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2008 Declaration Guestbook Entries: January-February

I think it was good i liked reading the important information about the declaration it shares information many people dont know every day. i personaly like reading new things,
Leah Apodaca, Tucson [02-28-2008] »»»

Tory Stalder, Thurman, Iowa [02-28-2008] »»»

This document was created to make peace in America right? I feel that most of the socity has overlooked this contract
Miss Combs, 15 [02-28-2008] »»»

very interesting
anonymous [02-28-2008]

mercedes [02-28-2008] »»»

Chandni [02-28-2008]

Very Intersting informatio
marga [02-28-2008]

this site has been a great help to me in my time of reaserch. Im going to tell you one thing this site has helped me so much...that i would just like to stop and thank you for presenting it to the public for public use . thank you so much.... your a lifesaver.....
Tiffany Wilson, Ash Flat, AR, age-18 [02-28-2008] »»»

Cassidy [02-28-2008] »»»

I think that the Declaration was made to allow everyone freedom. But it is so sad that it EVERYBODY had their freedom till many years later.
anonymous, El Mirage [02-28-2008] »»»

I find it interesting that Thomas Paine or his book Common Sense is not mentioned anywhere. I don't see how anyone can talk about the revolution, Declaration or Constitution without including Paine somewhere. He surly had more of an impact on the creation of this Nation than some who actually signed the Declaration.
Michael Salasek [02-28-2008] »»»

We wish we could travel back in time to witness the composition and revision of Jefferson's masterpiece and juxtapose the two documents for critical comparison.
PPAS 11th-Grade Humanities Class: Dr. Vincent A. Lankewish, Professional Performing Arts School, New York, NY: 30 brilliant, young scholars in the Class of 2009 [02-28-2008]

i am really intreasted in the Declaration of Independence
melissa, pennslyvannia [02-28-2008] »»»

The Declaration is really cool!
Jane [02-27-2008]

Ashley Weller [02-27-2008]

mail a class story to panhandle elementary school
keirstyn, i am a fourth grader and a strait A student [02-26-2008]

I'm proud with all of this man's that signing declaration of independence, becouse i think with this declaration, a new hope was born for whole world.
Besart Krasniqi, Rugova [02-26-2008] »»»

Katie, [02-26-2008]

i think your website is the best!
matthew, 9,mi [02-26-2008]

Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence’s intent or its purpose is telling you what a good citizen should and shouldn’t do. It also tells what our country is all about. I think that John Hancock really put his time and effort into talking about our country and how not and how to be a good citizen. Its meaning is what some of the people went through bringing this country together and what George Washington did for us. It talks about how they fought for our freedom and to be our own country. The Declaration of Independence is important because John Hancock and George Washington took a lot of time to write it. If it wasn’t for them and all of the other men who fought in the Revolutionary war, we probably would still be owned by England so I am very grateful.
Macy Park [02-26-2008] »»»

i think that people forget what it symbolizes and they sould think about it more often.
kayla [02-26-2008] »»»

i really liked the declaration of independens information
cory james beaird, niles,mi [02-26-2008] »»»

this is awesome. :]
alyssa delong, azva [02-26-2008] »»»

i think everyone dase have the right to their own oppinion an thoughts,should be able to speak their mind whenever whereever. this was the best solution to evrything that happend today!.
Alexandra [02-26-2008] »»»

This is a cool site for educational purposes, like homework, or, just learning something new every day about famous, historical figures.
Bobina [02-26-2008] »»»

Cory Ferris [02-25-2008] »»»

do you know if anyone with the initials cr delaat signed the declaration of independence please email me with any info you might have
Briana Messenger [02-25-2008] »»»

Juliana Love [02-25-2008]

I honestly thought it rather seemingly impoossible to get everything they asked for. honestly like how in the world do they expect to keep everyone happy forever under those conditions? especially beacuse life changes and they had to know it won't be 1776 forever. and that it will someday be as it is now 2008. I also wonder why if people are so upset with our government why don't they overthrow the government and try to make a new one? people have the power to do that according to the constitution so why in the world aren't they? instead of putting Buish down. and making a liar out of almost all of our presidents, take it to the higher power. change the government. isn't that what america was built on? change. just plain change. and now 200 and more years later we have lost the desire to change and become better. we are in a rut. and call me nieve, but i believe that america is just gonna go back into a dark period if we don't do something about this loss of interest now and fast. that's all... i'm done ranting... -angie-
Angelita Wood, n/a [02-25-2008] »»»

I think this document is amazing but people are starting to forget what it states. They need to go back and reread what our founding fathers wrote and signed in agreement. The united states need to be the way that our founding fathers intended it, which it is not right now. Someone needs to stick to the declaration or we are in store for a down fall in our country.
Shaila, az [02-25-2008] »»»

you need to have more on the signers themselves like blunders and leadership,domestic achivments and stuff like that thenks for your time byebye
anonymous [02-25-2008] »»»

I think the declaration of independence is a good source for us, thank you all.
Hannahrose Kremer, I am in yuma az, and I am 16 years old currently in 9th grade. [02-25-2008] »»»

I thought that it was kinda hard to understand.But i did get the main idea over all i think.
nicole [02-25-2008] »»»

