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What Students, Parents and Teachers Across the United States and Around the Globe are saying about the ushistory.org Experience

I think this is an awesome website. It helped me a lot on the school project I am doing in preparation for my trip to Philadelphia. Thanks!
Joe, Washington, DC

I really liked this website. . .I liked it because you didn't just talk about one thing, you talked about many other things . . .I hope you guys keep on adding interesting things about the USA's history. I am proud to be an Indian from India, but as proud to come and live in America.
Laishiya, Akron, Ohio

Your website is outstanding. I am a fifth grade teacher in Georgia. I wish my students had internet access at school so we could visit your site. You all have done a marvelous job in developing your website.
Marie, Georgia

Good amount of info — it has assisted me in my history college exams. Cheers!
Amelia, London, England

As a fifth grade teacher, I find your site extremely valuable. We visit Historic Philadelphia every year, but have limited time, Now I can plan my students' tour more efficiently.
Deborah, Glassboro, New Jersey

I have a group of (5th grade) students who are interested in doing some extra credit by researching the history of the flag and teaching a group of first graders what they learned. Tomorrow, I'll show my students your website. I know they will love it!
Beth, Columbia, Missouri

My teacher was right, this is a really cool site. Thank you for making this site and for giving me a chance to learn about the war. Our books don't tell us as much as you do . . .
Mark, Brookfield, Connecticut

What a wonderful web site! I couldn't find anything in my encyclopedia on the Liberty Bell and was really very grateful that we happened upon you!
K. Peery, Homeschool Mother, Chicago

I need blueprints of the Independence Hall for a school project. Please mail soon. It's due in two weeks!
Jarid, San Jose, California

My daughter and I really appreciate the information on this site. We participate in the YMCA Indian Guides and have used the information to help us in achieving an award as part of our fun in the Guides.
Patricia and Danielle, Clearwater, Florida

I had to do this for school but it was pretty cool!
Aerin, Texas

We were learning about the Liberty Bell in class and wanted to find some information about it. Then we drew pictures and sent them to the USS Kitty Hawk in the Persian Gulf.
C. Nenninger, Yokosuka, Japan

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