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Tracy Onat, 30 years old, avid reader, RN [12-28-2004]

Well done.
Nick Traub [12-28-2004]

I am doing MA thesis on Benjamin Franklin. I think I'd better study this page tbefore sharing my opinion. I hope it is 'electric' as Benjamin Franklin
Marzanna Gromotowicz, a teacher from Poland [12-28-2004]

yes i visited all about this
ch_waqas_gujar, 17,pakistan lalamusa [12-28-2004]

wow this was an awsome website, it was useful for my project.
noneed, grade9 [12-28-2004]

Benjamin is a wonderful person and it wasn't for him there would be no electricty.
Jillian Roy, 11,niceville [12-28-2004]

very nice. I enjoy learning about ben franklin
melissa, 14 [12-28-2004]

you should have pictures that go with some of the info.
danny, none [12-28-2004]

cool!very interesting!
ana, 13,l.a. [12-28-2004]

adriel, 11 [12-28-2004]

Aaronburke, gardnermass [12-28-2004]

Ben Franklin made what property?
jj, 14,Harvard [12-28-2004]

I bet Ben didn't play dodgeball.
m@, 34, New Hampster [12-28-2004]

i am victoria
victoria, nooo [12-28-2004]

I think that you need more pictures about his inventions and you need more information on him what is this web site all about if you can't learn anything i need information on Ben Franklin not on other people it isn't going to help me thanx Ashlie
Ashlie, 16 years of age [12-20-2004]

Never has there been a greater American -- imagine where our country could be if we could each emulate Ben.
Doug Smith, Merrill, WI [12-19-2004]

I personally feel that the flash vido in "The Kite" is not of quality. The animation could be better, and there could be more content. I could offer my services for make an animation that could possibly be an improvement from your former.
S.S., School: Illinois Mathamatics and Science Academy, Age: 16 [12-19-2004]

This is a very good site! Ben would get a kick out of it I'm sure!
John, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/benjamin_franklin [12-19-2004]

clayton franklin [12-19-2004]

Lacretia Holmes, 12 Port Aurthur [12-19-2004]

this site sucks.its so boring.im only on this site fro a report.check out my site.its all about My Chemical Romance.
erin vanmeter, kentucky [12-19-2004]

he was real?!
anonymous [12-19-2004]

donky [12-19-2004]

i want to know what a lightning rod is.
Bethany, lightning rod [12-19-2004]

Harley Kugle, 21 [12-19-2004]

i thinlk that you did a really great job but you could have bigger photos and more! good job and great luck!
jennifer, age: 14 [12-19-2004]

I live in Franklin, MA and am currently working on a graduate degree project about Ben Franklin. My hope is this project will be used to help educate the children in Franklin about their local history. The main topic is about the history of libraries in the U.S.
Cheryl McNeillie [12-19-2004]

thankyou for a great web site.and also for the information that got me a++++ well maybe not that much on my project. i did not copy wrie your web site.
sarah, 10;bridgeville; [12-19-2004]

your website is great for kids my age!
sarah, 10;bridgeville [12-19-2004]

I think this website is neat
Peter Gavin [12-19-2004]

CJ Herrera [12-19-2004]

hi im am interested in this site
hayley, 12 [12-15-2004]

i tryed to use this site for a report in my history class. but it got way boring... SPICE IT UP KIDS!
Cory Menford, im 16 [12-15-2004]

i thought if you can find more information on benjamin franklin and you can email
shalina, 11, honolulu,hi [12-15-2004]

I like your websight it helps me with my homework :)
Sara, 14 [12-15-2004]

this is a great place!
breanna karen, 10,modesto,california [12-15-2004]

I want to now more
rita, 11 Modesto [12-15-2004]

Ben I think was the last and perhaps the only honest politican in American history
Bob Farrell, Past 70 sofar [12-15-2004]

Ben is actually my greatx5 or 6 grandpa... we even have pics. of him and daniel....boone that is. esther staggs is my uncle and he was a direct descendent of ben. my g-ma says that esther and ben liked to wear their beards the same way. so hit me up if you got any questions. its all in my greatx3 g-mas memoirs. got em right here. c-ya ;-)
Lynsie Morris [12-15-2004]

To tell the truth the only reson I went on this page was because all the fith graders had to do a pace project and I choose Ben Franklin. My teacher pulled sticks and (yes I got pulled first)I didn`t wont to do who my mom did (Susan B.).
Bridgett Price, Grade # 5 [12-15-2004]

Ben Franklin was one of the first American geniuses. His breadth of accomplishments from business to electricity and science to diplomacy abroad is astounding.
Gerry Zajac [12-15-2004]

Great site, very helpful for my project.
Justin Pinson, 10th Grade [12-15-2004]

ben was a realy cool guy iloved reading about him!
kayley [12-15-2004]

I am doing a report and this site has great info!
Angel [12-15-2004]

I am in the process of completing the application to the SAR for my husband, Bruce. He is the 5th great-grand nephew of Benjamin Franklin!
Nancy Stedman Bolick, Age 57, Conover, NC, mother of 2; grandmother of 5. [12-15-2004]

I think you are a good man cause you invented electric
nicky [12-15-2004]

Hello! this site is very uhh interesting. you guys did a good job and well maybe u should try again and make it more interesting. Like add stuff more interesting games and things to do. SO every now and then when try and do somthing new about wut you want to do here.
Cheyanne [12-15-2004]

I was doing a class project and I came to this site! It is a very good site to look at on Ben Franklin.
Brandi, 13 [12-09-2004]

I think Bejamin Franklin was the best man ever and the smartest guy ever.
ranner, Boston [12-09-2004]

oh my god this is a great web page on ben. Im doing a report for school and i got all me info here, thanks! :-)
Liz, 13 im doing a school rpoet [12-09-2004]

its super duper
jay, i live to mounain bike [12-09-2004]

m A Modern Day Ben Franklin I will have to add this site to my bookmarks...thank you for the terrific resource. A Modern Day Ben Franklin I will have to add this site to my bookmarks...thank you for the terrific resource.
wertrose, I like to think of myself as a modern day ben franklin [12-09-2004]

ben have you seen any more civil war actors up your way,down here i look like mary todd but i am really a angel marie,sometimes i see them renact the civil war inn alabama,at the hall do you still act,awhile back i was ben franklin on tv,are their any other contenal congress players arround thanks god tri angle angel marie davis
god tri angle angel marie davis, old confederate friend inn alabama [12-09-2004]

Ben Franklin Is a great guy I love him and thiz site.... I think
NoNe Of ur Business, Nah [12-09-2004]

ben was old
erick [12-09-2004]

hey i think your site is really good for doing a report on franklin.
lilly, 12 [12-09-2004]

hi...benjamin franklin rox our sox.... O_O
..., ... [12-09-2004]

samantha [12-09-2004]

