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Am reading bio. of Franklin again
lw farley, 69-West Columbia SC [12-18-2000]

I just need a lot of infoabout benjamin Franklin because i have a report due tomorow and thats the15th and i have nothing on him!
Brittany Mutka, none [12-18-2000]

I like Ben!
Liz [12-14-2000]

David Talor, 862 [12-13-2000]

Your website is very informative. It was only in this website that I realized the story of lightning hitting Franklin's kite directly was not confirmed. I really need to know this because I might give the wrong story to the kids who will read my science textbooks I am currently writing. By the way, I am working in a private school as a curriculum developer for science education for the elementary and high school departments.
Rolando M. Tan, 33 yrs. old, Manila, Philippines [12-12-2000]

talented man
april fischer, lodi [12-12-2000]

he was a good man and made electricty if he did not make that we woulndt have light
Alonzo [12-12-2000]

Damesha Walker [12-12-2000]

i think that benjamin franklin was a very educated man and he would be a big help if he was still around today.
joe [12-12-2000]

I think he was a fantastic man with a lot of intelligence.
David, 13 [12-12-2000]

Mike T, 14 Warren MN [12-12-2000]

We'd love to have some more pics & info about Phila. for school projects. Still, you really are the best we've found so far, and Ben's the Best!
Sharon Rieck & Daniel Neff, old Philadelphian, now living in Germany & son [12-12-2000]

i am doing a research paper on people that i think describe what an american is. My school recently came back from Washingt DC after recieving a New American High School award. now we are doing research on what we think an american is. there are not many site on Bejiman Franklin but he ones i found were some helpful.
Sally [12-12-2000]

Kimmy Franklin [12-12-2000]

I enjoyed visiting Philadelphia and Ben's environs and haunts. He definitely is a person I would like to have known.
Karen Lancaster, Riverside, CA [12-05-2000]

I thought it was excellent and will make my report an'A'
katrina ray aka baby t, no [12-05-2000]

I am very pleased that there is a place where one can go (young & older) to learn information. Thank You.
Matilda Gouacide [11-30-2000]

Nikki [11-30-2000]

you rule the school
Deanna [11-30-2000]

he did a good job inventing the things he did.
Shelby Horton, what he did [11-30-2000]

Andrew P., 15 [11-29-2000]

bugaboo, hi [11-29-2000]

very good
Stacey [11-29-2000]

Stephen Mais, Carol Stream Illinois [11-29-2000]

Here looking for information on Franklin's work with electricity.
The Spencers, Schoharie, NY 12157 [11-25-2000]

I think this web site is very useful and it's good for doing reports
Daniel Vargas, 13 single [11-25-2000]

Anyone know where I can find a copy of 'arcana imperii'; book mentioned by Franklin in 'A Sort of Tar and Feather Honour'? Letter to Charles de Weissenstein, July 1, 1778.
bruce purcell [11-25-2000]

I am doing a research projet on Benjaman Franklin and would like to know more about him
patty321, 12 yrs. old [11-20-2000]

I have to make a report on a person who has done something amazing, for Arkansas History. Ben is a cool cat he has done a lot of magnificent things. I just like him better because he hasn`t just did 1 thing he has accomplished a lot of things!
Kayla, 10, Concord, Arkansas [11-20-2000]

Arlene [11-20-2000]

I love your site
Desiree Kelly, jhhjhj [11-20-2000]

Franklin has always been my hero. This has been the best site I've found! Thanks so much for sharing all this wonderful information.
Michele [11-20-2000]

Rob [11-20-2000]

I think that Bben Franklin is _______________!
Laura Halsey [11-20-2000]

cool web site but not what i was looking for gotta go.
jimmy, age16 [11-20-2000]

Nathan [11-20-2000]

i need info on benjimen franklin to do a report
shawn [11-14-2000]

boosky, 23 ct [11-14-2000]

jadie [11-14-2000]

Greg Snyder, Hesperia CA [11-14-2000]

