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You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it.
milfs, Miami [04-30-2006]

Thank u! regarding in this information
Alex [04-30-2006]

There is just so much information here. Thank you! Hopefully, so day I'll get a chance to travel to the east coast and see all of Mr. Franklin's monuments, library's,...so much to see.
Robert Wise, 45, Chino, Ca [04-30-2006]

I never like to do reports but you made it so much EZ er
Corgi, I love Jesus [04-30-2006]

I love history and this website! Benjamin franklin is my man! i am also doing a project on him and this site is very helpful! Thank you!
Briana [04-30-2006]

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!
Berry, New York [04-30-2006]

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jordan brown, i am seven years old i like since [04-29-2006]

Andrew [04-29-2006]

this place is cool to look at all the different cool facts. It is helpful to do projects.
benjamin vaillancourt [04-29-2006]

you are my hero
chelsee [04-28-2006]

Stinger, 10 [04-28-2006]

My class thinks that Benjamin's experiments are very important for the mankind. They also think he was a good person and we need to be grateful because of his inventions.
Patricia Caffaro, I'm a first grade teacher [04-28-2006]

i have read a lot about ben
eddie, i love ben [04-28-2006]

You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it.
background checks, ny [04-28-2006]

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jesse, 12 [04-28-2006]

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maranda carnes [04-28-2006]

this place is a great place to learn about ben franklin!
heather [04-28-2006]

hey i am alexis and i am wondring when was ben born
alexis, i am 9 [04-28-2006]

Asia [04-28-2006]

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!
Dark, New York [04-28-2006]

Using a dime/penny combination for a lemon battery is fun, but the Squished Penny site says that pennies are made up of a zinc/copper combination anyway. So what are dimes made of? There seems to be a conspiracy to debase the coinage, removing pure and precious metals from circulation, preventing us from making our own power supplies and becoming independent of the power utilities. Aha! A new free energy conspiracy theory! And no doubt there is a sinister connection between Franklin and Tesla.
John [04-28-2006]

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!
Dawer, New York [04-28-2006]

this is a gr8t site. good science projects thank you 4 making this site!
sheena, 11,clermont,fl [04-28-2006]

I want to make electricity to, teach me how please.
NS Student [04-28-2006]

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nathan [04-28-2006]

i think this website is for little kids. You should have one like this for grown-ups like me. This gives to little info for a big and grown adult like me. for chillen' (children) it's a GREAT website.
Carmen, 25 [04-28-2006]

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alex [04-28-2006]

I love Benny Franklin. I think he is awesome for inventing the things he did and discovering those cool things he did.
Roxanne, I love Benny [04-28-2006]

i think benjahman franklin is an all right guy and i believe that franklin
milly shaw [04-28-2006]

crystal reina [04-28-2006]

i need ideas gor a sience experements
tatiana, 10 years old [04-28-2006]

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!
EDDY, New York [04-28-2006]

I still find it amazing how Franklin's words still ring true today. I wish our nation would have taken him seriously about paying congress and leaving the election of the Senate to the House of Representatives. Abloish the 17th amendment!
Greg Shamas, Lakewood, CO [04-28-2006]

mirthia, 20yea [04-28-2006]

Helga [04-28-2006]

very imformative and fun
Alyssa [04-28-2006]

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Carman [04-28-2006]

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!
denny, New York [04-28-2006]

I love you! :)
Joan, New York [04-28-2006]

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Boom, New York [04-28-2006]

I was born on Jan. 17, 1920. My mother's name was Deborah. I was a linotype operator, typographer and owned my own shop (now retired). Employed 38 people. Was awarded the Ben Franklin man of the year award by the local Printing Industry in 1969. Was president of the National Association of Typographers. Was elected president of Printing Industries of New England. My home in Quincy is across the street from The John Adams estate. Presently a trustee of the Museum of Printing in North Andover and member of The Society of Printers in Boston. Served on the Board of Directors of the Museum of Printing with Bill Miekle who portrays Benjamin Franklin here in Boston.
Murray Franklin, Age 86 Quincy, MA [04-28-2006]

great wbsite this completed my reseach paper thanks a lot!
Corey, age=13 [04-28-2006]

Kevin, 11/Portland OR [04-28-2006]

Padraig, 11/Portland OR, [04-28-2006]

