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Eric Skorpil, age:13 West Hazleton Pa [12-22-2001]

janice bowman [12-22-2001]

Ben Franklin is a cool guy.....
Alyson, 10 years [12-22-2001]

i love your site and our teachers do to !!!
colin [12-22-2001]

Denver Broncos Rock!!! # 1 Raider hater
connyboy [12-22-2001]

Braylan Nussbaum, 13, Rose Hill, Ks [12-22-2001]

Kaitlyn crump [12-22-2001]

to find out more about the fins
tonia, 10 co. [12-22-2001]

I htink that B.F. was a very interesting person. I was doing a homework assingment for history and ended up getting abrobed into his experiments and life. My parent had to make me stop doing homework! THAT has never happened before, and probably never will again(unless I do a report on him again.)
kira [12-22-2001]

johiro [12-17-2001]

kris [12-17-2001]

You should make flashback pictures when Ben Franklin was flying the kite and lighting hit it.For the younger kids.
Nightmare 0, 13 [12-17-2001]

Joey Drouin [12-17-2001]

I am searching for the ship that Ben Franklin sailed back from England/Europe in the 1754-62 period. Your history of Ben is very helpful
Dale McKenzie, Age 62 Calhoun, Tn 37309 [12-17-2001]

this site rocks man
jason bolt, age 13,hudsonville MI. [12-17-2001]

truly words to live by
marie [12-12-2001]

nothing at all and i am only 9 years old
jasmine, no [12-12-2001]

Stuart, 12,kingman,arizona [12-12-2001]

it was great
Sally Bob [12-12-2001]

It really helped with my research project!!
Brooke McNiel, Temple, Tx (14 yrs) [12-10-2001]

benjamen as a great scientest
dave, 13 franfurt,ky [12-10-2001]

josh, 11 [12-10-2001]

ben franklin is an important person in us history. without him there would not be an united states
justin apple, 13 [12-08-2001]

My thoughts on franklin are that he was a great inventor and that he is really smart
jessica hollander [12-08-2001]

Your site was cool cause it gave me all the info i needed
Angie [12-08-2001]

Tracey, Asheville nc [12-05-2001]

I really hate school.
Karl Brown, 19,Toronto [12-05-2001]

this helped me sooo much thank you soooo much!!!!!
Tamara, 16 blonde hair blue eyes hehehe [12-05-2001]

i tink you are very smart and you are very qouteable
kristina smith, Henderson tx age 12 [12-05-2001]

it's o.k
tabetha king [12-05-2001]

i thought this was an awesome site because it gave me all the info i needed
chen li [12-03-2001]

Ray Mullen, Philadelphia,PA [12-02-2001]

I would like to have a picture of his daughter Sally Franklin in color please!
Nadine, 12 [12-01-2001]

I'd like to find somthing out about Bemjaman Franklin,for a sciense report.
ashley, ogden,Ia 50212 age: 12 [12-01-2001]

I think it amazing that he wasn't good at math but invented elcitirctey!!!!
cassie, 10 years old [12-01-2001]

Hey How are you? I know your dead, but I thought I'd say Hello so "hello!"
Michelle Clark, im Kool!! [12-01-2001]

chastity [12-01-2001]

i just want a pic. of him
Leretta Badkock [11-28-2001]

your website was very helpful! e
Kaycee , 13,newton,Illinios [11-28-2001]

kevin [11-28-2001]

good information
Erica Kuj , 9years old,live in Belgium,Japanese,speak Japanese,English and a little bit of French [11-28-2001]

Andres Rameriz [11-28-2001]

I think Benjamin was a great guy and he helped us a lot
Jasmine Graham , 11yrs old, Wappingers Falls New York [11-28-2001]

I think that benjamin Franklin was a great guy for inventing the lighning rod.
Jose Trejo [11-28-2001]

Awsome discoveries!
Josie Karchare , 12,Eagle River,AK [11-28-2001]

This is a very interesting site. I found it most enjoyable. I am fasinated by the grammer and the everyday use of words used in that time, as shown in "The New England Courant".
Barbi [11-28-2001]

Hillay Robinson [11-22-2001]

think it is great
erica , 15 [11-22-2001]

Just wanted to say hi to everone whom attends DAKOTA high!
Jennifer McCune [11-22-2001]

Jazzy , 11,westfild,NC [11-22-2001]

This page was well put together and it was also very helpful to me. It has everything I needed
Sean Mullen , 15, Columbus, MS, Columbus High School [11-22-2001]

I am working on a paper about Franklin's religious attitudes and their pertenance to the development of the U. S. Constitution
John Lutz , age 59 Ironton, Ohio [11-22-2001]

hi i like this site, but i need information on benjamin franklin's son and how and why they thought. i need this for a school project. please e-mail me back with information on that topic. thank you.
sam , none [11-22-2001]

This website rocks!!! i got so mouch useful information out of it! keep up the good work!
Helen [11-22-2001]

William S. [11-22-2001]

i think he is cool.I mean who else could be as cool as him?
lilly puterbaugh , i am 13 [11-22-2001]

cletis , 14/florence [11-22-2001]

i would like to see more on the works of benjamin franlin
cletis , 34 florence al [11-22-2001]

othello shernam [11-22-2001]

patty luv duc , 18 fag [11-22-2001]

mindy sherrill , Prescott, AZ [11-22-2001]

I think this website should have more pictures of benjamin fronklin besides that this website really works. for example as a seventh grade student my teacher asked me to find two pictures of benjamin franklin and i tried but this website but no good!!!!!!!
Katherine [11-22-2001]

I LIKED IT,it was okay
Diane [11-22-2001]