Jordyn, 11 San Antonio T.X. [11-10-2000]

pretty cool
Ron Rupard [11-10-2000]

I am Ben Franklins great great great great great great grand daughter. I would like to meet via e-mail other descendents-cousins of Ben Franklin. I am from the Cook lineage.
Joan Kinley-Howard, Mocksville, NC [11-10-2000]

Will Rowan, 13 , Kingston,New York [11-10-2000]

Michael Bordy [11-08-2000]

i like what i seen i am my grandmother is a franklin her husband name kelly franklin
tina [11-08-2000]

Ray Henderson [11-08-2000]

ben is a really interestin guy I am amazed by all of the things he contributed to america I'm doing a report on him in social studies and I did it first because I thought there was a lot of info on him which there really is but now I'm doing it because he is the most interesting dude.
mark revesz, 12 m cavendish VT [11-07-2000]

I am doning a report and I would like to find out some stuff about him and his life. I think that this page will be great and I think a lot of kids my age needs to fine this stuff out and not to many web pages offer It. Thank you for your time~Patricia
patricia, I am 13, I live In tayrlor, Mi [11-07-2000]

j. p. [11-06-2000]

i think that this is the coolest website ever
casey james, i'm ten years old but i am pretty smart i love electricty i made a lamp out of a bottle well a home made lamp/. [11-06-2000]

Zach McFalls [11-06-2000]

I think Ben Franklin is cool. I never new he invented all that stuff.
Kelly Sokora, I am 10 and 1/2 and I live in Pilot Point Tx [11-06-2000]

ariel [11-02-2000]

Where is the history of Benjamen Franklin
Jacob hill, 45, Jacksenvle,Florda [11-02-2000]

I thought this site was cool.
Leah Doty, 7 years old. [11-02-2000]

I thought this site was cool
Katy Lynn Ricketts, Fillmore [11-02-2000]

We really have enjoyed exploring your site.
Mr. Peterson's Class, Fillmore [11-02-2000]

margie, 13, sAN aNTONIO [11-02-2000]

mark [11-02-2000]

i dont like ben franklin i just have to do a project on him but i also think your site is realy cool. please send some info on him at nikelus@yahoo.com
nick & tony, none [11-02-2000]

jenna miller [11-02-2000]

seeking knowledge of franklin,s discoveries
james flint [11-02-2000]

give me a picture~!
Katie, 12, Chicago [10-28-2000]

Mitch dean [10-28-2000]

brian [10-28-2000]

niki [10-28-2000]

Shaniqua Leonard [10-28-2000]

Alyssa [10-28-2000]

Timothy Chow [10-23-2000]

kewl site 4 projects!!!!!!!
kacey, 15 [10-23-2000]

Great project - now on my favorites bookmark - please not to forget some of the colorful Ben ie Fart Proudly by Carl Japikse writings of BF you never read in school - stay true to the reality of Ben as I'm sure he would want it that way - the good, bad and ugly
Steve Williams [10-23-2000]

Jackie [10-23-2000]

Matt [10-23-2000]

I am doing a report on Franklin because he is one of the most importent pepoel in amarcian history.
Ryan Ball, 12/Perris, CA [10-18-2000]

Hi... i like to know how can I make a Storm Detector with 2 bells like a Benjamin Franklin created !
Julian M Karsinski, 25 years. I live in Blumenau - Brasil [10-18-2000]

this is for a school project, don't mind us
sean [10-18-2000]

It's too bad that Franklin was not as appreciated in his own country than in France. A true American none the less!
Brad Constantine [10-18-2000]

can you please send me more info about him and electricity for a big project. thank you very much
christine, 13 years old [10-18-2000]

I find Franklin a very interesting idividual and someone that I like to study and learn (still)
Mike Specktor, Glenmoore, Pa. [10-18-2000]

Martin [10-18-2000]

I think that you have a great site set up and you should keep up the good wrok. I found all the info that I needed for my report and and now i know that I found lots about Ben Franklin!
Ashley, 14 Nj [10-18-2000]

cindy [10-18-2000]