Jake, 11, Portland OR, [04-28-2006]

becky [04-28-2006]

zoe, 9 [04-28-2006]

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!
Herty, New York [04-28-2006]

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insulin, Chesterfield [04-28-2006]

sophia, 13years old [04-28-2006]

I need all of the info that you people have because I have a school project to do and it's due by monday and I need the info today. -Krystal Thank Yous
Krystal [04-28-2006]

tre, 64 [04-28-2006]

Improbably! I learn a lot of new! I thank!
Yes, New York [04-28-2006]

Great site !
zazzy [04-28-2006]

I am going to read to the boys and girls next week about Franklin, and thank you for the additional information on this website that I can share with them.
Rosalie Vanzant, I am a YouthFriends volunteer and read to a group of second graders weekly [04-28-2006]

bingo, Miami [04-28-2006]

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!
Denny, New York [04-28-2006]

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!
Garry, New York [04-28-2006]

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Austyn bynaker, age10 [04-28-2006]

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Milla, New York [04-28-2006]

I have found this visit very informative as I'm passionately fond of history and forever looking for interesting articles and historic figures to read and learn about. Thank you indeed. Alice
Alice lodge, I'm 73 yrs young and live in outer Melbourne, Australia [04-28-2006]

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!
Narry, New York [04-28-2006]

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hilda [04-28-2006]

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savanna, 15 pemberton nj [04-28-2006]

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Mike [04-28-2006]

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caitlyn [04-28-2006]

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Racheal [04-28-2006]

ashley [04-28-2006]

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Lewe, New York [04-28-2006]

I was very impressed. The actor does a very convincing job of portraing Ben. His life and contributions to us all are inspirational! I am an artist and thinkers like Ben Franklin make me think in a more serious way. they make me take life more passionatly.Thanks.. kevin
Kevin Caudill, Male 45 indianapolis. indiana [04-28-2006]

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Bob Ashici, 11 michigan [04-28-2006]

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sadie, what up dog? [04-28-2006]

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brittanie [04-28-2006]

I think that BF was an ingenous man and without him I would be living in the dark! Loved the Silence Dogood letters, funny how he got away with that. I wonder if his brother ever found out it was him...
JoJo, South Carolina, born in Philadelphia [04-28-2006]

it was very interesting
melissa, age 11 [04-28-2006]

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Sara, 11northcanton44720 [04-28-2006]

Needs more Pictures
Kristi Broom, 25,marianna,FL [04-28-2006]

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Maximus, New York [04-28-2006]

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Kisdf, New York [04-28-2006]

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andrew, i love this site [04-28-2006]

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Ji Taiguang [04-28-2006]

Day Day Pollard [04-28-2006]

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Alyssa henricks, 9years oldtrear IA [04-28-2006]

sherrod, peace [04-28-2006]

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J.D., 10,sj, [04-28-2006]

Emily, 8 years old [04-28-2006]

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Rustin Barrick, age 13, Mechanicsburg [04-28-2006]

I love the website! Ben Franklin is an Uncle of mine, I descend throughis brother James Franklin and Ann Smith
Carol Fleck, Riverton, Illinois [04-28-2006]

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dylan harvey [04-28-2006]

Kathy Brown, Bloomington Illinois [04-28-2006]

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ronald sandifer, 50 years old [04-28-2006]

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Chris Jerkins, Im from Dothan Alabama and I am a student at Dothan High School. [04-28-2006]

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katie [04-28-2006]

I thought that this web site was very helpful. I have a report due and you have to choose someone from the Revolutionary War. I chose Ben Franklin and I didn't know much about him. Then I came to this website and I feel that I know everything I need to! Thank you so much for your help!
Sophie Hatch, 11 years old. from Grafton, MA [04-28-2006]

I really like this website beause it shares so many interesting facts that I didn't know.
Kaitlyn McClain [04-28-2006]

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briana, he had six brothers and sisters [04-28-2006]

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MaryAnn Glover, age 11 [04-28-2006]

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isaiah, hi [04-28-2006]

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paige [04-28-2006]

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tay tay, zip 70433 [04-28-2006]

ok here we go i am doing a project on benjamin franklin it is so fun but kindahard i always thought he was a presedent but till i know know he is a inventer its so amazing how you get to find out about this persons well thanks
taylor, my zip 70433 [04-28-2006]

