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Your wesite really helped me on a report that I was doind in social studies. It gave me information that was interesting as well as helpful.
Caleb Sarvis, I'm 14, live in SC and am in the 8th grade at Green Sea Floyds [09-30-2005]

devon wheat [09-30-2005]

taylor [09-30-2005]

xavier martinez, s.a. tx 13 years old [09-30-2005]

i think he is soo cool
helga [09-30-2005]

This website is very informative. I'm in love with Benjamin Franklin. He's very good looking
Michael Giacalone, 16, Ur Town Washington [09-30-2005]

ted dodson [09-30-2005]

hey im doing a project right now on BF and your website helped a lot! thanks again
emily, Montpelier, IN [09-30-2005]

When was all of our invichens of year?
dalana gomez, hbv6h j6h6y1000 fvgbtrbr [09-30-2005]

i love learning especialy about history this site is wikid kool! XD ~Sarah Cat AKA Tohru168
Sarah, i am 12 [09-30-2005]

Sarah [09-30-2005]

i came to this site looking for information about Ben Franklin for an essay. But to my dismay... this website had very little to no information on Benjamin Franklin. This site is defintally going on the "no info" list at my school. take that
kaitlin, 13 [09-30-2005]

Thankyou for posting all this accurate info. It has helped me to better understand Ben's life. I was origianally going to scan the page but it captivated me; I found it very interesting. Gratefully
L., 13' brownsville [09-30-2005]

Very good website
joe shorma, 12, Ft.Collins co [09-30-2005]

i think you should put up a page for students. like i'm doing the DAR essay and i'm tring to findd some good info other than his political life.
vanessa, i'm 11 years old [09-30-2005]

wat does it mean he epitomised the internet?
samantha, if i knew i would tell you [09-29-2005]

i love Ben Franklin because what he did for us thanks veryspecail to me also i wanted to say y you are my roadmodle even though you are dead.true LOVE
Rashard, i am twelve i have a sa 600to 1000 words [09-29-2005]

it wasn't really very good you need some more infomatiion with better pictures. i didn't like it very much i got more info off a better website.
laura, 13,australia tasmania,wynyard [09-29-2005]

Good site!
Austin, Im 16 from florida [09-29-2005]

alicia cook, 10yrs old [09-29-2005]

You need to list more about how he helped America
*BrOoKe* [09-29-2005]

A.J. Sanders [09-29-2005]

ahmed [09-29-2005]

this is a great website if your doing a project about ben never knew him personaly but i bet he was a great guy
brianna, 10 albany [09-29-2005]


Nice page.
A.J. Sanders [09-29-2005]

Troy golphin SR [09-29-2005]

his thoughts, ideas and wisdom still live on through this modern society. He provided us with the incentive to follow in his footsteps and make the world better.
matt lucas, 15, calgary [09-29-2005]

This website really helped me on my essay!
Jessica Markovcic, Age:10:City:Sylvania,GA [09-29-2005]

Your site is awsome it helped with my project in school.
anonymous [09-29-2005]

I am in the 5th grade. My class is reading up on Ben Franklin and I found him to be to be interesting.
Dakahrai Adams, 11; Fayetteville, Brentwood Elementary [09-29-2005]

this was cool...it helps a lot with my DAR essay
Danielle Horn, hi people! [09-29-2005]

savannah, im cool [09-29-2005]

Avery [09-29-2005]

lauren Noto [09-29-2005]

Like ben so much
Ethan Belinger, 11 [09-29-2005]

Didn't Ben say something about free press? About how having a printing press (and using it) would help keep the country free?
Lin Daniel [09-29-2005]

He's a genius!
brie [09-29-2005]

Thank you for your valuble infromation! I am so glad I found this site!
Lane Haugen, 13, Chicago [09-29-2005]

Mary-Jane Potts [09-29-2005]

Laura Pell [09-29-2005]

I think he is very cool.
Jessica, I am 13 and i live in Costa Mesa [09-29-2005]

benjamin franklin rocks... cha i dunno check out this website its very educational
deanna, iam 17 years old and i live in buffalo lake alberta canada [09-29-2005]

what a life if we just could be half the man he was
Kiffany McIntyre [09-29-2005]

calyn grandy, 10 buchanan Va [09-29-2005]

get a family tree and get more things for essays because i am doing a DAR on Franklin and i am short 200 words because there is almost nothing about Franklins family.
billy, i am 11 [09-29-2005]

amanda, 14 okc [09-29-2005]

How far we've come from deeds and integrity of our original statesman!
Carol Ryan [09-29-2005]

Very Cool Taylor
Taylor [09-29-2005]

hi i love electricity
carmen [09-29-2005]

how do they get good at this stuff
coral, how do they get good at stuff [09-29-2005]

ana greenberger [09-29-2005]

Tyler [09-29-2005]

