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Eletricity is the greatest invention of our time
pardon, 25yrs lagos nigeria [12-27-2003]

Aly Ruder [12-27-2003]

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stasik, poland [12-21-2003]

illuminaton rules of electrical project for graduation project
bahadir, 25, turkey [12-21-2003]

you need more info about what did he envent besides eletricity
ziggy, 13 [12-21-2003]

I really like your webpage! I think a lot of kids will enjoy comind here to study for tests and rely on your facts--I know I will!
Emily, I am 11 y. old. [12-21-2003]

i like this place it got me a 100 in socail studies
kyle, 14 years old [12-21-2003]

michael anidi, 15 [12-21-2003]

the perfect site for my research. this contains the kite experiment. all i need for my research.
Jejomar Bongat, 10 y/o; 5th Grade; from Manila, Philippines [12-15-2003]

nathan thomson [12-14-2003]

I had a project on Ben Fraqnklin and this project had everything I needed.
Ky [12-14-2003]

Franklin made a name for himself without becoming president and blazed his own trail his whole life,and that truly is remarkable!
Stephanie Lally [12-14-2003]

I am looking for a quote from Franklin regarding political correctness. I can't remember the exact quote but it involved the idea of being restrainted in conversations so much that it would cause the lack of free thought,and free speech. Can anyone find that quote or statement from him? etc.
George Eaton, age 51, Sallisaw, OK. [12-14-2003]

I was just wondering if Ben Franklin, the post office and electricity have to do with each other.
optimo stacz, 25, Los Angeles [12-14-2003]

Hi im whitney from texas and i needed to no when ben invented some things thanks
Whit [12-14-2003]

Great site thanks so much for the hard work.
Richard Horne, Army Reservist at Camp Victory, Kuwait [12-11-2003]

Your timeline helped me so much for a school report. Thank you! It might be a little helpful to have a few more inventions on there. Great sight! Thanks! ~Rose~
Rose Baldino, age 13, PA [12-11-2003]

I think ben was a very awsome guy and should come back to life ;o)!
brittany [12-11-2003]

amy dubois [12-11-2003]

Ben Franklin was cool. He got shocked with a kite. He is awesome. Remember Jesus loves you.
Bob Gumpa, ct [12-11-2003]

I love Benjamin Franklin! :)
Chloe, Green River, Wyoming 14 [12-11-2003]

Miranda, 12 7th grade [12-11-2003]

ashley [12-11-2003]

I recently finished narrating Walter Isaacson's book for the Library of Congress service for the blind and physically handicapped. I hope it will add to readership/listenership of that wonderful man.
Theodore L Stoddard [12-10-2003]

i really need some info on ben franklin for my 6 grade english project i am doing a autobiography on him
Denae [12-10-2003]

I think Ben Franklin was a very good guy because he invented a lot and he droped out of school and taught his self and that he was also a good writter, and he also invented bars of soap. He also did a book on his life and that was a very smart thing to do. These are my thoughts.
Amber, I am 14 [12-10-2003]

christopher [12-10-2003]

very nice site about ben ill come back a lot more than one time! Thanks, Morgan
morgan [12-10-2003]

nice site!
kyle sullivan [12-10-2003]

Hey, this site looks good! http://www.mediasparc.com
David Boon [12-10-2003]

i hate history
dawaunna taylor, st.loius [12-10-2003]

I found this site very helpign and understanding. It gave a lot of info, but I think it MAY need more pictures.
Rebbeca, 14/ fritch,Tx [12-10-2003]

bob davey [12-10-2003]

He is a very intelegant man he is my hero
Kevin, kevin moo u [12-10-2003]

justin [12-10-2003]

I ma doing a resaerch paper for my Engish class and I thought this site helped me out tremendously.
anonymous [12-10-2003]

i would like if you can writ to me backto happy new year.
Devin, 13 [12-10-2003]

ADAM Walker [12-10-2003]

This Web site helped me get an A on my project
Ethan [12-10-2003]

Franklin was very brave and persistant.
Jessica Parker, age 10, of Faiview Elem. [12-10-2003]

Christine Sherman, Charlottesville VA [12-10-2003]

I'm doing a report on benjamin franklin the scientist
maria [12-10-2003]

I like this web site gives good information
Latisa Brown, Palos Hills [12-10-2003]

Nikki, im 13 [12-10-2003]

This page is too long!
Haley, I am 9. [12-10-2003]

I think Benjamin Franklin was an interesting person but he had like nooo personal life. People only talk of his career. Helloooo A little more info
Rachelle [12-10-2003]

jojo anderson [12-10-2003]

very nice and did great
angelena [12-10-2003]

Hey there I would like you to teach me more about you guy to us well guess not to go so bye okay......
Syie lee, 13 year old Minnesota MN [12-10-2003]

he was brilliant!We owe him a lot
kimberly, age 12 phoenix origionally from ohio [12-10-2003]

I think Ben is a very Great man
Tyler Browne [12-10-2003]

On one of the entries I was reading It talks about her son and how he was doing a report and how you gave out great infomation.Well I am doing a report on Benjamin Franklin. Can you gi
Amanda molina, 1O yrs SAN BERNIDINO 8863022 CALIFORNIA [12-10-2003]

I am doing a report on Bengamin Franklin. Do you have any more infomatain on Ben
Amanda Molina [12-10-2003]

Lydia Marrero [12-10-2003]

i want6 to find inforamtion about ben Franklen
jamie ramsey, 12 [12-10-2003]

I think this sight will help me a lot. Thank You
brandon thompson, spartanburg SC [12-10-2003]

I am glad he invented the franklin stove.I haven't tried it,but it sounds nice.
Savannah, 9 CapeCoral Florida [12-10-2003]

alex mccooey [12-10-2003]

La Autobiografía de Ben me fue obsequiada por mi papá, cuando yo tenía 16 años. Fue maravillosa su lectura e influyó en mí. Los felicito y les agradezco por este servicio en pro de la humanidad, especialmente de la juventud que busca orientación vital
Antonio José Roa Cuca Leyvae, Bogotá, born 1957 [12-10-2003]

hi i've been doing a report on benny and i want to know his middle name if you know it what is it! ~*~*~*Tanya~*~*~*
tanya, 13 [12-10-2003]

I like it! I like it! It is COOL!
Bonziai King [12-10-2003]

Well that nice to know that Ben helped you with your guy problems.
Amy, 13 [12-10-2003]

Benjamin Franklin cheats on the checkers!
Nicole Blankenship, Texan Gurl! [12-10-2003]

I think the sight has a lot of information on America's past. It is wonderful how ou can share so many great things and places through the internet.! The on problem was it was a littleboring in my eyes but extremely educational!
ashley [12-10-2003]

I love Ben Franklin. I honestly think though that he should have changed his first name, I can't spell it!
Scott Hayes, 47, Anchorage AK [12-10-2003]

Very good on imforming me about Benjamin. I learned a lot that I didn't know and it really helped me on my report. Thanks!
Monique Smith, 18 Dunn NC [12-10-2003]

Adriana Gonzalez [12-10-2003]

roy ekelund jr., 14years old [12-10-2003]

jessica EAKINS [12-10-2003]

Really really cool
Taylor [12-10-2003]

can you give me pictures on Benjamin Franklin
Jenne, 10 It is a book report [11-30-2003]

iam doing a report on Benjamin Franklin
Brittany Norman, none [11-30-2003]

This website was AWSOME!I got all my information here but, it needs 2 or 3 more pictures other then that I LOVED my first time visit here!:)
Lizuly, 13 [11-30-2003]

Lizuly [11-30-2003]

I think there need to be more informational websites about Benjamin Franklin for people who are interesteda, and for people doing school projects. Hopefully, more will be added soon.
Amber, 13, Iowa [11-30-2003]

you have a nice website!but it needs more pictures
mel, 12 [11-29-2003]

imani, q3ew3 [11-27-2003]

I have no thout
Jade [11-27-2003]

Franklin is the MAN !
brownie, 16, Honolulu Hi [11-26-2003]

i need info for school project
emma, i like it [11-26-2003]

I have no thoughts
Niya, I'm 13 [11-26-2003]

this site rockss! i found so much info on ben! he is an amazine guy!
peter [11-26-2003]

dont send my messaagb'b
jordan, fortwoth 13 [11-25-2003]