Loved the Philly exhibit. In the Fraklin Print shop you could set type and it would show up on the computer. They said we could do this on our home computer. Can you explain how? Thanks, Bob Kilman
Robert Kilman [04-28-2006]

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Gpoa [04-28-2006]

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Rony [04-28-2006]

I reashing on you so can give me invermation for my PBL. thanks,ashley
ashley houchins, 11,lexington [04-28-2006]

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angela, 6 years-old [04-28-2006]

am at lord nelson in the north end and i was wondering if you can tell me what you know about electricity thx -
michelle, no [04-28-2006]

Doing paper on Ben & James Franklin...A Tale of Two Brothers. Love the site! Lots of Info!
Tara D. Holman, Student @ Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas [04-28-2006]

Wonderful website. I will be teaching my children about Ben Franklin today.
Diane Ekstrom, Lakewood, Co - Grade 2 teacher [04-28-2006]

I think that this is a cool website but it needs more pictures. You see I am doing A project on Ben Franklin and we need lots of pictures in order to be able to get extra credit and I cant seem to find any pictures can you please fix that
Richar Smith, 15 years of age and live in Daytona Beach [04-28-2006]

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amber, 11 [04-28-2006]

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andrew brandano, 11 age [04-28-2006]

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Mara, usa [04-28-2006]

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Katlyn, I'm 10 [04-28-2006]

Reading your site for the first time (and listening). Enjoying it thus far, although a few errors have been detected. When I finish, I will submit these, and see if you agree? Robert Dogood
robert crehan, age 65, ameuter historian, boston, ma. 02114 [04-28-2006]

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Violeta, none [04-28-2006]

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sarah, 6 houston [04-28-2006]

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Alex [04-28-2006]

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Angel Allen [04-28-2006]

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ISMAIL TURKMEN, 23/nigde [04-28-2006]

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Derek White, St. Louis, MO [04-28-2006]

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dracula, age,11 [04-28-2006]

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Maura [04-28-2006]

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isaiah strickland, 10 [04-28-2006]

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Melanie, no [04-28-2006]

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bdsm, Canada [04-28-2006]

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neda KAZERANI, 26 [04-28-2006]

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analise [04-28-2006]

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sammy f. smith [04-28-2006]

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Cambria, 11 Farmerville [04-28-2006]

Benjamin Franklin I loved your inventions they were so good,special,useful,and nice. If you were alive you would still be doing great inventions.You are a great inventor.I love you and your inventions!love forever and ever and always.
Rah'JrChessica Bragg, age:10,city:Farmerville [04-28-2006]

i thought it shwed a lot of informaton and dedication that Benjamin Franklin had throughtout his life he showed dedication and confidence which makes him one of the most inspiring people in the world and if he got to see this today it would see his dedication here
k [04-28-2006]

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alexis, 8years old [04-28-2006]

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Zacharie [04-28-2006]

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Jaime Joseph, 24 Pensacola Florida [04-28-2006]

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Katie, 13, West Lorne, female, bitch [04-28-2006]

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cassie, i am 13 years old [04-28-2006]

I really am greatful that this website is available to the youth with such great information. I was recently assigned a project and I immediately thought of Benjamin Franklin because he was the man who really caught my attention, the most, when I watched the movie "1776"..great film..great man! Thanks, Ashley
Ashley, 16, Moundville, Alabama [04-28-2006]

Richard Crehan [04-28-2006]

My fifth grade class is enjoying the site on Ben Franklin. As a Pennsylvania native, I learned plenty about the man as a schoolgirl. My colleagues know very little about the man, so the web site has been enlightening for them and for my students. Thanks
Patricia Trundy, Augusta, ME 04330 [04-28-2006]

i'm doing a report on Benjamin Franklin...i like this website..it has a lot of information on it...thanks a lot...
lizzie [04-28-2006]

john Arispe, 14 [04-28-2006]

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Demetria Brown [04-28-2006]

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Breitling, text [04-28-2006]

Wow! I'm doing a biograohy report about ben franklin, and the other day my homework was to select my favorite quote from Ben Franklin. The Electronic Quotable Franklin and it's fun animation really helped! This is a great website and I totally recommend it to anyone researching him because it covers way more different aspects of his life than other websites. 5 stars!
Eric Robbins [04-28-2006]

