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Benjamin Franklin was a remarkable man. Since I was a young lady and read much about him and his contemporaries, I have always wondered about one thing. How did his son William get the middle name of Temple? I am a Temple and it is a couriousness that I have always had about his son's name but cannot find any reasoning at all, anywhere.
Sherry A. Temple [12-26-2011] »»»

This helps a lot since I'm learning about American revolution in school
Cuti123 [12-26-2011] »»»

Thank you for putting up this site.
David Watts, Purple Heart recipient, from Maine [12-18-2011] »»»

aloha ballesteros [12-13-2011] »»»

KENNEDI MARSHALL [12-12-2011] »»»

this is my second time doing a project on Benjamin Franklin. He was a very interesting man. I am doing a powerpoint for my 10th grade U.S. history I class, hopefully it turns out well. (:
krysta parrell [12-10-2011] »»»

Thanks sooo much, doing a paper on Ben for my big bro.
Elaina Trulock, nj [12-03-2011] »»»

Your cool Ben that's my brothers name but it's benny
Lily [12-03-2011] »»»

we love you we all said that in our school
Emily, 15 new jersey [12-01-2011] »»»

i love him so much
kiara, 13 new jersey [12-01-2011] »»»

Doing a research paper on him.
Amber, 14 [11-23-2011]

i love to learn knew things.
mackenzie, 9 years old [11-22-2011] »»»

i would like to take info about ben so please send me info.
sally, 12 [11-22-2011] »»»

i used it for a research project.
Sarah, New Jersey [11-21-2011]

I love this websight
chrisbrickel, Ny York [11-21-2011] »»»

We used this in school and now I'm using it for another school report. There is better information here because I being in sixth grade understand everything.
Peter [11-16-2011] »»»

i like this site
someone, los angles [11-12-2011] »»»

It was helpful for my homework thz
blaise, 13 [11-07-2011] »»»

Very helpful, thank you!
Lauren [11-07-2011] »»»

franklin rocks the world duuuuuuudddeeeee
Kay Anne and Orion [11-02-2011] »»»

its awsomeeeeee
Kelsi Naylor [11-01-2011] »»»

As history lovers, we search for life enriching information for ourselves and for those we Home School. Wonderful site! Thanks for sharing.
Rodger & Dawn McPherson, Ozark Mountains (Retired) [11-01-2011] »»»

It was helpful for my project
Nuala Glasheen, 10 Years Old [11-01-2011] »»»

in doing some genealogy research I discovered your website. I believe that there is an inconsistency in the date of Elizabeth Franklin, the first daughter of Josiah Franklin. You indicate that she was born 1638. I believe that it was actually 1678, which is in keeping with the ages of the other siblings of Benjamin Franklin. I don't believe that 1638 is correct, on the other account that her father wasn't born until 1657.
Darryl Brown, Kenneth City, FL [10-31-2011] »»»

If you reread the paragraph, you will see that it refers to a family named Franklin, who are not related to the famous Benjamin Franklin. "By the Record of Births in Boston, it appears, that there was a family by the name of Franklin among the early settlers. In 1638 the birth of Elizabeth, daughter of William Franklin, is recorded. There were other children, one of whom was Benjamin, who also had a son of the same name. The descendants of this family were, numerous. It is likewise probable, that one or two other families, of the name of Franklin, settled in Boston some time afterwards; but it is believed that no relationship can be traced between any of these families and that to which Dr. Franklin belonged."

Great website!
Lauren, az [10-31-2011] »»»

i love to read about ben but there are so long passages.
kairacatrer, 10 [10-30-2011] »»»

kenny highfield, 42 m al [10-28-2011] »»»

The life of Benjamin Franklin is a fascinating read. May we be so lucky to have men like him now that our country needs guidance! Minedga Archilla/St.Petersburg,Fl./D.C./Culebra,Puerto Rico
Mrs. Minedga Archilla-McNamee, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico/Old-Town,Alexandria,Va./St.Pete,Fl. [10-27-2011] »»»

were do u go to school
anonymous [10-25-2011]

I am researching Ben Franklin for Mrs. Bailey's class at WT Lewis in Bossier City, Louisiana.
Peyton Sims, age 10 [10-21-2011] »»»

This website rocks! I love the way you guys at ushistory put the learning into a new dimension!
Nathaniel Hartman [10-21-2011] »»»

a man of great sprit to succeed before or after failure
john bankroll beasley [10-18-2011] »»»

Yinjuan Chen, qingdao China [10-16-2011]

i like benjamin franklin
ms.love, i love benjamin franklin [10-13-2011] »»»

We love Ben Franklin! We are presently writing biographies and timelines about his wonderful inventions at school.
Mrs. Naquin's 4th grade class, Houma, LA 70363 [10-12-2011]

