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Ashley Winters [12-25-2010] »»»

My Most Fav Founding Father!
Eliot Clemons [12-25-2010] »»»

Hey i never new the things that you done your great LOve CAITLYN
Caitlyn, 12 [12-21-2010] »»»

The world still sees the God light that shined in you. Light years from now, we will all meet up to grand party. For now I enjoyed sitting on your lap in Abilene, KS. So fun that your birthday is Epiphany...305 years by "the old reckoning"!
Ms. Merry Fitness [12-18-2010] »»»

DHEERAJ, 16 [12-17-2010] »»»

I found out by my old science teacher that Benjamin Franklin created the internet and if it wasn't for him I would be bored out of my mind! Thank you Bengy!
Angy [12-14-2010]

My history professor in college taught mostly about Franklin. It wasn't until I read Franklin's biography that I fully realised why, in all of history he would choose this man. After reading the biography I am astounded that he is not given due credit for the birth of our independance, it's success, in addition to all his other accomplishments. As he was reflected upon then by all the world who know him personally and of him, what an amazing man.
TW [12-11-2010] »»»

Ben Franklin was a honorable man and he rocks for finding electricty! I'm suprised he did'nt get hurt. Thanks Ben your awesome!
Ariel Hundstad, 17` [12-11-2010] »»»

mary, 11 boglusala [12-11-2010] »»»

It was a very interesting website, that we used in my 8th grade class
Payton [12-08-2010]

This site is really good. Very interesting
Nicki :) [12-08-2010]

this was a very very smart man and i think that he deserves a statue to remember him always as the man who discovered electricity and became a lot of things in life and had a very interesting life
nehemiah williams [12-07-2010]

I would like to know how I can view the video in its entirety.
Sandra Richardson [12-07-2010]

I love Ben Franklin
Brandon Rodgers, New Jersey [12-07-2010] »»»

ben franklin confuses me.
Rylee Lewczak [12-07-2010] »»»

This website is really cool and it made me realize how awesome Ben Franklin really was. I didn't realize exactly HOW MUCH he did including all the political positions he held and the pamphlets he wrote. He was a cool guy.
Rebecca Fluta [12-07-2010] »»»

jayne [12-07-2010] »»»

This is a nice, little site that is very informative without being too dry.
Michala Tivenan, Brick [12-07-2010] »»»

This website was really informational! It allowed me to learn a whole new side of Ben Franklin and what he was all about.
Jamee [12-07-2010] »»»

Rebecca Fluta [12-07-2010] »»»

The entire Ben section was great. The information was given in a very conversational way, which made it seem to flow better than a textbook would. I was shocked to read that Franklin had cheated on his wife and had an illegitimate child. Its funny how people completely overlooked that because of all the progress and greatness he achieved. Everything was very well done...except that Ben cheats at checkers.
Austin Stevenson [12-07-2010] »»»

Interesting website, great tool!
Ryan Schocket [12-07-2010] »»»

Tyler [12-07-2010] »»»

Ben Franklin was way ahead of his time! He was an incredible inventor, author, politician, and just overall person. We owe the usage of several things to him. If he never existed history would be quite different. But thankfully he did and he did things "worth writing"... Benjamin Franklin is a truly amazing historical figure!
Christi [12-07-2010] »»»

Cool Website!
Gianna Vagueiro [12-07-2010] »»»

I liked the kite illustration.
Tori Ford [12-07-2010] »»»

Ben Franklin and I share the same birthday!
Kimberly, 16, Brick, NJ. [12-07-2010] »»»

This BenFranklin assignment made me focus and really read the information to find the answers for the webquest. The checkers was fun as well.
Nick Spanola [12-07-2010] »»»

Benjamin speaks out against British Parliament in 1766 :)
Hayley, 10, Kentucky [12-06-2010] »»»

