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2008 Declaration Guestbook Entries: August-October

I was told that of all the signers of the declaration, one of the men was a slave who was a signer? of the declaration. If so who was it and what was his name?
anonymous, sacramento, ca [10-31-2008] »»»

hi [10-31-2008]

not fair to the colonists
lasha, 13 [10-31-2008] »»»

hiiiiii! i love the declaration of independence! see ya
Brittany Branum, Newport Minnesota [10-31-2008]

i love barney
alex, im 3 years old [10-30-2008] »»»

i love daddy yankee n that movie with the decleration of independence
jessica, im 12 years old n go to school [10-30-2008] »»»

I love history, it's our power to knowledge..and kow where we came from.
Jewels E. Holiday [10-30-2008] »»»

This information was very helpful in my attempt to give an accurate summary of the Declaration and the men who signed it...Thank you.
Oga Mugu Maga, Carthage, MS 36yrs [10-30-2008] »»»

I think a lot of our country has lost sight of what our fore fathers did for us today and what they went through to do it.
Holly Thomas [10-30-2008]

Very easy to navigate through this site love that aspect of it. Thank you for the info.
anonymous [10-30-2008] »»»

destiny [10-30-2008]

This piece of paper means so much to this country, it is a symbol of our saying, "enough is enough"...200+ years later we are still saying it. You can make change as did our forefathers...not by waging war but by getting out there and VOTEing. Exercise your independence...many have given their lives for it.
David Hunnings, age 56 Pennsville,NJ USAF Veteran [10-30-2008] »»»

i love the declaration of independentence. And i love history!
kaitlyn, i am 13 [10-29-2008]

Very good. hello everyoneit's sullivan!
Sullivan, vietnam veteran [10-29-2008] »»»

you know what our government wants to change the decleration or somethin. its called being free they shhould have the people decide as one naation to and we should not have them say what our minds.
sabrina [10-29-2008] »»»

wayne ike, farmington,age 13 [10-29-2008] »»»

Dave Batista [10-29-2008]

This information was very helpful in my attempt to give an accurate summary of the Declaration and the men who signed it...Thank you.
Todd Brooks, Carthage, MS 36yrs [10-29-2008] »»»

Bobby Lashly [10-29-2008]

hi! luv ya!
Lerla Smith, 57 years old [10-29-2008] »»»

most of the people that signed this document such as john adams, hopkinson, and hopkins were very very extremely UGLY
anonymous [10-29-2008] »»»

this day was a great day. the day this document was signed.
anonymous [10-29-2008] »»»

anonymous [10-29-2008] [10-28-2008] »»»

This is a great website
Tamara Lott [10-28-2008]

The most outstanding document I have ever read-a milestone for modern History.
PAUL VASILESCU, Aircraft Engineer,Romanian,51 [10-28-2008] »»»

terra williams [10-28-2008]

tasceanna davis, na [10-28-2008]

Aimee, 18 nyc [10-28-2008]

i love our country and all we stand for! thnks for the awesome website!
anonymous [10-28-2008] »»»

this website is incredible!thank u so much for taking the time so others can enjoy:)
sarah, michigan [10-28-2008] »»»

mark ruloff [10-27-2008]

I enjoy your web site and everything about our Great Country. Thankyou
Andrew G. Maus, Lake Helen, Florida 32744 U.S. Veteran age 77 [10-27-2008] »»»

We need to declare independence again from those "leaders" who have departed from the Constitution of the United States of America
David P. Patterson, Idaho [10-27-2008]

anna bemis, ft. worth, texas [10-27-2008]

Kirsten [10-27-2008]

All men are CREATED (not evolved) equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.
Jim Efird, Monroe, NC [10-24-2008]

basil haamid [10-24-2008]

Your site is asome! !
brianna, 8,wakeforest, [10-24-2008] »»»

hi! this website was very helpful for my school essay! so i thought i would drop by and say thanks! you guys have so much information..and its easy to understand, cause im not a nerd, so all the other sites use like big words and stuff, and with this site, all i had to do was copy and paste, and BAM! im done! thanks again!
kkelseyy, florida, 17 [10-24-2008]

ashley trevino [10-24-2008] »»»

i luv this it is amazing how much courage it took to sign this even though they knew they would be arrested! I LOVE HISTORY!
C [10-24-2008] »»»

At first history seems boring, but this makes it interesting and fun to learn! I look forward to it!
Sydney [10-24-2008] »»»

I can't help but remember that Teddy Roosevelt or someone back then said "With every 4 years during a Presidential election would could our Country by 1 vote". But it seems that every time a candidate offers something for nothing they get elected. Greed is a horrible thing and takes away a people's intative. We need to elect a person that understands what our forefathers went through to great a great country which is one of a kind. The liberty we have is the best in the worlt and we need to fight for it or lose it
William Williams [10-24-2008] »»»

hey what up people
brittany [10-24-2008]

I had to use your pics and info 4 a project and i got a good grade cuz of it! thanks! :D
KaItLyN, tXas [10-24-2008] »»»

I have visited Washington D.C and yes, it is true. That it has faded but the Monument is still there.
Abby, Tampa [10-24-2008]

kate Acree, 15 Sacramento Caloforna [10-23-2008] »»»

anonymous [10-22-2008] »»»

declaration of independence!
Nicole Scotten [10-22-2008]

i think this website is very helpful
Michael Troche, Des Plaines IL [10-22-2008] »»»

anonymous [10-22-2008] »»»

