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i love u
yuhana kennedy, 11 [12-22-2005]

Benjamin Jackson, 6, St. louis, 3 Dogs. [12-22-2005]

your great and sweet
maya, 10 [12-22-2005]

ithinkthat you was a great person
tisheerawashington, i am 11 years old [12-22-2005]

I thought that everything was amazing. It certainly had a lot of credential. For a thirteen to understand this is amazing. Thanks for listening to my comment.
Rebekah Breeden, 13 Moore, OK [12-22-2005]

Ben Franklin is a true american. e helped make things happen. God, Tell him happy birthday
Abby [12-22-2005]

I wonder when you died.
Jessica Stenson, 11 Clumet City [12-22-2005]

auriona [12-22-2005]

This sight is very educational and fun to be on;it makes searching for history fun.
Jessica Rumirez, 22,Egg Harbor City, New Jersey [12-22-2005]

This is an okay sight... it needs more stuff for Benjamin Franklin in the wars.
Sierra, 14,Wisconsin [12-22-2005]

I am interested in economic literature written by franklin....
maxine mickens, detroit, michigan [12-22-2005]

Benjamin Franklion was a really really cool guy. i am doing a history report on him and am very interested in his life period. your website is full of wonderful information. maby even a little bit too much =]! if possible i would like you to email me even more information on his history. THANK YOU! i love you benjamin franklin!
Dominick, im 12 years old and a student learning about ben [12-22-2005]

As a 5th grade social studies teacher I found this site to be exceptional!
Dan Endrizzi [12-22-2005]

I am doing a report on Ben Franklin.
Victoria LeVasseur, 9 Meriden,CT [12-22-2005]

I think America was lucky to have had Ben Franklin.This website helped me understand Ben more and helped me with my Ben Franklin project.
Rachel [12-22-2005]

I like his quotes. his pictures are ugly.
Ferrell Tuttle, 15 girl [12-22-2005]

E.G.Clemons [12-22-2005]

shanda [12-22-2005]

i like your website
Seemore [12-22-2005]

Hi i am alyvia i like ben hes kool
Alyvia [12-22-2005]

i am visiting here because i am doing a essay for my school, it is for 5-8 graders, i am in 8th grade, and we have to write a 600-1000 word essay about benjamin franklin,and i watched the 1-min. video so i thought i would sign in. thank you and good-bye
Andrea Donoflio [12-22-2005]

soha, egypt [12-22-2005]

This website was very interesting and it helped learn so much about Ben. Thanks a lot.
Korey S., 14 years old [12-22-2005]

Benjamin Franklin is the greatest guy in the history of the United States. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't be the same.
Derek, 13, Arizona [12-22-2005]

I think I have learned a lot from this Autobiography it tells us that Ben is really a great man and that we should appreaciate what he has done for us! I certainly appreaciate what he has done to the world for us. If he were alive right now I would tell him how happy I am with him. He is such a wonderful man
Nikkompoop, Lakeville Mn [12-22-2005]

What a wondeful website! If i didn't already know who Benjamin Franklin was and what he did I could have found out just by viewing your site.
S. Davis, 14, 8th grade [12-22-2005]

Iagree with many of Franklin's sayings, and the one America should remember with bush in power, Give up no liberty for security
James Cozzens, Jacksonville Fl [12-22-2005]

Well this site really helps if youre on an essay.
Cameron, Hinesville GA, 12, i'm very fine [12-22-2005]

I need info to try to decorate a hospotal unit for Xmas using Ben Franklin as a theme
kim kime [12-22-2005]

I thought I would write an essay on Ben Franklin for a scholarship
Samuel Conaway, Im 18, I live in Selma, AL [12-22-2005]

catie, Anthem, Arizona [12-22-2005]

I love this website because I learned a lot about Ben Franklin and it was exactly what I was looking for!
Kayla, I am 15 years old [12-17-2005]

I have a question the Ben Franklin statue sitting on the bench what is it made out of?
Lauren, 9 years old and in 5 th grade [12-16-2005]

I liked learning about him. I think you need to have more pictures so thatyou know what it ia about. Thanks you gave me all the information I need.
Lauren, 10 Grade 5 [12-16-2005]

Danielle Rae Cupp, 10.fontana,Califorina [12-16-2005]

franklin is cool
brent blay, fontana ca [12-16-2005]

hi there what up! i no mr d. i mean who doesn't he's the coolest!
rex kwondo, places [12-16-2005]

kdofi, fdgfd [12-16-2005]

Catie [12-16-2005]

I love this web site
Takeisja [12-16-2005]

Hayley, 77 [12-16-2005]

I am here doing D.A.R. and I am looking up information, I need a little more and I think that I have found the place for it. (this website!) Thanks for all of the help!
Kelly, 11 [12-16-2005]

i liked it
katie dyson, 11age girl [12-16-2005]

dear ben it was awsome
katie dyson, age11 girl [12-16-2005]

Casey [12-16-2005]

I'm tryng to do a school report on your 300th birthday.
Ernest Zadotti [12-16-2005]

I am doing a essay about you and this web. site has been very useful! Thanks Ben! kayla
kayla [12-16-2005]

Very interesting and nicely done! A good refresher on the amazing individual he was, and years ahead of his time. I wonder if he suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder.
Patricia T. Thurston, age-63, Sandpoint, ID [12-16-2005]

quintin [12-16-2005]

i lovejordan [12-16-2005]

billy [12-16-2005]

ann [12-16-2005]

thank you!
Melanie, san antonio [12-16-2005]

I'm a blue collar history buff with a soft spot for ol'Ben. I think he's simply the most FUN of all the founders! The site? Amazing! When I was in school we had to lug an armload of books home from the library! My kids will be able to write great History papers with a mouse& a keyboard, and never leave the house!
GREGORY TRAPP, Age 45 BAYONNE NJ [12-16-2005]

There needs to be more on Franklin's other grandson Benjamin Franklin Bache since he played important part in America History (for example, his newspaper the Aurora-Alien&sedtion Acts)
Ichabod Stephenson [12-16-2005]

i want to lean more about ben franklin
baby red, tahlequah,ok [12-16-2005]

mai xiong [12-16-2005]

it was interesting and a lot of help
yvette elliott, n/a [12-16-2005]

I think Ben Franklin is a very remarkable person who deserves to be remembered. I may be only 10, but I think Ben is the most determined person I've learned about.
Crystal [12-16-2005]

This sight is fantastic. I told my teacher about it and he recommended it to the whole class, and teachers too!
Shawnee, 11, Modesto, California [12-16-2005]

Shelby [12-16-2005]

The web site was okay,but I think it should have more information on it.But thats what I think!
Jessica Mack, age 10 [12-16-2005]

Lauren, Richmond, CA, 21, mom of 5 [12-16-2005]

This was a very helpful site for my project
Kelsey Knight, Temecula [12-16-2005]

bob [12-16-2005]

good work
cecilee, 12 [12-16-2005]