Thank you for posting this information. Do you have a geneology link for the signers?
Kellie C Rush, Annapolis, MD [02-25-2008] »»»

this site is sweeeeeeeeeet ! :)
bekah [02-25-2008] »»»

Ross McPherson [02-25-2008]

i think it s an envigoratin paper
marie, whittier [02-25-2008]

This information is badly laid out and the website is in need of an update...
Annonymous, No info [02-25-2008] »»»

Richard Ziemba, Flemington, NJ 08822 - Age 61 [02-24-2008] »»»

William S. Hayes, El-Paso, TX. [02-23-2008]

The last paragraph says it all. The last sentence is memorable.
Peter Bonaccorsi, Attleboro, MA 48 years of age [02-23-2008] »»»

I thought The Declaration of Independence was hard to understand. I beleive it would be much appreciated if you would translate it into teen language.
Kendra White, Phoenix, AZ, 15 [02-23-2008] »»»

this website is great...i use it for ALL my social studies needs! thank you so much!
sarah [02-23-2008]

I love the story of the script of independence i think that it is so cool.
jonmichael book, monroe,LA [02-23-2008]

this sight is super... too bad i cant understand half of what was written.
klh, az [02-23-2008] »»»

anonymous [02-23-2008] »»»

Thanks for all the help, and good information!
Allyson Willborn [02-23-2008] »»»

Ummm, this is for Willy the one who said sick websiten,i think thhat your websit rocks and it would rock even more idf you made a high school musical and guess what Zac Efron signed your gustbook! Is that not cool???????Love ME(Me is me Telanie reicks)
Telanie Reicks age 10, i love your website can you make one about high school musical? [02-23-2008] »»»

I really liked it. I love how it said that all men should treated equally I think America should take that seriously.
Macy Park [02-23-2008] »»»

bob [02-23-2008] »»»

US has got one of the most interesting history. I had seen the movie National treasure which motivated me towards the US history.
Satyaki [02-22-2008] »»»

jessie walker [02-22-2008] »»»

kelsey mcarn, mississippi [02-22-2008] »»»

Benjamin Miller II, I'm 17 years old [02-22-2008] »»»

thanks this web rocks!
chasity homer, paris 24 attractive [02-22-2008]

thank you for letting me use all of your info about the Declaration of Independence to help me with my project!
shannon, im cool [02-22-2008]

brandon [02-22-2008] »»»

This is very important.
samanthe [02-22-2008] »»»

Do you have facts about george washington
Telanie Reicks, I love your website [02-22-2008]

i <3 the declaration of independence! xoxo justin bartha! aka riley poole. ~teagan*:D
teagan*:D [02-22-2008] »»»

My roots come from the usa.MY dad was born there, but i was born in germany. I am not the best english speaker, 'cose my parends did't parend me in two languages. Thats the reason why almost my frinds don's see me as a real American. I feel the ideal (such as the Declaration of Independes) and the customs Americaner very drawn. I one of you wanna talk with me my ICQ nr is: 423897082 Thanks for listening.
jannik, 18 years old, from germany, but my roots from the usa [02-22-2008]

Hello! I love the Declaration of Independence.
anonymous [02-22-2008]

I thought that this website provided factual information that allowed people to have a first hand experience
anonymous [02-22-2008] »»»

hi bob
anonymous [02-22-2008] »»»

i am verry happy that this was written and im thanking all of the ppl who fought 4 the us to b free ******************************* -delicia-
Delicia, batavia ny [02-22-2008]

melody walts [02-22-2008]

this helped me so much with a project
LALA, indiana 5th [02-22-2008]

omg i like love it because it is soooo cool and i can see it really well wit my new eyes
Jessica Alba [02-22-2008]

What happened to Patrick Henry? He seems to have faided away after his exclamation: " for me, Give Me Libery or Give Me Death!"
Richard Lee McAllister, Peachtree City, Georgia [02-22-2008] »»»

well i allways wanted to be president for manys years so, but i also want to write the delecaration of independce
Craig Rivet, youngsan soeul,korea [02-22-2008]

That these men were very brave going against the King and his country. They and all the colonists sacrificed their freedom to give us our freedom. How grateful I am for them. Hopefully I will contiue to do the same for my country and my children.
William Craig Ashcroft, mesa, arizona [02-20-2008] »»»

The Declaration of Independence is very interesting and very good that it was made.
OAguirre, Douglas AZ [02-20-2008] »»»

anonymous [02-20-2008]

Savannah [02-20-2008]

awwweeessoommee titans
anonymous [02-20-2008]

I'm doing this for a school prodject. You got any more info for me?
Jessica Wallaker [02-20-2008]

to many big words
ryangaines [02-20-2008] »»»

Randy Johnson [02-20-2008]

good stuff, doin it for school
C. Moor Butts, I.P. Freely [02-19-2008] »»»

Beka [02-19-2008] »»»

My mother's maiden name was Lee. Tracing back to the first Richard Lee we found that Francis Lightfoot Lee was one of our ancestors.
Connie Hasemann [02-19-2008]

anonymous, Salt Lake City, Utah teacher [02-19-2008]

