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its cool.
Johhny [07-26-2008]

I understand that Benjamin went to England to visit his Uncle who had a forge in the village of Chacombe. Do you have any information on this?
Angela Hood [07-26-2008] »»»

I think it was ok
Betty, 21 [07-25-2008] »»»

I am totally smitten wit Ben. I am so impressed with him and his work. i love history and - HE is such a great person of it. i love ben frankiln and enjoy reading books on his life.
Yvonne Patterson, 44 cleveland, ohio 44109 [07-22-2008] »»»

i love men
Shannon, i am a firl [07-22-2008]

Of all historical characters, Ben Franklin is surely my favorite. After being told by a few friends that I resembled Ben himself, I decided on going to Comic-Con as a Steampunk version of him. So far the project is turning out extremely well. I've even created a backpack that shoots a kite out. Thank you very much for a fantastic electric Franklin.
Grant, San Diego [07-22-2008] »»»

Ben Franklin you rock and I'm youer number 1 Fan
Tim, 9 nj [07-22-2008] »»»

Pam [07-22-2008]

i loved this website
miranda baily, 10 [07-15-2008] »»»

I think b franklin was a good man,he suggested daylight saving's time,he created the declaration of Indapendence,he was a good creater,and a good man.
LX HERNANDEZ, 8 montclair [07-10-2008] »»»

A conversation with Franklin would be the greatest. Rate it along with Einstein.
C. Oliver Day, age 87 yrs. [07-09-2008]

Great Site!
Kenneth Hughes [07-08-2008] »»»

Congratulations on your wedding.
Cindy Berger [07-08-2008]

Love this site when I need a little wisdom from the sage.
david westfall, 44 y/o from Columbia MO [07-06-2008] »»»

I am most intrigued by Franklin's speech requesting prayer at the Constitutional Convention when it was about to be unraveled. Was his request approved or not.
Gregory R Whitlow [07-06-2008] »»»

Kenneth Clapp [07-04-2008] »»»

I really enjoyed this website because it helps inform me about the ASA's history. I don't enjoy other things as much as i enjoy the history of my country. :)
Majik, i'm 11 and I'm in Washington D.C. [07-04-2008] »»»

Coll website...cant wait to explore it further! Jon
jon walton [07-01-2008] »»»

Franklin Benjamin was a great man. I hope kids nowadays will thought that poverty is not a hindrance to be successful.
andrea aguas, Philippines [07-01-2008] »»»

DIANA G. SAKAL [06-30-2008] »»»

Cool site.
Pat Williams, Newton Centre [06-30-2008]

He was a remarkalbe man.I only wish I had half the knowledge he had.Not just for future fincial security,but for intelect conversation.
Keith Armstrong, 40 years old Ozark, Ala. [06-29-2008]

Ben Ben Benjamin a freind to many his legacy never ends
Alex [06-26-2008] »»»

BRENDA KING, very informative, thankyou [06-23-2008] »»»

wut up im luvin dem games u got on durr 4 us guys to play neawyz gotta go holla luv dee dee
DUNDREY, 14 liberety [06-14-2008] »»»

colin [06-13-2008] »»»

mishaal, 12 [06-12-2008]

Thanks! this site realy helped with my report on ben franklin
Patrick Dupree, age 13 [06-12-2008] »»»

thanms ur websites awesome its helping me on my summer school report right now
clarissa lang, 17yrs.old [06-11-2008] »»»

Ben is cool. Great site! Thanks so much for sharing. ;)
Beckie [06-07-2008] »»»

without benjamin franklin we wouldnt have all these things we have now. he invented electricityy
besjana, 11 years old new jersey [06-07-2008] »»»

pablo [06-07-2008] »»»

i'm learning about him in school
pam, ri [06-05-2008] »»»

help me find my homwork
anonymous [06-04-2008] »»»

He was a great man. I'm researching my family history and would love to know if me and this great man are distant relatives. We always wondered about that. Can someone respond to me on how I can go further with this research. Pity he was never a U.S. President b/c he was a genius
David Franklin, born 11/20/1974 in Kingston, Jamaica and of English descendants [06-04-2008] »»»

My daughter and grandson will be visiting Philly soon and we are doing some research beforehand.
S.A. Mearns, North Port, FL [06-03-2008] »»»

this sight is great fun and a great way to learn about colonial times.
Ian Samuel Septer, 15/ohio [06-03-2008]