Natgan Poot [11-25-2003]

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Stachu, poland [11-25-2003]

i really enjoy reading and learning about the facinating Benjamin Franklin
Aiden, 10, Overland Mo [11-25-2003]

Grey Reavis [11-25-2003]

jeeves need to tell me what year electricity was invented or the date or month
kaneshia baker, folkston ga [11-25-2003]

ben franklin is amazing without him we wouldn't have electricity
jessica [11-25-2003]

i think benjamin franklin is great if it weren't for him then we wouldn't be at home on computers or reading whith the light on we would have to wait until morning or light a candle that benjamins dad made but i am ust really happy that benjamin foud out how to make electricty sorry if i miss spell some of the word i tpye sooo fast i don't know what i'm typeing
lindsay hatton, city brunswick [11-25-2003]

Ahren, 11 years old [11-25-2003]

Ahren Tullo [11-25-2003]

do you have any info on ben only on electricity. if you do please e-mail me back
angelica almendarez [11-22-2003]

I am doing a project for school and I need info. on Ben Franklin.
Christian, 10 [11-22-2003]

he's so cool!
sarah [11-22-2003]

I love him! What an amazing man!
Hannah Speidel, I am a college student and I am writing my research paper on Ben Franklin [11-22-2003]

Gina Horner, Madson Heights Va [11-22-2003]

i think your website is very cool.
josh, age 10 [11-22-2003]

its good
ceystal, im 14 [11-17-2003]

Nice of you to share some info on B.F. I'm doing a report on him and I getting a lot of info here. TY. P.s. If anyone has any info on him, e-mail me!
Naaila, Age 12 Livin' in NYC! ETC...?? [11-17-2003]

this a very helpfull sight
bayli, 15 [11-17-2003]

Jessica [11-17-2003]

Ethan Kreifels, 13 years old [11-17-2003]

my thoughts are that we are lucky to have electricity and if it was'nt for him we would'nt have electricty
hailee, 12,easley sc [11-17-2003]

Ashlynn [11-17-2003]

khaled jarrah [11-17-2003]

Sara Murr [11-17-2003]

infact,i loved your website, it is very interestingmplease more grease to your elbows, thank you indeed. prince loman from south africa.
prince naham loman, malelane [11-17-2003]

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Peter, uk [11-11-2003]

Josh [11-11-2003]

i really like this website because when i need to know information i can always come here.
Latifah [11-11-2003]

jennifer ledman [11-10-2003]

Get Benjamin Franklin GAMES!
Rachael, 10 [11-10-2003]

Benjamin franklin was a very intelligent man. I love your website you have all the information that I needed.
Ashley Sansom, 12 Hosford FL [11-10-2003]

adam l. [11-10-2003]

You are the coolest dawg
Chris, 14,ca [11-10-2003]

I was Wondering was lighting the only think Ben discover?
Victoria, 16, New York [11-08-2003]

This is a pretty cool web site, It rocks!
Mikey S [11-08-2003]

Greetings, I just finished Walter Isaacson's touching portrait on BF. It is a book of great value and worth and I recommend it. I found this group mentioned in it and so looked you up. I am very intrigued and look forward to joining the group and discussing Msr. F. and his works with you. Sincerely, GregRobin. Seattle.
GregRobin Smith, Historical Presenter [11-08-2003]

Mr. Benjamin I didn't know that you had a daughter and a wife but now I know.
Eric Escobedo [11-08-2003]

He is a smart intellegent guy.
Morgan Cabrera, 13 yrs. old, Grand Rapids, 8th grader [11-08-2003]

I added this site to my favorites, I have to come back later and take a look araound. :-)
Wigbert, 39, Kiel, Germany [11-07-2003]

i need information
alex, 12 [11-07-2003]

he is really neat-o
kyle barlage [11-05-2003]

kool guy
Sophie [11-05-2003]

Great site. Thanks!
Mary Claire Klein [11-05-2003]

I am looking for a BF quote that talks about choosing an occupation doing something you love and the job will come naturally and the money will flow! Have you heard of it?
Lexa Kandola, Duxbury Independent School [11-05-2003]

I haven't read your page yet, but for me, Franklin was such a complex figure that everyboy knows something about him, but hardly anybody knows all about him. this should go a long way toward fixing that. Thanks
Frank DiSalle, New Rochelle NY [11-05-2003]

You provide many BF quotes, but they're not referenced. You need to also state in what work they appeared and the date. Quotes with no supporting information are highly suspect.
smiller [11-05-2003]

Benjamin Franklin -- like da Vinci, a renaissance man; unlike da Vinci, Franklin's inventions worked.
Patricia Evers, Philadelphia [11-05-2003]

corey [11-05-2003]

I Have To Do A Project On Him In Computer Class!
Kayla, Im From Middleton [11-05-2003]

Juha Tapio Maijala, Helsinki, Finland, Europe, Born 1962 [11-05-2003]

i thinkk he is cool and i am doing him for my histroy project
sara, 14 [11-03-2003]

really nice site! :)
judy [11-03-2003]

I am so glad that the founding fathers signed the declaration of independence. Because nowthat wehave the declaration of independence we are living better and having a better life.
Frelicia, 32 [10-31-2003]

I was wondering how many kids Franklin ol boy had and with how many women. Also, the source you found your info. Thanks a lot bye.
Christine, 17 [10-30-2003]

chase grant, sc [10-30-2003]

mitchell [10-30-2003]

in this website you said everything about ben franklin's philadelphia but what about ben franklin high school in philadelpia
shauna`, 18,philadelphia [10-30-2003]

i really like your site on benjamin franklin
durrall [10-30-2003]

Benjamin was a great person. he made things happen in his own way by invent things to him throught out life
LaQuitta Lasha Porter, 18-memphis [10-30-2003]

I think you should have a search.
Antoine, 10,Avondale [10-30-2003]

I think Ben Franklin was a great inventor.
Jennifer Cauthen [10-30-2003]

Ben Franklin is a person in history I would love to have known. What an interesting person he was. My husband "Benjamin Franklin Sanders" is named for his grandfather, who was named for the original- a fun fact to share with my students.
Nancy Sanders, government teacher, Sarasota, FL [10-30-2003]

I think that people took advantage of Ben's practical hard work. He was a very brilant man.
Andrea Washington, I live in Twenty nine palms CA [10-30-2003]

thanks this site helped me for school
john brown, 12 years [10-30-2003]

I have an interest in Franklin for many reasons; including his interest in broomcorn. Have added a link on my site. www.besombinder.com
Robert Aborn, Ellington, CT [10-30-2003]

i like ben franklins projects!
meghan, im 10 [10-30-2003]

I love digital history! Job well done. Is there a search engine capability for the autobiography? I surfed in through google but would like to search the site itself. Joanne
Joanne [10-30-2003]

really nice site! :)
judy, new york [10-30-2003]

Ben Franklin has always been my personal hero. Your website is delightful; I'm sure Ben would approve!
Eleanor Pickron, Philadelphia, PA [10-30-2003]

you are so cool dude.
audrey, 12 years [10-30-2003]

Cara, 14 [10-30-2003]

thx. for the info on benji. i am doing an essay on him and it was very useful.i did take the option of makin a bibiliography and including your information in it.
kate, vancouver [10-30-2003]

kate hartle, vancouver [10-30-2003]

Ben Franklin is on my list of people to meet when I go to heaven. I had to write a paper on him when I was in college, and found him a fascinating fellow!
MJ Levan, All grown up :), Cleveland, OH [10-30-2003]

facts about benjamin franklin
arika [10-30-2003]

Courtney Carra [10-30-2003]

The Autobiography is a gold treasure, every sentence worth in gold. I had read it however partly about 15 years ago and now with my personal computer i had just saved ever page of it thanks to your project and i am benefited enormously reading and reflecting and i feel i am indebted in great measure to you for making this available on net-jagannathan
jagannathan Seshadri, Age 40, Profession- Chartered Accountant [10-30-2003]

I am here so keep offfffffffffffffffff
kan, e-mail contact [10-30-2003]

rigo [10-30-2003]

This site has been useful to me because I needed to get an article or story on electricity for science class. The kite story is what I used.
Taryn Tenaglia, I2 years old/ Halifax PA [10-30-2003]

GREAT WEBSITE! THANKS for the valuable information. My 5th grade son will be able to use this information for a class project.
Gerry Morton [10-30-2003]

