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2007 Declaration Guestbook Entries: November

this thing is so kool!
Lemikka [11-30-2007] »»»

The wonderful declaration has freed many people on Earth from the horror of life under a monarch or dictator.
Ken Oyer, 5th grade teacher [11-30-2007] »»»

Austin, Charleston,SC [11-30-2007] »»»

bow chicka wowwow
alexus [11-30-2007]

I was doing a project on the Declaration of Independence and when i found this site, all my answers were answered!
Anna, 15 [11-30-2007]

i likethe
felicia, stafford tx [11-30-2007] »»»

this site is really interesting thanks
hailey [11-30-2007] »»»

im fifteen and doing research on the declaration and thought i would sign this to show that i visited the page(:
Brandy S. [11-30-2007]

Kylie Boroski [11-30-2007] »»»

the declaration of independence was the best!
anonymous [11-30-2007] »»»

freedom rocks!
anonymous [11-30-2007] »»»

I am 54 and one HOTT mamma =]
Shannaeyyyyyyyy =], hello! =] [11-30-2007] »»»

i love to have long walks on the beach with my freiends and i think this is a good site to learn about the declaration i think this is very interestinggg! i love my bangs =]
Michael Jackson, im 78 and feeling young [11-30-2007] »»»

I absolutely love history. Right now I'm going to college to be a History teacher. I could call it a passion. History is almost like a hobby to me. Again, I LOVE HISTORY.
Jordian, city: Huston, Texas age: 24 I LOVE HISTORY [11-30-2007] »»»

i love my friends
Bonnie the Bunny, IM A SExy beastt! [11-30-2007] »»»

I love this website i go to it everyday. The information is updated and very accruate. I love how well thought out this website is!
Tony, michigan; i am cool [11-30-2007] »»»

NShanequwahhh, i l [11-30-2007] »»»

Lauren, Somewhereville Michigan [11-30-2007] »»»

i thought this site was the best in the world and i hope you keep udateing it so people will know about the declaration and we can all learn about the lifes of people and how it use to bee =]
Bobby Joe Sanders [11-30-2007] »»»

i love this site> it is awesome! i love the declaration of dependance!
Billy Sue Salamann [11-30-2007] »»»

I ♥ this site with all of my heart! its awesome. =] i also am crazy for u.
Marley Ray Tresendent [11-30-2007] »»»

Gertrude the Great [11-30-2007] »»»

this is a GREAT site. =]
Sally Joe, hello there people [11-30-2007] »»»

this web was awsom :(
brook thompson, 12 [11-30-2007] »»»

anonymous [11-30-2007] »»»

anonymous [11-30-2007] »»»

-.-.... i like some history
MigetsOnParade [11-30-2007] »»»

This stuff is really cool! :)
T.R. [11-30-2007] »»»

it cool to know about this stuff
alex, Owosso 13 michagan [11-30-2007] »»»

I love you, you love me, we're a happy FAM-ALY with a GRRRREAT BIG hug and a KISS from me to you! WONT YOU SAY YOU love...ME....TooooooooOOOOOOO!
Kaylee, Larva [11-30-2007] »»»

the independace thing is awsome
Tiara Russell [11-30-2007] »»»

Hello to all of you. Best regards from Athens Greece . I am a teacher of computers and internet
NIKOS KRITIKOS [11-29-2007]

i am a big american history buff
Bernie, cape coral Fl 33909 [11-29-2007] »»»

what would happen if the decilation of indepandans wasnt written
betty [11-29-2007]

SGT Kevin M Bennetsen [11-28-2007] »»»

HELLO we are doing research on the declaration and i thought i would sign this
Savannah, blt,tx [11-28-2007]

haley & emily bff's 4ever!
Haley [11-28-2007]

Seth Zibalese [11-28-2007] »»»

The Declaration fo Independence was significant political act, which talks to present times. People of America, trust us - Europe stands side by side with You.
Tomas Kressl, Czech republic, Europe [11-28-2007]

Rachel [11-28-2007]

Great site
Tim, Ashville oh 19 yrs. old [11-28-2007]

misty [11-28-2007] »»»