Valicia Chigbo, 16,stone mtn ga. [09-29-2005]

sweet site dude it helped a lot
will [09-29-2005]

franklin's discovery helped me write an essay
lauren, 11, tampa [09-29-2005]

Sandy, 41 St.Thomas [09-29-2005]

I loVe U....... ur great lol ok well ttyl bye <3 always saMMy
saMMy, jensen beach Fl.. [09-29-2005]

this is awesome
monteria [09-29-2005]

You guys helped me with a school project on Ben Franklin! Thank you
Kevin Wimer, male [09-29-2005]

dude you are cool
Laurie moss [09-29-2005]

i think you should talk about him being a writer.and i iam writing a essy about him and he sound very smart!
tanaka [09-29-2005]

bruce [09-29-2005]

I thank for making Electrictiy in this world.
Raven Fitzpatrick [09-29-2005]

this is a wonderfoul website for people to come to . but you need alittle bit more stuff.
jade hutton [09-29-2005]

there is some very usefull info. on here but you could use lists of his inventions,writing,and his other 9,000,000,000,000 jobs !
michelle, age:12 city:pirt st lucie [09-29-2005]

I had to do an essay on Ben and I didn't know he was such a well known person!
KaNay Quarles, 13, Chattanooga [09-29-2005]

Terry Marshall, 56 years [09-29-2005]

Kristi [09-29-2005]

benjamin was a good person and he don lotsa things like electricict adn everything and now im going to blather on about ghost.
me [09-29-2005]

go ben
anna [09-29-2005]

jefferson is better
Corey, fawenmgioawg;owgao [09-29-2005]

as the inventor of firefighter
melissa, kparrisk [09-29-2005]

John Rosenberg [09-29-2005]

Hello this is amy murphy,i was her helping my niece chey moore with her homework, and we think that he was a great inventor infact the best,, we love reading about him, thanks so much for your help. sign amy murphy and chey moore.
amy murphy [09-29-2005]

Mr.Franklin is a important part of are history . this link is perfect for studances resrechin info on him
nicole [09-29-2005]

very interesting.
Ariana Barry [09-29-2005]

I have spent many hours exploring the different rooms in your web site.
Martin [09-29-2005]

more info
jak, 24 [09-29-2005]

Thanks for the information, it will be useful for my report!
Liz, 13 [09-29-2005]

ben franklin rocks!
chase [09-29-2005]

I think of Benjamin Franklin as the patron-saint of common sense. Americans of present-day have much to learn from him and we've never needed him more.
Alan Markovitz, Bath, PA [09-29-2005]

I think this is a very good idea and you should send me any information on this internet site. Thank you
Anson Tina, age: 11 born on 11th January 1964 [09-29-2005]

i think benjamen franklin is sexy with your eyes crossed 200 yrs ago he was known for a "chick magnet" cause he had money!
tiffany, e town sc [09-29-2005]

I think this site is awesome
Reyna, 11, Coloma, Michigan, 49038 [09-29-2005]

benjamin franklin is a very intelegent man he is admired by so many and i am one of those admirerers he was a great man and will be remembered by so many people.
shelby, 16,weslaco tx [09-29-2005]

bruce [09-29-2005]

this is the most coolest web site ever! I have to write a 500 word essay
Jade [09-29-2005]

I enjoyed reading about Benjamin Franklin. He contributed a lot to our society.
Kasheem Stephens, 12yrs. old Brooklyn. NY [09-29-2005]

I have been an admirer and a avid fan of Ben Franklin since I was a kid and my introduction to him was through the Walt Disney cartoon Ben and Me.
Mike Cox, Age 54, Cedar Rapids IA [09-29-2005]

bret [09-29-2005]

with this web, i can do my homework about ben, better than before,,,, thanks.
melly, Indonesian [09-29-2005]

I think Ben was a great inspiring American history man
Danyiel, benton harbor [09-29-2005]

benjamin franklin rocks my socks! benny i love u!
katie [09-29-2005]

jessica [09-29-2005]

I'm a teacher in Southern Calfornia and I found this sight very helpful. It was not bland like many history sights.
teresa sanchez [09-29-2005]

what all did he do his whole entire life from life to death?
Lonnie Christian, none [09-29-2005]

i was thinking you could add what had happened in his experiment and add it tnto a video so people can see what it was like as benjemen franklin did a very danguerous experiment useing a kite and lightning
ridhaa [09-29-2005]

I've always been fascinated by evangelist George Whitefield, who was a close friend of B Franklin's. Someone ought to make a major motion picture about Franklin.
Jonathan Gough, from UK, living in Poland [09-29-2005]

ace class
peyton, 13 [09-29-2005]

great web site
brandon fox [09-28-2005]

Kate Kolbinsky [09-28-2005]

benny sounded kewl, yo theconly reason im hear is because of a report.but i'll give you that i'm glad he made the light buld, or was that eddison.....oh well! thx
Kate Kolbinsky, 11 yers old [09-28-2005]

