Historic Germantown, Philadelphia
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What are the names of the 13 families that came over with Pastorius?
Joy Gabriel, Lakeport, CA [12-27-2002]

Do you have any further information on Concord School's first master, John Grimes, as to how he was chosen for the position and where he came from?
John H. Grimes, historical/genealogicalresearcher [12-23-2002]

An historical family document indicates that my ancestor Jacob Gallager was killed in the battle of Germantown, Oct. 1776 (note no 'h' in Gallager). My parents a number of years ago had seen a museum display/painting regarding this battle with the name Jacob Gallager listed and jokingly wondered if it was any relation due to the same (uncommon) spelling, well, it was. I wonder if he is buried in either the upper or lower grounds. Any information or guidance would be appreciated. GJG.
gregory gallager, manchester, ct. b.1950 [12-22-2002]

How about adding a map to the site with numbered locations of all points of interest you describe?
Bob Keeler [12-22-2002]

Looking for information on Abraham H. Hottenstein and Fanny Barrows who were from Germantown, PA.
Elizabeth Holly, New Castle, DE [12-14-2002]

I need your help I have a paint of a lady it has gilbert as the artist on it can you help me please and thank you for your time .
steven landrum, 31 [12-14-2002]

I had to do a very hard social studies essay about the Battle of Brandywine and you helped me a lot!!!!!!!!!!!! It had to be 1,000 words!!!!!!!!!Thanxxxx
Mary Lizzbeth Snowgrass, I live in Oak Ridge,TN. I am 10 years old. [11-02-2002]

There was once a book that was printed in 1901 that contained sketched portaits of the President's from Washington to McKinley. The Title of the book was The white House Gallery of Official Portraits of the Presidents Published by The Gravure Company of America New York and Washington. 1901 AND 1906, does anyone know where a copy might be, and if there are any for sale. I have looked on the Web continuously I can not find any information on this book. Can anyone give me knowledge of where I might locate a copy of this book or about this book.
Donny Pena, 43, Waco, Texas History TEACHER [10-31-2002]

We tried to send you information on our symposium and exhibition on historic quaker meetinghouses but the mail was returned to us. If possible, we would like to have the mailing addresses for UPSALA, and the Concord Schoolhouse, so that we can let you know about the exhibition that is currently going on at the Athenaeum, and for future events. If there is a complete list of mailing addresses for your organization that is easily sent; we would very much appreciate that. Thank You, Geoff (assistant to Peggy Morscheck, Director of the Quaker Information Center)
anonymous [10-21-2002]

This is a very very informational site. It's also fast and easy and you also have a map that you can click on. Great site.
Chelsea Eickert, 13 Gooselake, Iowa [10-16-2002]

I have been trying for years to learn the burying place of Andris and Anneke Souplis. One "lister" says they are buried in "Friends Cemetery", Germantown. Is there a list anywhere which gives the names of the buried, either at the Upper or Lower Grounds? Any help is most gratefully appreciated ! ! !
DORI PARSONS, Widow, 75 yrs of age, 50+years resident of So Calif, born & raised in s.e. PA, [10-16-2002]

I understand there may have been a Von Graff in the Continential Army during the Battle of Germantown. Can you help me locate information on him? Thank you
Georg R. Graeff [10-07-2002]

I'm trying to find out more about an ancestor, George Stevens, who was supposed to have been killed in Chews Churchyard during the Battle of Germantown. I would appreciate any help, thanks! Glenna
Glenna Marshall, Torrance, California [09-28-2002]

this place is awsome i loved it
cartman, south park, 13, fat [09-28-2002]

i went to st michael of the saints school on germantown . i was a menber of the germantown boys club from 1940 to around 1954 . played soccer and baseball .went to st vincents dances every friday night as a teen .use to hang out on miller storages steps on germantown avenue . got home made ice cream at youngs candy store . worked at the famous food market on germantown ave and queelane .went in the service in 1954 to 1957 came home and hung at duvas restaurant on germantown and coulter streets for a few years . got married and move to willow grove .
frank, lived on lena street,between coulter and penn street.from 1939 to 1957 my age 67. [09-28-2002]