Travis Smith, Age 12, Gr 7 school info [10-09-2000]

Joan Rivera Robbins [10-09-2000]

Jack Meoff, 69 yrs hotterville [10-09-2000]

John Ness [10-09-2000]

Benjerman Franklin is a cheater.
Ashley, Athens [10-09-2000]

Storm Tripple, El Dorado, AR [10-09-2000]

Ken Gardiner [10-04-2000]

Storm Tripple [10-04-2000]

just doing a report
Meredith [10-04-2000]

Kenny [10-04-2000]

Excellent work. Even in the 21st Century, Franklin remains an American icon.
Lawrence Filippone [10-04-2000]

pittsburgh pa 10
brittany [10-04-2000]

My high school students are studying the Revolutionary Period in American Lit. In case any of them are researching Ben, HI! I'm proud of you for seeking knowledge!
Susan Greaves [10-04-2000]

ben franklin rulz
cookies and cream, 12 13 athens [10-04-2000]

i enjoyed my sit visit
Ramon Ver Macabuhay [10-04-2000]

martin barcz [10-04-2000]

a closed mouth doesn't get fed nor is there anything such as asking a stupid question if you do not know the answer
James Spain, 33/male/Alabama [10-04-2000]

dude you cheat in checkers
heather, 13 [10-04-2000]

This is a cool web site, kept it going.
Jason Draughn [10-04-2000]

Thanks, for helping me in my report
Olivie [09-27-2000]

Sarah Flint, 10 Highgate Center [09-27-2000]

I think that this is a good web page for lost of stuff you mite need like for a reserch
Debra, 14/Arlington [09-27-2000]

I am deeply grateful for this opportunity. Thankyou, to all who have made this wonderful gift.
Friedrich E. Stoll, 75, B.S., M.D., Col USAF ret. [09-27-2000]

Hi, I'm doing my school project on Benjamin Franklin, and need lots of primary and secondary information on why he is a frontier and how he has affected life today! If you can send any info to the address above, it will be greatly appreciated! Meghan Haas
Meghan Haas, 12 years old, Menife, CA [09-27-2000]

Jana Gaskin [09-21-2000]

sonicwater [09-20-2000]

Jimmy McGill [09-17-2000]

I'm an 8th grader doing a project on him. So far I think he's a great man!
Sara Melton, Williston,Florida [09-14-2000]

She owned a quilt made by Ben Franklin. He was related
Merl Rasmussen, My mother was born 5/1/81 [09-14-2000]

Dawn ? [09-14-2000]

would like to have picture of Ben franklin in a rockerand if possible one with a mouse comming out of the floor
kevin santullo [09-14-2000]

I am a first grade teacher I was exploring sites on inventors.
Teresa Killebrew [09-11-2000]

this site was interesting i love benjamin franklin now.
michael landi, 13 , gay [09-06-2000]

the site was very well put together, and had very helpful information. thank you
Kelli Williams [09-06-2000]

electricity is exciting!
Leah, age11.6th grade [08-29-2000]

Leah [08-29-2000]

Wonderful website. Thank you. I would like to see and alphebetical listing of names recorded in the Courant. I have ancestors who were associated with Ben.
Frances Muckelroy, Tyler, Texas [08-29-2000]

I would like to have pictures of Julian Lopez,"El Juli" because I admire him, thanks I hope you can help me.
alexia [08-18-2000]

i want to have biography of mr.franklin with big picture
ma.antonnette c. macabuhay, 20 yrs. old [08-18-2000]

Franklin is the standard by which all men of greatness and integerity are judged.
louis f. gillingham jr. [07-31-2000]

where's a copy of 'arcana imperii', the book mentioned in franklin's autobiography?
purcell [07-23-2000]

I doubt that myfamily has a direct connection wth Ben's but I hope some of his philosophy rubbed off on us
Neil M. Franklin, Montgomery, AL 36117 [07-15-2000]

