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2009 Declaration Guestbook Entries: August-September

mikks [09-30-2009]

i am a very intelligant girl. i love to read so much i'm running out of books to read. i also love to invent things like ben franklin did. i have a mom, dad, sister, brother, and dog too. i go to monroecenter school. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED READING THIS
Emily Ogden, 9 years old,love to read [09-30-2009]

wt up
cristina, p-town [09-30-2009]

This is an excellent site for obtaining information.
Alexander Hernandez, US History Teacher [09-30-2009] »»»

Rosalia, Porto Alegre, Brazil [09-30-2009]

pretty cool
ME [09-30-2009]

marisa [09-30-2009]

Bria [09-29-2009] »»»

benjerman was a good man
acurrie, no [09-29-2009] »»»

michael waters [09-29-2009] »»»

very nice, now reading John Adams
Jackie Anderson [09-29-2009] »»»

I think it was very interesting.
Tiffannie, iowa [09-28-2009] »»»

hi so do u know like beyonce and stuff.
kaysha, 11 tx [09-28-2009] »»»

i am kind of crazy about history and my favorite thing to study is about the declaration of independence
marlissia [09-28-2009]

mia [09-28-2009]

Tecnically this is not a legitimate document, as it was never approved by your ruler at the time (King George III). It is also hopelessly idealistic.
M. Lear, u.k [09-28-2009]

joey, iplaysoccerandliketoplaywithbakugan [09-28-2009]

Our families share a lot familiar ties
Robert J. Adams [09-28-2009] »»»

sierra, no [09-28-2009] »»»

I feel everyone in America should read and re-read this cherished document. Especially in this time we live in. The time where "In God We Trust" and all our nation stands for is questioned, unappreciated and disrespected!
Brandye [09-28-2009]

stefan johnson, detroit michigan [09-28-2009]

i love this web site!111
Destranie [09-28-2009] »»»

I hate school
??????? [09-28-2009] »»»

My S.S. teacher is doing this with my class
Tyler, Hilo [09-25-2009] »»»

I'm doing the D.o.I in school
Tyler Nakamoto, 12-almost 13! [09-25-2009] »»»

i think thta the declaration of independences is very important and if we didnt have it today our lives today would be sooooo different...!
cassidy, florida [09-25-2009] »»»

This website has been very helpfull for my history assignments. Thank you so much
anonymous, High School Student [09-25-2009] »»»

katherine, beaumont [09-25-2009]

This is a very informational site!
Maggie, Wisconsin [09-25-2009] »»»

Dan [09-25-2009]

This is the BEST web page for the Decloration of Independce! It has pretty much EVERYTHING!
Tiana [09-25-2009] »»»

JORDAN, west olive mi [09-23-2009]

Jimmie C Read [09-23-2009] »»»

This website has all the information that would help me in History and many other subjects around the world.
Emily robinson [09-23-2009] »»»

we are leaening about the dec and taking quizes and spending a hole 2 weecks on it
alysa prock, i'm a 12 year girl learning and trying to memorize parts of it [09-23-2009] »»»

mean Mr.Powell made me use this site for hisory class.
Thadius McMahan [09-23-2009] »»»

My teacher Mr. Powell told us to come on this site for a lab. I learned a lot about The Declaration Of Independence from him. He is a great teacher!
Emily Hill [09-23-2009] »»»

it was good
david, dallas texas [09-23-2009]

i love how you'll came up with the declatoin of indepents with out that we wouldn't be fair to other people and we wouldn't have the right to talk the would not cool to all of us
Izabella Henson [09-23-2009]

the Declaration of Independence is an insperation to me and realy speaks to me
Thomas M, Scotland-Edinburgh [09-23-2009]

waz up
KENNEDY YESTON [09-23-2009]

im in us history class and im learning about colnial rebellion and thank god i found this site it saved my life. but this class is still way gay.
michayla, junior in high school [09-23-2009]

Steven James More, Not only to I completely agree with M. Lane but I also want to add that before the Revolutionary War the colonies created a treaty that was to be between them and Britain. And they warned the king that if he didn't sign this treaty war would be started. And the King did not approve the treaty and they went to war. The colonies went to war as a last resort
J. Taylor, Georgia [09-23-2009]

