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Visited Philly Constitution exhibit on 300th B day celebration today. Enjoyed it very much.
Tom Reid, 43 [02-26-2006]

Rebecca Sherlock, Oregon Teacher [02-26-2006]

Benjamin Franklin is so interesting-WOW- I have to finish my homework now
Samantha Butcher, I'm twelve I live in New Zealand and I'm doing my homework [02-26-2006]

What a fabulous site! Ben would have loved it!
Debbie, Pre-Service Teacher [02-26-2006]

tyler colvin, 8, acherryville, Cherryville ELEMENTARY [02-26-2006]

Aja, 7 [02-26-2006]

O' Ben I love you so much. I think you are sooooooooooo cool! Tell Ben I love him,O.K
morgan [02-26-2006]

benjamin franklin was a freak!
jamie [02-26-2006]

ben is sooo cool email me please
Amanda, 12 years old [02-26-2006]

I think that Benjamin Franklin was a good to find the discoveires that he had found and everyone should be thankful for a man like that.
Jazmine, Gadsden, Alabama [02-26-2006]

Ben Franklin was a great man.
Richard Nacamuli, from New Jersey [02-26-2006]

Nice compilation of works. As a native of Philadelphia, I've always taken pride in Ben Franklin. He's definitely my historical hero. Thanks for putting these works out on the web.
Tony Pizzi, Boynton Beach, FL [02-26-2006]

I love this helpful site
Michael Cave [02-26-2006]

You have applied good facts and details about Benjamin Franklin and I have to do a report about how electricity got created how did Benjamin Franklin do it and all that stuff I probably will make a good grade now that you guys helped me but if there is any more info about him please contact me at snmule@aol.com Thanks, Sammy
Sammy, I'm 9 and I live in Missouri [02-26-2006]

this is a GREAT site and very powerful...we would recommend it to any1 in the world...is was very helpful to us and helped our do our assignment! lol we wish we could marry ben franklin and have his babies!
Sarah and Jessica, none [02-26-2006]

i know that he would be a very good person and that is ok with me.
arabia daniel, i am 15 yrs old and i am really inspired by his work and the others mthing that he did. [02-25-2006]

It was very interesting.
Gena, 10 [02-25-2006]

Ben Franklin was a great man
Sharee, 20, Phila.Pa [02-25-2006]

hey wuts up nmhjc at school on ur web site happy b~day
christopher, hii [02-25-2006]

i'm thinkin ab out ur b~day happy 300th b~day
amber, hey wuts up [02-25-2006]

We love this site! I am doing a lapbook about Franklin and this is a help. Mitchell
Mitchel lMeed, Age 6; Hatboro, PA [02-25-2006]

I thank you for the assistance in learning more about BF. I was asked by my students to do a talk show here in our school in China about BF. I will give them the common sense and the humorous wit.
Gary Baumgart, I am an American teaching English in China. [02-25-2006]

Patricia Roland [02-25-2006]

I'm using this website for research for a school project
Anaheim Bethseda [02-25-2006]

It's a really good site but it needs some pictures of his wife Kim
Kim [02-25-2006]

I think Mr. Benjamin Franklin was a great leader of our country and I am glad people care enough to write books about him. So many people are ignorant or don't care about the history of the United States, it makes me glad that some do care.
Catherine [02-25-2006]

He's a cool guy. I think that he lived life to the fullest.
Ralf, 17 yrs old, live in Pa for the moment [02-25-2006]

What did ben invent
Alexia, 12years old [02-25-2006]

tay [02-25-2006]

Freeman Brown, I am 11 [02-25-2006]

i think Ben Franklin is a good person to learn about because you can find out how he made eletrcity!
jessica, i am 9 years old. [02-25-2006]

hey im a big fan of yours.i love reading things about you a lot love,mokiya
mokiya [02-25-2006]

i like him
daniella [02-25-2006]

i like your thinking
anonymous [02-25-2006]

Celeste, 10 yars old Fontana California [02-25-2006]

i love you
tisheerawashington, 11 y.d. [02-25-2006]

ok i gots a question. im doing a paper on ben franklin and i want to know if he was fat... is he?
dar [02-25-2006]

Rose Brown [02-25-2006]

Printer...Thanks Ben!
Mark D. Sharadin, Ballston Spa, NY [02-25-2006]

I really like this site. I have to do a biograpy of Benjamin Franklin so this is really great.
colton ames, 9 [02-25-2006]

Very excited about learning more!
Kim Peterson, parent and teacher [02-25-2006]

this is a cool site
jeff farris, volant 17 [02-25-2006]

I think Benjamin Franklin's cool because he has the same name as me and he invented a lot of cool stuff we use today!
Benjamin, Nicholasville [02-25-2006]

Give ideas for projects and get more pictures.make more games and show poor richards almanac.try your best.
CJ, i am 8 years old [02-25-2006]

I think Benjamin Franklin was a brave and clever man.
Angel Fecht, age 7, colorado [02-25-2006]

i do love history and reading about benjamin franklin is really very exciting
paula rivera [02-25-2006]

Hi Ben Franklin is a very good guy . Thanks for eventing the Electricity guy!
Kaitlin, Saginaw [02-25-2006]

Alayna Breeden [02-25-2006]

Thank you for an enjoyable site.
Robert Hebert, 47 yrs; Westlake LA [02-25-2006]

jasmine smiley, kansas [02-25-2006]

i like when ben wrote the POOR RICHARDS ALMANACK.
chris b, 9 [02-25-2006]

im pretty
alexa zaragoza, im 10 [02-25-2006]

I liked the Ben show Benjamin Franklin
Alex, 9,Ma. [02-25-2006]

I am doing a report for second grade.
Jacob, age 7, Michigan [02-25-2006]

I learned a lot about Ben Franklin, I Like the crossword puzzles and all the project it had. Its kool.
Jennifer Lara, 16,Ca. Riverside [02-25-2006]

i am doing a report on ben! He is awesome!
anonymous [02-25-2006]

Kathy Schumacher, Plattsburgh,New York 12901 [02-25-2006]

24ee, wr [02-25-2006]

Hi I love the website because it is really helping me on a report on Benjamin Franklin. THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP.
Lauren Keith, 11,Old Fort,North Carolina [02-25-2006]

oh my gosh. where do i start. benny u\you are my hero! i love u so so so much. talk to you later dater. love and always, cameron
cameron [02-25-2006]

loara, 24 [02-25-2006]

i love this site!
Cody H. [02-25-2006]

how do you even get to the web site I don't no how all's i see is how people liked the web site I don't even kno how to get on the web site p.s. I Love muself! hahahahah l.o.l I ROCK HAHAHAH LOVE YOU ALL ! ! ! !
victorya nicolson, hi ! what's up [02-25-2006]

Jonathan, 6 years old, Stamford, CT [02-25-2006]

cool place
rob [02-25-2006]

sally, n.y.c [02-25-2006]

I think he is wounderful not just because he is famous but what he has done.And I'm doing a report on him
trent, I go to kelly elementry [02-25-2006]

this is a great site i'm going to use a lot of the imformation in my school report
carolina m. cody [02-25-2006]

I really think that Ben is a great man!
anonymous [02-25-2006]

Debbie Bruhn, 96 [02-25-2006]

Tanya 120794, Age 32 [02-25-2006]

I had a project to do on ben franklin and this web site was very helpful to me and doing my project i found a buch of good information about ben and his life if was very useful and i hope that i get to do another project where that i can use this web site that it was that helpful to me and my project i love this web site and i hope to use it again some day with another project that i have to do for my school project.
summer [02-25-2006]

he was cool
anonymous [02-25-2006]

its a kool site i learnd a lot more than i did @ the franklin house
kayla, 13 kentucky [02-25-2006]

i like this page
www, non [02-25-2006]