This is a swell website. One of the best!
Suzi- q, female [10-30-2003]

andrew kenlon, i'm 12, live in milsboro, de. [10-30-2003]

i think that someone else like this person could never been seen again, so im proud of being american and thanks to you about writting all those marvelous invents from ben ... good web page
Mario Alejandro, Nicaragua, im 18 [10-30-2003]

i think that if Ben Franklin had not did the kite Thomas Edison could not envent the light bulb
Christopher Maas, age 10 [10-30-2003]

i like this web site! kool kool!
marlee, paso! [10-30-2003]

do u even know what u are talking about in his bio it doesnt even tell when he discovers electricty.
joe [10-30-2003]

Thru my research I've found that my husbands family is not related to Ben franklin as believed for 100 years. I did find a president and a Nobel Prize winner. Not bad I'de say !
sandy Franklin, Colorado [10-30-2003]

I was able to do my school project using your site.. Thanks
Krystal Vobornik, 11years old Staten Island, New York [10-19-2003]

Thanks for a great website-. Our 5th grade students need a picture of Ben Franklin's home on Franklin St. in Philadelphia. Do you have one?
Jeralyn Prange [10-19-2003]

Well frist this isnt a tought I have questin in what year did Franklin invented electricity
Stacie Flores [10-19-2003]

this website is like the coolest ever!
rochelle meyer [10-16-2003]

Mandy, 14 [10-16-2003]

it is cool!
Theresa Rott, 14 Hickville Wisconsin [10-16-2003]

The greatest American
John Hopkins, Phila,Pa [10-16-2003]

hey im tryin to do a report on benjamin franklin i cant find anything that tells about his life u need to put his info like that on here
anonymous [10-16-2003]

i realy like this sight it is a realy big help for my paper thank you for this wonderful sight
melissa ahrens, 13 years old [10-16-2003]

nice job!
mikki [10-16-2003]

he's so awesome! i can't believe it! i also need good pictures of him, so i can print them out and use them in my report on him.
hayleigh, 11, mesa, az. [10-13-2003]

i think this is a great payge ohh la la YOU LOOK SEXY
steffi, i live in vancover i am 11 yrs old [10-12-2003]

alex aranki [10-12-2003]

can you tell me what was his child hood was like from the begin
arriana williams [10-12-2003]

sweet games. it needs chess!:)
mitch weindorf [10-12-2003]

totally kool site dude! i luv b.f
Lisa, im 15 and love benjamin franklin [10-12-2003]

ver nice site.... very imformative
Lisa, 15/student in sydney [10-12-2003]

hes a koo dude and hes an great role model!isnt he the 1 qho had the keyon the kite?
andrew [10-12-2003]

all good
clinton, age13 [10-12-2003]

thankx this site was a lot of help!
Niki, Va Beach!~! [10-12-2003]

do you know where i can get a picture of franklins swimfins?
sandee [10-12-2003]

Brandon Paul [10-12-2003]

This is a very helpful web site. Very user friendly and helped me with my lesson planning
Deborah Jay, A student in the education propram [10-12-2003]

rosa angelica [10-12-2003]

I came to your site for help for my history report for school.
Donna Skorulski, Iam 7 yrs old and live in North Pole AK [10-12-2003]

i like this site a lot because you don't have to sign anything just to play a fun activity
latina f., 14, va [10-12-2003]

Devan Jumper [10-12-2003]

Totally fascinating man, a nationaltreasure in his own time.
Holly Coder [10-12-2003]

sara, 9 years old &in grade 4 [10-12-2003]

Enjoyed all of the info on a great man
George C. Franklin [10-12-2003]

john nelmar angulo, im 20 [10-12-2003]

You've got some good info for Reports! Thanks
Karina, 16 years old [10-12-2003]

what did benjerman franklin invint?
joanna, 13 [10-12-2003]

maricela arellano, i am10years old.i live in anaheim [10-12-2003]

I am using your site for research in my reading class, thank you.
M. Free, Teacher [10-12-2003]

brandon mercer, 10 kokomo [10-01-2003]

Benjamin Franklin was a very intelligent man who deserves the respect of any living person thats ever used electricity
Brock James Tuttle, i'm 17, live in Rochester, insiana, and i love ford mustangs. by the way, why don't you make me feel special and send me some information on mustangs. thanks [10-01-2003]

Benjamin Franklin is a remarkable man!
Danny, 18 [10-01-2003]

manisha casamero [10-01-2003]

Nicole, 16years,Lindsay ca 93247 female [10-01-2003]

i like this site ok
williams, idsopi [10-01-2003]

man, 10,atlanta [09-29-2003]

Laura Sanchez [09-29-2003]

I'm thankful for Ben Franklin because of the light over my head as well as the project I have to complete on him.
Bailey Jordan, 16/f/Cincy/blonde/blueeyes/5'8/115 [09-29-2003]

I am presently reading about Benjamin Fraklin AN American Life by Walter Isaacson. He tells much about Ben Fraklin as Printer,Publisher,writer, Member of state legislative body, foreign diplomat and that he was not philosophicalas others that he knew but hwas apracticcal man regarding religionand how to get along with your those that disagree.I enjoy the sayings he has writtenregarding Life in every respect He has a great sense of humor. He was not just a Great Man . He was one who was responsible for many things which we still have as part of todays society. He started the University of Pennsylvania, the first Hospital, and he was responsible for the expansion of the Post Office in the early history of this Great Nation of Ours.
Bill Wesson, 65 Dallas, TX [09-29-2003]

KayMarie [09-29-2003]

not very many
mary b. trevino, none [09-29-2003]

benjamin fraklin I am doin a project on you
jordan jones, 11 [09-29-2003]

I was here because I have a paper due tomarrow and I have to do it over Ben Franklin and I have nothing done over him and it is harder then I thought it was to get the right kind of info. on him. But anyways nice site. Laterz
Lacie, I am 16. I am a Sophomore in High School. I live in Oklahoma. [09-29-2003]

Lacie, I am 16. I am a Sophomore in High School. I live in Oklahoma. [09-29-2003]

I was here because I have a paper due tomarrow and I have to do it over Ben Franklin and I have nothing done over him and it is harder then I thought it was to get the right kind of info. on him. But anyways nice site. Laterz
Lacie, I am 16. I am a Sophomore in High School. I live in Oklahoma. [09-29-2003]

Lacie, I am 16. I am a Sophomore in High School. I live in Oklahoma. [09-29-2003]

I think Ben is so cool because if it weren't for him we would not have electricity. I think he is so cool because he invented a lightening rod and a Franklin Stove. Well thanks for reading my thoughts about Ben and I hope you write about him, because don't forget if it weren't for him you wouldn't be writing this on a COMPUTER.
Ashley, 11, Georgetown, KY [09-24-2003]

it is cool
Ashley [09-24-2003]

I want to find pictures about BEn franklin?
steve arias [09-24-2003]

i will like to learmore of the us histiry plaCE SEEN MORE INFORMATION
kelly zygler, no [09-24-2003]

Ashley Domer, 13,pittsburgh,Pa [09-24-2003]

mohd zin junit, 10 [09-22-2003]

Benjamin showed respect and courtesy toward others.He was remarkable.Never quit.Always tried new things.Always succeeded in any field ! He's one of my heroes.
Rita Beneitone, Retired to San Diego, Ca. [09-22-2003]

Great website. Actually, I was seaching for information on the relation between Benjamin Franklin and Sara Franklin. Can you shed light on this subject?
Betty Kendrick-Collins, Texas City, Tx [09-22-2003]

ray wanted to know about the presind's and what they did to be come president.
raylenda&dennis stogdill, ray/8 yrs old dennis/55 yrs old colorado springs co. [09-20-2003]

i really like how this is set up
Richard, 16, Palatka [09-20-2003]

How did you discover electricity? And what is it with the kite things? Sorry but i don't really know anything aboout how you dicovered electricity.
Chanel, age:10,city:Los Angelos,state:California [09-20-2003]

none here!
krissy [09-20-2003]

artur staniszewski, age 25 [09-20-2003]

he is the man the website is awesome. but check out www.
sup, sup [09-20-2003]