Mayra Cortes , Mary-Kate and Ashely [11-22-2001]

This is a good research site even though ther are better.
Alyssa , i go to Sparks Elementry and I am in the fifth grade [11-22-2001]

good site
anonymous [11-22-2001]

i just love ben franklin because he made kites and i love flying kites
kamiya , 13,athens [11-22-2001]

Tiffany , 13 years old [11-22-2001]

Thank for letting me sign your guestbook
Bridget Bellamy , 11 years old, blakely Ga [11-22-2001]

franklins the man
paul , 14 [11-22-2001]

Is there a drawing of Ben at Old Christ Church and his Lightning rod?
John [11-22-2001]

Ilove all of your shows the one I like the most is so little time
Abbigail yvonne Preston , I'M9 ILIVE IN Wites villeNY [11-22-2001]

would like to know more on franklin motor.
Ronald Cueto , orange county [11-22-2001]

well i dont know much about him but he invents great things.
cammi [11-09-2001]

this is a ver help site
jennalyn [11-08-2001]

I like this site
Ida Jasso [11-08-2001]

I think these was the best wed site I ever vist and it had every thng I needed. THANK YOU
alyssa daniels [11-08-2001]

i like this site
ginger , age 14 [11-08-2001]

shekar [11-08-2001]

I am studying Early American Literature - this site is a good introduction to the personification of Early America.
John Lutz , ironton, ohio age 59 [11-08-2001]

I came here to write a report
danielle [11-07-2001]

I like the web site
philip Schorr [11-07-2001]

I really like this web site. Peace
Jennifer Lynch , 16, East Grand Forks Minnesota [11-07-2001]

Ashley [11-07-2001]

did you get married?
Rianna , 9,carrollton [11-07-2001]

Enjoyed the site! Was looking for more info on a poem/song concerning the revolution. Song title "Mother Country" We have an old mother, who peevish has grown... any info on it or other similar works?
Amy Hankamer , teacher, 8th grade English [11-07-2001]

Jeffrey E. Barrett , 25, San Jose CA [11-07-2001]

This site is delightful ... something for EVERYONE! I don't know if it's a problem with my computer, but I wish I could have seen "The Ben Show." Maybe another time? I coordinate social studies for our district, and I plan to send out a recommendation to visit this site!
Lynn Genter , Minne-SNOW-ta! [11-07-2001]

Great sight to help with my Colonial Report. Thanks
Nick Mattmiller , I am nine years old and I live in Louisville, KY. [11-07-2001]

I love your web site! I never thought learning about Mr.Franklin could be so fun!
Kristin , student [11-07-2001]

I think Benjamin Franklin was a wonderful man and inventer because he made wonderful things.
Hilary Dean , I'am 11 years old I'am in the 5th grade and live in Marion VA and my Teacher is MRS.Sue Waddel [11-07-2001]

Wendell Harrison , Ontario Canada [11-07-2001]

Jets rule
kelsey connors , 10 [11-02-2001]

farrell [11-02-2001]

I think that you need more information about the effect that he had on society. Not just his inventions and where he grew up.But I think that it is a great site to find things about great people throughout history.
Stephanie Mullins [11-01-2001]

i like you
Amanda [11-01-2001]

this is a good site for very good info
cole campbell , 14 dallas ga [11-01-2001]

Excellent site. Must recommend to my students.
Jim Hillesheim , Prof of Education, Univ of Kansas [11-01-2001]

Cool sight!:)
Stephanie Durgan , 14, Dexter, Michigan [11-01-2001]

i want to know how to get things out of a 7 feet brick wall in the basement
kyle , 15 menasha WI [11-01-2001]

luis.lopez [11-01-2001]

we used this site in English class. Enjoyed playing checkers with Ben...although he cheated
Becky , 16 from Virginia [11-01-2001]

i am six years old and i am in the first grade. I am glad to be Benjamin Franklin for Halloween. Kevin
kevin andrew erickson , six, athens, ga. usa [11-01-2001]

can you find out my school e-mail address i go to school at East Middle School by mcdonalds in sioux city iowa ben was a good man
Maurica l [11-01-2001]

He is a great guy to learn and read about
bret stuart , 13, modesto [11-01-2001]

I think Ben Franklin was a very remarkable man
Kaitlyn Luce , age11,port st lucie [10-28-2001]

I would like to print out some of the activities an games. The short bio was nice. Think my students could read it. More things and more links would be helpful. This is my first year.
R. Slakey , Teacher-ELL-8th grade [10-28-2001]

I think the site is great. But one thing i would add would be a catagory of the awards ben Franklin was given while he was alive and after he had died. I mean thats some pretty interesting stuff dont you think. Please take me up on this thanks
Jeffrey Denio [10-28-2001]

i think mary-kate and ashely is a really goood show.
sabrina heintz , 11-hawaii [10-28-2001]

I have been looking for the Liberty...Safty quote for some time and was hapy to find it here. I do wish the source of the quote would have been listed with it.I find it amazing just how relevant this quote is today, since the 9/11 tragedy, and hope our leaders are as wise as those who helped form this democracy.
Thomas Griffith [10-28-2001]

Lily , 10 Wisconsin [10-28-2001]

This site has helped me find what i needed on my Goverment report.
Tony Crowder , 14 years old [10-28-2001]

a good sorce for a D.A.R essay -Lindsey
Shaniquia , 13, Florida [10-28-2001]

I would like to find the quote about the overthrow of liberty.
Melissa Tobin , Penn State student [10-25-2001]

