Life Of Benjamin Franklin: Footnote 1111

Beccaria, the celebrated Italian electrician, who had corresponded with him before he left America, sent to him a long communication, containing an account of some new experiments in electricity illustrative of the Franklinian hypothesis. It begins as follows.

"Sospitem ex America Londinum te appulisse gaudeo, vir preclarissme."

And at the conclusion he says;

"Tu vero cura, ut valeas; servari enim te decet quam diutissime utilissime scientiae perficiendee amplificandaeque, quam certissimam instituisti."

Mussehenbroek, at the request of a mutual friend, drew up for him a list of the principal writers on electricity, and forwarded it with a letter in which he said;

"Votis tuis lubenter annui; ita addisces quid alii in Europa praestitaerunt eruditi, sed simul videbis neminem magis recondita myeteria Electricitatis detexisse Franklino." —See Vol. V. p.505; Vol. VII. P. 186.

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