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this is a great website. It gives u most of the info u need.
Christine, age:16 [12-19-1999]

Imagine my shock at finding an apparent relative named in No. 47? Especially since that part of my family is from Spain. Apparently we are from more than Spain. Thanks for the genealogy assignment.
Robert Sampron [12-19-1999]

I'm doing a report on Benjamin Franklin for my Science class. I'm in 9th grade and I've found a lot of things that I didn't know before I started doing a report on him. Some of my class mates thought he was a president. The only thing I knew about him was electricity.Now I know a great deal more and I hope I get an A on my report.
Megan Stickels, 14yrs old. South Haven Mi. [12-19-1999]

I think he was an awsome guy
andrew church [12-19-1999]

Jay [12-15-1999]

I love Ben! i am doing a research project on him at school!!!!
Ben Dover, hi!! [12-15-1999]

Shelley Arvin [12-14-1999]

Not much on Ben Franklin and bifocals or corective lenses. Shame on you
DanMathers, Student at Easstern Michigan University [12-12-1999]

Great site!
Andrew Park [12-12-1999]

This is a great site!
John Stinson [12-12-1999]

looks like I got a lot of work to do. Thank you for all the good info.
Kris meek, age9 doing a report [11-30-1999]

our sixth grade class is doing a unit of study on ben franklin, and will be visiting this website next week to obtain some of your superb information. thanks for a wonderful website!
cynthia braddock [11-30-1999]

Mikielle Braswell [11-30-1999]

Like Tesla, Franklin was far before his time. Ten days of good luck. -a friend-
Mobius O. [11-30-1999]

I sell chocalate for 2 dolla i also do tatoo on forhead (red)
Bartholamu Salbu, My age is 56 I live on 1abu street india [11-23-1999]

nick FOSBURG [11-23-1999]

i have a project to find a pictue of ben franklin's rocking chair invention. do you know where i can find that? it is worth 20 extra points. thanks
matthew, 17 yrs. lawrenceville, ga [11-23-1999]

Quite informative and interesting.
Minhal Tahir, 18,Lahore,Pakistan. [11-23-1999]

like playing checkers with you . my father was a champ at this game.
joanne l. sargent, 71 fr ohio [11-23-1999]

I am glad someonw finally cares enough to make a decent site
Randall Ritchie [11-11-1999]

I'm doing a report on Franklin at school and I would like to say that your resorces have been extremly helpful! Thanks for all the info. on this brilliant man. Without him where would we be today?
Brittany Sanders [11-11-1999]

Donnisha Manuel, this is a good report if learning about him [11-10-1999]

I am doing a report on Benjamin Franklin for my 5th grade class. I have enjoyed learning about this cool guy. I like the way the electric Man moves across the page. Neat!
Matthew Verga, 10 years old Menlo Park, Ca 94025 [11-10-1999]

Matthew Verga [11-10-1999]

wow'. a site that matches its subject
marty koppell, west hartford, ct. [11-10-1999]

This site is very informational.
Jake J. Epperly, I am 10 years old. [11-10-1999]

I think that this is a good way to research infromation.
Sam Wong [11-10-1999]

As a teacher of Graphic Arts & General Printing, I take my class on an annual pilgrimage to Historic Philly, in honor of Franklin, on his birthday evry year. I am most appreciative to discover this web site since it is a perfect tool for my students to use prior to this year's coming trip. It will give great depth to Franklin and and the reason for honoring Franklin to all my students.
Stanley Kuperstein, New York, N.Y. [11-10-1999]

thanks for doing my homework
anonymous [11-10-1999]

Ben is a great man and he should be reconized. There should propably be more information.
Lauren Bewley, 13, Las Vegas [11-10-1999]

Send me History Pictures.
Johanna Hidalgo, 16yrs.,Unioncity N.J [11-09-1999]

Heather [11-09-1999]

Great site please keep up the good work !
Dale K. Franklin [11-09-1999]

Got good info from here on James Franklin, for my childs oral report -- thanks
anonymous [11-09-1999]

