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2010 Declaration Guestbook Entries: April-June

teasa chavez, age 19 [06-30-2010]

Im the guitarist for the band "Ballistic Karma". Check out our song "Hate Rising" on our myspace page. "Hate Rising" is about the current administration.
Derek Sanders [06-30-2010]

I enjoy reading about our nations history. it helps me to know where this country came from. How can you know where you're going if you don't know where you've been?
David Edwards [06-30-2010] »»»

We are a lucky country. There are a lot of people that take that for granted.
Theresa, Valdosta,Ga [06-29-2010] »»»

"Get ready to run"
James Pitchford, Norfolk, Virginia [06-29-2010]

haleigh mercer [06-29-2010]

Why did you leave out the faith part of our founding fathers? After looking at thousands of their writings any logical person would come to a conclusion that their faith played a major part in how they designed our country.
Bobbi [06-29-2010] »»»

ashley stewart [06-29-2010]

I liked the site but was interested why you left out that Pain was a military chaplin and an ordained minister?
Rick [06-29-2010] »»»

We have a large party every July 4th for family and friends. Last year, before our lunch blessing, we read portions of the Declaration and plan to do so again this year. We feel it is important to never forget what this document stands for and the tremendous sacrifice and courage of the Founding Fathers.
S.M.West, Arkansas age 56 [06-29-2010] »»»

Interesting stuff. I was reading your unalienable vs. inalienable rights in the Constitution. Contrary to what your source says, there is a vasty difference. Perhaps not in English usage, but there is a profound difference in law: "Unalienable: incapable of being alienated, that is, sold and transferred." Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, page 1523 Inalienable rights: Rights which are not capable of being surrendered or transferred without the consent of the one possessing such rights. Morrison v. State, Mo. App., 252 S.W.2d 97, 101. Going from a Union where rights were inviolate and given to citizens from their Creator, to a federal government that constantly presumes that citizens have voluntarily given their rights away, was the first step necessary in eroding the freedoms safeguarded for us by the Founding Fathers. In order to take an absolute value away, one must first call into question a state where it could be absent. In this case of rights this is necessarily treason on the part of the federal government, which was never duly given the authority to encroach against the rights of its citizenry. Be well, - Satori
Satori [06-25-2010] »»»

Elana vonranzow, virginia one of the first colonies [06-25-2010] »»»

Tim Barth, Morningview, KY, age 60, Construction superintendent [06-23-2010]

let's remember that these revolutionists brought forth the greatest nation in the history of the world!
scott najewicz [06-23-2010] »»»

Nancy Peters [06-23-2010] »»»

Very thankful to have an articulate and easy to navigate site that covers these topics. May we as a nation not forget who we are and where we came from.
Brian, Nashville [06-22-2010] »»»

Thank you for preserving an accurate accounting of our history.
David Salva, Nassau Bay, Texas [06-21-2010]

I am a History teacher in Australia, who majored in American History at University. I am considering to my PHD and am thinking that i may base my thesis on the 'Declaration'. Quite common in the States no doubt, but not so much here.
Terrie Dempster, Victoria Australia. Age 45. [06-21-2010]

madison, 12 [06-21-2010] »»»

David Singer, Maine [06-21-2010]

alan westerman [06-19-2010]

This site is great!
Kari Patterson, Oklahoma [06-19-2010] »»»

Mwirigi mwangi, Nairobi [06-16-2010]

shena zempel, watertown,Wi 33 years old [06-16-2010] »»»

Javad Ebrahimi, Iran-Tehran [06-14-2010]

LOIS BROCK, texas [06-14-2010] »»»

Lauren Brock, nc [06-13-2010] »»»

This was a BIG help for my studies. Thanks.
anonymous [06-11-2010]

this is one of the most privilege time in my life to learn that our founding fathers sign the declaration of independence to make that each of us americans will have certain inalienable rights that was given by our creator
mary ann oyanib, 2942 whittier court stockton ca 48 year of age [06-11-2010]