I've always been a fan of Ben, but learning so much about him has made me realize how amazing he really was! I especially enjoyed reading about Silence Dogood. A man at that time talking about the way women were treated is awesome, even if he was doing it from the anonymity of a false name. Ben Franklin is and always will be my favorite person in the history of America.
Nara, 14 [12-02-2010] »»»

Laura Auer [12-02-2010] »»»

great information!
Ashley Corriss, 20- ny [11-29-2010] »»»

Benjamin Franklin was a maker of history, WAY ahead of his time.He was one of the clearest prolific thinkers ever.He is even inspiring today.If given a chance ; I would want to visit with HIM more than any other person in History.He's one of the original 'mans man' The more I delve into his life the more I thirst for more of his wisdom.Sites like these should be 'must read' in our schools!I share the gift of invention he had...that is the ONLY kinship I can say I share with such a great man,whose ability to look at world facts and be prophetic on so may subjects is 1 more fact that make him truly amazing.God Bless ya Ben.
Don F., Denver, Co. [11-17-2010] »»»

Amazing what 18th century USA produced that is still vibrating with life!:B.F.,the Constitution and so on.
ronald franklin, 76,born in the US,in sweden since age 13. [11-17-2010]

anny mendez, manhattan [11-17-2010] »»»

Very informative. I have a better idea of who Benjamin Franklin is will add him.to my 'wisdom counsel'. Thanks
ava, Palm City, Fl. age 51 [11-14-2010] »»»

reshart of him
tyone, a show of him [11-13-2010] »»»

haley [11-10-2010] »»»

joneawilmore [11-09-2010] »»»

heyy u guys i love history i am making an A in that class because i smart ok my fav hobby is basketball and i love to paint my fav food is pizza my fav candy is sour patch kids i have a facebook page i also have bf. ok g2g bye
mekaiyah, age 11 mauldin,sc [11-05-2010] »»»

it was boring
bman, @sasa [11-05-2010] »»»

great website
JVALDEZ [11-03-2010] »»»

great website
jgallardo [11-03-2010] »»»

anonymous [11-01-2010] »»»

i wish ben franklin
cintarika lynch, i like to read [10-29-2010] »»»

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bella c., im not cool [10-29-2010] »»»

ruth ann [10-28-2010] »»»

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zeddidiah [10-28-2010] »»»

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brandon, 12brandon [10-28-2010] »»»

hello i really think that its boring exept for the thoughts bye i am awsome
mika [10-28-2010] »»»

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Gracey, No tellin you:D DUDE!:D I like cheese [10-28-2010] »»»

joanne [10-27-2010]

xamda, i am 15 years old [10-27-2010] »»»

this page is very interesting
italy bishop, i am 16 years old, i am in the 11th grade [10-26-2010] »»»

great website to supplement our school lessons
Brandon Rea, 9 year old from Jamestown NY [10-25-2010] »»»

Superb teaching tool!
Marj Yergin, Teacher [10-25-2010] »»»

do a picture in france
anonymous [10-22-2010] »»»

loved it
Elizabeth [10-21-2010]

really cool
miriah hamil, 13 [10-21-2010] »»»

i love ben franklin
alexia jenea myers, i have a good life [10-20-2010] »»»

were to find your books
arereona [10-20-2010] »»»

miami dolphins rock!
Matthew Ed, 13 Arkansas [10-18-2010] »»»

Adding printable resources (such as wordfinds) would be fabulous! I love the site though, as did my students! We used the bio information to present skits to the class of Ben's life!
Brita, teacher [10-14-2010] »»»

I really enjoyed the diary of Temple Franklin. I was intrigued at the intelligence of this young man. I must say though, that I was a little disappointed to find out that this was written by another. However, I am very glad that you did. It was a very interesting perspective and story. Thank you.
Mike Williams, 30, Baltimore [10-12-2010] »»»

Clark [10-12-2010] »»»

Happy Columbus Day!
Sam Washington, 52 [10-07-2010] »»»