Ben Franklin is the most accomplished man I have learned about I think he is very interseting
Renee' Crittenden [02-25-2006]

benjiman franklin is awsome
brooke [02-25-2006]

Thanks for this website. The knowledge that the problem solving techniques of "pros and cons" and "costs and benefits" were pioneered by Benjamin Franklin has inspired me to persist in my pioneering efforts with Integrative Problem SolvingTM and related techniques. Best wishes, Graham
Graham Douglas, Founder, Integrative FederationTM, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. www.integrative-thinking.com [02-25-2006]

I admire him and he's the smartest american ever.
Georgette Wright, 18 [02-25-2006]

He said it himself: "Do not squander time, for thqt is the stuff life is made of." I don't think he missed out on anything and your haven't really been to philly until you've dropped a penny on his grave.
Chris Follmer, 34, Portage, MI. originally from Philly [02-25-2006]

think that ben is a good man
anonymous [02-25-2006]

Ben Franklin is a nice guy. I want to know how he discovered electricity.
Amanda Shetrom, 15 years old [02-25-2006]

This site is so cool
A. R. [02-25-2006]

hi wats up?
duckie [02-25-2006]

i like green eggs and ham
applesauce [02-25-2006]

yes i'm here
pat h [02-25-2006]

r u there
Taylor, Texas [02-25-2006]

he is cool
jacob slager [02-25-2006]

I hate history and Ben was a fake
Monica Delavegas, I live in Fishkill New York [02-25-2006]

I think that you should have more pictures
SYDNI, 10,sandiego [02-25-2006]

ben franklin was an amazing person!
jane, 23 [02-25-2006]

You are so not cool you are a nerd ok ok bbbyyyyyeeeee
Taylor Madson, 10 Missoula [02-25-2006]

mariah clark [02-25-2006]

kassandra santiago cladio [02-25-2006]

the contribution of science to the develpment of any country
kufre, 22m [02-25-2006]

Nicole Eisel, 13 washington,pa 15301 [02-25-2006]

Edna Williams, 86, Belle Air [02-25-2006]

dude i love ur site send me
jharman, hry hry [02-25-2006]

was up ur site is kool if u kno what i mean so thats koolwell nice site send me some stuff on ben mr. frank well send me a lot of e-mails
bad man, hi [02-25-2006]

hey hey i like ur site so yeah ok see ya
skaterboay, im 10 [02-25-2006]

Ben franklin was a great man. If he never lived the world wouldnt be were it is to day.
Emily, 12 years old [02-25-2006]

Take it to my shizzel fawizzel Ben
Derrick Benson, Hubert,North Carolina [02-25-2006]

Emily, 12 years old [02-25-2006]

anonymous, who enspired him [02-25-2006]

Braaten, 10 [02-25-2006]

He is my favorite founding father. I love a lot of what this man did. His life (even with mistakes) is an example to all.
Ismael [02-25-2006]

Can I make my own biography?
danielle, 11years old, augsta [02-25-2006]

WE liked playing checkers. We found a lot of information about Ben Franklin in your quick biography
Daniel Fitzpatrick [02-25-2006]

Kayla Nelson [02-25-2006]

i thought the pricre's wear cool
skylar, ddrcdggdfdssftr [02-25-2006]

Dani Deegan [02-25-2006]

This is a Great site, my family homeschools and we are doing a report on The Great Ben Franklin. Thanks!
Carla Howard [02-25-2006]

Christel [02-25-2006]

Ashley Degree, 18yrs.old [02-25-2006]

Luke Creely, Metro [02-25-2006]

you could add more info and more of his life you should like tottaly be surprised you guys are so great other wise what i said you guys are pretty good
tommy paceco [02-25-2006]

He was a great man
Devin Pettaway, Amityville [02-25-2006]

Ben Franklin really helped society. If he did not have glasses,it would be for people to see.
Jerry Jenkins [02-25-2006]

I think Ben Franklin was a great inventor and helped many people in many ways. He is a great role model and i would say if i didn't have a profession that i would want to be when i grow up i would probably want to be a inventor
Kyndal [02-25-2006]

eric blankenship[, 11 [02-09-2006]

anonymous [02-09-2006]

Yes, yee rememberth Benjamin Franklin. Yee was thy greatere friende than thee. Thy Benjamin Franklin did not so invente thy ligth bulbe but thee figured the sky thee self ligth.
Bobby Goldmith, Age: 330 [02-09-2006]

I think that there should be more slider games because it will get boring if there is only one puzzle. I need more challange! But everything else on this site is A-OK! b^o^d
#337 P5P3 [02-09-2006]

chaney [02-09-2006]

alexa [02-09-2006]

This place rocks my socks.
Josh Colucci, Im fat n i love food. [02-09-2006]

hi lol bye
amber, 12years old cloverdale indiana [02-09-2006]

I thought it was very helpful, keep up the good work!
Zack [02-09-2006]

melanmi [02-09-2006]

Hello i were hear thanks 4 the interestin' site its outa Sight!
anonymous [02-09-2006]

well, it was so exciting to enter to this web site and finding so many interesting things God bless you to the full. Priscila
Priscila Gomez, 17 years old Im christian [02-08-2006]

rock on ben, rock on
dan [02-08-2006]

I like you as presadint
chakia williams, 10,Tallahassee [02-08-2006]

Hi Benjamin Franklin Rocks!
Lauren Mendela [02-08-2006]

Ben Franklin was a great man, as I am writing an article for school for him as a topic I must say i am learning a lot about him and now am honoring him as the genius he is.
Alyson Lange, St. Joseph [02-08-2006]

I realy like Ben Franklin
Malina [02-08-2006]

alan mclaughlin [02-08-2006]

i love you
becca, plays soccer [02-08-2006]

this was a cool site. ben was a cool dude. in cite.
DREW BERNARD [02-08-2006]

Emily Tomasek [02-08-2006]

A man that knew how to grasp the obvious from life, one that could truly think and freely taught us many things about the world in which we live.
Charles Hilton [02-07-2006]

Mrs.P.Garza Guajardo's 1st Grade GT Class, Jose De Escandon Elem. La Joya ISD, La Joya, Tx. [02-07-2006]

I really like Ben Franklin and I just watched the one min. video.He really is my favorite.
craig horak, 55yrs old, parma,ohio, retired from U.S.gov 34yrs [02-07-2006]

Nice place but it needs more kid information!
Kodyrock [02-07-2006]

Ben is my hero!
Brittney Simpson [02-07-2006]

I think this site is really helpful and great information! Keep up the good work!
Shanaynay [02-07-2006]

I love your web site
Kirsten Berg, I am 10 I live in calumet [02-07-2006]

Shokin Ben RULES!
Derrick Benson, Hubert [02-07-2006]

I think the website is very educational and fun at the same time! I love the webiste very much!
Taylor, 12 [02-07-2006]

i love the website it interesting and learning about him!
chelsey, 13 [02-07-2006]

karina bautista, 8 rialto,ca [02-07-2006]

The information are great, need more picture for the topics. Thanks for the help.
Johnnie Ann Robertson, 45 Tickfaw, Louisiana [02-07-2006]

I think this site will help n e one who would need to do a report on B. Franlklin!
Whitney [02-06-2006]

Ben Franklin was a good man he invented a lot of stuff he was a famous man and he loved philadelphia.
matt ford, 11 philadelphia [02-06-2006]

you are a great man
raquel, age 9 [02-06-2006]

This is my first visit here. Thanks for making this available.
Mickey Silver [02-06-2006]

This really helped me out with my social studies project....Thanks
Jacob Stillwell, age 11, alabama [02-06-2006]

Derrick Benson [02-06-2006]

