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Thank You, Ben Franklin!
Your Experiments Have Led Us to Global Electronic Communication

World's Leading Authority on Benjamin Franklin Creates Historical Website Targeted to Youth;
Site Launches As America Celebrates Last Independence Day Before New Millennium


Independence Hall Association, Leader in creation of Independence National Park in Philadelphia and foremost Internet provider of historical material on the American Revolution

Claude-Anne Lopez, Ph.D., Yale University, Top authority on Benjamin Franklin and author of Mon Cher Papa and The Private Franklin Ben Franklin.

Ralph Archbold, Philadelphia's leading Franklin portrayer

Members of Philadelphia's Historic and Philanthropic Community

Students, History Fans and Patriots Around the Globe


ushistory.org's "The Electric Franklin" Website Launch

"BEN FRANKLIN, Seen Through the Eyes of William Temple Franklin, his Grandson," a narrative of Ben Franklin's experiences as one of America's greatest minds and innovators, told through the journal of his grandson and aide, William Temple Franklin.

One of a congress of ushistory.org websites, with 2.8 million hits per month, commissioned and published by Independence Hall Association.


Thursday, July 1, 1999, 8:30am


The Library in Carpenters' Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Original Location of The Library Company of Philadelphia, The First Subscription Lending Library and Created by Benjamin Franklin


As electronics move America so quickly into the new millennium, how fitting to honor founding father and electrical innovator Ben Franklin on this last Independence Day of the 20th Century. Franklin made many discoveries about electricity, leading to countless advances, especially the creation of an electronic highway to a world of knowledge, known as the World Wide Web.

The Ben Franklin site will allow students of all ages, along with history fans and travelers from around the world, web access to the best sources on this man to whom America owes so much. Young people whose financial circumstances may prevent a visit to Philadelphia can experience this great historic city and learn about the accomplishments of Ben Franklin from the convenience of their school library or classroom computer.

The Independence Hall Association is a non-profit electronic publisher of American historical material on the Internet. Commissioning sites with sources from the world's leading authorities on the American Revolution, the organization is dedicated to educating, inspiring and entertaining students with interactive pages on this most important era in United States history.

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