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my eight year old daughter is very interested in ben. this web page gave her great info.
michelle & hiedi, chehalis, wa [12-29-2006]

Dave Spiker, Wamego Ks 53 [12-29-2006]

it was very good and very helpful it got me an a on my essay thanks
BERTHA, 16 [12-29-2006]

I have a old letter,"THE ATR OF MAKING MONEY PLENY IN EVERY MANS POCKET,By Doctor Franklin.It has been framed and dated on the back of 1930.I would like to find more out about it. Thank you
MARTHA WALDEN, niota tenn. [12-29-2006]

i belive that ben is a wounderful man.
Lily Wang, Age:10 [12-29-2006]

Ben Franklin was a great human being with many talents and he has left an everlasting impression on US history.
Sanjeev Mitra, Age:47, Irvine, CA, USA. In US since the last 7.5 years [12-29-2006]

this site was very helpful and provides excellent information and pictures keep it up
jamee, tennessee [12-29-2006]

Kai-Bin Lin, 35, Taipei,Taiwan [12-29-2006]

L. Charles Cline retired from Little Giant and they permitted me to be a part of so much as a wife. I watched it grow and then sell. I was at the Christmas lunch and heard the info and looked you up on internet! I am so excited and will continue to watch as this transitaion takes place. Thank you so very much for this oppurtunity. Sincerely, Aloma
Aloma G Cline, Okla. City [12-29-2006]

still unknown, with more undiscovered works...
Rhoderick Markgraf Pulmano, 35 years old, 16 Sapphire St., Guiwan, Zamboanga City, Philippines, 7000, a policeman, song writer, philosopher, poet, etc., [12-29-2006]

arami [12-29-2006]

@ Aly, Ben Franklin was a famous American Physicist
Jere Lauffer [12-29-2006]

La Jan Mallett, Teacher at Bethel Christian Academy, Houston [12-29-2006]

taylor, hell no [12-29-2006]

I think he was a very brilliant man and gave us good things to use now!
Brittany [12-29-2006]

Ben is so cool! ^^
Gen Ponce [12-29-2006]

I thought the the information provided is very good information it helped me a lot.
ronald [12-29-2006]

yo, went 2 philly w/ my class---luv to ya! REMEMBER--dont snap your fingers, SNAP YO FANGAS!
tana <3, 13, jessup, md babay! [12-29-2006]

this website is very helpful for kids who are doing a report on Benjamin Franklin like me thanx kayla
Kayla Dolly, 14 [12-29-2006]

why did franklin put a key on the kite
Albert McKenzie, 13 and detroit [12-29-2006]

This is a wonderful site. Thank you Shirley nee Carson FOLLES
shirley folles, 73yrs old born & raaisedi n philly live in florida [12-29-2006]

ruth [12-29-2006]

The son of a candle maker gave liberty to us all.
donald kusser, age57 quincy mass [12-29-2006]

I like this web site, but there are a few things you could add like, Electicity findings and the like. I mean look at the title of the web site. Thanks
Pretty_Ponies, none [12-29-2006]

Mikayla, shoes! [12-29-2006]

ben you rock!
Army, 11,Kansas City [12-29-2006]

I loved that he made electric
Cristel, 16 f Ohio [12-29-2006]

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Jenna Fleck, Im a slut [12-29-2006]

did he have brothers sisters? what was his mom and dads name?
cody bowald, 1o [12-29-2006]

This website has been helping with a poject i am doin for my school which is historical and also i think it is a good website because it shows a discripection of they are talkin about or what u are lookin 4 so holla at me Lady Lollypop
Lady Lollpop, 12 [12-29-2006]

angela hanna [12-29-2006]

vasqurr1285,,moxer [12-29-2006]

Hi Nick this website is weird but it's col at the same time homie come see Eragon with me! Why is Andrew Moving?
Logan, Oregon [12-29-2006]