Have been looking into the Role that the Lee's Made in the Declaration of Independance..Although they came from Virginia USA They originated in Yorkshire England. Excellent Site
William Lee, Boxmoor Hertfordshire,71 yrs [02-19-2008] »»»

It would be nice it you were to make the picture bigger so we could actually see what it says. thanks, Jessica
Jessica [02-19-2008]

I used this site for research but this site was awesome anyway! Go Canada! lol
tehya, 10, missouri [02-19-2008] »»»

i love this website!
Hotdog, 99: Paragould, AR [02-18-2008] »»»

Heyguys ......................................................................... ......................................................................... ......................................................................... ........................................
Lauren, I am 14: I live in Los Angelos [02-18-2008]

thomas was a good man
Brittany [02-18-2008]

hey, im doing this for a school project
yipyap [02-18-2008] »»»

this sight is ok
Victoria [02-18-2008]

i love to learn about the declaration of independence it is so interesting,,, you should try to learn about it! :)
Katie, louisville,ky; female; 13 yrs old [02-18-2008]

Xavier [02-18-2008]

the history of the US is the most intresting of them all and i like the story's. one day i'll come to the US and explore all the buildings that have a meaning. the liberty bell, the wite house, the capitol and all others. GRTZ from belguim
Dylan, belguim [02-18-2008] »»»

Thank you for this site and all your work. It is not that we cherish this document, it is that we are ready to defend it against us.
Charles Hunsinger [02-18-2008]

I enjoy d story of the American nation,it puts the fire 4 greatness into me.Oneday I will tell the world that I visited this site.
IMMANUEL OYENIYI, age;17 [02-18-2008]

I love the Declaration of Independence, and am very grateful for the men that died so that we could be free.
Natalie, Az [02-18-2008] »»»

I have always loved learning about the Revolutionary War it's my favorite thing in American history. Yet, I had never read the Declaration Of Independence until now. I still haven't read the Constitution, but the reason for not reading them is because I knew I wouldn't understand what they had written. Now I know I can read the Constitution since I get the meaning of the Declaration. The reason for the declaration was to show th British that they were going to make their own laws, their own taxes, and were going to establish their own Government. Plus Britain was not going to take over again, because they already lost the war, so whats the point of starting another war if you were to lose again. The importance of writing The Declaration Of Independence was to prove a point to America that we are now and will always be a free country and nobody an take that away from us. When they established Congress, Presidential Power, and The House Of Representatives they knew that they would have a very strong Government to take care of the country. But what they didn't know was how long this Democracy would last. It has lasted for approx. 200 yrs. That is a really long time for a government to under go minute changes. (such as us) When they established it they also didn't really know how good it would do i about 100 years from their time, well, it actually has gotten a lot greater than they probably they thought it would get. Which is a very good sign of ever lasting Democracy. -T.Secrist
Tasia Secrist, 14 [02-18-2008] »»»

k robinson [02-18-2008] »»»

very interesting page
boy 1 [02-15-2008] »»»

Ancient, but cool.
Mariah [02-15-2008]

Emma Yankovich [02-15-2008] »»»

Thanks for the site its good information
Andy, Iowa [02-15-2008]

Carmen [02-15-2008]

Joshua Ybarra, Maricopa, AZ 15 years [02-14-2008] »»»

very interesting information thank you for the layout, easy to follow
mandi, auckland new zealand [02-14-2008] »»»

Great, now I have a reliable website to go to!
Samantha [02-14-2008] »»»

interesting website
Laura, Chicago [02-14-2008] »»»

Janelle [02-14-2008] »»»

this is a great educational site! :)
autumn, kansas city,mo [02-14-2008]

I like maple surup and mooses. I think that americans are crazy eh? crazy people. that makes me want to live here forever GO CANADA EH?! :D
Betty Soo Joe, canada [02-14-2008] »»»

kuwhfuhbi [02-13-2008]

wooh i love me some history
jesseca [02-13-2008]

this has given me some info to share at our next familt reunion
james crouch, grandson of charles nin lee [02-13-2008] »»»

i think that the rights,the boston tea party,and the Declaration of Independence are really interesting.
luke, duluth,Mn age 10 [02-13-2008]

MikeMan Overbee [02-13-2008]

Doreen, I like popcorn [02-13-2008] »»»

I have found that most people are unaware of the actual text of this document, myself included. We all know the gist of it, we kind of know what it says. Most of us can quote at least some part of it. It would be a very good thing for all of us to reacquaint ourselves with it. There seems there are some eire, and disquieting similarities to the current plight we find ourselves in. It seems there are some that would set themselves up as King. We as a people of this Great nation must hold those that would seek public office, within any branch of our government to honor and defend these self-evident truths contained within, as must we all. We need to strengthen our resolve as a people to fight against the heartless tyranny that is struggling to hold us in its death grip. We CAN live up to the promise of greatness set forth in this document. To achieve this we all need to understand that the pursuit of your own personal happiness, or that of a particular group should not and can not be allowed to deny the rights of life or liberty to others. Profit above all else is most unhealthy for the mind, body, and soul, of the individual and for society as a whole. We must demand honesty, integrity, and accountability, from ourselves as individuals, and from our government and business leaders to this beautiful, amazing land of opportunity called the United States of America. We are only as great as we are good I would like to express my thanks to those put up and maintain this site. Good life and good health to you all
Lisa Pflipsen, I am 45 years old,married with 3 children, I live in Rochelle about 90 miles west of Chicago IL [02-13-2008]