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ciara, 09 [04-28-2006]

you need to put a short essay like maybe 2 paragraphs long about how/ what he did that helped/ changed american ways!
whitney [04-28-2006]

Wonderful and informative site. I am wondering if anyone can help me locate a pictoral reference of what the "key" looked like in Ben's famous experiment.
Daniel Cottrell [04-28-2006]

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Watcher, text [04-28-2006]

I love geneology and recently found out that our Franklin family line is that of John Franklin, Benjamin's older brother. So, am searching for family photos.
Rita Dale [04-28-2006]

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maria [04-28-2006]

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brandi, 13,nickelsville, [04-28-2006]

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fwertret, tertert [04-28-2006]

Very important site. Thank you. Some guests here have posed questions. I do not know if they got answered, so supply what I know. 1) Q: What motivated BF? A: A sincere regard for improving life for as many people as possible. Doing good works for his fellow creatures. 2) Q: What was his first invention? A: Paddles to help him swim were a very early invention of his. 3) What were the Patriot's viewpoint on BF? What were the Loyalist's viewpoint on BF? Both, mixed. Generally, the common 'American' liked Ben (although a mob tried to storm his house in PA when they thought he supported the Tea Tax). Generally, the British Aristocracy treated him like a commoner and held him in great suspicion and contempt, blaming BF for the many troubles with their Colonies. Hope that helps, G.Robin Smith, www.Ben-Franklin.org
G.Robin Smith, Everett, WA, Franklin Presenter [04-28-2006]

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Sandy, text [04-28-2006]

travis [04-02-2006]

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Kfdo, New York [03-22-2006]

I thought it was a great website. I really liked the timeline and the quick biography. Ben Franklin must have done some pretty good stuff because it's longer than most quick biographies.
Therin, age -9 [03-22-2006]

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charlotte bosomworth, 10 england [03-22-2006]

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blair hollifield [03-22-2006]

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hpoe [03-20-2006]

Great site. I am related to Ben Franklin thru a distant cousin Elisabeth Franklin and may be related to Paul R. Stillman above if I could contact him. I wonder if you will clarify if it is your position that Franklin discovered the more violent form of electricity in 1752 and later Galvani discovered the tame form in dissimilar metals and batteries in 1790? What is this battery that Franklin discovered? Was it a kind of electrometer without the glass jar?
Steve L Stillman, Shrewsbury MA [03-20-2006]

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kayla, 9 year old [03-20-2006]

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riley, westion [03-20-2006]

You all have put together a great web-site. I want to thank you for making my project on Benjamin Franklin so much easier.
Joseph, 15 [03-20-2006]

xavier jens [03-20-2006]

He was one smart dude.
Makena Calhoun, 9 [03-20-2006]

He was an great, great, great, great Uncle and a brilliant man.
Robert Franklin, Decendant [03-19-2006]

hey Ben u r a visionary. How did u do all this?
shady, 17, Israel [03-19-2006]

I have to do a report on Ben Franklin and so that is why i am hear
Justin [03-19-2006]

Randy Gibbs, Huntsville, Alabama [03-19-2006]

I like this site a lot!
B3, none [03-19-2006]

A little weak on info.
Kelsey, age-11 [03-19-2006]

I want to know about the life of ben franklin
marquise benson [03-19-2006]

Kayla Franklin, BC, Canada [03-19-2006]

Amber [03-19-2006]


wow, look at all the idiots that leave comments. how embarressing. wowza ben you rule the school. love,justine
justine [03-19-2006]

Does Ben have a middle name or not? I have searched adn can not find one. Thanks for your help
Trisha [03-19-2006]

Ta Shaun Leigh [03-19-2006]

I loveeee ben. he rox my sox.
Tybo [03-19-2006]

Kelsey dinoia, 11, missoula, Montana [03-19-2006]

I cool
Kagome Higerachi [03-19-2006]

I do a history brochure as part of my activity program in the Hospital i work in and I always do a famous American.
Pam Coffman [03-19-2006]

analyse his works
Lily, Literatury [03-19-2006]

benjerman was a great guy
cody wilkes, 23,inglewood,caifornia [03-19-2006]

well i think that ben franklin was a great hero! to he was a trouble maker! he changed american history greatly! even bill gates couldn't have come up with his idea if it wern't for benjamin franklin!
sabina, 2000 years old! [03-19-2006]