I've been reading Benjamin Franklin's Biography for a class and it is soooo boring. Are there any shortcuts for studying this book?
cindyhostetler [09-17-2003]

i think ben franklin was a great inventor and scientist
holly norwood, bryan texas [09-17-2003]

Thank you for publishing this most intriguing and entertaining website about one of the most intriguing and authentic men in our nation's history. Benjamin Franklin's life, times, and works, contributions to society are so important for future generations to continue to remember and pass on to their children. Your site is very instrumental in that regard. Tony
Tony [09-14-2003]

Mark [09-14-2003]

Okay we need information but we have enough we need more pictures
Heather, Im 15 years old and I live in Stockton [09-14-2003]

i think B.F ist he best. he was a great guy.
missy, 13 [09-14-2003]

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anonymous [09-13-2003]

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Sheila Cost, 16,Atlanta, GA, Westlake High School [09-11-2003]

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the only reason i got on 2 this page is cause of a project,it's ok
Becca, 13 [09-08-2003]

what eles did ben francklin invent.pleas send it and ill get back to u soon as posible i need to no for my report
robert, none [09-08-2003]

This web site always helps me with my history progects in school. I really like the Ben Franklen sites.they rock! I wish I could start my own web site.Anyway I love yours! It is so cool!I ave fun going on it.Allot of my friends like it to.All of the information on my progects get A's frome this web site.And the games are all so fun.Dude your web site is the coolest! Your Friend, Brooke C. Reilly=) P.S.You mite be hereing from me mor often.
Brooke, age 9 [09-08-2003]

Poor Richard says...Quotes: "What's more valuable than Gold? Diamonds.Than Diamonds? Virtue " ~~~ " Silence : Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself. Avoid trifling conversation."
Rita Beneitone, San Diego, California [09-06-2003]

Did Ben Franklin really invent eletricity?
Jennifer, age 11, Muncie IN, Wes-Del middle School [09-05-2003]

Did Franklin every suggest that prayer be a part of each day's discussions when working on the Constitution?
Don Friesen [09-05-2003]

where was he born when and how did he die
valerie [09-05-2003]

I signed the guestbook before and found my name. I think that's pretty cool. Ben Franklin got me an A on my project that I talked about in my last sign of this guestbook.
Frederick Christopher Herzog, 14 Years Old; Bethalto, IL; [09-05-2003]

Mark Franklin, born 08/24/1957 in N.C. [09-04-2003]

Benjamin Franklin, I think is the greatist American that ever lived.
David Matthews, 35 [09-04-2003]

i think franklin is a very intresting icon in history. He did many things back then and they have mostly come to effect on us here today. If i havent of gotten this project from my social studies teacher for 8th grade i would have never know so many interesting things about Benjamin Franklin. Well im going to keep on reading about Franklin so i can find out many more intresting things! Luv ~ Julie Lane
Julie, i live in charleston, south carolina [09-04-2003]

Hello I would like to know what house he die in and if he die in a house or what year he was born and when he die
Anna Kallasides [09-04-2003]

I would just like to thank yuo
Flora [09-04-2003]

i need to know when he invented the light bulb
dan [08-28-2003]

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Gary, Germany [08-25-2003]

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Brooke [08-23-2003]

A most insightful mind.
melvin g. nida [08-22-2003]

I just completed Walter Issacson's biography of Franklin. I find myself wanting to speak in double negatives. I am just beginning my journey and curiousity about early American History and I couldn't have started in a better place. In many ways I think I've met the man I've patterned much of my life after.
Philip Kahn, 56, Albany, NY area [08-22-2003]

Thanks for the site i'm doing a report and i loved the timeline.
Brianna Dancy, age11 King NC [08-21-2003]

i want to know the new discoveries today
John Jarro M. Sison, quezon city [08-20-2003]

I need to know what was it like years ago.Without Mr.Franklin Electic invention I have to do a report on it thanks.
Levette Tyes [08-17-2003]

What a wonderful biography! Very well outlined & presented. Thanks!
Heather, Texas [08-17-2003]

how does benjamin franklins discovery of electricity help computers?!?!? i have to write a stupid paper and its due tuesday, august 19, 2003 plz help
kenzie! [08-17-2003]

nice site
bill kabler, bastrop texas. dad was born in sedalia [08-17-2003]

I had to look Ben Franklin up for a report, and I was bummed at first, but now I have read all of his quotes and I have learned more about him. He is an interesting, funny guy and I would've been overjoyed to meet him!
Karen Valenzuela, 14 years old, from CA [08-17-2003]

i like ben franklin
katie, i like ben [08-17-2003]

B. Franklin was a man of tolerance and practicality. the fundamental features of his personality are attributes that Americans today must exercise. Lastly, the application of his discoveries, whatever they were, to everyday life were more remarkable than any abstract theory ever could be.
w.b., 23, coronado, ca student of public policy [08-17-2003]

still learning all I can about the real people of our nation, It seams they were the founders of our nation. So I continue to look to them for insperation and hope.
ernest tyo sr, 78 years old [08-08-2003]

I am a HUGE Ben Franklin fan.
Erin, 8 almost 9 years old; Sherwood, Oregon [08-07-2003]

Wow.. I really enjoyed this site !
dave, Burlington, ma [08-07-2003]

Benjamin Franklin should be the picture perfect patriot. He never carried a rifle or served as president, but his contributions and selflessness shine even today. He, and those like him, are sorely needed in the world today.
Todd Scott, 36 yrs living in Lincoln, NE [08-07-2003]

Kevn [08-04-2003]

Langlang.Feng, China [08-04-2003]

andrea, 11 [08-04-2003]

i was only on it because of my homework if i didnt have to do it i wouldnt be on this website but some very good information
maree [07-31-2003]

Benjamin's demeanor is worthy of imitation ! of imitation !
Rita Beneitone, San Diego, Ca [07-31-2003]

andrea [07-28-2003]

fl_dolphin [07-28-2003]

Anthony N. Yacobozzi, P.O. Box 1081 Palm Beach, Florida 33480-1081 [07-28-2003]

Benjamin Franklin is my favorite person. This site is the only one with word searches on him, which I think is interesting.
Alex Coffin, Riverside, IA [07-26-2003]

Jarryd, 11 years live in Durban [07-25-2003]

Benjamin Frankin has always been one of my heros. The reason? His intelligence and his inner strenght.
Rita Beneitone, San Diego, Ca [07-25-2003]

Just read the most recent biography book, we need him here today to give advice
paula [07-22-2003]

helped me thanks!
Sarah, 11, jhb, sa [07-21-2003]

I found out, That my family is kind to Ben Franklin. He's my mothers 5th Great Grandfather.That makes him my 6th.
Kelly Cochrane [07-21-2003]

rafhan, age 14 [07-19-2003]

Great website! I shall return again and again.
Dick Rosen, Philadelphia, PA [07-17-2003]

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Is there a genealogy site for the Fraklin's? What is it if there is one. My Mom was a Franklin.
Angela Rollings, Terre Haute, IN [07-12-2003]

angela [07-11-2003]

i think he is very brave as to risk his life doing an experiment.
loevy [07-10-2003]

shaheed [07-10-2003]

Ben Franklin was spotted flying a kite on the beach near san francisco on july 4th 2003
rob, 44 live in n.california,born in pa. [07-10-2003]

Well organized site.
Paul Gerber [07-10-2003]

Good ol' Ben really set an example for all ages.
Lincln Ramsdell, Prescot, AZ 78 [07-10-2003]

Lovely to have this site.
bernie kaplan, Retired Professor, Worcester, MA [07-03-2003]

For me the Founding Fathers were and were and are a inspiration to me. There uncanny understanding of fundalmental rights of others is some how lost in today's society. For when they got together to form the more perfect union they set forth a government that not only has stood the test of time but grows with the society as it changes and sees unjustice to it's people. I personally think that our government today has lost site of what the Declaration of Independance and Constitution means and the personal writings and ideas of those Founding Fathers has somehow be lost. I truely, wonder if our government has truely sat down and read these documents let alone other writings of these men and has the people read them as well. To read these words and take them to heart is to know what true patriotism is. Not just flying the flag when you feel like it but to actually live life to better our country and to fight to keep what is fundalmentally our God given rights as humans and as the people of a free country. But, is our freedom being striped from us as a result of September 11, 2001. This quote by Ben Franklin is so fitting today: "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Those to me are prohetic words. The following quote is just unusal because of its date. There was never a good war or a bad peace. Letter to Josiah Quincy [September 11, 1783]. I consider myself patriotic to very core of my being. Learn of what our Founding Fathers did and said about freedom gave me a sence of pride and activism and service to my country. I as a Veteran of the Arm Forces served my country with pride and still hold to my oath I took. I will died to protect the very words of our Constitution and Declaration of Independance which governs this great land, from foriegn and domestic enemies.
Victoria Lavin, 40 Beatrice Ne [07-03-2003]