I thought this was an amazing site that was fun as well as informational! Please add on to this great web page.
Katie!, 13 years old and a ballet dancer [11-09-1999]

Peter Moseley, Descendent via Wainwrights [11-03-1999]

Looking for stuff to share with jr. high sped kids
esta white, educational asst. Port Orchard, WA [11-03-1999]

Fun and entertaining, yet also informative. However, there is too much information to absorb all at one time.
Sheri Benjamin [11-03-1999]

Fun and entertaining, yet also informative. However, there is too much information to absorb all at one time.
Sheri Benjamin [11-03-1999]

ben ranks at the top in am history along with jefferson and washington. great man
john lewis, elizabethton, tn [11-03-1999]

terrific, this sight rocks!! check out our web sight at expage.com/page/cbahistory7
cba history class, albany, ny [11-03-1999]

This is a wonderful site. I hope you can add to it.
terry [10-26-1999]

lisa [10-26-1999]

i need info on ben franklin's kite experiment thats due tomorrow! i shouldnt have waited till the last day to do this project. mr. o'malley will be very dissapointed!! hehehe/jk/lol
Julia Gulia!@#$%^&******, 11 yrs old, brown eyes, dirty blonde hair, taken!!! [10-26-1999]

i was told that i was related to benjaman franklin, he said to be my great uncle several times removed. i would like to find out more about this. my family was started in new jersey
Ray Trembly, age(55) humeston,ia [10-26-1999]

I think that you should have more information of Ben Franklin espeacially when you have kids doing reports on him so if you can do that an send me more information. Also put as much info on him that you possibly can. Signed John Coleman
John Coleman [10-18-1999]

Your site is excellent. Thank you for creating it and providing so much informatio on this great man.
Gdog G Gdog Gdo [10-13-1999]

ABBy michael, 17 [10-11-1999]

i think he had a big part during the american revolutionary war
Charles Wright, I just wish I could be an inventor like him. [10-08-1999]

jose a. rodriguez [09-14-1999]

F. Wayne Klein, Spokane,Wa [09-14-1999]

I would like to have known this Man! His contributions to this existence of humanity are many! May others follow!
Robert W. Thain, Savannah,Ga 31406 [09-10-1999]

Larry Carmody [09-10-1999]

Anthony Yacobozzi [09-08-1999]

Love it, Franklin has been one of my favorite topics for years.
Charles Harvey, 44 , 8th grade history teacher [08-30-1999]

Just found you,will be back, off to work now start at 5 a.m.
Edward Hughes, 61years. Bournemouth England [08-25-1999]

Was reading "Franklin of Philadelphia" when saw an article in NYTimes about this site. Highly recommend this bio of Franklin--the best one-volume work on him.
Howard B. Jones, 71, Charlottesville, VA [08-22-1999]

S. J. Sloan-Butler, Jacksonville Florida [08-16-1999]

ben franklin he was the one to give us electric and for that he is my favorite!!!!!
gabbie bono, age7-philadelphia [08-16-1999]

I worked in Philadelphia for 30yrs. in the historic area. and visited the franklin postoffice, and independence hall, and took most all the tours.
Karen, New Jersey [08-12-1999]

I find this site very interesting
Melvin davis, Buffalo,NY , a senior [08-08-1999]

Franklin buff like me? You should join Friends of Franklin at www.benfranklin2006.org. I did! What fun!
george franklin waters, Rochester, MN [08-04-1999]

this is one great man !!!! can't understand why he was never president!!!!!!
gabbie bono, phila.pa.age7 [08-03-1999]

Great site...very interesting. Thanks!
Linda Thurman, New Egypt, NJ [08-03-1999]

Good web site. Lots of information about Ben.
Tom Lynch, Franklin, MA [07-30-1999]

Jim Jensen [07-29-1999]

Benjamin Franklin has been a lifelong fascination for me.
Fred C Wendell, 50 yrs old [07-29-1999]

Nancy Bastek [07-29-1999]

Frank [07-28-1999]

haven't checked it out yet
E.Snyder, New Jersey [07-28-1999]