I think that it shows right that we THE PEOPLE have the right to overthrow the government if it becomes corrupt. It is our job. And right now it seems that the government has become corrupt
Jessica, Gainesville, GA [09-23-2009]

hey, i dont now what thsi has to do with anything, its been like 100 years. i like it, and i want the presidents to listen to it, and stuff, but. . .
angel [09-23-2009] »»»

i'm doing a report on samuel huntington, so any info would be great!
midnight [09-23-2009] »»»

Thanks for the work you have put into this.
anonymous [09-22-2009]

The Declaration of Independance is a justifiably famous document, both in the US and around the world. Taking the time to read has given me a better understanding of the ferocious pride Americans have in their identity and history. For me, the beauty of the declaration is in its relevance today (in part), some 230 years after it was first drafted.
Heidi, Melbourne, Australia [09-22-2009] »»»

Stacy, Cheyenne, WY age 40 [09-22-2009] »»»

I think its really cool that this has been preserved so that Americans can look at it years from now. And I thank God for our freedom!
Kris, ulysses,ks... age 17 [09-22-2009] »»»

I believe the intent of The Declaration of Independence was to let the british government know that they where being treated wrongly and they were going to fight for there rights. the meaning of it was to tell the british government to stop treating the colonists badly and to tell them that they were going to fight for there rightd and there respect. the importance of it was to inlighten the colonists to help the signers of it drive the british out of the colonies and side with the signers in hopes of a free country
Corbin [09-22-2009] »»»

I think the Declaration of Independence is one of the best things that has happened to our country. Even if the the way we wished our country would be has not become.
Shannon Holland [09-20-2009]

I really like this cite. I came to it to look up information for a paper I have to write, and it has been really helpful. I love it! :)
Grace White [09-20-2009] »»»

YGarcia, [09-20-2009] »»»

This is what makes us proud to be American today.
Erin K Rice, Maine [09-20-2009] »»»

Rhonda Crawford [09-20-2009]

Reginald Douglas [09-20-2009]

Freedom is not Free.......... Stephen James More Our freedom is now being attacked from within ...
Tim Wiley [09-18-2009]

i thing that the declaresion of independece is a good thing.
diego, mckinney tx 75069 [09-18-2009] »»»

mr. more, while i understand your feeling that this indescribably important document seems nothing but a "list of complaints", i must say that you are missing the point of said document. england, a country whose power at that time was completely out of hand, was not only taxing almost everything imported from itself, but was murdering and stealing from innocent americans! while a "country who secured their independence without resorting to war" may find our revolutionary war frivolous and excessive, OUR founding fathers found it the last resort to escape from the coming storm. had we not secured our independence, our great nation would have never been formed. in which case, the world could be a much different place. had the AMERICANS (whom you imply are excessively violent) never created the atomic bomb, in all likelyhood your country would be under japanese rule, as would ours and and quite possibly all other countries! also you claim to "adore our history" yet claim one of our most important documents is a "laundry list of complaints"! you imply that peace is crucial in all aspects of life and that all things can be done by smiling and saying please! this is by no means the case! war is crucial to maintain peace! if all nations tried to PEACEFULLY obtain independance, most would still be under the control of their mother country!were america still under englands rule today, it is likely that we would pay more taxes on a purchase than we would pay on thev product itself! the declaration of independance is one of the most significant documents of all time! i am sure i speak for numerous americans when i say that our country is what it is today because of those same founding fathers you claim "cannot peacefully obtain the powers they desire"! finally, i will not respond to any further comments you have about this subject. goodbye, and thank you for your time. m. lane
m. lane, im a proud american! state:alabama [09-18-2009] »»»

I really enjoy reading of our history. my ancestor is thomas nelson jr. just reading about him and what he helped do and bringing our country to freedom, makes me feel more proud. thank you
stacie, nevada [09-18-2009] »»»

i wanna see the copy
brandon whindleton, [09-18-2009]