Big Ben was among the best men to ever life. His words, actions are cherished through out this ever changing world.
Manoj Kondrakunta [09-14-2005]

Hi i think that Benjamin Franklin was the most amazing person i have ever read about following many others.It just amazes me on the things he has done. bye
Michele, 10 [09-14-2005]

i think if it wasn't for ben. we philadelphia really wouldn't be reconized like it is today
josh seldon, I'm from philly [09-14-2005]

great site! I likes the methaphors used in the readings.
Rebekah [09-14-2005]

ace [09-13-2005]

i think ben franklin was a magniffacent man he intresst me
lyric, 11 lyons wis [09-13-2005]

jessica [09-13-2005]

meranda mutter [09-13-2005]

This site is awsome I wish you would tell more about his expriments and how they work, thats the only thing I had to go to another site to get that info for my report. THANKS!
Jesslynn Spain [09-12-2005]

Your web site has really helped me on a recent essay thanks so much!
Jesslynn Spain, 12 7th grade [09-12-2005]

Jesslynn Spain [09-12-2005]

this guy did a lot of things in his life time. wow! that is living a full life
jennifer, port saint lucie [09-12-2005]

Ben Franklin is a wonderful man. His contributions to our country were crucial to what we are today. Even though all these things are important i feel i must include how attractive he is.. seriously hes hott
Ashten, 14, mexico missouri 9th grade [09-12-2005]

Ben Franklin is one of my hero's.
Bob Prentice, South Dakota [09-12-2005]

This is a good web site!
Chelsie Powers, 17. Indiana [09-12-2005]

Really nice website! I found its very useful for me!
Scott Risher [09-12-2005]

Benjamin Franklin is in good person he is on the 100 dollar bill.
alysia, 10,fayetteville [09-12-2005]

YO,YO Homshizzles yaya !00 on franklin reportsin social studies class y'all deserve sum blin,bling
WERTY Is Not MY NaMe [09-12-2005]

james peeples [09-12-2005]

sds, sdwewe [09-12-2005]

I think our nation is missing the qualities that Mr. Franklin possessed. Where have all the clear minded people gone?
Hunter Allen, richmond, virginia [09-12-2005]

what year was ben franklin born?
Sue [09-12-2005]

This site was useful for my ben franklin report! Thanks Guys!
DJ Reynolds, 14 [09-12-2005]

I enjoy and study history. I delight in the info I find on the internet and in the libraries..Thanks for your site on B. Franklin
Mary Alice McLemore, age 71-Gulfport,Ms. retired school teacher-taught 31 years [09-12-2005]

This is a great site to get information about Benjamin Fraklin. Kelsey
Kelsey Beauchemin, Age 13 [09-12-2005]

I feel that B.Franklin was and is,with hims work that are ever present,a representativ person of human knowlegde.Toward the moto find out your self....Im work halfway in the electric busyness and be electrify about the amazing discoverys of B.Franklin in the electric/magnetism and light science. best regards Lucas
Lucas [09-12-2005]

jenny [09-12-2005]

Debra McIlwain, This is for my gandson Jamal Randolph [09-12-2005]

Franklin is the model of being all you can be...
Ese Kagbare, Nigerian [09-12-2005]

I decide each year on two or three areas of focus for my class. This year we are going to study Ben Franklin. I used to live near Phila. and visited Franklin Court all the time with my Kindergarten classes. We would buy post cards on our trip to Phila., write a note to ourselves and then send them from the post office at Franklin Court. What a great souvenir for the children. Mr. Franklin provides a wealth of information for all ages to study.
Ina C. Peck, Shippensburg, PA Kindergarten Teacher [09-12-2005]

This is a great information about Ben Franklin. I found out he did lots of different things.
Sadaf Tazeem [09-12-2005]

gladys garza, houston tx [09-12-2005]

I am doing a report on Ben Franklin. It is mandatory and I am writing about his music.
Sarrah, 8th grade [09-12-2005]

ashton ring [09-12-2005]

talk more about the subject so i can get my paper done thankyou
brent [09-12-2005]

OMG GREAT WEBSITE! great for skool research!
allegra, na [09-12-2005]

james sweeny, 14 no pubes [09-12-2005]

ben is an awsome person, but i dont like him cuz i have 2 do an essay on him.....
jfd, 11 barn city [09-12-2005]

Ithink you is very cool
Quzzetta gives, How old is you [09-12-2005]

I am doing an essay over Benjamin Franklin in school and would like to get as much info. as possible. Thanks!
Hannah [09-12-2005]

angie [09-12-2005]

i think ben franklin is a wonderful,person
margaret shinkunas, 12/f/fl [09-12-2005]

i think that ben franklin is a so called very interesting man....i think its amazaing that he could think up of those fantastic inventions to me hes one of the 7 wonders of the world....well not really but oh well .. i think with the notes sientists already have on his notes that they can take technoligy into a higher level -sam
sam [09-12-2005]

i think ben franklin was a very smart man....he helped people with problems and without him we wouldnt have like electricity or any of the good things that he invented...he is a great addition to the american family...and other countries he obviosly was a very brainy man in his time.... i dont understand any of the qoutes he said or made.though im sure they make a lot of sense. i have to do a report on him and im sure to ace it cuz this website is very helpful.. thanx a bunch -maggie shinkunas
maggie shinkunas, 12/stuat florida [09-12-2005]