I just think hes the best, i read as much as i can on him. I think he would be a riopt to meet and chat with.. steve
Stephen Morin, Raynham, Ma [12-09-2004]

Ronald Stankiewicz, 46 year old Male From Canton,Pa [12-09-2004]

judith [12-09-2004]

i will like to know the number of inventions ben created,also what presidents he was alive to meet or new. i will like to know who invented electricity scince he did not.one last thing is if you could e-mail me a picture of what his bifocles looked like. thank tou very much.
Joseph Rodriguez, 9years of age Staten Island NY [12-09-2004]

Bejamin Franklin is why we can do the things that we are now able to do.
Brittany Brittingham, Waterford NJ [12-09-2004]

can u tell me info. about benjamin franklin when he was a founder. that means how did he help establish our country.
shalina, i live in honolulu, i am 11 [12-09-2004]

I like historic places like Egypt, asians history& cultures,ect
Amber-Lynn Wolfe, 14 years old, [12-09-2004]

sfthb jol;/, none [12-09-2004]

I thinck this sight is a very interesting to see! I got all of the information I needed for my presentation in class!
christina, age 9 [12-07-2004]

chelsea cunningham, 10 years old [12-06-2004]

i luv ben!
anonymous [12-06-2004]

this is cool here.
sharyce, 93555,14,california [12-06-2004]

kieran lamb, 11 [12-06-2004]

I think that this site is a really good reference for kids and adults to look upon because it's so informative and at the same time you're not getting bored because of the fun games you provide!
Grace Lim [12-06-2004]

I am doing a project on Ben Franklin and I think he is really cool! I like all the different thing you have on his website! You have everything I needed to know and I didn't have to look everywhere!
Teresa [12-05-2004]

Congratulations to "Electric Franklin" on keeping Ben's memory alive and continuing his life-long career in printing/publishing. I recently rediscovered Franklin by reading two biographies (those of W.Isaacson and E.Morgan). Based on my readings, I then volunteered to write a column -"Let's be Frank(lin) for a moment..."- for a monthly electronic publication at the State Capitol. It's my pleasure to share the words and stories of Franklin with some of the Capitol staff, and appropriately so, as he was once the Speaker of the Pennslvania House of Representatives (1764). I'm so very glad to see like-minded people doing the same for so many others! Sincere best wishes, -Eric Fillman, Harrisburg, PA
Eric S. Fillman [12-04-2004]

Wow this place has tons of things about Ben Franklin! I learned a lot from here, this was one of my main sources for my Social Studies report I am doing. Thanks for providing so much information!
Jose, Age-13 USA, Arizona [12-04-2004]

he sounds pretty cool i wish he could tell me all about electricity (because i'm doing a report on electricity) then i would get and A+ i hope i get one !
Samantha, 11 Virginia [12-04-2004]

Michael Sardo [12-04-2004]

I think that Mr. Franklin was very dedicated, intelligent and influential. His achievements have improved the lives of many people. For that, I am thankful and respectful.
Mike, Denton, TX [12-04-2004]

I Liked very much the information that contains your webpage. I do know now a little bit more about US history. Bravo!
Jose Garcia, 45 Years, Montreal, Canada [12-04-2004]

I really enjoyed your site. It helped me write a wonderful paper for my History 211 class. Thank you.
Heather, 18/Michigan [12-04-2004]

hes electrofying!
Daniel baker, 16,newtown,wales [12-04-2004]

i enjoy lerning new things about him.
andy, age ten [12-04-2004]

im doing a project on benjamin franklin and i came to your website and found out a lot about ben and i appreciate that you put the effort in helping people in their project, my project counts for 80% of the semester and i got 95% so thanks a lot gregory brown
gregory brown, 15/quebec [12-04-2004]

I think he was very influental on science then and science even now.
Amy [12-04-2004]

im a student and im doing a project on benjamin franklin and i think he was a wonderful person in his day.
yeniffers, 13 [12-04-2004]

i like the sight keep up the good work and keep me posted
Jones Shaquese, Milwaukee,WI [12-04-2004]

I think you need to add more details and information!
Emily [12-04-2004]

Ben Was Cool
Will Stanaland, 14, Ash, [12-04-2004]

He is the Best
nikki crouch, 15yrs [12-04-2004]

long admirer of ben franklin. great site.
Walt Zielinski, originally staten island ny [12-04-2004]

Benjamin Franklin is the most awesome guy to ever have lived. Even though laughed at by peers, I'm gonna keep getting the word out about Franklin and how cool he is. Benjamin Franklin TOTALLY RULES! To only be half the human he was would be a blessing. Bravo, Franklin; you truly are electric!
ellen k, i live in the most southwesterly city in the continental US [12-04-2004]

I found The New England Courant section very enlightening. The Silence Dogood letters were my main interest, and were the primary reason I came to this website. The scan of teh original paper was also a lovely addition to the typed version. I wish thought, that if a certain edition was longer that one page, that I could have viewed more than just the cover page. None the less, this is a wonderful site!
Neeinah [12-04-2004]

This is a great educational website for kids.
Haleigh Tropeck, age 10 city Pittsburgh [12-04-2004]

he was a great man thank you for being so smart.
summer quiros, 11 years old [12-04-2004]

i think that franklin was a very talented man. I am on this site for school and am very bored. Is there anything more interesting on this site? Also, why is Franklin wearing a dress? If you would like to answer my questions you can email me. Did you get it from Mary Munro? I know a lot about her :). Well thank you for taking your time to listen to me and I hope that you had a much more interesting social studies class than I did today. Goodbye.
Julia, michigan [12-04-2004]

Ben Franklin was a guy who invented the sky lalalala
chris Bota, blah [12-04-2004]

todd sabo, 14, Eaton,Colorado [12-04-2004]

As a grad student, I am currently working on a project concerning this great man. I found your site useful. There are always, always new things to learn about this man. Just as is the case with Thomas Jeffferson.
Gregory A. Poole, Raleigh, North Carolina [12-04-2004]

he was a really great man
lisette [12-04-2004]

i think ben franklin is a very intresting man. this year i will go to the franklin institute with my school. i am very excited to go.
Ricki Yarmish [12-04-2004]

hello every one i love the franklin institute the titanic exibit was great
william j grayeski, 46 phills place penndel [12-04-2004]

the outstanding discovery of electricity lead to the development of modern society.
dr.d.shankar [12-04-2004]

~this guy was a cool no 1der he been on da 100 dollar bill but no fashion sense(no offence franklin)!~
Naaila, 11 ny [12-04-2004]

The Benjamn Franklin Timeline is great for helping with reports!
Maria, 10 Catlin IL [12-04-2004]

i think benjamin franklin rules
jana brown, 12 cleveland tn [12-04-2004]