I have always been interested in the declaration of really interests me a lot! sorry for the misspelled words thank you. have a nice day!
Michelle hovis, 18 [11-28-2007]

i would like to sign the declaration
ashton, hello [11-28-2007]

how u doin??
Katy, hello [11-28-2007]

Distant realative to Dr. Josiah Bartlatt of NH. The 2nd signer of this doc. I found this out just before my grandpa passed on. It was his great-grandma's grandpa. Maybe her great-grandpa.
Rick Armstead, Waco Tx. Age.45 [11-28-2007] »»»

Pamela Green, somehow related to Benjamin Rush9mother's maiden nam e is Rush [11-28-2007]

I loved this site... It was very fun.
Hannah Allen [11-28-2007]

im boreeddd
kirsten, i'm bored [11-28-2007] »»»

i was here and it was great
a [11-28-2007]

caleb ryan, i am 10 years old i live in cedar creek TX [11-28-2007]

i love the declaration of independence!
Staphanie Cross, Age: 10 [11-28-2007]

I want to thank every one whio signed the Declaration of Independence because if you did not, I would be a mean slave-owner right now. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN FOR SIGNING IT!
Breanna Lowden, Red Rock, TX. Age: 10 [11-28-2007]

S3Xii N3SSA, iM SiNGL3... [11-28-2007]

history is so awesome i love it well its cool
I LOVE PEANNUT, in relationship [11-28-2007]

kayly renshaw, hello [11-28-2007] »»»

don, peace [11-28-2007]

anonymous, n.y [11-28-2007] »»»

History Rocks! The Dec. of Inde. is like tottally awsome! OMG! John Adams was like tottally stepping on Thomas Jeff's foot! AWSOME!
Karen [11-28-2007] »»»

wow kewl!....this is awesome
mercedez, 16 [11-28-2007]

the declaration is awesome! ! !
Lily, 14 [11-28-2007] »»»

Catherine [11-28-2007]

the declaration is so kul! john adams is standing on thomas jeff's foot! tottally awsome!
anonymous [11-28-2007]

lizzy brothers, no [11-27-2007]

Got to love the declaration of independence it's offical i am attached
Kat From Baltimore [11-27-2007]

I have a project so I need the info asap
bob [11-27-2007]

I am a butler from Africa
Herbert Jenkins, People talk funny in, kentucky [11-26-2007]

kari, im am 89 [11-26-2007] »»»

I think that the declaration of indpendende was the best thing that had happend to the united states.
ariel esporga [11-26-2007]

gabriel, Shouth Bend 10 [11-26-2007] »»»

TRYNTON ROBERTS [11-26-2007]

katie [11-26-2007]

I am related to John Morton (direct descendent 6th generation), and found out yesterday am related to George Ross (indirectly). They were both representatives of Pennsylvania.
Marni, California [11-26-2007]

Sweatowe this site is awesome.
Chubs [11-26-2007] »»»

To the Canadian, James, as a student of world history I think you have your world wars confused. America was not the savior in WWI and in my entire life I have not heard one American say so. Although that being said; things could have been a lot diff. had we not been there. I'm sure an America hater like yourself won't admit it but it was WWII that Europe was saved with our help. I will try not to lump together all of our cousins to the north but you are very ignorant. Americas path to indepenence was a much more heroic way.It led to the end of British Imperialism which is what helped all European colonies to freedom. It is too bad you have so much hate for us. Is America perfect? No way! But our contributions to the world cannot be ignored and the good far outweighs the bad.
Sean, usa [11-26-2007]

like to study about the history of the 4 documents of freedom /constitution of the united states/ declaration of independence/gettysburg address/bill of rights.
EMILEY, age 9 live in usa [11-26-2007] »»»

i love history.
dawson, detroit [11-23-2007] »»»

John Hancock is my 4th Cousin 5 times removed. William Williams is my 4th Cousin 6 times rem. Roger Sherman is my 4th Cousin 7 times removed. Elbridge Gerry is my 6th Cousin 6 times removed. All four of them signed the Declaration of Independence. Thank you for your very informative site.
James Dow Hilbe, of Southern California [11-23-2007] »»»