Darla Spaulding, I am 35 and going to school for business law, and find this so far to be my most interesting chapter. [10-22-2008]

i love that we have the declaration and that ther is a web site that shows all the facts THANK YOU !
Zoe [10-22-2008] »»»

Thank you so much for all of the information. I can't wait to share your sight with my class!
Patti Pittman, McGinnis Woods [10-22-2008] »»»

Brandi, San Diego [10-20-2008]

deedee [10-20-2008] »»»

Brandie Dale, California [10-20-2008]

this site has a lot of info that will be great to add into my rpt.
becky [10-20-2008] »»»

This is very importent to see and learn more about this God givin information that great men got together and wrote by the hand of God.Thankyou
Mark Burdette, Orange Park Florida [10-20-2008] »»»

the masons
anonymous [10-20-2008] »»»

D MURPHY, college park ga [10-20-2008] »»»

We Are Learning About This! -- In School. It's Cool To Learn About Thiss.
Hannah Banana! [10-20-2008]

i think the document i very cool. i like how it says the national turesers how they find the rds on the back of the document that was cool.... thanks for taking your time to read this....
nick, 14 years old [10-20-2008] »»»

I think this is a great website for people that might have a project or essay over the declaration
melissa house [10-20-2008] »»»

I particularly enjoyed the Timeline and Jefferson's Account sections. Good work!
Donald, [10-18-2008] »»»

If there's anything concisive and positively ethic about me, it has to do with my great ? wonderful grandfather, signer William James Few of The Declaration Of Indendence, one of the two delegates of Georgia.
Deborah Joyce Few (Knight), mother: Sheila Few, Grandmother: Alma Few [10-18-2008]

We are using this website for our social project and it is very useful. Thanx Sincerely, Dani & Tori
Dani [10-18-2008]

A site for all Americans especially the patriotic. For all the people of the world, this is why we are proud of our country.
M. S. C., New York, Los Angeles, Cheyenne, and Las Vegas [10-18-2008] »»»

nick [10-18-2008]

Douglas Ryan Friedel, Billings,MT,59102 [10-18-2008]

Sally Yoder [10-18-2008] »»»

i think that history is awesome and that people truly should have thier independence and they should be able to express themselfs in any way they can . I saw the movie national Treasure and I thought it was cool and entertaing and it got me into history more and i wish i could me a history whiz like Ben gates.
allison [10-18-2008] »»»

TJ [10-18-2008]

i think this a helpful web site
Alex [10-18-2008] »»»

hi you guys greeting 4rm sen high hope yall having fun ya digg?????????
LAquisha [10-18-2008]

i just saw the movie National Treasures. It really made me more intrested about history.
allison [10-18-2008] »»»

Great website. Deciding to have their own Tea Party, many folks are choosing to vote third party. Some say we are throwing away our vote, but as I read the events that led up to our eventual freedom from England's tyranny, I disagree. We need to get the government back into the hands of the people, and we have to start by getting rid of this two party system!
Cacao88, Michigan, age 50, female, home schooling parent [10-18-2008]

this is a really cool site
Taylor Bankes, age:13 [10-18-2008]

this is awesome but i always thot there were 55 signers... thats what they said in national treasure...
karen [10-18-2008]

A totally cool way to learn about our country and how we came to be!
Brianna, 13, ca us [10-18-2008]

This is a good resource for students how are tacking histore classes. This the bomb.
BigB [10-15-2008] »»»

Rainah, 13 us [10-15-2008]

i love the doi
sean enochs [10-15-2008]

This site completely helped me with a paper for AP U.S. History, I needed to know what the heck the Acts were all about around the War of Independence and I got all the facts I needed to getr right here, it was pretty nice.
Melissa, Oregon, 16 [10-15-2008] »»»

Anne Marcy [10-15-2008]

ose [10-14-2008]

Ellen D Walker [10-14-2008] »»»

this book rock love this it is awesome
trace [10-14-2008] »»»

I really enjoyed reading over this is much better and i really like this version that the other one ... this book it aewsome
Tanya, na [10-14-2008] »»»

This is great resource. Thank-you to whoever took the time to type up the declaration.
Joshua Hollinrake, Falcon, Co. Age 15 [10-14-2008] »»»

Joshua [10-14-2008] »»»

i love the declaration of independance so much! its just great! what would we have done without it!? our country was saved!
Cat Lowe, I'm from Canada [10-14-2008]

logan [10-14-2008]

The declaration was a phenomenom that we will cherish forever!hehe.
Liv, 13 [10-14-2008] »»»

boston massacre!
eric junco, heyyy [10-14-2008]

Thanks for this website. I found it quite useful.
Johnnie Whitfield, Mayfield, KY [10-14-2008]

I am grateful that this site has the Declaration of Independence typed out.
Hari [10-13-2008] »»»

kandie bear [10-13-2008] »»»

Cindy Healy, Courtland,Ontario [10-13-2008] »»»

i just commented...umm im not really how ever old i said i was. I'm 15 trying to look up information on the D. of I. This website is very helpful and i will refer back to it always. :) Sincerely, a History Student
anonymous [10-13-2008] »»»