Ben could very well be the greatest American. With out his skills and efforts our country might not have survived as the democracy that it is.
William L. Stickney, Columbus, Ohio [12-16-2005]

peace old dude
madison [12-16-2005]

I had Ben Franklin for two projects one in fourth grade. Now in eighth gd. I` ve injoyed doing these projects. I like U.S. History. This year I have a great teacher Mr. Underwood. He likes history a lot too. He makes history fun and exciting. Like next sem. our classes are going to take history and making like the "Apprentace" except we don` t have Donald Trump. Thanks for making this site for everyone with great detail. Thanks Sam
Samantha, 14,Mooresville, Indiana [12-16-2005]

Hello Ben (Ralph), I spoke with you last year (3AM on phone). I have two kids who would love to learn more about you, Mr. Franklin. We were coming to see your walking tour, when we had a death in the family. We are coming back to Philadelphia from Dec 28th to Jan 2nd. Do you have any suggestions?
brian lloyd, Los Angeles [12-16-2005]

when did he dye
amber, 10 [12-16-2005]

Marvolios job well done nicly put together I really enjoyed it Thanks
Conor Sherman [12-16-2005]

jack, 10 spanish fort [12-16-2005]

It is so cool.Ilike it .
taylor sandidge, 10 . [12-16-2005]

I really like this web site!
Tiffany, Zenda [12-16-2005]

I believe that Ben Franklin is projected as this amazing man who revolutionized the world, but many dont know the other side of Mr. Franklin. He was a womanizer, cared nothing for his wife (he was gone for 17 years and even when he heard she was dieing, he would not return home) He was a hypocrite, and never listened to what he stated in articles, books, oe even in speeches or conversations. I beleive that he was an ingenious man, but like most "amazing men," he had a side that most who are awed by him would not like.
Samantha, 13 [12-16-2005]

i like how you invented the light.Or else we would be cold.
Abbigayle Eldridge, Im ten live in N.C [12-16-2005]

i think that yall should have more people like helen keler in bye toodles
mookmook [12-16-2005]

I'm using this site for a research paper for my 8th grade History class. These articles on Benjamin Franklin contain most of the information I needed to complete it. I've learned so much more then I already knew.
Shelby Webb, Clare, MI [12-16-2005]

Stanley Schumacher [12-16-2005]

I believe without Franklin the world would have totally different ways of communication. However, could you please send me lots of e-mails about other famous men such as him. i'd much apreciate that.
Scott Bastiman, im 57 years old and i am homosexual [12-16-2005]

I really enjoyed viewing your site. I am a teacher building an educational website http://teachtopia.com and I am in the process of screening other educational/learning sites. Very good site for 5th graders studying American History.
Jody Weissler, Los Angeles California [12-16-2005]

Ben Franklin is the craziest! Holla back Philly style yo~~~~11111!one
Mister Matt [12-16-2005]

I think Ben Franklin was and extradorniary person. He accomplished so many things, and he invented incredible things that we still use today.
Kassandra, 13, Albuquerque, new Mexico [12-16-2005]

amanda, 12,chicago,ill [12-16-2005]

I have seen the light.
Andrew DeAngelo, Age:13, Boston, MA,occupation:hockey player,student [12-16-2005]

i'm Doing a report about Ben and I think he's pretty interesting!
Breanna [12-16-2005]

good stuff
zerthew, 35, winston-salem [12-16-2005]

i think your website is great for reports
liz [12-16-2005]

i thought this web-site was great(look at this sideways --> (: ) ~~~~~ < . . > --- \___/
mackenzie [12-16-2005]

i love this web site, love it ya know. benjamin is so cool.
liz [12-16-2005]

this is soo cool who doesnt want to learn about benj frank. he is only the coolest person ever! not including the 5 billion other people
Ben Peterson [12-16-2005]

keely [12-16-2005]

i really enjoyed this
jordan wishon, i'm 10 years old i live in spindale [12-16-2005]

I am listing my name here because I am doing a project for school. Maybe my teacher will see it.
John Feuer, moms email address [12-16-2005]

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiii!
Mia Loxley, age 7. [12-16-2005]

Ben Ben Ben Ben. I love you ! All that you do, i love it all! THANKS!
morgan, 9 yea. elk grove [12-16-2005]

his sayings just seem so true, and they always seem to stick with you
Jonathan Anderson, 13, 8th grade [12-16-2005]

Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!
Avram [12-16-2005]

franklin was a genuis i love this site . very well done
silence dogood [12-16-2005]

I'm a science teacher in a Philadelphia elementary school. Since I had the day off, I decided to do some reading. I found this website in American Teacher. I enjoyed visiting it and will pass it along to some colleagues. Also, we'll try several experiments with my class.
Barbara Kukulka [12-16-2005]

very good info.
Emily Beresford, 12years springville NY [12-16-2005]

i visited this cite to a research for journalism and i cant go a week with out looking on here now it is very exciteing and it helped me get a good grade on my report i really like benjamin franklin he i very intresting so i will look forward to do any other essay on him thanks
Stephanie [12-16-2005]

I think this site has helped and will still help curious young and old minds!Thanx a bunch!
elizabeth, Age 15, Helena Montana [12-16-2005]

I like it but i don't think it is a good website for doing a report.
Ariel Hundstad, 12 Broken Bow [12-16-2005]

I loved the site i will use it more offten thanks and i hope it stays on the web
Ben Ennis, oklahoma [12-16-2005]

This sight really helped me with a report I had to do at school. I hope it stays on the web!
Crystal, 16 Stillwater, Ok [12-16-2005]

That guy on the video was REALLY cool =]
Elly, ..... [12-16-2005]

I think Ben Franklin is very brave because I would never would stand a chance with lighting.
Kenisha Wallace, 10, Lansing,Ark, P,O, box 307 [12-16-2005]

this is a really good
Hillary Estrada [12-16-2005]

ben rocks!
Sahara [12-16-2005]

Thankyou sooooo much for making this site. I had to do a 600-1000 word essay in one night and thanks to this site, I did!
TNW [12-16-2005]

bens a loserr
hawiiii, 15 [12-16-2005]

sup yo i no like everything about Franklin
tivo, im sk8er [12-16-2005]

i though it gave me a little bit of info on ben franklin ......it was really good though he really looks like ben....great web page! thx for the info
emily hguhey, 14 [12-16-2005]

Benjamin Franklin was a wonderful person.
Riley, 12 [12-16-2005]

I wish you would have some DAR info. I guess it ok
Ariel Hundstad, 12 brokenbow [12-16-2005]

ben franklin was a cool dude
Jenna ambrosius [12-16-2005]

saul, 15 [12-16-2005]

I would like to say that ben franklin was a great guy for what he did for us in the unted states of america so be think full for what ben franklin did for us
suzydunklee, elktonmi [12-16-2005]

Fantastic man!
Mattias Johansson, perstorp gymnasium [12-16-2005]

I am an algebra teacher who creates bulletin boards for the entire school. We will use this information to make a "happy birthday Ben" bulletin board. Thank you
paula rager, spruce creek high school teacher [12-07-2005]