This web page was helpful in finding a good, solid quote that I needed for a speech.
Melissa Tobin , Penn State student [10-25-2001]

ashley , 12 yrs of age smart popular [10-25-2001]

kay rike [10-25-2001]

brittany , 13 years 0ld and live in florida [10-25-2001]

Ron Johnson [10-25-2001]

jason [10-25-2001]

I have visited this Web site and found it quite interesting and I want to be a famous inventor someday.
Elijah Baker , 18, Paterson, N.J. [10-25-2001]

kyle morgan [10-24-2001]

Benjamin Franklin is on of my great uncles thank you for making a sight devouted to him you make me honured to be his desendent please e-mail me thanks cory curtis
cory curtis [10-24-2001]

i think that ben franklin did a great job!
bell [10-24-2001]

I was in need of a good web site for a project over Benjamin Franklin. I am so happy that I found this web site. It has a lot of good information and is easy to understand. Thank you.
Belle [10-24-2001]

its really good!!
Tiffany , 14,Grants pass,Ohio [10-24-2001]

good pages
david dalton , 43 years old , Victoria Virginia [10-22-2001]

Melissa [10-22-2001]

i would like to know benjamin franklin face and to make a lot of reading about it and to make a project.
Danovel Pierre , 15 / male / mia .fl [10-21-2001]

I would like the exact quote from Benjamen Franklin about giving up liberty for security and having neither
mary godfrey [10-21-2001]

I thought the website was quite interesting. I found out a lot about Benjamin Franklin. I just love this website. I'm in the 8th grade and I'm about to graduate from Hayneville Middle School. We are looking for some sponsors to support our yearbook and cheerleading activites. See you next time. Lil D
Deidre Miles , 13 Hayneville, AL 36040 [10-20-2001]

thanks for all the good information
lindsay gremillion [10-20-2001]

John [10-20-2001]

im glad that this website is here its very usful.
matthew hernandez , san antonio,TX AGE11 [10-20-2001]

kitty cay
Chelsea Noglavskil , kitty [10-17-2001]

I think this site is for great research. THANKS a lot,BEN FRANKLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matthew Isaac Kalinec , 10 [10-17-2001]

bobby [10-17-2001]

I wanted to find out about Benjamin Franklin's discovery of electricity.
Arjun , 6, 3/4 years old, Melbourne, Australia [10-17-2001]

eric fan , nyc [10-17-2001]

Iam very thankful for him
Brittany , Jasper AL. age11 [10-17-2001]

I think that Benjamin Franklin is an amazing Preson. It is awsome that he expermented with electricity, and his invention of the lighting rod. I wish that all the people of the earth could be like him.
Allegra Victoria Lopez , 10 years old [10-17-2001]

charlotte [10-14-2001]

C. Flynn [10-14-2001]

Please help me find source of Ben's quote re older women, "all cats are grey in the dark." I need it for a story. Thanks!
Thomas , screenplay writer [10-13-2001]

i have come to this site because i have to do a research project on Benjaman Franklin. Hopefully this will give me some help!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica , 13 [10-13-2001]

great website
chris [10-12-2001]

show,more videos,andIventions
peter , 9 [10-12-2001]

my name george is my friends call me "G"
George Campos , 17 years old, North Carolina (take your shirt off, and twist and spin it lika helacopter!) [10-12-2001]

i love lauren
mike , none [10-12-2001]

thanxs for helping me in s.s. it really helped
liz [10-11-2001]

This is so great I found the qoute I heard too quickly to understand on Tv and I found #1 on your page!
susan louer , nyc [10-11-2001]

why it a really cool site on him Thanks mandy
Mandy , 13 female doing a project on him [10-10-2001]

Keivn , kuh;aksdfj [10-10-2001]

my name is andy kughnnben franklin is my 100th cousin. i found this out by an old family tree i found then my dad made a whole book on our family history. i thought it was pretty cool that he's my cousin. andy
andy kughn [10-10-2001]

Benjamen Franklin is da bomb!!!
anomonyous [10-07-2001]

thanks for helping me with my biography project - I think Ben Franklin is an amazing guy!
Emerson , age 8 1/2 from Marietta, GA [10-07-2001]

Benjamin Frnaklin was truly an "Electrifying" individual........
Alicia Caraballo , 32 years old Trinidian Administrative Manager [10-06-2001]

I am looking for Inventions and infermation on Ben Franklin
Jack Jr , Iam 11 yrs old [10-06-2001]

Lance D. Scott [10-06-2001]

Could you please tell me where the orignal Ben Franklin Desk is located? I heard it was in Michign but not sure, Thanks
Christy [10-06-2001]

wow, this is a great website. this helped me tons for my project.
none [10-06-2001]

uhh it's cool
Andrew Perea [10-06-2001]

mike danton , 14 [10-06-2001]

Sarah Tambling [10-03-2001]

kyle latham [10-03-2001]

I am glad you invented eletricty
Demetrius Reed [10-03-2001]

Thanks. I'm a high school teacher with students who aren't so interested in history. Your site captured their attention and gave me a chance to incorporate Franklin and the computer into the rest of our Pre-Revolutionary War studies.
Amy , Amherst, MA [10-03-2001]

I loved your site it helped a lot with my report on Beny old boy.
Lindsey [10-03-2001]

I thought benjamin FRanklin was a amazing man
mandi johnston , 18,Johnston City [10-01-2001]

Raven Barnes [10-01-2001]

Nicole Parker [09-30-2001]

i think di site is tite. i need it fo a project and dis site had all the kind of information i was lookin fo. thanks peace
anonymous , 0rLanDO [09-28-2001]

totally awsoem sight..i wasted a whole two hours browsing the web for a site with ENOUGH adequte information and extra besides for a report...and i think it is safe to say this sight has more then enough info!!thanks a lot and rock on!
student in need , 14.5 [09-22-2001]