HEY BABY! i just wanna say you look good back in the day!Your clothes are really nice and you cut out a slice of the contintental congress! Sooooo.........HOLLER!
Sarah Ashley [02-06-2006]

Charlotte Pickldope [02-06-2006]

I like the web sites
keith dubois, plymouth 13 [02-06-2006]

I saw the video and it was amazing and cool that there was a man who played Electric Franklin and told about this wondeful website at the same time.
Monifa Fletcher, 12 Hempstead, New York [02-06-2006]

Ben and I were both in the printing industry.
Murray Franklin, Ben and I share the same birthday just not the same year. [02-06-2006]

stephen [02-06-2006]

in school i'm learning about ben and i really anjoy doing it.
Helena [02-06-2006]

noa [02-06-2006]

sad scared happy
ashley, 8 lincoln [02-06-2006]

Larry Jackson, Kansas City,Missouri [02-06-2006]

Ben is a awesome person to have their own webwsite!
Briana, 9,Wintson salem [02-06-2006]

madison, 10 [02-03-2006]

madison, 10 [02-03-2006]

We Need more about the Pennsylvania Gazette of 1723
Mara and Jennifer, we are 17 &18 and doin research....borger [02-03-2006]

msdison, 10 [02-03-2006]

Jim Dunn, Washington State Representative [02-03-2006]

I Love the site it is just so cool,and i would love to come back and visit the site anytime good koob,oh and my last name is Franklin too haha lol
Kayla Franklin, 16 years old,Tifton Georgia [02-03-2006]

ccroft, Mayo, Florida [02-03-2006]

I am in fifth grade and we are doing a report on Benjamin Franklin.It is going to be a two page report it is going to be the best with your sites help!Mrs. Quinn my Social Studies teacher told me if I can get two and a half pages I will get an A+ 100%not only on the project I will get 100%A+ on my report card too! I hope your web site can help.
Alexis Pierce, 11 [02-03-2006]

I enjoyed this site...It brought a lot of meaning to who Ben Franklin is...
Kayla [02-03-2006]

i really enjoyed reading all nine. maybe you could help me? i watched the history of ben franklin not to long ago on channel 6 here in tucson az. it was on the u. of arizona education chammel. it showed a picture of ben franklin in his free mason apron. it seemed to be a big picture. i would like to know first. where is it located now. and how could i get a copy of that painting. i would also like more then just one of his many paintings. but i am really interested in the one with him wearing the masin apron. please, could you send me a e-mail and let me know if you could help. thank you chuck bickford
Charles Bickford [02-03-2006]

we want to learn more about Benjamin Franklin. We also think this website is sweet!
Josh and Adam, Fourth Grade students, 10 years old; Kokomo, IN [02-03-2006]

hes cool if it was not for him we would not have half the electrisity
conner roark, 13/farmers branch,texas/doing a virtual museum for tag [02-03-2006]

You are very creative. You are a great roll model for kids who want to be inventors.
bob barker, 76,Los Angelas,Navada [02-02-2006]

Marshall [02-02-2006]

i think you should put more movie clips and more games so the web site wont be boring to me cause it is from tamika
tamika scott, 1410 emerson ave nj,08401 [02-02-2006]

Umm..this is a good site and all, but can you guys add authors to the articles and stuff because I find it hard to cite this site.
Anonymus, California and HALO 2 player, and gamer [02-02-2006]

Ya'll are a great team.I even use Ya'll for my Book projects.I recomend You for my friends
Obum Ndolo, (none) [02-02-2006]

the site is okay. You should get a guy who actually is in his 60's,.
Joseph Parkhurst, 13, oswego, New York [02-01-2006]

this stuff is so boring and why do we really care i mean as long as we have it we dont care how we got it
daniela, 100yrsold [02-01-2006]

Hi every body out there!
John Stemper [02-01-2006]

he's a great man and with out him life would be a lot different. all his inventions have gone really far in this world and even if i dont use all of them i still apershate them. Again he was a great man and his inventions will live on for ever and ever and he will never be forgotten in American history ! <3's ya girl coco
necole, louisville ky [02-01-2006]

Hi I am a Pennsylvanian born and bred and work for vist PA and love to surf the web and learning new things about my state and getting new info for work
Lori Fry, 41 Erie PA [02-01-2006]

geoffrey zieman, age 10 in cary [02-01-2006]

I think ben is very spechal to us because he is the one who invented elictry.
catie [02-01-2006]

I love history. Ben rocks!
Matthew Greger, 18, Sherwick Ct. Erial NJ [02-01-2006]

I like this websiht
nsq, 17 [01-31-2006]

I think that you should have more fun games to play so we do not get bord
Annie, 9 [01-31-2006]

I wish I knew you! I know you are 300 so
Danielle, I'm10! I wish I knew you [01-31-2006]

sHAY [01-31-2006]

Justin Bruce [01-31-2006]

I want to learn more about Ben Franklin.Plus clumbus,and god.
Kristen Graham, I'm9 Ilive in Dandrige TN [01-31-2006]

I recognized Benjamin Franklin as a student at university. I read about him and i am deeply interested in his autobiography and his character . It is very useful to broden my mind and my student's mind.
Ayse Gulseven, 24, Turkey [01-31-2006]

sean kelleher [01-31-2006]

ben franklin is amazing!
tina fey [01-30-2006]

i have a question which invention was so inportatnt that you got a peace prize for
CHANEL [01-30-2006]

tori elam [01-30-2006]

Joshua Massengale [01-30-2006]

i really like your inventions!
alex welhaf, 9/feasterville/male [01-30-2006]

sasheen [01-30-2006]

anthony, 10 years old [01-30-2006]

I think benjamin franklin was very daring
brenna [01-30-2006]

i love this thanks to adim.
mr owerri aba, al usa [01-30-2006]

kaci durling, 9 yrs. mascotte fl.34753 [01-30-2006]

Ben Franklin was a great American
Charles Bronson, California [01-30-2006]

I think Ben is swell guy but many don't know that he was a huge loyalist until right before the revolution. He would frequently visit Europe and England. I just thought the public should kow this thought, but I guess since he's old you can't blame him, nonetheless he's quite the ladies man, and always has a woman on his side whenever I see him.
Sam Adams, Boston Massachusetts, Son of Liberty, Friend of Paul Revere, and beer extodinair [01-30-2006]

Philadelpia has all the best shops,like j.crew,burberry,coach,and evan philly's bargan shops totall rock!
Nolie, I LOVE 2 shop in phily! [01-30-2006]

At 55, I am taking American Literature. I really enjoy your site.
Barbara Fox, Gallatin, Tn [01-30-2006]

cooooooooooool wat up ben
CHEEZE, N.Y. B-wood [01-30-2006]

I have been an admirer of Franklin since I learned to read. My library contains much of the material written about him through the years.
Morton R. Leventhal, 80 Years old in Bens' 350th.. [01-30-2006]

horn Dragon [01-30-2006]

do benjamin franklin have any cellar phones to give away. for free.
jennah, 15, canda, [01-30-2006]

I have done many reports on him.I think he is the best in the world!This web site has helped me a lot so THANK YOU Morgan Elizabeth Wallace
Morgan, I'm 10 years old [01-30-2006]

I would love a printable copy of Mr. Franklin's most wonderful sayings.
Beth Pulliam, teacher of 4th grade [01-30-2006]

you are the smartest man i ever knew
raquel, age 9 [01-30-2006]

hey wats up
bill, i am 93 years old call me at 16208963894 [01-30-2006]

Benjamin Franklin was a very important man. i am doing a project on him in social studies.
Kristine C, 13 [01-30-2006]

Lizzie [01-30-2006]

Dylan Taylor, fg [01-30-2006]

