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I'm proud to live on the "Franklinstraat" in The Hague, Holland. Yes, thanks, also in this time in Europe, there are so many people who know him, also from his writings and when he was staying in Paris. And his humor. And Science. And he was serious interesting in people and how they live together and their life. He was a man of freedom and new ideas, freedom for the mind and mankind. Rare. Actually. Benjamin Franklin was a llright.
Remko Fakkel [11-29-2012]

Deividas [11-29-2012]

I literly love ben
Kevinina, hi city md [11-29-2012] »»»

As an adult, I really enjoyed reading about our history from the viewpoint of a teenager. I read anything I get my hands on about Benjamin Franklin. That said, I had no idea "Temple" existed. Thank you for sharing the Franklin Family with us. I am passing this along to my grandchildren. In particular, my grandsons will love it. Thank you again.
Marie Dixon [11-29-2012] »»»

Congressman today need to revisit who Ben Franklin was and what he stood for especially when it came to standing up for Americans.
Patrick Titler, Rives Junction, Michigan [11-15-2012] »»»

This site helped me a lot on my famous american project.It's fun and smart too.
sarah, age:8 [11-15-2012] »»»

what an awesome site! but - we were puzzled today with our bottles, that when blown the emptier bottles were lower, but when tapped, the emptier bottles were higher - what's happening there?
denise [11-15-2012] »»»

Quiero conocer más de la vida y del pensamiento de Ben Franklin, para aprender como puedo ser más útil al mundo que me tocó vivir
OSCAR CASTRO SANCHEZ, Heredia, Costa Rica. [11-08-2012]

I'm trying to find a link between Ben Franklin's Uncle and the Hudson family. One of his uncles (perhaps Ben) is related to Lucy Ann Hudson and Henry James Hudson.
Marc [11-08-2012] »»»

What an extroardinary mind for his time. There will never be another!
Karma Rohmer, San Diego California [11-08-2012] »»»

Maybe if you add more information about Bens life, more people will use you website
Derek Stone, Very well done [11-08-2012] »»»

i think benjamin franklin is cool and has a very inersting life and did benjaim franklin die yet because it is imporant to me
madalyn, i am 11 years old i am a girl [11-08-2012] »»»

how are you still alive talking to me.
michelle, 10/da'valls bluff [11-08-2012] »»»

Ben Franklen is a intelligent scientist.
eli, 8,Iowa,2004 Febuary14 [10-21-2012] »»»

Elijah blain ethridge [10-21-2012]

I live in Bocas Del Toro,Panama Everyone here and everywhere says I look just like him I am a Quaker from the Fallsington, and Yardley meetings.The joke is I'm on every hundred dollar bill, so it must be mine
cameron taylor duncan, 57years,yardley,pa. [10-21-2012] »»»

l like your webpage
jordan [10-15-2012] »»»

This helped a lot for my social studies test
Clair Collins [10-07-2012] »»»

Thank you so much for providing me with a wealth of information - this site saved my English paper!
S. Koehler [10-07-2012] »»»

Through-out the research I have been doing, I am somehow related to 'the' Franklin family. My DNA linked me to Anne Child and Mary Yates. Iam looking forward to reading The Electric Ben Franklin!
Patti McPherson, age 59, Helena, AL [09-30-2012] »»»

Needed it for my groups project :D lol thanks
Madison [09-30-2012] »»»

Ben Franklin was a large part of our proud history.
Kenzii, 13 years old [09-30-2012] »»»

Thankd! I need this for my Civics report at school that's due in 2 days! Thanks again! I'll recommend you to my friends. ~Olivia
Olivia [09-20-2012] »»»

Benjamin was a great guy.
Drew Keever [09-20-2012]

Ben Franklin was a very great man
James C. Dougherty, Age 25. Philadelphia pa [09-20-2012] »»»

I used this for a civics project it really helped!
sean [09-19-2012] »»»

I used this website to do a project in my school. It helped me a lot i got so much information off of this website, i also learned so much from this website just by itself
emily, 13 [09-14-2012] »»»

Yo. Good website. The video is a bit dated though, might wanna recreate.
This Guy [09-14-2012] »»»

ben franklin is simply a bad ass
Moy [09-12-2012] »»»

Ben always got the most out of flying a kite.
Richard "Dick Kent" Withers [09-06-2012]

As a carriage driver-tour guide in the Philadelphia Independence National Park I am always able to turn to 9 out of 10 Ben when a detour or other event takes me off my normal route and into an area with little to speak of. Mr Franklin was an amazing man and if I needed too I'm certain I could fill an hour just on him. Thanks for this site for adding to my knowledge of this incredibly complex man.
Steven "SARGE" Kelly, Tour Guide - Carriage Driver, Philadelphia Independence National Park [08-31-2012] »»»

great site for a great man
the Young family, homeschooling 5 boys [08-20-2012] »»»

