Life Of Benjamin Franklin: Footnote 458

The volume is entitled, "Political, Miscellaneous, and Philosophical Pieces." It was published by Johnson, in London, 1779. The editor's name is not mentioned in the title-page.

Dr. Franklin read the printed sheets before they were published, and, in writing to Mr. Vaughan on the subject he said; "I thank you for the great care and pains you have taken in regulating and correcting the edition of those papers. Your friendship for me appears in almost every page; and, if the preservation of any of them should prove of use to the public, it is to you that the public will owe the obligation."

Under an engraved head of the author, at the beginning of the volume, is the following motto (from Horace); which was suggested by Bishop Shipley, — SORDIDUS AUCTOR NATURE VERIQUE. He also proposed another, — "His Country's Friend, but more of Human Kind."

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