Kristen [01-30-2006]

Good work!
Natalie, bc [01-30-2006]

Isaella, 28 alabaster [01-30-2006]

I think you should add more info for the kids who need this site for school!Other then that it was ok.
Tye Pennington, 27 [01-30-2006]

brittney [01-30-2006]

i want to laern abauthow his life was
saje breuer [01-30-2006]

Ben was a good man. It was sad that he had to go. It was nice that he let them put his name on the 100$ bill. Good buy Ben.
samantha miller [01-30-2006]

hahah it helpd a lot ui got an A thanxx 2 u thanxx lotzz
syd, 15,pa [01-30-2006]

ya.. i think this is a great sight to find out information.. Thank you.. Steph
Stephanie Staas, 15, Feasterville Pa [01-30-2006]

tiffany rios [01-30-2006]

I am hoping "Temple's Diary" will be made available other than just this website. Is there any plan to have it published or made in printed form? It is so historic in content without being dreary as so much history is. I recently read "1776" and just bought the Doris Goodwin "Team of Rivals." Temple's Diary is such a breath of fresh air as it personalizes the 300th birthday of this precious man.
Earl L. Allison, 87 yrs. Whittier, CA native-near Nixon store [01-30-2006]

This was an excellent website providing useful information for my science project I had to do for a Science Inventor of my choice. I found that the website was very informative, and I encourage students to use it.
Anonymous [01-30-2006]

Happy 300th Ben! Marty Z.
Marty Zuliniak, Dundas, Ont. Canada [01-30-2006]

I just saw the video with Ben Franklin. Very good.I hope to see many more.
Fred Logue [01-30-2006]

great site
elaine [01-30-2006]

jon clingerman [01-30-2006]

cheany, 25 plymouth [01-30-2006]

I'm stupid, and I love you!
Carrie, 1,555 [01-30-2006]

i think Ben Franklin is amazing because he did so many things for only being one person. HE IS A GREAT PERSON... If i was talking to Ben Franklin right now i would tell him how great he was and that i can't type it all out because theres like a million words i have to type. GREAT JOB BEN FRANKLIN FOR MAKING US HAPPEN WITH ALL THE GREAT THINGS YOU DID ......... LOVE, A 9 YR OLD GIRL NAMED DEEDEE
deedee, 9 Feasterville pa [01-30-2006]

Ben, You are a great person!
Samantha Eckart, 9,Trevose,PA, [01-30-2006]

Hey Ben dont worry about what the other people say. You are a great Philadelphian. You are a savory to this world for all the things you inventented
Colleen, 10,Feasterville,PA [01-30-2006]

nate, nathaneil 16 nj [01-30-2006]

I like you!
Alex, 14 [01-30-2006]

tiffany [01-30-2006]

whos the editor and is this fact or fiction cuz im trying to cite it for my research paper!?!?
Student, none [01-30-2006]

I thought that this website was great for kids a nd young adults to learn about
Taylor, 11, Antioch,IL [01-30-2006]

franklin is the best man on the earth
JAYSON [01-30-2006]

christina lewis [01-30-2006]

your funny
hunter, 23 [01-30-2006]

he was a great genious and he set the stage for many people to come.
Beth Frenette [01-30-2006]

i am cool
Alex, 14 [01-30-2006]

how did elertricity start
brendan,NICK, fair haven [01-30-2006]

I finished reading the biography of Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaacson. It was very informative and gave me a new perspective of the man.
Roxane Irene, California [01-30-2006]

I am doing a book report on Ben franklin
Trevor, age 8, woodbury, mn [01-30-2006]

carolinne dimas [01-30-2006]

mailkde, mama [01-30-2006]

Yo Ben its me your own brother Jack Franklin mom says happy 300 brother.
Jeromy Perinchief, Cornelious, Oregon [01-30-2006]

you are a great person! life would be hard without you!
jonathan s, 13 [01-30-2006]

you are a great person! life would be hard without you!
jonathan s, 13 [01-30-2006]

i would like to know what was benjamin franklins most important achievement for a school project thank you
amber [01-30-2006]

I am studying about you this year for school. I have done a lifesize portrait of you.
Jake Orel, 7 years old, Chardon, Ohio [01-30-2006]

This is a great website!
Pamela Jones, Media Specialist [01-30-2006]

WHat did you invent?
Megan Smith, I'm a girl [01-30-2006]

Briget [01-30-2006]

Ben Franklin is awsome
olivia [01-30-2006]

MONICA CLARK [01-30-2006]

thank you for electrcite
Victoria, appetiontoin [01-30-2006]

happy birthday ben!
Caitlin [01-30-2006]

I just found out that Ben's birthday was Jan. 17! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Caitlin [01-30-2006]

Tim your the coolest in the class even monica and timmy braithwait [01-30-2006]

Hi! I am in computer class! I like the Slider game. I beat my friend Monica. Have a COOL day!
Caitlin [01-30-2006]

gracie, years old [01-30-2006]

amanda, 10 [01-30-2006]

Johnny, Age:9 [01-30-2006]

Patrick McKelvey, 12 [01-30-2006]

Many towns and cities across the nation are celebrating Benjamin Franklinís 300th Birthday. The Town of Franklin, Massachusetts just received a new town seal in honor of the historic milestone. The seal features an oil portrait of Franklin by classical artist Scott Holloway. It is one of the most lifelike and realistic images of the founding father that I have ever seen. You can see it for yourself at www.civilwarjax.com/benfranklin.html
Angela, Happy Birthday Ben Franklin! [01-30-2006]

Had a US history class in1940 in college. Franlin, to me, was the "star of the show."
Earl L. Allison, 87 yrs. Whittier, CA native-near Nixon store [01-30-2006]

Earl L. Allison, 87 yrs. Califor [01-30-2006]

did ben write the delceratoino of indpendince?
dana [01-30-2006]

You are neat!Your inventions are cool!
Avery, Indiana [01-30-2006]

sulema [01-30-2006]

i think 1 thinkB en was crazy for trying to get lighting.and Ben was and crazy inventor.
joseph, 11,Plymouth. [01-30-2006]

I was doing my speech on you and didnt find enough info, until i stumbled upon this website. thx!
al, 14 LaSalle [01-30-2006]

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Krystal, ***** [01-30-2006]

I think that this is a good website and it is very resourceful. Thank you.
Andrew Fant, 14 [01-30-2006]

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John Doe, hello [01-30-2006]

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holy [01-30-2006]

Jessica [01-30-2006]

I hate to do a really stupid report on him but once i started reading i became way more facinated than what i was thinking i would become
Aria [01-30-2006]

kady barthels [01-30-2006]

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Marissa Walker Callen, 13 [01-30-2006]

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Elainie Honcoop, 11 [01-30-2006]

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Debbie Fowler [01-30-2006]

Im a big fan of Franklin. The way I explain franklin to people is; "If Ben had a computer, he'd of invented Mozilla Firefox!" Love the site guys. Keep it up!
Moz [01-30-2006]

What great man to to have founded our declaration of indepedence and other great accomplishments.He is clearly true american,founding father of this great country that was based on christian values. Let us not forget the roots of our freedom,which liberals are trying to destroy by trying do away with the mention of god,jesus christ,and virtues are founding fathers have taught us for the direction and path for good character,integrety,of faithful people. god bless us..
mario canedo, 40,enjoyhistory,E,Los angeles, CA .. [01-30-2006]

i am 80 yrs of age. i'd heard about ben frankln, but never really knew all he had done for human kind. kudos to who put this page together. thank you.
diletta m derosa, naples, florida [01-30-2006]

Of all the famous people in History past and present,I would love to go to dinner with the esteemed man from philly
A>M>GRAHAM, History Buff [01-30-2006]