Hello there...I somewhat apologize for taking up a bit of your time. However, the good news is that the intent of this letter is positive. I've recently moved to a new city, and left my belongings at "home" in Montana; this includes my television. Well, moving to a new town and starting a new job can be very taxing on the pocket, so I don't get out sociably much on my days off. In a nutshell, nowhere to go, no money, no friends close by, no television. Bad right? Quite the opposite, I've learned a whole new world that I've never known. Because of this, I have spent time with you. I get around to spending a few hours each day "studying" Ben Franklin. You have such an incredible attention for detail, and I love the fact that you accomodate so much information into games, and fun for children also. So in part, I want to wish all of you very happy holidays, and know that this year their will be one more guy out here sitting at your dinner table reading Benjamin Franklins thoughts on Christmas. Thank you very, very much- Mike Steppe
Mike Steppe, 32 year old male currently living in Ogden Utah [12-29-2006]

this site doesnt help me with my homework! I need what he did before or during revolutionary war.
niki orsini [12-29-2006]

i am doing research on him
Brandon, inventions by him [12-29-2006]

sonai [12-29-2006]

I am a huge Ben Franklin fan huge. It is so cool to have a site all about ben and so well liad out. It is the best! My dream is to become a Benjamin Franklin Historian!
Future Benjamin Franklin Historian, 12 years old [12-29-2006]

adrienne, 9 [12-29-2006]

Ben Franklin was a true american hero, and will always be remembered as one in our country.
jimmy graves, crystal river, fl [12-29-2006]

Ben you're a great inventor you invented many things that the world really could use. It was really helpful. Thanx a lot
Jamarcus [12-29-2006]

ashley [12-29-2006]

Ben Franklin is the best inventer
Rico Cuellar, 13 Milwaukee,WI [12-29-2006]

madison, age11 live in MI [12-29-2006]

what is your man thing on ben franklin?????????
Rebecca Shifflet, Dueitt Middle School [12-29-2006]

this site is boring
Bill Thompson [12-29-2006]

i think that ben was a great man
tausha, no [12-29-2006]

the video was cool it could have been longer and more exciting
keon corbin, 10\columbia\carolina [12-29-2006]

Kayli Hammons [12-29-2006]

i think that this is soooo cool
CASSONDRA, national treasure mentions this [12-29-2006]

Lorenco, http://fentermine.ds4a.com [12-29-2006]

i think ben was agreat man he did a lot of amazing things he awsom!
brittanymilburn, 11yr old ok [12-29-2006]

canan ceylan [12-29-2006]

Candy Patterson, Willow Springs, Mo [12-29-2006]

this website is great and it could help me and other students that are willing to be a good students. so thanx a lot.!
chelsea, 11y.o. surigao city [12-29-2006]

Franklin was one of the wisest men of his time, he didn't get involved with politics. Anyhow, he was, is, and will always be a great and wonderful man in the history of the world.
MSR, Nampa, ID, 16 [12-29-2006]

Wow i can't belive the Ben discoverd electricity! We use it everyday <3 :-)
Steph [12-29-2006]

amber [12-29-2006]

ben franklin encourages me so much to become a writer and a poet! thanks ben franklin!
shelby stokes, 10 years old [12-29-2006]

thank you for taking time to share information about Benjamin Franklin this really helped me for my project on a famous person keep up the good work
alyssa, high school [12-29-2006]

Ben Franklin is awsome! =]
dj mitchell [12-29-2006]

i'm doing a project and i would like to have an index just for inventions and experiments
david blinn [12-29-2006]

Hi I love to study you Ben
cassidy [12-29-2006]

Ben was a Genius. If not for Ben the world would have been different. Amazing Man.
Randy Cole [12-29-2006]

This is the best site I have ever been on and I will tell other people about this site I swar
Shea [12-29-2006]

this is an awesome website
mike anderson, 13 Midland, Texas [12-29-2006]