Katelyn, 11, [12-07-2005]

pretty cool
george, no [12-07-2005]

kayla jo W., 13 pampa [12-07-2005]

I think benjamin is so overrated in U.S history. I think he was a simple amercian like all the others. I hate when i read writers that hype him (Franklin). The person you suppose to hype and deserve all the attention is Patrick Henry.
Imaan Ahmed, 19yrs old, Alex, Va [12-07-2005]

thank you you know im doing a biography on you
jazmin [12-07-2005]

how did ben franklin invent the stove
Courtney, stove [12-07-2005]

Great web site! I shared it with my students prior to our week long trip to Philadelpia.
Sandy Capuano, Scarsdale, New York [12-07-2005]

i think ben franklin is a great inventer and im injoying doing a project on him
zack williams, rutland VT [12-07-2005]

ben is cool
brad [12-07-2005]

The story is okay I kand of like it but put some more fun cool things that kids like me actually want to read.
Kelsey Goen, 12,Las Vegas,NV 89156 [12-07-2005]

ben, you really are the greatest scientist ever to lived
Katie, huddersfield [12-07-2005]

Goole was the best website for me to get imformation about ben
Connor [12-07-2005]

Kendrick [12-07-2005]

wonderfull site!
Tyler [12-07-2005]

Chamri Robles, 14. Walhalla Sc 29691 [12-07-2005]

this site is excellent for reports.
j [12-07-2005]

i think ben is the coolest history guy of all!
hi, hi [12-07-2005]

I am a Social Studies teacher who is always interested in Franklin.
Pauline Krull [12-07-2005]

Ralph Archbold presents a wonderful portrait of an electric Franklin.
E Philip Krider [12-07-2005]

i like this site, you have done a great job. it is helpful in many situations
Ashley, Independence [12-07-2005]

Ilove your site!
Abigail [12-07-2005]

this is a very educational web site about ben
nicole hubber, 10 [12-07-2005]

This is a good site. I like the content. I think it will help me on my report on him. If you have any suggestions on where I should look (BESIDES here) please e-mail them to me.
Troy Haas, 10, Jacksonville [12-07-2005]

I love Ben Franklin, I think that he is a complete genius and no man other then Alber Einstein measures up to his amount of knowledge.
Braylon [12-07-2005]

I love history and Ben Franklin was a great and interesting figure in our US history and I practically like the Silence Dogood.
Christine, 41, Live in Kansas City, MO and I have done some historial traveling through the years. [12-07-2005]

I want to know when was your first invention.
Ana Irma Coronado, age 11 /tucson az/ [12-07-2005]

ben was a good man he helped people when he opened the library and ivented I am doing a essay 300 to600 words for money I don't care about the money as long as I am writing about you I want to be like ben when I am older
demetsia, 11 little falls [12-07-2005]

i think your gat
JOSHUA BALLADARES, 33033 [12-05-2005]

I think that Ben Franklin was a great guy and is a good person to look back on and see how great our Country was.
Kristina Matchey, 13/Lewiston,ID [12-05-2005]

I teach 5th grade and love enlightening my students every year about this Colonial Super Star!
Jan K. [12-05-2005]

Very detailed and informative and detailed. My 8yr. old was able to put a very good school report together. thank you for your assistance. LP
Linda Prince [12-05-2005]

lisa, 13 and no [12-05-2005]

Ben Franklin was a great multi-talented man who accommplished many things in his lifetime
Bethany Kelley, age 13 [12-05-2005]

Great site! I've read several biographies and was looking for more. I want my 5th grade class to use your site as we prepare & celebrate his 300th. Many thanks!
Dr. John, East Aurora, NY [12-05-2005]

Ben Franklin was amazing! I think this website tells a lot about him.This website page gives a lot of imformation about Franklin.It highlights the important things about him and his lifetime.To top it all this is a great website!
Rebecca Gilliam, age:11; [12-05-2005]

Walter, 13/centreville [12-05-2005]

This web site is very helpfull thank you so much I was having such troubles trying to find what i colud put and this helped me a lot
RACHEL, 14,oakfiled.ga [12-05-2005]

this was cool........I think so any ways.........he is dead.....that is what I found out........bye
mill, nothing [12-05-2005]

sir.franklin was a verry intekigent man and if he didn't do all thoes rxperiments just think we might not have heat glasses (exc.)
katie mccoy, im 14 i live in MO [12-05-2005]

go ben! yeah!
CODY, 13 [12-05-2005]

I'm doing my science report on Ben Franklin because he invented electricity.
Michelle [12-05-2005]

you are so cool.
kiah, 11 [12-05-2005]

Ty Reeves, Griffin Georgia [12-05-2005]

i think ben was a very bright person
Keyanna, 16 Baton Rouge [12-05-2005]

billy turner [12-05-2005]

billy turner da g [12-05-2005]

batty [12-05-2005]

Franklin was so cool!
Mark Z, 26, Hartford CT USA [12-05-2005]

this is sooooo helpful wtih my report. thanx!
alexandria [12-05-2005]

Jojo, 14 years old, grade 9, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada [12-05-2005]

he did so much to the world it was hard to find out what i should write and what not to write! LOL!
ashley, 13 years old,lives in st.ann MO [12-05-2005]

i h8 ben f. his life was boring and we shouldnt have to do a report on him...no offense to this site, its great...
Molly [12-05-2005]

Love [12-05-2005]

I look at Ben Franklin as my hero. He's really a good role model. This website is informative and very easy to use. Bravo!
Gage Ratkay, age: 13 [12-05-2005]

benjamin franklin is so cool we are doing a essy
devon, 10 almost 11 [12-05-2005]

fools [12-05-2005]

this is a great site for me because im writing an essay for a contest & this site helped out a bunch!
zacarri holmes, 13 years old [12-05-2005]

this is a really good web site i like everythig you have done! benfranklin is a really good person
anonymous [12-05-2005]

He was more than a revolutionary!
Stormie Shadix, 14 [12-05-2005]

he discovered electric he did not invent it
bongchild [12-05-2005]

this site is ofthe hezy my nezy
dennis zimmerman [12-05-2005]

Ben is a awesome man he did a lot!ha ha
chasity, nope [12-05-2005]

i love this website it rocks!
Jasmine, 13 [12-05-2005]

this is a cool website
rayann clutts [12-05-2005]

wonderful site
Taylor, jackson, SC [12-05-2005]

wonderful site
Beth, jackson, SC [12-05-2005]

rabbi robbe rosen, teacher for 40 years/US History [12-05-2005]

Jose, dover, NH [12-05-2005]

i really love this thing
micah redenius, 14 [12-05-2005]

Ben Franklin seems so great that untill today I thought he had been a president! Thanks for your services
Albert Norway, Fort Washington, MD, 65yrs old [12-05-2005]

I liked it a lot
mr [12-05-2005]

Leidy, 13 Houson, Texas 77039 [12-05-2005]