There are only a few pieces of writing that I find Holy. The Bible. The Constitution of the United States. And The Declaration of Independence. America is the greatest place on Earth. "If you are ashamed to stand by your colors, you had better seek another flag."
Steve Dalthorp, Iowa [11-23-2007] »»»

NANDINO [11-22-2007]

As I consider the danger in which these signers placed themselves by their signing of this document, I am awed anew by their courage. The fact that they realized the danger of so doing is best demonstrated by Ben Franklin's comment "We must all hang together on this matter,else we cenrtainly shall hang separately".
Clyde S. Wilcox, Scottsdale, AZ Age: 90 years [11-22-2007] »»»

William L Painter, Memphis TN [11-22-2007]

This website is interesting.It is also areally fun website also.
Emily Harrington, Raton,New Mexico [11-21-2007] »»»

i think that Thomas Jefferson did an amasing job! my teacher is making me redo the declaration and that is so stupid. i mean how do u resay in your own words all men are created equal. send me an email if you like social studies and want 2 chat! or if u have any idea what my teacher is saying!
Grettie, Lawrenceville,NJ,13 [11-21-2007]

kyh [11-21-2007]

I love history. It rocks.
Mariah, 10 [11-21-2007] »»»

Helped me with my history project
Cathy, tn [11-21-2007]

courtney [11-21-2007]

hahaha, DUMBAS AMERICANS canada was a colony of britian too ya know, all WE had to do was do war overseas and kick some german as s to get OUR independence, something americans couldent do till the end of the war, and then stole all the credit! all that american revolution stuff is bullshet, when you 'won' you re-wrote history to put yourselves in a good light! canada is, and forever will be. BETTER then the u.s.a eat THAT bush! you murderer! some things are spelt wrongly because of the webmaster, not because canadians are dumb. not like americans.
James Ross, canadian [11-21-2007] »»»

after reading the declaration, i was struck by the realization of just what the signers were risking by signing their names to this. by signing it they, in essence, were telling the most powerful man on earth that he no longer had power over them. had the revolution failed, they would have been executed as traitors. the king would have made examples of them specifically because they signed their names to this document. each of these men undoubtedly knew this. yet they signed it. these men were very brave. this is a great site. thanks for creating it.
JIM LONGEST [11-20-2007] »»»

What a beautiful act of treason
Carol Lloyd [11-20-2007] »»»

I think it's important for our young and future leaders to kow about.
Fred Rogers, Washington DC 62 years of age. [11-20-2007] »»»

Jacqueline Jones - Rogers, Washington DC, IM 51 years of age. [11-20-2007] »»»

i think it's wonderful, and interesting.
Fredric Rogers, Washington DC, 13 years of age. [11-20-2007]

we are watching national treaure and we wanted to leave a message saying we love the doi
dopey [11-20-2007]

Know your rights, history,and where you were last night.
Becky Clendenen, Seattle [11-20-2007]

Thanks for making this webpage. It helped me and my group out a lot for our Social Studies project on the Declaration!
Lauren, n/a [11-20-2007]

history is by far thee best subject to involve one in. History-a true part of us all. Can't wait to see the new flick with Nicholas Cage the book of secrets-they are out there as is the treasure for sure-
anonymous [11-20-2007] »»»

This might look as weird as i thought it was, but i personally think Im related to Charles Carroll Of Carrolton. Long shot i know, but it is kinda weird knowing i ahve the same last name, and the same first name. The name Charles is a family name, my uncle, my grandfather, and many people has my name. please send me your thoughts.
Charles evan Carroll, Melrose MA [11-20-2007] »»»

This site has aided me in countless history projects. My class is actually watching National Treasure right now.
William Paarmann, Oakwood, Ga [11-20-2007] »»»

I think what our solders did was brave.I want to learn more about them. I'm learning about our solders in social studies. I love our solders.
M.J [11-20-2007] »»»

This site is very infomative, helpful, and interesting! I love this site!
Lauren, Pueblo, Colorado [11-20-2007]