Cody Steele, Laurel, IN [10-07-2010] »»»

The games dont work, except checker s
Anoymous, none [10-05-2010] »»»

alexa [10-05-2010] »»»

donna lanham [10-04-2010] »»»

Studies in Leadership has brought a deeper desire for the understanding of the affect Benjamin Franklin had, has and will have on America!
John Paul Duke, Concord, NC [10-04-2010] »»»

I needed this info because of steps. I'm in extension and steps is when you pick a famous person and write about him. then you get to present it
hi, [10-02-2010] »»»

A Kansas City area collector has announced plans to sell a Ben Frankline letter from the 1760s. Read the story here: http://www.kansas.com/2010/10/01/1520023/kc-collector-to-sell-franklin.html
anonymous [10-01-2010] »»»

i think u should add more games
sadie, age 9 city avondale [09-30-2010] »»»

booboboo [09-24-2010] »»»

this is ben franklin omg
anonymous [09-23-2010] »»»

khanrakhshani@yahoo. [09-21-2010] »»»

thanks for the info i really needed it for my biography pamphet that i have to do for language arts. by the way benjamin franklin is awesome im in his awe! ;)
Gracie Wajda, 12 Naperville,IL [09-21-2010] »»»

Love your site.
Mary Molina, Caddo Mills, Texas [09-21-2010]

Rene cervantes [09-20-2010] »»»

I really needed the info for my english class.. thanks a ton.
Sam [09-20-2010] »»»

Sam Cross [09-20-2010] »»»

YAMILETTE, 11 jersey city [09-16-2010] »»»

Did Bin Franklin have a epitaph?
Country girl, age 14 [09-16-2010] »»»

anonymous [09-14-2010] »»»

Very inspirational readings. Excellent rating on presentation of information (i.e., website design). Best wishes. GOD Bless!
Martin de la Garza, Los Lunas, NM - Age 47 [09-13-2010] »»»

i think benjamin franklin is cool
jess harrell, 15 [09-11-2010] »»»

I want to be an electrical enginer so please help me.
Ruben, 19 [09-10-2010] »»»

i think u should add more pictures...
sarina [09-08-2010] »»»

I need an explanation of Franklin's quote about "The best thing to give you enemy, os forgiveness, etc.
Angela Selden, Adaisville, GA [09-08-2010] »»»

I think that this was a very good site, with great information!
Maranda Evans, 15, Grinnell Iowa [09-01-2010] »»»

me, nothing [08-31-2010] »»»

Wonderful person Franklin was. Lot of inspiration for youngsters by reading about Great personalities like Franklin. Thanks to Web hosters for the great job of collection of history materials .
K J Reddy, Age 61, Doha-Qatar [08-30-2010] »»»

Phenomenal site on one of America's heroes...amazing resource for my American Lit class. Thanks so much!
Eruanwen, Besides the fact that I'm awesome? [08-19-2010] »»»

A truly inspiring man :)
alicia [08-09-2010] »»»

Great site! :)
Darren [08-05-2010] »»»

Dear ushistory -well done to share with me such a treasure..many things for benjamin very nicely in use in my life even for the gratitude was created tribute! have a look on the facebook for La Terry.. and keep your imaginasion free.. Love you all, larissa
larissaTERRY, over half of the century [07-24-2010] »»»

Blossom McBeath, 32 years old, Bradenton, FL [07-16-2010] »»»

BARTHOLOMEO, 1160 jefferson ave apt 22 [07-12-2010] »»»

The personality like the Great Benjamin Franklin are rarely gifted by GOD to the Earth for service of the society.
arun pal singh, 41, residing at Mehatpur, Distt - Una, Himachal Pradesh [07-10-2010] »»»

Approved by the Phantom Poodle. :)
Phatpoodle, Irvine, CA [07-10-2010] »»»

please sent it toomorow
bartholomeo, 1160 jefferson ave apt 22 [07-08-2010] »»»