This website is really good, could use some improvement but it is good. Benjamin Franklin was really cool and deserves to be remembered. =]
I am 1337!, n/a [12-29-2006]

sara, 4000 years old [12-29-2006]

i was a very helpful site for my history home work
kimishia, 13,norman oklahoma plan to go to college [12-29-2006]

If we do nothing,how will we know when we are finished?
William Brennan, Pittston,Pa [12-29-2006]

I think Ben .F. was a remarkable man and so I'm doing 1/3 of a huge report on him!
Maya202 [12-29-2006]

he is a man of history
varun [12-29-2006]

Ben Franklin was a great man. He invented so many things that we all use today. I just wanted to thank Ben Franklin for all the things he made for us kids today.
Tia Bradford, New York [12-29-2006]

hi peeps
MIRANDA, 10 kansas [12-04-2006]

Franklin rox my sox
Berube, Quabbin!111 [12-04-2006]

Hi whois this?????
Aly, Age10 [12-04-2006]

im learning adout him in scince at school i think its fun
hannah, poole [12-04-2006]

I love the aboundant as well as helpful information this website provided all about America.
Carol Tian [12-04-2006]

i think that benjamin franklin was a verry saphotiscatied person and that he was a genius!
KWENISHA [12-04-2006]

i love it!
DAISY, pinky [12-04-2006]

its so boring
nina [12-04-2006]

We are hoping to learn a lot of fascinating facts about Benjamin Franklin and the Revolutionary War.
Miss Malutza's Class, We are a third grade classroom in North Royalton Ohio [12-04-2006]

I thought it was great!
cheyenne [12-04-2006]

as a 14 year old i am more into playing music in class than study but learning about bemjamin is like an honour. he was so cool
stephanie, 14/tasmania [12-04-2006]

why are you dcool
hank hatfrihy, yuio [12-04-2006]

Bob [12-04-2006]

Who discovered electricity? Why is it called electricity?
Patrick [12-04-2006]

I think ben is great and intrusting.
Meaco Butler [12-04-2006]

kakar [11-30-2006]

i love this sit keep it up is nice
emmy ezeoru, 40no 1 st antony street lome togo [11-30-2006]

You need more printable pictures for reports and other classroom projects.
Brandon Pinkerton [11-30-2006]

I'd like to know more about the Junto any help would be appreciated
Fred Threet, 43, Nashville,Tn area [11-30-2006]

cool,, should come here more often
Heidi, 11, Richmond, B.C. [11-30-2006]

taylor [11-30-2006]

I really think Benjamin Franklin is a really nice guy and I want to thank him for inventing things impotrant
jaimes, I am 14 years old [11-30-2006]

Parker Liebe [11-30-2006]

Jessi Imes, I am 15 I live in Gettysburg PA. [11-29-2006]

Alyssa, 10,parker Co [11-29-2006]

chuck salerno [11-29-2006]

This website is very resourceful!
Megan, Texas [11-29-2006]

we love this site. we home school and really gathered a lot of information for our reports
jennifer sholar [11-29-2006]

I have always loved strolling throught the past. This short stroll was very educational and uplifting as well as humbling. As I read I could feel the presence of the late great Ben Franklin {Uncle Ben}looking over my shoulder and proudly pating me on the back and placing a kind gentle hand upon my shoulder, as those bolts of lighining {epiphanies } flashed within my own mind. Thank you so much Ben Franklin!
Gail Hirt, Philipsburg, Missouri [11-29-2006]

Im doing a project for school and my teacher assigned me to study on Ben Franklin and I LOVE this suite because it gives me tons of info for my project THX!
Tanaya, Pheonix,AZ [11-29-2006]

I was looking for a child to see how much she knew about this subject well not much but it was fun to look at
sharon orr [11-29-2006]

my thoughts are this cite has good info and a lot of it lol :-)
calla, 16 yrs old <3 [11-29-2006]

I think ben is so smart and it is very cool that he discovered eletricity because we use it all the time these days!
Aisha Errington [11-29-2006]

lee, 11 nc [11-29-2006]