This is a very informative website! Great for school reports!
Brandee, Tampa Fl [11-20-2007] »»»

I'm looking for the source of words that go something like this: ' the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness'? Should the 'pursuit of life', our most cherished 'right' be legal, and such should nullify about all of the 'pro-abortionists' claim for legality? T.A.Smith, Ashland, KY.
Ted A. Smith, Ashland, Ky. age: 73 [11-20-2007]

=, your a loser [11-20-2007] »»»

excellent site found the information I was looking for
Tony Childers, Lewiston Idaho [11-19-2007] »»»

great stuff.
king sidor, syracuse, .n.y. [11-19-2007]

This is a great website for easily searching famous American people and Documents
Tori [11-19-2007] »»»

Alexis [11-19-2007]

very informative site - bravo!
Richard O'Shea [11-19-2007]

I love the declaration of independence I love national treasure the movie. History Rocks. xoxo
cookie [11-19-2007] »»»

i'm a big history buff. i know most of the movie national treasure isn't true especally about the treasure being under some church. i do know the knights templar does have a hidden treasure over in nova scocha somewhere. i would love to go find it or any legendary lost treasure and turn it over to the people because thats who it belongs too.
ricky wissler, cassopolis michigan/46 [11-18-2007]

Wow. This site helped me out a lot with a project I had to do on the Declaration of Independence. :)
Kelsey Graham [11-18-2007]

I love history! I like to learn more about history.This is the best website!
lucky olivas, Lamesa,Tx 9 years old [11-17-2007] »»»

The Document I found is not a copy of the bicentennial 1976, The Paper is thick and rare when I said it was OLD I mean, to the extreme of getting in pieces if is miss handle it, I can email pictures to any one interested. Thank you
Hubert Talavera [11-17-2007]

i think this website is great it is my first time but im stil loving it most of the time i have to struggle to find the answers this time its nice and easy
maria [11-17-2007]

i love this man i grew up with him in college
Jack meoff, l.a. 301 [11-17-2007] »»»

this is such a great site teaches about history and about our country. proud to be an American
anita, Harrison, NY [11-17-2007] »»»

happy face [11-17-2007]

:] c:
Genevieve, atlanta, georgia, 14, history project [11-17-2007] »»»

were cool! we love history!i love you thomas jefferson!
Meghan McSorley & Kim Carter, hi! [11-15-2007]

I love this country of ours dearly, and am so glad to see someone dedicate a web site to the important document that started it all.
N Garbleek, Dallas, TX [11-15-2007] »»»

well my thoghts are why the declaration of independence started
amanda, i like hanging out with friends [11-15-2007]

could you get more information like why they wrote it and all the jazz? i need to do a report and i need information
D.B [11-15-2007]

As a descendent of JOHN MORTON, Pennyslvania Delegate and the 17th Signer of the Declaration of Independence, I thank you for offering this website to educate the public about the significant and courageous act each of the Signers committed themselves to by voting for Independence. Sincerely, Margaret U. Wilson Burlington, Washington
Margaret U. Rummel-Wilson [11-15-2007] »»»

I thoght it was cool... It is not everyday you get to learn about these facts, or see pictures of the original copy of the Declaration! Thanks for giving me that opprotunity!
Shanni [11-15-2007] »»»

i am a gurl that goes to roberto clemente who is doing a projest on the people who made the declaratin of indepence or had something to do with it and etc.
kendra, nall [11-15-2007]

a very historical site with lots of information. Shame about the idiots who make stupid remarks on the guestbook, unfortunately we have the same in this country. I think its something to do with brain power i.e. lack of it. Thank you for making an interesting site.
william stockton, england [11-15-2007] »»»

shannon, i am cool [11-15-2007]

i think there should be more information about samuel adams
anonymous [11-15-2007] »»»

very helpful for looking at
Fred Kuhar [11-15-2007]

Needs a translation of the declaration of independance! love the answers
Savanna [11-15-2007]

CHANKITA GARRETT, atlanta [11-15-2007] »»»

CARISMA BUTLER, atlanta [11-15-2007] »»»

ASHLEY ELLISON, atlanta [11-15-2007] »»»