Arlene [09-18-2009] »»»

hello :)
Milanie [09-18-2009] »»»

ii love this site..!Whooah
andre'a anderson, wickliffe,ohio [09-18-2009] »»»

i adore American History and applaud the Americans nerve and bravery, but, when viewed by a life-long royalist and citizen of a country who secured our independence with out resorting to War, the document found on this site isnt much more than a laundry list of complaints authored by those who were unable and unwilling to peacefully obtain the powers they desired.
Steven James More, Australia [09-17-2009] »»»

Larry Allan Kisby, Highland, CA. [09-17-2009] »»»

I have memorized the Declaration of Independence, word for word, including the signers and am available to come to your region of the country to quote it. Thomas Jefferson wrote it to be read as well as to be heard. It's powerful!
Guillermo Zepeda [09-17-2009]

I am a decendent of John Trumbull. I have our family tree and it shows his father, Gov. of Connecticut in it and his son, the famous artist.
Pam Copeland, United States [09-17-2009] »»»

great site.
Britany, Hinesville, Georgia [09-17-2009]

i think it is awesome
taylor beiber, florida [09-17-2009]

I would like to see the actual copy that you can read
Lyann [09-17-2009]

Elizabeth Burns [09-17-2009]

Great site. I am in the process of watching a multi-part movie covering the life of John Adams. I got interested in reading the Declaration and remembering the signers. Your site is most helpful. One question: some say that there were 39 signers; any quess as to why they would say that?
Henry H. Godbee III, Retired [09-17-2009]

this is awesome! i would like to see the original document.
ashante [09-17-2009]

I am relaterd to ben franklin
lillly, love dogs [09-17-2009]

I am homeschooling my 7th grade daughter and I'm using this site as a part of the lesson because it is so informative. I have looked other places and couldn't find all the information you have here. Keep up the good work.
Denise Kelley, Texas [09-17-2009] »»»

im doing a report on the signers of the declaration if you have any thing that can help me email me at thanks,katie
Katie, 10 [09-17-2009]

Seeing the original document at the National Archives was one of the treats of a lifetime. 56 men took a stand against Britain and risked everything they had to found this nation. Today, we need to take this nation back from tyranny and honor those 56 great men who gave all for us.
Tim Conde, Union City, CA, age 61 Father of APUSH student [09-17-2009] »»»

Great site, thanks for having it up!
Marc C., Buffalo, NY; 14 years old [09-17-2009]

Thank you for all of the information and links.
S.D., Longview, WA [09-17-2009] »»»

i would like to see the original paper of the declaration of independence.
Ridha [09-14-2009]

Peter Chung [09-14-2009]

We are studing this at school.... lovin every minute of it!
Lilinoe [09-14-2009] »»»

A great site. Very informative.
Harriett Gray, United States [09-14-2009] »»»

Thanks for the page!
Cristen Freeman, New Orleans, 34 [09-14-2009]

amy samways [09-14-2009]

Declaration of Indepencence Day Lesson 28 Activity 28 The intent of the Declaration of Independence was for the Colonists to declare themselves a free State. The meaning for the Declaration of Independence was to prevent their goverments to be over taken by England. The importance of the Declaration of Independence was to protect their goverment and be able to do away with all the laws that England had implememted over the years, such as double taxes that with out a presentation it was begining to happen and the Colonists did not agreed on. Most importantly, by signing the Declaration of Independence the States were free.
Maria hernandez, Orlando Florida [09-14-2009] »»»

Susan Holding [09-14-2009]

Much more to this when see after the history lesson.
Evan Vernon [09-14-2009] »»»

i thought that this was intriguing because my 7th grade class is working on the declaration of independence :)
Sierra, i am 12 years old [09-14-2009]

I thought it was great.
Timothy Simpson [09-14-2009] »»»

I never realized there was a part describing the "merciless Indian savages" written into this document. And many of these great men were known Indian killers or believed in erhnic cleansing of native people. What about that part of our nation's history?
Courtney, Grand Ronde, OR [09-14-2009] »»»

Just found your site. It looks like I'm gonna be here awhile. Tons of great info. Thanks
Ken Moon, Vancouver, Wa. age 57 [09-11-2009] »»»

I love it all!
Amber Garden, 21 years old, Kitchener Ontario Canada [09-11-2009] »»»

The information was helpful.
Raquel, Nebraska [09-11-2009] »»»