This web site helped me with my history report! It was great! I got an A+!
Haley [03-19-2006]

You need to put more about what he did in his life otis
anonymous [03-19-2006]

this website is so dumb i ask a question and it gives me all this crap that i didnt ask for the website is boges
James, 14/m/pa im me if your a hot gurl [03-19-2006]

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asante, 12yearsold [03-19-2006]

SAVANAH TC\ [03-19-2006]

SAMANTHA GARZA, cool [03-19-2006]

ryan [03-19-2006]

i realy like ur website. i am going to do a projic and ise some of ur idea's.
Jahed, p-town [03-19-2006]

I wish there was a show about Ben!
Allison Suggs, 11,Marshville, [03-19-2006]

there should be show about him
veronica alvarez, 11/wingate [03-19-2006]

This website has helped me so much on a school project. I think I just turned a grade around
JonDoe, Anytown U.S.A. [03-19-2006]

jordan robbins [03-19-2006]

Mark Yensen, age 9, 3rd grade; Pocatello, ID [03-19-2006]

I foud this site to be very helpful in my research. I would just like to say that it is a really great site, and Ill recommend it to anyone who needs to do anything on Ben Franklin.
heather [03-19-2006]

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Taylor, 18 ga [03-19-2006]

THOMASCHOWN [03-19-2006]

I needed to look up a Franklin quote, and found this site to be an awesome resource. Thanks, and keep up the good work.
Dave, Placentia, California [03-19-2006]

This is awesome. Thanks for assembling it together.
Marie Duplechin, Technology Facilitator [03-19-2006]

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Dylan Cox, I am 10 years old [03-19-2006]

katrina, 10 years old NY [03-19-2006]

its a really exspiring site with lots of different things to do.
Rachel, chesterfield [03-19-2006]

u should get a life
john, age:34 [03-19-2006]

i came to this sight because i was doing a research about the people who created electricity! =)
tereza~, b0rn2bewild. [03-19-2006]

solace [03-19-2006]

I got a project on Benjimen Franklen and I need information can you please give me information.The project is do on Monday.
Martha, 9,Sacromento,ca,95815 [03-19-2006]

I think that Ben saved MANY lives by inventing the first volunteer fire department
Candiss, 10 [03-19-2006]

angelica, was he in the rev.war [03-19-2006]

I beat You
peggy porter [03-19-2006]

what was your first invention
chris, I am 10 [03-19-2006]

Great site! Wonderful..I was looking for Ben's quotes for an inspiration talk I am doing for a Toastmasters contest here in Seattle, Washington...wow...this was just what I needed!
Maria Wilson [03-19-2006]

hey! well just letting you guyz no that im doing a project on benjamin franklin n i really like all this info that ive learned 4rm the site! thanks muchos muchos! lol buh bye! Christy ***
Christina Gutierrez, 13 [03-19-2006]

i like ben frankil
LAKOTA LEEK [03-19-2006]

A clear toaster to see when your toast is done so it dosent burn. An automatic cooking machine. P.S.Don't bother srolling down. There's nothong down there. SEE. I told you!
Rachel B., 10 n.y. [03-19-2006]

no more about ben frankl in
CALEB PAGE, no more [03-19-2006]

I think that Ben was a apsolute genius. He did every thing! He helped the U.S. so much! Just think about where we would be, with out him. He is the second person that I would meet if I had a time mushene. ( 1st Jesus)
Shannon Geller, Age 11, NC [03-19-2006]

Vagner Soares Marques, Curitiba City, estate Parana, Brazil. [03-19-2006]

It's my understanding that Ben Franklin could remove flies from things using his tongue. Is this True? I like to know it! Come on, Ben, don't be shy! Show us your FLYTRAP!
Matt, Kansas City [03-19-2006]

Carol Nehr [03-19-2006]

Krystal Gomez [03-19-2006]

help me i don't know what to say from my heart to set everyone free.
leanne morrison, help [03-19-2006]

ben was a fantastic inventer he invented the libary chair, swim fins, day light safing times and much much more
leanne [03-19-2006]

Ben is an amazing Guy! I think it is great that he invented all the stuff for us in the future!
Otto Walljasper, 11 year old From Illinois [03-19-2006]

i have to write an essay on benjamin franklin and this really helped!
mary jane [03-19-2006]

i am glad that i found this web
JOSIE, 11 years old [03-19-2006]