When I return to my native city of Philadelphia, I try to pay my respects to Dr Franklin by a visit to his final resting place.
Joseph Cooper, Fearrington Village, North Carolina27312 [09-12-2005]

I am a student of history. My own history as well (family tree). In writing my own family tree during the 1700s, I must record all that is going around my family inorder to obtain an accurate pictures of who or why my ancestors did what they did. In doing so, It is an undeniable fact that through Benjamin Frankin - every one in America was effected in a positive manner through all the good that Benjamin did in his life. His selflessness, paved the way for many. Each one of us owe much to Ben. This site is one of the best to explain who this great man is or was. Thank you Jerry
Jerry A. Smith, 34, Sydney Australia, Originated in Mississppi [09-12-2005]

i like doing a project on him
John P. Morgan [09-12-2005]

I love your site. Yesterday I told about you to my friends and theyre interested also.
technomarine watch [09-12-2005]

I love reading about Ben and how it still effects us today.
Natalie Robinson, 12years old Eden NC [09-12-2005]

go franklin
Edward [09-02-2005]

i love franklin
Matt, i like eggs [09-02-2005]

I think he is awesome he is so smart and i wish i could be like him
Brittany [09-01-2005]

i am a big fan of benjamin franklin, & i like this site. "well done is better than well said" "a penny saved is a penny earned." --ben franklin
ASHLEY FRAZIER, indiana [09-01-2005]

I understand and can relate. Self evidentence - magnetically charged curiousity. Ari
Ari Lee Beloate, 31, Woodstock, Georgia [09-01-2005]

he is cool
TAYLOR O'MOORE, i'm 14,living in cape byron australia. [09-01-2005]

I love all of your articles you wrote and what you did for our country!
Brianna Garcia, Mesquite,Texas [09-01-2005]

i used this site for homework and it was a good resource i think everyone should use it.
Eva Murphy, tampa, fl [09-01-2005]

this site rox
Gabe [09-01-2005]

joshua patrick [09-01-2005]

Joseph Howell [09-01-2005]

Franklin is absolutely my favorite historical figure!
Bo Sellers, wv [09-01-2005]

this web site is very interesting.
kayla mccarty, 14 [09-01-2005]

i love your page
kwame watson, 13 years old [09-01-2005]

Ben Franklin, is my hero. If all men could balance their inspiration between jesus and this man, oh what a nation this would be!
Josh Archambault, Maryland [09-01-2005]

isadora [09-01-2005]

i like ya site
Jmoney, 15 roc city ny [09-01-2005]

i love this site it has great information and was very useful to me
Keyana Collier, 15 female rochester ny [09-01-2005]

Ben Franklin was one of my father's heroes. We made a yearly pilgrimage to the Franklin Institute to see the wonders exhibited there. My favorite was the great sculpture of Franklin. He certainly was a major force in the formation of this country and left a wondrous heritage of intellectual and technical advancement that has guided our nation over the years. Mike Penglase
mike penglase, 57 yrs. danielsville pa [09-01-2005]

I think that this site has a lot of great information that talks about the real world today and the pride of our new revolution ....eletric is power power is knowledge!
Jessica, 14 psl fl [08-30-2005]

we have a class project and we hasd to draw for it. i got benjamin franklin and was SOOO excited! i hope i get nto use this site for the rest of the year!
kylie, i love benjamin franklin! [08-30-2005]

what did Benjamin Franklins bro and sis do for living?
sam, 14 years,hyme city [08-30-2005]

think that if ben didn't go outside with a kite, a key, and while it was storming we probely wouldn't have electricy
Whitney, 12 [08-30-2005]

Thank You for showing me source of his intelligence. Perhaps more young men ought to read about his experiences and thoughts.
Courtney D. Mills, 87, Wilmington, NC [08-30-2005]

Hes Awsome!
Logan Murray, 11 Atlanta Ga [08-30-2005]

kaley deangelo [08-30-2005]

jeremy craig, age 10,city cooper [08-30-2005]

i ma 12 yrs old and i got on this siye to do a research paper on ben franklinand i got all the information i needed
amelia [08-30-2005]

this is a great website, we were guests due to my 9 year old son was doing a project on his favorite scientist
veronica torres, shallowater texas [08-30-2005]

I think that Franklin wsa a good man and could many thing in his lab.
Logan, Cooper TX. 75432 [08-30-2005]