Terry O'Laughlin [08-16-2012] »»»

This is a wonderful site that I'm going to use along with my Common Core extended text, What's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin?
Carla Jemison [08-16-2012] »»»

great man
budholiya damodar, ahmedabad [08-16-2012] »»»

ben franklın world in width banal cad infidel bad man
ERDOĞAN USTA, yes [08-16-2012] »»»

I recently discoverd that ben was a distant relitave and would like to find out any info i can tying him to my family tree .
doug nolf, born erie pa [08-07-2012]

Franklin has been role model for me for many years a book about Franklin called "The Art of Virtue"really captured me for Ben. Many quotes are useful today with all a "smart phones" and other electronic gadgets available for sale and "small" monthly fees for services. Ben says "Small leaks sink Ships" and budgets I might add.
Dan, Littleton CO [07-30-2012] »»»

Great site!
Matthew, 42, Mound MN [07-26-2012] »»»

Thank you for all the information in these pages. As one who portrayes Dr. Franklin I use all the resources I can find to make my shows as real as possible. History Alive Productions
Lloyd Wheeler, Tallahassee, FL, [07-11-2012] »»»

I'm 66 now. I was a Director of NY State Young Americans for Freedom from 1969 - 1972. We elected Jim Buckley on row C only in 1970. ..and we helped set up a guy by the name of Ronald Reagan to eventually become president. We dearly miss Bill Buckley... There's a guy in Texas who needs your help now - his name is Ted Cruz... God Bless You...
Dsve Lockwood, Sr. [07-03-2012] »»»

This was better. Ben F. was our most interesting forefather, the Steve Jobs of his time. Kids today don't learn about him. Too bad. Or do they??
Barb, 70, moved to FL from CT [06-18-2012] »»»

One of the first things I found out about my ancestry, is that Benjamin Franklin is my 7th great grand uncle.
Niels Jensen [06-15-2012] »»»

WE had some big T-Storms here today and some much needed rain as well. All the thunder and lightning put me in mind of the Franklin's experiment 260 years ago this month
jim, springfield mo [06-12-2012] »»»

is he cool
ryan, no [06-06-2012] »»»

traveling to philidelphia this June 14 & 15 so looking up best stops for our 4 kids 17,15,13,11
martha hoene [06-06-2012] »»»

Seath Tellinghusen [06-06-2012] »»»

God give us men and women of vision to shape and reshape our world for the public good
Cyril Umeh, 52 [06-06-2012] »»»

Franklin is a genuis
Mike Noriega [06-06-2012]

Enjoyed your quickie Franklin biography. Please include something about his amorous adventures in Paris. And, please note that most of the "Declaration" was actually penned by Thomas Paine, a very key figure in early America. This has been nicely documented by some commentators, some years ago.
Dr. Halle, Holistic doctor, writer and sometime radio broadcaster in Los Angeles [05-22-2012] »»»

I love the glassarmonica
no name [05-22-2012] »»»

Hes a cool guy i wish he was my dad
Hali Phillips, 12 [05-22-2012] »»»

Benjamin Franklin is an exxxtraordinary and unique man. I love his checker games, and I love playing his game.
Rose [05-22-2012] »»»

asia, 45 [05-22-2012] »»»

Enjoyed learning so much about such an amazing person.Lots of cool info for my project on Ben.
Aaron, Bronx, NY 10years old [05-22-2012] »»»

Ben franklin inspired me to be brave at all costs!
Donovan, 11 years old [05-22-2012] »»»

hopefully hear begjaming voice
tyquan, basketball [04-30-2012] »»»

stephanie church [04-30-2012] »»»

Lots of great information. Interesting man for my biography report.
James, Age 9, Dayton, oh [04-30-2012] »»»

deven, 10 [04-19-2012] »»»

I like Ben Franklin.
Tariyanah Jackson, 9 philly [04-17-2012] »»»

looking up Temples that might be related to from out east and England
Joan Temple Nachtwey, Sartell mn. [04-15-2012] »»»

I don't know very much about him but my favorite thing about him is that he's on the hundred dollar bill. $)
Amy, None! [04-07-2012] »»»

i could of used a little ore information .
Paula Villalba, elizabeth,14 [04-07-2012] »»»

It is an extra-ordinary website to help me know about one of the most important founding figure in US history.
Linda Green, 30ish; oakwood [03-31-2012] »»»

I thought that this website was amazing! I now know that I have a website to go to when I wnant to learn about Benjamin Franklin! I absouleutly love learning about explorers, inventors, and even people of history! It amuzes me!
Casey Gehlken [03-31-2012] »»»

You should make a A-Z part
Carson Downey, I am 9 [03-25-2012] »»»