I am a descendent of Sarah Bache and I just popped in to say that this is a really cool site for me and my children. I especially love the name, Electric Franklin! That sums up our big and loud family to a tee!
marnie kate [07-02-2003]

You shold have a page of what he nvented just a list
Tasha, 13/England [07-02-2003]

Gerald Seaquist [07-02-2003]

Very interesting, thank you.
Andrew, 29 Dallas [07-02-2003]

You have an excellent site on which to learn. Thank you.
Tonya [07-01-2003]

It is very intersting for me!
Miki Matsuoka, Japan [07-01-2003]

Ben was one of the greatest thinkers to ever live. I'm just glad he was on our side!
Kevin, Cleveland, Ohio [06-28-2003]

A most enjoyable piece of fiction for some one raised in Haddonfield N.J where much of the action took place at the Indian King at the end of our street
Dan Anderson, USAF (ret) Age 83 [06-28-2003]

After all these inventions and dicoveries, will ever mankind know that we are created and not evolved.
imran, evolution [06-26-2003]

i have been learning about benjamin franklin sience i was in fourth grade
kaylie arcmbault, 14 years old [06-26-2003]

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Sally A Perez [06-24-2003]

This is a very resourceful website.
Bonnie Fergelec [06-24-2003]

Ben Franklin was a great man. We can learn a lot about life through reading about him.
Cheri Mortenson [06-24-2003]

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raquel, I like make -up [06-24-2003]

Jose Luis Martinez [06-24-2003]

Franklin is the most significant politcal and most scientific person in the world,the independence claim paved the way for the america's 200years clam andfast development .oh yes no franklin no america .All the american should show gratitudeon him
cjbst green, A 20 year-old boy [06-18-2003]

i luv tha web site so keep doin wut u do
dede, i luv science [06-18-2003]

He was a very wonderful and briliant man,with skills of both the mind,and the heart.
Mercedez Goff, He was briliant [06-14-2003]

Go Franklin!
Gen, New Jersey [06-13-2003]

i'd like to see bf.i mean who wouldn't .he invinted electricity.
cambra, baltimore,11, [06-11-2003]

this is a great web site to study and learn more about franklin
karla, yokosuka, japan [06-11-2003]

Ben is my 7-greats grandfather and I am proud of it. I am currently reading Brand's bio, and fascinated.
Cathy West, Denver, CO [06-09-2003]

what are the things that he did.
James [06-09-2003]

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anonymous [06-02-2003]

what did he create?when did he die ?when was he born?
sarah heasley [06-01-2003]

Hayley [05-31-2003]

Joe [05-31-2003]

It showed me a lot about Benjamin Franklin
Heather Moses [05-30-2003]

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Justin [05-28-2003]

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derek, 115 years old New york city [05-23-2003]

I think you should have games on this site. It is boring without them. That is what I think!
Laura Quinonos, 10 years lives in sequim WA [05-22-2003]

i think that he was a good man. he dicovered a lot of things that we use today. he made reading glasses,was a printer a liberan and many many moer. i have done several projects on this man. i have picked him over many different people
Nicole Cacciapaglia, 13 years old [05-22-2003]

Well, I found your site due to conducting reserach for a speech I'm giving in my college speech course. This is the thrid major report I have done on Franklin for school. The frist was in elementary school, where I actually dressed up as Franklin! ;-) To make a long story short, I just think Franklin is so incredibly fascinating. Thank you for your help in aiding me with my latest report!
Wes, 19/m/ohio [05-22-2003]

Monserrat pozas, picture of Benjamin Franklin [05-22-2003]

i love this web site a lot.it helps me study for projects...
amanda, 11 [05-22-2003]

i think he was a brave man to do that experement in a thunderstorm.
jon jump, i`m 12 [05-22-2003]

trying to find out about franklin's work with electricity and communication.
gaio tiberio, jeannette, pennsylvania [05-22-2003]

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Dustin, 15 [05-22-2003]

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becky, southhampton [05-22-2003]

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Lana, 12,Florence,AZ [05-15-2003]

im doing a project on Franklin, you have a nice website and all, but I would recomend more imformation, if not, then show another website, thank you.
Renee, 12 years old [05-15-2003]

Ben Franklin was a very smart man. He made a lot of inventions. My favorite invention of his is the kite.
Alexandra Marple, (age)10 (city)Covington RR1box 160 box [05-15-2003]

Ben Franklin was a Genuis.He made a lot of inventions.My favorite invention of his is the kite.Ben franklin was a very courages man. He always made things like kites, Pennsylvania Packet,and the Franklin Oven.
Darby Machmer, 10 Canton [05-15-2003]

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Robin [05-14-2003]

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Enrico [05-14-2003]

Hello! I have to do a science assignment on Benjamin, so came here, I hope this site has all the info I need......
Jessica, 14 yrs [05-14-2003]

A man of great value. remarkablly industrial.
Louis Lu, Shanghai China [05-14-2003]

This website was great for a project I am doing. Thank you so much. But the Biography and Auto Biography were a little confusing with the letters and chapters.
Lydia Boyc [05-14-2003]

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kelvin Edwards [05-14-2003]

I have read the quick bio and it is very interesting and I will read the entire artical.
Diane, Ohio [05-14-2003]

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Brandii Kroening [05-14-2003]

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julio, 46 in tampa [05-14-2003]

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Kaitlin Butler, 14, Rangely Colorado [05-14-2003]

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West [05-14-2003]

Hey i am doin a science projecty on him wat bought his stove?E-mail me
Pete Hughes, England [05-03-2003]

Where could I buy a hard cover book -- the best of all kinds of his biography-- about Franklin?
Jianmin Dai, Boston [05-03-2003]

Calvin Flint line first cousin 9th gen.
Wendell Harrison, age 65 St. Catharines On. Ca [05-03-2003]

it is really cool.
amanda, 23 [05-03-2003]

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Kandace, 9 Memphis [05-03-2003]

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Conman McCulloh [05-03-2003]

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leah mcdonald, cherokee,IA 51002 [05-03-2003]

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Sue Burns, Melbourne/Australia Primary teacher [05-03-2003]

anonymous, 16 [05-03-2003]

I'm Doing a report on him
John Corfee, 11,Upland,Ca [05-03-2003]

amanda [05-03-2003]

Melissa, Wilmington, North Carolina [05-03-2003]

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Emma, 14 London,England [05-03-2003]

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Vanessa Lukas, 20yrs old from Cicero,Illinois [05-03-2003]

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Jill Latham, 11,sparta michigan [04-24-2003]

Helping a low level ELL reader make an alternative book report on a biography he read that wasn't really very good, and am trying to help him supplement it. He will make book marks for everyone with Franklin's accomplishments. Hope this helps.
diana thorson, Special Ed. teacher, intermediate [04-24-2003]

I loved your site. You must have spent hours in Photoshop doing the graphics
Flowers [04-19-2003]

Ben franklin is by far the smartest person and the brighest person,whom ever lived in this world of ours... And of course he lived in the greatest city in the u.s.a.,the city of brotherly loved,the fine city of philadelphia,where peace and liberty all started.... chris .t.clemans..chrispa84@yahoo.com......former resident of central pennsylvania...
chris clemans, age-38 [04-19-2003]

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Hello. I am trying to collect informations on my genealogy, so I would like to know if there is a place where I can find informations about Benjamin family: all his brothers and sisters names in fact. Thanks in advance if anyone can help me.
Yves FRANKLIN, France [04-15-2003]

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Mistie Bidwell, 13/Johnson,Vt/oldest/only girl in family [04-15-2003]

chelsea, 13 shandon california [04-10-2003]

I really need some information on Ben Franklin.
anonymous [04-09-2003]

Banna [04-09-2003]

stephanie [04-09-2003]