I think this is a very helpful website and it helped me a lot considering I am doing a report but all together it is very helpful to me so thank you for makeing this sit
paige, 14, Red Bluff, [06-03-2008] »»»

Susan Zamudio [06-01-2008]

I think benjaman franklin is the greatest man that ever lived!
ashley [06-01-2008] »»»

Charley Willmon, Foley, Alabama [05-31-2008] »»»

it was fun
RAYNESHA [05-31-2008]

WE re-oiled the cables some time back and got to see a peregrine Falcon-Fantastic! I" m proud to have been a part of the restoration. there more thsn meets the ete with Ben. go Local 399 ironworkers
Ray Priesr, I worked on the bridge [05-31-2008] »»»

wow that is cool
Alyssa Richardson, 13 03773 [05-31-2008]

I would like to see "Temple's Diary" published so that my ten year old grandson can read it.
Bruce W. Cobb, Age 54, Beaumont,Texas [05-31-2008] »»»

Priya rajesh, i am 19 years old girl [05-31-2008]

Well it is very thoughtful of him to invent somin but I dont know wat it is
Tali, no [05-31-2008] »»»

i need to know about how ben influnce us in the 21 century and get by tomorrow
ben, english report [05-31-2008]

Benjamin was the 15th child of his mother and father. When Ben was born 5 of his brothers and sister had already died. Elizabeth Samuel Hannah Josiah Anne Joseph I Joseph II John Peter Mary James Sarah Ebenezer Thomas Benjamin Lydia Jane
racquel, I live in Orlando,Florida [05-31-2008] »»»

kayla damian [05-29-2008]

i think he was a good
Dakota, newyork [05-29-2008] »»»

Laura [05-29-2008] »»»

What a truly remarkable man Ben Franklin was and I look forward to doing more reasearch on him, not only for my school project but just because he has done so much for our country in so many was. What a great country we would have if there were more people like him in the world today.
Vincenzo Spallino, Lester, Pennasylvania [05-29-2008] »»»

it had stuff that didnt have in the other website so it was pretty good. but it doesnt help me if im doin a essay right up..... :(
Kay [05-29-2008]

is Benjamin Franklin is the best example for teaching my som about inventions and such. My son loves to invent things and I love teaching him about Ben Franklin. He was so incredibly smart!
C.J. Inslee, Littleton, CO. [05-28-2008] »»»

ben rulez
cheyannelopez, 12 years old [05-25-2008]

This helped me with my P.A. history report for school. Thanks for setting up this website.
Keara, age 9 [05-22-2008] »»»

casey fenton [05-22-2008]

I think Benjamin Franklin was the best guy in history probably. I mean a lot of other people didn't do as much stuff as he did.
Glenn, AGE:14 CITY:Nowhere ECT: I'm EMO! [05-22-2008]

Thank u
Trayv5ofndffd, 22 [05-21-2008] »»»

We are studying about Benjamin Franklin and some of his inventions this week in school. We found this website on the internet.
Mrs. Dollyhite's 1st Grade Class, from Westfield Elementary [05-21-2008] »»»

awesome site but the ben show doesnt flow right on school computer. awesome site for information on my project on good ol benjy!
Anderew Brown, 13, neenah, WI [05-20-2008] »»»

I enjoyed Temple's biography so much. I just happened upon it and really settled in and immersed myself in it whenever I had a moment or two. Thanks so much.
Barbara Piatt, Dayton, Ohio [05-20-2008] »»»

Ben Franklin was a very good scantest and I like his invention of the kite. He finally got spark on his third time and he got shocked.
Justin, 9,conway, [05-20-2008] »»»

Justin [05-20-2008] »»»

I'm doing a BIG project on Ben and this website doesn't offer as much info as I thought it would.
N. E. Bodee [05-20-2008]

jay, whey do he beliefs [05-20-2008] »»»

this is cool. Ben was quite a neat guy.
phil C, philly [05-19-2008] »»»

JOSEPH WILSON [05-19-2008] »»»

i think this site is very intersting
raelyn cunningham [05-18-2008] »»»

I have to do a report on him so I came here to find some information
Levi [05-18-2008]

Benny is a thug
Gangsta [05-18-2008]

u [05-15-2008] »»»

your awesome
mike [05-14-2008] »»»

he was a great man and did a lot
jalyssa, 11,elmirs,ny [05-14-2008] »»»

i thank that you are a nice person and that you are a kool person and i do not have much to say so i am going to let you go ok bye
jessica, i love to play sports a lot [05-14-2008] »»»

i think you're cool
taylor, Elmira New York14904 [05-14-2008]