This so really helped me on my power point dank you
Butterfly Bum, Sandwhich, MA [03-23-2012] »»»

This page didn't tell me much because I'm doing a project and as I was searching I was thinking this page don't tell me much do a little better next time I guess I'm support to say thank you but it didn't help me so good bye and hopefully you will have a succes
Alice [03-21-2012] »»»

he is thebest person ever in the world.thank you
alexandra, 10.north carolina [03-19-2012] »»»

i have a project i'm so worried
kaitlyn, 10 [03-19-2012] »»»

i understand california has taken old ben out of there school history books,sad days.
donald mowry, history makes good reading [03-16-2012] »»»

The autobiography of Ben Franklin is book my mother passed on to me. It is one of the most impactful and profound readings I've experienced in my 59 years. Glad to find it published on-line so I can share it easily. Thank you.
Michael Ferguson [03-14-2012] »»»

I am doing a repot on him
Jacob King [03-12-2012] »»»

I love reading all about Benjamin Franklin I have learned a lot and was very facinated with his Biography..
Terryann Pantous, Im 44 years old and im from Boston but now live in Philadelphia Pa 19135 [03-08-2012] »»»

FRANKLIN, greenville 79 [03-08-2012] »»»

i am gald he made a dollo
AALIYAH, i am 10 [03-08-2012] »»»

this is the best
travis, WindhamME [03-06-2012] »»»

i think your website is inerresting
keirstyn weyers, i am 9 years old [03-05-2012] »»»

I am very impressed with Mr Franklin and happy I,ve incorporated him in my studies.
jamie, West Springfild Mass.. [03-04-2012] »»»

do or die
Cheng Zhang, Shanghai [03-04-2012] »»»

Wisdom invites us all to her house and eternal banquet.Here is wisdom,I am understanding and science dwells in me.Peace on earth!
Jean Chatelain, manhattan [03-03-2012]

im doing this for homework
jasmine, 20 [03-01-2012] »»»

I just Love Benjamin Franklin. He is one of my favorite people in history. This website is great with accurate and awsome information.
Maria Berardelli, Charlotte, NC [03-01-2012] »»»

this is a very good way tolearn about the past my class very much enjoyed it we all say thank you.
Rikki Slickfin, My class thanks you [03-01-2012] »»»

Awesome website!
Lauren [03-01-2012]

hi how are you
anthony [02-27-2012] »»»

He is one man I would love to meet and share his great wisdom. How blessed we all are, because he was born
Lauri Dwyer, Hilliard, Fla [02-25-2012] »»»

great information. I like the different formats that it is presented in
Colleen Muller [02-25-2012] »»»

i love this because it gave me info for what i needed
kaeli anderson [02-23-2012] »»»

jabe, 24 [02-21-2012] »»»

i want to know more about benjamin franklin
zamantha, 90 [02-14-2012] »»»

fascinating reading
judy stock, 66 yrs born in Phila. [02-13-2012] »»»

It is a very biographical term about Benjamin Franklin
Aditya Raj, Austin. 9 years old [02-11-2012] »»»

i love benjamin franklin i am doing a proght on him at school.
shyama grout, age 20 fort walton fl [02-08-2012] »»»

Ben is awsome!
Kate [02-08-2012] »»»

CONNIE WOODRING [02-03-2012] »»»

i wish i can see hem
lashonda brown, 14 la neworleans [01-30-2012] »»»

Ben Franklin- If your spirit is out there right now PRAY FOR THESE UNITED STATES. It is looking like the end of the Republic as you intended it to be
sandra martin [01-30-2012] »»»

Fascinating site!
anonymous [01-28-2012] »»»

Why didn't jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
jenna, loranger la [01-27-2012] »»»

rubtr longtime, male [01-25-2012]

i would like to read more about ben fraklin life
sonya hilliard, 9 buffalo NY [01-25-2012] »»»

if he was alive how old would he be
tosha, 13 [01-25-2012] »»»

SONYA, 9 buffalo [01-25-2012] »»»

I really enjoyed this site and look forward to return to read more for pleasure!
Lynn Adams [01-24-2012] »»»

I love everything on this site! Thanks for sharing!
Ernesto J. Lassus [01-17-2012] »»»

ben was a good man
bryan arena [01-13-2012]

thanks guys this site has been my main sourse for info on old ben,im impressed because you are using vocab kids my age(13) can understand but are still not dumbing down for us. thanks again
rocky [01-12-2012] »»»

this is a dgood thing
deisha [01-12-2012] »»»

sup, i am awesome [01-08-2012] »»»

bom went the lightning
bailee kidwell, 8 [01-07-2012] »»»

this is very interesting
dulce, 9 lawton Ok [01-03-2012] »»»

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