Fascinating website but why did Franklins discovery of lightening worry the Russians??
Becki , 13,kent [09-22-2001]

was electrick frank rreally born in alask as we call it today
bricer man [09-21-2001]

nick hess , 17 years of age [09-21-2001]

Rahjanaye Bailey [09-19-2001]

I love playing your checker game, but is there any way to tell when one of us has a king? I don't see any difference in the checker. Thank you.
Gert [09-19-2001]

I think Marry Kate and Ashly ARE THE BEST. My favorit show was when you grils were in Paris,it was supper.We'll I'm going to see more cool stuff of your's. bye.
Sara Seymour , 10-31-91 Palmer Ma. 01069 [09-19-2001]

I use a Franklin Planner daily, I like history, philosopy, math, science, and practical solutions to social problems. I think Ben Franklin was one of America's greatest assets, and one that continues to pay dividends. If he were alive today he would love the internet, perhaps he would have invented it, so it is appropriate to have a website dedicated to him. Thanks for sharing.
Michael L. Collins , 51 [09-19-2001]

Lindsay Callis , 13 [09-15-2001]

Jacob Vollmer , 17 Aberdeen ID 83210 [09-13-2001]

Thanx for all the info it really help with my paper
Jon monstrola [09-13-2001]

missy , maine [09-12-2001]

Courtney , I am 5 years old [09-11-2001]

I have been learning about him though my class and I am doing a report on him and I can look up to what he did back and the and we still use these things now.
LaTavia Smith , 15,Converse Tx [09-11-2001]

simone [09-11-2001]

Courtney , I am 5 years old [09-11-2001]

i was looking for a pic of ben but you dont have n e~!
AmBer , 13/f/tx [09-11-2001]

It's a good page cept you need actual speeches that he made. if you do get some email one to me thanks
Carley [09-11-2001]

doreen rafferty , am researching Capt George Ord who donated $16,000 for a psychiatric ward .I do not see his name mentioned [09-11-2001]

its great that you have a site like this. it has really helped me when i do projects and reports on benjamin franklin and electricity
Rachel , California [09-11-2001]

Cory Dobbs [09-11-2001]

Mr Franklin discovered electricity, has helped us do many things.
maxwell howard , age 11 ,swanzey, n.h. [09-11-2001]

i was lookin up some things for a project and came to this site!!!! i love matt!!
heather w. , i am from buna,tx........ [09-11-2001]

I think that this website is amazing...and I loved learning about benjamin fanklin...he is very remarkable...thanks for sharing all the information with me
Sarah [09-11-2001]

My students here in Arkansas love doing the activites, I like the experiments.
Carolyn Willliams [09-11-2001]

Carolyn Willliams [09-11-2001]

My students here in Arkansas love doing the activites, I like the experiments.
Carolyn Willliams [08-30-2001]

Carolyn Willliams [08-30-2001]

i think that i need to no about he.
easedt , 12 phily [08-29-2001]

Ben Franklin was a truly Anerican original that showed the Europeans what the New World was capable of producing along the lines of tecnology, science and patriotism... He gave a semblance of solidity to a rather uncertain, insecure group of men in search of their destiny.
Julio C. Silva , 70, retired journaist, Sarasota, FL [08-29-2001]

It's nice to know there really is actual information out there, and not just "entertainment"
Scott Hubbard , age 39 glasgow ky [08-29-2001]

dane sisic [08-29-2001]

so proud that Ben franklin is honored in the US Swimmers Hall of Fame in Ft. Laudrdale. He was an excellent, innovative swimmer both in the Thames and in later life in the Seine.
george franklin waters [08-22-2001]

Dear Kirsten, Hi .Whatss up? I am fine if you ask. What are yo7 doing ? Dont send a email to me because I wont be able to read it ok got to go now . From your Best Friend Jasmine
Jasmine Maguire [08-22-2001]

i think that you both have to talk to me . pleas!please!
Adewunmi Adegbite , 14ysd 10463 [08-06-2001]

Dave Tanner [08-03-2001]

I was trying to quickly find if B. Franklin was the one who wanted to make the turkey the national bird.
Jim Aspin , 51, Flint, MI [07-05-2001]

Sally Kelcy [07-03-2001]

I love mary-kate &ashley
Destiny , 12/blyn [07-03-2001]

this is a great site for a benjamin franklin fan like myself. thank you for bringing us all this information about the greatest american hero.
Ron Price [07-01-2001]

It was quite helpful for my assignment
Ally Smith [07-01-2001]

Too bad Philip Syng, Jr., Thomas Hopkinson, and Ebenezer Kinnersley who worked with Franklin on the electric experiments are never mentioned today. An indication of how closely they worked together, the signiture of silversmith Philip Syng (maker of the Independence Hall inkstand, an electric generator and a motor) can be found just below Ben's on the charters of the Fire, Insurance, and Library Company, the University, Hospital, Miltia, and Philosophical Society, etc. I hope someday to find my 5x great grandfather's papers so that I may better help the unsung Syng get his just due.
J. Del Conner , Philadelphia, artist [06-28-2001]

he's my dad idol that's why we have a common name. and i wish i could be like him someday i hope so...
benjie , 25,Philippines, Computer guy [06-20-2001]

i had enjoyed this
Kelly Mcdonoldonberg , 79 [06-20-2001]

jeryl m. flanagan , teacher/parent [06-13-2001]

he is the bomb
jordan [06-10-2001]

Gabriel Gonzales [06-06-2001]

Franklin was a bright man but on this web site you really can not find the one thing your looking for. You need to make this web site a little mor clear....
Lauren Thomas [06-06-2001]