I love this sight im doing a report and this helps Thanks
Danielle [11-15-2007]

Mercedes Graz, Lake Worth,35, teacher [11-15-2007] »»»

i think its wak!
KATIE [11-14-2007] »»»

i beleive that the declaration of independence is the god of our country and that if thomas jefferson hadnt wrotten most of it then our proud and beautiful country today would still be speaking british and that we are free thanks to our fathers before us......
Alyssa Russell, Powder Springs Georgia.... I'm 14 and doing this for a school project [11-14-2007]

I needed this for school and it really helped!
Kelci [11-14-2007]

hi i like your website it helps with projects
capt.tomboy [11-14-2007] »»»

I am a little bit disappointed with few statements in this guest book. I am sure that we should appreciate our heroes that liberated us. Yeah, I know that sometimes US policy and wisdom were disappointing and made too much hurt for some reason. But, don't you know that wasn't Mr. Ben had want to be ? Please be rational and wise to judge the problem. Bless you all,
Anonymous, Surabaya, Indonesia [11-14-2007] »»»

Jennifer Wagner [11-14-2007] »»»

I think Thomas Jefferson is Brillant
Faithe [11-14-2007]

ooooooo hhhhhhh mmmmmm ggggggggg nnnnnnooooooo wwwwwaaaaayyyyyy
anonymous [11-13-2007]

this website helped me with my essay. thanks for putting up that compare page, it was probably the most helpful thing here!
anonymous [11-13-2007] »»»

where was the declaration written?
anonymous [11-13-2007] »»»

Take back America.
Democrat [11-13-2007]

The way I see it........they are still imposing taxes on us without our consent.
Anonynous, Wisconsin [11-13-2007] »»»

cool thing paper
Dana [11-13-2007]

who the hell is benjerman franklan
monica bethune [11-13-2007] »»»

i like fender and gibson. Yeah! SHal' in' pa' nan' ic. -- Shalinpananic.!
fend3r1298, FENDER AND GIbSON GUITARS RULE! [11-13-2007]

i visited for information for a report! i love this page!
madaline marie ellis, gulfport,missippi [11-13-2007] »»»

chinedu, i love guy [11-13-2007] »»»

i think Declaration of Independence is way cool
kiah, palmer,ak [11-13-2007]

I appreciate that you have made access to our Declaration of Independence.
WPaul, Everett, WA [11-13-2007]

this site help me a lot with my history fair project it has interesting facts
andrea [11-13-2007] »»»

billy bob williams, i love phily [11-13-2007] »»»

governed isn't a word
anonymous [11-12-2007] »»»

We are watching National Treasure. We know it is make believe, but the Declaration of Independence is real. We asked Mommy to print a copy for us. Thank you for having it where we could find it to learn about history and the Founding Fathers.
Tommy and Robby Palmer, 2nd grade and 1st grade, western Virginia [11-12-2007] »»»

Sonny Zed Postles, Dover, Delaware [11-12-2007] »»»

I have read that it would be so awsome if all of our congressmen were to congregate in the same church as our forefathers did many years ago as written by Mr. Michael J. Ducary from Pennsylvania. I myself ponder as he does the possibility and find it impossible for this to be even remotely imaginable with our present state of politics, parties, and special interest groups governed by congressmen. I think it would end up like some kind of bar fight that would be sensationalized on TV, not to mention that they are already trying to make amendmendments to the one Constitution we have that seems to work just as it is. Those poor congressmen, all in the same church....UUGH!
Naja A. Ellis, Lynn, MA 01902 [11-12-2007] »»»

I saw a docmentary on the declaration of independence and visited this site. Its indeed interesting to know the true source of human right and freedom.
Daniel, Nigerian [11-12-2007] »»»

faatima [11-12-2007] »»»

um.........hi dont know if its boaring or not havent read it yet.
bob [11-12-2007] »»»

this really helped me with school because my friend threw her copie away and called me to see if i still remembered it
anonymous [11-12-2007] »»»

amazin web page helps sooooooo much for my project!
anonymous [11-12-2007]

molly [11-12-2007] »»»