Ron & Angela Marciniak [09-11-2009]

tresjon pilcher, wow! [09-11-2009] »»»

Lexi [09-11-2009] »»»

WOnderful part of history
Shannon clifton [09-11-2009] »»»

Information needed for extra credit.
Max Harlow, Jennings, Florida age 11 [09-11-2009]

Interested in looking at the actual Declaration of Independence for myself & my 10 year old daughter's school assignment. My family (my mother's side) are related to one of the signers, Josiah Bartlett. We are very proud, especially during these times with a president that obviously has little to no respect for what these Great Men did!
Lisa Bartlett Gibson [09-11-2009]

Alicia Busonic [09-11-2009]

tiffany [09-11-2009] »»»

LaDarius Napper [09-09-2009]

We have family Bibles that can trace us back to all but I think one generation. If anyone has link from sons down We would appreaciate the help! Thankyou! Dave
Dave Murdock, 62 yrs. old. [09-09-2009] »»»

USA is # 1
William [09-09-2009] »»»

I long for the day when our government held these views on freedom and human rights
Nora McCain, Georgetown, Ky age 56 [09-09-2009]

i love this stuff
shelby, none [09-08-2009] »»»

Rosemary S. Garrett [09-08-2009] »»»

anonymous [09-08-2009]

Its a good amount of history you can learn here good job
Jordan [09-08-2009]

i do like the national treasure movies too just like my son and i would also like to see the information that my son got or rather getting more information.thank you your time for you to listen to what i had to say.
Robert C Williams, Bethel Park,PA,15102 66 YEARS OLD [09-08-2009] »»»

This should be required reading in High School
J. Michael Lind, Issaquah Wa. [09-08-2009]

Its important that we honor the founders. We need to learn, and live the constitution.
curtis ryland [09-07-2009]

When i read this I feel the frustration and injustice the signatories must have felt in the years preceeding 1776. To have the courage,foresight and ability to draw the nation to be together, issue the document,and take on the then greatest military power, albeit led by an interbred monarchy..little changes in britain since 1776 it seems,reinforces my respect for our precedents. Human rights cannot be dictated by law. The declaration was the first stage in fighting and earning them for the American nation. It would seem that in these days of social handouts and support of the dysfunctional sections of the community that many forget that rights were fought for,not handed out on a plate.The founders of your nation had the vision to fight for their beliefs, issue a constitutional bill of rights,something we in England still do not have,and go on to great achievments.
chris goulding, worthing uk .. grumpy old sod [09-07-2009]

Deborah Robins, North Carolina [09-07-2009] »»»

susan fisher [09-07-2009]

Heyyyy.! :)
Haley, Missouri [09-07-2009] »»»

I am grateful and blessed that I had the opportunity to know my dear Great Grandmother Helen Symonds (Bartlett) in mine and her lifetime. I am proud of my heritage that she passed on to me.
Melodee Hansen, Olympia, WA [09-07-2009] »»»

Terry Hansen [09-07-2009] »»»

This is a great site.I wrote a report on the declaration and this really helped.
William, 10 [09-07-2009]

fatty [09-07-2009]

Billy Joe [09-07-2009]

can u please add how many times the decleration of independece was revised before they finally chose to go with the one that stands before us today? please......and thank you! :)
anonymous [09-07-2009]

Well I got enough information, but i actualy need something that tells me what the declaration actualy means. Like something that explains the declaration part by part.
anonymous, usa [09-07-2009] »»»

acia fillingim, im from Bulgaria [09-07-2009]

sean p [09-07-2009] »»»

This was my first time read it. I really like some of the thing it said.
latonya williams [09-07-2009] »»»

Bradberry, Social CIrcle, GA [09-07-2009]

carol on [09-07-2009]

Brittany Weeks [09-07-2009]

I was born in Philadelphia, and lived there until I waas twenty-eight years old and moved to Boston, MA, with my then husband. I have always been inspired by the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Today, when we talk about risk, we refer to the degree of risk we wish to take in the stock market. The signers of the Declaration invested in a totally new idea (democracy), a totally new definition of man. They had no charts or graphs to enable them to determine if their venture would be worthwhile. Throughout my life I have always thought of the "Founding Fathers" and how they were so brave to try something "untried." In making choices in my own life I still think back to them as role models.
Helen Van Buren, Houston, TX - 65 years old [09-07-2009]