I think its very good :) GO INDEPENDENCE!
anonymous, 21321 years old [10-13-2008]

I think that all this information is very helpful and interesting!
Dan Remenak, Ludington, Michigan,14 [10-13-2008] »»»

this is awsome!
Giovanna, aurora [10-13-2008] »»»

I've just spent a great deal of time reading your youtubes, as well as this site, awesome work. I must admit I agree almost whole heartedly with what I've read thus far. I do not pretend to be your equal intellectually, nor do I I pretend to have any answers, only observations you have My email above, I have thoughts that I will not discuss in such an open forum.
Ron Janis, [10-11-2008] »»»

wonderful info. love it
Ashley B, Monument [10-11-2008] »»»

cheyenne bullock [10-11-2008] »»»

What a great website. I am using it with my 8th grade history students in our study of the Declaration of Independence.
Ann [10-10-2008] »»»

Great website! Good for doing research on this topic!
Markie, Duncansville, Pennsylvania [10-10-2008]

Payton [10-10-2008] »»»

I would hope for all citizens and other people to live in world peace.
Phoebe, Los Angeles, California [10-10-2008]

Linda Diaz [10-09-2008]

Human beings ought to love one another.
ashley, Kenyan [10-09-2008]

i love the declaration of independence....
jolene, columbus ohio [10-09-2008] »»»

thanks it helped me on my homework!
Marissa [10-09-2008]

very interesting and informitive
anonymous [10-09-2008] »»»

thank you. i am using this for a 5 page research paper. thanks
zane conter [10-09-2008]

I would say that the declaration of independence is about the nation and the people care for all of the societies amoung us now.
janel, northcarolina [10-09-2008]

In the midst of the great political battle, I wanted to be reminded of what we first stood for. Thank you for a great website!
Kim, Houston, TX [10-09-2008]

it was interesting
S.M.S. [10-09-2008] »»»

i am related to four signers of this document. i believe this is based on the magna carta.
steven m wood, rawcliffe bridge,england [10-09-2008] »»»

Kelly Odoniuh [10-09-2008]

Kenneth A. Felicelli, Chicago, IL [10-08-2008]

Future historian...
Annabelle, l.a., 15 [10-08-2008] »»»

im just surfin the web and wanted 2 say heyy guys wats up
memory, arlington 12 earth texas [10-08-2008] »»»

Raja-nae Herring, 13 [10-08-2008] »»»

very good like it here has lots of info for my report on the Declaration of independence.
Micaeh [10-08-2008]

Kesimy [10-08-2008]

Luv it!
Amy [10-08-2008]

Zach Hemann [10-08-2008]

Frances Marie Hinojosa, 19 yrs old. Portland, Texas [10-08-2008]

this website is really helpful, and rather interesting.
Sara, 17 [10-08-2008] »»»

world history is really cool.
anissa boatwright [10-07-2008]

I just read the Declaration of Independence for the first time and it gives me chills to know that at one time this country was made up of men who stood up for their beliefs and formed this country. I am proud to be a citizen of these United States and I pray for our future.
Jennifer, Tennessee [10-07-2008]
Vinsent [10-07-2008]

I hate this information. George Washington was annoying
Kyle [10-07-2008]

I hate this information. George Washington was annoying
Kyle [10-06-2008]

I think that all the men that sighned the decleration shouid have done somethingwrong cumpared to do right and all the men shold have done something for there goverment or for there contry.
tanner, mississippi [10-06-2008] »»»

I beleive in this and hold it as the basis of our country's foundation.
George Bunker, Frankfort, KY 57 [10-06-2008] »»»

Found this web site informative I have always been enthralled with American history and it's founding fathers and the Masons.
Dennis Holt, Calgary AB. Canada age 45 [10-06-2008] »»»

Thank you so much for all of the information I've found here. I'm doing a project on the Revolution in which I have to pick a side (British or American) and argue about it, and on this site I've found a lot of really great information on both sides. That'll definitely help my argument but also my defense against the other side, so I really appreciate all of your hard work!
Anonymous, Student, USA [10-06-2008] »»»

this site helped me more than any other site and i had like 20 different sites to find and this one i probily spent and hour on it thnx sooooooooo much for all your help and cant wait to come back and learn more.
Kellie, 13 years old doing a project on many diff. documents [10-06-2008] »»»

William Jay [10-06-2008]

The cost of freedom is great, and without bravery there can be no freedom. The men who signed this document knew that they might as well have been signing their own death warrant, for signing so bring the untethered wrath of a grteat empire upon them. These men had to flees their homes and families. Some were excuted,some imprisoned, and many lost their families and entire fortunes.
James R Brown [10-06-2008] »»»

When was the last time you took 5 minutes to read OUR “Declaration of Independence”? Some things are timeless! History repeats itself! This should be taught in our schools and in DC! Let Freedom Ring! John Cooper Sr. Sign your name and pass in on!
John Cooper Sr., Californian [10-06-2008] »»»

My mother found a copy of the Declaration behind a picture that was very old. We would like to find someone who would know more details on the declaration. This is precious to us because one of our ancestors signed this precious document.
Kim [10-06-2008]

ever sence i copuld remember i have always love the declaration and all of the info on it if you have any more information on it plece put it on your site
christina [10-06-2008] »»»

kareema brice [10-04-2008]

