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Love this site!
Robert A. Feigenbaum, 66, Coral Springs, FL [12-23-2009] »»»

I too like an was a good friend of Mark Biddle's and worked together in the 80's to secure funding for the Stevensen home in London. I am currently working on a story that involves William and his father and was wondering if Ms Claude Lopez could contact me. I would welcome her thoughts on their estrangement. BTW - this is a wonderful site. I wish more history could be as engaging. Merry Christmas all!
William Scudder, Philadelphia, Pa [12-22-2009] »»»

great site
Terry Sellarole, New Jersey [12-22-2009] »»»

Eric Gutierrez, age 12 Youngstown, Ohio [12-22-2009] »»»

I am young but I do more about Franklin then some adults do. Benjamin was a gift of light for America. Without him and help of some others we would not be able to say were free. Such a great man. I wish he was still allive he would bring so much no inventions to us. -Kyle
Kyle Means, Brownsburg, IN 13 [12-21-2009] »»»

i like your web site
lauraburcham [12-21-2009] »»»

nice games
Darina [12-19-2009] »»»

Franklin should be on the cover of every history book!
historyluvr, ancient [12-16-2009] »»»

I think he is a dude and i now found my true spirtuality
ginglebot, 834 [12-16-2009]

I was intrigued by the 8 x 8 Franklin Square referred to in Dan Brown's book "Lost Symbol". I would like to know the veracity of what is said in Dan Brown's book.
Camillus Mendis [12-15-2009] »»»

i really love you and your work
vivian mai, scottsdale,A.Z [12-15-2009] »»»

I think he was a good man. He helped a lot of people.
Samantha, Indianapolis [12-14-2009]

i want to know that was really beaten by your brother
Jamea, lake ridge [12-14-2009] »»»

He is a smart guy
Dean, DaLi,Yunnan,China [12-12-2009] »»»

I am in fifth grade and am doing a living portrait of BF as part of my grade. I am to dress like him and be him as parents and visitors hear the story of Ben's life. He is more complex than I ever knew.
Blake Bahn, 11 yrs, Fresno, CA [12-12-2009] »»»

Hannah Carter [12-09-2009]

I loved the website. My sister learned how to play checkers from the game here. I loved the quotes page because I have a school assignment on his quotes. The word search and slider games we couldn't get to come up. But a great site.
bryce depew [12-08-2009] »»»

Fascinating! Information that I had not previously come by or that I'd forgotten over the years. It's also nice to find such information formatted for comprehension by the general public as well as good fun to read for academics!
Lea Renee Smith, 32, Gresham, OR, MHCC student (Rho Theta; Phi Theta Kappa inductee) [12-07-2009] »»»

i loved ben franklin
lamont, 22 [12-07-2009] »»»

i was wndering if he was the onle one out of his famile have something wrote on his birth stone n was there a lot of people at his brother funerl to? and how did his siblings treat him? and was he a very nice person?
jasmine deberry, 14 [12-03-2009] »»»

dremreibeya, 18 [12-03-2009] »»»

elexis lucas [12-03-2009] »»»

Very nice site, lots of good information, however, Silence Dogood letters 9 and 10 are the same letter, thought you and other readers might want to know.
Braxton Overby, Raleigh, NC [12-03-2009] »»»

very infermational!
katie, none [12-02-2009] »»»

anonymous, bfe [12-30-2009] »»»

I just found this web site! It is wonderful! I have always been fasinated by Benjamin Franklin. I am very curious to know, however, why his son's middle name is Temple as that is my last name. I do the family genealogy, but have not come across any connection to my family. Was William Temple named after a friend, a relative, or is it religious in nature? I had many Sir William Temple ancestors in England. If anyone knows the story behind it, I surely would like to hear from you.
Sherry Ann Temple, 47, Arkville, New York [12-30-2009] »»»

Benjamin Franklin should live in all of us. He was the quintessential American: inventive and pragmatic; dynamic and sedentary; he had an appreciation for the finer things, but was content with average things. Franklin was worldly and not insular. He, perhaps more than Washington, was the 'father of our country'.
James Zaworski, 44 [12-30-2009] »»»

Doing a biography on Ben Franklin for school & found a lot of awesome material & information to use from this website!
Justin Cruz, 9 yrs old [12-30-2009] »»»

ben was a great man, i find the study of him fantastic....
thomas kuremsky [11-27-2009] »»»

i love him
anonymous [11-25-2009] »»»

anonymous [11-25-2009] »»»

niny [11-23-2009]

SOOOO92 B108 NCS EP-151016:32 A2803 LSAT 142-167 To make a record. MENSA
Hilbert [11-23-2009] »»»

Wonderfull for kids a help full study games and homework prodjects and the biography center the show just everything on this sight is perfect!
anonymous [11-23-2009] »»»

Did the bolt of lighten hurt?
Santino Donnino, 8years old, Florida [11-23-2009]

Z1J227727 Winter Palace
Hilbert [11-23-2009] »»»