As an Adoptive child back in 1950,upon research of my biological mother named Sutterly,it appears that her parents were direct decendants of Abraham Clark signer of the declaration of independence.I have a picture of her parents gravestone which shows my mothers name and her parents as being named clark. Also on this gravestone is a verification that this family are direct decendants of Abraham Clark.Would this make me also a decendant of Mr Clark?Thanks for letting me comment and your reply is welcomed. Thanks Don Henson
don henson, hampton,ga age 63 [06-11-2010] »»»

Still reading
Gloria Byers [06-09-2010]

All Americans should refresh themselves with this document.
Kathy Fehrenbacher, Antioch, Illinois [06-09-2010]

im so glad the declaration was made
haley [06-09-2010] »»»

sets a precedence that has spanded for centuries
Dudley Norman [06-08-2010] »»»

I enjoy reading the phenomenal history we as Americans have been through and the leadership through some extraordinary individuals.
Melissa Tyrrell, Luray,Virginia 36 yrs.old, Female [06-08-2010] »»»

We have in our possesion an incredibly good copy of the Declaration. You can read every word. It was copied in 1972,and has been stamped and notarized. I would like to know if it has any monetary value? I found it in the old Jimmie Davis home that I purchased in Shreveport, LA.
George Hendry [06-08-2010] »»»

What an import document. I shiver to think would this doucment have been just words without the signaturers.
Melba Leggett [06-07-2010] »»»

Shawneen [06-07-2010] »»»

olivia [06-07-2010]

Where do i sign the Declaration of Independence?
Jake Smith [06-07-2010] »»»

Daisy [06-05-2010] »»»

anonymous, 25 [06-03-2010]

Started out with the War timeline. Being a Rev. War buff, I found this a very interesting site. I know I will visit frequently. Thank You
Robert M Litman, Canton Ohio [06-03-2010] »»»

Why won't our present administration abide by this great document????
Donald R. Thomas [06-03-2010]

We need to take back our rights.
Jim Bainbridge, New Mexico, USA [06-03-2010]

I'm truely apreciated to visit USHISTORY.ORG in this hour alone connected from Korea. Therefore, I looked around this woderful places with fine mind and had fine expiriences and fine oppotunities to write it down to have my own right of the declaration of independence of South Korea from april 1974. Thanks you very much.
JungLin Suh, I'm from Republic of Korea. [06-02-2010] »»»

Dont ever start the war againe
Olha, Philadelphia, age 14, [06-02-2010]

Trying to find out any relationship to James Wilson.
Greg Wilson [06-02-2010] »»»

james hollowell [06-02-2010] »»»

yea umm when yall typed up all the names of the people that signed the declaration of independence, you forgot a name from massuchetts! His name is Rufus King. look it up on the actual declaration, its there!
anonymous [06-02-2010]

Constance Henderson [06-02-2010]

Carolyn Pehrson, Buffalo, New York [06-02-2010]

suresh [06-01-2010]

THOMAS WOLVERTON, corning, arkansas, 48 [06-01-2010] »»»

Descendant of Robert Treat Paine, a signer.
Suzanne Albitz, Thornton, CO [06-01-2010]

Mona Garrison, Reno, NV [05-30-2010] »»»

this is a great website that I love to go on !
kaylah, 11 years old, Live in Phoenixville, PA, african american/ black [05-30-2010] »»»

Went back to school after 21 years and it's true, even at 41 you learn something new everyday.
Carolyn Leithner, Villa Rica, GA 41 [05-30-2010]

good timline
steven Dennis [05-28-2010] »»»

Nice website. Very helpful for my project. Thanks so much.
Robyn Lawson, San Francisco, California [05-28-2010]

novdjbdb,m [05-28-2010] »»»

i realy love HISTORY!
angela [05-28-2010] »»»

i think this was a really nice web search to find thing's out about the intolerable acts.. :)
lakwanzaa moffett, [05-28-2010] »»»

I am using this information as part of my 2010 program as we read the Declaration of Independence at our local Historic Site. This will be our 9th consecutive year for this reading.
Max Baumgardner, Franklin Grove, IL [05-28-2010] »»»

David Venter, [05-27-2010] »»»

I like timeline
Bob, I like cheese [05-26-2010] »»»

peggy Brady [05-26-2010] »»»

Cathrine [05-26-2010] »»»

Danny Powell, Menlo Ga, 56 [05-26-2010] »»»