IT WASS AWESOME coming from a 6th grader
john [12-04-2004]

What didn't Franklin do?
Hope, Purdue student [12-04-2004]

I've learned a lot from working on this project. Ben Franklin was a very interesting man
Jimmy Adams, 14 years old; Joppatowne MD [12-04-2004]

he marrid modam helvetivs
tate, 20 [12-04-2004]

anonymous [12-04-2004]

i think ben was a very productive man.he was a happy,thoughtful,an truthful man.
andy evans, i'm 10 morton,mississippi [12-04-2004]

What was Franklins kite made of
Jasmine LaPoint, 12years PA Texas [12-04-2004]

wow that is a mazing i have thoughts
darcy kohlman, 17/smacklin/ doing a study on Ben [12-04-2004]

he is a very interesting person but very boring to read about
ashley pulley, 12 years old [12-04-2004]

I feel with the new realease of the movie "National Treasures" that old Ben is going to get some more head spinning as I am one who feels he is probaly the one intended in the movie to have drawn it, He was so involved in the building of our country as to have signed all major documents that it turns out to me that is the map to the treature we all hold which is America and just knowing this makes my goose bumps rise.
Robert Kolb, Indianapolis, Indiana [12-04-2004]

keith bullard, 47 [12-04-2004]

it was cool
simon [12-04-2004]

Great website! I found it to be very entertaining and informative.
James Hargett, 30 years old, Charlotte, N.C. [12-04-2004]

i lke benjamin franklin
precious dargan, 10/Newport News [12-04-2004]

he is cool
Geoffrey Wingo [12-04-2004]

Ithink that benjamin Frankiln is a good man and did what he set his mind to and died in the process
Samantha Rose, 13/springwater [12-04-2004]

Josiah intended for Benjamin to enter into the clergy. However, Josiah could only afford to send his son to school for one year and clergymen needed years of schooling. this statment is not true, because if you had done all of the reaseach/ one example BEN FRANKLINS ALMANAC states theat the school only made you pay for firewood and that if you couldnt even affored taht price taht they would make a deal/ different arrangements/ exceptions to the price, so seeing that nobody could be to poor for this school. Now you may wonder why would he take him out of this school even tough he could affored it? The reason being for not that he didn't have the intellegence which was certanilly not true it was that his father didn't think his son pious enough to be in the ministery. now you know the truth and if you ever have any other questions or anything you are unsure of you can feel free to ask me!
Morgan Crotty [12-04-2004]

I like your site because there is a lot of information about ben franklin
Justin, 9years old [12-04-2004]

well... benny boy was very helpful for our project.... tahnkyou
Frank N. Stein, canada [12-04-2004]

he is the coolest guy. my teacher thought so to
molly rosauer, 18 [12-04-2004]

Teresa, Indianapolis, Indiana [12-04-2004]

victoria morse, 15 years east moline il [12-04-2004]

Deshawn Heyward [12-04-2004]

Excellent site! Very interesting and well set up. Plenty offascinating facts too.
James Cuthbert [12-04-2004]

bob [12-04-2004]

there is barely any info but was pretty well writen
Tom Kirby, he died [12-04-2004]

Derick [12-04-2004]

I think his the graetest man that have ever lived!
mathias jønsson, denmark [12-04-2004]

Jennifer, 17, wv [12-04-2004]

ithink that this page is really cool i find it veri interesting to learn about ben franklin i think he is a really greate guy with out him we would not be able to eat som of are food with ou him we would nit be able to see in the dark i really wish i could thank him for what he did.
cheri wood, 14years old /Southaven MS. [12-04-2004]

Hey I just wanted to say that your site is so cool I'm homeschooled so I don't have the books that other people have at their school. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I found so much info to do 10 reports. Ithink that Ben F. is so cool and that your wed site is cool to. It he;ped so much thank you so much for all your time, it helps me so much. THANKS!
Amanda W., 13, Cumming Ga. [12-04-2004]

why did you put a key on your kite
tori zeiber, 10 year;s old. [12-04-2004]

Your sight was very informative, and i believe that this sort of information needs to be tought better in schools.
Lorraine [12-04-2004]

i luv ben franklin!
Sydney Bristow, I'm 27 and a fictional character [12-04-2004]

as I contemplate a potential early retirement - Franklin's life is a challenge for us all to be interested in life for life. He was the first American. He may be the best American.
Tom Spalding, 47 - [12-04-2004]

I love BF! He is so kewl!
rich mascera, 17, verona [12-04-2004]

I am studying him now in my research of elecricity! He is very exciting!
Harriet, 16 [12-04-2004]

benjamin was a great guy. he was famous.
megan, coleridge,ne [12-04-2004]

benjamin was the best without him we'd not have electricity Ben rocks! #1 sadie
sadie, coleridge,ne [12-04-2004]

ben.f is dumb as a rock.I am smarter than him.
nick, Lou,KY [12-04-2004]

lazaro sanches, austin texas [12-04-2004]

ben franklin rulesssssssss
Franco [12-04-2004]

candice [12-04-2004]

benjamin franklin is cool i learned a lot about him i think he should writing a lot he does .he is good writer. he is great at stuff.
megan, coleridge,ne [12-04-2004]

he was a great guy thanks to him we have electricity ben your #1 sadie
sadie, coleridge,ne [12-04-2004]

Hey Hey Hey everyone i have to take a journey through Benjamin Franklins life if you guys could help that would be terrific!
Amber, 15yrs.old Huntington W.V [12-04-2004]

ben fraklin is the coolest dude eva
bob [12-04-2004]

thank you for simding your naced pic thank you evry thang
Shelly [12-04-2004]

really good site. i enjoyed it very much! very educational!
Amber Plants, 15 yrs.old [12-04-2004]

Ben frankiln was a very good and great man and he heled us a lot in life .Like he helped get electric so we wantn't have to keep on going to the store to buy candles and wasting our and/or your money.So thats why I love Ben Franklin!
Chalandra-Renee' Stewart, 10 Radcliff,KY [12-04-2004]

this site really helped me on my essay. it had a lot of imformation i needed to answer the givin questions and helped a lot on his early years and where and when he was born. thanks so much 4 the help! Ambercheyanne
amber hernandez, 14, oaks middle school, ontario california [12-04-2004]

i dontknow what benjamin franklin has inveted but i sure do know that he was a great man u can tell by the look on his face and the way people talk about him!send me a copy of an auto graph of him please!thanx!
farah suleman, leicester, 11 years old [12-04-2004]

I have been involved in a study of this great writer. He is both inspirational and witty. I only hope to be able to follow his wisdom.
Deborah Midkiff, published author, journeyman machinist, grandmother [12-03-2004]

brenda jackson, im 11 yrs old [12-03-2004]

meghan [12-03-2004]

lilly [12-03-2004]