The Declaration Of Independence was to me about a country that has the ability to decide what and how they were going to run the country by the people's standards not a king or just a few people deciding the fate of many with out the say so, or in the best interest of the people, and if this happens this Declaration would serve as an document or warrant giving to people the right to over throw any government that would make laws causing Tyranny over any states of America which was called the colonies then.
PETER LEE [09-07-2009] »»»

This is a cool site..i am learning about this in school
Theresa, chicago [09-07-2009]

Hi, I would like to say, what i have seen in the moive about Declaration i thought it is just story written for moive, but i am shock and imprest that human has so much about them in their history. I want to know whatever other information shown in moive is true or not, and if true than were i can seek the further information, please let me know. THANKS A LOT for such i lovely information.
Deepanshu Gupta, Mumbai, India [09-07-2009] »»»

i have found this very intresting and whould like to thank the people who took the time and effert to lay all this down and consructed a very usefull web site.
louis paine, london [09-07-2009] »»»

Charles R. Carter, usa [09-07-2009]

Greg Taylor [09-07-2009]

anonymous, Sahuarita AZ 17 years old [09-07-2009] »»»

After watching National Treasure 1,I am interested in what Nicholas Cage was looking at which was the Declaration of Independance throughout the whole movie.If by any chance that you can send me any information or maybe what it displayed on the Declaration of Independance.If you do,I am grateful.Let the information be free of charge for right now,thanks a lot if you do.
Mark F Williams, Bethel Park,PA 39 YEARS OLD,3531 South Park Road [09-07-2009] »»»

Isn't this statement ironic in our United States a this time, " That whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government"
Angela, Helna, MT [08-28-2009] »»»

They have thrown God out of the country so they would not be held accountable for their actions. Lets hold them accountable. Before it is too late. The last earthly (God Inspired) relationship of God and man on earth, fostered through our fore fathers. We falter and let them destroy this, the world falls after us and the end will come. I feel and see my Life, Liberty, and Happiness being destroyed by this evil deception.
Tim Wiley, Pennsylvania [08-28-2009] »»»

I thought this was a good learning spot for all readers and maybe all should come and refresh there minds. [08-28-2009] »»»

I Have been locked up for 2 years and have three left, because i have taken advantage of the laws and hve lost my rights. i tell you all that that is the worst thing, to have to ask permission to use the restroom, to fight for your life everyday, so no one will take your food. everyone i beg you, take advantage of your rights and never make the mistakes i made Power to all victims of violent crimes, and an apology from the ones who hurt them. KEEP YOUR RIGHTS, HOLD THEM TIGHT Peppers, juvenile sex offender.
Peppers, 18, convicted felon in a juvenile justice program since 16, miami, fl [08-28-2009]

I would like to know each of the signers names as related to the painting. Is there info out there? I would like to identify each man in the painting. Thanks
Rebecca Rickman [08-28-2009] »»»

this is the best stuff i have ever read in my whole 87yrs in my life yhank you.
scot becerril [08-28-2009] »»»

It's been a long time since read the Declaration of Independence and I would love to refesh my member on it.
CJ [08-28-2009] »»»

Gee, I wish DC still used this powerful document!
Kelly Mancha, Lake Tahoe California, age 23 [08-28-2009]

Our group is planning History Day, and we wanted to know more about the Declaration of Independence and its signers. This has been a great site to use for "jumping off" information, and we learned that some of the signers had ties to Maine. We still have a lot more stuff that we can find using this site. thank you!
PVI Academics group, Bangor, ME [08-27-2009] »»»

GRIER R. INGEBRETSEN, my ggggggggrandfather henery grier was a lt.of bunker hill [08-25-2009]

As a costumed interpretor,in Williamsburg,I believe it most important that people should discover or rediscover the beginning of this nation.
Tim Jacoby [08-25-2009] »»»

I wanted to see this before the socialist government we have destroys it!
Joe, Bedford, VA [08-25-2009]