This is great,just what I wished to find. And better than that.
Byron Eugene Franklin , 72, Newport RI. [06-06-2001]

Bsb is # 1!! Nick Carter is hott to!! Ya Baby!!
Ashley , 13 [06-06-2001]

I thought that he was a cool dude.
Mike [06-02-2001]

This was very helpful and informative, Thank You!
aj [06-02-2001]

your info is cool thany much.
Kate , 11 etc [05-30-2001]

i alwys was dreming aboutgoing this gust book.. thank you.,hugo sisto
hugo sisto , 13 mami [05-30-2001]

Devinne [05-30-2001]

i think benjerman franklin was the smartest in venter in the whole world he could of invented more and better things
vanessa sumrall , 14 laughlin NV [05-24-2001]

marleni , 11 [05-24-2001]

angela , 13yrs Bflo.NY [05-24-2001]

Ithink that he was a graet person
Cody Vogel [05-21-2001]

i am a direct ancesor of Benjamin Franklin - i saw on the homepage of internet on june 15th he experimented with the kite and electricity and june 15th happens to be my birthday thanks for information very interesting
kathy mayo [05-21-2001]

I LOve philadelphia history
shamain wilkes, I Love philadelphia [05-19-2001]

Ben Franklin is number one!!!! I <3 {love) HIM!
Allison Quebec, 25, Burton, Michigan [05-18-2001]

About Ben Franklin!
John, 12 [05-18-2001]

I am here for a biography for school and I like your games and stuff.
Mike Dawley, Im 9 I live in Winchester,Mass.and I am in 3rd grade at Ambrose School! [05-18-2001]

benjamin franklin is one of my faviorte old people in the tour
John Vogt, royersford pa, 11 [05-18-2001]

I like this site
Tony, 14 midland MI Boy [05-18-2001]

I want to see some pictures here right now.
Chris Tilley, no [05-14-2001]

i just love mary kate and ashely video
Vanity Thomas, 12 [05-14-2001]

jessi [05-13-2001]

I thought this place was very interesting!
Morgan Meyling, age10,S.J.C,CA. [05-11-2001]

Brittanie Godinez, 12 [05-10-2001]

HELP!! This is a wonderful resource; however, I need some help. I'm researching BF's 13 Virtues. I found them listed in the "Electric Franklin's" Quotables, but there are only twelve listed with "silence" listed twice. I need the thirteen. Can you help me? Where did you find them!?! Thanks so much! Sharla Moody
Sharla Moody [05-07-2001]

great site, one of the best I have looked at when evaluating sites for teachers and kids on ben franklin.
patti Harrison [05-07-2001]

This is a wonderful site. I work for the Hospital Ben started 250 years ago. I am doing a little project for the birthday celebration and this info proved to be so very helpful. Thank you so much. I am a great admirer of Ben Franklin.
Susan Klerr, Philadelphia [05-05-2001]

alice martinez [05-03-2001]

ALessia, no [05-02-2001]

I would like to let you know what a great website this is for young children. They have enjoyed reading your web page and they've enjoyed your fun and games section. Thanxs for making it so fun!!!
Johanna Baggett [05-02-2001]

thus is oh so rad i mean cool
me (nn) [05-02-2001]

i love this page i mean it is o so totaly awsome , i mean games activities and all sorts of like interesting junk about Mr. B well thank's Bye
loriea [05-02-2001]

hi it was kool
happy user [05-02-2001]

david [05-02-2001]

send some information. Bye
Wade Adison, 11,Castle Dale utah [05-02-2001]

hi my rael name is kissa bailey
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Really helped me with my research.
Hannah Dixon [04-29-2001]

nice site could use some more games!
Melanie [04-29-2001]

whitney petersen [04-26-2001]

Ashley Renee Kinder [04-26-2001]

james donovan, 10 yrs melton,vic,australia [04-26-2001]

My daughter is doing a report on BF and I thought I would help her out by visiting your site, I can't wait til she gets home to check it out for herself. No, I'm not ding her homework!!
Robyn [04-24-2001]

mark sullivan [04-24-2001]

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Courtney Hamilton [04-24-2001]

nice site guys
steven [04-24-2001]

I think that you should put more(big pictures)of Benjamen franklin,but Im not saying I dont like it.Thank you for having your time to read this letter and pleeeeeeeeese write me back!
becky, 10 [04-24-2001]

I thought the site was "perfect" althoughyou could use pictures.. I was looking for pictures and I found this site after looking up 30 or so different engines and this one was the best and I speant the most time, although the bad thing was I ended up printing all the pages (just about) when I was only looking for pictures
Krysten, 15 yrs of age,Arlington Washington (State) [04-24-2001]

Nephie, Australia [04-24-2001]

James [04-18-2001]

I hink he is cool!!!!!
MelMay Strong [04-18-2001]

I'm doing a report on Ben
jon [04-17-2001]

I like your website. pretty interesting the games are the best.
tony, I am 60 [04-16-2001]

It is very generous of you to devote your time and effort to this web site. It is really very usful to teenagers like me. We appreciate it emensly.
Raye [04-15-2001]

doing a project in school on him. what effects he has on currently on society. spent all of today riding around the city to the sites that commemorate him. he will inspire me for a long time to come. brendan lake
brendan lake, philadelphia, 33 [04-13-2001]

stephanie [04-13-2001]

Eric Lee, 29, Hong Kong message: The greatest, and the most American, of all Americans. [04-11-2001]

Jessica, message: [04-11-2001]

Ryan mcleod, message: [04-11-2001]