I am in negotiations to purchase from an antique dealer a 100 page accounting ledger of a house which was built on the corner of main and clevedon, on the Chew grounds. The ledger has a full accounting of the building of a house and stables, with drawn fold-out plans. I would appreciate any info that anybody can give me on this. From what I can make out, a Horace H. Soule was either the builder or owner of the house. Perhaps he worked on the Chew family estate and was building himself a house. Perhaps the Chew family owned the house, and soule was just the builder, but not the purchaser. Its a great ledger that must be worth more than what I am paying for it. Can anybody give me any more info?
Marc Smilen, age 34. antique collector [09-28-2002]

John Jacob Price (John Jacob Preisz) came to Germantown with 20 Brethern in 1719. He acquired 200 acres in Salford township, then Philadelphia. Some how I have been led to understand the original home is still standing. In late October I will be returning to Canada after seeing my Ranger son (Price Smith) at Fort Bragg. Can you give me any leads such as directions to the homestead? I would be grateful. Davis Smith
dais smith, 75 years young, male, U.S. Citizen, living in Canada [09-28-2002]

I really enjoyed this site! My 8th great grandfather is Cornelius Teisen/Tyson, who is referred to in your Upper Burying Ground site. I felt like I was taking a walk back through the time he lived when visiting your site. Thank you for the wonderful information, and great format in which it is presented! Sherri Tyson Hogstad
Sherri Tyson Hogstad, I am 42, and live in Flower Mound, Texas [09-28-2002]

Could someone provide me with information, (or where to get it), regarding an orphanage known as "The Orphan's Home" in Germantown? Thank you in advance
Steven Hoffman [09-13-2002]

I loved your website it was very informative. Parents and grandparents we need to teach our children and grandchildren about our history and the value of our neighborhoods and historical properties. Please lets stop destroying our neighborhoods and our neighbors because we are also destroying our future. Peace
S Fulton, UpperDarby,PA [09-05-2002]

Could you please direct me in the direction for finding some ancesters that were involded in the Rev.War.. George Wentzel, Anthony Armbruster Joanna Charlotte Est, Dr.Est. I believe they lived in Germantown. Joanna helped the cause by warning George Washington 9/12/1777 . Looking for facts and articals. Thank you.
Mrs.Mindy Bruckler, really nice site glad I found it. I got lost in Germantown and didn't know where to find the historical areas. now I know.. thank you. [09-05-2002]

I grew up on Garfield St in the 50's and played many an hour in Hood Cemetery and Wister woods. Thank you for your site, it brought back many pleasant memories. Coincidentally, I now live in Loudoun County VA.
Robert J Gac, Potomac Falls, Virginia [09-05-2002]

I am in need of some information about furniture from the Bringhurst house located in Germantown, as I am a direct decendent of John Bringhurst, (coach Maker to George washington)I own several peices of furniture that he made that have been handed down to me from generation to generation.
Julie Bringhurst Ford, West Chester, Pa [08-23-2002]

I would like to know if Rittenhouse Town has an e-mail address. I would like to know if there are any workshops on papermaking? I am really surprised that these sites have no e-mail address. Thank you for your info
Pat Taylor, Allentown, PA [08-08-2002]

I was born in Germantown hospital on Penn st. when it was still made of wood.I remember as a child at John Wister elementary school, our teacher taking us for a short walk to Grumblethorpe to see the blood stains on the floor,we were awestruck by the history in our back yards,more than once we were taken on a walking history tour by our teachers.
Joe Fazio, Lansdale Pa, 49 . [08-08-2002]

in the 1960s, i attended a catholic school in germantown, pa for girls. the school was similar to a boarding school for girls who actually lived in the hugh school. it was on a large plot of land. the school had catholic nuns who lived on the property (St. Joseph nuns). i think it was called techiqueta--the spelling is not correct. does anyone know anything about this school? i have been told that it was a school whose girls where referred by social services.
mocha, request for information [08-08-2002]

ENOS, germantown [07-24-2002]