I think your a really important man and you inspire a lot of people
Hunter Shifflett [11-29-2006]

I think that Ben Franklin was a amazing guy and that he sort of invented electricity.
Parker [11-29-2006]

I think Ben was so rockin awesome.I think is life seemed so fun!Your website is fun but soooooo slow the video is not done and I've been waiting for about 30 mins. Milly Webb the rockstar to be!you'll see dude.Just rock on !
milly, 2006 [11-29-2006]

Ben was so cool.I like your website dude.See ya homie!I'm a HOTTIE! I wish I could travel back in time and make him live until 2020!Make more videos on your website. Brittany(Spears)J.K
Brittany, I look like a rock star,I'm 23 [11-29-2006]

it was cool
t567i, sehyy [11-29-2006]

This is the greatest web site I have ever been on in my intire life. Keep up the good work.
John Diamond, Amarillo Texas [11-29-2006]

I LIked This Website it gave me a lot of info on my brother!
Babushca, im 199 years old [11-27-2006]

i am a distant relative of benjamin franklin..thats all
andrea [11-27-2006]

well i really like the wed site. i would really like for you to ssend me more information about benjamin franklin. every thing is good. thank you (ps it would be better if you would make a video discribing benjamin franklins' life)
LIZ, 14 [11-27-2006]

thank you for your information. i am doing a report on Ben Franklin.
coby Lasater, 10,parker co. [11-27-2006]

B.Franklin is a great man. So great is he that every man who wants to improve himself should not neglect his great book----the Autobiograhy.
John. U. Wang, 24 years old [11-27-2006]

i think this website was a very interesting web site because it has a lot of important information.
summer, 11 [11-27-2006]

dude what s up i lol at your web.
annika COSBY, age 11 shawnigan lake [11-27-2006]

he is soo hot!
summer GEROUX, 11 [11-27-2006]

Anna Myers, 11,bellville,ohio [11-27-2006]

thanks, for the lighting idea
arturo soberon, 46, mexico city [11-27-2006]

like the challenge
RICHARD, i'm 7 and i'm in window rock az [11-27-2006]

rICHARD [11-27-2006]

I think you should make some more fun games. I thaught you should try Chess or something. Well please reply!
chad boyd, lorain ohio [11-27-2006]

jeffrey [11-27-2006]

I love Benjaman Franklin. I can't wait to share this web site with my friends!
Janet Barsky, A am a special eduation teacher who lives in Philadelphia. [11-27-2006]

taylor [11-27-2006]

I have learned a lot of stuff I didn't know about him and I love this website. I have to do a report about someone and I chose him.
Jamie, 10, Iowa [11-27-2006]

p sartin [11-27-2006]

Bro-Jo-Ke-Den, i luv starwars [11-27-2006]

michael, michael 9 denis9 [11-27-2006]

it is kewl
tosha, 17 ky [11-27-2006]

Abby [11-27-2006]

i really thank that benjamin franklin is a savior to our country. i mean if we didnt have electricity i wouldnt even be typing this right now. you wouldnt have even thought of this question. i think you we should really thank is benjamin franklins parents. for actually succeeding to have a lovely child. who was very smart and very,,,very,,,,,well, he is an accomplishment. thank you for your time and thank benjamin franklin for electricity.
olivia, no thank you......... [11-27-2006]

Great site!
Sarah, 15 [11-27-2006]

miranda, 10 i live in kansas [11-19-2006]

what were some of bens
keanna [11-19-2006]

i think you were a very wethy man
crystal, 14 harrison Ar. [11-19-2006]

i live this site.
Monica Snow, 12 [11-19-2006]

I love Ben Franklin! I wish this site had the ability to search one of his quotes that I cannot locate.
Susan Wyman, Canton, GA [11-19-2006]

My students are going to the Ben Franklin Exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science Monday, November 20th. I was just looking for sites that they could visit after their trip.
nancy tielke, teacher fifth grade [11-19-2006]

