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i need help with a school prodject on ben franklin!
Ashley [10-31-2006]

um... this was just a school assinment i had to do but i thought i wood leave credits about how well you'r web page is presented... it looks great! good job...
kelsie, 14, female, i live in australia [10-31-2006]

he was so cool ! A man with excellent brain but the most important has an excellent heart too. it's nice to know there was a man like you
liza, jakarta, indonesia [10-31-2006]

Great site! Thanks!
Sherry Firestein, Special Ed. Social Studies Teacher [10-30-2006]

C.J, 14,mableton i like 2 pl [10-30-2006]

Ben Franklin is so amazing!
Mercedes [10-28-2006]

milagros gonzalez [10-27-2006]

This site has been great help for a history report that I'm doin' for school! Thanks! -S
S, www.NorthStarAcademy.org [10-27-2006]

it amazingly BORING! lol
mellinea adkins, fort gay, wv. [10-27-2006]

Hey! I think that ben franklin was an awesome guy. I knew him well. just kidding! Haha. anyways what he did was awesome for the world and if he hadn't of did it, we would be sitting here with no computers, no television, and even worse, no food. we probaly wouldn't be in a building because you need power to build things. anywyas, yeah, that is what i think about him!
Tara, 14 years old [10-27-2006]

I wish I could have met Benjamin Franklin! I like your site because I can sort of do that.
Peter Cracchiolo, 12 [10-27-2006]

bobbykozlov [10-27-2006]

Where on this site can I find the inventions that Benjamin Franklin invented?
Carmen, Age 17, from Portland, Oregon [10-27-2006]

omg i love this place its like awesome ahha im so preppy!
abbie [10-26-2006]

i love this website it has great ideas i am making a website myself i hope it is as good as yours!
sarah [10-26-2006]

i'm doing a report in franklin
Jaclyn [10-26-2006]

i have a report due in not to long and im doing my page on Ben this is going to be exiting and interesting I LOVE TO RESEARCH
angeleena, 10 years old I love to research expecialy on ben [10-25-2006]

ben franklin rocks
stephanie, 11/ny [10-25-2006]

Cool website good and useful information! :)
Stacey Wood, 12 [10-25-2006]

this was very interesting because ummmm im doping a research project that is very important because its worth 6 test grades!@! thank you!
anonymous [10-25-2006]

i think Franklin was a good guy and do lots of things to make america a better place and as a honer today, Franklin was a $100 bill. we, the world today really thank Franklin for it and also as a honer, we will always remember what he had done to us as a beautiful memeroy.
buzz [10-25-2006]

I loved the web site!
Morgan York, Favorite color: BLUE [10-25-2006]

He was one good guy and he was one of the men that we should have a day that we reseat.
Seth Timmerman, the kite was a good idea [10-24-2006]

I think that Ben and the men of his day would be shocked, amazed, and disheartened by the state of our country today. While we have been asleep we have gone from the land of the free fighting for the freedom of those who have yet to taste it, to the land of the oppressed at home sending our brave soldiers’ to die in foreign lands to spread democracy that we might feel more safe. We have proven Ben’s words. We deserve neither our essential liberties nor safety. All we are doing is allowing those we fear to control us through our own fears. We need to change our slogan from “The Land of the Free” to “The Land of the Fearfully Oppressed.”
Rodney Arnold, Male 46yrs Calif. City, CA [10-24-2006]

I miss you
Wilmiaquae Bunbury, 14 Glimer Texas [10-24-2006]

you should tell us more well facts about some great ahceivements Ben Franklin acheived during his life. From when he was a little boy until he died
Tasha [10-24-2006]

Hey! Rustin BArrick i love u! lol
Andraya!! [10-23-2006]

1 great guy
william murray [10-23-2006]

i want to find out about this person?
Valarie D. Jimenez, AGE=11 and CITY=San Antonio [10-23-2006]

Ur sight is soo cool..lol.. and i love rustin barrick!
Andraya, 13 [10-23-2006]

Once learning about the electric board, I once studdied the subject and am still becoming intrigued by the making of electricity and have no Idea.
malaka, no [10-23-2006]

yessica deleon, i live in new jersey im 12 im in six grade go to robert waters school [10-21-2006]

Iwas wondering if you can make a few just a few more games please because the opponent is a cheater I've only won against he/she once and no one else has been able to.
sarah, 11-Enumclaw washington 7th grade [10-21-2006]

I think Benjamin Franklin was a good man back in his dayz.I would vote for him before I voted for anybody else he is my most favorite president in the world.I dont know why he is,but he is.I probably know more about Benjamin Franklin than anybody in the world.
Brandon [10-21-2006]

We've been studying Ben Franklin and are pleased to have found this site! Thank you for all the info!
Anna Ramirez, Boise, ID [10-21-2006]

i liked the electrickel kite storm. with the key thing. it was awsome. abby jorinscay. p.s.do you think i could do that.
abby, 9 johnstownp.a. [10-21-2006]

ur site is soooooooooo rubbish u cannot do nuthin
kat [10-21-2006]

molly [10-20-2006]

i think benjerman franklin was a great man because he invented a whole bunch of things!
kateal vanbuskirk, im 12 [10-20-2006]

Erin Cook [10-19-2006]

this is interesting
Helena [10-19-2006]

katrina [10-19-2006]

jennifer [10-19-2006]

A Cady, Age:14 State: Ohio [10-18-2006]

What a wonderful individual! I base so many of my lesson plans on his work. My students all say they would like to meet Ben if he were alive for one day. Cool huh?
Karen Maxey, Teacher [10-18-2006]

kathleen f. hurley, jenkintown pa. [10-18-2006]

Hi all you it me I will typ to you ok
sam [10-17-2006]