I had a grandfather who was born here in 1856 His name is john henry delaway, he raise 3 children betty,pete,dora. we was wondering where he lived and where he died. and how he lived. do you have any old papers on the times he lived there. he lived in a town called fruitvale in 1910 . so i would appreciate anything you could help.that's all the information i have .
Benjre Neff, waynesburg,pa 63,granddaughter [07-12-2002]

I am looking for descendants of Benjamin Chew, Chief Justice of the Province, born 29 Nov. 1722. My Father, Benjamin B. Kirtland, who was born in 1871, was the son of Rebecca Chew Kirtland and Albert Buchanan Kirtland. I am wondering if my Grandmother is descended from Benjamin Chew.
Ann Copley, Live in Maine [07-10-2002]

I just visited my grandmother in Indiana. We were going through some old stuff of hers. We found an article on Francis Daniel Pastorius. She was told that my family are direct decendants of him. If you have any information about Francis Daniel Pastorius, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
Kelly Johnson, i am 14 [07-10-2002]

My children are direct descendants of William Dewees. We are descendants of the branch that lived at valley forge when the Continental Army wintered there in 1777. My 12 year old son and 17 yeat old daughter are very interested in this and came up with the idea of heading up a project that would involve local schools doing research on the different families of Valley forge. Please let me know who I would contact about this project. With Best Regards, Barbara Dewees
Barbara, I am a direct descendant of William Dewees [06-10-2002]

My son-in law is John Mitchell Deshler of the Deshler family heritage. We have been researching his family history for my two grandchildren so that they will know their family heritage. I need as much information as possible on the merchant david Deshler who built the Deshler-Morris House. If anyone has any historical information on this man, where he came from, and what his family's history was, please e-mail me or write to me at: Patricia McWhorter/1969 S. Semoran Blvd. Orlando, Fla. 32822. It would be greatly appreciated by two adorable little boys who deserve to know their family history. Thank-you.
Patricia McWhorter, 48 yrs old, Orlando, Fla. [06-05-2002]

Audra, I'm 11, Audrasn@aol.com [05-05-2002]

Beautiful,fascinating website. I am trying to find out if it is possible to get ahold of a list of soldiers in the battle of Germantown? I am researching Mordecai Gearhart,he migrated before the Revolution,from Switerland and located in Germantown. Seven of his sons were in the battle of Germantown per LDS microfilm from Salt Lake City,Utah. Adam born about 1750 George born about 1752 John born about 1754 Abraham born about 1756 William born about 1758 Peter born about 1760 Simon born about 1762. He had one son named Philip born 1764 who did not fight in the battle of Germantown. Any information on how to obtain soldiers information would be appreciated. The records I have don't specify whether they were British or American Soldiers, they are of german descent,so it is possible they were fighting for the british.
Nancy Gayheart, Gearhart Family Researcher,49 yrs old Fairfield,Ohio [04-18-2002]

I have a newspaper clipping that references Concord School House and Germantown. Several residents are mentioned by name. It has a pencilled in date of January 1, 1907 and a notation saying it came from the Philadelphia Record. It explains why the school bell did not sound to bring in the New Year, the first time in 40 years it did not ring. This was found inside a book I purchased at an estate sale. The previous owners had lots of Germantown antiques. I know nothing else about it. I felt it might have some historic information that might help someone researching their roots or ancestry. I have a scanned version of the actual clipping if anyone would like me to email them a copy, but here is the text below: OLD CONCORD BELL SILENT FAILED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FORTY YEARS TO WELCOME NEW YEAR For the first time in 40 years the bell on the historic Concord School-House did not ring out the old year nor welcome the new, and Germantown citizens, missing the familiar sound at midnight, inquired anxiously if something was wrong with Jacob Keyser, whose duty it had been for all those years to do the ringing. It was learned that the ceremony had been omitted because of the critical illness of Ellwood Johnson, who is 85 years old, a trustee of the Concord School, and who lives just across the street. Mr. Johnson was the third of his family to be born and to reside in the old Johnson homestead, at the corner of Main street and Washington lane, since it was built by his great-grandfather in 1768. At the age of 16 years he entered the firm of Lippincott, Johnson & Co., wholesale cloth dealers. He is a son of Samuel Johnson, who died 60 years ago, and is of Quaker descent. Mr. Johnson is known by fully one-half the old residents of Germantown.
Loretta, Dallas, TX [04-18-2002]