My 9 year old daughter had to do a bookreport about Ben Franklin. She read a book, but the information from your site helped make Franklin come alive for her. Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about Franklin.
Gemma Potts [01-30-2006]

I think that if I had a choose to die or to learn about Ben franklin.Iwould rather die.Shout out to my girl tam.
rebekah algeri, 12,cincinati,ohio [01-30-2006]

kristen, flatwoodsky13 [01-30-2006]

this is a really good web site i like everythig you have done! ben franklin is a good person !
Yonna, Benu [01-30-2006]

Franklin has always fascinated me. His autobiography so inspired me as a young boy that I tried (unsuccessfully) to think of a Franklin-like quote each week. My inability to match his wit and wisdom is but one reason why this website honors Mr. Franklin rather than myself.
Tim L., 58 yrs old, state of Washington [01-30-2006]

I hate Benjamin Franklin. We have to do a 1000 word report on him.
Jessie, New Ellenton, SC [01-30-2006]

dear franklin, i love your invetions and could you help me on my ben franklin project signed chanel bradshaw.
CHANEL, 10 philadelphila [01-30-2006]

Pamela Jones, I am the Media Specialist for Vinemont Elementary School in Cullman County Alabama [01-30-2006]

Tiana [01-30-2006]

he is very old today!
kelli zagra [01-30-2006]

franklin was one of the greatest that ever lived just because of his attempts whith electricity
wolf [01-30-2006]

I wish I had a brain as smart as his.
Kasandra Smoyer, age:11,Spring Mills PA,16875 [01-30-2006]

Nikki Resch [01-30-2006]

great site
frank [01-30-2006]

I appreciate whoever put this together.
Mike DuBrink [01-30-2006]

popsicle [01-30-2006]

Julia Ignaczewski, I am 10 years old and I just need to write a report about what Ben Franklin's accomplishments [01-30-2006]

Ther's so much about Ben that I can't diside what to wright about him on my report!
Fiona Reinhold [01-30-2006]

i can't belive that Benjamin Franklin was one of the fonding fathers!
Fiona Reinhold [01-30-2006]

Anna [01-30-2006]

joshua mccarthy, 8 [01-30-2006]

i think this website is good but could be better!
ADRIENNE MOATS, 15, mt.lake park md 21550 [01-30-2006]

Hannah Marie Sheffield, 10,White South Dakota [01-30-2006]

tiffany [01-30-2006]

this page was very informational. thank-you
Krissy [01-30-2006]

i love ben franklin!
Mary, I'm 12 and I love boys [01-30-2006]

I think that the Benjamin in the movie is fake!
kira frederick [01-30-2006]

julia, 14 ny [01-30-2006]

As both a Philadelphian and a Libertarian, I hold Ben Fraklin's life and ideas amongst those of the greatest thinkers in history.
Shawn Milligan, http://360.yahoo.com/darganot [01-30-2006]

I enjoyed it
Muhammad, I come frrom London [01-30-2006]

I am going to write a report about you, Ben, because YOU are my favorite of all of the people I could pick.
Carly, 9 years old, California [01-30-2006]

it was useful in some places but it stunk in others... you dont need games and the Ben show....please email me back.. i would love to help with the stie....thanks
nicole [01-30-2006]

all of these pages helped me a lot to learn about him.thank you!
keyla [01-30-2006]

i think that he was a good man and if he was still alive i would like to meet him and shake his hand. he is the best man i ever heard ok thats a lot jaulissa
jaulisssa evelyn thornton, 13 [01-30-2006]

Just interested in a bit of history.
Flossie Sherrouse [01-30-2006]

1st cousins 8th gen. re. Calvin Flint died in Canada
Wendell Harrison [01-30-2006]

I had 2 do a research paper on him and there was so much info on him and nun that got right 2 the point! that was good though!
Hanna, 12 [01-30-2006]

Benjamin Franklin has always impressed me as an extraordinary man. The energy (literally!) that came from this man was phenomenal. Bravo! I will make sure to send this link onto my 12 year old grand-daughter in Canada. Lots of things to learn on this site.
Marie-Lise Bassey, Dakar, Senegal [01-30-2006]

Enjoyed your website. Keep up the good work.
Larry Franklin, age 59, West Columbia, SC, born in Paintsville, Ky. [01-30-2006]

I think ben was a amzing man!
eduardo gonzalez, 10 [01-30-2006]

how to fly
brittaney, 16 [01-30-2006]

Kevin Perdomo, 13 [01-30-2006]

this is an ok web site
Josh Collins, 14 carthage MO [01-30-2006]

i am happy that Ben Franklin discovered electricity because w/o electric thin there would be no computers and w/o computers there would be no msn! so thnx again!
Kelli sanders, im 14 yrs old [01-30-2006]

d. Ianni, Feasterville, Pa. 5th gr. science teacher [01-30-2006]

hi who are you important
selina [01-30-2006]

he was a good man
garrett thaggard, 7/8 grady 225-6289 [01-30-2006]

thank you
BEN, 58 [01-30-2006]

you wear a good man
garrett thaggard, 7/8 grady [01-30-2006]

i like the history.
darien bryant, 10 detroit,mibasketball [01-30-2006]

You are a great man.
Brian Bayles, 10 Detroit Michigan [01-30-2006]

This is a very good page u have made And i like how you put the 300th Birthday sign
Matthew Perez, 18 Tampa [01-30-2006]

Bruce E Paver, 42 Layton Utah [01-30-2006]

I just saw Franklin's documentary on the History channel, and was amazed with his genius. It inspired me to get to know more about him.
Michael Merlo, 48, Burlingame, CA [01-30-2006]

Jan. 17, 2006 Happy 300th Birthday Ben!
Shannon Scott, Honolulu, Hawaii [01-17-2006]

I wish we had more people of this quality today.
Val Sprenger [01-17-2006]

He was an amazing person!
Lois Lewis [01-17-2006]

One of the greatest Americans of all times. I feel that he should have a holiday of his own!
Amy C Douglass, Wallburg,NC [01-17-2006]

Happy Birthday, Ben. You should be very happy as you continue to inspire the young as well as older people through your thoughts and deeds. Congratulations.
Sheila Thomas, East Orange, NJ [01-17-2006]

this site had a lot of iformation about benjamin franklin but there is one thing missing, benjamin 's invention timeline!
kira [01-17-2006]

itts goos
memy, 13 sunsan,turkey [01-17-2006]

I think people need to release what he gave to the American People, reguardless of his personal indiscretions he tried to make up for them by "creating the political culture" for us, it's so important, I posted on to the BSB Boards for others to see. Enjoy! I think History is important, and he's a good example of what knowing history can help people, also I love this site. Ben Franklin was cool.
Dani, 20, Columbus, Ohio [01-17-2006]

i share a birthday with ben muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha
Madyson, Age: 12 [01-17-2006]

I like totally like this web site,and u totally rock !BF
Babalabadingdong, pie [01-17-2006]

This website helped me do my report on Ben for his 300 birthday. I also went on this website just to have a little fun.
Janyssa Miller-Valent`ine, 11 CI,New York [01-17-2006]

The information about those folks we have to memorize certain facts as a student in grammer school is not enough for me. So I say, gimmee more.
Lauri [01-17-2006]

Happy 300th Birthday !
Russ Cobleigh, Westford, Mass. [01-17-2006]

this site is very very excellent for children that are at the age of 10.(not me)
corissa herron, algonquin illinois [01-17-2006]

Watching the calendar and the Alamac Great Time For a New History Lesson Happy Birthday Ben Franklin
Valerie Errd, Tacom, Washington [01-17-2006]