This is awesom!
Bridgette Backman, 8 years of age [05-14-2008]

Ben is cool
K [05-14-2008]

I have always enjoyed learning more of Franklin. My fathers' name was Benjamin Franklin Perego
charles perego, 87 yrs old, sanantonio TX [05-13-2008] »»»

um hi the only reason that i am here is cause im doing reaserch
lola, :( [05-13-2008]

garrett [05-13-2008] »»»

i love this sight
Lee Evans, 11 Chevy Chase MD [05-13-2008] »»»

i really think ben was amazing hes done so much to help us understand lightning
kelsey [05-13-2008]

hes cool?
bob [05-13-2008] »»»

Not specific enough
JC [05-13-2008] »»»

i need to info about benjamin franklin and ther stuff
samantha [05-12-2008] »»»

anonymous [05-12-2008] »»»

i was bored!
marisa, sydney [05-12-2008]

its a wonderful website to vistet its helps me learn more about been franklyn and whats he is about and hes life story back then it way diferent from now and back then i thank u i love ur web site and i hope other people thanks the same
jana, 13 united states- dallas tx, [05-12-2008] »»»

this page is cool!
alondra lucio, 13 mesquite [05-12-2008] »»»

Cool! Very useful for my school project.
Aaron, 11 year old from Kansas [05-09-2008]

benjamin fraklin is my hero he has always been the inspiration in my life i love him so much and appreciate all the things he has done for this universe.
amber saults, 15 [05-08-2008] »»»

Ruby [05-08-2008] »»»

madison [05-07-2008]

is benjamin franklin is smart and big
anonymous [05-07-2008] »»»

lucas bradfield, dont have a gf [05-07-2008] »»»

Cesar Santiago, McAllen Tx [05-07-2008]

shyann pilger, i am dating micheal [05-07-2008] »»»

Hello ! ii thought that thiis siightt wuus AWSOME! allthough iit wuus onliie a school project to learn out ben hahaha lol but iits aiight peace out <3
saaraah jaane, Canada Maniitoba ( Wiiniipeg) [05-06-2008] »»»

i have a report of 800 undred words do on you can you send me some info
ashleigh, 11,winder,ga. [05-05-2008] »»»

the name ben franklin followed me from early childhood as my fvaorite founding father--then one summer evening three of my close friends, garden grove california, were sharing some thoughts in my office when each of us were surprised by a bright silver cloud above our head, that circled the ceiling before exploding a bright colored circle containing the figure of ben franklin himself. he was dressed in a brown homespun suit, wearing his own drak frame glasses and smiling broadly as he stood in front oe me and said, ' i want to thank you for taking such care of my sister jane during the revolution when i coul dnot rescue her in boston and you took her in your own rhode island home and cared for her as a relative... my friends leslie and roberta minder nevr recovered from the thrill of our of our grateful founding father returning to say thank you generatons later inspirit... frankly speaking, that experience changed my life and dreams. it proved life is eternal and we better do a better job of living because every memory is recorded in eternity and remains with us...wow!
WILLOWDEAN VANCE, a reincarnated friend [05-05-2008] »»»

well for sure i think ben franklin was a hero. Also i think i know it cause hes in the 100$ bill, which means he might be a pretty famous guy for his life. LOL hes a good person. (giggle)
Pipo, 12 age OH city [05-05-2008]

anonymous [05-03-2008] »»»

well did you really make electricity?
jessica, 12 neville island [05-03-2008]

Great site! San Dimas, CA USA
Chris Rush, Descendant of Benjamin Rush, Signer of the Declaration of Independence. [05-03-2008]

Your website stinks! very bad it is worse than micheal jackson's get some things about william penn and then i will be happy
NONE, n/a [05-03-2008] »»»

Joey, No [05-03-2008] »»»

Gabe [04-30-2008] »»»

shelly, 15 [04-30-2008] »»»

i need to know the last time you updated the benfranklin portion of your website
james [04-30-2008] »»»

he is my hero
coy [04-30-2008] »»»

reshemma [04-30-2008]

electric was a good thing.
mickaylalittle, rapid city [04-30-2008] »»»

dalton mohlfeld [04-30-2008]

you are sweet people
brook latoski, yes [04-30-2008]

hi people 8
Tanashia Johnson, yes [04-30-2008] »»»

stupid franklin
high man, terds ville [04-30-2008] »»»