Your very awesome and could you tell me more about yourself?
Lila, 9,Cloquet minnesota [10-17-2006]

i dont know
yessica deleon, iidk [10-17-2006]

I have enjoyed reading about Ben Franklin. I had to do a project on someone famous and I chose him because I thought he had done so much with so little education. Now, in this time education cannot be short-changed by any one. We need our education and most of all God. Thank you for your information. There was enough information to do my entire project with pictures and all. God gave him all the knowledge he needed to become successful. I think he had the gift from God to do all these things to help the world. Thank you-Kaylne
Kaylne McDowell, 10 years of age-Glen Heights, Texas [10-17-2006]

i think he is a great inventor and he is excellent
TIFFFANY STOKES [10-17-2006]

it is ok but needs to add more games so every one can play to injoy it.
vicente santana, 12 yancyvill [10-16-2006]

i think that ben franklin was a very cool and interesting person he invented a lot and thought of a lot of inventions and was just a wonderful,caring,and a thoughtful person
lottsoflovins94 [10-16-2006]

While still greatly celebrated, I still think he was and is under appreciated. His legacy is taught to us at a young age in school, so later on we assume we know about him because we've been studying him since third grade, but i think this man made so many achievements we should continue to revisit him, along with many others through out our years of learning.
Rgz [10-16-2006]

Jennifer Yoder [10-16-2006]

you inspire me
CHELSEA [10-16-2006]

my thought were that he is a very cool man
jennifer, daytona beach fl [10-16-2006]

it was okay i thought a lot about it.
Darnella, 14,lancaster [10-16-2006]

I think Ben Franklin was a really smart man and made tons of products that we all use and really need!
Kayla Brinkings [10-15-2006]

i just want to know were he went to college
kelly [10-15-2006]

When you think of great American's - you always think of Benjamin Franklin!
Linda Connolly, 48, Georgia [10-15-2006]

Benjamin Franklin was a good person in life he really showed the world a lot
jasmine Barnes, 14 [10-15-2006]

Benjamin Fraklin was a good man
Jasmine Barnes, 114 [10-15-2006]

I am doing my social studies hw and we have to find 75 facts about Benjamin Franklin. I CANT FIND THE LAST 13! HELP!
Shannon [10-15-2006]

Thanks, good information, easy to read, please do something on the Silence Dogood Letters. This would be helpful when explaining Ben's writings.
Thomas J Alemi, Franklin Insitute (staff) [10-10-2006]

I love Ben Franklin's inventions. He is my insperation in my everyday life!
Danny Obschester, #34 Indianapolis, Monisota [10-10-2006]

i think ben franklin is so amazing
katie benzer, 16 [10-10-2006]

He is a famous person,and I acted in a play.
chance B. Hansen [10-10-2006]

I think Ben Franklin was a great person, i think that he shouldnt never me for gotten at all. he should be in all of us and never me forgotten that is my thoughts.
elizabeth, 17, utica ohio 43080 [10-09-2006]

Kenetra Malone [10-09-2006]

i am making a report o ben frankland i need a lot of informaten
Angelica crouch, 12 [10-09-2006]

i love ben
josh clare, parma ohio [10-09-2006]

what is your real name. how old is .you
shivonni, 9,st.louis [10-08-2006]

Nice site to send my APHistory students as a resource.
CEM [10-08-2006]

Own a company with 'Franklin' in it.
Derek G. Bell, From the Great State of MI. [10-05-2006]

Benjamin Franklin is my admiror becayse he never gave up and always tried to do his best and today we have electricity because of him
Luba Hindi [10-05-2006]

I used yuor info for a school prject. Yuo are My Math explorer. The Lempn Project is also My Science fair project. Thank you for all the info
victoria, i am 10, NC,Jacksonville [10-05-2006]

I think you should put more pictures and imformatin.
Parish Eckford, Milwaukee and i'm 12 [10-05-2006]

Parish Eckford [10-05-2006]

His things he did was great. I bet I woud never be something like that. Which I know im a girl, but you never know. Well my thooughts in this was that it was touching after a while then GREAT!
Kayla, 15 [10-05-2006]

/emily feenstra [10-05-2006]

I like Ben Franklin! Hes uhhh OLD well, D-E-A-D! haha he invented some junk so i like him cause if it wasnt for him i couldnt plug up my straightening iron, or the microwave! So, hes cool YO! your page is good ushistory people site makers.
Alissa, grundy, virginia [10-05-2006]

when did Ben Franklin die and how old was he
Christina Smith [10-05-2006]

Benjamin Franklin is my fada
Ryan [10-05-2006]

i like icecream
Rachel, Hi [10-05-2006]

My class is going to love this site..
sburger [10-05-2006]

i thought he was a great after i read and did some research about.i'm doing a project on him. and he is a great man.actually i like him.he is great.
shontrese, 13,milwaukee,wi [10-05-2006]

I was reading the first part so I stopped because it was long. I'm writing a research paper and I Needed help it helped thanx
Emily [10-05-2006]

I love the web site you have so people can look up something about you!
Alyssa, age 11 [10-05-2006]

Bonnie Trier, Phila .Pa. area [10-05-2006]

My mom and I are working on a school project; we liked this site. Thanks!
Ryan Martinolich, I am 7 years old. [10-05-2006]

ben i am trying to get info about u 4 my project love kayla unknown person
Kayla, 9 yrs /laredo [10-05-2006]

great homeschool resource! Thanks! <><
Christy [10-05-2006]

iyxlkicnx, asdf [10-05-2006]

This site was great. It helped me with my American history assignments, specifically the project I'm working on now. Thank you for creating this website.
David Birnhak, Philadelphia Area Age 13 Class of 2011 [10-05-2006]

this is a weird site
preston, 12 [10-05-2006]

science is cool
maria, female [10-05-2006]