Ithink this is a very good site for kids. Please add more information if you can.
Tikeemah Lassiter [05-26-2010]

jefferson based the declaration of the independence on the ideas of (complete)
Alain Etienne, Boynton Beach [05-26-2010]

i think that this is an awesome website
snookie, brooklyn [05-26-2010]

Hannah Duerr [05-25-2010] »»»

Bryanna [05-25-2010]

John Capille, North Carolina 23 Shallotte [05-25-2010] »»»

The scanned, electronic copy of the original engrossed copy makes it clear that the title of the engrossed copy is "The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America" and NOT "The Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America." That is, the word "unanimous" in the original begins with a lower-case "u" and not an upper-case "U". Hence the title of the engrossed copy currently displayed in the third column of the "compare" page at needs to be amended. Currently, it reads "Unanimous" - it should instead read "unanimous".
Chris Colenso-Dunne, Australia [05-25-2010] »»»

this site rocks! wish i didnt have the homework in the first place but the info helps.
hello [05-22-2010] »»»

I enjoyed reading the comments and I was happy to see so many people's interest to either read the Declaration for the first time or skim through it and study the document we learned as children. Thank you, Webmaster, for providing this site with all its comments and thank you to all have fought to preserve the ideals set forth in this Declaration of Independence that spawned the birth of a new nation.
Patrick J. Brennan, Las Vegas, NV [05-22-2010]

love thius
Laura [05-22-2010]

you gave me very good informaion
shirley [05-22-2010]

cool site :)
McKenzie, Washington (the state) [05-22-2010]

We the People need to get this Nation back on track just as the Declaration and the Constitution has laid out..A Nation of the people, by the people and for the people.
David Myrick [05-22-2010]

Thomas Jefferson presented his draft: Life, Liberty, Property. Benjamin Franklin, using a book by Gottfried Liebniz, substituted "Pursuit of Happiness" for "Property". The Declaration is not Lockean; it is Liebnizian.
Joe McGurk [05-22-2010] »»»

i love ameican histoy its so amazing to lern about our countrys history
KateLynn [05-20-2010]

why is samuel adams so special
anonymous [05-20-2010] »»»

This site has been a great site to me as a fith grader to research the signers of the Decleration of indepedance. Peace out!
Sophia Ornelas, Long Beach C.A. age 10 [05-20-2010] »»»

cool i had fun it was boring
me [05-20-2010] »»»

Great resource for my 5th Graders to use for researching the signers of the Declaration! Thank you!
Wendy Becker, Long Beach, Lowell Elementary School [05-20-2010] »»»

I'm supposed to be writing a paper on this
Dillon Murray [05-18-2010]

Richard Martinez [05-18-2010] »»»

I am very proud, honored and blessed that by the Grace of GOD, I am an American. Thank YOU LORD
Yohan Ming Hu, Chinatown [05-17-2010] »»»

This is awesome!:)
Kierstan, Bellefonte Pa [05-17-2010]

i think its stupid
paul logue [05-17-2010]

Lorita Nixon, Poway, CA -- 57 years young [05-17-2010]

anonymous [05-16-2010]

Proud of these men, our fore fathers, we need to reclaim that spirit!
Eric Taylor [05-16-2010]

I was just thinking how much I admire people who take and pass todays citizenship tests. I doubt many of us born here could pass it.
Gary Adsitt, Oregon 63 yr old Vietnam veteran [05-16-2010]

i love the declcaration of independence
slittles, williamson i am 10 [05-16-2010]

This site is a good site to learn from when learning about history. It has an important document that has to do with our country. This site has very interesting information about history, everyone should visit this site.
Sandra, Grand Prairie, Tx [05-16-2010] »»»

i love this web site i find every thing her it rocks every one who wants good facts on history go here it is the coolest site and the rokest site i every been on so yup thats all i got to say so ok bye every one how wants history go to this web site
monique soto, im 12 years old [05-14-2010]

What a wonderful site to learn about one of the most important documents for this magnificent country. Everyone - of every age capable - should visit this site and learn from everything. Thank you!
anonymous, Age 69, Wichita, KS [05-14-2010]

