Historic Germantown, Philadelphia
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ruth slater, keen genealogist and travel consultant from Australia [12-18-2000]

I am researching a book that tells the stories of families that live in the same historic neighborhoods that their ancestors helped to build. Part of the profits from this project will go to the National Trust for Historic Preservation to restore historic neighborhoods nationwide. I am very interested in contacting individuals whose families have lived in Germantown for several generations. Thank you for any help you can provide.
Jennifer Haupt, Writer at Large [12-12-2000]

I am curious why I find no mention in history of the Dewees family of Germantown and Valley Forge. Wilhelmina Dewees Married Nicolas Rittenhous, their second mill funded and owned by Dewees family till sold. Col. William Dewees's home and forge destroyed and used by Gen. Washington at Valley Forge. They certainly had a heavy influence on the founding of Germantown and surrounding area and history of it. But I never see any mention of the name anywhere. Why?
Linda Hoffman, Tucson, AZ, age 50 [10-28-2000]

I visited Germantown a few years ago. It was to see St. Michael's Lutheran Church. I was surprised it wasn't on your itinerary. Anthony Jacob Henkel (my direct ancestor) came to America in 1717 and founded the first church--I'm not certain when the present church was built. There is a large plaque inside honoring his service. The graves of both Rev. Henkel and his wife are buried just outside the entrance to the church. It is on the corner of Germantown Avenue and Phillaenna Street. Anthony Jacob Henkel and many of his Henkel descendants have served the Lutheran church in America throughout the years.
Virginia Hassenflu, Senior citizen (78) in St. Augustine Beach, FL [10-09-2000]

Jordan, Fl, 17 in high school [10-09-2000]

Spent an afternoon driving around Germantown on a recent visit to Philadelphia. Too bad so much of this historic area is run down and delapidated. Don't the people who live here care?
Tim Ponstingle, 32 yrs. old. Cleveland, OH [09-27-2000]

i am pleased to see such a fine representation of my 1st home, thank you i have walked all over germantown in my youth and will be bringing my husband to see it this winter.
sonya d. kirk, presently augusta georgia [09-27-2000]

I would lke you to e-mail when is te next reactment of the Battle of Germantown I WANT TO WITNESS THIS EVENT >SO PLEASE HURRY I WOULD HATE TO MISS THIS I AM A LOVER OF HISTOY. SINCERLY THERESE BREDEHOFT
therese bredehoft, 73 linden ave> jersey city new jersey 07305 [09-27-2000]

I hope someone can help me. I am told that in 1776 that America was close to being a German speaking country. Is this true and if so how close was the vote between German speaking and English speaking.
Bertel Lee, Living in Denmark, Age 35 [09-27-2000]

Terrific site. Haven't perused all of it yet but hope to. Always find sites like this fun. Keep up the good work.
S. Brower, Philadelphian. Working on my genealogy. 50y/o. [08-04-2000]

I really enjoy the community that I live in and I would like to learn more about it. I would like the exact location of the Concord School and I would like to know if tours are given.
KIM Y. BRAND, Live in Germantown for the past 6 years, 36 years old, mother and wife. Interested in teaching my children about the history of thier community. [07-31-2000]

For an interesting view of a neighborhood in Germantown along the Monoshone and Wissahickon, owned for many years by the Rittenhouse family, you should check out bluebellhill.org.
David Young, Blue Bell Hill, Germantown [07-22-2000]

would like to hear from anyone who has followed this most interesting case. I have material which I would share.
anne lohr, interested in kidnapping of charles ross-1874 [07-12-2000]

I truly enjoyed touring through this site! My father was born and grew up in Germantown on Wister Street. I have wonderful childhood memories of Sundays at my grandparents house and long walks in Wister Woods after dinner. We are coming to the Philadelphia area nex week to visit and I definately want to make a day of it in Germantown and recall those memories.
Joan Lieser, 60 years of age now living in Knoxville, TN [06-28-2000]

I was born and raised in the Germantown area of Philadelphia. I have lived, worked and played near the historic sites featured in your site. I've lived in various states since leaving Philadelphia for college but Germantown is still and by far the most wonderous place I've ever lived due mostly in part to its historic significance. It is simply fascinating to delve into the history of this beautiful area of Philadelphia via your web site. Your site is exquitsitely designed and a sheer delight to explore.
Karen Kehoe, the Philadelphian who lives in Atlanta, GA [06-16-2000]

Having lived in the Germantown Area for about 18 mo. during the early '40's,(at my Grandads house near Ogontz Ave. on Church Lane), I am amazed to learn of the beautiful and prominent historical sites through- out the area.I had seen very few, although, I remem- ber the Chew House was held open (for tour) during the July 4th Holiday, and that was a great experience.
Lew Berger, Now in Co., age 73, left Phila. to enter WWII [06-03-2000]

your sight was wonderful i loved reading the information and seeing all the architecture learning about the history of our country and ancestors i would love to visit sometime soon thank you for putting it on the web.
linda scheaffer, illinois 48yrs wife mother grandmother [05-02-2000]

Please help me to obtain information on an architect named Mantle Fielding. He is supposed to have designed/built a number of buildings in the Germantown area. Thank you.
p. henry, teacher [03-17-2000]

germantown is philadelphia's best kept secret.i was very pleased to find your web page. do the powers in city hall know or care about you now that the mayoral election is over?
ROBERT SKALER, former member maxwell manison board, co-chairman victorian germatown open house tour [02-25-2000]

I am going to be in Philadelphia for the Republican convention. I will try to get up to Germantown to see the historic sites. It looks fascinating.
John Grimm, Kentucky, U.S. of A. [02-16-2000]

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