Still a marvel in this day and age.Along with our other forefather's.The youth of america could learn so much from this humanitarian and steadfast Patriot.SEMPER FI.
Paul David Grabowski, Phila.Pa. 41yrs. of age U.S.Marine [12-03-2004]

he is a good person
john, 12 [12-03-2004]

john, 12 [12-03-2004]

i just like him i invented many things such as the fridge or soler cars
mr jarvis, age 101 [12-02-2004]

I think that website is the best one.
Stephanie [12-02-2004]

this is a great program and it helped me learn a lot. This really taught me about Franklin. I have a test on him and this helped me out.
jABRIE THOMAS, 9,columbus [12-02-2004]

Looking up school info.
mary clark, Ekron, KY [12-02-2004]

dani clark [12-02-2004]

Jessica Martinez [12-02-2004]

isaac [12-02-2004]

never mind
mckenzie [12-02-2004]

dan [12-02-2004]

I just woke up from a dream that Ben Franklin and Leonardo da Vinci were having a conversation about their inventions. Ben had all the best lines and I woke up laughing.
Diana Nolen, Tacoma, WA - retired, 75yrs old [12-02-2004]

i need a timeline
chantel ferreiras, new jersey [12-02-2004]

on your timeline it says that in 1727 or 1728 Franklin had an "affair" with some woman. Who was this woman? please e-mail me. with the answer
aj, 13 [12-02-2004]

ben you is the best man ever . you is a cool man when want to .you is so sexyyyyyyyyyyy man you is a nice inventor ben franklin. if you did not invented the electricity i would not see where i am going and where to go to get my stuff
Carlette Thompson, 10 years old live in andrews love u ben f [12-02-2004]

thompson [12-02-2004]

jobs of franklin
saul, franklin [12-02-2004]

i liked the activivty page
sherry [12-02-2004]

E=44/56/7hb5 Think on these things.
Neils Bohr impersonator, 35 [12-02-2004]

what does the british war look like
palak, the british war [12-02-2004]

This sites the best. I like to run short distance.
Bry/chicken, 14 [12-02-2004]

alicia ahuja [12-02-2004]

irina, charo [12-02-2004]

I think that Franklin was a brilent person and he deserves to have a day about him! If you read this if you could send me info about Franklin I would be happy Veronica
Veronica Mcelroy [12-01-2004]

I like him.
David Wilson [12-01-2004]

your site is asome
Tyler Hoops, 13, Green Bay [12-01-2004]

sara, 13 [11-08-2004]

hay i do all of my projects on ben he was a good man
latoyia, 11 ohio [11-08-2004]

shantel [11-08-2004]

Whoa...this dude is so totlly owsome. i want to invent electricty. man i wish i was him. but i like my body better
Seth, I live in Calforna [11-07-2004]

I learned so much for my history project. Thanks a lot. I'm a procrastinator and I needed to get this project done this weekend and I got it done in one night thanks to you guys. You're great. Oh yeah...I actually learned something!
Amber, 15 [11-07-2004]

rhiannon [11-07-2004]

I recently learned that Ben is my 2nd cousin, 7 times removed. So, now I have a renewed interest in learning about Ben. Plus I am interested in obtaining a CD or VHS tapes on Ben for my children & grandchildren. Thanks. .._.
Frederick V. Fuller, Wayne, NY [11-07-2004]

Since I read Franklin's biography some 40 years ago, in my opinion Benjamin Franklin is the most outstanding man ever lived on Earth.
Helen Doubravszky, 65 years old Hungarian [11-07-2004]

I am Benjamin franklin's great great great grandson. please call me on 0567 322 819, if you want to know more
Harry Franklin, 21yrs.old [11-07-2004]

harry Franklin [11-07-2004]

i though it needed more pictures. i think that because i am doing a project
Tasha, 11 clarkson ky [11-05-2004]

I think that Ben is the greatest man to walk the earth
Crissy [11-05-2004]

I would love to find someone who would talk with me about dear Ben Franklin. I love Ben Franklin xx!
Kathryn Theil, I am 46 years old [11-05-2004]

hey guys i'm hannah coker and i'm doin a report on benjamin is there any good info you have for me
Hannah [11-05-2004]

brittany nicole sayers/glisson, granddoughter [11-05-2004]

hes cool duuuuude
tess [11-05-2004]

ben is very smart
emily [11-05-2004]

I like your sight bu do you have any thing on his invetions or accomplishments. thank you!
Angela Frato, 14/deltona/FL. [11-04-2004]

NICE WEBSITE. I learned a lot.
Katherine, None [11-04-2004]

I think that he was a freat man.
Jennifer Vereen, no [11-04-2004]

michelle aleman, 15 texas [11-04-2004]

this is a cool site, i am doing a report over ben and this is a very good site to do it on
Dallas, 14 [11-04-2004]

this is a good site if you need any information on benjamin franklin!
Jessica Frazier, i am 13 [11-03-2004]

cameron [11-03-2004]

jasmine [11-03-2004]

i enjoy learning things about ben because it is intersting.
Danielle Brown, 13 charlotte i'm black [11-02-2004]

I know Ben was agreat guy and all, but now all i can say is he's a pain in the rear with all the homework i have on him
Tye Draggoo, Jonesville High Student [11-02-2004]

Cool Web Site. I come back soon.
weine [11-02-2004]

I had to do a 4 page report and give a 4 minute presentation on Benjamin Franklin and this site helped me out a ton! Thanks to all you people who made this website!
Caitlin, I am 14. [11-02-2004]

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shirley, sacramento, age:10 [10-27-2004]

B.F.-Our greatest philosopher and most distinguished American!
Roly, 34, Miami [10-27-2004]

I grew up all over the country, but consider myself to be from Pittsburgh, PA, where I spent more time than elsewhere. I read "Ben and Me," by Robert Lawson, when I was ten, and loved it. Franklin was a genius non pareil, and I will be featuring him in a lesson plan I will give to some fourth grade students here in Louisiana. He truly was an "electrifying" person! Thanks for a wonderful website. Sincerely, Ann Flynt
Ann Flynt, Lake Charles, LA [10-27-2004]

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Mary Jane Kinney [10-24-2004]

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Yvonne Gervais, 50+, Jacksonville, FL [10-24-2004]

Only if i could meet Franklin! Can you tell me about any book i could read about him because he and i have more in common then i my self thought! :)
Alex, 13 [10-22-2004]

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Dorothy Davis, 15 [10-22-2004]

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Gerardo Arias, Agricultural Research, PhD Munich, age 68 [10-22-2004]

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William Benjamin Franklin, age2/19/32 born O'Donell Texas [10-22-2004]

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Scott Michael Scherer, Doing a Semester Report on Benjamemen Franklin. [10-06-2004]