LaTonya, wi [05-14-2010] »»»

cann i gett acopy of your book
KION NEAL, houston tx 16years old [05-13-2010]

I believe that the American lives of todays people are bieng violated and that todays government should be altered in such ways to where the American people are happy...
Jaime, Houston,Tx 77016/ 24 yrs.old [05-13-2010]

Nicole Wenzel, Port St. Lucie, FL Age 18 [05-12-2010]

I'm very interested in the history of the declaration of Independence. Abraham Clark was a relative of mine.(uncle)
Joanne [05-12-2010]

RAFAEL, san juan puerto rico, usa [05-12-2010]

I am very proud, honored and blessed that by the Grace of GOD, I am an American. Thank YOU LORD.
Irma Martinez Bosquez, San Antonio, Texas [05-12-2010]

Re-reading the Declaration of Independence makes me believe even more we should all be re-reading this document.
Erin R, Columbus, Ohio 30 yo [05-12-2010]

i love the DOI it is very wonderful
Latonya, Clarksville, TN [05-12-2010]

Declaration of Independence The intent was for people to be free to free of speech and foreveryone to be treated as equals.The meaning was for people to have the indepence the right to vote, and that everyone is equal in doing so . The importance of the independence is so everyone will have rights, the right to vote, and the pursuit of happiness
yvette ferman, texas city, tx [05-12-2010] »»»

wow i <3 this website !
veronika sandrzyk, Illinois [05-11-2010] »»»

great stuff
polo [05-11-2010] »»»

cool hi hi wats up
hola [05-11-2010] »»»

R. Mader [05-10-2010]

Just found out I am related to one of the signers, George Walton. Great to see the bio's of the signer's on the site. This helped me learn about him and my families history. Thanks.
John Walton [05-10-2010] »»»

This is my 5, great uncles back. Francis Lewis
Tim Scheel [05-10-2010] »»»

Good website ned photos if available from archives
Mohammed A Hafeez, Richardson,TX [05-09-2010]

Wayne Hansen, Victoria, Texas [05-09-2010] »»»

I have been watching Glen Beck on Fox News and even at my age have been rekindled as to just who I am and from where I've come. Mr Beck's determination to remind the American people of it's beginnings and what was given up on a personal level to begin this great nation is a true inspiration of humility that we all must remember and be thankful for. Truly......GOD BLESS AMERICA! Larry W. Lucas
Larry W. Lucas, Hobart IN..67 years old [05-09-2010]

this sight was vary helpfull
anonymous [05-09-2010] »»»

Peggy Jo Cameron, San Mateo CA [05-09-2010] »»»

Desendant of William Floyd, one of the signers.
Christopher Floyd [05-09-2010]

The legal effect of the Declaration of Independence was to make each State a separate and independent sovereign over which there is no other government of superior power or jurisdiction. This condition of supreme sovereignty of each State continues notwithstanding the adoption of the Articles of Confederation. Article 2 of that document declares: Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this Confederation expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled. At the Constitutional Convention, no intention was demonstrated for the States to surrender the sovereignty and jurisdiction so possessed by them at that time; and indeed the Constitution as formally drafted continues the same territorial jurisdiction of the States as existed under the Articles of Confederation. This is evidenced at Art. 1 8(17) of the U.S. Constitution and again at the 10th Amendment, which reads: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.
Anthony Rogers, Fort Wayne, IN; 44 years old [05-09-2010]

My mothers maiden name was Dorthy Ann Carroll, her father was Steven Arther Carroll, who was the Grand son of Charles Carroll.
William Gabbard [05-09-2010] »»»

History buff!
John Henry Watts, Greenville, SC [05-09-2010]

I have memorized the declaration of indpendence! it took me about a hour. "When in course of human events........"
Caitlin, Age 10 [05-09-2010] »»»

traced my family tree would love to find more information on william floyd who signed declaration
william floyd [05-09-2010] »»»

Crystal white [05-09-2010] »»»

John Penn is realated to me he is my ansester. thats crazy!
bla-bla14, Arizona, 14 [05-04-2010] »»»

i am very greatful for the declaration of independance, so i am trying to make a web page of my own, but it's a class asignement
Bla-Bla14, Arizona, 14 [05-04-2010] »»»

hey hows it going [05-04-2010] »»»