Happy Birthday Mr. Franklin. Have a good one.Meet me @ City Tavern,I'll buy you a birthday drink,and I recommend the prime rib;HAPPY BIRTHDAY!See Ya @ the Tav.
Jim-Bob, A TRUE PATRIOT, 51,Black Snake Hills, Mo.(former Virginia Colony claimed land) [01-17-2006]

johnvang, 10 morgton [01-17-2006]

Uzamaki Naruto, Village Hidden in the Leaves [01-17-2006]

We would not have the country we have today. We would not have the inventions that he invented or anything he did for us.
Lexie, age,11 Valley City,OH [01-17-2006]

Abbey, age 10 North Ridgeville [01-17-2006]

i love it
Janyssa Miller-Valent`ine [01-17-2006]

Wyoming third Graders [01-17-2006]

Molly Nevius, Chicago, IL [01-17-2006]

I really love Benjamin.When I was littleIcalled Benjamin Benny or Benjy
Kyler, eight years old and live in Saddle River [01-17-2006]

third grade - [01-17-2006]

thought in scholl this was the greatest man. And, I had a lot of interest in his works and inventions. Still do. A wonderful man in my eyes. Uncle Ben.
Margaret lenorah *Hall* Barrier, Manassas,Va.20108~4611 Olde Towne Manassas A Historical City Near Dc., I was born in Pulaski,Va. and Raise IN Oak Ridge, Tenn and in 59 back to Northern, Va, Anexandria, and Fairfax county. Just moved back to Va. in Feb 2005 after being in Bellaire, Oh since July/Aug 2005. Maggie/Cherokee [01-17-2006]

patricia castaneda [01-17-2006]

Better we would have kept some affiliation with England. We have no pride in government as a people. It's speaks for itself.We are so far from what was intended.
Richaed E Corso, Born In Boston 1936 [01-17-2006]

If you want to know a lot about Ben Franklin this is the site
Kobe [01-17-2006]

I went to Philly about 4 years ago and learned all about this great man. I love sharing the trip with my kids.
Sandy Prigger, teacher of Special ed kids [01-17-2006]

ben...you are our hero... happy...happy 300th birthday...you will live in our hearts forever....
Pat, native Philadelphian [01-17-2006]

Lisa Folger [01-17-2006]

ilovethis site it has great info
erin bittle, 17 [01-17-2006]

What was ben's porpise of the kite inveion
taylor watts, 10 years [01-17-2006]

The Rotary Club of Conroe meets every Tuesday. This year the 17th fell on Tuesday, so we planned a program on Ben.
Kenne Turner [01-17-2006]

mayra steer, 12,green eyes,brown hair [01-17-2006]

How much money did it take back then to buy your own workshop
david underwood, 10,kasson [01-17-2006]

it's a good web site for kids and audlts
danielle [01-17-2006]

umm i have to do a report about u can u give me any information important information
alexa [01-17-2006]

shandale [01-17-2006]

chekers was fun but you beat me.
Alexander Strickrodt, 12 michigan [01-17-2006]

i lean about him in school.
kari str ickrodt, 8 in michigan [01-17-2006]

I believe that Ben Franklin was a true American and a great American. It's hard for me to believe that his birthday isn't on our calendars. He did as much if not more for our country than any other person in our history, yet, he is rarely mentioned. I am truely grateful for this web-site. Thank you, Janice Skinner
Janice, 55, Memphis, TN [01-17-2006]

well I'm doing a repot on you I need a lot of info so please write to me please !
Caitlin, 10, Vallejo fifth grade [01-17-2006]

A great American - I was enlightened by the C-span program.
Frank Walker, Grand Blanc, Michigan [01-17-2006]

Great site. I am a teacher and plan to use it with my students.
D. Pawlowski [01-17-2006]

I think that Ben was a a very smart man. He was a traveling kind of guy he traveled to a lot of different kinds of places, states and countries thanks to him we have a light bulb that lights our houses in the day time.Ben i love you thank you!
kelsie grawey, I am 11 I live in knoxville 61448 [01-17-2006]

This is my favorit web site.
ciera, favorit color lime green and pink [01-17-2006]

He was a great inventor.
Emily Grandstaff [01-17-2006]

I am doing a project on Ben Franklin.
Alison, 8 years old [01-17-2006]

I think it was really great for you to do this because some kids us the net to get imformaiton of how to do thing's like book report's and a lot of other thing's.So once again thank's for all your help on how Ben Franklin's life was and how he lived.
CHEYENNE, using my aunts e.mail 9 yrs [01-17-2006]

Benjamin Franklin Rocks and Rules!
Samantha Allard, I am 13 years old. [01-17-2006]

I think Benjamin Franklin is the coolest preson in History
Hanna, 12, Huntsville Al [01-17-2006]

I am very much impressed by the efforts of creating this knowledgeable website.
Sonali Jha, Newyork [01-17-2006]

We live in a community of 176 people, our community is so remote you can't reach in by road in the winter yet we have the internet!
Eagle Public Library, Eagle, Alaska [01-17-2006]

happy 300th birthday!:-)
Meg, 13 [01-17-2006]

Franklin Rocks
Alexandra [01-17-2006]

yes hello this site is a great one with many jokes um i think u should post more info for school projects and other soures with info about ben i also think u should post some topics about ben and ur oppion with that matter said i well leave to ur web site to see more great info but i really think u should take me up on my adivise because we are the people ttha are trying to make websites beter and funner for us thanks for the time ~
anonymous, ohio [01-17-2006]

I think that Franklin is the best!
meagan w [01-17-2006]

ben franklin is my hero!
Alana [01-17-2006]

johnathan, 8 ocktleeG.A zip 31773 [01-17-2006]

this is a very eduacational exibit for ben franklin
kelsey strey, age:11 city: paw paw mi [01-17-2006]

I think Ben Franklin is an interesting person. In school I have to to a report on him. I 've learned so much about him . My friend that I've none my whole life is related to him.H e did so much for the U S espeshally signing the Declaration of Independence that gave us our freedom.
Audrey Larkin, 11,carmel, In, I like animals [01-17-2006]

Though Benjamin Franklin was American, his discoveries help people all around the world to this day.
Rosie O'Donald [01-17-2006]

This is a great website to get to know one of our American fathers!
faith, age:14, City:Aurora, State:IL, Grade: Ninth [01-17-2006]

the printig express
shoniece, etc [01-17-2006]

kovacs [01-17-2006]

Carol Berry [01-17-2006]

joseph elsner, i am13 bor 6692 [01-17-2006]

jessica cantwell, im 11 [01-17-2006]

Brian Konowal, Los Angeles [01-17-2006]

I do not know a lot abot Benjamin Franklin but I really like to know a lot more about him.
Kemesha [01-17-2006]

We cannot get enough of Philly! It is truly a history lover's dream. There is something to see and do for all ages. It improves with each visit.
Webster Family, Warsaw, IN [01-17-2006]

Franklin made a huge impact on our futures.
Cheryl Cole, Newport,Ky. [01-17-2006]

every thing every where goes together with ur inventions it is so wonderful that u did all of this for the future people who woul have nothing that we have today because everything goes with each other thank you so much for so great things u gave the world today.
rochelle slater, 14 yrs old chicago ill [01-17-2006]

Ben Franklin is a very interesting!
Kelly Mader, 10 [01-17-2006]

ben franklin is a very nice man!he has helped the hospital!
TRACI CRAFT, 26 - pittston - [01-17-2006]

I hate him
Kali f, 12 hartline [01-17-2006]

ben franklin
CARLOS, 11 [01-17-2006]

jonny [01-17-2006]

hi how are you i like your inventions and everything
anonymous [01-17-2006]

I think ben Franklin is a unique person I am studying about ben right now in STEPS.
Reid, 9 years old [01-17-2006]

kyle simpson [01-17-2006]

mila parise, 8 elyair [01-17-2006]