Franklin you were very smart to envent all these wonerful things. And the music that you discoved was also very nice you a my favorite sicentist. thank you for all the wonderful things . Very,very much for your wonerful iventions. Thank you, LUCY!
Lucy Cheeks, Trenton 8 New Jersey [11-19-2006]

Anna Myers, 11,Bellville,Ohio [11-19-2006]

I thought that this website is cool!When i get home i for sure i'll go on this web when i get home.
jeslyn [11-17-2006]

walter peyton34sweetness [11-17-2006]

i think you need new games and funner ones
suck my dick now [11-17-2006]

This website is very cool.
Alexandra [11-17-2006]

hi i think the cheekes was good
Mr. King [11-17-2006]

your web site is awsome.
cool [11-17-2006]

it was great
TI [11-17-2006]

hi i think your cool
jesse [11-17-2006]

how was it evenition stuff like station
jessica [11-17-2006]

this website is really cool and fun
walter [11-17-2006]

victor [11-17-2006]

i liked your website
john [11-17-2006]

I thought this was a really cool website.
SusieQ [11-17-2006]

this is a great web site for us kids when we have to do homework or a prodject on benjerman franklin so this is all mi have to say thanks
haley zarcone, 12,spring hill [11-17-2006]

ben is a beast
joe [11-17-2006]

I think my students will enjoy this info...we just started to learn about Mr. Franklin
Ms. Cole [11-17-2006]

hi i am a studend i like post offrdsa
jack pope [11-17-2006]

Im learnig about ben
Adrianna [11-17-2006]

Well yo I just wanna say dat Bennie Boy was my fave invento. He was smata den Snoop Dog and Trick Daddy! Damnnn if I lived back in his time I would've tapped dat!
Jessica D-Dawg, 68 [11-17-2006]

Thank you very much. I like your site and it's helping me with my homework right now! I would love it very much and be quite delighted if I could give a shout out to all my closest friends: Grandma, and Billy! I love you!
J.K.D, 17 [11-17-2006]

how did he find electity? how old was he when he came up with his first invenion?
amari, 9 Fort Wayne,Indana Ashcroft Dr [11-17-2006]

zack martin, 10 years old [11-17-2006]

I am a student in community College and I am now studying Ben Franklin in my history class.
Geneva Daniels, age 45 Philadelphia [11-17-2006]

mckensy, 13 [11-17-2006]

I think they should have more 4 the children in PA! can you do something about it!.
?, 13teen PA TX [11-17-2006]

Wow!Ben Franklin is amazing!i can't believe how many things he accomplished throughout his lifetime. He is truly one of the most well known people that went down in our American history!
Sam Stankiewicz, age-13, I live in Brighton,MI [11-17-2006]

my name is pancho villa
pancho villa [11-17-2006]

I think that Ben Franklin is one of Americas most IMPORTANT people in American History. If it wasn't for him many of our comfortable needs wouldnt be here. P.S. since im 13 and i dont have any money could i get some free posters of Franklins work(: Thanx email back at stontejr@comcast.net
Taylor, Texas age 13 [11-17-2006]

For more information of his Christian views, look up America's God and Country, Encyclopedia of Quotations.
Tim R. [11-17-2006]

needs more info
Matthew, Houston,Texas [11-14-2006]

khadija, i am fun [11-14-2006]

this is a dum web site
pam, im wired [11-14-2006]

this website helped me with my project and what i needed to do my project
trent, n/a n/a n/a [11-14-2006]

I used this website for a history project and it helped me to find some of the things that I needed.
Shawn, 14, cecilia La [11-14-2006]

ben rocks.............
pedro [11-14-2006]

Well,I have to do an essay (it's part of my grade in school).This website helped me a lot. I'm sure I will get a 100.
Nilima, 11,ny,bx [11-13-2006]

COREY [11-13-2006]

this sight is awsome i love it so much .i have an adikshon 2 this sidht so i love it more than my wife and girlfriends
thomas soyer [11-13-2006]