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"Commerce among nations should be fair and equitable." — Benjamin Franklin (quoted on the Department of Commerce building in Washington DC)
anonymous [04-09-2003]

heather, ann, farmer [04-09-2003]

Debi Stevens [04-09-2003]

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Zounds Padang, Go to "get-me.to/BensSite" ! No www, no com [04-07-2003]

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La La [04-07-2003]

mike [04-07-2003]

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Lauren Broussard,11 [04-07-2003]

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Sylvana, nexdorf, Germany [04-07-2003]

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jaque ruvalcaba [04-04-2003]

Ok... Im also doing a project on Benjamin Franklin. In need to know all about what he did, when he was born and died.... Where? What? When? How? Why? ect....
Cody, Im 13, I live in Palm Springs, and I need HELP! [04-02-2003]

johnny [04-02-2003]

i enjoyed it help a lot!
amy brown, 13 [04-02-2003]

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Ericoson Magsombol, 10, Elgin, Ill. [04-02-2003]

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Kimberly flores [04-02-2003]

i am doing a report on him. Thanks.
Tasha---, 11 years old maplewood,nj [04-02-2003]

philippa mackenzie [04-02-2003]

Benjamin Franklin is quite possibly the greatest human being that ever lived. He inspired me to start writing, which makes him the typical member of the dedication page for every story/article I've ever written. Personally, I believe he should have been the first president of the United States, and I also believe that *George Washington is a glory hog!* I've gotten my friends into him, and I've written about five reports on him just for fun. And if you think that's a lot, you should see my room...
The Infamous Turtlewarrior, Twelve Years of Age [04-02-2003]

I want to know about electricity
Owen Reed [04-02-2003]

Camerom [04-02-2003]

soccerboy9517 [04-02-2003]

Benjamin Franklin is the smartest man alive, i hope to meet him when i travel to Europe this year...2003
pa [04-02-2003]

i cannot find what i need; what i need is information on Benjamin Franklin's daughter, Sally Franklin- specifically, i need to find out what happened to her
julia, 17 turning 18 in 3 months [04-02-2003]

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michelle [04-02-2003]

Your site was really interesting to visit and heaps of fun to read... Thanks!
nicole van heerden, age 16, Auckland, New Zealand [04-02-2003]

A lighting rod does NOT draw lightning! It discharges the area around it before the charge can build up enough voltage to create a bolt and cause damage. Dr. Franklin was smart enough to know this and lighting rods were used to protect houses and barns.
Howard Harner [04-02-2003]

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Allen Huber, 12 years old Orange county 6th grade [04-02-2003]

It's kind of interesting!
Elizabeth Chan, no [04-02-2003]

I've searched on many physicists and today after ready on Benjamin Franklin, my thoughts have grew. Never ecknowledged a man with so much confidence and pride in them. As Benjamin, expanded his theory and said "the doors to wisdem are never shut". Very strong and powerful word.s the site was well organised!
Harish Kapoor [04-02-2003]

Thais [04-02-2003]

this is cool i like it
Ben Minardi [04-02-2003]

I love this site
Desirae Findlay [04-02-2003]

ben was a great inventor and made very large contributions to our world today.
kendra, 14, sevierville [04-02-2003]

hannah lombardozzi [04-02-2003]

it gave me every thing i needed for my assignment
james hulme, 11 sydney australia [04-02-2003]

ben franklin was a hottie!
Ashley S. [04-02-2003]

vanessa [04-02-2003]

laura hernandez [04-02-2003]

Please read the paper he send to David Hume (London January 24,1762): " How make lightnings rods" He describes modern aspects of the external lightning protection
Angel A. Reyna, 68 yers old;. Electrical Engeneer (Argentine) 2003 [04-02-2003]

I think that Ben Fraklin was cool but I need a site for kids! My daughter needs to know about him for school. Please. I need some site I have no other.
Tari of Dathorian [04-02-2003]

Ben was written about in all the great yoga books from India as well as here. He was a great spiritual leader. Few ever talk about that but you can read about yoga and Ben Franklin at this site. http://yogayogayoga.org One of the greatest leaders of all time in the history of the world. Greg Henry Waters http;//greghenrywaters.com
Greg Henry Waters, Ben the Yogi [04-02-2003]

I am doing a research about a printing press the third greatest invention on earth. who invented a printing press Mr Franklin or Johann Gurenburg from Germany? Electric I have got no doubt about it. Mr Franklin is a nobleman.
Kandjabanga Festus, I am from Namibia [04-02-2003]

Well right now I have this essay about ben f. and I need to know what to go to. Somebody write back to me at my email beveeno@yahoo.com.
Bevin Husband [04-02-2003]

It is really cool!
Vanessa, 10 years old, Honolulu Hawaii 2003 [04-02-2003]

bobby barber [04-02-2003]

i think you were the greatest patriot because in my US history class i picked you as one because i think you changed amercia with your makin of invented and he was a great man.
Rajneel Maharaj, Renton, Washington [04-02-2003]

Very nice page helped me a lot
Jack [04-02-2003]

I firmly belive that Benjamin Franklin was a great man. He did all that he could for his country until he died at the age that was then very old,84. My G.T. class has been studying him all year
Dawning Fiend, age:37 City:Odessa [04-01-2003]

Christian [04-01-2003]

Gota love Ben and his Franklin!I was doing a report on Ben and this link helped me out! I got an A+ thanks to this site! ;)
Margeret A. McClellan, 13, Brookfield B-day= June 11 [04-01-2003]

Tyler [03-18-2003]

could you send me your picktor.
heather farmer, 8/loraine [03-18-2003]

jahniece [03-18-2003]

HI, I'm doing a report about Ben Franklin, and your site helped tremedously. Thank you so much! *Anna*
Anna, Franklin, Tn 11 years old [03-18-2003]

Elizabeth Clark [03-18-2003]

I'm in search of information to use with my first graders on their level about Ben Franklin. I did however enjoy playing checkers with him. Thanks
Debra Okes, Virginia [03-18-2003]

I have a report and thats why im on this websight, i dont normally come to this websight. so dont think i do, and it was weird how this was asking a lot ofd personall questions. I dont think it has to ask those Questions, and if anyone puts any of there personall info then there crazy!
Claressa, age 10 [03-18-2003]

Otis Brown [03-18-2003]

Am a descendant of Ben's brother, John, according to famly legend. Would like to prove this.
Lucy Rice Clarke, Live in Fort Wayne, IN [03-18-2003]

tomas [03-18-2003]

Midana, All about John Kennedy biografy [03-14-2003]

this is a great thing ur doing!
courtney mcfarland, im 13 and a 1/2 [03-14-2003]

Frank [03-14-2003]

how did u get along with other peeps
amanda, 10,luxer [03-14-2003]

nelson lizardo [03-14-2003]

Ben Franklin is a personal friend of mine and is quite good at presenting his story.
Carolyn Ferguson, Lufkin, Tx. [03-14-2003]

mmmmm mmmmm good
Jesse, 13yearsold [03-14-2003]

I thoght that this web sit gave a lot of information and it helped me out a lot.
Kim, Esko, MN [03-14-2003]

I like it very much.I want to know more information about Franklin.
jover, 19,changsha,china [03-14-2003]

I liked your site it's very interesting
Brandon Rasmussen, Im 11 I live in walla walla WA [03-14-2003]

i have a exit project on bejamin frankil and i dont know what to do because every thing is good but i need more infomation on bejamin frankil help me pleaes write back
Venice Carter, project [03-14-2003]

franklin, franklin, frnaklin - faraday rules ok
anonymous [03-14-2003]

Latasha Greanger, i'm 32 and from atlanta [03-14-2003]

My late brother had completed a history of our family tree and had advised me that we were related to Benjamin Franklin through his brother Samuel. However, I really don't know. I am a great admirer of Mr. Franklin and his accomplishments and find him a very interesting person.
Joyce Franklin Hamilton, 57 years old, Chattanooga, TN [03-14-2003]

I was looking for pictures to do with Ben Franklin for a project
Samantha Trichardt [03-14-2003]

i really need some good imformation becasue im doing a assingment on him and i cant find any good stuff about him in google! today is the 8/3/03 its due on the 10th! plz help!p.s hes really a good man.
Erin, 12yrs Lennox head [03-14-2003]

he is so cool
Brooke [03-14-2003]

Hes cool
Natalie, Age 12 [03-14-2003]