I love how ben made lots of things for us and how brave he was. PS:hi hi hi hi hi hi hi !
amanda, Eight, Raleigh, Third Grade [04-30-2008] »»»

whats up ben book hookie just dropper in to say HI you were so cool but how didd u come up with the lightning rod?? but pretty smart idea!
justin, eletric [04-30-2008] »»»

i think this was a very helpful sight. thanks for the imformation...
Bre-Bre, hahahaha [04-30-2008]

I think he was a pretty good old man he was a great person & pretty much with out him we would have nothin... WUT A GREAT MAN>>>> HE WILL BE MISSED
Brittney, 15 [04-30-2008]

you were a great person and now i'm doing a report on you.
Jena Spence [04-30-2008]

tristan [04-30-2008] »»»

i want to know a lot about franklin cause i got home work about him and i need to do a respones about him
junior, new york 7 year old [04-26-2008] »»»

i was here duh!
Mikaela [04-24-2008]

i like this its pretty kool guys ok ok ok ok
Eric, houston texas [04-24-2008]

I think franklin was a great man. I love learning about him for my S.S project and your website helped. Thanks!
jenna, age 10 [04-24-2008]

Marlin Scott [04-23-2008] »»»

The older I get the more interested i become in the founding of America.
Gary Atkins, 51 years old, [04-22-2008] »»»

this site isnt helpful, it stinks, u need more info about ben franklin
bob, none [04-23-2008]

i love him he is a total hottie
hattie lovett, englamd [04-22-2008]

this is cool
kk [04-22-2008] »»»

I love it!:)
Jacky, 15 [04-20-2008] »»»

I loved all of the qoutes, and info!
Leah Klos, omaha, Nebraska [04-20-2008]

could you do a time line on whenn he was littel if you can.or you can do it on him becoming president,im doing a repot on him
Acire [04-20-2008] »»»

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julia, 2343424 [04-20-2008] »»»

AWESOMe website!
alexus [04-18-2008] »»»

cool dude.
jazmine, 14,springhill,fl [04-16-2008] »»»

Pat Williams, none [04-16-2008]

I think Ben is a wonderful person and I have no other way to thank him because he invented electricity and I can't thank him any more for that.
Cydney [04-16-2008] »»»

Hi I have found here vastly useful information. I Thanks you for your web and please continue your good work. love always
ariana, 16 Abilene TX [04-16-2008] »»»

katelyn schram [04-16-2008] »»»

horrible untrue... lies... Hate this site!
anonymous [04-16-2008] »»»

where was benjamin franklin mom born?
Damarco James, BentonHarbor (MI) [04-16-2008] »»»

i like to play checkers
Irfan, age 7, kuala lumpur [04-14-2008] »»»

Thank you so much for bringing DR. Franklin back to life on the internet.
Michael Galea, 53 Calistoga, CA 94515 [04-14-2008] »»»

Benjamin Franklin was the most brilliant man of American history. If there was one man I'd love to go back and have a chat with, it would undoubtedly be Mr. Franklin.
Luke Dougherty, Freehold, NJ [04-14-2008]

i would like it if you had more games or school help
soph [04-13-2008] »»»

Hi I have found here vastly useful information. I Thanks you for your web and please continue your good work.
Tom [04-12-2008]

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Mark Hilbert, An hello. [04-12-2008] »»»

I think that you guys should tell about his alter egos
jgdsioa [04-11-2008]

ur r awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
christina, livonia [04-10-2008] »»»

Dear Mr. Franklin Ser. I am a 4Th. Generation Blacksmith - Artist tradesman of German, Irish Engllish Decent hear in my Home in the uper Surface Creek Valey of Western Colorado. I have become quite interested in Broom Tying Ser. I understand that you found a few seeds in your hat brus during another very long and tiring voig Home from France or England and planted them to see what may come of it. I am seeking information on Broomcorn seed and Broom tying machines. I should like to replicat a winding and a tying machine of my choice fore my us in my work. When I find the Machines I like I shal need measurments. I to enjoy Reinacting. Mr. Raymond W. King
Raymond W. King, Cedaredge Colorado [04-09-2008]

Thanks x 535123457349257 for the pages on Benjamin Franklin! I have to do a research paper for science class, and this website helped me a lot. I got all my notes from one site! So, again, thanks! :)
Katie, age 13 [04-09-2008] »»»

this websie is toatally horrible and I can't even play a game on this website.
anonymous [04-09-2008] »»»