Just think, if the important men in our history would of never written the Declaration of Independence, you and me would not be free today. The men that started the Revolutionary War, did not know how important it really was to our history. So even though war seemed bad at the time, it was what made us all free today!
Lauren, Waterford, Michigan. 13 yrs old. [10-04-2008] »»»

i like this website because it helps me out with my homework thanx
erika, houston tx [10-04-2008] »»»

layna rich [10-04-2008]

For history, language arts and grammar classes.
John Lambert, Drexel, North Carolina [10-04-2008]

this is a very good site, i found all the info i needed
a mysterious person [10-03-2008] »»»

First and foremost -PRIDE! My second thought is of how Americans have become sheeple, to lazy to read the truth and rebel against the wrongs and nstead buying the current story of home of the brave and lad of the free as our freedoms disappear. Wake and think about.. When in the course of human events...
Lary Friend, Virginia MN, USA [10-03-2008]

i thought the constitutional convention was good thing!
Kaeli, live in MI [10-03-2008] »»»

i think that the decluration of independence is neat.because it had somthing to do with the past befor our time and important somepeople were and how famous they were.
laquanda perry [10-03-2008]

I used the 2nd paragraph to help Geometry students to understand the concept of postulates.
Chris Eldredge, Waynesboro, Virginia [10-03-2008]

This is an amazing site! my teacher says she uses it every year. Go America! :)
Sarah [10-03-2008]

i think that the declaration of independence is really cool because it has not everythong but mostly
Josie, 13 [10-02-2008]

I wish there was someway to get my fellow americans to search the hearts of men to find a leader the has the fortitude as the men who wrote and believed with all their being that the greater good was always the most important fact.
David Lovain, Knoxville Father of 4,41 years old 10-1-2008 [10-02-2008] »»»

Courtney Clark [10-02-2008] »»»

george washington rocks!
Shyrah Edmonds, Indianapolis Indiana, 18 [10-02-2008]

I am a descendent of Lyman Hall of Ga. My grandfather's last name was Hall.
James Green, Moore Twp, PA 37years old [10-02-2008] »»»

well you see the big old doi is a nice book that teaches you about jesus and america...
dj and luke, mcguffey high school [10-02-2008]

This page is great. I am a Boy Scout Leader and the information that is available from this page is going to make it much easier for them to earn their patriotism Awards.
Rick Talerico, Plainfield Illinois [10-02-2008] »»»

I would love to meet the person who written the D.O.I so I could see how they really back in the old days.!
Jazmine Willis, SanAntonio,tx 16 78219 [10-02-2008]

BILLY DRIFTER/Alvin S Harrison Jr, VOTE Mc Cain WORLD NEWS I WAS A WAR HERO. [10-01-2008]

god bless america! i love it here!
anonymous [10-01-2008] »»»

Teaching my children U.S. History.
Millie Acosta, Miami, 38 years old, mother of 3 [10-01-2008] »»»

jeremy walker [10-01-2008]

This is very informative....
Kelsey, pa [10-01-2008] »»»

The Declaration You have here really helped me thanx! Peace!
Claudia Ortiz [10-01-2008]

dats cool how the pens were back then
marie pierce [10-01-2008]

dan babcock [10-01-2008]

this website is the best
rob, 14 novi mi [09-28-2008] »»»

This site has some good information on it!
Bella [09-28-2008]

Rachel, 14 [09-28-2008] »»»

Haley [09-28-2008] »»»

emily [09-28-2008]

Does "All men" include suspected Arab terrorists or enemy combatants? Are rich and famous people, certain protected classes, or our elected leaders "more equal" than the rest of us? We spend lots of money to preserve and protect the original, and express reverence and awe of it in a vain attempt to demonstrate how important it is to us, while our actions indicate that we really either do not know or do not care what it says.
jck [09-28-2008] »»»

National Treasure Is Awesome!
anonymous [09-28-2008]

i looked up john jay online and in the high school for law and i liked how many wayz students can learn in john jay and the way i can find something that i would i like to do and i really like john jay
ebony [09-28-2008] »»»

singers, related information
meagan, michgan 14 brethren [09-26-2008] »»»

alyssa, i love the declaration of independence [09-26-2008]

shelby robinson, phenix city [09-26-2008] »»»

Yasmin Rubio, Im 10 yrs. old & im the oldest of 5 [09-26-2008]

Caetlin Fulcher [09-26-2008]

yahairi [09-26-2008] »»»

awasome! 11 \__/
cory kroes [09-25-2008] »»»

I love the page so carry go my dearrrrrr
ABA, imo 48 [09-25-2008] »»»

Evan [09-25-2008]

jaylynn is amazingggg. (: and loves Tyler Donnie and BRITTNEYYYYYYY.
BRITTNEY((((((((((((((:, sdhsgo zsdklghiocdf [09-25-2008] »»»

heyyyy! so heres my life story.. lol no byee!
Sara, yoo :] [09-25-2008] »»»

my social studies class is learning about the decleration and its so cool.
Jessica, im 13 years old [09-25-2008]

Mrena Zsolt, Bala [09-24-2008] »»»

karson mraz [09-24-2008]

Sarah Stepanek [09-24-2008]

This year i am going to DC with my school and i have to reseach certain things and this website helps a lot(check out the tomb of the unknown soldiers!)
Amelia A., CA middle school student goin to DC! [09-24-2008] »»»