I was raised in Germantown and played on the Avenue as a child. I recall in '53 when hurricane Hazel hit Philadelphia we were allowed to go out and play, (can you imagine!) The wind was blowing so hard it pinned us against the firehouse wall at Germantown Avenue and Carpenter's Lane. It was great! I became curious about Germantown's history and decided to see what I could find on the Net. This site brought back a flood of memories. Thank you, you've done a marvelous job!!! Also as a child we would look and wonder at the marks left on the buildings by the musket fire from the Battle of Germantown. Being young and uninterested we never realized the history associated with those marks. Oh how I wish I had known. Thanks again.
Barbara Vible-Snively, Winfield, Kansas; childhood resident of Germantown. [04-10-2002]

Are transcriptions of the cemeteries located in the area available? A British ancestor of mine was killed during the Battle of Germantown. I would love to locate his burial site.
Debbie Francis, Genealogist from Houston, Texas [03-27-2002]

Looking for information on the descendants of Lenert Aratts [Arents] who was one of the original 13 settlers of Germantown; he [?and family] came over from London on the Concord and landed there 6 Oct 1683. A variant spelling is Leonart Arets. Trying to see if this family links to the Aaron surnamed men found in both Berks and Lancaster Counties in the mid-1700s. Thanks for any assistance
Judith Arnn-Knight, North Carolina [03-21-2002]

I am looking for information on my Ancestors.that over here from Germany in the 1700 by the name of Anthony Schoppe,I don`t know to much about him. My mothers name is Barbara Schoppe and she was born in Readfield Maine.
Anthony Larracey, Maine, I am 64 [03-21-2002]

I have lived in Germantown forty years plus. It wasn't interesting to read of the history. Who occupies these sites now. I might add: it's a disgrace to see that drugs, blight, trash, dirt hoodlums, run down properties, etc have been allowed to dominate this area in 2002. What SHAME!
margaret [02-27-2002]

am descendant of johannes bliecker, one of 13 familys that settled germantown. would like more imformation on where he and maybe his son samuel may be buried.
t l blaker, indianapolis [02-27-2002]

I have several hundred glass plates, 8x10 and smaller, taken in early 1900s of the Germantown area by what appears to be a teacher, students and fellow photographers associated with local YMCA training schools. I have made several attempts over the last twenty years to find a home for what may be a valuable historical record. So far, no one I have spoken to in "Germantown" has shown any interest. Your thoughts please.
Palmer Paist Jr., retireing photographer [02-14-2002]

I was told that my grandparents are native american, on my mothers side and 3/4 on my fathers. where do i look for more information? how do i know where i belong and trace my roots?
monalisa conklin, born in port jervis, n.y.in 1951 parents, Alva Conklin,dDoris Guyette Conklin [01-30-2002]

I wonder if anyone could tell me if the David Deshler who built this home might have been the David Deshler who came to Franklin Co., AL by the 1850s. My grandmother attended The Deshler Female Institute built for his son, killed in the war.
Jeanie B. McNees, Tuscumbia, Al resident interested in history [01-12-2002]

My ancestor was an immigrant to Philadelphia in 1765, and may have come to Germantown. Wasn't there a welcome center of sorts for Germans, that was new in 1764?
Elaine Alexander, Ann Arbor, Michigan [01-12-2002]

I am working on a research paper about the underground railroad. I have read that the Johnson house was one of the stops for slaves. Do you know when John Johnson was born and died? If there is another website or link about the Johnson's I would like to know. Thank you.
Mikia Muhammad, I am ten years old. [01-12-2002]

how come you only have ONE paragraph about it on the underground railroad!
janny bordon, author age 55 loc. l.a [01-12-2002]

Does anyone know what year the City moved the Street Cleaning Dept.and the horses and stables from the corner property at Tulpehocken st and Germantown ave.My guess would be the early 50's,but not so sure?
joe weierbach, 73 [01-12-2002]

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