I have been enjoying the T.V. series now in progress,John Adams. I am puzzled by this! they refer Franklin as Dr. Franklin. Can you explain this for me? I know he was a great inventor.
Mary Kellam, age 74 Fairfield, Ct. 06824 [04-08-2008] »»»

I find this very interesting. I am a descendant of William Franklin and Sarah Spencer. Their daughter, Rhoda Franklin was my G.G.Grandmother. If you have more info on them I would love to see it.
Claudia Ingraham Blocker, Colfax Wa. [04-08-2008] »»»

he was very smart even though he didnt attend school in his early years.i think u should gather more info to add here.
verenice, 11 [04-07-2008]

It doesn't say if Francis Folger Franklin was a boy or a girl. Please add this info. If it does say this, make more clear or put where others can see thi information.
... [04-06-2008] »»»

do you readed on book
vanessa, 9 bosant ma [04-06-2008] »»»

Curious to learn of Dr. Franklin's relationship with Native Americns and any connections with Joseph and Andrew Ellicott.
Franklin LaVoie, Buffalo, NY [04-06-2008] »»»

I am an actor that will be portraying Franklin in a one man show based on his biography (and other things), and am daunted, excited, and researching!
Kevin Hauver, 43, nyc [04-05-2008]

you are good
mateosummers, 10 [04-05-2008] »»»

DO you have any long movies about ben franklin.
keethi, I am a kid [04-05-2008] »»»

Quincey Wills [04-05-2008]

this site is cool hi happy time is from 8 to 2 at ricos casey david
bob, 18 [04-04-2008] »»»

I have allways been interested in Mr. Franklin. I found this site by Google search and am very glad that I did.
James Hickman, I am 68. I live i St. Louis, MO. [04-04-2008] »»»

dicky lou [04-04-2008]

Hailey wade [04-02-2008] »»»

Thank you I have a report I need to finish and this is all the information I need.:}
Juliana :] ^ [04-01-2008]

i want to now if he invented bubble gum.
lilly, 9 [04-01-2008] »»»

um ok so this is very like disturbing cuz my boyfriends name is benjamin and hes like cmpltly hott andfranklin is like all ugly and fat an hairy!luv yaz ben!
destenie, hehe [04-01-2008] »»»

May you please add more experiments?
Antoni Soroka, age 10 [04-01-2008] »»»

i don't get
andy edwards, i am nine years old/ state georgia [03-30-2008] »»»

Thank you for this page on Benjamin Franklin I have a project due on him and it's helped me a lot.
Audrey, California [03-30-2008]

Kenny Branch, 8 years old. S.C. [03-30-2008] »»»

giselle [03-30-2008]

I love ben
aracele, 28 [03-30-2008] »»»

this site is Awesome. I love the Ben Show
Brooke, I am doing a report about Benjamin Franklin [03-28-2008] »»»

He lookes verry odd
anonymous [03-27-2008]

Terry, 8-13-52 d o b [03-27-2008]

I am a desendant of Mr. Franklin and enjoyed this website. His nice Ann Franklin Dunlap married my 5th great grandfather, Nathan Gillilan.
Donna Sanchez, savannah missouri [03-27-2008] »»»

ANTHONY [03-26-2008]

you rock
nick schoppner [03-26-2008] »»»

hi, I m itti i m an enormous fan of mr. Franklin.I would like to know the best books of Mr. Franklin which i can purchase in delhi and which can change my vision towords life i want to be satisfy with all the respect. if u can send such information on my mail definately i will be gratefull to u. Thanks a a lot. last but not the least i like his one line i.e it this life nothing is certain except taxes and death.
Itti Aggarwal, from delhi (India) [03-26-2008] »»»

I think ben franklin was the most important person in our country revolution.
samuel diaz [03-26-2008] »»»

Leah, 10 [03-26-2008]

I love this website. I am doing a report on Ben and I found more than enough information! Keep up the F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S Work!
Shannon, 11 [03-22-2008] »»»

I like it a lot. you find stuff that you never knew.
Sarah [03-21-2008] »»»

NMF [03-21-2008] »»»

I like Dinosaurs.I Loove Star Wars,too.I love This WebSite.Bye,Bye!
Brandon Marschewski [03-21-2008] »»»

jk [03-19-2008] »»»

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anonymous [03-19-2008] »»»