Linda See [09-24-2008]

anonymous [09-24-2008] »»»

Susan Ann Huggins [09-24-2008]

amanda [09-24-2008]

the drclaration of independence was a gife to all of us we sould be so lucky that someone cared enough to write the {declaration of independence} so we could be free let no man change the blessing the god has given us. god bless the usa. signed billy drifter
alvin s harrison jr, help the children and make a wish for a cure. [09-23-2008]

anonymous [09-23-2008] »»»

how can these rights be taken away?
Henrietta [09-23-2008] »»»

I think that it was good that we have the declration of independence.
kenesha [09-23-2008] »»»

this website looks like it`s quite a sucess
kasady [09-23-2008] »»»

I fear our young posterity do not realize the blessings they have to live in this relatively free country with all the privileges of freedom. I fear the wickedness of many people will pull our wonderful nation down with other nations who are anxious to destroy us.
Anthony Lee Bernard, Past 80 years old [09-23-2008]

koty mccann [09-23-2008]

Lauren Kneeland [09-23-2008] »»»

I am 15 and taking a government class. This site helped a lot aspecially during my project on the Declaration of Independence.I know that I will be using this site during my upcoming projects!
adela [09-23-2008] »»»

I think that social studoes this year is really interesting and that i like it a lot better than i did last yeah. oh yeah baby! haha. GO PATRIOTS! = ]
Autumn [09-23-2008]

Jayson Devoe [09-23-2008]

I recently found a copy of the declaration behind a picture that came from my great granfather's estate that seems to be very old. I would like to get some more information about this copy if possible. If you can help with any information I would appreciate it. Thanks, Jason
Jason Offutt [09-23-2008] »»»

Bob [09-23-2008]

I think American history is the best history there ever was. Its illuminating and inspirational. I wish i was an American. And this Congress is the answer to why i want to be.
anonymous [09-23-2008] »»»

Ed Peters, Love American history [09-23-2008] »»»

Without history there will not be a future. We must return to those very principals that this great United States of America was founded.
Paul Couch 30, Claremont, NC [09-23-2008] »»»

this is cool and awsome
micah [09-23-2008]

I am very pleased with your site. No changes are necessary. I will happily return often. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS!
Stephen Wold [09-20-2008] »»»

Can someone help me here. In the following: The Declaration of Independence has 47 sentences. Does it really have exactly 47? If so, which version?
G. L. Honaker, Jr., Bristol, VA [09-20-2008] »»»

My thoughts on this website is that it is not very useful at all. Thanks, have a good day.
Kevin Banes [09-20-2008] »»»

KEVYN, chigago [09-20-2008]

Julia, york high ap us! [09-19-2008] »»»

Yay! Hi guys!
Regan!!, Florida [09-19-2008]

i like history and the declaration of indepedence is one of the most inpornent things and it is somthing that evreyonne should reed that is if there go to dc
michael alaxsander hubbard, n\a [09-19-2008]

is the book bu
anonymous [09-19-2008] »»»

hey everyone this a great site but your graphics could be more interesting and the layout could be enhanced to a visual capacity.
Elizabeth [09-18-2008]

I love the delaration
anonymous [09-18-2008] »»»

This sight has really helped me write my essay...thanks
Kayla, pennsylvania [09-18-2008] »»»

tha site is iight =]
ashleyy [09-17-2008]

I like U.S. History. I hope our Presidential Candidates do too. I would challenge them to name the signers of the Declaration Of Independance in alphabetical order, and pledged their lives,fortunes, and sacred honour.
Ran Dee R. Howard, Ogden Utah,age 62, [09-17-2008] »»»

THIS IS AN AWESOME SITE! I LIKE IT HERE! I have a suggestion for the site though. Could you add more information please? For example, you could put in a question and answer section or links to similar historical documents! I sent a message twice! lol! Thanks! I appreciate this! ~Flora
anonymous, Flora [09-17-2008] »»»

I like the information on this site! It is perfect for Civics research! Thank you! :)
Flora [09-17-2008]

Nina, Evansville, IN age:24 [09-17-2008]

Haley [09-17-2008]

is there a map on the back of the declaration of independence. please write back.
dylan, baltimore maryland 21227 [09-17-2008] »»»

Mrs. Geiger's class, We are studying Benjamin Franklin. [09-17-2008] »»»

We really wish you had been able to preserve the document better so we could read the declaration. We are disappointed in your inability to take care of our "National Treasure"
Cape Fear C.C. Eng. 111-D31, Wilmington, NC [09-17-2008]

Stephanie Bensn [09-17-2008] »»»

I am sorry that we as citizens have traveled so far away from the interest in the birth certificates of our nation, and that this cycle will continue for the future generations.
Michele Addeo [09-16-2008]

Kory Stuemke, Altamont, Illinois [09-16-2008] »»»

Tara hanes [09-16-2008]

I appreciate the information you have on this site. Especially the information on the individual signers. I was looking up some information on Patrick Henry and found the information provided here very helpful.Thank you
anonymous [09-16-2008] »»»

Mary-Michael McClure [09-15-2008]

ninjadecoy [09-15-2008] »»»

While my first love of history was not U.S. History, I've come to sincere interest as of late. I have a great desire to learn more of my nation's history so that I may truly understand and appreciate my rights and freedoms.
Jennifer H, Pomona, NY 30 yrs. old [09-15-2008]