Next week I have an interview to become a citizen,, Franklin's life stuck me so much and so I studied and Benjamin'slife struck me so much. What a man!
Etta Watrous, Minden Nevada [07-06-2010] »»»

Bill Wimbish [07-01-2010] »»»

I just love American History, and Ben Franklin just makes it that much more intresting.
Daniel&Caren Hall, Gainesville, FL [06-29-2010] »»»

Joseph, how to play checers [06-25-2010] »»»

kathleen girona [06-22-2010]

Benjamin Franklin was a true american,and a good man.His invention's helped mankind,and his discovery of electricity gave us many comforts that we might not have now.He is 1 of my heroes.
E.Y. Coley, age:11 city:denver state:colorado [06-18-2010]

Robert Brilling Jr, Scotia, New York [06-16-2010] »»»

they are; was thomas edison with you
aghogho obarakpor, lagos [06-13-2010] »»»

and single
olivia pedroff, 14 [06-08-2010] »»»

i like ben franklin
bartholomeo [06-07-2010] »»»

bob bobington, -27 years old [06-04-2010] »»»

Benny was the end all be all of math & science! Really cool cobbler.... Okay send it strong..........
Johnny B Goode, seeya [06-04-2010] »»»

brandon [06-04-2010] »»»

ႊTake a risk!
may hlae nwe, 26,mandalay,myanmar [05-30-2010] »»»

Ben Franklin was always my idol as a little girl. I think I have read every book ever written about his amazing life and his accomplishments! This sight is a great way to compile a lot of that information. Thanks!
Kate [05-30-2010] »»»

A true inspiration, he modelled the way forward for us and I take my hat out to him.
Samantha, 22 Indian F South Africa [05-29-2010] »»»

Bridgette Davis, Jacksonville, FL [05-27-2010] »»»

I am doing a report about him. He was a good man too. i am proud of him too.
vivian, 10 [05-25-2010] »»»

Francisco, not thing [05-25-2010] »»»

I love Ben Franklin. I took a quiz and I am most like him! He is a man clearly ahead of his time. He changed the world for all of us.
Sidney, 10 [05-25-2010]

I really like all the cool invention he (ben) built
Mollie, favorite color blue/green [05-25-2010] »»»

Jonathan Tomes, 11 years old [05-25-2010]

Karen Maher, New [05-25-2010] »»»

Franklin was passionate french ambassador,and personal friend of Leray family/Chaumont castle/Loire valley.The son migrated to upstate NewYork!
patrick crotty [05-22-2010] »»»

need to show more pictures!
Savanna Pace, 12 [05-22-2010] »»»

Tell more about Franklin!
Caylie, 10 South Carolina [05-20-2010] »»»

BEN FRANKLIN ROX! yo sox off!
trey carmichael, im one of bens biggrst fans [05-20-2010] »»»

I do belive that Thomas Jefferson would not approve of this website. He died a long time ago, ooh la la
Benjamin Frankilin, 304 years old, Christ Church Burial Ground, Philadelphia [05-17-2010] »»»

BhOot$ [05-17-2010]

I love this guy. Firstly, becasue of his name. Secondly, he is dang smart!(back then) and Thrid, he has been mentioned on two shows I like: Doctor who and Bewitched
Lauren, 10 yrs old [05-17-2010] »»»

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Reginald Dean Franklin, 06/04/1956_San Diego,California_Age 54_619-674-9251 [05-17-2010] »»»

Amy Collins, 35 Reno [05-14-2010] »»»

I am a firm believer that I Franklin still lives through all of us!
Benny K, Philly Native [05-13-2010] »»»

kiopililo [05-13-2010] »»»

kyle [05-13-2010] »»»

austin lalio, 18 gallup [05-13-2010] »»»

i would like to share myself in the franklin site to be one of the member of this site
AHMAD RISHAD, 1995, kabul,17 [05-12-2010] »»»