I think this web site is a great place to find out information.
Tasha, Atlanta, Georgia [08-30-2005]

well i think benjamin franklin is just about the cooolest guy ever. he did so much for our country, we just take it all for granted!
Emzzy b, ct [08-30-2005]

wlee5931 [08-21-2005]

Truly a great man! What an inspiration to humanity!
Reva, Mars, PA [08-19-2005]

i think he was gr8 but am tryin to do my home work alla want is wht he invented and wht it did
denum [08-19-2005]

John W. Petrelli, Very enjoyable [08-19-2005]

I think, we wouldnt be where we are today with out benjamin franklin.
nefertiti bloomfield, 13 miami [08-19-2005]

I LOVE THIS SITE! It was SO helpful to a report I just did last-minute! THX much!
Kacey [08-19-2005]

nice site, with interesting content
yosh, http://www.benirei.com/search [08-18-2005]

This site is great.
Bonnie Gilcrease [08-18-2005]

houston, 16 ph [08-17-2005]

bianca, age is 42 [08-17-2005]

shanecka [08-16-2005]

Thank you very much,i am now able to finish my homework!
chloe, age 13 [08-16-2005]

We just came home from a visit to Philadelphia and I think this website is WONDERFUL! I fell in love with Philly! - Janet
Janet Suhr, from Illinois, the Land of Lincoln [08-16-2005]

It was great knowing him
Bob, 68 years of age [08-10-2005]

C.W. Tucker [08-10-2005]

scincetists and their invention
manoj, 13,mysore [08-10-2005]

I didn't realise there was so much to learn about Ben Franklin
Jamie, 15 [08-09-2005]

ryan [08-09-2005]

Very cool&'hot',site;found you through Team Law. "Two wolves& a sheep-voting on whats' for lunch...democracy in action!" paraphrased,from Mr.Franklin "Molon Labe!"
Jeanette Ambrose, 53,Albany,NY,pro=Liberty! [08-09-2005]

Your website is well thought and informative. Thank you for providing a great service. Al Loy
Al Loy, New Jersey [08-05-2005]

Bill Ward, philadelphia, pa [08-03-2005]

I haven't had that much education in history. So when I came across the movie called "1776" I just had to research Ben Franklin a little more. From watching the movie, Ben Franklin had a great sense of humor.
Shelly, I am 30yrs and live in West Bend WI [08-03-2005]

I don't think I could find much about Benjamin Franklin as I am trying to find what the date was that Benjamin Franklin made the bioficles and I can;t see it anywhere this webpage is pathetic its meant to be about benjamin franklin this should be shutdown it is stupid
Sarah O'shea, I am 12 I live in Albury [08-03-2005]

great website
anonymous [08-03-2005]

Was up
emily, 11 [08-03-2005]

I think electiricity rocks
Kristy, Mandurah [08-03-2005]

A friend used BF's line 'clean your finger before you point at my spots'...I could not remember the occassion, but like BF, so am here, and on other sites, learning more! THANKS!
CR Brock, San Antonio, TX, USA, Ben Franklin Fan since childhood [08-03-2005]

its cool and I live in the city
Ayeesha asfour, city [08-03-2005]

i love learning about the presidents
orestes gonzalez, 8 years old [07-26-2005]

What was Ben Francline famose for?
Loise, 7 years old [07-26-2005]

i m studying Ben Franklin and i think he is quite smart compared 2 me!
Anonomous [07-26-2005]

emma hodgon, 10, cannonval [07-26-2005]

I like bENNY. But, i like Callea better.
hhg, xcnbvcn [07-26-2005]

This is a fascinating presentation of an amazing historic American. This site calls for repeat visits!
Liana King [07-26-2005]

Fascinating man. Not just his fame, but the humanity of the man.
Charles Buchanan, 49 BA in history [07-26-2005]

i love bf
jose, florida 16 [07-26-2005]

The previous cemetery in Franklin Square. Where did the bodies get reinterred? And was it in 1836? I look forward to your reply. Sincerely, Bill Vogel
Bill Vogel, Fairviewvillage, PA [07-26-2005]

Good worK! Youve a very nice site where is possible to find interesting information. This is a great site enjoy surfing into it. Thanks for all the information you provide.
Harry Carter, Miami-USA [07-20-2005]

I find benjamin was a good and fine man
chloe [07-19-2005]

Neat really neat
Ryan Smith [07-19-2005]

I am trying to find information about a BF invention- it was a small mirror on an arm that was mounted outside a second floor window and if one looked out, one could see who was at the door without having to go downstairs and opening the door. I want to know what it was called and what it looked like.
Laura, artist in Phila. [07-19-2005]

Peggy Dayton, age 50, Mass. resident [07-19-2005]

Emobob [07-19-2005]

Wisdom should be shared.
Francis Muya, greate Men who help to shape the world [07-19-2005]

it's a good site i have got a lot of information out of this website!
happy [07-19-2005]