Jaclyn [09-15-2008] »»»

MiZz.GiGGLES, Dalas,tx [09-15-2008]

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The Declaration of Independence was a good document to write..... It was very strong and true.. I really live up to this
Sarah White [09-12-2008] »»»

I'm in class right now on this website, and I found some info on this site and took some notes. I was getting kinda bored so I went here on this page. I wonder if I'll get in trouble for signing this. I sure hope not. omgz. ily. byez.
Lola, Oakley California 14 [09-12-2008]

History is awesome.
Mendez, Oakley, 15 [09-12-2008] »»»

hiii.... grate site its a reely good resorce for history homework
gir McLoven, bellvill N.J [09-12-2008]

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I dont like American History... its really boring! Australian history is much better!
anonymous [09-12-2008]

its to good it provides you all the info you need
perla, fabens, texas [09-12-2008] »»»

This site is the most informative one I have seen.
Tim Harten, Hauppauge, NY 11788 39y/o [09-12-2008] »»»

i love you
dawn [09-10-2008] »»»

Shibamboo, I am 17 and I absolutley ADORE history! [09-10-2008]

I'm proud to be of this herritage and I'm proud of my maiden name of Carroll. I often brag about being a decendent of Charles Carroll. I also inform others about Daniel Carroll.
Kathleen Stevenson(Carroll), I live in a small of Duchesne,Ut. I'm almost 61 [09-10-2008] »»»

Joey [09-10-2008] »»»

tuutttttuuut [09-10-2008] »»»

Adam Sanders, Murfreesboro, Tennessee [09-10-2008]

thomas perry [09-10-2008] »»»

it helps to have not just a general idea of the verses, but also the specific know how as well. It is great to be here.
ks, hilo Hawai'i [09-08-2008]

Direct decendent to Robert Treat Paine, signer of the declaration of independence.
Margaret Yockey, San Diego, 52, [09-08-2008] »»»

john, 13 Teacher loves history his name is Bill Coate author of the twist in time series [09-08-2008]

Awesome Site! =) My favorite founding father is Edward Rutledge "Neddy" because he was in the movie 1776 =D
salveevery1 [09-08-2008] »»»

Marty Kenney, Seattle WA; Age:16; Attending Shorewood High School [09-08-2008]

This site is excellent. I could find exactly what I needed quickly.
Chelsea [09-08-2008]

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Josh, i'm cool yo [09-06-2008]

I wanted to read it so that I remember again why I am proud to be an American. Thanks for posting it online.
Joel Vance Anderson, Fairfax, Virginia 51 [09-06-2008]

Aniiiishaaaa [09-06-2008]

Thank you for your website
Cheryle Darley [09-06-2008]

rose meeks [09-05-2008]

God bless America. He's allowed us to live in this country; let us not disobey Him, but return to the basics of Christian principles our country was obviously founded upon by the Founding Fathers. We're independent because He's allowed it! Thanks be to God for this country: the land of the free and the home of the brave!
HB, high school [09-05-2008]

The united states of America clearly means just that, the states are united but not the people. I watched both debates and saw Christians behaving badly, insulting one another to prove a point and to feel good about themselves. Glory goes to God alone and doing his will would unite us all and correct every know and unknown problem we have. History in the making repeat, the Bible in one hand and stones in the other. This is 2008, what a shame.
anonymous, Linda [09-05-2008]

I really like this website it answered a lot of questions that I was wondering. Thank you!
Bella, orlando, fl 12 [09-05-2008] »»»

ian brown [09-04-2008]

Great website and resource. Thanks.
Mike Hodge [09-04-2008] »»»

I love your website, it gives me more insite about the histroy about this country that I LOVE!
MyKayla [09-04-2008] »»»

I was so impressed with hte document. I am an ancester of John Adams and Samuel Adams and I am proud to be. thanks, Patti
patricia(britell)ruonavar, casper wy [09-04-2008] »»»

I LOVE being an AMERICAN & A Patriot!
Nancy Gonzalez [09-04-2008]

the declaration of independence was the best thing thought of, now we all have our rights.
TAYSHAWNNA AUSTER, dayton, 18yrs old [09-04-2008]

How would you cite the Declaration of Independence in a MLA format??
Jennifer [09-04-2008]

Bethany Schobinger, Morris Il. age 18 [09-04-2008]

The 55 men that signed this document were amazing. they gave us something to reflect on, and to see that when we can take action to make the couuntry better they ARE responsible to take action
Elizabeth, Maryland, 13 [09-04-2008]

I love american history and i will be coming back a lot more to see other things besides the declaratoin.
justin risdall [09-04-2008]

cool awesome
alexandra marie chaplin, ravenal [09-04-2008]

it was awsome
Ron, Baggs, Wyoming 16 [09-04-2008] »»»

Thank you for a very good sit. In the UK. American history is not tought very much. I some times think what would have happened if the politiciand of the time had more common sense and we had remained a united set of peoples. I say GOd Bless America from a patriotic Englishman.
Mike Carter, Cropthorne Worcestershire England [09-02-2008] »»»

i hate everyone cept god
c, o [09-02-2008] »»»

mackenzie [09-02-2008]

ALy [09-02-2008]