As a naturalized citizen of the US, I hold the document so sacred not only for my fellow Americans but for all the people of this world. The sacredness of the document exudes on the ideals best summarized in the first two paragraphs, which I believe epitomize the life that springs from it eternally and it should be revered and preserved at all times and at all cost. The reasons enumerated for declaration of the independence may be lifeless in our modern era. Yet, the zeal of the ideals declared is so profound that we should cherish, protect, defend, and pass it on for generations to come. We should equally remember that it took us over two centuries through turbulent times of emancipation of slaves, women’s right to vote, racial desegregation, protection of civil rights and liberties in trying to meet the expectations of the ideals of the document. The ideals are so profound that they transcend national borders, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or political view that they should be constantly met at all times and demand our undivided loyalty and service.
John Babu, Cleveland, Ohio, Age 42. [11-12-2007] »»»

I have been fascinated by the Declaration and the Signers since I was ten years old. I enjoy this site. You should get portraits of the Signers on the site!
Jim Wallace, age 56, Green, Ohio [11-12-2007] »»»

jasmine, where was it written at [11-12-2007]

I love the declaration of indipootence.
Hillary Duff [11-12-2007] »»»

good info
gede [11-09-2007] »»»

i love this site!1
tori [11-09-2007]

very cool
kayla, 23 [11-09-2007] »»»

i am doing research on the Declaration of Independence for my AP World History class and well i am so happy i found this site.. it is awsome!
Kristin, 16 years old.. live in Florida [11-09-2007]

history is what we are. so respect that..
Audrey Alvarez Vasquez, tulsa,ok,74115,14 [11-08-2007] »»»

I like waffles!
Tambora [11-08-2007] »»»

the declaration is is all other history
Matthew, RossvillE,Ga. I'm 15 and love hostory [11-08-2007] »»»

the girl next to me is cute
RYAN VICTORINEZZY, im so sexy and i love the world [11-08-2007]

This is so wonderful...the declaration RULES!
Bob Cheese, 24,Quebec Canda [11-08-2007] »»»

bob, 79 [11-08-2007]

I think that the declaration of independence was a great think to have signed and passed,because that gives us our independence we want.
dakota simpson, 15 [11-08-2007] »»»

i think it was amasing
the dog, 15 [11-08-2007] »»»

I love history!
jason Yao, age:24 [11-08-2007]

I'm mark roberts
mark roberts [11-08-2007]

How are you?
Marcy Ayala, 7650 Balboa Bl [11-08-2007]

anonymous, 11 [11-08-2007]

fantastic document. the older i get the more i appreciate what our fore fathers gave us.
DAVID MCGAHEE, saucier, ms [11-08-2007] »»»

what was the result of the Declaration of Independent?
anonymous [11-08-2007] »»»

i love the painting of all the people in the decaration of independence.. and the fact that john adams foot was on one of the other people's feet....
dakota, im 13 [11-08-2007] »»»

bob [11-08-2007] »»»

dalton [11-08-2007]

This rox mysox
Thomas Jefferson [11-08-2007] »»»

Hello I found a Document of The Declaration Of Independance of the 13 States of America behind a Picture frame. it is "Very Old" a person from Venezuela ofer me to buy it, but i will rather to live the Document here In the US. can you tell me how i can get in contact with a museum or agency that can be related or interestet in purchase this Document, it is very Fragil and i don't know how to handle it, or where to placed. Thank you for your time Hubert Talavera
Hubert, Declaration of Independance document [11-08-2007]

angel [11-08-2007] »»»

It was highly useful for me as an English teacher graduate to look into your pages since I am writing an essay on the Declaration of Independence. A lot of relevant information was found and hopefully a good essay comes out of them. Thanks
Koltai László, Hungary [11-08-2007]

this is so awsome, send me stuff please
joe battle, ... [11-08-2007]

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, lines of a true nation
anonymous [11-08-2007] »»»

i think the declaration of independence is preety cool.......
Natasha, im from texas [11-08-2007]

princess michaella [11-08-2007] »»»

this is the greatest document ever writen
anonymous, Corpus Christi, Texas at John Paul II High School [11-08-2007]

alex [11-08-2007] »»»