I am a student getting some information for a project for my history class and this really helped me a lot thank you.
Jainny [02-12-2008] »»»

I am preparing a book with the preliminary title: Our Founding Fathers were Assholes Carter Braxton was a founding father. Some notes: Braxton, Carter to Nicholas Brown & Co.; February 1, 1763 Though most of the Brown brothers trading activities were directed to the Caribbean, they also traded with mainland colonies. A voyage to Virginia by the sloop Four Brothers in 1763 touched off a correspondence between the Browns and Carter Braxton, a Virginia merchant and future signer of the Declaration of Independence, who proposed working together to mount a slaving voyage to Africa. "I am told there is a great Traid carried on from Rhode Island to Guinea for Negroes," Braxton wrote in this letter of February 1, 1763, "and I should be glad to enter into Partnership with some Gentlemen for a Voyage or two and have [the Negroes] sent here where I believe they sell as well as any where." The Browns initially seemed receptive to the offer, but ultimately decided to mount an African venture independently. Braxton, Carter to Nicholas Brown & Co.; October 16, 1763, continuing discussion of a possible joint African slaving venture. "I shall be very glad to be concerned in the Affrican Trade and will be a fourth of the Voyage if you Choose it," Braxton writes. The balance of the letter offers information on the local market for slaves in Virginia. "Gold Coast Slaves are Esteemed the most Valuable + Sell best," Braxton writes, adding: The Prices of Negroes keep up amasingly." For reasons that are unclear, the Browns did not pursue the partnership, and instead launched the Sally independently. Nicholas Brown & Co. to Braxton, Carter; September 5, 1763: "You Mention of being Concerned in the Guine Trade and that the Vessels Return with the negrows to your place," the Browns write. "[A]s we Shall be Largely Concerned in Navigation this Fall which will bring millo. [molasses] in the Spring and we Living in a place wair we Can procure a Large Quantity of Rum Distilled Amediately, its Very Likely if it's Agreeable to you to be Concerned that we May Fitt a proper Vessill for Guiney in the Spring..." In the event, the Browns did send the Sally to Africa in 1764, but they did so without Braxton. 1764 -- Nicholas Brown & Company needed capital in 1764 to buy supplies for their candle works, as well as for their newest venture, an iron furnace. [8] With slave labor in high demand throughout the Americas, an African voyage promised a quick and substantial profit. The initial venture with Carter Braxton, a Virginian merchant, [9, 10, & 11] fell through and the Brown brothers proceeded by themselves. In the end, they hired Esek Hopkins, a naval veteran of the Seven Year’s War (the French and Indian War in colonial North America) who would later be appointed commander-in-chief of the Continental Navy in 1775. [12] In 1764, a one-hundred ton brigantine called the Sally embarked from Providence, Rhode Island, to West Africa on a slaving voyage. The ship was owned by Nicholas Brown and Company, a Providence merchant firm run by four brothers ­ Nicholas, John, Joseph, and Moses Brown. The Sally's voyage was one of roughly a thousand transatlantic slaving ventures launched by Rhode Islanders in the colonial and early national period, and one of the deadliest. Of the 196 Africans acquired by the ship's master, Esek Hopkins, at least 109 perished, some in a failed insurrection, others by suicide, starvation, and disease. In 1770, the Rev. Samuel Hopkins preached his first sermon against slavery and the slave trade, calling them terrible sins. His message surprised church members, some of them slave traders. One family left the church. 1775 -- However, Braxton did not share the same zeal for freedom from England as did his colleagues. He was convinced that a possible civil war was far more dangerous than democracy. Braxton was chosen on December 15, 1775 to succeed Peyton Randolph as delegate to the Continental congress when Randolph died in October 1775, and took his seat in February 1776. Eloquently, he took to the floor of Congress to air his opposition to a hasty and complete break from England. Carter Braxton is known as the most conservative signer of the Declaration of Independence from Virginia. Braxton opposed independence until there seemed little choice but to break from Briton. In 1764, a one-hundred ton brigantine called the Sally embarked from Providence, Rhode Island, to West Africa on a slaving voyage. The ship was owned by Nicholas Brown and Company, a Providence merchant firm run by four brothers ­ Nicholas, John, Joseph, and Moses Brown. The Sally's voyage was one of roughly a thousand transatlantic slaving ventures launched by Rhode Islanders in the colonial and early national period, and one of the deadliest. Of the 196 Africans acquired by the ship's master, Esek Hopkins, at least 109 perished, some in a failed insurrection, others by suicide, starvation, and disease. In 1770, the Rev. Samuel Hopkins preached his first sermon against slavery and the slave trade, calling them terrible sins. His message surprised church members, some of them slave traders. One family left the church. 1775 -- However, Braxton did not share the same zeal for freedom from England as did his colleagues. He was convinced that a possible civil war was far more dangerous than democracy. Braxton was chosen on December 15, 1775 to succeed Peyton Randolph as delegate to the Continental congress when Randolph died in October 1775, and took his seat in February 1776. Eloquently, he took to the floor of Congress to air his opposition to a hasty and complete break from England. Carter Braxton is known as the most conservative signer of the Declaration of Independence from Virginia. Braxton opposed independence until there seemed little choice but to break from Briton. However, Braxton did not share the same zeal for freedom from England as did his colleagues. He was convinced that a possible civil war was far more dangerous than democracy. Braxton was chosen on December 15, 1775 to succeed Peyton Randolph as delegate to the Continental congress when Randolph died in October 1775, and took his seat in February 1776. Eloquently, he took to the floor of Congress to air his opposition to a hasty and complete break from England. Carter Braxton is known as the most conservative signer of the Declaration of Independence from Virginia. Braxton opposed independence until there seemed little choice but to break from Briton.account of the depreciation of the currency 1784 -- The first act calling for the freeing of slaves in Rhode Island came in 1784. But the General Assembly did not want it done quickly. Under the act, children born to slave mothers after March 1, 1784 would be free when they became adults. The law, says Nadalin, "required no real sacrifice on the part of the slave owners, and it did nothing to curb the actual trade in slaves." 1786 -- He never recovered, and, in 1786, was forced to leave his inherited country estate for simple quarters in Richmond. Braxton accumulated a great deal of debt from the war and never recovered financially. He was forced to sell his estate in 1786 and move to a smaller residence ("row-house") in Richmond. The latter days of Mr. Braxton were embittered by several unfortunate commercial speculations, which involved him in pecuniary embarrassments, from which he found it impossible to extricate himself. Several vexatious law-suits, in which he became engaged, contributed still farther to diminish his property, and unfortunately led him unintentionally to injure several of his friends, who were his sureties. The morning of his days was indeed bright; but, like many a morning which appears in the natural world without clouds, his was followed, towards the close of the day, by clouds and darkness, under which he sunk, imparting an impressive lesson of the passing nature of the form and fashion of the present world.
Eddie Beard, Portland Maine [02-12-2008] »»»