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Marian Zhang, English teacher in Tianjin,China [10-04-2004]

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Kimberly [09-19-2004]

if we had more people in public office like ben, we'd be in a lot better shape as a country. we need fewer politicians and more citizens, and ben knew this as well as anyone. that most americans know only that he flew a kite in a storm, was a printer and is on the $100 bill is sad.
david, old enough, nearby, &c. [09-16-2004]

Ben Franklin is owed his dues, of course. However, I'm disappointed by the pervasive myth that he flew a kite in a thunderstorm! Franklin knew he could recharge his "Leyden jars" on a clear day. 300,000 volts of potential exists between sky & ground. I am also saddened at the article talking about "flow theory" & in particular, that you perpetuate the myth that electrons "flow" [they don't; they 'bump] and that the "flow is from positive to negative. It's the other way around. Proof? Negatively charged items have an excess of electrons; positively charged items are "ionized": electrons are stripped from the valence ring: there is an absence of electrons. Therefore, current flow is always from negative to positive. A cathode is negative; the anode is positive. Respectfully submitted.
Brian Gemmell, Adult Male [09-16-2004]

It appears to me that Ben's gout may have been a combination of lead poisoning from his printing days and his love of over indulging in the wrong kinds of food. Alas, if I can live to 84 eating as he does.
Larry Pennie, Ben Franklin impersonator [09-16-2004]

This helped with my report at school.
Samantha [09-16-2004]

Ben Franklin....what a man. He was an intellectual to envy and admire.
nida, 18, PennStateUniversity, PA [09-16-2004]

David Nissley [09-16-2004]

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kyle allen, no [09-16-2004]

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Jeremy Koontz, 84 yrs. [09-16-2004]

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Drew [09-16-2004]

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its a good website but it could be better, see i am writing a report on him and i need info on how he changed history. oh and add a quiz
Daiv [09-16-2004]

Benjamin Franklin is a genius and he was a great contributor to journalism.
Chelsey, 15 [09-16-2004]

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Breann Cockburn [09-16-2004]

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Logan [09-16-2004]

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Gorakh Mehan, Age: 9 [09-15-2004]

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desti [09-15-2004]

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Jamie Lee, 11 yrs., Franklin, Mass. [09-06-2004]

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Shelly, none [08-25-2004]

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Karen E. Whitley, 41 years of age, live in Baltimore, Md [08-21-2004]

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Eileen Bergeron, Boston area [07-31-2004]

anonymous [07-31-2004]

I research your site for a term paper and never new that there was so much about Benjamin Franklin. It seems that there aren't men like him these days. I'd vote for him for president.
John, Shreveport, LA [07-31-2004]

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I enjoy your information, and I tell everyone who is interested in Ben Franklin to go to this site. It would be great to have all of the individuals who portray Ben to come together for a Grand gathering. That would be fantastic, entertaining and amazing. Thank you. Paul R. Stillman
Paul R Stillman, 58 Cameron Mills, NY Portraying young and old Ben for the past 18+ years doing science experiments from the 18th century, talking of Ben's life in the first peson, and playing my glass "Armonica" for over hundreds of thousands throughout the eastern United States [07-25-2004]

I thought there was a quote from Franklin about writing and speaking like "Write like a scholar, but speak on the level of your audience". Any idea if it was Franklin who said this?
Chris Donahue [07-25-2004]

when did benjamin franklin die?
rosie, 78 [07-25-2004]

Thanks for the information :)
Phil [07-25-2004]

jboy, makati [07-25-2004]

Allen [07-25-2004]

It seems very sad to me that Ben and his son never reconciled their differences enough to resume the normal father-son relationship they had when William was growing up. Considering their opposing political beliefs at the time I suppose reconciliation was out of the question and that not even Temple was able to bridge the gap between his father and grandfather.
Miles A., Brumberg, DO, South Jersey [07-25-2004]

I've been a Ben Franklin fan ever since I was a kid and I discovered that I was born on his 250th birthday. As the years pass, I still admire him as a brilliant man who knew how important it was to have fun!
Anne, Fairfax, VA [07-25-2004]

Excellent site, very educational
Glenn, Panama City, Fl [07-25-2004]

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Angela Taggart, 47 year old youth nieghborhood youth leader, youth advocate, Sunday school teacher and special education teacher (certified) [07-25-2004]

This website has a vast range of informatiuon that came in handy to my assignment.Benjamin Franklin was a very talented man and i give him all the credit in the world thankx
sky, 15 years old [06-30-2004]

Found this clipping in an outdated history book of mine, that my mother clipped out of The San Diego Union on Jan. 7, 1973. HISTORY REWRITTEN Was Ben Franklin Spy For British? Tampa, Fla. (UPI) - Ben Franklin, recorded in American history as a founding father, may have actually been a double agent for England during the Revolutionary War, an historian at the University of South Florida believes. "The facts strongly indicate he was a sub rosa agent for England," said Cecil B. Currey in a recently published book titled "Code 72 - Ben Franklin Patriot or Spy?" Curry, who has written a prior book on Franklin, said research into previously unrevealed areas of Franklin's life have brought out information indicating Franklin played both sides of the fence in his dealings during the war in an apparent move to come out ahead, whoever won. NO INTENT TO DEFAME "I did not write this to defame or hurt the man," Currey said. "I actually like the old gentleman. But this is a portion of his life no one has seen fit to treat. "If he was not guilty of treason he was at least guilty of malfeasance and misfeasance in the way he ran the American Mission in France so that none of our secrets was safe. It was dereliction of duty," Currey said. Currey said research of documents in the French and British archives produced material indicating Franklin was an agent for the British under the code "Number 72." DOCUMENT FOUND He said he found documents indicating that while Franklin was ambassador to France he worked hand-in-hand with Edward Bancroft, a known British agent. Currey said Franklin was a known land speculator, as were many public officials in the American colonies, and that he kept stock in a British land cmpany throughout the Revolutionary War. "The only way he could have profited from it would have been had the British won," Currey said. WROTE OWN HISTORY Currey says Franklin was a genius - "An American Da Vinci" - and not a man who would have unknowingly fallen into a conflict of interest. Currey said one reason Franklin has been portrayed throughout history as a super-patriot was because he outlived all of his contemporaries. "He wrote his own history," Currey said. "Almost alone among the nation's great leaders, he has not been subjected to a critical study." INFORMATION REVEALED Currey said documents showed the British got sailing dates of American vessels, as well as other confidential inside information, and that Franklin engaged in privateering and war profiteering. Currey said documents also show that Franklin associated with and defended men known to be opposed to the cause of the colonies and took those persons into the American mission as friends and employees. "Benjamin Franklin not only knew of the nest of British secret service agents operating out of his home in Passy, but actively participated, at least periodically, with them in their work, while all the time overtly maintaining a stance of loyalty toward America," Currey said.
~Virginia [06-30-2004]

melvin [06-30-2004]

rodina mateo, 39, philippines [06-24-2004]

rafael, dallas texas [06-20-2004]