Temple's diary was some very exciting reading. I would guess being a part of the Franklin family was exciting, with every family member contributing to our history in some kind of a way. Thank you for allowing me and every other american into the life of such an inspiring family. William from Virginia
anonymous [10-05-2006]

I think Mr. Franklin ranks right up there with the Presidents, Kings, and statesmen of his time. He contributed so to the american culture that words cannot say what a great person and agreat american. I may be stretching it a little but I am a fan of one of the great americans who ever lived. William from Virginia
William R. Hunt [10-05-2006]

nathan, i am 14 i live in canton oh [10-05-2006]

meilssa, henrgehrye [10-05-2006]

what problem did he have doing his job?
dylan [10-05-2006]

David Pepple [10-05-2006]

I loved this web page it helped me greatly on my college history courses
Autumn Zinn, 18, Sedalia Mo [10-05-2006]

I love benjamin franklin.
rebecca MANWARING [10-05-2006]

courtney [10-05-2006]

I was wundering if he invented X ray glases to see on the back of the Decleration of Independes. pleas right back Patrick.R.Smith
Patrick.R.Smith, age.12 Akron Ohio [10-05-2006]

I think that Benjamin Franklin was a great man! lots of people were enspierd by him! I like two sayings from Ben 1 A penny saved is a penny earned 2 Waste not Want not i like those sayings becuase when you save a penny it ia youve earned a penny!And waste not want not if you want it now and youve wasted it then u cant have any more so when you get something dont waste it! Did you know that Ben was beaten once by his brother james when he worked for him in hid printing shop so Ben ran away he did not even say good bye to his parents. so if you want to know more about Ben and meet me just email me and all tell you more about Ben Franklin i hope i can talk to you soon. :) ~Sarah~
Sarah, nine IL America [10-05-2006]

i love benjamin franklin he was a excited man. I am doing a fake intervewiw with ben if he was real i would really enterveiw him. I have every book on ben that is ever made. love you ben.I saw bens house and his grave in philadaphia.I put pennys on his grave. He is a awesome guy and if he was alive
Amanda, new york [10-05-2006]

hey, this is a cool site i was doing a report on Franklin and i got all my info. from here, this place ROX!
Miranda [09-21-2006]

ben provided a lot of soul to america. w/o a man like him, we wouldn't be much of a nation.
david westfall, 42 y/o [09-21-2006]

This site has helped me with a big paper i had to write so keep it up Thanxs Naomi
Naomi, Illinois [09-21-2006]

Ilove this site
Jonathen Rodgers, age 10, [09-21-2006]

hey i really liked all the thigs bout ben franklin i really enjoyed reading that it gave me an "A" on my report i had to do on him u guys do a good job on writing things on (famous historic people well that is all i got to say so peace out *Alyssa*
alyssa [09-21-2006]

I've enjoyed this site greatly. Thank you for the great source of Franklin information and entertainment.
Connie McSwain, Public School Media Specialist, Emerson, GA [09-21-2006]

I would like to know about the Silent dooltile letters Thanks. Theresa Berger
Theresa Berger [09-21-2006]

i love ben franklin <33333 hes my babyyyy he is so hott
Roxanne, 15, California [09-21-2006]

hunter, 14 [09-21-2006]

im a big fan
mandy, 12 tx. [09-21-2006]

alright,i think ben franklin was a wise man.
ashton smith, age 11 [09-21-2006]

i think ben franlin is a wonder full man with very taltend skills in learning and experimting
British, Class of 2011 [09-19-2006]

Not enough information!
naomi [09-18-2006]

Esther Perez, Houston [09-18-2006]

Ben Franklin is the most intersesting person in history to me!
Kerry, 12, Palmer, PA [09-18-2006]

Coolness Beanz
Bobbina Goerge, 13 [09-18-2006]

fue un maravilloso hombre para la historia del mundo
hayeza bianco, 44 old live in Virginia [09-18-2006]

I love Ben Franklin! He is so hot! I would marry him if he wasn't dead! P.s- that video was bomb.com!
Shelly Shelly, I have two of the same name! [09-18-2006]

Great Ben Franklin site.
Erik, Minnesota [09-18-2006]

im on this website for my project information and it help a lot!thanx!
miranda [09-18-2006]

Franklin was and amazing man and set a great moral example.
Rich, 12, nashville, tn [09-18-2006]

you shold think about ading adio with thise history i wold of paid atention !
ALFONSO AGUILAR, im at school [09-18-2006]

I was finding info on BF for a high school student, and enjoyed reading this, thank you
Rose Day, Nebraska [09-18-2006]

Id say Benjamin Franklin is weird, brave, and also extremely smart. Know would want to stand out in the cold, wet, storm practicaly hopeing to see electricity almost kill you. Although he did invent electricity because of that, i do give him credit because we people on earth would be in a world of hurt if there was no t.v. and so for whatt he did, that was, crazy, brave, and pretty smart!
Taylor Spencer, 13 years old, from Andover Kansas, love to paintball! [09-18-2006]

The writings of Ben Franklin have taught me so much about american history, through the good and bad. This man was as much an intellect as any one man could be.
James Profitt, Age:17; City/State:Keavy, Kentucky [09-18-2006]

Benjamin Franklin is the biggest influence on my life and has got me questioning why about everything just like him.
Justin Hahn, 17 years old, St. Joseph, Missouri [09-18-2006]

I am a big fan of Ben Franklin!
Taelor [09-18-2006]

theresa clifton [09-18-2006]

I love benjamin Franklin
Amanda, ballston spa [09-18-2006]