Jannat Williams [05-04-2010]

I just discovered that some of my family (Francis Lightfoot Lee) signed the Declaration of Independence. I had no idea until I started doing family research. How cool....
Lori Koontz, 46, Quincy, Il [05-03-2010]

Alexis Shepard [05-03-2010] »»»

What a great document. We need to remember what it says today, and use it more.
Jim Munden, Four Oaks NC USA [05-03-2010] »»»

Dora Edwards [04-30-2010] »»»

Hello people of the world! how you doin hope you are liking the websit couse you people are braineacs!( Meaning you guys out there are smart) Have a good day!
clare, Well I'm 32 and this websit ROCKS! [04-30-2010]

Just found out that one of my ancestors was Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. So great to see what he looked like, knowing that I am related!
Robert Arnold, Milwaukee, Wisconsin [04-30-2010] »»»

i love all of this stuff about the declaration of independence.i love social studies
kayla [04-30-2010] »»»

Thank you for this site and all others like the Constitution of the U.S.A., Bill of Rights and many others. Again Thank you, Keck,M.D.(not a doctor; ha! ha!)
Keck, M.D., Delavan, WI [04-30-2010]

anonymous [04-29-2010] »»»

I had the desire to read the Declaration Of Independence again- BRILLIANT- gave me chills. But seeing how faded the original is made me sad. I am so glad that we still have it and that it is being well taken care of now, but it's just too bad that it wasn't preserved better 100 years ago. Great site!
Amanda, The Black Hills of South Dakota [04-28-2010] »»»

edward christmas [04-28-2010] »»»

This site has a lot of valuable information for me i find myself on this site a lot i am a History major so its very interesting
Pamela Murphy, Houston,tx 22 yrs old [04-28-2010] »»»

What a great site. Too much to assimilate in just one sitting. I am interested in taking my grandchildren to Phila. at least once a week this summer to visit all the sights I took my children to see and those that I saw when I was a child. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing!?
Carol Billman, Orig. from Phila., live in Pipersville, Pa. [04-28-2010]

Brandon Muse, San Bernardino CA / Minden La [04-28-2010]

One and only! An extraordinary document wrote by extraordinary men for extraordinary people!
Fernando Esper Mota [04-28-2010]

Would like to find a Diana connected with the Hurley Clan who was seen in a photo with her uncle Monday, December7th in a Cozio Family life Simplified article. Would like status, prayers continue. Agape Love Eleanor Fish
Eleanor H Fish, Widows Ministry Center in Sevier County [04-28-2010] »»»

this is so cofusuing!
verty, cedert [04-28-2010] »»»

Just discovered this sight and will be back for more education.
Richard Zumbach, NY, age 64 [04-28-2010] »»»

Harry W. Hunt, Broken Arrow, OK [04-28-2010]

ever ever cool
brandon [04-27-2010] »»»

kayleigh [04-26-2010]

This information is very interesting!I learned a lot about the people from back in the day!*
Omega Graham, Maccleny Fl. [04-26-2010]

Wonderful and informative website
Ron Wiley, Roanoke, Virginia Age 63 - Retired Military [04-26-2010] »»»

Excellent site! Homeschooling my twin grandsons in preparation for a trip to Williamsburg, Va. Their name is Stockton as one of the signers. Thanks
Barbara Reberg, Soldotna, Alaska [04-26-2010] »»»

Our heritage,our foundation to be civilized,was created to guide our thoughtswith principals that structure our lives.
Daniel Simpson, West Virginia [04-26-2010]

This was very interesting
anonymous [04-26-2010] »»»

It is beatiful for me that there was some trully men that was inspired from God, to do this magesty document for us.
Carlos lazarte [04-26-2010] »»»

As a reminder, this document should be read in schools from the 8 or 9 grade forward every year. It should be divided in such a fashion that portions are studied each year until High school graduation. This is an important part of our history and culture as American. If not understood, we will lose the culture war because the children have forgotten. This country will not move forward in the future without a solid grasp of it historical beginnings.
William W. Johnson [04-26-2010] »»»