Man Frankie is sexy
Ricky Gilbert, 15, Jay, FL, Homosexual [05-12-2010] »»»

i thought u had a lot of great info to help me with my project!
kburke [05-12-2010] »»»

Benjamin Franlin is AWESOME! Its all bout the benjamins baby!
Terry Miller, 17 jay florida [05-09-2010]

Franklin is the technology of our present life without frankly(electricity) computer would have been a trash.
Thomas gyang, 21yrs from Nigeria [05-09-2010]

I thought this website was very very useful. It's amazing all this guy did. Totally helped with my history project!
Katie, 16 years old [05-09-2010] »»»

did benjamin franklin actually create electricity?
makayla, 11 years old [05-06-2010]

I needed to write an essay on Benjamin Franklin and I found this website very useful!
Summer, 14 [05-06-2010] »»»

george [05-04-2010] »»»

anonymous [05-04-2010] »»»

Joly Stefen [05-03-2010]

anonymous, v [05-03-2010] »»»

I've always been interested in Benjamin Franklin and I happen to read THE JOURNAL OF IRREPRODUCIBLE RESULTS. The May 2010 issue has a humorous article about Franklin you might want to read. It claims that there were two Benjamin Franklins. I thought it was quite funny.
Edward Caldwell [05-03-2010] »»»

im doin a report on ben. can u make a specal place for stuff like that?
austin, 10 in 4th grade [05-03-2010] »»»

I thought I would tell you about a humorous story about Benjamin Franklin in the May 2010 issue of THE JOURNAL OF IRREPRODUCIBLE RESULTS. The author makes the claim that there were TWO Benjamin Franklins - they were twins. You should check it out.
John Brinkman [04-30-2010] »»»

I think history is so important keep up the great work Cheyenne Antrim
Cheyenne Antrim, 55 Henderson Nevada [04-30-2010] »»»

Ben would be mortified by the "thinkers" we now have in Washington...
Robert Lyon [04-28-2010] »»»

jamieWalter, 15,kokomo, [04-28-2010] »»»

karla [04-28-2010] »»»

i think ben is smart and is verry popular in kensington elementry
ANNIKA, 9 nc [04-27-2010] »»»

Ben Franklin is AWESOME!
Sasha Moore, 10 year old Lakemont Leopard [04-25-2010]

I like Ben Franklin and I dont care what others think!
Ruth Gamble [04-23-2010] »»»

i love this place
raya [04-22-2010] »»»

I think you are thouhgtfull
destiny, cadott [04-20-2010] »»»

On his autobiography- surprisingly humerous and profoundley entertaining.
john [04-17-2010] »»»

Oh, yeah ! We love Benjamen Franklin.
Miranda J. T. E. [04-17-2010] »»»

hes awsom
austin, perry fl [04-16-2010] »»»

Noah Windsor, 7 years old(with help from Mom) studying about Ben Franklin in school. I am in first grade in Roanoke, VA [04-15-2010]

ben you rock this world
dylan, 10 [04-14-2010] »»»

zyshonne [04-14-2010] »»»

He is 304 year old. He also honored on a $100.
Lianna, 25,atlanta. [04-10-2010] »»»

how can one join
sarah maloba, 1984, nairobi [04-08-2010] »»»

i read in the 39 clues book 1 he was a lucian a cahill could this be true
danira, amarillo tx [04-07-2010] »»»

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MENGHOK, Phnom Penh [04-06-2010] »»»

I do like his thought,belief,especially his The 13th rules of life,I do read everyday while i was a secondary school student, if i would rather get i it today,it is my pleasure
kirubel worku, 41,addis ababa,Ethiopia [04-02-2010]