I think that Franklin is great because he discover electricity and that's good and he is very smart like me.
Mindy, 9years-old i live in Portland [06-20-2004]

JohnG.Milot, 50 Yrs Old Franklin Ma. [06-20-2004]

It was good to read the Declaration of Independence again. We had to memorize it in Junior High School.
John Conger, age 49. South Prairie, Wa. [06-20-2004]

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kyle knief, 19 [06-14-2004]

Hello! I was at an estate sale today here in Portland OR. and the wife of the estate was a decendent of Ben Franklin. I was luckey enough to end up with the family Bible which was published in 1855. The section that has room for births & deaths has many references to the "Franklin name" I see "Ben" (1843-1846), "Josiah"(1816-1898), "Sarah"(1813-1879), & "Mary"(1860-?) on the Franklin side, and it also shows "Moody's", "Buff's", & "Hicklin's" I also has some recent (late 1800's) information on "Ben Mallory" If anyone has any information that might help me tie this Bible back to Ben Franklin, I would be thankful for a quick note. Thanks! -Russ rflynn8255@juno.com
Russell Flynn [06-14-2004]

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Rebekah velazquez, 9 years old. 6-10-04 [06-10-2004]

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zeke Arriola [05-08-2004]

I am related to ben Franklin and i think what he did is really cool. He is my distant uncle. Seriously!
Ryan, none [05-08-2004]

Benjamin Franklin is the most awesome guy to have ever lived. Even though laughed at by peers, I'm gonna keep getting the word out about franklin and how cool he is. Benjamin Franklin totally RULES!
Cynthia Hites, I live in the most southwesterly city in the continental USA [05-08-2004]

Hi. I'm associate editor of AppleSeeds Magazine, a social studies magazine for young elementary kids. Our December, '04 issue is on Ben Franklin, and I discovered your fun, informative website while doing some fact-checking research on Ben. Thanks for a great site! We might be in touch regarding using one or more of the photos you have in your picture gallery.
Annabel Wildrick, gloucester,mass [05-08-2004]

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Tyler Morris, 10 years old; live in Fitzgerald, GA, USA; go to Ben Hill Elementary school in fourth grade; doing this for extra credit. [05-01-2004]

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Elianet, 11 [05-01-2004]

Ryan [04-29-2004]

I think that ben franklin is so amazing the stuff he did. Their are many ouets that he said. but their are some that really cought my eye. Their were: Better said than better done,hunger is the best pickle. I also like ben franklin because he created the lightning rod. That device saves many many many many family in the USA alone. I don't know if i have one at my house or not but i am pretty sure i do. so that is good.
Kaitlyn Daisher, none [04-29-2004]

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Sonja, Northern Nevada [04-20-2004]

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Ana Le, 11 year old live in boston,mass [04-08-2004]

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Shorty, 12 years old [04-08-2004]

I am interested in finding a picture of Franklin's speach at the signing of the Constitution. It begans with "I have lived a long time sir" I don't remember the rest of it. Can you help me? Thanks
O.D. Cooper [04-08-2004]

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Joy Patchell, I was born and raised in Philly -- have lived in central rural PA for 7 years now. Homeschool my daughter who is in 3rd grade. [03-31-2004]

I enjoyed your sight & used the extensive references. Will be looking forward to seeing Ben's new online movie.
gina boland, title 1 reading teacher [03-31-2004]

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Emily, 11 yrs. old [03-31-2004]

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Dillion, 12 Loveland [03-31-2004]

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Bob Aborn, age 65 [03-31-2004]

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Larry Moore, age-59, Lake Placid, NY [03-28-2004]

is there any other information besides whats already here?
Nick Stover, I don`t know [03-28-2004]

bob, 45 [03-28-2004]

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Viktor [03-28-2004]

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I have been searching to see if I am a decendant of the Ben Franklin family.I am also an inventor with about 50 ideas.
Timothy Robert Franklin [03-21-2004]

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kaylie, 11 [03-21-2004]

Linda [03-21-2004]

Where can I find the complete text of Franklin's letter to Josiah Quincy, 1773?
John Harper [03-21-2004]

That is scarey that he was born on the 17th and died on the 17th but, in a different mouth.
Bryan Mettler, 15 years old, Gibson City, IL [03-21-2004]

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ashley [03-21-2004]

Josh, age 11, Linwood [03-21-2004]

I think that you should have more pictures of Ben Franklin and his inventions like the stove.
Luis [03-21-2004]

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anonymous, 29 years [03-21-2004]

I'm doing a project about Benjamin Franklin and getting most of his life, (which I found out it's quite a lot), going to your site was quite helpful and I didn't find it that boring (no offence). Thanks for the info.
Elaine, age 12, Melbourne [03-21-2004]

I am reading Isaacson's bio of Ben. I'm originally from Phila. and Ben was always my hero. Shocked to discover that anti-semites have "used" him for their nefarious lies.
Rabbi Simcha Freedman [03-21-2004]

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Courtney, 8 years old [03-21-2004]

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christine morgan, 14,ridgecest,ca [03-21-2004]

Great site. I really enjoyed it. I was born 246 years to the day after Ben. He's my Hero.
Andrew R. Hric, Born Jan 17, 1952 [03-12-2004]

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robert montz, 10 [03-12-2004]

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Arianna Roberson, Harrisburg, Pa 16 yrs. [03-12-2004]

celia [03-12-2004]

Franklin was the great commoner who defined the American dream of being able to cross social and economical boundaries based on merit and strength of thought. Current day politicians would do well to study Franklin's thoughts on public good and his enduring contributions to modern day America.
Bill Edwards, Age 47, Viola, KS [03-12-2004]

Linda Maglio, Memphis, TN 38125 [03-12-2004]

i think you should do a shorter biorgraphy becuase if people were researching him they need more time to RESEARCH?!
andrea [03-09-2004]

Andrea Lynn+ [03-09-2004]

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Drew Barker, 11 years old, I live in Lenox, IA [03-09-2004]

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kaitie, i'm 11 [03-09-2004]

I love wise quotes. Ben Franklin certainly wrote a lot of them. Thanks for this site.
Robin Neff, Ohio [03-07-2004]

Are you still planning on having the video streaming? It is now 2004 not 1999.
Becky [03-07-2004]

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Amanda [03-04-2004]

This website is a wonderful resource for anyone who would like to know more about this extraordinary man. I had to write a research report on BF, and this site helped me a great deal! Thanks so much for everything and keep up the great work! : )
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Samantha DeVries, 15 staunton illinos [03-04-2004]