I wish that Franklin could advise our governmental leaders now!
A. U. [09-18-2006]

muffin killer who likes ninjas, ghdf [09-18-2006]

this was a great site! it helpe with my projects on ben franklin a lot!
august, tampa, florida.14 years old [09-18-2006]

ben is a great man
billy bob [09-18-2006]

ben franklin is my hero...last night thousands of his potential children just died on my face last night...awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww get owned self
brad smith, i really like ben franklin [09-18-2006]

Benny was a weird child. He was a dragon man. Actually he was just a dragon. But he was still Ben Franklin! he burninated the country side and burninated all the people and the mushroom cottages. Mushroom Cottages! And then benny cums in the night tee hee get buckchaied and get off my map u andrew the phone for you flamers
alvl95, blub blub blub blub [09-18-2006]

1010 [09-18-2006]

im a sophmor eof high school i take us history b i would like tolearn more bout us history but in short answears and questionsssssssss
niccol rosadi, i want to knomore and read less [09-18-2006]

ben you are intrasing to learn about. you are so cool rock on!
Kathryn Sergent, 10 [09-18-2006]

thomas jefferson was the 3rd president and author of the declaration of independence.
Griffin Namin [09-18-2006]

Benjamin Franklin was a man beyond his time. He was incredible!
Priscilla P. Seay, Rantoul, IL USA [09-18-2006]

My grandfather was Clarence Folger Burrows. Also have been told we're related to Peter Folger of Nantucket.
Judy Sutton, Relation to BF [09-18-2006]

Cool site! my site http://dyrik.info !
Smit, usa [09-18-2006]

I am saving to take a trip with my husband and my girls to the East coast to visit the original 13 states. I've been to D.C. and want to return so I can teach my girls about our history. I'm 31 and from what I hear and see we are slowly losing our American Heritage and Culture by not sharing it with our children and by allowing so many illegal immigrants infiltrate our country and then have the nerve to "cater" to them...why should we have to post everything in other languages besides English? This is America and the founding language is ENGLISH! If you want to speak Spanish or Chinese, or German then maybe you need to move to those countries. I have no problem with people moving to the United States to make a better living for themselves..but if you do..then make sure that you become a legal citizen, pay your taxes like everyone else, learn the language of the land, and remember this is still One Nation Under GOD! When we start taking God out of the government, schools, court houses, then we start cursing ourselves and this very country.
America the Beautiful! [09-18-2006]

appreciative of our nations history and our that of our founding fathers
Dwight Bradford [09-18-2006]

I really enjoyed this site and found it to be very resourceful. Thank you very much.
anonymous [09-01-2006]

benjamin is my brothers name
lu, i like chocolate [08-31-2006]

this site is very interested to look up a program to understand who ben franklin is. this site is very well organized thanks for letting my family understand him thank you again
von hanna [08-31-2006]

I don't think the page on Benjamin Franklin has enough info. I'm doing a project at school and I hardly found anything useful!
Jessica [08-31-2006]

i go to ur school
bob [08-31-2006]

thanks for having this website. without this website nobody would now about Frankilin. thank you for helping me with my homework.
Brittanie, age 10 garland,tx 1 sister 2 borthers [08-30-2006]

You cant find anything important here very well cant you make it a little more organized sorry for my spelling.
Shana Newman, 12 [08-30-2006]

Truely a gigentic personality, who could visualise US ( more than 200 tears ago!)," .. a land of opportunity, but only to those who recognise that it was first and foremost The Land of Labour". Great !
B.L.Shah, Pune, INDIA [08-30-2006]

I am doing a project over Big Ben, but I cant seem to find his name while an apprentice. You know he had a diffrent name as an apprentice, it starts with a "s". Cool website anyway, though!
Drew, 13 [08-29-2006]

what did they expect the outcome to be?????
ibe, 14 texas [08-29-2006]

he is soooo cool
Jenna [08-29-2006]

thanks for helping with my home work
jake, age 12 [08-29-2006]

your site is very usefull for our team. thanks wellcome to our guestbook.
alex, New York [08-27-2006]

Great Americans Great Beer
Dennis Glick, Indiana [08-26-2006]

lindsay [08-26-2006]

Great Scientist and Inventor.
Hair Loss Treatment, uk [08-26-2006]

i am doing a report on him
anonymous [08-24-2006]

This is a fantastic website. I found the website to verify Franklin's age at death (office conversation) and stayed awhile to read his quick biography.
Tatiana Royer, Reading PA [08-23-2006]

He's my birthday mate and role model for so many years.
Luane Todd, 64, Harrison, AR [08-23-2006]

This is a fantastic website. I found the website to verify Franklin's age at death (office conversation) and stayed awhile to read his quick biography.
Tatiana Royer, Reading PA [08-23-2006]

i think ben franklin is da bomb!what what!
katie, 13....born ...july 4 [08-23-2006]

ben franklin is the collest inventor ever! i think it's neat how he came up with the idea of electricity... i love lightning obvoiusly! your website is very informative! keep on rockin'!
samantha, 14 [08-23-2006]

emmanuel [08-23-2006]

To the Author, Lopez, on the biography of Temple, I cried when I read the early years of his life. I am a decendent of William Temple. I wish I had more info on his decendents. This was very well written. Thank You, Dan
Dan Franklin, 66 years old [08-22-2006]

my thoughts are idk!
Traver JAMES, 78,Jamesville [08-22-2006]

samantha, 7, Kutztown [08-22-2006]

I love Benjamine Franklin and think he was one of the greatest things that has EVER happend to the world.Plus the page & quick biography was amazing verry detailed & I learned a lot, so thank you to the person who wrote it.
Taylor, I'm 13 female,and live in Texas [08-22-2006]

want to se a picture of him whit the light that he made
anonymous [08-22-2006]

i just wanted to sign the book
amanda [08-22-2006]