Cool website. Lots of info about Ben.
Tamara, 37, Plymouth,NH [03-14-2003]

Franklin is a national treasure. His Autobiography was my favorite book when I was growing up. His Renaisance man abilities (in particular his diplomatic skills) are in scarce supply today. Not a native son of Philadelphia, but the founder of many of our institutions, Franklin embodies all the best things about our city and country. Thanks!
Jim Colbert, lifelong Philadelphian (over 50 years) [03-14-2003]

I like it that way
Junidah, My age is 13 [03-05-2003]

this is a really cool site and it came in handy for the 6th grade invention fair
Samantha [03-05-2003]

I want have more infomations about franklin
Vinicius, I am from Brazil, I speak portuguese [03-05-2003]

Nice Website
Kimberly, 14/f/ny [03-05-2003]

i like to know abpout benjamin franklin the one who invented electricity
javier, age: 13 city: washinton [03-05-2003]

this is for my son science project
nancy torres [03-02-2003]

helping my 2nd grader for school proyect was ease, thank you guys!
dolores newell [03-02-2003]

I wonder what ben franklin's first invention was.
Ashley [03-01-2003]

Your wehbsite is cool!
Alberto Loza, No [03-01-2003]

I think this is a really cool site.
Laurel, age 9 [03-01-2003]

Benjamin Franklin was a scholar in every sense of the word. I am a teacher of gifted students . We are currently doing a study of Franklin related to the scholarly behaviors he possessed. It is refreshing to find exceptional links which compliment our study. I will definitely share this website, not only with my students, but also with the other Gifted/Talented Program Teachers. Thank you for your work.
Jody Braswell [03-01-2003]

i like this site and i have been loking for a page like this about Ben Frank.
Diamond, 17/ fl/ f [03-01-2003]

He help created America.... He's a pretty much a modest person
Bryan C., 12 years old [03-01-2003]

whats up my brotha
DAnny [03-01-2003]

great stuff- appreciate the sight... autobiography stopped at pg. 12... any chance of having that continued?
deirdre, homeschool mom, ohio [02-25-2003]

this is an awesome web site, i'm glad u created it
Trish Rawlz, Fl [02-24-2003]

DJ Le Blanc, 13 years Freetown, Mass [02-24-2003]

i would like to know how did he knew what is inside the lightning. if u know anything plz send back.
Aisha, 13 female qatar [02-21-2003]

Debbie Goggins, Washburn, Il [02-21-2003]

I Was looking for history games for school and saw this.
Chrissi, 16, EHT NJ Student [02-21-2003]

Cool website. Lots of info about Ben.
Mark, California [02-21-2003]

Does any one know B.F.'s quote about the turkey as national bird. Is there a quote?
David, Madison Wisconsin [02-20-2003]

i'm doing a report about eletricity and i want to ask about eletricity.write backif you can.
calvin chiu [02-20-2003]

Yvonne Perez [02-20-2003]

I am looking to find Historic Places to talk about for a simple U.S. History virtual tour for my students. Any ideas?
Cheryl Sherrard, Special Education Teacher [02-19-2003]

needed to do a report on how franklin reformed philidelphia. this site gave me all the info i needed. thanks
phil [02-19-2003]

Great site I was amazed how much he did. thanks
Linda Kemp [02-19-2003]

also i like the franklen institute i vist the place often also the i max theater is realy cool also i joind the nasa kids club on there web site another web sit that is cool is j track3d
william grayeski, i like history science art [02-19-2003]

I would like to see a picture of ernist ruther ford
Miriama Power [02-19-2003]

Ben is a very intell
roberta easley, 10 St.Paul,mkinnesota [02-19-2003]

Ben had issuses.
Chase Myers [02-19-2003]

ashley hill [02-19-2003]

This is a good website to go to. To do research on Ben.Ben was the best inventor I know.
savannah [02-19-2003]

hi my name is rachelle
rachelle moeding, no [02-19-2003]

i love what he did for us!
Indigo, 10 [02-19-2003]

i am doin a report for school!
squeaksxoxo@aol.com [02-19-2003]

I am a first grader at Farmington Elementary in Germantown, Tn. Na am assigned the duty to give a report on Benjamin Frank.in.
Heather Hodge [02-19-2003]

I think that Franklin was one of the most valueable people in the world. If he weren't born we would not have electricity to see in the dark of the night.
Amy Henderson, 11 years of age [02-19-2003]

It was so excellent. Well since it was around term paper time I chose to visit this I thought it would be one of those on and on web pages well it wasn't so in my quotes "It was an excellent selection".
kayla hoffman, 16 [02-19-2003]

i like you website.
odom, beaumont,tx [02-19-2003]

Taron Bright [02-19-2003]

I am doing a report on Benjamin Franklin and I think this web site helped me get it done.
Shannon, 10 [02-19-2003]

Helpful site to develop thesis on leadership traits of the delegates to Constitutional Convention
Jeff, Graduate Student [02-19-2003]

Jon [02-13-2003]

It is a very interesting site,and it is cool!
Kelsey [02-12-2003]

you rock dude
myisha, 11 Years Old [02-12-2003]

travis schultz [02-12-2003]

good web cite
Ashleigh Harris, age:13 [02-12-2003]

i'd like to have a picture of benjamen franklin.
Kendal, 11,Omaha,NE [02-12-2003]

dan [02-12-2003]

casey stewart [02-12-2003]

jacoob [02-10-2003]

This site helped me with my Social Studies Project. The timeline was great! THANKS!
Miguel Solis [02-10-2003]

A wonderful man, quite thought enhancing. But I would never have played checkers with him if he cheats.
Stefven Ballantine, Licola, Italy [02-10-2003]

I was on your site looking for one of Franklins quotes and was unable to locate any information. Can you recommend a site or book? The quote is:A Quiet conscience sleeps in thunder, but rest and guilt lives asunder. Thank you for any information that you can forward to me regarding this quote.
kamya [02-10-2003]

Thank .
Vivian, 10, Toa Alta, Puerto Rico [02-10-2003]

I think Ben was a neat man he did a lot for america and I think every one should be very greatfull for what he has done !
marcella [02-10-2003]

may a great scientist and inventor rest in peace
Juana Escoto, 16 miami fl. [02-10-2003]

Please do not send me junk e-mail or put me on a list. I wonder what B.F. would say about this "war".. I think we have been am-Bush-ed
audrey fain [02-10-2003]

i like electricity
carter, 10 pa [02-10-2003]

shelton [02-10-2003]

What's up Ben? Dawg! Just chilling here playa! Well i wil holla back dawg.
J. Tip, "Duece" [02-10-2003]

this is fun
Teresa Young, 14 - monticello [02-10-2003]

really coooooooooooooooooooool !
kara ramzey, 14, charlotte, n.c. [02-05-2003]

Benjamin cheats in checkers!
Cindy, Houston [02-05-2003]

ashley [02-05-2003]

Nicole [02-05-2003]

James, 11 [02-05-2003]

Nice site, a lot of good informations -;) please visit also my site http://www.private-krankenversicherung-leistungen.de Versicherungsvergleich für die Private Krankenversicherung.
Private Krankenversicherung Vergleich [02-05-2003]

I was looking for some interesting sites on Ben to use with my students. I used many of your resources as a webquest or virtual scavenger hunt on Franklin. The kids learned a lot and even better, had a blast! Thanks for such a great learning tool. John Pallotta
John Pallotta, 23 year old, 7th Grade American History teacher in suburb of Syracuse, NY [02-05-2003]

cool site we really enjoyed it..Go south Shelby Cardinals
Nick Broughton Curtis Kendrick Gregory Rakestraw, 15, Shelbina Missouri Males [02-05-2003]

carrie, eur9ty9784r67 [02-05-2003]

I think Ben was a wonderful man and inventor. You were great, creating a site for him! Now others who have not studied him, have a place to go. =) Thank you.
Ben Fan, None [02-03-2003]

Pamela Jeffreys, I am 15 in ROnda NC [02-03-2003]

nabor gutierrez [02-03-2003]

cody white [02-03-2003]

I think that Benjamin Franklin is the best inventor yet he invented the best things
anonymous [02-03-2003]

This was a great website, I'm sure glad I got the oppurtunity to view it. Great for children learning about Ben Franklin!
Amy Pena, MCAS Iwakuni Japan [02-03-2003]