I like the information about benjamin franklin and that I love his inventions.
nicole dunston, 11 providence [04-06-2001]

good job. Need more pics and apealing graphics
Veronica, none [04-06-2001]

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Casi Rosenberg, 10,eoria,az [04-06-2001]

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i think this web site is really cool.
daniel, 11 [04-04-2001]

I think this is a good page or site to do projects for school and to learn more about him.
Brandon Royer, age 15 [04-04-2001]

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logan, 110 years od [04-04-2001]

this is a great starting point for info when planning a trip to Philly
Barbara [04-01-2001]

i like you ben!~
alyssa, age 16` [04-01-2001]

jasmineb woods, 8yrs [04-01-2001]

he was a genius
lila, 14 , san fransisco [04-01-2001]

I love people
Griselda Martinez, I am 13 [04-01-2001]

TaSheyna Trent, 12 yrs old [04-01-2001]

My first grader was doing a report on Franklin and your website was very useful. I have become fascinated with the life of this amazing man. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.
Tania, nj [04-01-2001]

it was very interesting
austin, hello [03-29-2001]

This site is really cool! I like playing Ben Franklin in checers
Austin, I am 10 yrs. old [03-29-2001]

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bryan tuch, 12, gonzales, texas [03-28-2001]

Kenny Ingham [03-26-2001]

why don't you write about him young?
cayla, age 9 [03-26-2001]

I think that this is a very useful website. It has so much information about Franklin. I thought that it was interesting that he only went to one year of school and was still able to accomplish so much. Franklin must have been a geneious! He was way ahead of his time.
Corinna Shivers, Pittsburg, CA [03-26-2001]

Glenda Grant [03-23-2001]

katrin regan [03-23-2001]

I thought this website was great! It has every thing u need to know!
Ms. Klassen's class, please write back [03-23-2001]

hey i like the web site and i hope you add more to it i need some ictures of him cause i am doing a project and we need pictures so if you could add some i would be thankful well i have to go and email me with an answer thank you a bunch from my gruop to yours
lisa miller, 14 nj [03-23-2001]

Coool page!!!!!!!!!!!!

my brother had to do a report on benjamin franklin and we got 2 dress him up with your info you helped him get a A plus which helped his grade thank YOU!!!!!!!! your friend ,felicia mccombs
felicia mccombs, 12 age, [03-23-2001]

he was cool
paste, ben was a great man [03-16-2001]

say hi to Amos for me
jordin, age 10 [03-16-2001]

cool web site needs more info though
john, 14 [03-15-2001]

I think that Benjamin Franklin is a very good aspect of what the people of today should really be looking up to. Benjamin Franklin achieved a lot in his time, probably more than most of the people. With his life as a scientist to his life as an inventor I believe that he has made a huge impact on the life today. Although he invented many things that do not necessarily apply to me, other I think appreciate his discoveries. Such things as the lightning rod and the furnace stove established certain insurance's. The lightning rod established protection for ships and buildings. The furnace stove warmed the homes of many individuals in his time period. Now we have taken these inventions to a little bit of a higher level. I believe with out these inventions and his scientific analogies we would probably be living different life styles. I know that I would not want to live with out his inventions, and I bet you would not want to either!
Anthony Heilman, Unknown [03-14-2001]

i think this website is neat but it needs some more stuff about the kite experiment! but this is a great webpage for school work and that kinf of stuff.
sarah [03-13-2001]

John Downing [03-13-2001]

I think this website is great just like Benjamin Franklin
Anabel Perez, 16 [03-13-2001]

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Midnight, 11yrs. birthdate/11-16-89 [03-09-2001]

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Alex, 13,sedalia,mo. [03-09-2001]

info on Benjamen Fraklin,things he invented,what he did
Jeff S., 14 yrs old, Craig, [03-08-2001]

i have to do a school report and i found a bunch of neat things i can use at this site. thanks,
tony, i am 12 and live in Md [03-08-2001]

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jan, age 13 looking i luv girls [03-06-2001]

Edna Wolf, Single female head of family - - 3 offspring, 6 grandchildren, assorted in-laws (some here! some there) message: Delighted to find Benjamin F. & Claude A. Lopez on the internet! Hello! [03-05-2001]

shayna thompson, message: [03-05-2001]

Brooke, 15yrs, Australia message: could you make it more interesting for kids [03-05-2001]

jessica, message: [03-05-2001]

I think this is a wonderful sites for aduls and young adults to visit.
Megan Watob [03-01-2001]

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Amber and Alexis [03-01-2001]

I think Ben Franklin was one of the greatest thinkers and philosophers in human history, a real renaissance man. I admire him greatly.
Bill Jenkins, physics teacher [03-01-2001]

needs pics!
Chris Conrad, 11,atalnta,ga [03-01-2001]

I'm doing a report on Ben Franklin and I read about him and I think he's great! He was so amazing! I'm glad he invented so much!
Cowy, BenFranklin's cool! [02-27-2001]

we are doing biographies in class and i wanted to know if i can get pictures?
Terry Nguyen, 10 yr.old houston,TX [02-26-2001]

gregg [02-25-2001]

maha azem [02-23-2001]

hey! nice website. This sitereally help me alot...keep up the good work.....Good job u guys!!!!God bless!!
millie, Im BuMmEd!!!! [02-22-2001]

His advise on the need for paper money, and it's control should be required reading for all High School students.
Jack White, Birmingham, AL [02-22-2001]

samantha, 12 [02-21-2001]

i thoght it should be cool and have two pages of stuff instead 1 page
sam, 12 walton [02-21-2001]

Jeanee Abney [02-21-2001]

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megan, no... i don't think so! [02-20-2001]