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randy [03-19-2008]

Cool site.
Pat Williams, 30, Newton Center [03-18-2008]

i think that this is a very interesting web sihgt . and i will be visiting this again
alyssa [03-18-2008] »»»

I am doing a research paper on you and I will be adding you into our grade's History Hall of Fame. How great!
Morgan [03-18-2008] »»»

u (you) are doing a great job thank you for making are world the thanks again
baileer [03-18-2008] »»»

The site is great! The only thing I suggest is giving sound to some things on the website.
Danae, 12 years old [03-18-2008] »»»

I strongly suggest using this site.
Kyle, Edmonton [03-18-2008] »»»

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crystalbaez, no [03-18-2008] »»»

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Brian [03-18-2008] »»»

I really like this website. It's fun, cool, interesting and educational!
Anne [03-18-2008] »»»

This Benjamin Franklin site is AWSOME!
Danae, 12 years old [03-18-2008] »»»

yo ben franklin
jen [03-18-2008] »»»

hey wats up i think he is kinda kool kaylynn
kaylynn, nope [03-18-2008]

I am doing a presentation on Ben as if I was him.
Kenneth De La Torre, 10 years old [03-14-2008]

My (community college) students are always fascinated with Benjamin Franklin in my American literature classes.
Ellen Spiller [03-14-2008]

i am doing a web search on Ben,and because of this site am half done.
someone [03-14-2008] »»»

bobby [03-14-2008] »»»

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Kristen [03-14-2008] »»»

courtney [03-14-2008] »»»

is there mention that b. franklin was a loyolist until he was rejected by king george III?
M [03-14-2008] »»»

I really really liked reading about Benjamin Franklin, it was very very interesting, and once i started reading about him i couldn't stop!
Anonymous, The Show-Me-State [03-11-2008] »»»

you are a good person
ty-kella [03-11-2008]

Ben Franklin is a cool American. We think he rocks.
R. Matas/Mrs. Porter's Class [03-11-2008] »»»

yah i love this stuff woo hoo
gabby [03-11-2008]

great website! it helped me a lot with my school work!
Alyssa Bartlett [03-10-2008] »»»

julie b. [03-09-2008] »»»

quite a good story
fanjiakai, 21 Shanghai [03-09-2008]

I want to get a good report from my teacher.
Victor, Cerritos [03-07-2008] »»»

he have 17 brother and sister
shawnamama [03-07-2008]

I have to reseach him in scool today i like him very much thank you for the information goodbye
Melissa wint [03-07-2008] »»»

i am home scooled so i have to do a book report licke evey other 5th grader i live in westconsin .i love home scooling and this websit it is so helpful. :)
jasmine, i have to do a book report [03-07-2008]

wow i was only searching information about ben for a homework project and i found this! there's heaps of info! and to think i'm writing from hong kong!
Cindy [03-06-2008]

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Victor, Cerritos [03-06-2008] »»»

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M [03-06-2008]

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sguth3 [03-06-2008]

Narjis Raza [03-06-2008] »»»

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mercedes, 18 [03-06-2008] »»»

This web-site is a credit to America's Favorite Son - The Honorable Ben Franklin he loved technology...
Roy Kent Slay [03-05-2008] »»»

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joshua franklin, lol [03-05-2008]

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Historial fact: Ben Franklin was a scientist and an Agent for the London Parliament Westminster Abbey England. Franklin sat in on Congress meetings and afterwards wrote reports on the Congressmen and Senators; and mailed the reports back to the English Parliament oversees. Ben had a distaste for certain persons working in the U.S. government. Was He a fink? Some say no He was not!
Pres.Dr. RONALD BARNA JR., Freeland [03-04-2008]

chuck, none [03-04-2008] »»»

The more I learn about the life and accomplishments of this "Founding Father", the more I believe, that were it not for the other "Founding Father and true American hero, George Washington, Ben Franklin could just as easily have been chosen as our very first American President.
Martin F. Collins, Brooklyn, New York [03-04-2008]

Di think that Ben Franklin made a big diffrernce in the world and I have a poster to do on him and i need info can you help
Triston, I'm 9 years old [03-04-2008] »»»

The Declaration Of The Inderpendance Is A Wrong Thing To Do In 2012 During Leap Year
Benjamin Franklin, 54 Philadelphia [03-04-2008] »»»

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john [03-04-2008]

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Karli, I did a report [03-04-2008] »»»

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???, ??? [03-04-2008]

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