I really liked reading this Document. It was the first time I had ever read in full.
Cherylann Engelman, Boulder City, Nv, age 46 [08-25-2009] »»»

Great site. I will return.
Thomas A. Fournier, Tombstone, AZ [08-25-2009] »»»

what happiend !
jason cox [08-25-2009]

Darrian [08-25-2009] »»»

This site is very insightful. Very helpful to someone who didn't really know a lot about the Revolutionary war!
Rebecca L., Ohio [08-23-2009] »»»

i believe in our freedom
kathleen (lowery) daye, born ;california ---- live ;nebraska [08-23-2009]

Struggling with "THE PASSION" of Freedom. When our government placed the "CROWN of Taxes" upon our heads, and added the whips of fees, fines, and penalties to selectively show that they will not tolerate the blasphemy of freedom. They train and select the brutalest of lawyers and judges, those that take great pleasure in using such tools to tear the flesh from a citizen's life. As we fall under the cross of their greed and corruption, they whip us even more to pay for their reckless, unaccountable, and even criminal pleasures. If we dare to stand up and continue, they give us advocates that are as powerless as we are, and we get nailed with bureaucracy, incompetence, and outright evil. How is a father to fulfill his responsibility before God, to provide for his family, when by no fault of his own, is a prisoner and an absolute slave to the creaser's of our times? Will our children's generation see Freedom's resurrection by our Tri-Centennial? Hopefully, The Father will allow all those that carried that cross, to see this glorious day. Sorry, not feeling the freedom or independence that our forefathers bled for. God Bless. Amen.
Kaz Zielinski, Manalapan, 50+ [08-20-2009]

The list of grievances against the King sounds a little similar to what we still battle against even today.
cindy way [08-20-2009] »»»

Many thanks for this website. Along with all the info on the Declaration of Independence, I truly enjoy the Revolutionary War Timeline with the many links. This entire site is very interesting and very informative!
Jerry Schwartz, Age 55, Florida [08-20-2009] »»»

The Descendants of the Midway Church and Society gather every last week in April,at the Midway Church,in Midway,just outside of Savannah Georgia. It is a nice time for all to enjoy. Linda
linda mcpherson, gathering,together,still!.. [08-20-2009] »»»

The Declaration, along with the US Constitution and The Gettysburg Address are beautiful documents, whose content and intent are currently being ignored and materially undermined. I am proud to see true Americans respectfully, but forcefully express their discontent and disagreement with their elected official. Remember, it is "...of the people, by the people, for the people..."
Michael A. Gabel, Westfield, NJ [08-19-2009]

The Declaration is an important document that needs to be lived by all Americans. We do not value the work that is contained within this document. We Must !
Patricia Medrano, Gilbert Arizona [08-19-2009]

too bad this isn't signing the declaration
bob23646, Pass Christian High School [08-19-2009]

ok i did not find wat i wanted here
anonymous [08-19-2009]

This is so hot!
Jacques Hobbs [08-19-2009]

Ray R [08-18-2009]

I believe that the current government has forgotten our 'unalienable rights'.
Sheila Harmon [08-18-2009]

Great Site. I just used your revolutionary time line to help me brush up on the list of actions of the Br. Thanks!
glenn vaught, AP US History Teacher [08-18-2009] »»»

thanks for having this for me to use...i have history homework...
ashley leas, age:16 [08-18-2009]

What is that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! (Patrick) If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands of those who feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen. (Samuel)
Robert Evans Carawan Jr. [08-18-2009] »»»

i am proud to be an american and we will get through thia time we have gone through worse and will come out on time again god bless america
june brogan, United States [08-17-2009]

because we are a freem country now
anonymous [08-15-2009] »»»

Some signers of the Declaration of Independence were foreigners. Does that make this document invalid since thery weren't born in the new world? Illegals? How do I explain this to my future students/citizens that (illegals) signed the Declaration of Independence?
Robert G. Munoz, I am a citizenship instructor. [08-14-2009]

keep the declaration alive!
Brittany Overton, Magnolia Delaware [08-14-2009] »»»

Citizen in January 2009
Gabrielle Rothman, ut [08-14-2009]