Ben Franklin is so cool. if he wasn't here I would be so bored. I love electricity. THANK U BEN!
EG [12-05-2005]

I think your website is wonderful. It gave me tons of info.
Krystal [12-05-2005]

Thank you Mr. Franklin, life would have been a nightmare if we didn't have the electricity we now have today. If it were not for you, we'd still have been wondering about in the dark!
Uknown [12-05-2005]

i am post to be writting a essysa at school and i have to be finshed by tomarrow i go to school at mt.vernon in the northhall part.i had a sister that passed away.her name was kinsley
kalyn howard, i am ten years old [12-05-2005]

I like to have fun with some people
shandreal Scypion [12-05-2005]

hanna, 56 [12-05-2005]

AUTUMN FISHER [12-05-2005]

UR site is ttly oldschool ! it needs family guy Seth bone
Seth Bone [12-05-2005]

Michael Keith [12-05-2005]

i like your web site your games are fun you are cool and so is your web site i love science
megan gillam [12-05-2005]

He was an amazing person
Dani, age 17 [12-05-2005]

he waz cool...
anonymous [12-05-2005]

great guy so intrestin thanks for all the help
anonymous [12-05-2005]

good ben
katie lewis, ga [12-05-2005]

Ben thank you for inventing electricity. if you didn't I couldn't live. Glamor Girl1 & Glamor Girl 2
Brianna Carpenter, age-12 city-North Augusta BFF- Kimberly Barnes age-11 [12-05-2005]

I am doing a report on Ben Franklin and before I started I didnt think it was gonna be fun or interesting,but not that I started I would love to learn more about Ben Franklin.Will you send me some more information about him.PLEASE!???????
Andalyn Dugan, 12,Steubenville,Ohio [12-05-2005]

Bobby Ann, 14, Florida [12-05-2005]

what is great about him
chasity, none of your business [12-05-2005]

I can't wait for the exibition to come to Houston!
Margie O'Neill, Baytown, TX [12-05-2005]

Nice description. Could use more detail, oeverallo, wonderful
Kendra Hamilton, 13, Griffin Ga [12-05-2005]

brittany, sturgis mi 49091 [12-05-2005]

you should have something about his other inventions.
Ann oLark, 101 [12-05-2005]

yeah this sure does give a lot of info!
Kori johnson, n/a [12-05-2005]

A Good site with great information. I wish i had to do a report on him instead of what io have to do it would be easier.
B. Carey, Age:16 [12-05-2005]

i love teresa
john hancoke [12-05-2005]

I love Ben Franklin
Dylan, 8 [12-05-2005]

i have taken an interest in benjamin franklin and i love how he thought and how he went about himself i would like to know more about him would you please send me things about him and the revolutionary war? please and thank you
erica gosnell, 14 sturgis michigan [12-05-2005]

Benjamin Franklin was a great man with many talents.He made many great inventions like the Franklin stove And lightning rod that protected houses from electriceties.Even thow I'm only ten years old I know a lot about our founding father Ben Franklin.
Ivan Mendoza [12-05-2005]

i like this website!
Ahbassi McGowan, im 13 [12-05-2005]

i really want to know more about you because i am doing a project on you
jorge, 10,newark [12-05-2005]

Thanks for all the info. It was very informative. Ben Franklin was truly a man who as his saying goes, wrote things worth reading and did things worth writing.
Brian Richardson, 13 yrs old, Texas [12-05-2005]

I was in doubt but now i am free.
lucy [12-05-2005]

he was a good man to me .he helped us to see at night
anonymous [12-05-2005]

I love this website!
Candie [12-05-2005]

I think that Benjamin Franklin was a genious and he really loved his country and all the people in it. He was a true american.
Stepahanie, Puerto Rico [12-05-2005]

i dont have any... it just said sign our guest book... so i did
Kimberlie, yo [12-05-2005]

This website helped my daughter do her Social Studies Report. thank you for all the information you have given us.
Jana Bastable, Kingsland, GA [12-05-2005]

thank you we need this four school. age 7 years
Rosemarie Webb Grace [12-05-2005]

Thank you for all of your resources! You make writing an essay a lot easier!
Jacob, Silver Spring, MD [12-05-2005]

Typing a repor, useful info. Thanx
Ashlyn, tx [12-05-2005]

Marialicia [12-05-2005]

Im in love with history! I want to be a mager in history! i would like to learn more about ben! Please give me clues to slove! thanks!
Megan, Age 12 [12-05-2005]

when was bifocals invented?
Rylee Smith, 14 years old [12-05-2005]

it was kewl
me [12-05-2005]

i love fanoo
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Cristi, usa [12-05-2005]

He did to much its so had to chose what to write in my report. Lol
ian, 13 years old [11-23-2005]

Theresa Ptka [11-23-2005]

Ben is the most amazing person in history and no one can live up to him.
Samantha, nh [11-23-2005]

justin chrisman [11-23-2005]

i love "a countryman in between to lawers is like a fish between two cats" and im doin a report on ben i need as much info as passible please help thanks
alex\ wilkinson, 10 [11-23-2005]

Have to do an essay on Benjamin Franklin for an essay.
Jojo, 14 years old-9th grade, Toronto,Ontario,Canada [11-23-2005]

Terri Dance, USA Homeschool-Pleiades [11-23-2005]

Our school is anticipating Ben's 300th w/monthly mini lessons in all subject areas. Students think he's awesome!
Sister Mary Boyer, Art teacher, Wyncote [11-23-2005]

I Love the Report you had on Benjamin Franklin because it help doing my School Report For science class. Thank You
Ashley, Hollywood FL [11-23-2005]

I picked Mr Franklin to do an essay on because he is so interesting.
Preston Dunagan, 10 years old- 5th grade [11-21-2005]

I am typing a paper on him right now... Ben has put me through a good bit of stress.lol BEN ROCKS!
Garrett, Atlanta, GA [11-21-2005]

ok i think ben franklin was a really cool guy and all but really he is in the past who cares now really who does he is dead now.ok so he made some good things in life but we got wayy smarter guys to make new things now we dont need him anymore
ben vitti, 12 etc. etc. etc. [11-21-2005]

I like this site. It helped me a lot on my report on Ben Franklin. Thanks!
Kaitlyn Neely, I am 12 years old. I live in Gerrardstown WV,25420. [11-21-2005]

i think he was and still is a great man.i thank him for printing because i print out everything.
emerald hickson, 10 years old jacksonville florida [11-21-2005]

Ariel Hundstad [11-21-2005]

Great man,imaginative creator.THX to him I learned lot about USA history as well as other things conneceted with a daily life:) greets from poland
agnes, 26,warsaw,poland [11-21-2005]

omg ben franklin is like my life! like oh em gee! like i dont know what i would do if he was dead! that would be like horrible like oh em gee! luv u all xoxoxo~*Laura*~xoxoxoxo
Laura [11-21-2005]

shanmathi, 10- malvern [11-21-2005]

shanmathi, 10- malvern [11-21-2005]