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Nookcook, 13 years old [02-19-2001]

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ariel, i'm 11 randolph nj [02-19-2001]

Franklin was a very nice guy and when he wants to do something he does it
stacey [02-16-2001]

Brittany Shepard [02-16-2001]

Thanx 4 helpin me out with my report on Ben Franklin.
Gail, 12 orlando [02-15-2001]

i think that ben franklin is really cool i want to know if sarah franklin is still alive
Adam Thao [02-15-2001]

Sean, 12 years old [02-14-2001]

i love anthony!
Dominique, age 14 [02-14-2001]

Thank you for all this information about Ben F. It helped me with my science project about a scientist,
Alyssa Haughton, age 11 ,bronx10469 [02-13-2001]

I used this very helpful information on my report.
Matt, 14; 8th grade [02-13-2001]

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mallori, 5thgrade age11 [02-13-2001]

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melanie, age10 grade5th [02-11-2001]

Thank you so much for the Quick Biography Of Ben F.! It was very useful for my school report on him! It made it a lot easier to find things about him!
Jessica [02-11-2001]

Admirer of Franklin,surprised at how few good books about him. Different than most men of his era,such as John Adams.
Tom Mitchell, age 73--Arnold,MO 63010 [02-11-2001]

gderre, 56 [02-09-2001]

I Love Travis
yvette, 14 [02-09-2001]

marry, 15 [02-08-2001]

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erin higgins, 11 years old, cranbury [02-08-2001]

Nasrath Hoque [02-08-2001]

WOW what a great site, very educational
Sarah [02-06-2001]

isabel [02-04-2001]

Cierra Taunton, age 11 Macon, Ga. [02-01-2001]

how did he helped outher contery to peace? what was his talent? reply me at my e-mail adrees
lin, doing project on franklin [02-01-2001]

Ur site is wasome I like the navigation and how a picture pops up of what you are about to click on !!!! visit www.vitalstudious.cjb.net if you need any help for feature projects I'm threre
Ivan, Web designer [02-01-2001]

Is there anywhere on the 'net where I can find a picture from the artist of Ben Franklin actually conducting his kite experiment. Thanks Joe
Joe Lauria [02-01-2001]

I love the history that surrounds the city of brotherly love..I am especially enomored with Ben Franklin
barbara cambell [01-31-2001]

i have a project too and i need info
Patrice [01-31-2001]

I used this website for information for my report.
Alec Bosselman, 10 yrs. old, Columbus, Ga. [01-31-2001]

hi! ben franklin helped america a lot but i think it is mean that he was in england while his wife was sick and died and he didn't come back untill a year later!
princess169 [01-31-2001]

Do you have a e-mail newsletter that I can recieve. I am thnking about a webpage on American History which I enjoy very much. I thank this might give me more ideas. As a Teacher's Aid I think it would be wonderful for the children that I work with in our school.
Mildred Gordon, Lancaster NH [01-28-2001]

can you give me pictures of Benjiman Franklin
Evdaddy [01-28-2001]

Ben, You Rock!
Marco, 8 years [01-27-2001]

We are reviewing the Autobiography of Ben Franklin this Monday night and this web page has been too much fun!
Maggie Moran, 33, Como, MS [01-27-2001]

Mr Franklin, Thank you for inventing electricity. Caues if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have electricity.
anonymous [01-24-2001]

Jeremy Anderson [01-24-2001]

If you can send info. to Sheapard Boulavard Elemntry School, on Benjiman Franklin. Write that Leila St.John would like info! I'm in Mrs.Phillips Class-5th Grade!!!
leila st.john, Columbia,MO [01-23-2001]

Ben Franklin is one of my heros.
Ray "Ben" Gizara [01-22-2001]

ughh i hate history
michelle, i dunu [01-22-2001]

Greg Peters, 16,Hardin [01-22-2001]

Alyssa, 11/f/tx [01-20-2001]

You need more pictures. Ben Franklin is the coolest when you have pictures to share.
Janie Graymond, I live in Hawaii! [01-20-2001]

andrew, 14 findly oh. [01-20-2001]

lindsey [01-20-2001]

I think that if Ben was around today it would be a big help with hard decisions and scientific work! Thanks for your previous work with electricity! We appreciate your thoughtful ideas,expressions,hypothesis,and questions! Bye now!
Kaitlin Sebring, 9)Woodstock) [01-20-2001]

I dont know what the big deal is...I could have invented the things he did back then. But now everything is invented.
chris, age:17 [01-20-2001]

Amro, phila [01-20-2001]

Growing up it was always so special to me that I share the same birthday as Ben Franklin - not the same year thought! LOL! He was a remarkable man and there's never been else like him. I love this site and intend to visit it often! Warmest regards and many thanks!
Jacklyn, Ben Franklin and I share the same birthdate! [01-20-2001]

Brooke Forrestier, 10 Carencro 174 Welch Rd. Louisiana [01-20-2001]

I liked the web page...would like to see some printable activities or coloring pages for use with children.
MJ Bedsworth, special education teacher [01-20-2001]

I'm doing a project on benjamin franklin too so i dont have really any info on him except that he was born on Jan. 17, 1706
Brittany Cowart [01-20-2001]

I enjoyed my visit. Stay well and best regards.
Doug Snedden, http://expage.com/isthereagod [01-20-2001]

I really like your web site
Adriana, Spring Tx [01-20-2001]

This is a very good site I enjoyed being there it has also helped me do my school report.
meagan [01-20-2001]