Luis A. Melendez, I came here because I need help... I need to find who invented electricity but my proffesor said that he was black and it was in the timeline Before Christ ( B. C.) [03-04-2004]

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I almost died when electromagnetic fields from my cell phone were against my head with mercury in my teeth and mercury from my vaccines. I appreciate the works of Benjamin Franklin and I'm glad that you are remembering him for his achievements and contributions to the human race. I hope his works make even more people aware of dangers going on in today's world. Sincerely, Debbie Bevel www.cherishyourhealth.com
Debbie Bevel, Dangers of Mercury and EMF's [03-03-2004]

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Kali Garrett, 9,San Diego,Ca. [02-25-2004]

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Matt, 12 [02-25-2004]

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Megan Low, 11,iLive in Lochgelly Fife Scotland [02-25-2004]

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Rebecca Claire, Northridge, California [02-25-2004]

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cassandra [02-25-2004]

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Lizzie, in 5th grade [02-19-2004]

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Benjamin Franklin was a hero to all americans today.
Eric Keith, Age:14 [02-17-2004]

He's my favorite American hero. I grew up believing that he was a man of ALL traits...and a MASTER of all. As I advance in learning, the more I discover this to be true.
Caridad M. Junio, Lawyer from Manila, Philippines [02-15-2004]

what did he use to discover eiecticity
Benjamin Gjerdahl, 9 mib [02-15-2004]

tyler elliott [02-14-2004]

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Alexis Washington, 6 [02-14-2004]

To see Ben Fraklin's house?
Jalisa Burney, none [02-12-2004]

Jalisa Burney [02-12-2004]

I think that eletricity was found in 1600bc
caren [02-12-2004]

Franklin was a great inspiration!
Ezette, fourteen and from S.A [02-12-2004]

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bobbi-jo [02-11-2004]

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Ryan Antoshkiw, Wakaw, Sask, Canada [02-11-2004]

We are studing about electric and I wanted to know all about what Mr. Franklin did in his younger day and what he evented.
Eva Holmes, I'm 11 old I'm from Dayton, Texas [02-10-2004]

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helped me see so many parts of his life I did not know about
ben yatsu, 8 yrs, austin, TX [02-08-2004]

very usefeul for school reports. as a parent am surprised myself to be so interested in the reading material.
Tracie C [02-07-2004]

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nasrin, Chicago,IL [02-07-2004]

Thanks for the info on Ben, It was used for my history homework :)
Jennifer M Moreno, Camp Zama Japan [02-07-2004]

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Virginia Powell, I am 16 years old. [02-07-2004]

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Becky [02-07-2004]

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jordan [02-07-2004]

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Tiera Williams, 13year ohio [02-07-2004]

I have always enjoyed reading about Ben Franklin. He was a great and gifted man. We should all learn the virtures of B.F.
Barbara J. Evans, retiree, Chicago [02-07-2004]

I like Ben Franklin, especially his diplomatic and scientific skills. Along the walkway at University of Pennsylvania is his informal monument showing Ben Franklin sitting down on the bench, ready to talk or listen, indeed ... and somebody can sit down on his bench and "listen to Ben Franklin story, or ask for his advice", or ask your friends to make you a picture with this great statesman.
Kristof Teski, Shamong, NJ [02-07-2004]

i think ben did a great thing.i love cluey y'all!
becky, 14,nowheresville [02-07-2004]

shal [02-07-2004]

He was a remarkable man and a great American. We should all strive to make similar contributions to our country and the world.
Becky Dougherty [02-07-2004]

shamoya, jade [02-07-2004]

no i dont
aisha muhammaad, no [02-07-2004]

Jordon [02-07-2004]

sonia nunez [02-07-2004]

Ilike Bengamin Franklin
whittany, 12 Marion [02-03-2004]

can i see a picture of ben franklin.
Adam, 24 [02-03-2004]

I think Franklin was a great man.I mean without electricity i wouldn't be sitten here lookn for info to do on my Ben Franklin report. LOL!
lil' soup [02-03-2004]

Hi I'm me, mgf [02-03-2004]

i think that benjamin is an awesome man. he was a great inventor i really like that idea of electricity ( i would die with out it.)
lisa, murfreesboro, tn 11 [02-03-2004]

geir ander [02-02-2004]

Benjamin is my mentor indeed. I must die empty. I must not leave this Earth without impacting my generation. Today am reading about Ben. soon millions will crave to read and write about me.
dele-afolabi Oni, Lagos, Nigeria, [01-31-2004]

I'm the futher president of the unites states of america
William E. Gates, 17,mansfield,ar [01-31-2004]

kori shipp, 11 chatt [01-31-2004]

he is so smart
alina [01-29-2004]

yusuf [01-29-2004]

Cboy [01-29-2004]

Sam [01-28-2004]

taylor [01-28-2004]

I am doing a reseach project on Benjamin Franklin. I picked benjamin Franklin for my project because he is a great inventor. with out him we would not have elctricity.
Yevonna Fish, Holbook,Arizona [01-27-2004]

I LOVE light bulbs! From, Me
Roo [01-27-2004]

He's cool!
Steve-o 1O2 [01-27-2004]

i like this sight alought because it tells you about history.
hali atkinson, 10 [01-26-2004]

deb [01-26-2004]

I also really l;ike your site because it is different than others!
Brittani [01-25-2004]

You helped me with a project
Classifed Name, None [01-25-2004]

More facts!
Steven Kosciusko, Age: 12 [01-25-2004]

Thanks to all who worked so diligently and made ths site possibly.
CC J WIlliams [01-25-2004]

ben is cool
walt, 9 indy [01-25-2004]

This site is awsome we(my son and I)went to this site for a school project.This site has neat things.
Tina Duncan, 34,Morganfield,Ky, [01-25-2004]

thanks for the electric ben!
melana, i am 11 years old and im in 5th grade [01-25-2004]

Visited Ben's Philadelphia in September 03 and got interested in learning about one of the greatest human beings of all time ! This site is awesome.
Ketan Shah, Calicut, India [01-25-2004]

i like this web seit because it helps me do my biogerghy
alyson, i am 10 years old [01-25-2004]

I want to know more about you and how you got famous.....................?
Misty Nelson, I am 12, and I want to know how you do all that hard/ long work???? [01-25-2004]

see what i can get off the soap .com
shenquie adkoson, 12 mansfield ohio [01-25-2004]

I thoutht that Frankln made his printer
sandra, 9 hb [01-25-2004]

i think you should have a search section and when someone asks a question you have an answer right away so people arnt up till 11 oclock doin home work!
Elise [01-25-2004]

cortney [01-25-2004]

needs to be able to find info
Jessie Morey, 1 517 651 9026 [01-25-2004]

Sandra M Lloyd [01-25-2004]

i like jesse
Katelyn Hall, 10 [01-25-2004]