Steven Avery Poston, 14,Walhalla,Love sports [11-21-2005]

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Easton Smith [11-21-2005]

Great site! Thanks for all the HELP!
Vero Beach HighSchool [11-21-2005]

It was good
John E Smith, 13 [11-21-2005]

ben frankiln.... what a wierd dude..... but smart i must say
ally [11-21-2005]

I love you Ben! Even thouh i am English i still like you! You are my favorit history person! How many syblings do you realy have? This web. has a lot of interesting info and pictures. Love ya!
morgan T., 9 years, Elk Grove [11-21-2005]

Thanks it helped me with my homework.
Brittany Yurick, 10 yrs. [11-21-2005]

thank you for helping me with ben franklin. but i need more information.
DeBorah, Brunswick,GA [11-21-2005]

Everytime I get disgusted with the so called political leaders of today I think about great americans like Ben Franklin. He warned us we would be faced with corrupt and dishonest leaders. He also gave us hope to know it's our duty as americans to get rid of these crooks and save our human rights under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The spirit of Benjamin Franklin lives on! Go get 'em Ben!
Kevin, Dear americans. Let's stop fighting each other and fight for the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Down with the patriot act! [11-21-2005]

i think you do good
markie gooch, 8 [11-21-2005]

ben is the best. i love him so much. everytime we get to do a project on our "heros" i pick ol benny. cause i have a lot of love for him. i <3 benny
courtney hellums, i'm 16 and i live in pilot point, tx [11-21-2005]

I think Ben is realy interesting. I am fassinated and upsest with Ben.
Morgan Loxley, 9 years- Elk Grove [11-21-2005]

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Kelsey Ready, 16 .. i LIve in pilot point Tx [11-21-2005]

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Brian Green, 13, Tullahoma,TN [11-21-2005]

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Michelle [11-21-2005]

I think ben was a remarkable man. I am writing a 1000 word report on him, and this website helps.
Bree [11-21-2005]

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maranda purdy, 17 newton texas [11-21-2005]

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kam+liz [11-21-2005]

i love this site it has so many cool thing about ben franklin
trinity, i am 11 years old [11-21-2005]

I think Benjamin Franklin had an important controbution to the 13 colonies, but made a better and bigger impact on ours. He was a scientist, inventor, and most importantly, a thinker.
Kelly, 13 [11-21-2005]

Page Woodward [11-21-2005]

micheal stevens [11-21-2005]

i like ben
miranda, 11/ ava [11-21-2005]

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Kelly Sokora, i'm 15 and i live in pilot point [11-21-2005]

Is's a great site! Keep it up!
Logan, Page, ND [11-21-2005]

meghan mulvany [11-21-2005]

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alicia clark, 12 cairbou ME [11-21-2005]

Brittney Becker [11-21-2005]

I'm doing a project on Ben, and I got the wrong info.,(which was a lot) so I had to rip it up. This site gave me some good information. Thanks!
Caleb McMahen [11-21-2005]

Alayna, I'm 11yrs old. [11-21-2005]

Benjamin Franklin was a great man as everyone knows. He has done some of the best things any one could ever think of doing. Many people don't believe me but my father said that Ben is my fifth great uncle.
Tori [11-21-2005]

this sicht helped me do an assignment in u.s. history. thanks to this sight i was able to find the things that i needed. thank you for making this sight!
shancie miller [11-21-2005]

I like your website its cool and has good information
Benette Morales Diaz, 18, Earlimart California [11-21-2005]

benjamen franklin was a bad man. he was an idiot! everything he did was corrupt! im glad he is dead. he was an awful man
cecily, denver [11-21-2005]

there is not a date when he made the fire dep. or biofocle andexc.
Caroline Cason, n/a [11-21-2005]

cassie, 12 years [11-21-2005]

he is a nice fellow and he did lots of stuff
jasmine montgomery [11-21-2005]

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dude [11-21-2005]

not helping me w/ this essay that's due Friday! grrrr.
Courtney, 13 [11-21-2005]

I am doing a reporton him.
Kaitlyn Stembereger, age:10 [11-21-2005]

Russell, I am 12 I live in Aldan PA and I am in the 7th grade [11-21-2005]

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tyler ledet, age 95 alexzandria [11-21-2005]

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Amanda, age- 12/ city- Martinsburg [11-21-2005]

i think meeting ben would be relly greatand see what he was like
jamie, i have a dog [11-21-2005]

Brandon Doody [11-21-2005]

i thought that ben franklin is a very interesting guy
Corley [11-21-2005]

hi i want to know more about you like your culture
Michelle Braddy [11-21-2005]

I like this website. its very informational.
Katie Benton, 14/Georgia [11-21-2005]

i think that he was a great person and there need to be more people like him.
makenzie ginn, 13 and learning about him in american history class [11-21-2005]

melanie [11-21-2005]

i really think benjamin franklin wa svery interesting and i think he probanly really chanmged the world a lot and i wish he was still alive because then i could meet him and for school i am doing a porject on him and i think you should put a little bit more about him that a teacher would ask you to find about him!e-mail sometime i hope to talk to u about benjamin franklin i want to no your thoughts!thanx
Apriil Penn, great thing sabout him [11-21-2005]

marella, az [11-21-2005]

I think that Benjamin Franklin is the greatest person who has evered lived and I know hes in heaven
Cody Anhalt, springfield,OH age 13 [11-21-2005]

This was a great website if you have a biography on Ben franklin due the next day this is a great source to use.
Breanna, 15 [11-21-2005]

This website was a lot of fun and helped me out with my assignment at school
morgan truman, Hooper,UT [11-21-2005]

im writing a pare for schoolmon Benjmin franklin and i just wanted to let yall know yalls website has helped me out a lot
Courtney [11-21-2005]

The fun and games page was really fun and exciting. I learned a lot on this web site and wasn't bored with it. It is really great!
Makenzie Maughan [11-21-2005]

Benjaamin franklim was an amazing guy. He figured out so many things that we still use today. He must of done something right to have his picture on the $100 bill.
Alex Craft, 14, Hooper, UT [11-21-2005]

i love ben franklin!
mallory [11-21-2005]

I Think Benjaman Franklin was a GREAT man in his time! Without his inventions our world today would definatly not be the same!
Crystal Dearing, Age:13 [11-21-2005]

Jordan [11-21-2005]

i like looking up stuff on ben franklin but there isnt really that much on him on the internet and not being mean or anything but we are doing a research paper on ben franklin and we cant find anything. please put more info. on ben franklin on the internet. sincerly yours, allie
allie cronk, 14 years old, live in abbeville GA. [11-21-2005]

I think if it wasn't for Franklin, we'd still be living by candlelight!
Anonymous [11-21-2005]

Samantha [11-21-2005]

Good guy
Pitbull, 15,Ocala, Florida [11-21-2005]

i dont like this website at all
Sandy, 76 [11-21-2005]

a page with basic facts about ben franklin would help.
Kathleen [11-21-2005]

this is an awesome site i can really use this information thanks
heather knight [11-21-2005]