Wonderful tribute to Ben Franklin.
Roland Robustelli, Wake Forest, NC [10-12-2011] »»»

Please add more [detailed] information about Franklin's experiments using the Leyden jars, electrocuting a turkey, and meeting Mesmer in Paris. Thanks.
Kitty Wills [10-12-2011] »»»

loring [10-07-2011] »»»

essence, age 8 [10-07-2011] »»»

i love this place its awesome :)
trent j, winder [10-05-2011] »»»

i am doing a reasrearch paper and can not find the person or people whoi published this site. ot would be helpful to know so i can site this as a source. it has a ton of good usable i9nformation i need to be able to cite it!
Anna [10-03-2011] »»»

Wish you'd fix the game so if you had a jump you'd be required to take it. That's the way real checkers are played. Love the site otherwise.
Lena [10-03-2011] »»»

Ben Franklin Was A Great Man That Accomplished Many Great Things. Wish He Was Alive Today!
Ryan Perkins, Age 16, Mercer Co. Wv [09-30-2011] »»»

Reading Walter Isaacson's bio on Ben Franklin currently..this site provides great supplemental insight for those that are looking for additional info on Ben's life.
David Fabel, Long Island [09-29-2011] »»»

Ben Franklin had a very boring life
Erin [09-25-2011]

i love this site
Steven Rhodes, 20 years old at patriot academy [09-25-2011] »»»

I love benjamin franklins stuff because they help us live wat good mind god gave benjamin.
mylin mania, i live in texas [09-22-2011] »»»

Was trying to find family history of ben franklin. Was told he was related to my childrens father
Sonndra Foster, 64.Cameron, Mo [09-16-2011] »»»

Ben Franklin would have made a great a president.
Tyer Rasmussen [09-13-2011]

Michael Tomczak [09-12-2011] »»»

It a pity Franklin is not alive today.We could all do with some wisdom !
Ralph Batchelor [09-09-2011] »»»

Never to be remembered any more he cast my record of sinfulness into the sea of forgetfulness
lbsmith [09-08-2011] »»»

JAMES SMITH, ogden utah [09-05-2011] »»»

I love Benjamin Franklins Autobiography, its a little difficult to read but it is really good. I definetely recommend it!
AshleyGirl, Alaska [08-17-2011] »»»

I was given a coin from a fellow mason who wanted me to research it.The coin was the 250th yr of the co.
Walter McMartin, my uncles came from phily [08-14-2011] »»»

Life is not measured by valuables but by one's value and impact to his generation. Great men are been remembered not by the possessions acquired but by their legacy of Great works just like Ben Frank.
Uckings Bobo, Nigeria, Onitsha [07-08-2011]

ben did a good job for us all. he found electric.thank you, scott w. hanggeli
SCOTT HANGGELI, United States [07-05-2011] »»»

Me agian! I love ben the qoute talker.
christin, 8 cedarlane corydon [06-28-2011] »»»

He is fantastic,this website is fantastic.It adds up!
christin, 8 cedarlane corydon [06-28-2011] »»»

I read his autobiography. He really teaches so well 250 years later?! I enjoy the website. I can't wait to get to Philadelphia! Thanks for all your hard work. :)
dorothy [06-15-2011] »»»

what happened in paris
matt, 13,nevada,mo [06-15-2011] »»»

need your book
maher, it manager [06-13-2011] »»»

I like to read history on people and how the US became about.
Cheryl Pierson [06-07-2011] »»»

I really enjoy
B.Meena, 16 years [06-07-2011] »»»

He is so respected He was so cool and awsome.
coraima martinez [06-03-2011] »»»

i want sum books
daisy, comfort tx. 78103 [05-28-2011] »»»

In this day and age, we could use a man like Benjamin Franklin.
Priscilla P Seay, 73 years old, Springfield, IL [05-28-2011] »»»

hola, hey [05-26-2011] »»»

i like eggs
fishie mctrout [05-25-2011] »»»

Daisha, 11 years old [05-24-2011] »»»

robby [05-24-2011] »»»

Ben Franklin is a nice and cool man.he is so kind to everyone and he loves printing he worked with his his brother James.he loved printing a lot and have a nice day
diva, 9 [05-20-2011] »»»

Ben Franlkine waz a wonderfulle mann whoo createdd the litebulb and the metel rode that kept litening frum hiting housez
anonymous [05-17-2011] »»»

katti, 9 treton [05-17-2011] »»»