I think he was a good person in history. And well deserves his fame.
k n t, Tennessee [01-20-2001]

i wanted to say i thought mrs domeratski(i probably didnt spell that right) was one of the best teachers of history ive ever known, not only that but she cared about me as a student and a person, i would just like to say thank you!
emma wachtstetter, i went to franklin for 7th grade and was a roadrunner [01-20-2001]

This man is so and totally cool man
shaun hansen [01-20-2001]

dude this is cool
william edger, 11/m [01-20-2001]

so much info- great man
luke debruyckere, age 10 [01-20-2001]

Hi, My name is Sam, and I'm in the 5th grade and my social studies teavher's name is Mrs.Brandt, she's AWESOME anyways we were learning about Old Ben and I just thought I'd get some info on him for some extra-cred, ttyl That means talk to you lata. C-ya Sincerely, Samuel Joseph Peiffer
Samuel Joseph Peiffer, 11 years old, Grinnell Iowa, 50112 [01-20-2001]

I bet it is cool
Cierra Beatriz, 15 Tenaha [01-20-2001]

i just wanted to say "thank you" for the W. Temple Franklin diary -- well written, well illustarted, well done.
Sylva Corso [01-20-2001]

The William Temple Franklin diary piece is fantastic. My son read it and recommended it too me -- I am glad he did. The part where Benjamin tells young William he is his grandfather is stellar work.
Mandy Templeton [01-20-2001]

the page about franklin as seen through a diary was fascinating. i had no idea franklin got so angry about the british.
Tony Stefano [01-20-2001]

Ugh! I hate your site. everytime I come here trying to get help with my homework, I end up spending like 2 hours reading stuff instead. Instead of doing my social studies homework I read almost all of that journal about billy franklin. is it a book or something so at least I can use it for a book report?
Caitlyn [01-20-2001]

Last summer my dad made me take a tour of philadelphia on a trolley and the guide said ben franklin walked up market street there when he came over from boston. well let me tell you I couldn't have cared less. But I think the journal about his sort-of-grandson Billy is cool because of the way you talk about their journeys and stuff. please post some more.
willa, age 14, Princeton, NJ [01-20-2001]

the story of ben Franklin in diary form blew me away! i laughed at the part about Phialdelphia being a sleepy little town because i live there!
Edward Simms, age 12, from Philadelphia [01-20-2001]

I didn't think it was appropriate to use the term bast-rd in your journal of William Temple Franklin. A lot of children probably visit your site and that is not appropriate language. Otherwise, I would have recommended that journal for my students.
Ruth Oshop [01-20-2001]

can you please send me some information about how to write historical journals. I would like to start one on Mrs. Margaret Stevenson -- it could go with your william temple franklin one. reading that was really fun and I want to write like that too.
naomi jagger, Sweet Sutherland, TX [01-20-2001]

Hello! Your william temple journal isn't even a year long yet. Why did you stop the installments? When can I read the next one!
raymond, 34, Bangor [01-20-2001]

I like to read historical novels and I liked your story about william temple franklin. It is rare when writers know how to put in the really good details -- like where you describe playing with tame squirrels and the thrill of a package of apples, cranberries and bacon. How funny.
Elisabeth, age 16 [01-20-2001]

Those pictures in the "through the eyes of young franklin" journal are really cool. I like how the writing sounds really old too - the way they talked back then, I gues.
jason, no other info for you. [01-20-2001]

I never got passed the beginning of Ben Franklin's biography that they assigned at school. But I loved your story about his grandson. How much of that is real, anyway?
Ellen Barty, Whitewater wisconsin USA [01-20-2001]

I've assigned Ms. Lopez's W. T. Franklin journal to my students. I have been hunting for some social studies/English inter-disciplinary materials and this is absolutely perfect. Thank you!
Sundaze, Amherst, MA - 9th grade teacher [01-20-2001]

William temple franklin's diary is better than the Harry Potter books, I think.
becca, wilmington [01-20-2001]

I think that this is a very helpful website and i would love to see it being continued
Michael [01-20-2001]

I wish you had more on Benjerman Franklin's live and?or biograph of his live
Chryssy Blais [01-20-2001]

Bob Wallace, I live at 471 Cherry Grove, Miami, FL 73918 [01-20-2001]

I think this site is really cool and a lot more people should visit this site. BEN RULES!!!!!
Leecia, Dover,DE [01-20-2001]

Great Site!!
Katelyn [01-20-2001]

Benjamin Franklin is the best.
Derick Leroyec Cole, 12,Dover,Delaware [01-20-2001]

I was doing a project on Benjamin Franklin, and couldn't find any pictures, and I would like to have.
Jessica [01-20-2001]

Nick, age:9 [01-20-2001]

I am amazed at the seemingly unique confluence of men with vision who lived,wrote, and worked toward the founding of what at the time was an incredibly risky venture- a democratic republic. The documents and structure that they created, after much discussion, disagreement, and compromise are works of men with faith and vision.What a period to have been alive!
Robert Constantine, age 52; Buffalo,NY [01-20-2001]

this is a nice website
chris, hi [01-20-2001]

Susie Jones [01-20-2001]

I have no thiughts.
Protoman [01-20-2001]

poage [01-20-2001]

I would like information about making the US a republic and a quote from franklin statiing "We gave you a republic, now see what you can do with it." anyohter info will be appreiciate. send info to sam@damm.com and to gazar@nettally.com
Sam Dan [01-20-2001]

Emily [01-20-2001]

i have to do a research paper on ben franklin and i ran out of sources so i came online and i keep coming across all these boring papers with a bunch of writting an dit just listed everything this page heled me a lot because it seperated the inforation for me and made it easier to understand
Melissa [01-20-2001]

inee to talke to pepoel on line
sadou, 20-30 flint [01-20-2001]

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