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Rules of Conduct


We seek to provide you with the most enjoyable and rewarding online experience available. We seek to create an online community of teachers and students that can be enjoyed by everyone. In light of these goals, your experience is bound only by a set of common-sense rules embodied in these Rules of Conduct which are our policies for operating and permitting use of and for guiding you through

These Rules of Conduct ("Rules") describe how Edu-Blocks operates the service and how you, the user, may use The Rules also provide some practical tips for using Please carefully read these Rules, and their companion, the Terms of Use Agreement, and refer to them as necessary.

Getting On and Using


  1. Equipment. Most of you will access through a home.
  2. Access Provider. can only be reached through an Internet access provider. Therefore, you may be subject to additional rules and regulations depending on what service is used to provide Internet access. These rules are separate and independent from Edu-Blocks's Rules.
  3. Password Solicitation. It is absolutely prohibited to solicit or attempt to obtain a User's password, account or financial information. If someone other than someone you know to be an authorized Edu-Blocks representative asks you for it, refuse and report the incident to immediately.

Edu-Blocks Conduct

  1. Edu-Blocks will not without your consent provide any information on individual guests or Users to any third party, except as required by law.
  2. Edu-Blocks will not without your consent offer you third party services and products as a result of and based on the information provided during the registration process and based on subsequent preferences. Additionally, Edu-Blocks will not, without the express permission of its users, make available or sell such information to third parties.
  3. Edu-Blocks will not send e-mail messages to Users containing advertisements, promotions and other such information.

    Please use your best judgment in evaluating all information contained in or opinions expressed on You should be no less careful in your evaluation of such information and opinions on than you are in everyday life. It is Edu-Blocks's policy not to endorse, oppose, or edit any opinion expressed by a User that complies with the Terms of Use and Rules of Conduct. If you believe that someone is violating the Terms of Use or Rules of Conduct, please report it to


    Thank you for reviewing our Terms of Use and User Agreement and Rules of Conduct. These rules and policies are intended to make your trip on more enjoyable. These Rules may be periodically revised. Remember, you have agreed to review the Terms of Use and Rules of Conduct periodically to be aware of any updates. Your continued use of following notice of any such revisions indicates your acceptance of the revisions. Have fun on If you have any questions concerning these Terms of Use and Rules of Conduct please send your inquiries to our

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