A man ahead of his time. Continues to be an inspiration to many who shares his boundeless ideas!
Robert W. Thain, Savannah, Ga. [07-21-1999]

Ben's been my favorite American since childhood. I love this site.
Crystal Turner, 42yrs, Atlanta, GA [07-20-1999]

Jonathan Parker - Wow! What great work!! There is so much information here that I could learn and play all day. Even though I haven't done that I can tell that this is a great site and that you're learning a lot of really good skills. Congratulations!! Ann
Ann W. Upton [07-19-1999]

lisa exum [07-19-1999]

superb site on an extraordinary man
james m. hays, m.d., Knoxville, TN [07-19-1999]

I am a German teacher but have always been enamored of our founding fathers and their brilliance. Their insights were sparked not only by their brilliance but by the best of the Enlightened thinkers of England, France and Germany. They were also men of the Renaissance. They were also literate in the bible, hence the Bill of Rights reads like a paraphrasing of the Books of Moses, the Penteteuch or the Torah. Will there ever be another time of such genius in our history?
Dennis Larson, Schaumburg High School, Schaumburg, IL. [07-19-1999]

lifelong franklin buff, life member of friends of franklin, phila.
george franklin waters, retired manufacturer [07-14-1999]

Where can I purchase a "Fire Mark" such as the ones that marked the houses that had fire insurance in Philadelphia?
Cathy Sullivan [07-14-1999]

I teach at Franklin School in Rahway, NJ and this site (Which I just found) will be very helpful to our students as they gather info. on the school's namesake.
M. Cilia, teacher/librarian [07-12-1999]

i believe this web site is just terrific. it gives great insight into the mind and soul of franklin, as well as giving the visitor a wonderful picture of philadelphia, now and then. thanks for all the great information.
merle schrager, 40, mineola, n.y. originally from outside philadelphia [07-11-1999]

Happen to be reading "Franklin of Penn." by Esmond Wright when I saw the NYTimes article. This is the best bio of Franklin I know of. I appreciate BF even more having read it. Thanks for the Web site.
Howard B. Jones, retired, live near Montecello in Piedmont Virginia [07-10-1999]

vonzell coppedge [07-10-1999]

Found everything very interesting. First time aboard, will be back later. Thank You
Laurence E. Bogner, Retired, Manchester NH [07-10-1999]

When will there be more of Temple's journal. I am all caught up and ready for more all caught up and ready for more.
Ruby Murray [07-10-1999]

phillip t. tosti, steubenville, ohio 43952-3248 [07-10-1999]

A great american then and well into the next century.
Robt Damm [07-10-1999]

Nancy L. Kyzar [07-10-1999]

John Babiak, 53, Philadelphia, Pa [07-10-1999]

Someone has to finish the Temple's Diary story! You can't just leave us hanging like that! It's like a book whose last pages have fallen out!
Cat Biddle, Philadelphia, PA [07-07-1999]

I really like this site and hope others explore it and are not detered by the sterotype of history
Meggie, 12, Palm Springs California [07-07-1999]

With the decay of true intelligents and ingenuity this website is a good resource for those that need inspiration to succeed.
William G. Newsome, 195 jaysee court, Fayetteville, Georgia 30215 [07-07-1999]

Talk about making history come alive! This site is the greatest. Easy to follow, many choices, attractive, and as the saying goes "user friendly". Thanks for making this available...I am impressed.
Ellen Parsons, 67, Baltimore, Maryland [07-07-1999]

It's fascinating!
S. Rhodes, 67 years old, retired teacher [07-07-1999]

Enjoyed "The Kite". Didn't have time to fully look it over. In the famous words of the Terminator: "I'll be back".
Loye McCoy, Clyde, NC. Semi-retired. 56 yrs. old. [07-07-1999]

I doubt if we will ever experience anyone wiser and smarter than Ben Franklin. He lives on...
Jim Brix, 55 [07-07-1999]

