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Claude-Anne Lopez reads from "Temple's Diary"

Ben Franklin reads a proclamation from the mayor of Philadelphia, declaring November 16, 2005 "Claude-Anne Lopez Day."

On November 16, 2005, Claude-Anne Lopez, author of "Temple's Diary," joined Ben Franklin (Ralph Archbold), historians, and other Franklinphiles at historic Christ Church in Philadelphia. At the invitation of the Independence Hall Association (owners of ushistory.org), Ms. Lopez traveled from her home in New Haven to introduce this new work, created exclusively for this website. She started by providing a fascinating background to her interest in Benjamin Franklin, and then read selections of the "Diary," followed by a question and answer period. Click on these links to listen to Claude-Anne Lopez.

  1. Claude-Anne Lopez Welcome and background to her interest in Franklin
  2. Beginning of diary: April 7, 1775 plus commentary
  3. Episode 1: April 19, 1775, plus commentary
  4. Episode 1: May 4, 1775, plus commentary
  5. Episode 2: May 6, 1775, plus commentary
  6. Episode 2: May 8, 1775, plus commentary
  7. Episode 3 overview
  8. Episode 5: October 8, 1775, plus commentary
  9. Question and Answer Session