The founding fathers made clear their belief in, and reliance on God, by their four reference to him in the Declaration of Independence. The prohibition against the government establishing a religion was just that, that there should be no government mandate for a single religion as there had been with the Church of England. It was never the intention of those who wrote the Declaration or the Constitution that faith in God should be discouraged, or expressions thereof prohibited from the national forum.
Lee Jennings [08-13-2009] »»»

beautiful document, just read it for first time, brought me chills. May be time for another one.
dennis [08-13-2009]

Thank you for keeping us all informed
Wendy Becker [08-10-2009] »»»

Laura Wozniak [08-10-2009]

Love of American History
Virgil H. McLeod, 64 Year Old True American [08-10-2009]

Just stopped by to refresh myself on the full contents of the Declaration, before offering a visitor talk on the achievements of its author, from a computer deep within the confines of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. Thank you for maintaining the Website.
NPS employee, Washington, DC [08-09-2009]

NOVA REX HUTSELL JR [08-09-2009] »»»

omg lol hahaha this is so funny
Audry Cothern [08-09-2009]

Gosh, this won't get forwarded to will it?
Charles H. Long, Marion, Ohio [08-07-2009] »»»

Austin, orlando, fla 18 [08-06-2009] »»»

Other than the Bible, it is the greatest document ever written.
Mark S. Edwards, Middleburg, FL [08-06-2009]

i would like more info. on thomas jefferson.i not sure but i was told he is in our family tree.i am doing the history of my family.thank you steve sanders
STEVE SANDERS, Hartwell Ga [08-06-2009] »»»

I feel that the intent of the declaration of independence was so that they would establish freedom from great britain.
patrina smith, snellville age 39 [08-05-2009] »»»

Great job and thanks for making these things available to us. Most of these men were willing to risk all because of two things. (1)They were looking out for others best interest. (2) They had a deep and abiding faith that God in His Devine Providence would have His will and His way accomplished.
Roger Layaou, Spivey's Corner, North Carolina [08-05-2009] »»»

I need info. on the sons of Ben Rush. I can trace my way in the family back up to witch son was my direct link. I have a chest made by Goe. Rush Phil. Please lit me know if you can help. Thank you ! Dave
Dave, Pa. [08-05-2009] »»»

I believe that in today's governmental predicament every U.S. citizen should read the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, The Constitution, and Thomas Payne's Commen Sense. We need to take the words of the founding fathers to heart. I am so afraid that we are about to lose our rights and freedoms. We are a democratic republic and we should stay that way, but we are on the road to becoming a socialistic society and that terrifies me for my children and their children. God Bless the USA and save us from our own mistakes.
Sherry Hand, 37 year old, female, Birmingham, AL [08-05-2009]

Amazing how little is know of some of these very important Americans.
Den Garman, nc [08-04-2009] »»»

Our young people should all read this. They have missed so much history and graduate high school not having a clue why or how we achieved our freedom
Sandra jackson, Swarttz Creek, Michigan [08-04-2009] »»»

In the present times of tumult, people search for answers from the past.
Matthew, Chico, CA [08-04-2009]

Also,I am a descentant of Thomas Hopkins, an associate of Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Thomas was one of the plantation owners from whom Stephen is descended. Also, a descendent of Theoplilis Whaley, involved in the execution of King Charles I of England and Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England. So one can see the traits in the Hopkins line for freedom and liberty of the human race!
Everett Joseph Hopkins, descendent of Stephen Hopkins, signer for R.I. [08-03-2009]

warren jibb, Sunderland Ontario Canada [08-03-2009] »»»

Our forefathers new how to run a government unlike today.We haven't had anybody that even comes close.
Dick, North Lawrence,Ohio [08-03-2009] »»»

Maybe its time to wake up from our sleepy non-caring attitudes and realize what we are leaving our children and grand-children!
richard glazier, blairsville GA. 52 years old [08-03-2009] »»»

Beth Lasrer, Clover, SC [08-03-2009]

Shame on you for omitting the spiritual lives of these signers. If it wasn't for their faith in the God of the Holy Bible, this country would still be under England's rule.
Donna Hogue [08-03-2009] »»»

This is a very interesting viewing to read. Thanks so much for this information.
Jacqueline Carrico, Texas [08-01-2009] »»»

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