It is to bad that we no longer have any great leaders such as Franklin... I leaders no have no ethics and even less common sense. Maybe they should all be required to actually study Franklin BEFORE they can run for office.
Carrie, Bend, Oregon [07-19-2005]

wow! wot an interesting website i love ben he is boss! i am researching him in my science class and i am realy excited bout doing him! thanks x x love hana xxx
hannah, 14 yrs old, widnes england [07-19-2005]

Jenny, 21 Henderson [07-19-2005]

Wish I could have met him. Wish he was speaking up for our rights today. Maybe our current leaders would listen to him
Robert Boucher, San Francisco, law student [07-19-2005]

ben franklin was great if it was not for him we would have no light
mickey oury [07-12-2005]

You're website looks very good, it was a pleasure to be on you're. Keep on the good work :-)
Tomas Karlsson, usa [07-11-2005]

ur mom
daniel, 34 years [07-10-2005]

I love reading his wit and wisdom; some is so classic it still rings true today!
Ann, Rome, NY (41) [07-10-2005]

ireally want to play these games
matt [07-08-2005]

I think Benjamin Franklin is a great man and he truly didc a lot oif stuff for our country I think that he is a true HERO!
Chrissy, 9 [07-08-2005]

I find this work to be very informative and useful when talking about our history with young people today. Much of what is here is not even talked about in public schools today let alone taught. I will be referring many young people to this address so they can learn what they are missing about this great country of ours.
Chas Marino, West Haven, CT. [07-08-2005]

after a lot of thought,i think BEN FRANKLIN, to be the greatest american.
TER SERDUTZ [07-08-2005]

Franklin was truley one of a kind. He was America's version of Leonardo Da Vinci, a scientist, a philopher, an inventory. In short, a man of many talents.
Chris Gutierrez, Los Angeles, CA [07-08-2005]

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My Grandmother always told me that we were decendants of Ben Franklin and that my Great-grandmother whose last name was "Wright" used to attend the Franklin family reunions. I would like to research this connection to establish a link for my children if one truly exists. My Great gransmother lived in Birmingham, Alabama around the 1920's. Can anyone tell me the best way to research this?
Mitchell Neto, Danville, California [07-05-2005]

I think Ben Franklin was one of History's Greatest men was ahead of his day. He not only discovered so many things that we still use today but still was like any man of his time. Ben Franklin is one of the Idol's of America. And I am proud to learn and know of him.
Amanda Mills, 24 [07-05-2005]

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Andry, Australia [07-05-2005]

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Rita A. [07-04-2005]

franklin [07-04-2005]

i`v always loved Benjamin Franklin he has insprered me i did a report on Bejamin Frankln and my teacher said it was very intereting and i feel very good about that and i went to ben`s grave and i wish that i chould of meet ben franklin
stephanie rodriguez [07-04-2005]

I think that it is very sad that at an age of 84 Ben Franklin died and I have no clue how he died but at that young of an age it must be very sad to not just his fellow reletives but to everyone in his presents. And I think I speak for all of us when I say it's to bad Ben died at such a young age and I may be canadian and I may have never knew about about him until this day, but think about it. It must have been horrable to lose somebody that was an inspeation to everybody. There is just one question I have for you why did Benjamin Franklin Die? was it because of a disease or just because he couldn't take the pain any longer?
shelby swanson, I am 9 years old and I think it is sad that Benjamin Franklin Died at the age of 84. [06-30-2005]

I like to read biographies like Benjamin Franklin
alexis, age 9 [06-30-2005]

Very nice site; thank you. I read about Mr. Franklin's 13 virtues in Og Mandino's book, "Greatest Secret in the World." I wanted to find out more, and came across your website, and learned a lot more about this amazing man. Thanks again.
Lauren Tyson, Age 50, female [06-30-2005]

By Ben Franklin's quote on this site, it's clear that his views establish the fact that women who give up liberty to obtain safety don't deserve liberty. How convenient to dismiss the rights of women, presuming that God or Man has decided that women must "fight" for their right to liberty. It's doubtful that Franklin ever considered - as God did - the difference in strength between men and women which he devised that quotation, and surely must have been thinking only of men, who, throughout history, have been the designated fighters for the protection of women and children's safe as well as liberty. That women have been forced to fight men for their liberty is among the greater mistakes of mankind and one inconsistent with basic biological differences. That men would use their superior strength to deprive women of their basic human rights is a violation of Biblical principles that only God can reconcile or forgive. Surely, that would be beyond the limits of human justice that is reserved for man or woman, even Ben Franklin.
Pat R., Boston, MA [06-30-2005]

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MickeyOury [06-30-2005]

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george, Happytown [06-28-2005]

Banjamin Franklin was an amazing person. I idolize him because of him selfless acts and his genious mind. He was a very inspirational person.
Sheila McSherry, 16 yrs old, live in Alaska [06-28-2005]