BRANDON KNOX [01-17-2006]

Was exccively nice
Ashley Watkins, Fairmont [01-17-2006]

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mitchell [01-17-2006]

THis site is great for my project
tim longen [01-17-2006]

I thought that Ben discovered electricity, but he didn't. I like puppies and my boyfriend does too.
Jaelyn, 11 [01-17-2006]

Jaelyn Swardenski [01-17-2006]

it is a great site i mean it helped m=e a lot on my report at jefferson i got a a also i used a experiment and got exra credit
kate [01-17-2006]

Diana Costanzo [01-17-2006]

Ben Franklin was a great American
ken [01-17-2006]

Very useful site...I use with my 8th grade students. Thanks...
robin prais, Aloha from Hawaii! [01-17-2006]

I loe this website but it is alittle boring. you people who make these kinds of web sites.
Brianna Patton, 10,CT,i live in Avon and my teacher is Mrs.Dully at Thomson Brook school in Avon [01-17-2006]

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I LOVE YOU, 11 [01-17-2006]

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brian, heha [01-17-2006]

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RICHARD, 11 central islip [01-17-2006]

it is like so totaly cool .yah
JILLIAN RASADO, 10 [01-17-2006]

very nice franklin was a great human being. did he also have the first power house? and he also had a lot of clishe`s to his credit.
thomas mccann, 55,rochester,new york14612 [01-17-2006]

Green Bay Packers ROCK! Bears STINK!
John Micensky, Illinois [01-17-2006]

I think electricity is overrated,but T.V. RULES!
John Micensky, Illinois [01-17-2006]

I like Baseball but some day i want to be like u
Ben [01-17-2006]

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jack warning [01-17-2006]

I love gymnastics and Ben Franklin is totally awesome!
Sara [01-17-2006]

i loved your site it is just that i can't semm to get to fun and games please help me get to it. thank you and the ben show was ahlarious and i hope you can have a money making time!
katie jensen [01-17-2006]

I loved you so much and thanks for inventing the lightbulb and using electricity and stuff. Thank you so much and I LOVE JOHNNY LORD!
Maddie [01-17-2006]

hello benny ... YOU ARE MY HERO ! <33333333
anonymous [01-17-2006]

ben franknlinn you are so cool
anonymous [01-17-2006]

hey ben franklin youare so amazing you invented like everything stay true ok bye now you are socool i love the kite thank god u invented the kite
chris, sss [01-17-2006]

I admire benjamin franklin even though he pasted away along time ago. Without him I dont know where we would be today. He did a lot for this country. THANK YOU BENJAMIN!
Kayla Nelson, I am 13 and I go to South Davie Middle School and we have to look up stuff about Benjamin cause we are gonna have a birthday party for him and share our facts. [01-17-2006]

kattie link [01-17-2006]

well i just wanted to say hey
Courtney, kansas city [01-17-2006]

ben have you have a son
Marcus Ruffin [01-17-2006]

i think this website is very interesting
kayla, 17,niles,michigan [01-17-2006]

Sharon E. Davis, Rochester, NY [01-17-2006]

I love this website! I like to learn about people.
Lindsay [01-17-2006]

Benjamin Franklin is my idol
Klemen [01-17-2006]

shatera [01-17-2006]

I think that Ben Franklin is a great man.
Taylor Honchell [01-17-2006]

Ben Franklin like rocks! Didn't he invent the lightbulb??? LOL jk!
Carl [01-17-2006]

this site is great.
alicia pickens, age:11 [01-17-2006]

i need to type a report on benjamin franklin what sould i include?
Ashley [01-17-2006]

i am doing a report on Benjamin Franklin and i was wodering how many inventions did he make
ashlee bishop, 10 [01-17-2006]

(doing a science project) Just wondering how long 1 lemon battery would last and how powerfull it is.And I was wondering if I would put severaly batteries(lemon), how would I connect them all together?
Jacoby, age-13_city-Mandan,ND [01-17-2006]

love it
natalie [01-17-2006]

nancybrown, 11 age [01-17-2006]

Last year was the Lewis and Clark Celebrations in the Northwest Territories this year the Ben Franklins Brithday 300th and we all have worked on Restore America in Washington State and a History lesson to start the New Year with!
Mrs. Valerie Ann Reed [01-17-2006]

way are there whos?.
DANIELLEK, my age 9 [01-17-2006]

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DANIELLE, boyceville wi [01-17-2006]

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bob [01-17-2006]

I think this website is fun and very educational. It is perfect for a report. I had a report on Ben and this website made it a whole lot easier for me.
amber miller, 11 [01-17-2006]

Hello Helllo Hello. I did a research on Ben and i presented it on his b-day. Way cool
Katherine [01-17-2006]

can you tell me a lot about ben fraklin
julian de Boer, 9age [01-17-2006]

ben is the most important person in the world
cameron j lewis, i'm 11 yrs. old [01-17-2006]

Hello there. I am currently writing an essay on the importance and practicality of life insurance. As a former agent, I seem to remember my sales manager telling me that Ben Franklin had something very important to say about it. I would love to quote him in my essay, but I can't seem to find the original quote. Can you help me with this? I would be most grateful. Sincerely, Sean Malone
sean malone, schoolcraft, michigan...32 years old [01-17-2006]

Learning about Ben.
Dana Mickey, 8 yr. old, Houston, TX [01-17-2006]

natalie [01-17-2006]

i have nothing to say
angelica [01-17-2006]

thanks for all the great inventions you gave to this world.
Rochelle Slater, 14 chicago,ill [01-17-2006]

ben franklin is awesone dude
mario, 13 chi town [01-17-2006]

ashley whitson, i love batista [01-17-2006]

hi you have a good web page
brandi, 13 [01-17-2006]

franklin is fresh to death if it warent for him we want have light in our houses.. thankyou ben.....
dreama [01-17-2006]

i realyknow Benjamin Franklin was a excelent man and i know he loved his family and friends thats why his face is on the dollar because he's a good man and everyone should know that.
symone, milwaukee [01-17-2006]

I think Ben was a very good man with stlye and creative desgins
Jessica, 13, Chester,SC [01-17-2006]

He was a wonderful man!
Allison McGrath [01-17-2006]

You're website helped me so much for a Benjamin Franklin essay I have to do. THANK YOU SO MUCH! (^^)
Ashley [01-17-2006]

Franklin is cool
Tyler [01-17-2006]

doris [01-17-2006]

I think that Benjamin Franklin invented a lot of cool stuff and I have a report on him and I think that I am going to win because I know a lot about him.
Alison Belloff [01-17-2006]

Olivia [01-17-2006]

He was an amazing guy who lived a hard life, but somehow turned it into a great one. He was well-liked by everyone and I can understand that. He had an attractive personality that just madehim a likable kind of guy just like my grandmother.
Rebeccah [01-17-2006]

ben fraklin
hannah patchon, Age 7 city Indpls [01-17-2006]

I would like to learn about Ben Franklin. I have a big sister. I love Electric! I hope I leasrn about Ben Franklin! Sincerly, Faith Hadley Age 4
Faith Hadley, Age 4 City Indpls [01-17-2006]

I really like ben Fraklin! I really like to invent Electric stuff! I really want to learn more about Ben Franklin! Sincerly, Raegan hadley Age 8
Raegan Hadley, age 8 City Indpls [01-17-2006]

this is a great place to visit
alicia [01-17-2006]

Justina [01-17-2006]

WOW! I'm writing a report on Benjamin Franklin. All the sites i have been to arn't all that good, but this site is AWESOME! THANKS
Kaula, Glasgow,KY [01-17-2006]

it's really annoying having to click on ben's face all the time, you shold have a page with all the quotes to make it easier and less tedious fo people who are researching these things, such as myself.
elizabeth bloom, age: 12 [01-17-2006]