Tracing roots brought me here.Wow, we need men to stand up as john did, with honor and pride to stop what is happening to our country at this time.GOD BLESS AMERICA. With Gods help. I know the people will not permit this to continue.I belive George Washington of our time is crossing the river as we speak
anonymous [04-25-2010] »»»

"all men are created equal" should be replaced by "all white straight Christian American men are created equal" to reflect the correct spirit.
anonymous [04-25-2010] »»»

Hazel V Munger [04-25-2010] »»»

Cynthia Brunette, Proud American [04-25-2010]

"You can only find truth with logic if you have already found truth without it." G. K. Chesterton Greetings
Dragongirl, [04-23-2010]

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. We are there now!
Chris Teter [04-22-2010] »»»

I watch National Treasure and become very intrested in the history of USA. But i really want to know more about freemasons.
Frida, Sweden [04-22-2010]

anonymous [04-22-2010]

God Bless the United States of America
Michael D. Hall [04-22-2010] »»»

They really wanted thier Independence and fought to win it
anonymous [04-20-2010] »»»

Thank you for providing this site, it is currently helping me on my 11th grade us history project :D
Randall [04-20-2010]

My Grandmother's maiden name was Stone, how can I find out if Thomas Stone is my ancester? Her name was Mattie Mae Stone Davis, she died in 1905.
Alma Louise Davis Rogers, Georgia [04-20-2010] »»»

this is a good site for declaration of independence....
fabo, lauderhill,fl [04-20-2010] »»»

please send me a copy of the declaration and rev. war timeline for my son he is in the 6th grade
melissa hudgins [04-19-2010] »»»

Their grievances were written with care to explain why they had decided to break with Britain. A far cry from the incognito of those involved in the Tea party, those who signed were really fed up by now, and wanted it known that they were.
Samuel C. Lee, Arnold, Missouri, 49 years old [04-19-2010] »»»

As our new president settles in to change our history, I decided to reread the Constitution of US. and the Declaration of Independence. It breaks my heart to see this thinking being applied, I have been blessed to have traveled to different countries and there is no place on gods green earth were we as the people are free. One of the freedoms we have as the people is to take back our country so people can Pursue for themselves. Our rights come from God not the goverment. I am truelly saddened..... Robert Parera
Robert Parera, 54 yrs. thornwood ny. [04-19-2010] »»»

i like to look at revolutionary war and indian war and patrick henry was very young to he deid on june 6,1799 and andrew oliver and on the constittution and jonh adam-samuel were was philadelphia thankeorge washington and abraham lincoln and john adam and sameul adam.
JILLIAN [04-19-2010] »»»

I enjoyed reading your comparison table of the different versions of the Declaration of Independence, at I noticed your conclusion that the first draft of the Declaration was written by John Adams. The Library of Congress web site at, reaches a different conclusion. Could you explain the source of this discrepancy?
Rachel Hopp, Gaithersburg, MD [04-19-2010] »»»

We don't say it was written by Adams, but that it was Adams copy of the draft.

Your website is great. I am related to John Hart, my Mom is a member of DAR. I am thrilled to see so much information in one place about all the signers of the declaration of independence.
Kathy Gant, Portland OR [04-17-2010] »»»

EMILY [04-17-2010] »»»

America will never be the way it was back then. They need to take the hyphen out, either your american or your not. Obama should take care of this house first before sending millions to foreign countries.
anonymous [04-17-2010] »»»

Morgan, 11 years old [04-16-2010] »»»

Obama, his admistration,and czars should read this document and the Constitution over and over again.Maybe they would have a better understanding of the AMERICAN WAY and how better to represent the AMERICAN MAJORITY!
George Eastburn, My Quaker ancestors arrived in Penna. in 1713 and I am proud [04-16-2010] »»»

lilian beket [04-15-2010]

I am a descedent of Josiah Bartlett and a teacher. Thank you so much for this information.
anonymous [04-15-2010] »»»

you didn't help me very much but thanks any way
bill [04-15-2010]

hannah [04-15-2010]

Tina Davis [04-15-2010] »»»

Conn [04-15-2010]

All Americans should read thus
Jim & Beth Rykhus [04-14-2010] »»»

David Michael Walker [04-14-2010] »»»