At school we will be doing a report o Benjamin Franklin; and this is the perfect site for research! But he signed the Constitution in 1787 and you didn't put that in!
Lauren, age 11 [03-19-2006]

sanyu, facts [03-19-2006]

Thanks for helping me with my Ben F. report!
Melissa [03-19-2006]

i think ben had a interesting life think ben franklin had a
theresa, age and city [03-19-2006]

light of history of is it givig.
CARMEN FIGUEROA [03-19-2006]

this is a good site
derek [03-19-2006]

He's a brilliant scientist
Thomas Nelson, From Kentucky [03-19-2006]

Great website helped me a lot!
Abigail, none [03-19-2006]

add more fun games
beep beep [03-19-2006]

tayler, 11years [03-19-2006]

Benjamin rules!
Andrew [03-19-2006]

josh [03-19-2006]

melissa beaird, 36/ teacher 3rd grade [03-19-2006]

i like this site by our teacher is mean
AUSTIN, 11 tn [03-19-2006]

ace [03-19-2006]

i thought this place was very nerdy and it gave me a lot of boring facts no offence and i also was thinking how do yal find all this did yal use a time machine or something smile smile
austin ying, i am 14 years old [03-19-2006]

i think this is sooo much fun
chiken wing, 11 chicago [03-19-2006]

im really impressed with the silence dogood letters
travis mccullough, from pennsilvania [03-19-2006]

I was wondering, what was the American(Patriot) viewpoint of Ben Franklin in the Revolutionary War, and what was the British (Loyalist) Viewpoint. Please E-mail me back ASAP because i have to do a project about Benjamin Franklin.
Richard Nguyen [03-19-2006]

I think Benjamin Franklin because of what he invented. You know the stove,lightning or electricity pole,all that cool stuff just thank him now don't forget inventors!
Lexi [03-19-2006]

I think Franklin was our greatest genius in the 18th century. He did so much for our country that he is a hero of mine.
Barbara Brull [03-19-2006]

Ashia, age 10 [03-19-2006]

what a cool web
anonymous [03-19-2006]

I like to do experements with kids. Thanks, Joni Marlowe
Joni Marlowe, I am a Mother of 4 [03-19-2006]

I would like to know how your childhood was when you was little. To.Benjamin Franklin
Courtney, May 20,1996 [03-19-2006]

Thank you for the stuff uou discovered and invented.
Sunshine, April 19,1995 [03-19-2006]

I think this web site is cool for kids.
Dominique, sc 12 [03-19-2006]

I think Ben is so cool if you can will you send me mail @ P O Box 886 Johnsonville,SC 29555 Thank You, Kelsey Riggs
Kelsey Riggs, -------------------------------------------------------- [03-19-2006]

I wish I could see you in real life.Oh and thank you for the stuff you invented.
Ty'Quasha, March 12,1996 [03-19-2006]

I really hate when Ben FRanklin cheats! In checkers he really sucks dude!
Jasmine, sc [03-19-2006]

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lauren, 9 [03-19-2006]

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Dylan [03-19-2006]

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ISAAC, i am 9 [03-19-2006]

Dominique [03-19-2006]

Shawn [03-19-2006]

Ty'Quasha [03-19-2006]

dominique [03-19-2006]

koby [03-19-2006]

Benjamin Franklin was a king among men with a BAD mullet.
Trevor J. Edmiston, I'm not tall [03-19-2006]

Ben was great!
Emily [03-19-2006]

Jayde Hamilton [03-19-2006]

Omg I think this site is really cool because it lets people laern more abaut him,and his history and what he did when he stared working and other cool facts about hem, and I never knew that he was that cool.Im doing a scool project and i pick him Caose he is so COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.
Pao, Im 13 years old I live in West Allia [03-19-2006]

this website is awsome
Matt, i am 11 [03-19-2006]

I looking for informashon on ben franklen for a report I'm doing.
Erin Connell [03-19-2006]

Benjamin Franklin is the greatest for inventing power after lightning hit a kite. I would have never have light without him. I think the president should declare a Benjamin Franklin day, where all the teachers would talk about Benjamin Franklin all day. Then outside the schools all the grown-ups will be trying to act like him.
Kyler, 10,Pearland,Texas [03-19-2006]

roeisha [03-07-2006]