Thanks for this site!
Julia [04-02-2010]

shania, 11 [04-02-2010] »»»

get benjamin franklin books
bishop, 8 odessa [04-01-2010] »»»

i like this site its very informational
sami rose, 13 plymouth IA, 50464 [03-31-2010] »»»

excellent found all the information needed
Lola Hernadez, Katy,Texas [03-31-2010] »»»

i love you
mona, you rock [03-31-2010] »»»

He is pretty meekish!
Fag, Meeker, OK [03-28-2010]

I am looking for Mr. Franklin's warning to the American people regarding slavery and his analogy with the Barbary Coast pirates who were enslaving our merchant seaman, under a pen name.,
Tom Hansen, Bronx NY - 62 Viet Nam Vet [03-28-2010] »»»

I love this website
sylena morris, age 11 [03-27-2010] »»»

LIZBETH MUNOZ, indiana [03-25-2010] »»»

josh [03-25-2010] »»»

ben franklin is awesome!
megan [03-25-2010] »»»

i <3 ben franklin
jackie. [03-25-2010] »»»

Benjamin Franklin is awesome!
Kristina [03-23-2010] »»»

Ayonnah thinks you would have made a good president Arelease thinks you were a great scientist Destiny thinks you are funny in the video Marlon thinks you were a good leader Abby Wants to know if you like science. Dominic thinks you were a good person. Isaiah thinks you were a good inventor.
Ms. Poppe's Class [03-23-2010] »»»

this is soooooo cool !
Anna !, Grade 5 [03-17-2010] »»»

Vic Carima [03-17-2010] »»»

lilli [03-16-2010] »»»

He is very interesting and neat to learn about. My mom helped me investigate Franklin. your site is cool. Thanks
Ashlyn Welch, Grade 1 [03-16-2010] »»»

its cool
hailey, im 10 [03-13-2010] »»»

Benjamin Franklin thats meeee
Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Franklin [03-13-2010]

My Fammily tree has been traced back to Franklins of USA, there are several Benjamins in it ie Benjamin born 1824 at Walcott,I'd love to Know if IM related to The Benjamin Franklin,does anyone Know his Fammily Tree. all my Fammily down the line are good at making creating and fixing things, so its likely
Yvonne woods, Lincoln England [03-13-2010]

hailey [03-11-2010] »»»

Kaelyn [03-09-2010]

i am doing a report on ben franklin and he is amazing
karina, kinross MI [03-09-2010]

if planes are safe
angelica, Tenn [03-09-2010] »»»

Very good coverage on the greatest man ever.
Byron Franklin QMCM ret. [03-08-2010] »»»

Found the website and was simply interested
Dustin, 33,Granbury,TX [03-08-2010] »»»

Juanita Sims, educator 3rd and 4th [03-05-2010]

Hello, I have a project that is due on this Friday. I got 2 of ben's quotes and i have to tell for each one why he said it, when he said it and what does it mean today. My quotes are -Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of. and What you seem to be, be really. Also i got one invention Vitamin C, i have to write about what it was,why he inventeed it,what need did it fill and how is it used today. PLEASE HELP! Thank_You Very MUnch!
Ulyana, I am 11 years old. [03-03-2010] »»»

For several years I have used this website for my students. I created a webquest on Benjamin Franklin. It is one of their favorite activities. It makes Franklin come alive, and makes students aware of the extent of his contributions.
Verna Hurley, Loves Park, IL [03-03-2010]

brandon [03-02-2010] »»»

Jay C. Prouty, Indianapolis, In. [03-02-2010]

nice website great information
demerez battle, thomson ga 30824 [03-02-2010]

glancione@earthlink.net [03-01-2010]

i love benjamin franklin he is the greatest i've adorded him since i was 8
mandy [03-01-2010] »»»

This site is very helpful
Kesha, 16 [02-25-2010]

Great site, Ben's my hero!
David [02-25-2010] »»»

very helpfull for my school project!
carissa [02-25-2010] »»»

sierra [02-25-2010] »»»

how do u spell that
ashley, nc [02-25-2010]