This will be my first time looking at the Declaration of Independence.
Melissa Johnson, Ewing, NJ I am 42 years old [04-14-2010]

Christel, Atlanta [04-14-2010] »»»

I am the 4th great grandson of Richard Henry Lee thru Barnett, David Maborn and Henry Wiseman Lee
Jimmy Dale Lee Hasty, Mo. [04-14-2010]

for independence @ freedom
tslashf [04-14-2010]

great site! not
bill [04-14-2010] »»»

Am encourage to read the declaration of independence of America,this shall facilitate the struggle of better governance in Nigeria...... I salute all the great MEN and WOMEN that are humble for a service to humanity and government of the people for the people and by the people.
Kusherki M.Mujtaba, Abuja [04-12-2010] »»»

Thanks for the valuable documents and information provided in this site which are really of great interest to me.
Lassaad, Tunisia [04-12-2010]

Our history and Declaration of Independence encompasses humanity with all its faults and rewards to ensure an individual's freedom in the collective hearts of the masses. No greater task has ever been undertaken in the minds of men & women. Its' birth came by way of political oppression its' battle field was called religious tolerance. Its' soldiers rallied cries of freedom in conscious and choice. Who are the "we" in this famous document? Who are the "we" today? The "we" then and today are men and women who dare blaze a trail of conscious allowing others to accept or deny an individual's conviction in matters of religion and personal freedom. By accepting the "we" each citizen gives space and thought to all on the unending battlefield of Individual Expression. A person's right to be understood in his/her's personal & religious convictions. As time and life continues so does this priceless document to guide all in peaceful hopes of life, liberty, happiness.
Kevin D. Thrapp, Jacksonville, Ohio [04-10-2010]

heyyy wazz up??
Katelynnn, heyyy [04-10-2010]

sydney [04-10-2010] »»»

William Willams is a distant uncle of mine. His cousin, Thomas, was my great great great great grandfather. I have a aunt who was a member of DAR
Rob Asquith, Huntsville, AL [04-10-2010] »»»

Pat [04-10-2010]

This is a very powerful, and well needed document.
christina jackson [04-08-2010] »»»

It was a good thing that Thomas Jefferson wrote The Declaration Of Independence. It was a great use. They should always treat it with respect. I first learned about The Declaration Of Indepence in the fourth grade that is the grade I'm in right now.
aliyah [04-08-2010]

Impeach Obama. He is not a defender of the Constitution of the United States. He lied to the American people to get elected. Once elected, he took off his mask... He ignores the will of the people. He is a corrupt president and should be investigated and removed from office. God Save America - God Bless America.
Corkie Taylor, Uphold the Constitution [04-08-2010] »»»

Jefferson is actually standing on John Adam's foot (not Adams on Jefferson as the website states). Jefferson commissioned this painting and that is why he is painted so much taller than Adams. In truth, Jefferson was only a couple inches taller than Adams. Fun stuff!
Scott Sands [04-08-2010] »»»

robert jordan [04-07-2010] »»»

This is a very powerful document
Byro Johns Jr [04-07-2010] »»»

sergio mendoza, anything about our us history [04-07-2010]

This is a wonderful web site that helps me with projects for my social studies classes....I also wanted to learn a lot about history as I am a junion docent at a Civil War Museum...Thank you for helping me. Isis Perez
Isis Perez, I am from Kansas and a 5th Grade student [04-07-2010] »»»

I love this document and the subsequent constitution - these people were definitely inspired and we're blessed because of them.
Charlyn Cord, Idaho [04-06-2010] »»»

My family recently found a copy of the Declaration Of Independence. It looks to be very old and yellow and fragile; it has all the signatures on it, Is it possible that this is one of the original broadslides that were printed the night the Declaration was signed? Would you have any advice as to where we might take this to have it appraised? We live in North Central Oklahoma. Any information would be so deeply appreciated.
Sharon [04-06-2010]

Sharon [04-06-2010]

The people back then knew what the people right now would be like. The people right now should read this, as well as our Constitution!
Chris Brown, I love this document! [04-01-2010] »»»

Great informative site!
Gene [04-01-2010] »»»

Thank you for a great site to remember how expensive freedom is and was.
Keith Yarter [04-01-2010]

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