Terrific site!
James Percival, I teach a Col. Am. Hist. class at Eaglebrook, In Deerfield, MA. [01-17-2006]

I thought that your website was amesome! It helped me a lot with my Benjamin Franklin Project!
Emma, ... [01-17-2006]

i liked this website so much it was very interresting. and it really helped me a lot.it got me a a+ on my progect yeaaaaaaa
maeka jones [01-17-2006]

Benjamin Franklin was a brilliant man.
gabriella, Miami,FL [01-17-2006]

Itsfor school
Jackie Boyers, 12 cythana [01-17-2006]

I am using this website as a jumping off point for research on Ben Franklin with 4th graders. We live in the Phila region. This is a wonderful website. I hope they appreciate that they can visit his home and see his great accomlishments.
diana rossi, computer teacher [01-17-2006]

without ben our country would not live
Alex Williams [01-17-2006]

I think Ben was a great person to us and every body in the world.
Brook, 9 [01-17-2006]

in seines class were learning about you im in 4th grade we already know about you but were still learing about you.
Heather, 9 [01-17-2006]

I think Ben was a great person to us and every body in the world.
Brook, 9 [01-17-2006]

Grade 3B [01-17-2006]

He was a very nice and intelligent guy
krystal dillman [01-17-2006]

this is part of my project. i love his quote. but i wanna know whether he was struck by the lightning when he was doing the kite experiment. it was not stated i guess...
attituder, age 16`06 [01-17-2006]

I think benjamin franklin was not a really smart guy when he put eletric in a thunder strom.
Rachael [01-17-2006]

Thank you!
npeffall [01-17-2006]

Great Website
Danielle, age 11 [01-17-2006]

Ben Franklin was a great man and was involved in his community very much!
Kelsey, 11 years old [01-17-2006]

JILLIAN, 35,jordan,mn,55352 [01-17-2006]

i think this so stupid
jake hooper [01-17-2006]

i like him and he is famous
lauren, no [01-17-2006]

Wanted to play the word games, but the puzzles did not come up on the computer. Like the lay out of the information
lisa davner, Wyndmoor PA [01-17-2006]

HEy yall awsesome site i totally love Benjamin i think i am obsessed! I <3 u ben OUt yall
Jermey Herr, yo howdy partner [01-17-2006]

devinique [01-17-2006]

ariana kuhl [01-17-2006]

ben was a good man in his years if it was not for him we would not have a lot of thing now like the people that can not see, lights cook food safa to swim and more.
jameka hampton, 18teen malden mo [01-17-2006]

hes a great man
hunter [01-17-2006]

chris major, 12 [01-17-2006]

jamie, i have no eye hazel [01-17-2006]

i am really con fused i have to do you fo ra tech ed project and you might not know this but you are very confuesing but still tre interesting
melissa, 13 (age) [01-17-2006]

i are doing a scavenger hunt and ask jeeves sendered me hear. This has no do with me hunt. Thanks so much, mr jeeves. Know i now that been franklyn was the super coolestest viking in the wild weld west. <3 5 chins
erick "5 chins" Dickash, age 36 [01-17-2006]

your page reallt helped me with my project, but you need more pictures on you page.
Rachel, 13,norfolk,va [01-17-2006]

It's me again. I'm STILL working on that paper for History class and Benjamin Franklin is starting to sound more like a woman-getter rather then an inventor. I mean, who would want to marry a fat, short, old guy anyway? Only in it for the money... Yet I will still continue to use this as a big reference. Thanks!
Shelby Webb, Clare, MI [01-17-2006]

blinda cook, 52 [01-17-2006]

Mrs. Dedmon/Short's AIG Class, We are 5th grade students studying Ben Franklin. [01-17-2006]

I think your website is great. I also think Benjaman Franklin is so COOL!
Addi Grace, I am eight years old. [01-17-2006]

i think this website is great for kids. it gives you tons of great information for school projets. thanks caitlyn
Caitlyn, age 10 city Augusta state GA [01-17-2006]

An excellant site. It truely amazes me that he was years and years ahead of the world in his thinking. Awesome!
Troy, Abilene, TX; Parent and Ben Fan [01-17-2006]

i went to the site, its weird, but ben franklin is kool
Marvin, nothing [01-17-2006]

u r sooooooo cool!
Don, Hayward, California [01-17-2006]

Need great Americans today who are Franklin like...
Jerome Piwoni, Dallas TX [01-17-2006]

This is a good site for a essay like im doing a D.A.R. Essay on him and this is such a good site
Kaitlyn [01-17-2006]

preparing a conference on the scientific works of BF, I find an incredible amount of info,this man still interests a lot, maybe because he was so constructive and produced such inteligent thinkings though he did not graduate from any university.Would it sill be possible nowadays?I think it would would not it?
CHAPRON, 66,ingineer,France,Tours [01-17-2006]

One of the greatest humans that inpacted and changed the course of history and human destiny.
Alexander Samuel Rebish [01-17-2006]

I visited this website for my brother he had a book reporet and he is doing very good cause of this website
Monique, 13 [01-17-2006]

History certainly takes a back seat as a subject in Florida schools because of FCAT.I just close my door and teach it!Thanks for this great load of information about an amazing man and his contributions.
Mary Dungan, Marianna, Fl [01-17-2006]

J.P CONSUEGRA, 10 years, boy, Daytona Beach, Fl [01-17-2006]

I really enjoyed this brief history of Ben Franklin.. It was interesting and condense....THANKS
PATRICK FEENAGHTY, monroe, new york #10950 [01-17-2006]

Looking for information to share with the kids
christine Shiffler, SPED teacher [01-17-2006]

I think that Ben Franklin was a great man, and I am thankful for him for giving us power and light. If he were here now, I would like to meet him and say thank you for everything you have done for us. I just wish I was famous like him, for making great inventions. Well, this what my thoughts are today.
Nikki, None [01-17-2006]

He is very interesting and a good person to learn abot.
Elisabeth Gevara, 13/amarillo [01-17-2006]

great site! bookmarked it and recommended to homeschoolers.
JILL THOMAS, Community Coordinator, Wilson County Public Library, Floresville, Texas [01-17-2006]

I was looking for info. on Ben Franklin for a 300th birthday display. Happy Birthday Ben!
vikki morrow, Age 34, Young Adult Librarian Milan Public Library Milan, Ohio [01-17-2006]

bobby timas, 13 [01-17-2006]

sam lapari [01-17-2006]

HI I am Rachel Gante. I live in Erie PA. I enjoy acting, singing, and playing instruments. I love learning and reading too.
Rachel Gante, 9 yrs. old Erie Pa 4th grade Traccy Elementary [01-17-2006]

The Eagle Library in Eagle Alaska pop. 126 is planning a gala celebration of Ben's 300th birthday in Jan. I found lots of interesting information on your site. I particulary liked the Ben Show. Thanks, Theresa Dean
theresa dean, eagle alaska library director [01-17-2006]

Raheel micheal, About Benjamin Franklin [01-17-2006]

it's good
J.E.Sta Teresa [01-17-2006]

funny intro! (8
tristan gustafson [01-17-2006]

ben RULES!
emily clark, Omaha,Nebraska [01-17-2006]

Ashley, 12 glassboro [01-24-2006]

I love this website
ciera, favorit colers pink and limegreen [01-24-2006]

sophie bruno, age 6 [01-24-2006]

danielle [01-24-2006]

Taylor [01-24-2006]

alan wagoner [01-24-2006]

I need information on Ben
anonymous [01-24-2006]

Gaylord [01-24-2006]

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