If it wasn't for Benjamin Franklin who knows where this world would be. If ben had never been involved with the things he did i believe no one would have discover elecrticity, biofacls, and his quotes.
Dominique Delicieux [11-23-2009] »»»

washeanice person
devon [11-19-2009] »»»

Hannah Rines [11-19-2009]

I think this is a great site to learn about Benjamin Franklin. Thank you everyone who made the site!
Jeffrey Popoff, Thanks for this site! [11-19-2009] »»»

anonymous [11-19-2009] »»»

i like lidpads
roberta [11-19-2009]

it was so cool jk
antigony holguin [11-19-2009]

this is a very nice page of benjamin franklin it has deatails children like me want to know.
SHYANE, 12 new york usa [11-19-2009] »»»

my thought is that he had a dream
karla [11-14-2009]

i love potatoes
Jeffy Potatoes, I love potatoes [11-14-2009] »»»

How many siblings did Ben have.
Emmanuel Massalee, randallstown [11-14-2009] »»»

he was a great man
anonymous [11-12-2009]

autumn sasser [11-12-2009]

thank you your site help me a lot on my history project thanks
ashley c, iam on myspace [11-11-2009] »»»

Very inspiring a man of so many talents but very humble and always looked out for the rebels fighting for freedom and justice thinking about the next generation as well. He was not bitter about women but pushed them for bringing out the best in them like Liberty Prescott.
Maria Andrade, Born & raised in USA [11-11-2009]

anonymous, Camden, SC [11-09-2009]

I am doing a project on Ben Franklin with my friend. We need information FAST! Please send to email.
Grace, age 11, marietta, ga, [11-09-2009]

i think ben was was a real cool guy i woul of liked meeting him but,too late anyway:P
Manuel [11-09-2009]

I am a nice person plese let me in
angel, benfranklin [11-07-2009] »»»

I would like to know about Ben Franklin
angel, benfranklin [11-07-2009] »»»

i think this web site rocks
chasity hernandez, age:14 [11-07-2009] »»»

This was very informative. What made you decide on writing about Benjamin Franklin? This website and the information you provided helped me get a better understanding of Benjamin Franklin. I appreciate your sharing all this information and making it so easy to find.
Arlett Miranda, 6th grader [11-06-2009] »»»

I'm trying to find out how much it cost to print in the 18th century
Ben Brant [11-06-2009]

Pascal's Treatise on the Arithmetical Triangle: E/mc.
Hilbert [11-05-2009] »»»

Robert Bulens, age:9 [11-05-2009]

Franklin was a dynamic personality with so many talents & a unique diplomacy that we see every thousand years.
Maria Stella [11-04-2009]

Thank you for sharing all of this information online. Ben Franklin was a fascinating man who added much to our culture in words and deeds. I am doing an online project for a course, and Ben's proverbs are the centerpiece for it. Huzzah for finding this Web site, and having a rich body of information from which to choose for my lesson plan/unit. Again, thanks!
Evie, Teacher [11-02-2009] »»»

deamontae, 10 and mybrother is 8 [10-28-2009] »»»

Isaac Gallnitz [10-27-2009] »»»

I'm an inventor,truck driver,heavy equipment operator,industrial maintenence machanic,etc,etc This man intruiges me...
Jesse T. Knipp, born 1-17-1968 [10-26-2009] »»»

I really like this web site ! i think it will help me write my report on Ben !
Lexi [10-26-2009] »»»

he was a good man
benji frank [10-26-2009]

lilly [10-26-2009]

i don't like my teacher anymore for making me come to this website. AND WHERES THE STUPID PERSONALITY QUIZ SHE'S MAKING US TAKE ON THIS DAMN SITE. I CAN'T FIND IT.
jamie [10-26-2009] »»»

I think Benjamin Was a smart, intelligent old/young man.He made electricity and light.I think he so good because is if we did not have electricity i would not be able to type this or blow-dry my hair.Just so you know i am a girl.
Chelsea Marlow, 10 [10-22-2009]

lexi, grand forks [10-20-2009]

i like benjamin franklin and i think he is very inspiring!
McKayla [10-19-2009] »»»

this website gave me a helpful 98% on my report! THANXX smart people!
Torrie Renee, age: 14 [10-17-2009] »»»

I like this website! I am a Ben Franklin addict
Aaron Drew [10-17-2009] »»»

i like this website.
me, 9 st louis [10-15-2009] »»»

The show is stupid!
Makala Smally, 11age city huntersville NC [10-15-2009] »»»

I think this wedsite is AWESOME! [:-)
Anthony John, I'm 12 yrs. old [10-14-2009] »»»

Brittany [10-13-2009] »»»

my granchildren were reserching a project on ben franklin and they pulled me over. the said to help them find information about ben franklin so I went to google and I found this. they kissed me becuse the found so much information i like this website
lila, I am 70 years old [10-12-2009] »»»

it's okay
anonymous [10-12-2009] »»»