Aubrey [05-15-2011] »»»

can you send books of benjamin franklin
javier, massachusetts [05-15-2011] »»»

his childhood
anonymous [05-12-2011] »»»

if it wernt for you there would be no tv at all.
Markie, 11 years [05-12-2011] »»»

faye [05-11-2011] »»»

anonymous [05-10-2011]

well hi my name is memorie middleton and i go to hastings intermediate school......i live in new zealand and need to know eveything about benjamin franklin for my homework....:]YOUR SINCERLY,........ MEMORIE MAXINE NELA RERE JANE TEMMIRREMUKEANA MIDDLETON
memorie, new zealand/hastings intermediate school/doing home work and need some ben franklin timelines/im 12 years old [05-10-2011] »»»

menjamin died of 1790 geoge died to
Aliyah, 11 new york [05-07-2011] »»»

he saved my life
aaron [05-04-2011] »»»

beth shanahan, 33 [05-02-2011] »»»

j [05-02-2011] »»»

me [05-02-2011] »»»

Ben is probably one of the most influential men in Americas history. He has changed all of our lives up till today, and sadly enough, there are few who see this! He was a man who truly opened up his eyes to the problems in the world, and i wish there could be more people like him! Azalea
Azalea, Gothenburg, Sweden, 15 [05-01-2011] »»»

i think he is cool
casey [04-28-2011] »»»

I love Benjamin Franklin, I have read all he has written, he was just everything, our country owes so much to him. To bad most of them will never read or understand "Poor Richards Almanac." Nor will they care about all of his accomplishments. S. Walker
Sonja Walker, Omaha Nebraska [04-26-2011] »»»

Jerry D Adcock [04-26-2011] »»»

Great website!
Greg Temmer [04-23-2011] »»»

cool i didn"t know that he dead at 84
ashley sponie [04-20-2011] »»»

ashley sponie, 12,nothplatte,ne [04-20-2011] »»»

Ben was so awesome! This site is pretty sweet! Thanks, Ben!
emma [04-14-2011] »»»

Ben Franklin biography
ariadne [04-13-2011] »»»

This web site helps. Thank you Ben. U rock.
Allison, age 9 [04-12-2011] »»»

it sticks
anonymous [04-12-2011] »»»

i would like to print the word searches
LAURIE CREAMER [04-10-2011] »»»

This website really helped with my reprt. Ben is awesome! :)
emma [04-08-2011] »»»

i like his inventions
brian, age [04-08-2011] »»»

ben is creative
isaiah, 10 [04-06-2011] »»»

i am learning about him for my english project. i am doing this project with my mentor.
brittany keel, age=16 grade=10th [04-06-2011]

Thank You Ben, for being who you were and for the chance to have Thomas Paine.
Seyed Abbas Seyedian, 61/Y Male, Loudoun County/Va [04-02-2011] »»»

How old is ben
isaiah, 10 pa [04-01-2011] »»»

Great thinker.
Michael Harris, Morganton,NC [03-31-2011] »»»

its a great website
william [03-31-2011] »»»

Awsome site! I found everything i needed
Erin, 10 [03-31-2011]

I am a big fan of history.
Hannah [03-31-2011] »»»

Mildred, hi! [03-25-2011] »»»

Charmayne Clay [03-24-2011] »»»

did ben frankiln study any thng in his life.
ladia [03-24-2011]

ben franklin
wafa, 18 [03-23-2011] »»»

Was always proud to bear the same last name!
Julia Franklin Johnson, Oklahoma [03-22-2011]

joe [03-22-2011] »»»

aers [03-17-2011]

WANDA RIVERA, i just love the fact the this guys its still a big blessing to all of us... we should learn from him and always be an example to others. [03-15-2011] »»»

all of your info. was very helpful, thank you
jose melendez [03-11-2011] »»»

hope, no [03-11-2011] »»»

do ben frankiln have any kids
ladoa [03-11-2011]

it was a great site i had to look up information on ben franklin for my school work.
TATIONNA CLAIBORNE [03-10-2011] »»»

you should tell us who created this website!1
Joe, i fish [03-09-2011] »»»

I Think You Did Really Good With It . From Corey Escamilla .
Corey Escamilla, Not Really [03-09-2011] »»»

Joshua Nama, age 15 [03-09-2011] »»»

when did you get maried did you have childern
victoria, morlbro [03-09-2011] »»»

German: Furnifrass English: Heatmor
Clian and Iris, Göttingen [03-04-2011]

Great site http://www.artezanal.com/
Classicos do Design, Brasil [03-04-2011]

hannah [03-04-2011] »»»

me, texas [03-04-2011] »»»

wayne [02-24-2011] »»»

waz up
lius lopez [02-24-2011] »»»

I think Benjermin Franklin is an important man.He did many things that are in our histery now.Like he figerd out how electricity works.He invented bifocles.And he invented swim fins without that we coudnt go scoobidiveing.
kayla, ?????????????????????????????????? [02-22-2011] »»»

i really love this site it teaches you so much important stuff
melissa, 11 [02-19-2011] »»»

jordan b [02-19-2011] »»»

layne [02-19-2011]

all I know is that he was an amazing man and will always be in American history, for many many more generations.!(:
jazz vera [02-19-2011]

rebeccamorgan, 13 taylor Mi [02-18-2011] »»»

anonymous [02-15-2011]