My maiden name is Hancock and I am actually related to the famous John Hancock! Hope to see the Declaration of Independence when visiting WDC in July this year.
Sue, Australian and live in Canberra, capital of Australia [02-12-2008] »»»

This is so cool i like
---, ---- [02-12-2008] »»»

the declaration of independence iz really cool
cullinna [02-12-2008] »»»

Freedom isn't free. Throughout history many gave their lives. Today, many have yet to learn this. Including many elected officials They fight for the vote instead of the people. Many do not know what this country stands for... many have forgotten. God Bless our soldiers.. everywhere and God bless this country, we are going to need it.
Charles R. Burkley Jr., felto, pa [02-12-2008]

i think alex is a grubba
anonymous [02-12-2008] »»»

The Declaration of Independence is so boring it ain't even funny!
Kay, Shawneetown IL 17 years old [02-12-2008]

this is a pretty dashing website.
lisa, iamso,10,hungary [02-12-2008] »»»

tanner [02-12-2008] »»»

pawas, delhi [02-11-2008] »»»

this is sickkk
alex, none yahhhh [02-11-2008]

The Declaration of Independence is so cool!
Heather Harris [02-10-2008] »»»

halley hargreaves [02-10-2008]

Ashleynn [02-09-2008]

susana, [llllllllllllllllllllllllll] [02-09-2008] »»»

This is a great class.
Lisa, age 15 [02-09-2008] »»»

i love that you have the declaratoin of indapendance to share with people.
josie, from dover pa, 10. [02-09-2008]

I love you sooooooooooooo much. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me!
anonymous [02-08-2008] »»»

this is amazing! its like bringing history back to life! :) love to thee out there
hailey [02-08-2008] »»»

anonymous [02-08-2008] »»»

the declartion of independence
christy, georgetown ga 17 [02-08-2008]

I thought that this site was verry good and it helped me get an A in my college history course.
Coty A, Kasson 19 [02-08-2008]

histroy thats whatsup histroys on myspace i never knew so much happen in the american revolution its black histry month
tazz, Jacksonville Job Corps, [02-08-2008]

american histiory is so awesome
unknown, my identity is unknown [02-08-2008]

Those who choose to ignore history are condemned to repeat it. No, Bob Dylan did not say that!
B. Smith, Just a wanna-be patriot [02-08-2008] »»»

i love the declaration. it is so awsome.........................................
juston, im nine [02-08-2008] »»»

rock on history!
Isaiah Lawson [02-08-2008]

I think that this website is very helpful and a outgoing program that anyone could use at any time.Whe
Amy Sewer, 41 age [02-08-2008] »»»

this is soooo coll
anonymous, plam har bor [02-08-2008] »»»

Vanessa [02-08-2008] »»»

Jeff Smith [02-08-2008]

Hello, I've been told that the Framers of the Declaration of Independence never intended the document be everlasting. They expected the nation to revise it every 20 years or so. Any truth to this?
Janice [02-08-2008]