Mark Winski [07-15-2000]

Yet another fan of Benjamin Franklin. Thank you sir for your service to our country. Semper Fi!
David Purcell, 47 year old Celtic-American from Anchorage, Alaska [07-14-2000]

enjoyed this site will return
dan kelly [07-01-2000]

lovely site! Ben's accomplishments ~ very humbling!! To meet him, an honor!!
Sherry Brugioni/des moines ia, age 49, have lupus [07-01-2000]

he was great when i was in grade school and honest and more people should study him and heed his way now.
s.simmons, old enough to be a grandparent [06-30-2000]

i love ur page.
john liquori [06-28-2000]

certainly sorry to see Temple's Diary end. What a fascinating "insiders story" that is! Hope it resumes soon.
george waters, rochester mn [06-27-2000]

brilliant I would not be writing to you .{if not for him}THANKS BEN!
sue foord nee stickels, 50 saudi arabia at the present time originally born in England but emigrated to Australia in 1970 [06-25-2000]

L. Harold Doles, Chiefland, FL 32626 [06-22-2000]

Barrett Bilotta [06-19-2000]

charlie leslie [06-16-2000]

Jane Nelson, Panama City, Florida [06-11-2000]

Teresa A Laskey [06-09-2000]

I have read a quotation from Ben Franklin. It says:"A person rapt up in themselves makes a very small bundle". I was confused about its exact meaning. Does anyone can give me some help. It will be highly appreciated.
Feng Weiwen [06-08-2000]

I was just looking around at this site becaues I"m studding benjamin.
Kristina, age 13 [06-08-2000]

ashley WINTERS, 14 raleigh [06-08-2000]

christina [06-03-2000]

I Think that this page was very intresting...My Social Studies class is On this page today and were looking for quotes I'll update you later... Peace
Nicghole hoffay, Im 13 years of age..Go to Van Wyke Junior High [06-03-2000]

Outstanding site! I've barely begun to probe it! Can you tell me if there are any sites like this for Washington, Adams, J.Q.Adams, and Jefferson?
dave, age 43 [05-30-2000]

I thought the sight was interesting and i learned a lot of quotes.
Jamie Breitwieser, I am 10 year old female [05-27-2000]

I want to tell how good of a discovery Bengamin franklin do.
Julian Lopez, 11 Lodi NJ [05-27-2000]

The Electric Franklin website is good site for learning things but i think you should have more sites. But the ones you have here are interesting and fun.
Caitlyn Ferreira, (11 years old) Female Lodi, New Jersey [05-27-2000]

i really liked this website . my favorite part was the kite even though it took me a minuet or so to get it .
Victoria Trifu, (age 10) [05-27-2000]

This sight rocks Ill be here next time faster than lightining
Daniel Pecoraro, Im ten [05-27-2000]

this sight shows many interesting things about ben franklin
Jacqueline Sfreddo, 10 lodi female [05-27-2000]

I hope that we will see many interesting things that we can tell our kids about..
Kelly Hughes, I am ten turning 11 in september i go to washington school hope to see yuou may 31 when we go on our class trip!!! [05-27-2000]

I think that Franklin was a cool guy, without him we wouldn't have had anything that runs with electricity. We wouldn't have T.v's or, computers.
Redwana Khan, 10 1/2 years old, Lodi NJ [05-27-2000]

I think the webpage is neat and really cool
Krystal, 11/Female, Lodi [05-27-2000]

christina syracuse, 11,lodi,nj [05-27-2000]

Redwana Khan [05-27-2000]

JasCiel [05-27-2000]

Excellent website!
Christine Asby, Kansas City, Missouri, USA [05-27-2000]

where on the web could i find a geneological chart of William Temple Franklin's decendents
Jim, georgia [05-16-2000]

It was a really great site and I got a lot of information from it.
Andrew, Andrew, 13, Sydney, Australia [05-16-2000]

im doing a report on Benjimen Franklin. so will please send me pictures of him flying the kite. thanks!!!!
jj [05-16-2000]

lois wilkins [05-16-2000]