I think that the declaration was a good idea.
anonymous [09-02-2008] »»»

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this site is the bomb
emma wilsoe, ohio [08-29-2008]

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i ready enjoy learning about our signers!
LaShay Stevens, philly 11 [08-27-2008] »»»

Great information, have read biography of many of the signers and the most presidents. This is a very good summary. Thanks
Robert R. Altice, Sr., Native Virginian and lover of American history, [08-26-2008] »»»

this website was very resourceful....thank you
Samantha [08-26-2008] »»»

Francisco Vega, New Jersey [08-26-2008] »»»

my fourth greatgrandfather John Morton signed the Declaration of Independence.
cliff morton 3rd, chattanooga,Tn. 38yrs.old [08-26-2008]

DFW, Texas All American Network founder.Thank you for the excellent job you have done here. It excites and motivates me.
Jerry D. Hill, Thank you [08-26-2008] »»»

Angela Panazze, Tampa, 31 [08-25-2008]

Chelsea [08-25-2008]

I love it. Thomas Jefferson is my ancestor.
Ruby, Pottstown, PA [08-25-2008]

"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." This is a great site supporting our wonderful United States of America! God bless our country!
Rebekah, pa [08-25-2008]

The Declaration of Independence makes more and more sense everytime I read it! What a true work of art!
bumps krolik, 31 michigan [08-21-2008] »»»

This is a good job
Ojuku, London [08-21-2008]

It helped a lot with an American History project.
Derek Jackson, Phoenix, 16 [08-21-2008] »»»

thank you very much, your website answered questions and showed great pictures.
anonymous [08-20-2008]

when did they start to think about writing th declaration of independence?
alexandria [08-20-2008] »»»

ok this is not really thoughts but more of a question. did som of the signers on the declaration really not sign there name but signed a false name ?
mandy [08-19-2008] »»»

I'm the 8th Great granddaughter of George Ross, signer for Pennsylvania
Nancy Finnell [08-19-2008]

This, one of the most perfect and clearly written political documents, should be a model to us all about the basic rights of man. My ancestor is a signer, Oliver Wolcott, second from the bottom on the right hand side.
James Zaworski [08-18-2008]

Dawn Schank [08-18-2008] »»»

I love my country! God bless America. We still have much to work on but our foundation is solid. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."
Addys N. Rodriguez, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Omaha, Los Angeles [08-18-2008] »»»

An excellent compilation and source of information. Question for anyone: How many copies of the Declaration of Independence were made? Is it safe to assume that the original was sent to King George and Parliament? If so, is the document in D.C. a copy made "for our records"? Always been a history buff--maybe that's because it has a tendency to repeat itself and if we have a solid historical foundation of learning, keep abreast of current events, and, yes, even possess a working knowledge of biblical eschatology, we just might have some insight into our future. Plan to "visit" this site often a glean as much information as possible. Sincerely, R. George Snyder
Rev. R. George Snyder, Carnegie, Pennsylvania [08-18-2008] »»»

love america! long live freedom, justice and liberty!
CATHERINE KINTNER, LA, CA 58 years old a Great American Patriot and one of the two Ladies of the Silver Sword of Light and Truth [08-18-2008]

Nice nice! Good work!
Sav, Astana [08-15-2008]

very interesting,thank you i love my country. my daughter jessica also enjoys it.
scott randel, santa rosa,ca. [08-15-2008] »»»

alyssa cornnob [08-13-2008]

Ka'shena Ala'jaha Galloway [08-12-2008] »»»

I am on my way to purchase the newly released DVD of "John Adams" -- I love reading, watching movies and anything else related to our beloved country's history! I hope I live long enough to see America come back where she the *citizens* who are the lifeblood of the U.S.A.
Lorraine O'Connor, Is there a prize for my having voted in every presidential election since 1952? Don't mean to brag, (but I will anyway, lol) [08-12-2008] »»»

BILLY DRIFTER/Alvin S Harrison Jr, all over the usa [08-11-2008] »»»

Tiffany Mendoza [08-11-2008] »»»

I was just surfing around when I came accross this site. If the wonderful Declaration of Independence gets to have its own homepage I thought I'd better sign the geust book to be part of it in some way.
Des Burrado [08-11-2008] »»»

RAFAEL MONTERO, hialeah, florida age 47 [08-09-2008]

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I just had an american history quiz, and this website helped a lot, leading me into winning my year's american history award. Thanks!
Nafisa Wara, 11 Years Old, Living in Boston Mass. [08-08-2008] »»»

this is awesome! it's a lot of help.
cheyenne mandigo, i'm 12 years old [08-07-2008] »»»

Bobby Lane Morris [08-07-2008]

i learned a lot on the declaratrion because here in uk u dont get stuff like independence.
vashish, london [08-05-2008]

Our founding Father's (and their families who sacrificed) were of a time a place in history that came together and has not been replicated. We are blessed to be in America. I hope we can continue to see her beauty, learn from her mistakes and find true leaders whose words are not air, whose actions are made with selfless love of this country. I am overwhelmed by how amazing we were and can continue to be. God Bless America!
Debbie, Fairfax, Virginia [08-05-2008] »»»

It is wonderful that now it is possible to view the Declaration of Independence online. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to view, learn and understand why the founding fathers wrote what they did and why it is still so very important hundreds of years later. Thanks for a wonderfully designed historical website.
Danielle, Virginia [08-05-2008]

very enjoyable.
Steve Dickinson [08-05-2008] »»»