Briseida [11-13-2006]

this is cool
trey, 12 [11-13-2006]

srikanth, 26,hyderabad [11-13-2006]

It is good
Juan Lopez, 48, allen, TX [11-13-2006]

Lauren [11-13-2006]

he was a outstanding inventor .good job ben.
Renzo, chicago [11-13-2006]

Benjamin Franklin was a very wonderful and intelligant gentelman!
Hazel [11-13-2006]

I like Benjamin Franklin too.
Gary Lin, I live in Taiwan [11-13-2006]

I think that if BEN wasn't here to invent electricity we wouldn't light
Tequawn, 13 [11-13-2006]

a native of va. history is apassion. this story held me captive until it was read.
RONALD WILSON MARTIN,SR., 62yrs. hartsville,sc [11-13-2006]

It is too bad that we no longer have statesmen today as we did in the days of Franklin.
martha watson, 65 livingston, texas [11-13-2006]

ur rad
loren [11-13-2006]

i would like u to come back to life can u make a machine??
kelsey, 10 years old [11-09-2006]

manuel bayona, 16,candelaria [11-09-2006]

I think ben was a very sucsessful man and I wish his family well. and to all the people that dont know about him he is a very interesting person and this is one person who I can say truly I enjoyied learding about,well gotta go bye.
nicole, age12 philadelphia [11-09-2006]

Great web site
Wes [11-09-2006]

Ben was the greatest American
Wendy, Tom Bean, Texas [11-08-2006]

I think that y'all sould tell how ben died.It is just a thought,but I do wonder 'bouts it.
Melanie Bromley [11-08-2006]

I <3 Ben Franklin and his inventions
brad, im 65 years old [11-08-2006]

jon [11-08-2006]

need more games to play
ashley avant [11-08-2006]

Benjamin Franklin (January 17, 1706 [O.S. January 6] April 17, 1790) was one of the best known Founding Fathers of the United States. He was a leading author, politician, printer, scientist, philosopher, publisher, inventor, civic activist, and diplomat. As a scientist he was a major figure in the history of physics for his discoveries and theories regarding electricity. As a political writer and activist he, more than anyone, invented the idea of an American nation[1], and as a diplomat during the American Revolution, he secured the French alliance that made independence possible. Franklin was noted for his curiosity, his writings (popular, political and scientific), and his diversity of interests. His wise and scintillating writings are proverbial to this day. As a leader of the Enlightenment, he gained the recognition of scientists and intellectuals across Europe. An agent in London before the Revolution, and Minister to France during it, he more than anyone defined the new nation in the minds of Europe. His success in securing French military and financial aid was the turning point for American victory over Britain. He invented the lightning rod; he was an early proponent of colonial unity; historians hail him as the "First American". The city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania marked Franklin's 300th birthday in January 2006 with a wide array of exhibitions, and events citing Franklin's extraordinary accomplishments throughout his illustrious career. Born in Boston, Massachusetts to a devout Anglican tallow-maker, he was baptized at Old South Meeting House. Franklin learned printing from his older brother and became a newspaper editor, printer, and merchant in Philadelphia, becoming very wealthy. He spent many years in England and published the famous Poor Richard's Almanac and the Pennsylvania Gazette. He formed both the first public lending library and fire department in America as well as the Junto, a political discussion club. He became a national hero in America when he spearheaded the effort to have Parliament repeal the unpopular Stamp Act. A diplomatic genius, Franklin was almost universally admired among the French as American minister to Paris, and was a major figure in the development of positive Franco-American relations. From 1775 to 1776, Franklin was Postmaster General under the Continental Congress and from 1785 to his death in 1790 was President of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania. Towards the end of his life, he became one of the most prominent abolitionists. Franklin was interested in science and technology, carrying out his famous electricity experiments and inventing, in addition to his very important lightning rod, the Franklin stove, catheter, swimfins, glass harmonica, and bifocals. He also played a major role in establishing the University of Pennsylvania and Franklin and Marshall College. He was elected the first president of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge, the oldest learned society in the United States, in 1769. In addition, Franklin was a noted linguist, fluent in five languages. He is typically recognized as a polymath.
Evan [11-08-2006]