Earl H. B. Nemser, 52 years old, born 1/17/47 (same bday as BF), went to Franklin School, Grew up on Franklin Boulevard;a lawyer and have represented Postmaster Greneral of the US; daugher named Eliza, lived in NY, Pa, Boston, London--not France yet; middle name is Benjamin--named after uncle; 2 very close friends named David Hall--both have same name, my house former owner was Josiah Foster; have been divorced; sued the mta for not taking dollar bills on public buses (lost) and it goes on and on. [07-07-1999]

Glad to know such a web-site exists! Along with Jefferson and a few others, Franklin was a man I'd have sold my soul to apprentice to. WHERE ARE SUCH RENAISSANCE MEN TODAY??
Jonathan Mehrer, 55 yrs. old; NYC biology teacher [07-07-1999]

It's almost disappointing to have visited Philadelphia, taken in the tourist sites and then found out what we missed by sitting at the PC and touring cyber-Franklin. Next time the visit will be well planned. Keep up the great work.
Stan Meitzner, Shelby Township, MI [07-07-1999]

Nice Site.
Pat Gledhill, 56 yrs., Avon, CT [07-07-1999]

The Franklin Parkway is graced with the flags of many nations, a fitting memorial to a true internationalist. Recently,Russian guests noted the absence of the Russian flag in the sequence. Patricia Dowden has seen to correct the oversight carrying on the tradition of international brotherly love. The bonds of thoughtfulness are living memorials to the gifts and lessons Franklin gave to us.
Roger Lindland [07-05-1999]

I have always admired and read about B.Franklin. He has been my personal hero. I have only entered your website so I need more time to assess it.
Joseph P. Cohen, 65-Elizabeth, NJ [07-05-1999]

Ben Franklin was a man who lived within his own mind in an unpretentious way and treated others with his good humor and intensity of his interest in them.
Addison Hodges, Richmond, VA 75 [07-05-1999]

A great story about a great American
JohnJanda, 72 yrs Cherry Hill NJ [07-05-1999]

I am finding this book very interesting.U.S. history has always interested me particularly this period.Thank you.
Ruby E Murray, Senior Citizen(naturalised U>S citizen) [07-05-1999]

thoroughly enjoy your site....keep up the super service...thank you!
Robert E. Garrett, retired...education administrator [07-05-1999]

Looks like a great site - I read about it in the Sunday paper today.
Sandra Johnson [07-04-1999]

I have nigh finished a biography of Benjamin Franklin by Ronald W. Clark(Random House) It gave me a greater appreciation of the scope of his intelligence and an appreciation of the large role he played in the early stages of this country's formation. I will read more on him; I am still somewhat hazy on the exect nature of the contributions he made concerning electricity, but I know them to be profound from the respect he garnered from his contemporaries even after the United States declared independence.
Carl W. Brothers, 1719 Debbie Lane, Richmond, Va. 23222 [07-04-1999]

Fascinating gentleman! Also, one of the great minds of his time [or any other time, for that matter]. If time travel were possible, he'd be on my very short list of people I'd love to meet. [Ya suppose all those illegitimate kids he's supposed to have sired account for his being known as "old lightening rod?" -- yuk yuk]
Al Perlman, nyc [07-04-1999]

Norm Pleau [07-04-1999]

A beautiful site about the penultimate practical American.
Mark Bernkopf, Spent my university years at Penn, founded by Franklin. [07-04-1999]

An excellent site. I look forward to the streaming video when it begins. I was glad for the time line. I am a freemason and know that freemasonry was very important to Ben Franklin. He became Grand Master of the state 3 years after joining. Today it takes up to ten years just to become master of your own lodge and then very few go on to Grand Master. Since Masonry was not generally known to the public or talked about in public in those days, I am sure that it does not reflect itís self in Franklin general writings. Many of the founders of this country were freemasons, George Washington being another of the prominent ones. In a time when you did not know who you could trust the brotherly love and depth of relationships fostered in the Masonic lodges allowed many of the revolutionaries to trust each other completely. If I recall many of the leaders of France were also freemasons and this would make Ben an ideal person to work with them to finance the revolution. I would like to see a section of the website devoted to the Masonic portion of Franklinís life. Norm Barrett Past Master East Rochesterís Ancient Craft Lodge. Free and accepted Masons.
Norm Barrett, Rochester NY USA [07-03-1999]