I think that Benjamin Franklin was THEE SMARTEST! man alive
Sam [08-22-2006]

i thought you are 2000 years old
Elise Lopes, age 9 [08-22-2006]

I would like to get more detail about the compagnie
Jean Richard Effeuze, 8638 watershed ct gaithersburg MD 20877 [08-22-2006]

phillbob man [08-22-2006]

I was researching the Proprietary House, the pre-Revolutionary Govenor's Mansion in Perth Amboy, NJ and I came across this sight. Wonderful!
Lorna, NJ grandmother [08-22-2006]

aprilyn tabernilla [08-22-2006]

My daughters and I studied American History as a part of their school curriculum, and we are planning to visit primarily in honor of William Penn, a highly influential, unofficial, "founding father" of sorts.
Jennifer Szuter [08-22-2006]

Love the site. The more I learn about Ben, the more I am impressed by his accomplishments.
Steve Territo [08-22-2006]

What time did he die?
Aris [08-22-2006]

I have, for many years, been a great admirer of Mr. Franklin and his many texts and observations. However, is there some way of obtaining replica prints of his various dialogues, representing the actual documents?
William Burke, Currently of Florida USA [08-22-2006]

We are excited to be part of the Mn Tercentenary events in our area. Our country needs more Ben Franklins!
Joan Undahl, Oak Island, Mn. [08-22-2006]

Why the HELL should I have to press '1' for ENGLISH!?
Gretchen Fairchild, hosting.imageevent.com/gretchen1993/thepearlygates [08-22-2006]

you are cool
megan, 11 [08-22-2006]

He's a lifelong hero; would that he were President of the U. S.
Morton R. (Dick) Maser [08-17-2006]

katelynn [08-17-2006]

What is the function of Mr.franklin about elecricity?????
jessieca mae, Tandag Surigao Del Sur [08-17-2006]

Why the HELL should I have to press '1' for ENGLISH!? Why the HELL should I have to press '1' for ENGLISH!? picture
Gretchen Fairchild, hosting.imageevent.com/gretchen1993/thepearlygates [08-07-2006]

I think that you are a very cool guy NOT!
Keven shu, 9 dimond bar [08-07-2006]

Wonderful & very smart man!Would have loved to have known him.
Jackie McClimans, Atlantic, Pa 16111 [08-07-2006]

kaushal [08-07-2006]

I was born on the 250th anniversary of Ben's birthday and have always had an interest in him. I once was asked the question: "If you could have lunch with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?" My answer was: Living, Jimmy Carter, Dead, Ben Franklin.
anne [08-04-2006]

how do you did the sparmet on lighting bult
justin [07-29-2006]

was watching a soap opera and one of his quotes was used and i liked it and i wanted to know about the man and the electricity
yomi [07-29-2006]

i thought he was very silly to fly a kite in a thunderstorm.
joey x [07-29-2006]

love this site! i have used many of these quotes and knew they came from Franklin. i had no idea about the others. some i thought came from the Bible!
jacquie whitt- mitchell, buffalo new york [07-27-2006]

Ben Franklin, The Father of Everything. The "speckled axe" shines!
Jeff Bearden, Oxford, AL [07-27-2006]

I would love to spend one day with his brain in my head.
Dennis Thomas, Oregon [07-22-2006]

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Roy Bonter [07-18-2006]

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nicole [07-17-2006]

i think benjamin franklin is a very good inventor because he must of been very inventive if he could invent electricity.
Emma Grimshaw, i am 11 i have two sisters and 1 brother [07-17-2006]

Very Enlightening web Page.I will tell all my history friends about it!
Peter Gerard [07-17-2006]

This is an awesome page and it is really intresting but i thing you need more things written by benjamin himself
cole [07-15-2006]

yen [07-14-2006]

he is a great man
Kristen Jones, 16 [07-12-2006]

Before seeing the website,I don`t know Franklin very well.And now I know him.I`m interested in U.S history.Now I find the web.So I think I will come here somtimes.P.S:Although I`m 17 but my English writing isn`t good.Sorry!
Monica, 17,Taiwan [07-11-2006]

This is a very great site, I'm happy to come acrose this site.
Lucky Brown, New Jessey [07-11-2006]

What are the sources of the quotes you give? The one about beer and god is new to me- where does it occur? Thanks
tony mates [07-11-2006]

Where can one find a family tree for Ben Franklin?
Thomas Franklin Lear [07-10-2006]

Darris [07-10-2006]

Ben Franklin is my hero!
Coy Fortenberry, 6 years old, Baton Rouge, LA [07-10-2006]

i like ben! GO BEN
grace seals, 8 celina [07-10-2006]

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hot shizzle [07-10-2006]

Benjamin Franklin to me was a very intellegent man. He graduated from oxford and edinburgh. He was self-taught and honary doctor of Laws. He lived to be 84 and was a pretty big then in the old days. Ben Franklin wasn't like Button Gwinnett who died at the age of 42. I think Benjamin was a magnificent man and I wish he could've lived longer.
Tommi Scugoza, !0 years of age Aberdeen,MD love to research [07-10-2006]

life is short make it sweet
ritarohini [07-08-2006]

I saw the Biography on Ben Franklin the PBC (23) last week so I'm checking ou the webSite.He was a great man.
Lillie Dodson Tilman, Richmond VA [07-07-2006]

Just wanted to say I am glad someone has not forgoten out forefathers we all could learn something from Ben Franklin in the way he thought and lived his life.
David Gustafson, 21, Madison, Wi [07-07-2006]

I am proud to be born and raised in beautiful Philadelphia and proud to share the same home as Mr. Franklin.
Annette Rodriguez, 30 years old/ Philadelphia [07-07-2006]

that's a sad story because the son traved to london then to pennselveya .
Samantha, 17 [07-05-2006]