I think that benjamin was a very wise, smart, kind man.
aidan, 11, wa [01-25-2004]

bobb huh dub [01-25-2004]

I am doing a report on Benjamin and that is why I' am here. well Cya Autumn
Autumn Thompson [01-25-2004]

I thought it was a good site to visit. I just think that the information should be more accessible. Kind of like Ask Jeeves but you all have a variety of more information.
Rashanna Cephas., 13, Aviano Italy [01-25-2004]

it helped me with my science report
Big T [01-25-2004]

heej . ja hoppas du lever !
Urban, city [01-25-2004]

One of the most admirable men to ever draw breath. You have done a great job interpreting his life and deeds, keep up the good work.
Robert M. Edgerly, 49 years young [01-25-2004]

He was very statemen in his times and today times he was a great inventor and great postmaster
Jay Ehrenfeld, 40 yrs [01-25-2004]

Ben Franklin along with our Founding Fathers set a principle of ethics - one was how to articulate and communicate. Abraham Lincoln followed suit, as did FDR JFK. We need more of this today. jft
JoAnn T. Travers [01-25-2004]

History and Political Science major. Berkley GRADUATE AND I love Historical events and of course this was very exciting and uplifting. I just finish a book on Benjamin in Paris.
Clara D. Briant, Hinesville, Ga. 31313 [01-25-2004]

great website and information
b j evans, 67yrs, chicago, retired teacher [01-25-2004]

Walter S McDanel, Enjoy History [01-25-2004]

This is a very nice site.I hope other people will like it too. I live in Arlington,Texas.
Amber Blakely, I'm 10 years old [01-25-2004]

Mallory, 9 I'm from Ohio [01-25-2004]

i think its cccccoooollll
ashley [01-25-2004]

ben franklin is cool i like him
sarah bennett, agency [01-25-2004]

Iam just a funloving person who likes to play games.
James Marticello, my age is 60 Fresno Ca. [01-25-2004]

i think he was very intresting
anonymous, 12 [01-25-2004]

george, 16 poole [01-25-2004]

it's tight about benji and all they have some good info well im doing a project of electrcity and i get some info here!it's all about benji.franklin
MaRlEnY, jan.14,2004 [01-25-2004]

hi kool
david [01-25-2004]

I was looking for a proverb that begins "an hour's worth of work" and means that you can work through feeling crummy. Anyone know it?
Susan [01-25-2004]

ben franklin was a great man. He was very brave and will will be rembered forever.
Tonya, 12 pa [01-25-2004]

I love u
Tiffney Cleaver, 15 Kenshoa wyscon [01-25-2004]

Hey mom I love u me and Brooke r studying ben franklin and signing his guest book. I m at school
mary jo [01-25-2004]

Lucas Schmeichel [01-25-2004]

Hey mom I m at school Ben was a brave man though. we are studying him.
brooke [01-25-2004]

Ben Franklin was a brave man
alina cagle [01-25-2004]

Ben Franklin was a brave man!
brooke [01-25-2004]

Your web site is o.k. Butif you wanted to write about is inevntions, you cant find much here. He was a great man and revolutionized the way we live today. You should mention that more
Kirstyn, 14yrs. old go to Cooley Middle School [01-25-2004]

Benjamin Franklin was a really great man. In my opinion he revolutionized the way we live today
Kirstyn [01-25-2004]

Mckinnon, Mckinnon [01-25-2004]

you are the best of the best franklin
Lonnie K Williams, 15,jones, Mi [01-25-2004]

jamie vercruyssen [01-25-2004]

Franklin is one of the greatest men to set foot on earth.
Manoj Kondrakunta [01-25-2004]

noel [01-25-2004]

scott [01-25-2004]

wow he really was boring and yet he is hot and so is neury
danielle [01-25-2004]

Anthony Yacobozzi [01-25-2004]

you need to put info on the page
vanessa [01-25-2004]

david [01-25-2004]

this website is very cool there is so much information to look at
shelby, 13 okc [01-25-2004]

make it more interesting.
Nicole Morency, age 10 [01-25-2004]

i want something about electricity for my science fair project for jr. high
ashli, 12, newport [01-25-2004]

Hi ppl lol
Kasia, Wallington [01-25-2004]

So glad I finally found this.
Karen Miller [01-25-2004]

Jackie, age 13 [01-25-2004]

this website is sooooo helpful.i needed stuff about him and i got it.could you list about his kids and family more.other than that you guys rule!
kate, wisconsin [01-25-2004]

Wow, what a nice biography! Very well outlined & presented. Thanks!
Mirek [01-25-2004]

I thought that it was a great Idea
rashad, 17 [01-25-2004]

can anyone tell me where to find information including pictures of the orignal franklin stove
teresa [01-25-2004]

i really like this site
Rita Curry, Cincinnati Ohio [01-25-2004]

This website was great! I got a lot of information on Benjamin Franklin that I needed for school. I really appreciate the work that you have done.
Researcher [01-25-2004]

pavan [01-25-2004]

im doing a research on ben and its very fascinating and wonderful!
rachael campbell, Idabel Oklahoma 74745 [01-25-2004]

What did he invent?
anonymous [01-25-2004]

Lyera [01-25-2004]

when invent
Eitan, 8 years old [01-25-2004]

I loved this site
Renee, age 11 6th grade [01-25-2004]

hi guy that made light
jordan [01-25-2004]

I was doing an esay on Ben Franklin. This website helped a LOT. Thank you very much.
Nancy Wang, I am 11 years old. [01-25-2004]

I think Ben rocks! And If ya can I need to know Ben's middle name.
Tiffany R., 10, 1-5-04 [01-25-2004]

It is a pleasure that you made electricity.
Austin, 10 Ky [01-25-2004]

Nathan [01-25-2004]

Thank you for this wonderful site. I am a homeschool mother and this site seems to be exactly what I am looking for! Thank you!
Bridget [01-25-2004]

i think it was coool cuz he could of died man
John Doe, 55 Floridxa [01-25-2004]

This site isnt at all what I need. Would u consider adding a topic like"Inventions" or something like that. I needed to find his inventions. If u add it I would soooo appreciate it. Just like add all (or some) of his inventions,tell what they do,and why he made them. Please e-mail me back. I really need that. Thank-you!
Rachel [01-04-2004]

very good info - will use it for my son's homeschooling. thanks
m [01-04-2004]

Very nice and useful website. Please visit my website. Happy New Year! :)
Webmaestro, Miami,Florida [01-04-2004]

i think this is a great website but it is kind of hard to find any books that i could purchase.
anonymous [01-04-2004]

You have too much information on one page, you need to spread your information out more, make the site so kids can read it and us grown-up can enjoy it too.
Colleen, I'm related to Hugh Meredith! [01-04-2004]

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