Ben Franklin was the 2nd greatest man alive.
Zeke Falon [02-25-2010]

when I grow up i what to be a sciencetist to
emoni barnes, 10,ny,u,s,a [02-25-2010] »»»

Benjamin Franklin is an American.I want to have a book on him, such as The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Where can I buy it?
Wenbin Liu, Born on February22,1959,Beijing,China [02-22-2010] »»»

Great website!
Nathan, Syracuse, NY [02-22-2010] »»»

cailyn [02-22-2010] »»»

anonymous [02-22-2010] »»»

Kristin Roosa, Florida [02-22-2010]

anonymous [02-17-2010] »»»

Nice website, it was an honor to read and thank you.
Cleo Bretado, Ontario, CA [02-17-2010] »»»

Thank you for the pictures - I'm using one for my book share at school.
Jackson Willig, I'm in the 4th grade in Lake Oswego, Oregon. [02-16-2010] »»»

i think it's interesting,because it lets you tell about your thoughts.
Dewayne [02-16-2010] »»»

Brynn [02-14-2010]

ben franklin was famas because he invented paddle,and franklinstove,and a shelve grabber to grab books from the whole way on top,and he invented bifocol glasses,and he invented electricity too.
chris [02-11-2010] »»»

quiteria, 31061 [02-11-2010] »»»

seth [02-11-2010] »»»

kennedy hirst, denver, colorado 8 [02-08-2010] »»»

Benjamin Franklin (January 17, 1706 [O.S. January 6, 1705 April 17, 1790) was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. A noted polymath, Franklin was a leading author and printer, satirist, political theorist, politician, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, soldier, and diplomat. As a scientist, he was a major figure in the Enlightenment and the history of physics for his discoveries and theories regarding electricity. He invented the lightning rod, bifocals, the Franklin stove, a carriage odometer, and the glass 'armonica'. He formed both the first public lending library in America and the first fire department in Pennsylvania. He was an early proponent of colonial unity, and as a political writer and activist, he supported the idea of an American nation.
EZ Comics, http://www.ezcomics.com/site/benjamin_franklin [02-08-2010] »»»

Whenever I do a research paper on Ben, I learn new things about him. The further I read intoo his life, and thought the more inspired I get. Long after his death, he still has the ability to teach, inspire, humor, and make people think. Things that would make him proud
taylor g., 21, savannah ga. [02-06-2010] »»»

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RUSSELL SMITH, age 15 alabama [02-06-2010] »»»

i think this site is really cool and i think benjamins invetions are really cool..
nancy, 15 ohio [02-05-2010] »»»

This webpage suck.
2pac, Iland [02-05-2010]

cool site!
denise [02-04-2010] »»»

He was a truely magnificiant man :) This site is awesome by the way. Thank you soo much. I go here all the time for my english studies :)
Mariah, 14 [02-01-2010] »»»

cody, eeerdcggcff [02-01-2010] »»»

I just found out I am related to Sir Benjamin Franklin, and I am now 50, wishing I had been informed of such at an earlier age. However this is still very inspiring. Suzan 615-500-9665
Suzan Bazzrea Dickinson [02-01-2010] »»»

I'm making a biography on Benjamin Franklin for school.I need a lot of facts on ben. Would you please send me some facts???? Lilly Lilly
Lilly [01-30-2010] »»»

My thoughts are you should have the website read to us rather than we read in ourselves then people won't get so bored!
Samantha [01-30-2010] »»»

Joe [01-29-2010] »»»

Very interesting reading; thanks for putting all of this online for our reading and study. Signed: a 6th Gr-Grandson of Ben Franklin (Through his Gr-Grandaughter, Lucy Franklin)
Paul D. Williams, Glasgow, KY [01-29-2010] »»»

just thought i'd let you know i was instred in your site!
Shannon, age:11 [01-29-2010] »»»

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kailee moran, 95943202 [01-29-2010] »»»