Ben Franklin, your freakin awesome
Patrick, Charlotte NC [07-05-2006]

The website is outstanding and I've enjoyed my brief incounter. However, I have a question regarding a quote to which I have always heard attributable to Benjamin Franklin and I would appreciate any information regarding it's origin. I have heard it quoted of Ben Franklin that "the true definition of freedom is the right of an individual to do as he pleases as long as those actions do not infringe on the rights of others to do as they please". I'm not certain this is an accurate and direct quote, but any enlightenment to this matter would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Murray
Murray, 48, Baton Rouge, LA [07-05-2006]

Frank Ruxlow, 80 years Arnold MO [07-05-2006]

Franklin is electric because his writings, his commitment, his vision, always send shiver up my spine and challenges brain activity.
David Sierra, 61 years young. 1961's Cuban refugee [07-05-2006]

tessa [07-05-2006]

A rare treat to read the selfless attitude of the courageous Forebearers.
Liam O'Muirgheasa, Loganville GA [07-05-2006]

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nancy girl, byte me [07-05-2006]

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Craig Lee Franklin, Austin, Texas [07-05-2006]

It is July 3, 2006. We are studying the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Amazed and Humble.
Phillip R Russell, 64 yr texan [07-05-2006]

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Vicki Timman, 45, Ohio [07-03-2006]

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patriot, 9 [07-03-2006]

Ben Franklin seems to have had his hand in everything significant that happened in the US during that time, very smart man.
Danny [07-03-2006]

many are the ways of men but God dictates the pace .
franklin fredrick, 32, port harcourt, Rivers State.Nigeria [07-03-2006]

Katie [07-03-2006]

I havn't been to school in four year in highschool i did take history seriously but know i do. I love franklin i think i amazing how he changed history so much. I think that he is a inspiration to all of us. If take he's example just live our lives and make a difference in people lives it is incredible what we can all do.
Lana Gillette [07-03-2006]

Ben Franklin was a brilient man. And I love reading about him.
Taylor Mathews [06-26-2006]

Masha Johnson, Spring Hill [06-26-2006]

Lori Johnson, Spring Hill [06-26-2006]

I think this is great to find some of his sayings, because my grandmother and mother would say them to me.
kathy thomas, other sayings [06-26-2006]

dear benjamin franklin, your dad dids in before you
justin, how you do the kite to fly in the storm [06-26-2006]

good site
Russ [06-26-2006]

The website is an amazing educational experience. It is a great site. Bejamin Franklin was a great man and inventor. And scientist!
Kendra, I'm 11 and live in Nowra [06-24-2006]

My students read a play in Scope magazine entitled "The Apprentice". We then cam to the computer lab to "google" Ben. We got the the Electric Ben site and many others. Teh kids especially enjoyed the video and playing checkers with Ben as well as the Slider game. There were excellent timelines and Q and A's about Ben Franklin's life.
Judith Grillo, Phoenix, AZ, teacher [06-23-2006]

shoinza [06-23-2006]

The movie National Treasure peaked my curiosity. I am so intrigued in learning about the whole story of History. I am planning a trip to Washington DC very soon! Thank You!
Ann-Marie Harmon, 35 yrs old, New Orleans [06-23-2006]

i think this web site is great for reserchers and definetly interesting!
haya soly ohayon [06-20-2006]

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Great Site! Ben Franklin was a great man.
Martin, Boone, IA [06-16-2006]

He is totally cool!
kathy [06-15-2006]

The best and most interesting site I have found in a long time.
Gilbert F. Storey, Jr., 59Years Old, Paintsville, Ky. [06-15-2006]

The best and most interesting site I have found in a long time.
Gilbert F. Storey, Jr., 59Years Old, Paintsville, Ky. [06-15-2006]

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I think Benjamin Franklin did a lot of great things for the colonists in the thirteen colonies and the future generations of America.
Rose Sanders-Zakre, I like history [06-13-2006]

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sarah, bc [06-13-2006]

Lots of grate information and current events.
shantell, New york 16 [06-12-2006]

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jordan, new york [06-11-2006]

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I think that Benjamin is a facinating man in our history and this is the best site that i found to get information on him. There is so much to tell and that you get that you don,t know what to use.
krystal hunt [06-09-2006]

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brittany, 10, va, [06-09-2006]

I need the boigraphy for benjiman franklin please.
Rosend, 11 years old Woodburn [06-09-2006]

cole [06-09-2006]

What I think about Ben Frank is that he was the greatest that was on earth that was the only person that I really like about the eletricity person.
Sade Scott, 11 years old [06-09-2006]

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Jennifer Cochrane, 12 [06-07-2006]

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GENESIS ROSADO, 40 year old [06-01-2006]

i think Ben FRanklin had a lot if brains and courage to invent what he did. It had to takealot of guts to be who he was, and for pe4ople to accept his concept and ideas.
Maria Mauldin, 14 yrs.old,Oberlin, aspiring singer [06-01-2006]

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Nick, im 14 years old [05-30-2006]

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nicole [05-30-2006]

Good info! helped me on my projet a lot! :)
Joe [05-29-2006]

Put a bit more of a love story in it about Benjaman and his sweetheart.
Alex Vacceralla, 10 years old, La Palma, CA [05-29-2006]

aurora, l,a,x, [05-29-2006]

Your information is superb! Just what I need for my project! Thank you!
Amanda, Singapore [05-29-2006]

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ali, australia [05-29-2006]

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shanteeria [05-29-2006]

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Laura, new york [05-29-2006]

karla, this is so awsome actually amesing [05-26-2006]

benjamin you helped me learn a lot about electricity.
courtney, boise [05-25-2006]

so far it is just telling me the bascics
"Olive" [05-25-2006]

when I was reading one story about you I was inspard. I cekead out more books. One of the names of the book I am reading is The benjamin franklin you never knew
alyssa, 9N.y. [05-25-2006]

