely no mention of the dehaven family in the settling of phila. surely you have go on site and seen there influence in the area. From the german reform church to the military service of the revolutionary war. This needs to be corrected
michael c dehaven, ormond beach, fla age 44 [05-02-2003]

Thomas L. Blaker(Indianapolis) your email addy bounced. I am also descended from Johannes Bleicker, I would like to correspond.
Shelby Price, Alablama [04-24-2003]

I have been a resident of my present location for nearly five years, having frequent use of the R8 CH West/Fox Chase line. The seemingly, long-abandoned Tulpehocken Station is the only untouched edifice along the CHW portion of the line, with other stations (Upsal, Carpenter, etc) having exeprienced their renaissance. Keeping in line with the Neighborhood Transformation Initiative, can someone give guidance as to the proper contact of addressing the problem of this eyesore in an otherwise attractive area, beyond SEPTA themselves? Thanks!
Nicole Blango, Germantown native [04-15-2003]

Am starting genealogy research on my parents families. My mother, Geraldine (Whalen) Reiner and her sisters lived in an orphanage in Germantown, PA. She has always referred to it as Gonzaga but I cannot find any data on it. She lived there from when she was four til 17 or 18. Any info provided would be deeply appreciated. Thanks, Gail
Gail (Reiner) Marker, Lighthouse Point, FL Mural Artist [04-15-2003]

Since Fern Hill Park would not exsist without Louis Clapier How about mentioning Louis Clapier on your site. Thank you in advance.
Randolph, son of Eleanor, http://www.spfld-museum-of-art.org/collection/smoa07.html [04-15-2003]

I was born in GT hospital in 1942 I went to st michaels the boys club duvas littions played ball in wearins and the church yard on coulter st Hung back brickyard HAD A 1955 CHEV.Had a lot of good friends I lived on lena st DOMINIC "ROCK"
DOMINIC "ROCK", 61 nj [04-07-2003]

I don't have a thought, just a question. Im getting married next year and I was told about the center in the park which is located in the mists of vernon park. I wanted info on how I could get pricing for renting the center in the park for a few hours. Is this the right site?
sharmon, I live in germantown-old stenton ave. [04-02-2003]

I would like to know if there is any refurbishing of Fern Hill Park, in Lower Germentown. This was originally a larger estate and was owned by Louis Clapier, my 5 great grandfather. He came from France. How can I find out about maintenance on this park. I am just past 60 years of age.
Eleanor Monks, 7 generations of my family lived in Germantown [04-02-2003]

Thank you, This site has a clear and consise history of Germantown. I've been researching Germantown for a book I am writing. I have supplimented information I found at the Germantown Historical Society with information I found on your site. Thank you.
Jane Rodgers, Glenside, PA, 50 years young [02-19-2003]

When we were kids(30's and 40's) a house,we called it a Mansion,was on the corner of Walnut La.and Morton sts.It was vacant during our time and said to be haunted!Sometimes at night standing by the Iron fence that surrounded the entire property a light would be seen glowing in a window in the top steeple.Needless to say we never checked!It was a grand old house even to see it in the period i mentioned.Always wondered what history it may have told?
joe weierbach, Mohawk valley NY [02-10-2003]

Great Site!
Georgia Conard Riley [02-10-2003]

when guest visit your hostoric site, they should have a list of places to dine while there in mt airy like,for example check out independace hall site, or if such list exist please add little jamaica 22 e mt airy phila pa 19119 215-247-9900
ricardo, little jamaica 22 east mt airy [01-25-2003]

you said that grumblethorpe was built in 1744 by John wister but i went to his biography and it said he was born in 1829! please help me with the correct dates of another John wister if there was one! thanx!
mariah barstow, philly 12 [01-22-2003]

where was the Cardeza Estate in Germantown.
joe weierbach, 74-retired [01-22-2003]

charlene, ifdohg895hg` [01-22-2003]

I attended St. Edwards school located between 7th & 8th on York sts. in Philly from 1957 to 1962 or 63. I've been trying to find a list of the names of my graduating classmates. My teacher was Mother Mary Clement. If anyone has any info it would be greatly apprciated. Thank you
Robert Rivera Jr., N.C., I'm 54 [01-20-2003]

my mother is a Pastorius,,,,decendant from Francis Pastorius,,,I am proud to see written down for future generations our family history,,,Germantown is indeed remarkable,,
Linda Dupuis, Canada [01-20-2003]

I'm trying to find information about a company that used to operate in Germantown on Belfield Ave. The company was called Thomas Mills & Bro. It existed from the early 1800's to about 1940. The business was like a machine shop. As I understand it, that part of Germantown was industrial. I also want to know where exactly it was located?
T Zapalac, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania [01-17-2003]

I have been looking for information on The White House Gallery of Official Portraits of the Presidents. They are in a blue colored binder which contains portraits of presidents washington thru taft attached to the front of each portrait there is an informational page. it's copyright is 1901 by, the gravure company of america incorporated down below that copyright date is another that says copyright 1912, by the bureau of national literature syndicate publishing company any information on these would be appreciated. are they rare valueable?
amy grove, ohio [01-17-2003]

would like to e-meet the other Patricia McWhorter you have there
Patricia Allyn McWhorter [01-17-2003]

all questions, statements, and inquiries are welcome aboutBLAKER family. my branch blosommed in greenecounty,penn.in the waynesburg and carmichaels area's.over the last 300 year's. any information going back to johannes bleicker is welcome.thanks-tom blaker
thomas l. blaker, indianapolis, ind. [01-08-2003]

Thank you for such a wonderful webpage! It was so organized and informative and it gave me excellent points for a project. Thanks a lot!
Faust, student [01-05-2003]

i am a happy relative of johannes bleicker. my father was born and raised in carmichaels, pa.he is now buried in laurel pointe cem.in carmichaels, pa.i am named after his father t.l. blaker who was born in frostyrun, pa on september9,1860 and died in carmichaels on february17, 1929. he is buried in garrard-fort cem.in waynesburg, pa. t.l.blaker was married to cora l.[montgomery]blaker on june3, 1903. his father john blakersr.was married to a mary munion, not a fordyce in 1800 greenecounty, pa.
thomas l. blaker, indianapolia, indiana-blaker tree limb [01-03-2003]

Please can someone tell me how to find out about my Great-grand father James Brade Sword He was a wellknow painter He died in 1915? He lived in Germantown
Johanna C. Greig, Married to George W. I am 75 and live in Sayre,Pa [01-02-2003]

I was born and raised on Church Lane near Germantown Ave., I am anxious to know what has happened to the Market Square Presbyterian Church that I attended while a youngster? Also, can you offer some information about that site that had Historical significance? Thank you for your attention!
Jack A. Sariego, Phila. Pa. 70 years [01-02-2003]

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