I think Benjamin had a kind heart to do the things he did for others. I don't know if it was because he thought that he would get treated equally in return or what. But i do know i wish most people cared as much as he did. I thank him for what he has gaven me and when i go into college i will know that i am able to use the technology we use today all becuase of Benjamin Franklin. Therefore people should be proud of there life today because tomorrow it might not be as great.So live your life with happiness and when things go wrong depend on GOD. Also remember that people in this world help you get ot where you are today!
Dezy, 13 [11-21-2005]

albert, 10 [11-21-2005]

Nice Website
Rebecca, usa [11-21-2005]

I think that Ben Franklin was a great part of American History. Ben was a great leading father for the world. All over people are learning about what he did to help us out in every way that he could.
morgan garrison, 13 8th grade [11-21-2005]

i think that he is a great american.
anonymous [11-21-2005]

I need to do a 300-600 word essay on the DAUGHTERS OF THE REVOLUTION. I really needed help, and I got it from this website. THANKS!
Alexa [11-21-2005]

Benjamin Franklin was the first foreigner ever honoured by a British postage stamp (the second was Mahatma Gandhi) Two wonderful men of the best of positive human understanding
Rev Kit Widdows, Newcastle upon Tyne UK [11-21-2005]

how do u write a bibliography
Pog Monk [11-21-2005]

cindy [11-21-2005]

Mikey Farrell, age:12 city:McComb,Mississippi [11-21-2005]

i am studind about himben
liney, newjersy [11-21-2005]

I'm German and I like this page very much! I hope my English is not too bad: )
petra [11-21-2005]

My class is writing about you and I only know eight things about you and I need ten.
Britney Hatfield, 11 Hedgesville [11-21-2005]

Ithink the man Benjamin Franklin he was a great man of his days and forever,congratulation.
MSOSSY FRED, electrician [11-21-2005]

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john [11-21-2005]

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Lorin [11-21-2005]

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anonymous [11-21-2005]

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ashley, no way [11-21-2005]

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courtney [11-21-2005]

did more than i thought he did at first(I'm doing a research essay on him in celebration of his 300th birthday
JDP, Pennsylvania [11-21-2005]

ami hall, 10 years mabank tx. [11-21-2005]

i was looking on the internet for some info to juse in my report about Benjamin Franklin. I came to this site and i found that i helped me me write my intire report. I would like to thank you for taking the time to make this site so that people, like me, could get this info quickly and in a way that i could understand. thanks!
chris, 14 [11-21-2005]

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Laurena [11-21-2005]

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jordan adlof, 10,sherman [11-21-2005]

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dakota hunter, 10,sherman, [11-21-2005]

I enjoyed studying about Franklin, and never hesitate to have my students study about him.
Cayetana Maristela, I am an ELL (ESL) elementary teacher in Kansas City, MO. [11-21-2005]

hi! im doing a 600-1,000 word book report on Ben Franklin. Any tips?
heather [11-21-2005]

Jesse Folsom [11-21-2005]

Mr. Hanky [11-21-2005]

it's 11:44 and im stayin up to do the 600-1000 word essay due tommorow like katherine said
Dan the man [11-21-2005]

Danny Phantom, im a ghost [11-21-2005]

I think Ben is a big inspuration to me.
Brittney, 14,Florida [11-21-2005]

Ilike history and art
nicole smith, 9years old [11-21-2005]

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B. Hghty, noway i not tellin [11-21-2005]

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kieth michael [11-21-2005]

I love Benjamin Franklin
Sandra [11-16-2005]

ben franklin was a great american he helped mold this awsome nation into waht it is today
alex [11-16-2005]

i thought the sigt was very interesting
ryan cleveland, 13 [11-16-2005]

I like Ben Franklin
Anne, 991/2 [11-16-2005]

Jessica Wolfe [11-16-2005]

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parishe sullivan, 11 years old [11-16-2005]

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NICOLE HUGHES, 11 tuscaloosa,al [11-16-2005]

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parishe sullivan, 11 years old [11-16-2005]

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Amanda, 13 [11-16-2005]

In the year 2000, probably in December, I had a dream about Benjamin Franklin. That my grandfather(in the dream) was telling me that he carried out a SURVEY for Banjamin Franklin Foundation for which he should get an amount of Taka 29,000/= Eversince i was always interested to learn as much as possible about this great soul. I still could not make anything out of that DREAM. while, I am still eager to know what it meant. For, I am/was not even much aware about B.Franklin unless I dreamt that dream. Sohail Choudhury
Sohail Choudhury, Bangladesh. [11-16-2005]

ok the porject i am doing is easy wit this site BUT the qutes i have to find are not in here so u should put in every qute DUHHH
ben vitti [11-16-2005]

I came to this site, because I have to do an essay on Ben. It helped, along with other sites. Thanks!
Courtney, age: 13 [11-16-2005]

Grrr. this stupid essay is due Friday and I just now started. Maybe this place will help.
Courtney, age:13 [11-16-2005]

once i had a dream about ben franklin....
C, 13 [11-16-2005]

was he gay or was he strate
tyler, 10yrs eliot 03903 [11-16-2005]

Savannah, none [11-16-2005]

I want it about Ben Franklin
Brianna, 20 [11-16-2005]

i think he's a cool guy. He really helped the world.
jennifer, chicago [11-16-2005]

I'm from Dublin Georgia and i got to Trinity Christian School. We have to do a state-wide report on Ben and this site help get my first and part of my second paragraph. Thanks a lot.
Alex [11-09-2005]

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Alex [11-09-2005]

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Becky Jincks, Eight grade English teacher, Albany, Missouri [11-09-2005]

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brittney [11-09-2005]

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Cassondra, fayette mo [11-09-2005]

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chaleycia davis, 10,brunswick,GA [11-09-2005]

jorge [11-09-2005]

i think he was perety kewl is was ok i guess in some ways but i dont wont to write about him like 600-to 1,000 words..
katherine [11-09-2005]

It was a cool website and has a lot of information for my report on him. I like this place to go to. I might come back if I need to know some thing about him.By-Bye!
Ty Wilson [11-09-2005]

I think ben shoud get a award on his tomb stone.
samnadler [11-09-2005]

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Alex Tabor, 10 years old,live in Bristol,VA [11-09-2005]

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kimberly singleton, 12yrs old [11-09-2005]

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Joe Cobb, 13, marengo [11-09-2005]

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Suzanne, 19...Nikiski, AK [11-09-2005]

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Bekezhan Nurkhaidarov, Dillon,Mt [11-09-2005]

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alyssa [11-09-2005]

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martha, 10 [11-09-2005]

samantha [11-09-2005]

i think this site is stupid and needs more info
anonymous [11-09-2005]

The 21st century man needs to live up to the morality of Ben Franklin.
George Haller, Mt Airy, Maryland [11-09-2005]

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Parker Demko, 16 Tuscon father of 2 kids [11-09-2005]