I thoroughly enjoyed Temple's diary and look forward to the next installment
Cathie Allen, Esq. [05-16-2000]

Franklin was blessed with common sense like no other human being that ever lived. His inventions gave us the wonders we have today and made him the richest human being to inhabit this earth. Leland
Leland Melancon, New Orleans, La. 68 years old [05-16-2000]

thaxs a ton for making this site..it helped me a lot in my project for benji keep it up!!
sahar, 15,chicago. [05-16-2000]

joan [05-16-2000]

I am here! I love Growlithe!!! :) Growlithe 4-ever. Pokemon Rules!! Ben Franklin is okay, I guess, but I'm not allowed to go to any site that is not educational. Feel bad 4 me.
Kayla i luv Growlithe, I am 130,000,000,000,000 years old!! [05-16-2000]

Rachel was here! I love Charmander. He's the BEST Pokemon in the world. CHARMANDER ALL THE WAY! >:) I think that people who don't like Charmander have really big problems. I mean, he is the best ever. The person who came up with him is like the best person in the world. Did you know that in one episode of Pokemon, Charmander beat Venasaur??? Venasaur is SO much better than the other Pokemon. Well, that is all.
Rachel. I luv Charmander :), I live in Charmanderville. [05-16-2000]

I love the internet
Davey Burns [05-16-2000]

i half to do a report on any famuos people and i want to do you
amber, 12years old,st.aug,florida [05-16-2000]

Franklin was a great guy and loved electricity. He was also very creative.
Brooke, 1/06/89 Age:11 [05-02-2000]

i am really interested in ben i come onhere every day your friend kiskia
Kiskia, 13 Port Aurthur [05-02-2000]

Mildred C. Gordon [05-02-2000]

Simon Manrrique, 37, Arlington, TX [05-02-2000]

Iam looking for info on Franklins Bells. A device he invented to warn of the approch of electrical storms. If any one can help me I would be most greatful. Thanks for your time. Kev Dusting
Kev Dusting, outback W.A. Australia [05-02-2000]

Kelsey ARchila [04-16-2000]

Nicole Leigh Bott [04-16-2000]

Ben Franklin was really ammazing.He always did good things for people.
megan, I am 9 years old I have a brother 6 and a sister 3. I live in Las Vegas Nevada [04-16-2000]

i think bengemen franklin is very rememarable beacause he created electricity.
Sarah Stoler, i'm 10 and i live in carroll County [04-16-2000]

very interesting-learned something new today.
michelle, 20, california [04-16-2000]

where can I fingd famous people from England
John [04-09-2000]

Ben is my hero. I personally think he ranks up there with Voltaire as far as overall public reach and influence is concerned. Without him, this world would be a much different--possibly darker--place to life.
Bridgit Sobel, 33 y/o female residing in Philadelphia [04-09-2000]

My name is sohaib. I found ur webpage from yahoo.com Its really goood. I have a project to do on the scientist named Benjamin Franklin and I got all the informaion I needed from ur web page. That is really good web page.
Sohaib, High School Sudent. (Location VIRGINIA,USA) [04-09-2000]

Ben Franklin is one of a few historical figures who I'd really like to have a conversation with. He was such a multifaceted and intriguing individual. Thanks for the information.
Shawn D., 34, Alpharetta, GA [04-09-2000]

karla terrazas, 15 port arther tx [04-09-2000]

I recently had to do a report on Franklin, I just happened to stumble upon your website. The wealth of information in it was and is fantastic. Thank you for putting the site together. On another note, I had to move away from the Philadelphia area recently, the site also made me homesick.
George O'Rourke [04-03-2000]

i found this site very interesting allthough i think that maybe it could use a little bit more information and discription,ut aside from that this site is fabulous:).
Yasmin Fayaz [04-01-2000]

