If I don’t want to do the whole lesson, how do I decide what is most important?

Start with the main headings. They focus on the bigger picture. There are references in the main program that are made more explicit in the sub-lessons. If you focus on ensuring that the students understand the key questions of the main sections, you should be all right

Have your links been properly vetted?

The Independence Hall Association, which runs Google’s number one site on the Declaration has taken the responsibility for the links in the site and have chosen the links for their content and gone through them to ensure that they are both useful and appropriate to a student audience, Please note however that Edu-Blocks does not control these links and that they may change or become inactive at any moment. Although Edu-Blocks is checking the links on an ongoing basis, please let us know immediately if a link seems inappropriate or is broken links..

Why does Edu-Blocks encourage students to go out on the web on their own? Is that not potentially dangerous for a young person?

Edu-Blocks knows the power of the internet and knows it can potentially be a dangerous place, but our expectation is that students are working under responsible adult supervision. This is not to say that parents need look over every search that a student makes. In fact to the contrary, Edu-blocks believes and supports teaching students responsible use of the internet and that parents and teachers know best and should decide on how much freedom any individual student is granted.

How long should a student spend on a “You Do It”?

You Do Its are designed to be short assignments and are expected to be done in minutes (typically anywhere from an instant answer to 15 minutes) depending on the question. But the teacher/parent can decide that they would like to extend any You Do It to a longer assignment or can decide to ignore it as well

How was the content constructed?

The content for this lesson was put together by The Independence Hall Association, which was originally formed to protect Independence Hall and to facilitate the creation of Independence National Historical Park, and now runs Google’s top-ranked site on the Declaration. Edu-Blocks had this content rewritten to a middle school reading level (historical documents excluded, of course) and built it into an educationally sound structure with key questions, appropriate exercises and support.

How do I take best advantage of the projects?

Edu-Blocks tries to offer a variety of projects to fit individual students learning styles and learning strengths, students or parents can decide which project(s) is (are) most appropriate. Parents should work with the students and ensure that they review the supporting materials which are designed to offer students possibly needed structure on how to move forward on it.

You say you want homeschoolers input and ideas on what they did with this lesson. What will you do with this information?

Any ideas you offer will be carefully considered for inclusion when the site is revised. Revisions of content need to be done carefully and are not changed without a string reasons, but interesting projects and additions to the You-Do-Its are exciting to us and will be added. Edu-blocks will be rating how parents, teachers, and students like the exercises that are included and the ones that are most liked will be kept

What happens to the work that we do? Where does it get kept?

All work written on or uploaded to the site is saved. Edu-Blocks hopes that as students use more of its lessons, a portfolio of their work is created and indeed Edu-Blocks hopes to apply some analytics to this work in order to offer those using the site how they or their students learn,

When do I allow my students to see what other students have done on the You Do Its?

This is up to you. You may decide that you never want students to see what other students’ have done and that is your prerogative, but seeing other work can be both motivating and .provide ideas and understanding that might otherwise not happen. The teacher has control over when a student can see other work and that option may be turned on and off whenever the teacher feels it’s appropriate.

Why do you allow students, while completing this final assessment, to be given the freedom to review the entire website? Is that not cheating? Do I have to allow it?

Making any assessment open book we think is a good idea. T actually gets students to figure out where answers are and in today’s world, being able to find answers may be more important than memorizing them. You can always put a time limit on the assessment to ensure student must at the very least know where to look for the answers. But if you believe this in not what is proper for your students, do not allow then to go back into the content. That is your choice.

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