It was a really goos source of information and I loved the picture Thanks for all your help!
Ryan Baker, 14 Barnesville Ohio [11-09-2005]

Dude ben thnks for inventing electricity i would die if i couldnt listen to music
Cody Barker, 12,creston [11-09-2005]

Sara Woodrow, age 12 [11-09-2005]

Heyy, Whats up baby?Im just seeing how the kit is going so it looks ok to me! Your the best! <3 ya
Becky Wilson [11-09-2005]

I think he is really cool.....,,, @ my school we are researching a report on him,,,,, RIGHT NOW!
Chelsea [11-09-2005]

Steven Boatright, 13, Sandersville, GA [11-09-2005]

I think that Ben did a lot. And was known world wide.And i think that he was a great man.
Stormi, i'm 13, in 8th grade, and is learning about the american revolution, and i live in Las Cruces New Mexico [11-09-2005]

By the way, it's a really good source.
Matt [11-09-2005]

It would be better for the bibliography if you added a name for the author, as in the person who actually wrote it.
Matt [11-09-2005]

robert, 13,ga [11-09-2005]

dylan prince, 14 male montpelier, IN i lov basketball and i want to be just like benny boi [11-09-2005]

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Stacey Her, age-9 city-californa [11-09-2005]

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Lizzie Kwok [11-09-2005]

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billy smith [11-09-2005]

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kim, 11&rayond,miss [11-09-2005]

kim, 11 [11-09-2005]

This site rocks my freakin socks! I got an A+ in History so now I got a GPA of 4.14! This site is unbelievable.
Nicole Stanowski, 13, Sonoma,California....YA BABY! [11-09-2005]

please put more stuff about his contributions to america
natalie [11-09-2005]

i'am in 6th grade and i'am writing a essay abuot you and i need to know some- thing about you .
JANESSA, stilwell [11-09-2005]

i am doing a project for school, this man is a really neat person
mercedes perkins, 9 [11-09-2005]

I think it is really cool because it is about our home states hisory and I love history day or night.
Samantha Vaughan, age 9, Rolla Mo. 65401 [11-09-2005]

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janessa jordan, stilwell [11-09-2005]

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Chaney Uhles, Fort Worth TX.:) [11-09-2005]

I am doing a report on Benjamin Franklin at my school. I have to dress up like him.
Emily, age 7 [11-09-2005]

I Derly Love this website it truly do.It s brillnint to think of this website. I love learning about this wounderful man. I will come back to this website evryday of my life.
billy Savege, 22,burnet, [11-09-2005]

Hayley Scoggins, 8th Grade [11-09-2005]

elvis, 19,taunton,ma [11-09-2005]

He is werid. I have to do a project on him. I hate it but, I like learning about him
becca [11-09-2005]

this is a good website on ben franklin
tori, spring hill,tn [11-09-2005]

this is a great web site for me to find reserch on Ben for the DAR essay contest
emily weisgerber, none [11-09-2005]

destiny [11-09-2005]

Benjamin Franklin sounds like a really cool person. But I'm wondering,did he ever become a poet.
Kastle, I am 13 and I live in Everett. [11-09-2005]

Ben Franklin was a great invintor
some one, 12 [11-09-2005]

go ben
kallie clarkson [11-09-2005]

julie [11-09-2005]

michael [11-09-2005]

i all like ben franklin ever seents i was little gril i now a lot about him and would like to know moor about
lana jones, iam 18years old [11-09-2005]

i was born on december 7,1994 a have a brother in tha army as we speak
Britany, victorville [11-09-2005]

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kristina [11-09-2005]

i really think these pages on benjamen franklin are really good and i had to do a report on him and i thought that he was a great man and i read his books and they were really good and he is an intresting man i would like to try to invent and do some of the cool things he did well i go to newton county middle school and yall should come speak about him i think
KELSIE MANN, im 13 i live in hickory [11-09-2005]

he was a man of many talets
Casey Sanders, 12 years of age [11-09-2005]

I think you site is off the heezy. totally awesome. i think ben franklin is a total hottie. anyways keep up the good work!
Tina Jadalope, age 86 [11-09-2005]

brittany [11-09-2005]

this site has everything you need to know
austin scott [11-09-2005]

Benjamin Franklin was a very boring person! Yall need to gat a life!
Allison Smith, 14;North Augusta, SC [11-09-2005]

this is a cool site.
kevin, 18 [11-09-2005]

benji frankie, your the best!
chelsea shiery [11-09-2005]

byron, 13 [11-09-2005]

It is fun to see all the education for me and kids at school go to google to learn about benjamin franklin.
Geoffrey, 12years statesboro [11-09-2005]

this was very helpful for my school project. thank you
amber mcglasson, age 11, chandlerville, il [11-09-2005]

hello, i'm heather and i have to do a essay on ben franklin and it has to be more than 300 word wow!
heather [11-09-2005]

this is part of my research project and it is pretty hard cause i have to do research on benjamin and how he found out about electricity
Tamara James, iam17and i live in chemainus,bc [11-09-2005]

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jay, 14,harlingen tx,and 78550 [11-09-2005]

I think Ben Franklin is also a founding father and he rocks!
Sofia Soto Sugar [11-09-2005]

ben franklin is hot!
taylor [11-09-2005]

Hey everyone i thought it was a great site well iwill be back on this l8er bye!
Caleb*Floyd* [11-09-2005]

I've been doing a report on Benjamin Franklin. I've found a lot of info here!
Andrew, I'm 12 years old [11-09-2005]

i love you!
Whitney, 14 [11-09-2005]

benjamin was an overachiver and just like my friend nolan. ben made america what it is today! nolan plays a big part at edgewood jr sr high in brevard county fl. he brings joy to the faculty and class and makes it all beter
bich nguyen [11-09-2005]

Franklin is an example of why we should never discourage free thinking.
ed casswell, 59 [11-09-2005]

samuel smith, 21 Folkston,GA [11-09-2005]

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Becca [11-09-2005]

serene smith, 14 [11-09-2005]

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Benjamen Nushmut, 356 [11-09-2005]

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I had to do a D.A.R.E essay for school. The topic was Benjamin Franklin more than a revolutionary. I never knew how much Ben had an impact on our country today! He is defenitly one of the most resepcted Americans that ever lived. Now he is most certanly one of my role models!
Allyson, 11 [11-08-2005]

Ashley [11-08-2005]

I am a Kamehameha Schools student and am a freshman. I am of Hawaiian Ancestry and do live in Hawaii. I am doing a research project on Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison. I must research the similarities and differences. I must say that before i started this research project, I really didn't care about the scientists' and inventors before me. I realize now that Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin are both wise intellects and appreciate their inventions and what they did to make our lives better and more efiicient. =alissa=
Alissa, age: 14 city and state: Keaau, Hawaii [11-08-2005]

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Deanna, younger than 30 [11-08-2005]

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Sarah, 12 [11-08-2005]