LIZETH [05-25-2006]

Ben Franklin Was a Good Man.
Caleb, 10. Hamp. [05-25-2006]

Anupama Chakraborty [05-25-2006]

love it
Lacey [05-24-2006]

Lea G., 9 [05-24-2006]

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Kathleen C., 8,wf [05-24-2006]

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Levi Gable, age is 20 [05-24-2006]

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Shaquila Eley [05-23-2006]

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shai'derius, 14,chicago [05-23-2006]

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EMILY [05-23-2006]

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shanelle [05-22-2006]

I love reading Bens books they are so so good.I mostly like your science experiments and The Ben Show!
Lauren Curtis, I am 8 years old.I live in Ameeica. [05-22-2006]

he is so great a man admired by everyone
leasa [05-21-2006]

wendy [05-21-2006]

biruk, 10years old [05-21-2006]

I like this web site, it's very informative. I learned a lot, that I didn't already know
vanessa, I'm 17 and currently in Taos, New Mexico [05-21-2006]

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angel, Benjamin Franklin rocks [05-21-2006]

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madison, 9 i'm at school [05-21-2006]

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Alex Posielski [05-21-2006]

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Ricky Langston [05-21-2006]

i think that it is good that Ben discovered electricity because we use it a lot and who knows what we would do without and iam also doing my report on him also and i found out a lot that i didnt know before
Valerie [05-21-2006]

ben franklin is my favorite libertarian. my tiger cubs are making a cenetrpiece fo trhe blue and gold awards dinner in honor of old ben.
lisa brandinelli, 43,, haddonfield, nj [05-21-2006]

Co [05-21-2006]

There are probably no other men or women in history that are as interesting as Ben Franklin. I love hearing his quotes and it doesn't take too much digging to find something amazing that he did that you didn't know about. There will probably never be anyone quite like him. Thanks for the site!
Jen, Missouri [05-21-2006]

jessica koo [05-21-2006]

i wonder how rich Ben franklin was
jd [05-21-2006]

I think that all the information u got of benjamin franklin is cool.
KcatJade, 10/nyc. [05-21-2006]

Alexis Rivera [05-21-2006]

how Did YOU died
Alexis RIvera, 11 [05-21-2006]

I need Ben Frinklin when he made the bifocals.
caitlyn [05-21-2006]

jackie, 70 [05-21-2006]

This is a great site to gather info.
Andrew [05-17-2006]

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Jessica, Pennsylvania [05-17-2006]

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ty [05-17-2006]

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Nicole, age11 [05-17-2006]

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Carolina Crispell, No [05-17-2006]

Carolina Crispell [05-17-2006]

this page show lots of sciencetifical things like when he invented electricity.
kissairis, my age is 12 [05-17-2006]

I love to learn social studies and history. People who helped change our world to make it better for us today.
Marinna, Sandwich Ma [05-17-2006]

he is the best!
noelia, 13, florida [05-17-2006]

There was a good range of info but not enough in total
Alex Kitty Kat [05-17-2006]

Katymae Hayzlett [05-17-2006]

i think Benjamin is cool because if it wasn't for him we woudn't have electricity
Noah [05-17-2006]

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cody olsen [05-17-2006]

cHRISTIAN aDAMS, 33 [05-17-2006]

Well my language arts teacher told us to come up with 3 facts and I thought wow well I have the best idea since Benjamin Franklin is very special to me I will make something really decrative about him so I hope whoever is reading this happy.
Brittanie Skambraks, 12 [05-17-2006]

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Caroline Weaver, im 34 and a girl [05-17-2006]

i am glad you made light
laura, age8 [05-17-2006]

william, 13 [05-17-2006]

Ben Franklin has always been my favorite revolutionary war hero. I have pulled from your site several quotes that will be Headlined on the site am currently building. The quotes I grabbed are, They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately. Those who are feared are hated. It's common for Men to give pretended Reasons instead of one real one. Doing an injury puts you below your enemy; revenging one make you but even with him; forgiving it sets you above him. In light of the decline of the American Empire by a few corrupt companies and government officials there is no better time then then now to publish the visions and wisdom of those who created our constitution. It is a good to see the global Empire that America Invisioned and created after WWII colapse, but it is not good to see the decline of an American State that was built upon the greatest assembly of men that the world has yet to see gather for some basic and common goals, Independence, Freedom, Liberty, and the Bill of Rights. Enough said, I just want to say thank you for your web site and the information that it provides. Please keep the site up and running. It is like you described unique and efficient in its content and layout (navigation). Congradulations & Regards, Bruce
Bruce Becker, Monterey, CA [05-17-2006]

Would like to thank you for very much for this interesting site!
Klaus, 10 [05-17-2006]

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LEOLOVER [05-17-2006]

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Aaron Chandler, Lamar, CO [05-17-2006]

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Doug Batman, I'm 158 years old [05-17-2006]

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nea-nea, age11 [05-11-2006]

Hola senior! My name is Carley Reno. I am a 5th grader at Lewis E. Maire Elementary School in Grosse Pointe Park, MI, 48230. When I read about Benjarmen Franklin in my Social Studies textbook, I was amazed dude! I couldn't believe that one single little guy could be so nice, generous, and SMART! I was really amazed by his inventions and I think that people should write more books about him, because I would love to learn more about him! I really enjoyed hearing about him. That is all I have to say. I hope you like this message. ~Carley Reno Mrs. Bednarczyk's 5th grader Grosse Pointe Park, MI, 48230
Carley Reno, age 11, Grosse Pointe Park, MI, 48230 [05-11-2006]