I`m reshching ben franklen and i woned to know more soooooooooooooooooooo i went to googol .If you cod help me with my biogrifey on him email me
julia, age-8...city-ancrog.... [01-26-2010] »»»

i think it is ok
chris [01-26-2010] »»»

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Hui yeon Maeng, i'm student [01-26-2010] »»»

Science Freak101, 23, New York City, Girrrl [01-25-2010] »»»

he dumb and cool too.Youtube!
Dr.Knockers, 196,000,000,000,000,000 years old [01-25-2010] »»»

i like mr.franklin inventions
anonymous [01-25-2010]

Benjamin Franklin was a wonderful guy who invented many, many things but a lot of people dont know the true story about his life because we all have good things and bad things in our life
Dace [01-22-2010]

he was cool
Emma Grace [01-22-2010]

anonymous [01-22-2010] »»»

Our family knew Ben Franklin he is my hero!
MGY [01-21-2010] »»»

you are so cool and i want to be like ben franklin
tyler, 10,st.johns,i like to eat and sleep [01-21-2010] »»»

Dalton D. Piel [01-19-2010] »»»

da [01-19-2010] »»»

I have always been impressed with all the things he had done and his ideas he had come up with!
B HATCH, i was born same month & same day (1-17) north central, okla. [01-18-2010] »»»

i think that ben franklin is awsome and my school is named after ben franklin so right now we are learning about him and his 13 virutes that he wrote down and kept in his packet for a very long time.
carley, 12 years old, franklin school [01-16-2010] »»»

he did accomplished a lots the goals
dashawna little, 14 baltimore [01-15-2010] »»»

i like to learn about ben franklin
tristan, 8 [01-15-2010] »»»

Iloved your website
jeremy [01-15-2010] »»»

Aiden and Molly [01-15-2010]

i liked the show it is cool
alexxis [01-15-2010] »»»

its probilly fun.
harrison [01-15-2010] »»»

you have the best inventions ever! !
jackson [01-15-2010] »»»

nathanial [01-15-2010] »»»

Hi that was verey good i could listen to that all day long! That was so good!
Garce Hamm, 8 year old TX [01-15-2010] »»»

nathanial [01-15-2010] »»»

wow that was the most wonderful speach I ever heard!
Caleb Doyle, 9 years old tx [01-15-2010] »»»

antwon, 9 [01-15-2010] »»»

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m.d.a.38201@live.com [01-13-2010] »»»

i thought was very intersting information on ben franklin.
marcy allen [01-13-2010] »»»

He is Cool
Tay yiling, 12 yrs old [01-13-2010] »»»

jahnyla [01-13-2010] »»»

I love it
anonymous [01-13-2010]

sandre krhah5 [01-13-2010] »»»

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Mohinder [01-09-2010] »»»

Happy Birthday Ben, we need you more than every now.
Dennis J Jobes [01-09-2010] »»»

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imani, bakersfield [01-07-2010] »»»

My favorite subject is history, because i get to learn abought benjamin franlin. I wish we cuold onley learn abought franklin.
horsebarn12 [01-07-2010]

i love it
amber harris [01-07-2010] »»»

Great website! I will be using it with my 5th grade class!
Carol Wagner, Nashua, NH [01-07-2010]

i think he is very smart for what he did
Cristian Castaneda, 12 years old Tx port arthur [01-04-2010] »»»

Thanks to this website I was able to complete a poster about Franklen. Great site.
Joseph Collins [01-04-2010] »»»

Thanks for this site, I'm diggin it
Wendy Yentz [01-04-2010] »»»

Balu S/O Subramaniam [01-04-2010]

i welly thank you for whatever you did to us like invented electercy if you never invented electercy we will never have something to do or see i thank you for everything you did. p.s you are the best nana madut plano tx 1120 platt dr
nana, 9 age plano tx [01-04-2010] »»»

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