If there's one person in history that I would like to hang out with, it would be Ben. He's the original "Big Ben".
Randy Plessinger, Age 53, Ramstein AB, Germany [10-11-2009] »»»

sam [10-11-2009] »»»

I love reading everything about benjamin franklin like how he invented the bifocals and how he discovered electricity
lizzy, 29 Palms [10-11-2009]

isaac, 11 [10-11-2009]

i do not like benjamin franklin.
audrey, 13 st. louis mo [10-11-2009]

Jyoti, Redmond, WA [10-11-2009]

i think this kool
bigman [10-08-2009] »»»

I think this website is really put together. It has a lot of info that I needed to write my reseach paper. Thanks so much for providing this site for all the people that need it. It is very helpful and very user friendly. I think that many more people need to use it because it helps a lot!
Sophie Loving [10-08-2009] »»»

vague and general, could use more details and facts supporting the compliments
bobby milburn [10-07-2009]

You should ad a list of the inventions and/or sientific contrebutions with a discription to each. other than that .. it needs more improvement... nice try.(:
ana [10-03-2009] »»»

Great site, job well done.
Mack Murphy [10-03-2009] »»»

this is awesome! it helped a lot w/ a project. it had everything i needed. very good. i will definitely recommend!
ashlynn [09-30-2009] »»»

why is he famous?
me [09-29-2009]

it needs more colors
sylvia, 14.alvin.tx [09-29-2009]

i dont know
ila, 9years old ind.46226 [09-28-2009]

Your site is very informative and I have enjoyed it very much. Thank you for putting it together. I'm looking for a quote from Ben Franklin that has to do with his opinion of goverment taxing it's people more than ____% I read the quote when I was in grade school, but cannot find it. It went something like this: Ill is a government that taxes its people more than ____ percent... I want to know what the figure is where I have the underscore, and how that quote is actually worded. Can you help? Thanking you in advance
Maria Perez, Los Angeles, California [09-28-2009] »»»

I write a weekly column for the Wetumpka Herald. I am looking for little known facts and stories about Ben Franklin
MARSHALL A DEAN, Old as dirt; Wetumpka, AL [09-25-2009] »»»

I'm a 4th grader from Tennesee and am doing my Social Studies fair project on how Ben Franklin changed the world. And, I need any help I can get. love mcpile
MaryCatherine Pile [09-25-2009]

Karen Heesch [09-23-2009] »»»

great website im using the information i find and doing research on Ben Franklin for my science project.
Kala G, 10yrs old Burlington Twp School in New Jersey [09-23-2009] »»»

ben fraklon was a very good man he made a show it was good.
chaz [09-23-2009] »»»

I love pizza!
Madeline, 27 [09-22-2009] »»»

your so cool i love your projects
anonymous [09-22-2009] »»»

Great site. Amazing guy. The best part was his religious heritage. Did you know he refused to patent his inventions? He was more concerned for the betterment of others than his personal glory!
Jordan, St. Louis, MO [09-18-2009] »»»

Hi my name is Daniel Fanklin is my ansester. Hes in my famly tree. My adddres is 5540 north santlowes AK can you sen me sume nfermashin a bowt hem. I ned it Tusday 22 ok Thainks Daniel palmer.
Daniel palmer [09-18-2009] »»»

great site
Lucy [09-17-2009] »»»

ithink he is cool '
www [09-17-2009] »»»

dumar [09-17-2009] »»»

Very intresting i wasnt even sure he excisted until i came across this website. i recommend this to everyone
spices [09-14-2009] »»»

good site. byee!
suramya, 11 yrs. [09-07-2009] »»»

this dood rockss!
Julia [09-07-2009] »»»

Franklin was an awesome guy with many talents and things he got accomplished
Lucy Lue [09-07-2009]

Cool website, who would have thought Franklin contributed so much to how we thnk as a nation today.
james [09-07-2009]

Doug Kreh [09-07-2009]

Michael Richardson [09-07-2009] »»»

me want to read more thought which is include with thru store and histery
ASHU GUPTA, want to read book which is writer by dheretulink republic [09-07-2009] »»»

I am teaching 5/6 yr old and we enjoy this site!
Marlene [08-28-2009] »»»

My dear friend is a desendant of Mr. Franklin. I wanted to give her some information. Now, I am interested. Very interesting. Thanks for listening. Take Care and keep up the great work. Nancy
Nancy Thornton, Born in Philly. [08-14-2009] »»»

Congratulations from Brasil.
Poltronas, Brasil [08-01-2009]

found a painting of ben,would like to know if it's org. the name of artist is baron jolly bruxelle
angela [08-01-2009]

we are relative, on the Arthur Amos Cross,as well as the Hattie Rose Franklin, daughters Ethel May Cline, Hazel Harris, Leslie cline, thelma Hattie cross,my mother
loretta shafto, his is relive on both sides of are family [08-01-2009] »»»

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