Hey Awsome Site! :)
Danielle Bradford [02-03-2003]

Doing a report on Ben has been made very easy with your website! Thanks for a great source of info!
Zachary Nation, age 10, Elkridge, MD [02-03-2003]

melissa [02-03-2003]

tosc, 13, [02-03-2003]

yvonne [02-03-2003]

"Some people are weatherwise, but most are otherwise." - Benjamin Franklin
Kirk Sullivan, U.S. Navy Weather Forecaster - La Jolla, CA [02-03-2003]

joe, 411045 [02-03-2003]

im studying very hard on one of my greatest envenchons the the bubble gum rapple
christina, 12/f/al cullman city [01-29-2003]

I think ben franklin was really a nice person during his lifetime
rude boy [01-29-2003]

i love belle + phoenix
Kaylee, funny [01-29-2003]

Ron Wilson [01-29-2003]

Hey, a couple of years ago i did an experiment on Benjamin Franklin.I made a 100/A+ on it i'm bragging it's just I know a lot about Benjamin Franklin.
Breeeana, 12 [01-29-2003]

ben was a god guy
fassyrox123, go menasha [01-29-2003]

rory, 10 y hayward wis [01-29-2003]

i am a relitive of ben franklin, he is my 8th great unkle.. L8r
me, i live right near the birth place of ben F. [01-29-2003]

taylor shock [01-29-2003]

becky lindemann [01-29-2003]

im doing a project on benjamen franklin im in grade five and im from Canada i neeed info on benjamen franklin im staying home from school today to do it i cant find at least thing good on benjamen franklin i need it buy tomoro for school my teacher will kill me other wise
Hillary, nope [01-29-2003]

hey! this website realli helped me on ma report
Jas [01-26-2003]

sELENA wALKER, sCIENCE [01-26-2003]

Michael Felix [01-25-2003]

Derryen Plante [01-25-2003]

Without Ben F.our world as we know it would be in peral.
Halowe Watkins [01-23-2003]

how old would ben franklin would be to day ?????
jackson [01-23-2003]

What was the date Banjeman Franklin invented electricity, bifocills and the printing press. P.S I need this for a report.
Teddy Pressler [01-22-2003]

i think ben franklin is a wounderful person. i went to a blue ribbion school in binghamton new york named ben franklin
mackenzie [01-22-2003]

when did ben franklin invent electricty?
samantha [01-22-2003]

wanted to know about him for report for school.
mathew o'brian, age12, city hamilton,ohio [01-22-2003]

Jackie [01-22-2003]

Your site is good it help me do my long report I like it.
Michelle S., 9 years old ambler P.A [01-22-2003]

he was a good man to us
markis apontay, warminster 12 pa 53 horndrive [01-22-2003]

Great Job!
Dr. Gary J. Vician, 48, Naperville, IL [01-22-2003]

this is a great website it helped me out a lot on the report i was doing.
Cindy Mason [01-20-2003]

A quite detail website.I love it very much. Hope to see more articles of Benjamin's science journal for eg barometer,christain issues.
Siew Tuck Meng, 24m, Singapore [01-20-2003]

He is so cool & smart!
Ashley Sawyer, age:11 [01-20-2003]

ive always enjoyed bfs quotes
chris young [01-20-2003]

I think the website is a great place to learn about Ben!
Rachel Bourlet [01-17-2003]

What a great man to follow after
Marlene Fox, Sacramento [01-17-2003]

he was a genious. no other like him. he would be fasinated about what has been done with electronics
ralph s. butler, 78, layton, UTAG, 84041 [01-17-2003]

in the game of checkers you need to make it clear how to do a double jump
jay erwin, 11 lafayette la. [01-17-2003]

In Fahrenheit 451 Benjamin Franklin is called the first Fireman.Can anyone explain why? Great site!
john wood, State college,PA [01-17-2003]

philly #1
bebe, philly [01-17-2003]

When I started looking for project materials I didn't think I would enjoy this assignment. But this website has made Ben Franklin very interesting.
Miranda, age:13 [01-17-2003]

this is so intresting.
Alyssa, 10 years old [01-17-2003]

i think fraklin was werre samart because he was called the the printre frakiln if you any questions plese emal me zt xangel90x@yahoo.com
fayza, i am the one and only angel [01-17-2003]

Yae, I have a ballad done tom (the15th) on Ben too and I only have one Paragraph hope I can use your info to Finish! Thanks!
Brittani Looney, New Hundson, MI [01-17-2003]

great sight for kids doing their reports. Thanks
ken, minnesota [01-17-2003]

I think you include more inventions made by him
Stephanie [01-17-2003]

Great website! Thanks, Jeanette
Jeanette [01-17-2003]

when did you invent the telephone
rebcca johnham [01-17-2003]

look i need to know what were the achievements of Benjamin Franklinfrom when he was a kid till now
fernando, im14need help on a project [01-17-2003]

i love to work with electricity
pedor pagan [01-17-2003]

I like this web page. It is so cool! Thanks for the website.
Ebony Logan, 11 [01-17-2003]

i want that you still sharing thoughts abpout Benjamin Franklin.
Patricia Parreñas, student [01-17-2003]

destinie [01-17-2003]

Looking for a Franklin buff that would help me with Franklin's Chronology. What year did Benjamin Franklin support or join the Quakers in pushing the land market value based property tax that we have today? Was it the Quakers or the Puritans? Was the year 1755 or some other year?
Kevin W. DeWitt, Property tax reformer from Ohio [01-17-2003]

this helped me with my biografy a lot thanks ***
lollypop833, 100 [01-17-2003]

Terrific pics.
Sara Sarah, 14 [01-17-2003]

i liked the sight, but there should be more pictures explaining everything.
caitlin [01-17-2003]

jt [01-17-2003]

he was a neat inventor
Tina Frank, 23 [01-10-2003]

How did he invent the glss armonaca
Brandy [01-09-2003]

Do u have pictures of Ben Franklin?
anonymous [01-09-2003]

jenny lee [01-09-2003]

i like this site but i think it needs more pictures. love, paige
paige marmel, san antoniotexas 3915 creek rock zip 78230 [01-09-2003]

it was cool that you inveted electricty
stephen, age11 city novascotia [01-09-2003]

i just wondered how benjamin could ever think of sending that kite up in the air
Steven [01-08-2003]

Samuel Weston Sincock [01-08-2003]

hi franklin
jarredskeete, im 13 [01-08-2003]

I go to his school
A person, 100,guwanawannaland [01-08-2003]

Each year on Ben's birthday, I dress up like Ben and give my students a presentation. Ben tells them all about his life as an inventor, scientist, printer, statesman, writer, father and husband. They LOVE it! Afterwards we sing happy birthday and share a cake. Your website is fantastic. Although I have used Ben's autobiography to prepare, your site has helped me review for the big day coming up. THANKS! Katherine Gaudet
Katherine Gaudet, 4th grade teacher [01-08-2003]

i need to do a report on franklin
mason ridgway, 13 bryan [01-08-2003]

I think This sight is very good. It had everything I needed!
Desaray, 18 years old [01-08-2003]

Thank you for all the work in these sites. My team of teachers is using A&E's Biography of the Millennium: 100 People-1,000 Years and we plan to have our students research these people, and then have a debate on who is the most influential. So I really appreciate your site having so much involved information. Of course, Benjamin Franklin is a little better known that some of our other names, but I do appreciate all the work you have been involved in to arrange all this information. Thank you.
Alana Gross, teacher, St.Charles County,MO [01-05-2003]

i liked this site it shared a lot of infomation about benjaminfranklin
mandy, 16 doing a project [01-05-2003]

I think that Ben Franklin is a very interesting person, and really cool!:)
Hannah Marcus, NY, age 11 [01-05-2003]

I grew up in Franklin, Ohio, and have always been fascinated by Franklin, in all ways. In the local library there was a bust of Franklin that I vividly remember even now at 56 years of age.
Gary Mitchner, Dayton, OH [01-02-2003]

I'm doing a book report
Arthur L. David lV, 8years old [01-02-2003]

Angelica zhang, 10,New York,Brooklyn [01-02-2003]

I am doing a school project on Ben Franklin. Your site was very helpfull.
Matthew Harris, 12, Gretna, Louisiana [01-02-2003]

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