I was born on Ben's Birthsay as was my wife Ursula! What a Guy!
Pete Bennett [06-20-2005]

its so great it helps me in my assignment in science when its all about scientists! and im very thankful for this articles in this site!
Dianne evangelista, f 13 mla, Philippines [06-20-2005]

i've been doing some research on Franklin and reading information from websites and books. In his autobiography there is a section about his family and childhood that makes no sense. How come it says he was born in March in the 1600s when others say he was born January 17, 1705
Arpita Patel, 19 Years old, living in Texas [06-20-2005]

I think that he is a really cool person to learn about and he has contributed a lot to us Americans. So I can't wait to learn more about him.
Vahini Amin [06-17-2005]

I never heard about benjamin franklin as about inventor.
Alex, Budva Montenegro [06-17-2005]

This website was very informative and attention grabbing, the site was also historically correct and excelent for school research.
Fabien Cayer, Age: 14 Pincher Creek, Alberta Canada [06-17-2005]

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He Was Great! And Greats occur rarely in this world..
VK [06-14-2005]

I think it's cool that Ben Franklin actually got strck by lighting. ( I think.)
Hanna Jang, age: 9 city: Torrance [06-14-2005]

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javier avila, age,11 [06-13-2005]

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Mark Chen, male, not married yet,but have a girl friend [06-13-2005]

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amy carpenter, 13 [06-13-2005]

i qutie like the website even though i dnt no who he is!can u put some pictures of the ben franklin family on coz i need it to do my science powerpoint!plz
alice gimbert, 13 [06-13-2005]

Loved visiting with Ben again after shelving him for forty years. What a character!
Brent Davis [06-09-2005]

He is a real human !
Gongquan*Zhu, from china [06-08-2005]

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Roderick J Carlyle, Sleaford Lincolnshire England [06-06-2005]

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KENDALL, 8,lottie la [06-03-2005]

benjamin franklin was a man of high intelligence and if it werent for him well we proababley would still be under british law and people would still be getting hung so i speak for all when i say benjamin franklin was a powerful man in a little world
annie, 14 [06-03-2005]

Shannon MacVane [06-03-2005]

When people are looking for info or your giving it tell more 'about' them say franklin for eg maybe you could talk about what he invented and why he did instead of saying how it's soo hard to get the information about him. i'm not trying to be harsh but you asked for suggestions thanks anyway.
bec [06-03-2005]

bob [06-03-2005]

he is a very talented person to go and invent electricity
jahmaal humes, 16 bze [06-03-2005]

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GREG PARKER, London,Oh age 51 [06-03-2005]

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Ben seems more pertinent today than in his own day. Thanks for compiling this.
Kevin Lenaghan [05-27-2005]

Lynn Muth [05-27-2005]

My 11 year old, 5th grade son had all the information he would ever need for his Ben Franklin 'famous American' report on The Electric Franklin. My wife (33 years of elementary teaching so far) and I (9 years of high school teaching before going into business) think very highly of The Electric Franklin. Keep up the good work! PS: We found The Electric Franklin as an early hit on a Google search for 'Benjamin Franklin.'
Lynn Muth, Santa Ana, CA [05-27-2005]

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Aimee Austin, 16, Lowell Arkansas 72745 [05-26-2005]

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TAYANA, age11,sringfield,ma. [05-26-2005]

I love the site! It has helped me SOO much in a research project I am doing. Thank you!
Rebecca W. [05-26-2005]

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trevor, wa [05-26-2005]

I wonder what innovations Franklin would have added to computers. Quit an interesting fella.
greg fuller, 39 --orlando fl [05-26-2005]

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kay, no [05-26-2005]

Haven't gotten in yet, so can't say much. What I know of Ben I like. Why can't we have some one like him around now. He understood "freedom" unlike the useless politicians we have clotting our system now. Did you know every tome congress passes a law it means we have one less liberty? Think about it.
David Hines [05-26-2005]

Well I am in an honors history class and I am doing a power of one on Ben Franklin and I have to have resources and what people think of ben and i can't seem to find that anywhere and you would think that it would be able to find on a history site... You ppl need to put up what other ppl think of ben and how they are affected not just about his life...
Megan Doe, teenager.. [05-26-2005]

This website is very interesting and it helped me find more info about Ben Franklin for a project I did in school. Thank you and i just wondered who wrote this website. You might want to make that more clear
anonymous [05-26-2005]

I think that Franklin did a lot more than he is given credit for and that is why I say He is my hero.
Chrissy [05-26-2005]

Very nice site. Will sure visit again.
John [05-26-2005]

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marlana brown [05-26-2005]

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Howard Smartt [05-26-2005]

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Tiffany Willard [05-26-2005]

cool website bout a great englishman.Oh sorry American by birth.English by parental heritage
Phil [05-26-2005]

I think Franklin was a great person if i was alive when he was I would have liked to be his friend or at least been there when he did 1 of his experiments that would be great and I bet the people learned so much.
nicole, 15 [05-26-2005]

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liz, 14 years old,maryland and i love to meet new people [05-26-2005]