This website doesn't say who signed the declaration! I need it for school!
Eleanor, 10 [02-08-2008]

Ariel Valladares, 11 [02-08-2008] »»»

i think that john adams was a good presedent
haley james, 11 [02-08-2008] »»»

danielle, hey [02-08-2008] »»»

i think in a 100 years we wont be able to look at each other b/c it will offend our civil rights.(THIS SITE IS AWSOME BY THE WAY) =]
emo buddy, 15 [02-07-2008] »»»

newspaper articals
hazel olaret, n,j 11 [02-07-2008]

logan [02-07-2008]

This is a very helpful sight. My daughter is in the 5th grade and she found everything she needed on this sight.
Maddy [02-07-2008]

I love history sooooo much. I am so glad they came up with this web site. THANKS AGAIN!
Candice [02-07-2008] »»»

anonymous [02-07-2008] »»»

I'm doing a report on John Adams and I would like to know these things. What was John Adams Life like? What was his famly like? What was he like? THANKS!
anonymous [02-07-2008] »»»

I feel that this is a very good thing among our people, then and now, to use against the King.
Katelynn, age 15 [02-07-2008] »»»

stephanie, 11 [02-07-2008] »»»

The words of the declaration are magical. People does not talk that way anymore, with that emotion, with that responsibility. I will love to visit the museum sometime and watch this piece of history, live.
Zishan M., Sun Valley, 22 [02-06-2008] »»»

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anonymous [02-06-2008] »»»

I really enjoyed this site, my mom's maiden name was hart and if anyone can give me more info on his father and futher back, I would be grateful.
steve smolinske, garrett indiana [02-06-2008] »»»

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Our fourth graders are doing their book reports on our presidents.
C. VanZant, Biographical accounts of our presidents [02-06-2008] »»»

Great for History
Patrick, Belgrade MN 56312 [02-05-2008]

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Mea [02-05-2008] »»»

wonderful my daughter has a project on john hancock found everything great
jenna [02-05-2008] »»»

This is one of the greatest historical documents ever written. You have to remember, all of the signers could have been killed for treason agianst The Royal Crown. I don't think the people of today take this document with as much gravity and seriousness as they should. I sometimes wonder what the founding fathers would think of this country and the way it is run today. Would they approve? I wonder if this is what Thomas Jefferson invisioned when he sat down and wrote out this historic document? I am very glad for the freedom he and all the others gave us though.
Thomas Rice [02-05-2008] »»»

The American Declaration of Independence is a great American Document.
Kaitlyn [02-05-2008]

To Mr Feinberg (in response to your query as to why G Washington did not sign the Declaration): The American army had been in conflict with the British army for approx 15 months prior to the declaring of independence from Great Britian in July of 1776. Washington was concerned with military matters, having to guard against 10,000 British troops under General Howe, so he was coordinating things in the defenses around NY/NJ. He also, being military, was subordinate by political nature to the legislators, so it probably was not proper for him to sign. Kudos to the web site designers. It's a valuable history resource.
C L Crowder, From the Jersey Shore [02-05-2008] »»»

I'm seeing the signers of the declaration
Maddie [02-05-2008]

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Bobby, Go Giants [02-05-2008]

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i can't say enough about the mccullogh book john adams..... it is beautiful and mr. adams is far from the dull boring patriot he at first seems when compared to the more flashy washington, hamilton, jefferson, and franklin..... the final chapter details letters between adams and jefferson as they await their deaths on the 50th anniversity of the declaration and die as if together on the 4th of july....
ktN [02-04-2008] »»»

aricca [02-04-2008] »»»

I loved 2 do things i never tried before i loved 2 learn more things
Latonya Pigford, that i'm am a sweet & helpful girl [02-04-2008]

macey [02-04-2008] »»»

To the creators of this site: thank you for all of your work in providing this invaluable information to the public. To everyone else visiting: read this document, and remember it when you go to the polls this year for the 2008 election. It is our RIGHT, it is our DUTY, to provide new Guards for our future security and for our unaliable rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. No vote = no voice.
Brianna, age 23, graduate student [02-04-2008] »»»

please tell what it says.
anonymous, what does it say [02-04-2008]

Was unable to find out any information in re to his personal life, when did he marry, whom did he marry and how many children did they have.
marlene tobben [02-04-2008] »»»

I Thought he would sign it also.
Jesse, Syracuse NY 9 years old [02-04-2008] »»»

this is an amazing article!
Sarah Backer, age:11 [02-04-2008] »»»

The Declaration of Independence is was clearly well thought out for the present time, and for the future.
Gimli, Hi [02-04-2008]

Great Website! I will visit again sometime.
Janelle Thompson, Wilmington, OH [02-03-2008] »»»

I know a lot about the Declaration of Independence and I think that it is such a cool idea!
Kyra [02-03-2008]

Was a complete surpise to find that George Washing did not sign the Declaration of Independence. Thought he would be the first. Can you expand on this as to why?
mel feinberg, Long Island, New York, 75, retired aerospance engineer interested in history [02-03-2008] »»»

Thank you for this site.I found a lot of information here. Thanks a lot! Keeep up the good work!
Marus Domingus [02-03-2008]