What have you invented?
Evelyn Altschuler, Dallas [02-14-2011]

sheena [02-12-2011] »»»

He was acool man
rmp, Mwahhaaa [02-12-2011] »»»

love u
shyre, 21 hannibal [02-11-2011] »»»

very cool panoramas
jamile ramsey [02-11-2011] »»»

gathering information for a school report. thank you so much.
mary ellen mckenzie, 9yrs old, homeschooled [02-09-2011] »»»

ben franklin is a really awsome man.
anonymous [02-09-2011] »»»

matthew [02-06-2011]

taegen, 8 kanas [02-04-2011] »»»

German: Schallquap English: Tympole
Clian and Iris, Göttingen [02-04-2011] »»»

I really enjoyed learning about Benjamin Franklin. He was an AMAZING MAN! He made me think about that you don't have to have one career, you can do anything you enjoy doing!
Julia [02-04-2011] »»»

Interesting site.. very informative
Deborah Silliman [02-02-2011]

I Have a report i need to do on Ben and i need some help can Electic Franklin Help?
Allison Buckless, 11, A History Lover [02-02-2011] »»»

andy lusk [02-01-2011] »»»

cortlyn [02-01-2011] »»»

shaykra, im black [02-01-2011] »»»

I absolutely love him
Katherine, 13 [01-31-2011] »»»

kooksk@yahoo.com [01-31-2011] »»»

I just started reading Benjamin Franklin's autobiography and wanted to find more out about him, especially Poor Richards Almanack
Lori Godwin, 44, Mobile, Alabama [01-29-2011] »»»

Temple was a good read for my 11 year old son and I. He really enjoyed it but was disappointed at the end to find out it was not real. Thank you for this very fun website.We loved every minute of it!
Mervet [01-29-2011] »»»

angel vang [01-29-2011] »»»

Hello its me again I want to talk about the book it is my faverite book in the hole wide world.It doesn't just teach you about electricity but it is also really funny,cute and also FUN very FUN take my word for it.I started the book a little while ago I LOVE THE BOOK! ALWAYS KYLEE HENRY
kylee henry, 9/12 years old Phelan CA [01-28-2011] »»»

Thank for the elcricity
Ali Shah, No [01-27-2011]

I am doing a school project.I am reading the book Ben and Me I jest started it I am really liking it.It is really cool I love it so much I never want to stop reading it.But that's good right? You need to read the book Ben and Me trust me I know. Always Kylee.
kylee Henry, 91/2 years old Phelan CA [01-27-2011] »»»

I began to research Benjamin for a school project, and have since fallin' in love with amazing, diverse man he was. Thank you so much for sharing.
Jacqueline Borrowman [01-26-2011]

my daughter has to do a project and she chose ben franklin. i am very pleased when i found your web site lots of info that is very usable and some things i didnt even know. thank you so very much and keep up the good work.
jeanell terhune [01-23-2011] »»»

Aristotle 145 Pascal 140 Mark Hilbert/Rossetti 137 Think on these things.
Mark Hilbert, Glen Ellyn, Illinois [01-22-2011] »»»

john \
anonymous [01-22-2011] »»»

He was a great man in American history. I loved the book Walter Isaacson "Benjamin Franklin". We need more people like him in todays world.
Mike Little, Colbert, WA [01-18-2011] »»»

Tamela Worthen, Excellent site for historical and autobiography for students whose in school,I have to do biography on a historical celebrity. [01-17-2011] »»»

ben franklin still rules 2 this day!
jenna houle, boston 57 [01-15-2011] »»»

Thank You! My class had to do a skit on an inventor and my group chose Benjamin Franklin so this website has proven very awwwesome so thanks as I already said!
Paige Taylor, 10 yrs, Albany MN [01-11-2011] »»»

Intersting article in the Providence Gazette June 20, 1778 at page 3 - April 2, Dr. Franklin with his son paid a vist to Mr. Voltaire and in the course of conversation asked him what he thought of the American confederacy? The poet answered him that he had so good an opinion of it, that if it had taken place forty years ago, he would have established himself in so free a country.
Brian Stephens [01-06-2011] »»»

Nice website. Using videos as part of a Master's course on leadership, portraying self-chosen leader, autobiography, and an actor's depiction of the man.
Sincere [01-05-2011]

Haley jones, no [01-05-2011] »»»

i would like more information as to what year did ben franklin invented the thermometer.
CHRISTOPER SANTIAGO [01-05-2011] »»»

Nice website. Using videos as part of a Master's course on leadership, portraying self-chosen leader, autobiography, and an actor's depiction of the man.
Alan Reed [01-03-2011] »»»

Ol' Ben looks like a classical composer
Paul W, 31, Ottawa IL [01-03-2011] »»»

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