This helped with my project
Saye Zengbean [11-08-2007] »»»

i like food cheek the girl over there billy
bobmarly, gangster chicken is here in the hood [11-08-2007] »»»

jerald, billy [11-08-2007]

janie [11-08-2007] »»»

Im learning this in shool and i think its great that they did that.
cailey, buffalo [11-08-2007] »»»

This site really helped with my project. Thanks guys!
GISSELLE [11-08-2007] »»»

Tyler Nelson, e [11-08-2007]

I have always found the decleration of independance and its history of coming about very important and fascinating.
Angela Harless, Henderson, NV [11-08-2007]

The declatation of indepedance, was a peice of art .. its beautful, the way it is writtien and spriptured,
saraaa [11-05-2007]

If I was put in Historical Persons shoes, when the decleration of Independance was written, I would have been a federalist!
Shelby, Michigan, 14 [11-05-2007]

William E. Williams [11-05-2007]

I love History!
Taylor Joy [11-05-2007]

Lucy [11-05-2007]

i love the declaration!
taylor, 10 [11-05-2007] »»»

I love this web site
Geneva Dunlap Wills, Dunlaps of wv [11-05-2007] »»»

Geneva Dunlap Wills [11-05-2007] »»»

layla [11-05-2007]

We are taught that our forefathers and american predecessors were a good number of whiney sissies who did not wish to bear the burden of recompense for unsolicited services, but reading this historic milestone has led me to feel that true tyranny and misunderstanding,developed through lack of communicative technology and compunded by negligence and condescension led these men to sever ties with a much stronger military, economic, and political force for the sake of the quality of life, the security of liberty and property, and the right to pursue happiness for future generations. I now know that what these men did was what they knew to be right and just, and I can respect that.
Sence, 15, Student [11-05-2007] »»»

HI I'm really into history expecially the Deaclaration of Independence. I really want to write a report on it
anonymous, Hi I am Candice and I am 11 years old and really in to history [11-05-2007]

This Is Pretty Muchh The Best Place To Go To Get Research For Like American History Project...My Opinion...Yupp Well Thanks
Haileyyy, 14 [11-05-2007] »»»

Great Web site, wish I'd have seen it a long time ago.
Brian E. Blevins, Lawrence, Kansas, 46 years old [11-05-2007] »»»

Roger D. Riggenbach, Shalimar, Fl. age 73 [11-05-2007]

shaylene mosher [11-05-2007]

is there a way to trace what happened to all those who signed the declaration?
C T Nixon [11-02-2007]

Ambur [11-02-2007]

Michael Heaps [11-02-2007] »»»

This is a great sight for learning and I love it!
anonymous [11-02-2007]

i think that the this document is the most historical document in the entire world. i think that it is amazing how the colonists separate themselves from the britshs harsh control.
snickers greenier, rutland, vt. [11-02-2007]

tyler reynolds [11-02-2007]

i think that cheese is the best thing ever made in the entire world! i like the way that cheese melts in your mouth when you leave it out for a long time.
tyler reynolds, 12, clarendon, vt, i like cheese [11-02-2007]

i enjoyed this.
bobby barfield, nc [11-02-2007] »»»

veronica, 15 yrs old, from detroit [11-02-2007]

me, 99 [11-02-2007] »»»

we just found out the signer, james wilson of pa is my husbands, g g g g grandfather. what a wonderful surprise and conversation subject. we are very proud and love the web site.
AUDREY NOWELS, husband robert 85, myself 74 from mich & tx [11-01-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independance is wonderful because it led to our freedom.
Courtney Caldwell [11-01-2007] »»»

Courtney [11-01-2007] »»»

i luv u
Jim Bob, hi [11-01-2007]

Great Site i Was wondering if you could send me a sample of the decloration of independence.
Brandon, Spokane Washington 14 [11-01-2007] »»»

i think the declaration was a complete waste of time and im glad that benjamin gates stole it he should have ripped it in half.
WILDMAN, i love women [11-01-2007] »»»

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