I classify myself as an anarchist because I think we should start over with the Declaration and the Constitution. I'm sickened by the corporate ownership of the US. Did you know we just sold the Chrysler Bldg. in NYC to people from Abu Dhabi. Arabs now own one of the architectural wonders of the world. Is Mt. Rushmore for sale next, how about Ellis Island. It's empty and the buildings are falling down anyway. Why not buy the land and build a falafal stand. Jack
Jack Manger, anarchist extrodinaire, PA Pocono Mts.,61, patriot, sickened by current politics [08-04-2008]

It's great to learn the names of the men who laid it all on the line so a our nation can begin.
David KRAUSE, Oak Lawn [08-04-2008] »»»

I love my country and I hope that God will continue to bless it.
marlon ramirez [08-04-2008] »»»

My husband is related to Caesar Rodney. His name is Rodney Burton Parsons.His great grand father was Revernd John Henry Burton,his great grand father was Gideon Burton and his great great grand father was Robert Burton. His daughter was Mary Rodney. I am trying to find the link to Caesar Rodney.
Karen Parsons, Baltimore, Maryland [08-04-2008] »»»

History never really 'thrilled' me. I mean, I've always been one to live for the moment and look to the future. Why look at the past? It’s just a boring class to snooze through in high school. But, in the early 1990s, I found myself in D.C.—eek! The very heart of history!— waiting for my boyfriend to take a break from his studies at a nearby campus. I had been poking around some second-hand shops and I was getting pretty bored. I meandered past the National Archives, read something about the Declaration being inside, so I decided to take a peek at this document that was supposed to be such a big deal—and perhaps by doing so—find some fodder for dinner conversation to impress my history-buff boyfriend. Yet, when I peered through the heavy glass enclosure at the declaration—I was overcome, not with just the power and the immense value it held for us today—but for anyone throughout the past couple of centuries who may have come into contact with it. I realized that the document’s words were blurring because I had started to cry without being aware, and I quickly wiped my coat sleeve across my eyes in embarrassment. I walked out of the building feeling so small and insignificant. To have coined those words, to have signed that 'death sentence,' to have been a family member or friend of those that committed their names to that declaration... so powerful, yet so simple. History—perhaps only for an afternoon—became tangibly alive for me. I looked at the surrounding structures differently. I smiled at the tourists who passed with tired children and crumpled maps. The history of us is here—was there—is always with us. Sometimes we just need a nudge to peer into its direction. Please take the time to visit this particular piece of history. I have climbed the 387 steps up a tower to the top of Notre Dame, watched the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, and I watched a busy New York City from the top of a once-majestic World Trade Center. All of those gigantic experiences have affected me more deeply, more emotionally, more spiritually than I could ever have expected, and yet, this simple, crumbling yellow document—inked by men so long ago—touched me differently. I’ll never be able to recite it. I’ll never be able to touch it. I’ll never create anything so valuable. But, I can say that it thrilled me. That history actually thrilled me! I can say that the The Declaration of Independence was the most beautiful piece of paper I have ever seen.
Cynthia, 47 years old - Cincinnati for many years, currently Muncie, Indiana [08-04-2008] »»»

keep up the good work.
steven lee stokley, chicago il age 46 athletic,educational,willing to learn. [08-04-2008]

Wonderful website! I surfed in from the flag keepers website. Thank you for your hard work.
D. Nichols, 64, Ohio [08-04-2008] »»»

this website rocks! i use it all the time and the info is always valid. awesome!
hottiebabe, las vegas [08-04-2008]

Please send a copy of this document to congress and ask them to read it. Thanks
Tony McDaniel, London,Ky 56 [08-04-2008]

I was wondering is there any treasure left?
Eric [08-04-2008]

now i understand why the u.s. government alway protect democacy and a true free world.
chidi okafor [08-04-2008] »»»

This website is helpful!:))
Aasiya [08-04-2008]

John White [08-04-2008]

i love the doi wow it was amazing to see it in person this website is wonderful
MS TILLMAN [08-04-2008] »»»

A "paper" that made all of us free =)
John [08-04-2008]

Lanal, Palmerston North [08-04-2008]

i have a 1964 declaration of independence with a undated tribute too the flag in perfect condition i found when my grandmother died are they worth anything too anyone???
jefffafa, everett, 26 [08-04-2008] »»»

I grew up in Northern Virginia and was taught that Peyton Randolph actually started the notes on the Decleration but had to go back to VA for a family emergency, he then handed his notes to Jefferson who finished the document. Does anyone have any info on this. A US history book pre Civil War would help
Gregg Trude, Helena, MT [08-04-2008] »»»

As citizens of a great country. I can only imagine how our forefathers decided to sign their lives away. I am trying to pass along (in my limited capacity) to my grandchildren the truly amazing history of this great nation. I am thankful for sites like this one to help present just how difficult it was to establish the United States. What brought about the Declaration of Independence and resulting Constitution. The fears our founding fathers had with too big of a central government and the safeguards they tried to establish. Thank you so much Randy Robbins
Randy Robbins, Tulsa, OK, 59 Vet, [08-04-2008] »»»

Sara, New Bedford Ma [08-04-2008]

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