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As a history buff I was researching Lincoln references to the Bible and through the course of web surfacing came across this .org. Love reading historical figures own words. Great assembly of historical facts.
TOm Bachman, Orlando [02-03-2008] »»»

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DOPEY FROM MARYLAND [01-29-2008] »»»

The Declaration of Independence is was clearly well thought out for the present time, and for the future. 'That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." I have to say, I love that. Reading this document almost brings me to tears, just the power of the words that were written, and the men who did it.
Miss Narnian, Minnesota [01-29-2008]

the declaration of independence is so hard to study but you made much easier for me. thanks! p.s. hi!
loren [01-29-2008]

I love the Declaration of Independence because I think our country is so cool!
Hannah, I am a student. [01-29-2008]

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Ella [01-28-2008] »»»

this is an extraordindary document written by extraordinary visionaries. It's too bad today's politicians, corporate leaders are not. tThey would invest in their own people
Sinclair Jones [01-28-2008] »»»

Rikki lea Abeyta [01-28-2008] »»»

As long as I can remember, there has never been anyone that I know of that is/was as passionate about the people and about writing as Thomas Jefferson. We need another leader like him in this generation, maybe one will rise to the occassion...
Jose Cortes, Wichita Falls, Texas, age 45 [01-28-2008] »»»

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I found out today that Button Gwinnett was related to another Gwinn family, so we are not related to him.
Elaine Yanak [01-25-2008] »»»

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Caitlin, ello how r u [01-25-2008]

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tori [01-24-2008]

Hello? Who are you people? I dont even know who i am so how am i supposed to know who you people are i am 13 years old and i know that 2+2=22
Ashley, uhhhhhh idk idk im just a stupid blond [01-24-2008]

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I am doing a school project on the Declaration and this is a pretty cool site. Thanks, Ria.
Ria, student [01-24-2008]

I like you things about history.
daisia [01-24-2008]

Thanks for sharing a wealth of knowledge about our country through this website.It's great to be an american.
Patricia Resnover, California [01-24-2008] »»»

My daugther and I came across an article from my mother's personal items written in a Beckley, WV newspaper years ago by Shirley Donnelly about a relative of ours, Button Gwinnett, who signed the Declaration of Independence. My mother was a Gwinn and we have much history about her grandparents, Laban and Rosa Gwinn, who lived in the New River Gorge on a site named Roundbottom. Thank you for the information concerning Button Gwinnett. Is there a way to see his signature??
Elaine Yanak, St. Albans, West Virginia [01-24-2008] »»»

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La ele FonTonate [01-24-2008] »»»

Ben franklin was amazing
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this website is very educational!
lilimaraya, springfield [01-24-2008]

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sierra phillips, New Jersy 12 years old [01-24-2008] »»»

thanks this was full of info i needed
rocky montgomery, westfall [01-24-2008]

if only our sick world of today could go back and bring forth the Godly meaning of our original Constitution.
richard rumph, seymour indiana [01-24-2008]

when was the declaration of independence signed?
nora [01-23-2008]

I think that the declaration of independence is really neat that all 55 congressmen all signed one document that declares our independence also were learning this in school.
Kaylan [01-23-2008]

John Martin [01-23-2008] »»»

jynn [01-23-2008]

He "erected" multitudes of "new offices" and sent swarms to "eat out their substances?" Sounds dirty and unclean. Baby Jesus would never approve of this kind of blasphemy.
The Holy Offender [01-23-2008] »»»

I was assigned a school project that pertained to this web site, it was very useful.
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Thank you for making this document available to everyone.
Josh Lewin, Constitutionalist from Salem, MA [01-22-2008]

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jazzmin [01-22-2008] »»»

I think I will try to determine if I am directly descended from either Thomas Stone or Samuel Huntington.
Candy Von Ruden, age: getting up there; from a great Western state! [01-21-2008] »»»

Everyone in the United States should at least have a good working knowledge of this document.
Alan O'Sullivan, Wahoo Nebraska [01-20-2008]

Rock Wisconsin!
anonymous [01-20-2008]

joe kiss, nothwood 14 [01-19-2008]

I think that the Declaration of Independence is long but it is a good thing for kids and adults to know and why it's made.
Veronica, North Carolina [01-19-2008]

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i love daniel
Trisha [01-19-2008] »»»

it just makes me so happy to know that someone would do this.. it just sends joy into my life.
Taylor Breielle Beck [01-19-2008]

i think this website is amazing. it is simply uplifting. when i saw it i had such a warm and fuzzy feeling. it made me cry. tears of joy. knowing that our fathers of the coundtry cared so so so so so so much. :D
Emily Jane Martin [01-19-2008]

I think that it's wonderful that yall put up a site for the Declaration of Independence. I feel that everyone in America including the young people should know what America had to go through to get this wonderful document. They just take it for granted. Again thank you for this website.
Kaylee Huie, Gloucester Va, 14 years old [01-18-2008]

This is really informative! My history class is finishing up studying the American Revolution, and we learned all about the signers of N.C. as well as the parts of the Declaration addressed to King George III. How nice! :)
Katie, North Carolina, 13 [01-18-2008]