I love his invents too
dude 34 [05-11-2006]

How did he die.
juan, 12 [05-11-2006]

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keely livy aubry [05-11-2006]

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Marcus Jordan, i am the heir jordan [05-11-2006]

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Jimmy Carter, im short [05-11-2006]

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livi and keely and aubry [05-11-2006]

I loved reading this diary.It took me back in time to a place In history I would have liked to lived
sylvia frey [05-11-2006]

lileny dragoon [05-11-2006]

manda foster [05-11-2006]

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Jhon Adems, age 93 9020 [05-11-2006]

what would we do if he didn't find electricity!??
Emma [05-11-2006]

i love you
meranda [05-11-2006]

hi, I'm jacob I think Benjamin Franklin is one of the very few who discover some of our daily things we use today. I love your story.
jacob farrell, my name is jacob farrell i'm 9 years old and I live in foam Lake, Saskatchewan [05-11-2006]

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stephanie, 18 [05-11-2006]

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alexis, 10,bellefont,pa [05-11-2006]

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alexis, 10,bellefont,pa [05-11-2006]

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emily, 11, bellefont,and my fav.color is green [05-11-2006]

Hi I Love History about Ben Franklin & Thhomas Jefferson & Georege Warshtington From,Donald Swauger
Donald Swauger, pasadena MD age 16 [05-11-2006]

I need more info. on the Gazzete he wrote. Like what he wrote, when and how.
Julia, age-11 [05-11-2006]

i love history, and this site is cool
shane [05-11-2006]

Franklin i think you are a wonderful man.I love all the cool envention you made that is awsome.In school we are learnig about you so right now i am doing a reserch on you well i love your work.
China-Lyn, Hi my name is china. [05-11-2006]

franklin isw one of the most inovative geniuses of his and our time
chefv13 [05-08-2006]

We are learning about Ben at Brinson Elementry School in forth grade.
Kiera, 10 New Bern [05-08-2006]

ashley [05-08-2006]

COol Web
Justin, His Family And How He Feels [05-08-2006]

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someone [05-08-2006]

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Jake Murray, Age 7, Rutland, MA [05-08-2006]

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tim duncan, 15,tim [05-08-2006]

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Madison Moody, im 9 years old [05-08-2006]

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Harmony Hood, 14/Nettleton/MS [05-08-2006]

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Louisa LeCroy, 9 [05-08-2006]

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anonymous [05-08-2006]

i have to do a living history report and i chose him cause he acheved great things.
leanne, 12, ca [05-08-2006]

Really amazing scientist!
Benjamin Von Bargen, 11 years old [05-06-2006]

more pics
brenda, gold beach [05-05-2006]

Jasmine [05-05-2006]

imalay negron, 10,lorain [05-04-2006]

i think benjamin franklin is a cool dude back in the day I wish he would still be alive so I can speak to him Iwish he was not dead.
justin, 14 [05-04-2006]

lauren [05-04-2006]

Hello there! Just want to say that I find your site enough interesting for me. Usefull information and all is good arranged. Thank you for your work. I will visit your site more ofter from now and I bookmarked it.
Looppy, New York [05-04-2006]

katley, 12 sc ar [05-04-2006]

Benjamin Franklin went from a "poor boy" to a rich man, all because he knew how to handle people. He knew how to give everyone what they wanted, and sincerely too.
Joseph, Springfield, TN [05-04-2006]

Myre, 22 Sydney [05-03-2006]

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anonymous [05-03-2006]

monique [05-03-2006]

I am 53 yrs old and can remember researching Ben Franklin when I was at school (via encyclopedia), my grandson is 8 and is doing the same now via the internet. Franklin's fame is ageless, I'm sure my greatgrandchildren will be visiting similar sites one day. Thanks for such an informative site.
Sandy Henry, Gisborne, New Zealand. [05-03-2006]

dustenj, hdghr [05-03-2006]

I think he was a great person and did a lot for people
Lessie Walker, 18 [05-03-2006]

Very interesting website. Keep up the outstanding work and thank you...
dvd club, Boston [05-03-2006]

hay im doing a project on benjamin franklin and i need to know all sorts of things about his scientist carea like were he studed and what made him became a scientist? so could u plz e-mail me a fact sheet on benjamin franklin?
jessica, assie [05-03-2006]

i think this is a good way to get info
hannah [05-02-2006]

ben, no [05-02-2006]

kai [05-02-2006]

Hola, my name is Carley Reno, I live in Grosse Pointe Park, MI, and I am 10 years old. My birthday is May 22, so I am going to be 11 years old very soon. I go to Maire Elementary School, where I am a fifth grader. I am going to be going to Pierce Middle School soon, so I am getting older. I really enjoyed reading about Ben Franklin, so I hope you will make more books about him. ~Carley Reno
Carley Reno, Age 10 [05-02-2006]

kay, 10 [05-02-2006]

heather long, 33/brandenburg, Kentucky [05-02-2006]

CARLOS JOSE, lancarter [05-02-2006]

I Benjim Franklin I have some questions like how r u reading ths mail if u died.
kEVIN, i like bagek bites [05-02-2006]

it fells great to be able to learn about Franklin's electtion and other things to.
terryn tice, 16,Akron,Ohio [05-02-2006]

Very good site!
Kfhkitko, New York [05-02-2006]

it is cool
Angel, Glen Burnie, Maryland [05-01-2006]

suzan [05-01-2006]

Bob, age 80 [05-01-2006]

I think that ben was a very kind and corageous man and he did what he could to help america and there people and he knew he was taking a chance
ariele, 14 [05-01-2006]

It great to learn again, cause somethimes you forget about the presidents...
Cindy, Pembroke Pines, FL [05-01-2006]

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