I'm helping a 4th grader w/ a project on Ben Franklin. Besides a 3-cornered hat, what other type of hat would he have worn? Can anyone help?
emma munoz [03-26-2000]

The autobio was very good. Will bookmark this site for further study.
Mike Deines [03-26-2000]

Looking for information about electricity that can be shared with a 4th grade class. Would like any information about Benjiman Franklin and his famous kite
Michael Colby, Albuquerque, NM 43 years old [03-25-2000]

ben franklin was a great inventor and i hope to learn more about him on this sight!
Whitney Begner, dunlap [03-25-2000]

needs more info. on benjamin franklin.
luke [03-23-2000]

ras [03-15-2000]

Franklin was very impressed with the Iroquois nation, yet I see no mention of his writings about the real founders of this land. Nothing in the quotes, not even the common Remarks concerning the Savages. Where are they? Perhaps you just have them well hidden.. wouldn't want the word to get out, right?
moe SAINT EverGreen, Atlantis [03-14-2000]

I like pizza
teresa Fee, none [03-10-2000]

i love benjamin franklin..in fact we are distant cousins
lorena blair, nothing else [03-08-2000]

It's a good site but it didn't have any thing on bifocals. It's just a little suggestion. Thanx!
Jenny, 13, Illinoise [03-07-2000]

paul steele [03-07-2000]

alex [03-07-2000]

One of the most memorable sites I have ever visited is Ben Franklin's grave. His epitaph is worth reprinting and sharing with everyone. Could you send me a copy?
Mike Barrea [03-06-2000]

Franklin was an awesome guy! I enjoy your site very much! Thanx! :}
patchwork#2, 13 [02-25-2000]

this is great
mark, 12 cincy [02-21-2000]

mary lou nodiff, philadelphia age 44 [02-16-2000]

Nick molak, Age 9 [02-16-2000]

Thank you for all of your help with me finding information on Benny! I appreciate it!!!!!
Lilly [02-14-2000]

A great guy. A shockingly good page.
b [02-11-2000]

IM a grandfather and I helping my granddaughter with a project. I have never done so much homework as Iv been doing lately.
Bob Daly [02-11-2000]

wuz up ?
MArk, 9 [02-07-2000]

I thought everything was real good and set up very neatly. The only trouble that I ran into was I was reading an article about police finding bodies in Benjamin Frankllin's house in London. They had an news article but it was so tiny you couldn't read it. I was wondering if by any chance you could find anymore information about that articl or even find out where I could go on the Internet to read the article I would be very grateful to you. Thank you very much.
Charity Bonds, 17,glenmora, La. [02-07-2000]

I really like the info that you've showed here. It's really educational for everyone to see. Thanks!
Hope G. Edwards, 17, Cedar Rapids, IA [02-07-2000]

nick [02-07-2000]

spostier [02-03-2000]

patrick Flammia, 111 riverhead [01-21-2000]

History Day Sponsor 6th, 7th and 8th Grades.
Marjorie Jimenez, Spirit Creek Middle School [01-18-2000]

Benjamin Franklin is one of the people are first graders have to know for our Standards of Learning. If you have any information, pictures or ideas for younger children I would appreciate your imput. Thanks
Colette, Virginia [01-18-2000]

Kierra T Paul, uno [01-18-2000]

I want to be a famuos inventer like you were i em in mrs mccorcik,s class from Chelsea molloy
Chelsea Molloy, 8sailen michigan [01-18-2000]

Very good site very informative thank you for all the infomation.PLEASE if you can please put out something on John PAUL JONES!
Butch Velazquez, 52-lyndhurst;n,j, [01-18-2000]

i used this sight to help me with my book report on a famous scientist.
crissy, 12, louisiana [01-11-2000]

Tyler Abbott [01-10-2000]

We are studying about Philadelphia and Ben Franklin in Social Studies.
Spring Garden Third Grade, school in Alabama [01-10-2000]

i think benjamin franklin was a wise man and thanks to his inventions, life is better
wendy guzman [01-10-2000]

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