Franklin was an inspiration for our era. He helped put "free" in freedom in so many ways (speech, thought, purpose). He may have been the most valuable American resource of the first 200+ years of our being. Great work on this site. He deserves a daily shrine by all.
Charles Baker [11-08-2005]

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Tierra, 13 Aiken S.C [11-08-2005]

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Pam Vinson, 33 years old, Maury, NC [10-28-2005]

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kayla [10-28-2005]

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lauren [10-28-2005]

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Kate, nyc [10-27-2005]

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Alex Feagley, Amsterdam [10-27-2005]

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Hey! Thanks for all the great info here! I'm doing a report on him and this place is where i got most of my information! I didnt really know that Ben was that funny (from qoutes) i thought everyone back then was so strict and serious. I really like the qoute: Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. I think that is hilarous! Anyways thanks so much for this site! Its super awesome!
Stephanie Simpson, Age-14 [10-27-2005]

i'm related to him, and thought it be nice to know who my great (x5) granddaddy was lke. pretty fascinating! isn't it...:P
Sugarcube22, 13 [10-27-2005]

i think you should have sections where yo zone in on him being certain things:inventor, poet, etc.
brittany [10-27-2005]

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Bob Johnson, 22, Philadelphia [10-27-2005]

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John Franklin, 47 years of age [10-11-2005]

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TYLER ROBINSON, you are cool [10-11-2005]

shawn [10-11-2005]

A.J. Sanders [10-11-2005]

blake [10-11-2005]

Thanks for the help!
wade [10-11-2005]

Holly [10-11-2005]

nicole [10-11-2005]

i enjoyed ur benjamin franklin biography i did this because i had to do a project.
ramsey gonzales, 13 corpus christi texas [10-11-2005]

Ben Franklin is awesome! He is really smart. I'm doing a DAR essay on him.
Rebekah, 10yearsold Milledgeville,GA [10-11-2005]

i need a lot of info on benjiamin franklin. have 1000 word essay due
harvdawg, 12 almost 13 fairbanks [10-11-2005]

its ok butt itsboring history games are goood
robert, 11 [10-11-2005]

I thought this page was and still cooooooooooolllllllllll
shaihede-faulkner [10-11-2005]

Yo I'm Courtni, im sitting here online at my schools computer filling in some questionare about Benjamin Franklin....i saw something that said guestbook and thought i'd drop a line...well i better get back to work~~~Chao!
Courtni Knight, i live in Indianapolis Indiana, and im 14 years old [10-11-2005]

This really helped me for my history project. Thanx.
Tessa, 14, Freedom, WI, Freedom High School [10-11-2005]

I thought that ben franklin was cool and I read a book about him and learned so much about him so keep up the good work that yall people has to share about him.great job.
Janice, none [10-11-2005]

chris reynolds, 14 [10-11-2005]

I respect franklin very much
Sun chunling [10-11-2005]

good to have information about franklin.i have to do my assgiment ion mechanic and wave
rashidi, University Putra Malaysia [10-11-2005]

Ben Franklin was so smart and totally tight!
Cassi Gioieni, sweet 16! [10-11-2005]

I like it
cody, 13 Allendale- [10-06-2005]

I think he was a great man. HE expiramented with the unknown with no fear of what was to come. This page discribed him very well, in a deep, thoughtful, explanitory way. This page helped me a lot! Thanks!
Carita C., 11, Boca Raton, Florida [10-06-2005]

elle [10-06-2005]

this website is so cool i needed this website for social studies for my DAR and i think i am going to win on my dar about my man benjamin franklin if it wasn't for benjamin franklin then we wouldn't have electricity or light to see with or we couldn't eat unless we go outside and cook in the burning hot sun so i thank benjamin franklin for giving everyone electricity if we didn't have electricity then i might be dead now or i might not be living now because no one wants to wait a long time to eat and it has to be cooked in the bold hot sun and i don't want to get a tan but i still thank benjamin franklin and whoever made this website because it really helped me with my DAR i bet my teacher or principal is going to be very happy with me because i know i am going to win.
anonymous [10-06-2005]

hi i think that you are cool and thank for creataing the prniter and ect.
haley mason, 13 [10-06-2005]

How are you
casey, Im 11 [10-06-2005]

very good sight! i defientely recommend it!
Katherine, 13, lafayette, 8th grade student [10-06-2005]

flippin sweet. helped a lot with the schoolin'
Kara!, 16 [10-06-2005]

I love it that he found out that lighting was dangerous instead of me (just kidding)
Kathryn DuBose, pearland, texas age 13 [10-06-2005]

this web site is cool
vee, fl [10-06-2005]

For many years I have searched for a mortal mentor. Now the search is over and the journey has begun.
Mark A. Stolp Sr., 50yoa, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin [10-06-2005]

Bobby Joe, Pioneer Middle school Walla Walla W.A [10-06-2005]

adwam [10-06-2005]

For many years I have searched for a mortal mentor. Now the search is over and the journey has begun.
Mark A. Stolp Sr., 50yoa, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin [10-06-2005]

charles jeck [10-06-2005]

This site is so amazing it really changed my life. It truly effectd me in a good way. LIfe is so much better now..you all should be so proud that you are changing peoples lives everyday...Keep up the good work.
MElissa, 16 years old...Hockeytown [10-06-2005]

I need information on Benjamin Franklin's inventions where should I go
Ashton Fields, 13 [10-06-2005]

if it wasnt ror frank we wouldent havce a lote of thing that we have now
nikki, 15 [10-06-2005]

bob hed [10-06-2005]

It is cool.
Lexy Miller, Age 10 City Chillhowie [10-06-2005]

jeff [10-06-2005]

julianna [10-06-2005]

salliane, na [10-06-2005]

he is awsome!1
crystal,, 13-cooool [10-06-2005]

gabrielle, 10,bloomfield,nj [10-06-2005]

erika [10-06-2005]

Donica Darland [10-06-2005]

You have a very good siteon Benjamin Franklin.
Rachelle Lively, 14, Urbana, Ohio, 43078 [10-06-2005]

I thought that he Ben was a good man i thought that he would do good in life.
Stephanie Ramirez [10-06-2005]

tat is the stuff
samantha, 12 psl florida [10-06-2005]

I wouldn't of gone to this website, but i had to do my DAR essay. I learned a lot about Ben and got a lot of information for my essay! Thank you so much! P.S. Do you know how to do a bibliography?
Katie Kessinger [10-06-2005]

Lewis Jackson [10-06-2005]

I have an essay that has to be 600 to 1000 words and it is driving me crazy
Patrick [10-06-2005]

edmond m. tagalog [10-06-2005]

you are so cool!you invented so much stuff that were very helpful. i wish i could meet ben franklin because i am cery interested in scince
karen(karry) [10-06-2005]

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Tushar Naik, 38, Dubai [10-06-2005]

Benjamin Franklin was a cool guy because he invented things like the lightening rod, bifocals, and the iron furnace. They made people's life so much easier and safer!
Miranda, 11 years old [10-06-2005]

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