I would like to know a bout Ben, more so in his invenstions.
chazzy [03-07-2006]

dustin [03-07-2006]

Ben i think you are a great inventor
tanya, 11 [03-07-2006]

jASON [03-07-2006]

ben i think you are a great inventor
christin, 10 [03-07-2006]

i like this site
alianne [03-07-2006]

Ben Franklin is like a big teddy bear!
Chanell [03-07-2006]

happy birthday ben
linda [03-07-2006]

my son has to a project on him at school
Angie Norris [03-07-2006]

I think Benjamin Franklin is a good Person He invented a lot of stuff.
Tameah, 8/Midland/ [03-07-2006]

i have never been to this website i hope i enjoy it go webster wizards! whoooooooooo!
chrystal, 11 [03-02-2006]

it's kool I go tot this site because I am doing a project on The LEmon Battery
anonymous [03-02-2006]

more stories on franklin!
anonymous [03-02-2006]

Dan [03-02-2006]

alyx [03-02-2006]

41 years of age Work for the Department of Homeland Security
James Riner, Stockbridge, Georgia [03-01-2006]

Ben is cool as you might say it today. He has invented many important things that I am greatful for.
Lydia Anderson, I am 9 years old. I live in Peoria,Illinois. [03-01-2006]

NICK [03-01-2006]

brice [03-01-2006]

I think you should have a little more video footage
A.J. [03-01-2006]

this site is awesome!
Catherine, 10 years old [03-01-2006]

its cool
yomama [03-01-2006]

I am doing an American Biography on Benjamin Franklin and this helped! I have one thing to say...Go Homewood Patriots! I don't know why i said that!?!
Emily Claire H., 13 Homewood [03-01-2006]

I don't think you want to know all my thoghts because that would go on forever! But this page is how do i put it...LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!
Claire Hovater [03-01-2006]

maddie [03-01-2006]

i think that benjamin franklin is reaaly cool
Samantha Derry, 11 [03-01-2006]

he saved a lot of people from death, he is a lot more than anwar hero he is a hero in every aspect in life
Bryan, 12 [03-01-2006]

Dear Ben, I really think you are a nice person.
Ashley Roberts, Age-9 Peoria,Il [03-01-2006]

hi i visited this website to finish my ben report.
me, nope [03-01-2006]

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tiffany [03-01-2006]

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Dan Kelly, 14 years old [03-01-2006]

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Jillian Markowski, Bensalem Pa, 19020 [03-01-2006]

Thax so much for making this website because it has everything I need to know about Benjamin Franklin and if I didnt know about it I dont know what Id do!
Emily, 10 [03-01-2006]

hey ur so cool pep emma
anonymous [03-01-2006]

im a12 year old boy in Baltimore,Maryland please email things about be franklin
Jaysin [03-01-2006]

i like something about you because we are doing social studies where if you have the same book then you are suppose to go with that person thats your classmate where you copy there information that they have on there paper. even am doing it on you Ben Franklin who invets a lot of stuff. we are even doing about like you or gorege washtigon or thomas jefferson of helen keller i guess
daphne, 10 years old am in the fifth grade and i like to sing songs from radio disney [03-01-2006]

u were a inventer
brandon mckinley, 11years old julian.pa ben franklin [03-01-2006]

he was a great man
bbaker, hudson falls new york [03-01-2006]

very cool site
victoria [03-01-2006]

this soooooooo cool
d.j [03-01-2006]

He was just a great man and my hero.
WEB LONDON, south hadley, ma [03-01-2006]

Great website. I got all the information I needed from here.
Mina [03-01-2006]

Great Site...keep it up! Luv ya!
Sasha Cohan [03-01-2006]

I think ben was correct.
Ebony Wilson, 9, hampton [03-01-2006]

i am learning about famous people, i want to know about what was it that inspired you
JOR'DONNA M GARCIA, 8yrs old, tpa, fl [03-01-2006]

lynn, who wrote this article [03-01-2006]

What an interesting person. Your site looks great.
Zelly Dugan, Ventura CA [03-01-2006]

I think this is a great web site I learn a lot and it has many information...very interesting. Thanks so much
ANDY, 10,puerto rico. [03-01-2006]

I had to do a story on benjamin franklin. I won 1stplace.
peyton johnson, I'm 8 years old.I live in Thomasvlle. [03-01-2006]

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