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Scott Davis, West Bend, Wi [05-26-2005]

I think Benjim Franklin is a very importitant part of history. Sean Stepp Former student of Eastwood Elm. 2oo5
Sean Stepp, 11,Bristol IN 46514 [05-26-2005]

I like very much this site. It is exactly what Ben Franklin deserves, a site all about him, interactive, interesting and appealing. Everyone must know who he was, and this is an excellent way to let people know about Benjamin Franklin. I became a Ben Franklin fan when I was little, after I played a game called "Pepper's Adventures in Time". It was about a girl who accidentaly went into the past and landed in Pennsylvania, in Franklin's time. I like Benjamin ever since and I am interested in everything about him.
Iridiana, Bucharest, Romania [05-26-2005]

I wish Ben Franklin was alive today. If he was, I would call him Frank the Tank.
Alina Pineschi, 16, Roseville, I love Nicole [05-26-2005]

I love Ben Franklin! He is the most awesome guy ever. He rocks my world.
Alina Pineschi, 16, Roseville, I'm Single who loves older men. [05-26-2005]

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Emily Schell, San Diego, California [05-26-2005]

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Otta [05-26-2005]

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b/raz, 20038 [05-26-2005]

Not an adversary Have it and say he was a deity. But what my question is.... When is it enoungh? Harness the power of coal? Oil? We may not've started the fire, but isn't electricity something unreal in the face of human #instinct? I guess my real question is... Are the everyday luxurious wares and tools, the shortcuts we take in our work *i.e. screwdrivers, flashlights* going to be worth the pollution they create later on down the road? Signed, AC-........to be continued
Jeremy, boca raton N. 33484 [05-26-2005]

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Frederick Sage, 70 years London UK [05-26-2005]

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mehran, from iran [05-26-2005]

I think that this site has a lot of quality information and i for a lot out of it for my Benjamin Franklin Project
Gabe, Age: 14 Cresskill NJ 07626 [05-26-2005]

I think that Benjimin Franklin was the greatest writer and inventor of his and our time today. Thank you for giving us the knowlendge we know today Ben.
chris Kennedy, 14 years old [05-26-2005]

I wish this site had more info on his chilhood.
David, 12, Plantation, FL [05-26-2005]

Ben Franklin used God's blessings for the benefit of all Americans. I'm thankful God placed him here at America's birth. Uncle Sam aka Fred Polnisch
Fred Polnisch, Clifton Park, NY [05-26-2005]

leshaun warner [05-25-2005]

I think Ben Franklin should be a president for doing a lot of good things.
Anisha, 8 SicklervilleNJ [05-25-2005]

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Gabi, 7th grader [05-13-2005]

I'm very interested in Benjemin Franklin. He is a facinating man who contributed to a lot of the living styles we have today.
Max Camp [05-13-2005]

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anonymous [05-13-2005]

Desera [05-13-2005]

Researching a paper....very helpful site and I like the quotes pages. Thanks!
John [05-13-2005]

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Yay! Benjamin Franklin is my hero!
Gabby, nope. [05-13-2005]

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luke, 13 [05-13-2005]

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Mike Arms, age 58 La Mesa Ca. [05-11-2005]

I know that this is funny but I just watched the movie " National Treasure" and it raised question's so I thought that I would do some reading. Thanks for your time into this web site.
Mark Berger, Ogden, Utah [05-09-2005]

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Aayana Nathan, 7 JessupMd [05-09-2005]

power,position, money etc.,meant nothing to Ben.He was a natural leader of men.He was allways 'CHARGED'with IDEAS and inspired people around him.I put him next only to the great Leonardo da Vinci.I thank you for this site.
shivaprakash s., Bangalore [05-09-2005]

Becky [05-09-2005]

Emily Kirl, im 13 and from around houston [05-09-2005]

mr franklin one of the greats of our country
asher gifford, 43 [05-09-2005]

This is a great tribute to a great man. Most people think of Franklin as the man who invented /quantified electricity. It is nice to know that he was much more. I share his birthday, and have idolized him since I was a little kid. It's funny that I earned a degree in electrical engineering, and started to earn my degree in law. I also like to draw and paint. It's funny that we both share a multitude of talent, although I am nowhere near the intellect that he Benjamin Franklin was in his time.
Jonathan Kreger, 31, Albion, MI [05-05-2005]

j [05-05-2005]

i think he's cool!
jenny, hi [05-05-2005]

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Tori, I am 11 [05-05-2005]

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this is a sweet site. ben franklin rocks
catherine, nada [05-05-2005]

I luv this webbie cause I am doing an assiment and it is on famous inventors and this is a mad place to come to find stuff bout benjiman franklin lol l8ter
Tina Dai but call me funkee, age turning 13 this year and in year 7 koolies lol [05-05-2005]

I am writing a persuasive paper on why Benjamin Franklin is the greatest american in US history. and I am glad I am
cierra, 13 [05-05-2005]

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