Rosette Bakish, New York City [07-03-1999]

I always have been amazed with Franklin's genius and his contribution to society. My special interest has been electricity / lighting , since that is my background and career field
Charlie May, York, Pa [07-03-1999]

Your hard work is obvious. You've done a fine job and it is much appreciated.
C. Terry Cline, Jr., Fairhope, AL 36532 [07-03-1999]

Just returned from our first visit to Philadelphia and enjoyed reliving our visit through your website
Bev & Herb Friedrich, Seniors from Wisconsin [07-02-1999]

My favorite American. When I read the Franklin Autobiography, I had a better picture of early American than any other source might have provided. I have the first 12 of the Yale Press Franklin Papers and someday hope to gain the others. Much good reading and many good biographies of Franklin.
Roger Lindland, San Diego, CA [07-02-1999]

Well, well...The Electric Franklin sure has turned out to be an electric experience. From the kite animation to the lovely reading of Ms. Lopez's story, this site definitely qualitfies as a milestone in historical and educational development on the internet. Good job everyone, especially Doug "the editpad phanatic" and Jonathan "David Robinson" Schmalzbach. Cheers to Franklin. I'll be stopping back very often.
Jonathan Parker, 17, IHA "Friend", Philadelphia [07-02-1999] [Jonathan was one of the development team on this website -- and a remarkable young man -Webmaster]

I learned so much with this. Thanks!
Nicole [07-02-1999]

Member Friends of Independence National Historical Park and volunteer Twilight Tour Guide during summer months. Also docent/guide at Powel House dating from 1765; Samuel Powel was twice mayor of Philadelphia and a good friend of Franklin. Member of Franklin Institute since 1966. Have been to the only standing house in which Franklin lived, in Craven Street, London, England.
J. Richard Kiefer, Jr., Philadelphia PA [07-02-1999]

Glad to see there is "good stuff" out there...we hear about so much bad. It has been years since I read details of the experiments...enjoyed!
L. Pearce, Hutchinson, KS [07-02-1999]

I am the author of a recently published book titled "Philly Firsts" published by Camino Books of Philadelphia. Benjamin Franklin figures prominently in the pages of my book. I am currently engaged in some local book publicity and always, in interviews, laud Franklin's creativity, inventiveness, curiosity and statesmanship. My book would lack color without him.
Janice L. Booker, Philadelphia, PA [07-02-1999]

I was born and raised in Philadelephia. This is a great site!. Jim Boyle
Jim Boyle, 49, Austin, Tx. [07-02-1999]

A truly remarkable site I enjoyed the daylights out of it.
Gary Reiter [07-02-1999]

Franklin was a highly important "former" of the character of our country. He is always a person to learn more about -- always revealing new surprises about his activities and accomplishments.
Norm Schlemmer, 70 yrs old, I live in Huntsville, AL [07-02-1999]

Marvelous to have this great website!
Barbara Johnson-Hurnyak, Millersville, Pa. 17551 [07-02-1999]

Excellent! It's bookmarked. Can't wait to use it in Sept. I'm sure the boys here at Hendricken will benefit from this page.
Bro. Kevin J. Kiernan, School Teacher 39 years Bishop Hendricken HS Warwick RI [07-02-1999]

Outstanding job on this web page! The organization is very intuitive and I can't wait to come back when I can devote more time. Now on to the ushistory.org home page and see what else you are working on.
Cynde Collins [07-02-1999]

"Met" Mr. Franklin while in Philly a few years ago! What an interesting an personable man!!
Melissa Jenoff, Ohio, 29 yrs. old, love US history and travelling to sites important to it! [07-02-1999]

r hanson [07-02-1999]

Franklin is an inspiration to all engineers
Herbert Van Sciv [07-02-1999]

great site for history buffs such as myself. Thanks for satisfying my needs.
Laurel Gutterman [07-02-1999]