Ben has inspired my so much. Now I want to be like him.
Abby Jones, 9 years old [11-08-2006]

aaron [11-08-2006]

Bob, 14 wv [11-08-2006]

luke humble [11-07-2006]

Member of Harmony Lodge No 199 F & A.M. Naurashank Masonic Temple Pearl River, N.Y. 10965
Fritz Koenig, 80 years Augsburg Germany [11-07-2006]

I really like this site it gives a lot of imformation about this guy like the time line it is really nice
Arly Pettinger [11-07-2006]

Hello, I so enjoyed this website, and I will visit it often. I have an avid interest in American History and the men who made our Country the greatest in the Whole World.
Mrs. Jan Jones-Little [11-07-2006]

I think ben franklin is old
Merissa [11-07-2006]

Fascinating website!
bert kelley, milwaukee [11-07-2006]

cathy, 9 [11-06-2006]

In my eyes, Benjamin Franklin was one of our great nations heros. He basically shaped American's way of living.
Emma Wright, I am a HUGE fan of Ben Franklin! [11-06-2006]

how does a lemon light a light bulb smarty
Billy, no [11-06-2006]

anonymous [11-06-2006]

hi, i lke your site but i would like for more facts then small details. thanks jazmyne aka kandii
jazmyne esqueda [11-06-2006]

Very good site it help me a loot some time ago : ) This will be soon my home site fell welcome to visit it in any time
monik [11-06-2006]

I wish we had people like him more for the peoples country
Terry Henry, Vidor Texas [11-06-2006]

good web could be better
alice, age 10 [11-06-2006]

i love benjamin franklin! go bees!
chelsea, 14 heard and mcdonald islands [11-06-2006]

i like this website because its heplful
aiyona [11-06-2006]

I think this website is really neat.
stephanie rodriguez, 13, brownsville,tx [11-06-2006]

ben franklin rocks! lol
Nikki LeBlanc, 16/F/Nantucket Island, Ma [11-06-2006]

Lindsay [11-06-2006]

lorna [11-06-2006]

im on this web site because of a project i realy wish ben was able to be here that would be great thanks angeleena
angeleena ament, age 10 [11-06-2006]

I would like to congratulate Ben on his recent Birthday. I was wondering, if we could come down there when I'm elected Mayor on Nov.13/2006 Hamilton will be the Newer City, on account that Tommorrow...Starts..Today! Martin S. Zuliniak
Martin S Zuliniak, Dundas, Ont. Canada [11-06-2006]

amanda, 12 [11-06-2006]

franklin rocks
Tyler Trotti [11-05-2006]

My mothers maiden name is "Folger" and as I understand it, Ben's mother was Abia sp?) Folger...a distant relative & buried on Natantucket island where as a family we visited years ago. A relative to remember!
Bradford & Christina Barrett, Dad & daughter 45/9 years old [11-05-2006]

Mr. Franklin was outstanding!
Derek G. Bell, I am 49 years, live in the Great State of MI. [11-05-2006]

how does it work
anonymous [11-05-2006]

who gave the kite
lingzhi, i' m12 [11-05-2006]

i love this site keep it up is nice
emmy ezeoru, 47 lome [11-05-2006]

I love ben for comming up with ele.... he was the gratest well just wanted to show the love
Ashley Strange, 17, tx [11-05-2006]

He's "simply the best"
hope [11-05-2006]

jordan mankus, 10,loganville.GA [11-05-2006]

I Love this web site!
kc, Lamesa [11-05-2006]

kitty-cat, information about benlamin franklin [11-05-2006]

ben is my idol! he rocks
JAMIE GEHO [11-05-2006]

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