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i think that its good to have the declaration of independence in a place where kids are able to read it and learn about our independence.
Yanet Jimenez, Tampa, Fl. 15 yrs.old [01-18-2008]

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I am writting a reoport on the declaration and i say put more info
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I am a relative of Mathew Thorton, signer of Declaration. He was the last to take the seat at the signing. if you have any iformation please email me
Raegan, 16 Ar [01-15-2008] »»»

id like to hold the real declaration of indapendance i think it is very important to this saciaty and i believe people should respect it because i love history
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As a Home school mom of 4 this is so great to have. Thank You.
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I learned a lot more about my great great great great great great great grandfather Richard Stockton and what he did in the revolutionary war
Robert Salazar, age 15, c/2LT CaCC [01-15-2008]

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Ronald [01-15-2008]

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willy [01-15-2008] »»»

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I got a lot of imfo about the Sons of Liberty but HORRIBLE conclusion. It just stops and doesnt tell how it ends.
anonymous [01-14-2008]

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Rachel, age 63 [01-14-2008]

Thank you for havng an important site like this avaliable to all to read the history of your great country.
Iain Wylie, Northern Ireland United Kingdom [01-13-2008]

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Hannah, Hi! [01-13-2008] »»»

This website gives the best info on the Declaration Of Independence! It's the best one yet! We need freedom and we need war thats how we got freedom! Anyone please write back to my email i want some friends
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Anna [01-12-2008]

good site, but need more information
Mouse [01-12-2008]

Andrew [01-12-2008]

I'm the Daughter of the late George W. Wythe born in Galveston, TX on July, 17 1923 which is a distant relative of the late, George Wythe who signed The Delecration of Indepence.
Bobbye Jo Zaleski, Born & raised in Galveston, TX [01-12-2008] »»»

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Danielle, San Antonio [01-11-2008]

Stephanie P., mc, or [01-10-2008]

At times it seems too many of us forget the price it cost us to have the freedoms and the rights we hold so dear. The Declaration, as well as the Bill of Rights, should be displayed proudly in every American's home.
Phoenix [01-10-2008]

the declaration was as a matter of fact 1 of the most important things that was written on paper!
anonymous [01-10-2008] »»»

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THe date the delegates actually signed the declaration of independance
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I moved to kansas and your website is the best when we need to now info!
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We are going to dc the last weekend in january just to see the declaration of independence i can't wait. THE NEW NATIONAL TREASURE MOVIE DID NOT BEAT THE FIRST THERE WAS SOMETHING SPECIAL ABOUT IT. THANKS FOR HAVIN THIS WEBSITE
Rachel aka dopey 26 [01-08-2008]

i love this page! it will help me in school and other things! nice work!
akaiha [01-08-2008]

I thought this site is wonderful and insightful, very helpful with my history homework, thank you.
Tony, Age:16 [01-07-2008] »»»

I enjoy American history so much, and what a wonderful web site
Mavis lynam [01-07-2008]

I am 35 years old and I was listening to a new country song on the radio about the DOI. It made me realize I don't recall The Declaration. So I have Come to this site to relive the moment! :)
Elizabeth, Marietta, Georgia [01-07-2008]

I am so excited! My Grandfather and I have been doing some family history and so I just found out that Thomas Mckean is a direct relative of mine! How cool is that?
Jessica, 14 [01-07-2008] »»»

Really Good but confusing facts
Daijha, New York [01-07-2008] »»»

I am sooo into history. I love to learn more about it.
corissa, new phila, o hio [01-05-2008]

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IM GOING TO DC IN A WEEK! I am going with my mom! Sarah and Katelyn.....I Will miss u!
Magan Graings, 18. I live in Flordia [01-04-2008]

Hannah isnt my real name...anyway.....I am doing a history report for school on the Declaration of Independence. I love this topic! It is so great! I just wanted to let you know that your website helped me out A LOT! So thank you so so so so SO VERY MUCH!
Hannah [01-04-2008]

i have always been told by grandmother that history goes back to charles carroll how cool is that
jennifer carroll [01-04-2008] »»»

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ya..... well.....this is ummm. in school we have to rewirte this..... its pretty cool lol really long tho.... ha ha yeppp welllllll c ya bye! hope someone actually reads this lol P.S. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ROCK ON! LOL
mollie [01-04-2008]

This is a very cool website :DD
Chandler, 14 years old [01-04-2008] »»»

We are watching the movie 1776 and its really funny. I'm in 8th grade, and it's about the declaration of independence and the revolutionary war.
Alex, Hi [01-04-2008] »»»

It's really sad that our Goverment doesn't have a copy of this. They might benefit from it.
Cristi Rogers, Florala, Alabama [01-03-2008] »»»

hi im bored of soing research for my project due on frieday
Noreesa Williams, hi im 12 [01-03-2008]

I've read that the Declaration of Independence is written on hemp parchment. Do you know what it is made of?
mj, composition of the paper used [01-02-2008] »»»

i found what i was looking for on here and it helped a lot. thanks.
jenn, age;14 [01-01-2008] »»»

This website combined everything I needed for my report on this one site.
Michaela, 15 [01-01-2008] »»»

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