Is there an expert on Franklin geneology known to you? In particular, my wife's family tradition is that Ben was an Uncle. Any help available?
Brad Mayhew [07-02-1999]

Looking good! Didn't have time to go through the entire page so I put it in my favorites...I'll be back.
Bob Lenz [07-02-1999]

Great site Thank yoou
Jim Cianfrani, Former Philadelphian, 78yrs [07-02-1999]

Elaine Wilner, Philadelphia [07-02-1999]

i like it and i am glad that yo have made something new and educational about benjamin franklin. he deserves alot of credit.
travis ryan, 15, naugatuck, ct [07-02-1999]

A wonderful, informative, exciting new website, with excellent writing and beautiful, well done graphic images. Congratulations on such a terrific job! This brings a great deal of "useful knowledge" about Franklin to students and interested people everywhere!
Alison Lewis, American Philosophical Society/Franklin Gazette [07-02-1999]

Nice work! Timeline is especially useful putting it all in perspective! Overall, nicely fleshes out the historical figure, providing a "human" Franklin!
Sali Cosford [07-02-1999]

Captain US Navy {Ret.}Have always thought Franklin one ofthe Great Americans.
Richard W. Hyde, 81-ormond beach,Fl [07-02-1999]

I'd be interested in more information regarding Franklin's research into the resistance of a canal boat being towed through a canal.
Ken Williamson, South Hadley, MA [07-02-1999]

I just entered your website and can't comment yet on its contents, but it needs no saying that Franklin deserves one. DH Lawrence did not have kindly opinions about Franklin, and Mr. F. was indeed a canny one with an eye toward the opportunities that availed, but he was also a possessor of a notable mind for notable times. Well all times are notable, but some are more telegenic than others. BF would have managed superbly in the present day. I'd like a few more of his bills on hand; in pocket, rather. But then, I'm no Franklin.
Steve Moll, fairly ageless, I hope; reluctant resident of Bethel CT (displaced from NYC by typical fiendish landlord); other info to remain categorized as etc. [07-02-1999]

william. r kaiser [07-02-1999]

Frnaklin is my favorite person ...keep up the good work
Lawrence Egerton, 68 - Greensboro, NC [07-02-1999]

A toss up between Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson for me. Each excelled in his own way.
Byron Horn, St.Augustine Beach, FL [07-02-1999]

Sherm Conners, 73 [07-02-1999]

Thank you for developing this site. I will be losing sleep looking at all the options and enjoying every minute.
Frank Wall, 66 Salem, SC [07-02-1999]

warren ortlip [07-02-1999]

extremely interesting and diverse character to study
C. Ross, Florida [07-02-1999]

I have admired this man for a long time. Have read his biograpthy and will explore this whole site.
Bill Oakes, 52 yr old, Syracuse, NY [07-02-1999]

j w holdcraft [07-02-1999]

Liked the Special on Ben Franklin. Have a book on him: by Carl Van Doren.
Donald Newell [06-30-1999]

Happy to see the Franklin Guestbook webpage. Would like to know more about migration of Benjamin Franklin's descendents to other parts of the easter seaboard. Thanks for a very informative source on Benjamin Franklin.
John Robert Franklin, Born Alabama, Age 63, [06-30-1999]

The Electric Franklin? A delightful, dynamic, informative AND FUN site. I wish it great success and really do hope to see more historical figures brought to life in this way by the talented folks at ushistory.org/IHA. My first stop was to take a peek at Temple's Diary. I was enchanted and was absorbingly led on from page to page....til suddenly arriving at a page that said the END !!!!!!!!! EXCUSE ME !!!! do not tease me !! This was not "the end", this was "the middle" ;-( I stayed up most the night reading and was left wanting more.... The other pages at this site succeed in bringing to life the colorful, intellectual and creative Benjamin Franklin by filling in the various aspects of this remarkable man's accomplishments from both playful and serious perspectives......how appropriate !!
anonymous [06-29-1999]

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