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2007 Declaration Guestbook Entries: October

I love it! <33333
Niellami [10-31-2007] »»»

I will like to learn about the Declaration Of Independent so please email me stuuf about that and Patrick Henry!
Kiana, Bronx,N.Y. 12 [10-31-2007] »»»

Kiana [10-31-2007] »»»

Tom Seither, Burlington, Kentucky [10-31-2007]

This information is more detailed than any of the textbooks used through high School and most of my personal references attained over several were used while a substitute teacher for 5 years. Many of the students were amazed at the lack of information being taught by the regular staff.
Angelo Abarca [10-31-2007] »»»

I think that everone should read and study the Declaration to fully understand what it is for.
DeVaughn Harris, Bakersfield [10-31-2007] »»»

Helped me on Civics project
Dante, 13 [10-31-2007] »»»

edmonde, pa [10-31-2007] »»»

well my thoughts are that it was good an you an learn a lot by some case it can change how you feel by doin certin things
nicole, riverside ca 92507 [10-31-2007]

this was an amazing site for me to get information about the declaration of independence about because i'm doing a report and i really appreciate the fact that people would have such a helpful website not only for adults, but students to! thanks a lot!
Lesley, Lakeland, FL [10-31-2007] »»»

very nice thanks great for reaserch papers!
sp [10-31-2007] »»»

wilson, amarillo texas 18 years old [10-31-2007]

this peice of history be pimpin i stick wid it ight
Clayton fonfara, omaha age 14 [10-31-2007]

randy, omahjaaaa ne [10-31-2007] »»»

wow amazing it really help me on a essay i got a A+ THANK YOU for helping me!
anonymous [10-30-2007]

This an awesome site for a school project.
cassie, mo [10-30-2007]

Very good site!
MC [10-30-2007] »»»

JOSEPH HITT [10-30-2007] »»»

i came and got all the information i needed to pass my test thank you love harmony
harmony [10-30-2007]

my thoughts for the declaration is that there are good rules to follow... just sometimes i think that most people don't fellow and they should... well have to go start on my project.. bye
celest powell, i have a history project on the declaration of independence [10-30-2007] »»»

I think that the declaration of Idependence is one of or the most important documents every to be wrote.I really apprisheate the fact that there are people in this world that care so much about the history of our country and that they would take the time to put this important document on the computer for people to read and take the time they need to understand what it is talking about. Thank again for providing this for everyone to read and enjoy how our great country was started.
stephen pura, i am 15 and i''m form california [10-30-2007] »»»

Hey gangsta whats up
Ashlyn Hackworth, 12 years of age [10-30-2007] »»»

hey do u all see that building that the decoration was signed in? its cool that it got rebuilt
paul from english class yea i kno why am i here [10-30-2007] »»»

I think the Declaration of Independence is very important is to the united states. and we thank everyone.
Bailey Forney, Rawlins, 9 [10-30-2007] »»»

Wow this is realy fun.I hope everyone likes it.
Ben [10-30-2007] »»»

i think the declaration of independence is very important to the united states.itry to use a lot.I love the declartion of independece.
lilly, rawlins [10-30-2007] »»»

I think that it's cool that it is over 100 years old.
Emily R [10-30-2007] »»»

Bailey, Rawlins 8+458 [10-30-2007] »»»

the declaration of independence is cool
jon marr, Rawlins,Wy, 10 [10-30-2007] »»»

Nice if only they had some science.....but nice job 0 = K
anonymous [10-30-2007] »»»

Riley Otto, Rawlins [10-30-2007] »»»

The declaration of Independence is a very long thing. It is fascinating.
Taylor, Rawlins,Wy, 11 [10-30-2007] »»»

I think the DI is cool
anonymous, Rawlins, 10 [10-30-2007] »»»

reyse lovato [10-30-2007] »»»

its boring and stupid yours truly 123
anonymous [10-30-2007] »»»

Lord noth..
anonymous [10-30-2007] »»»

Troi, he lives in Menomonie WI [10-30-2007] »»»

very good site
Bob, i like food and hunting [10-30-2007] »»»

justin dunbar [10-30-2007] »»»

Tyler M [10-30-2007] »»»

hi aubree
kim, oklahoma [10-29-2007] »»»

it has really helped me
Sam, Oklahoma, 8 [10-29-2007] »»»

I am so grateful and proud to be able to find out about my Great Grandfather and his role in our independence. I have more stories to tell my children and grandchildren. I now understand where our family gets some of its traits. Mahalo and Aloha!
Joy Dawn Guffey, Born in Thermopolis Wyoming, on January 4, 1954, I live on the Isand of Oahu in Hawaii, I am the great great great granddaughter of Richard Stockton, one of the signers of The Declaration of Independence. [10-29-2007]

This site is awesome! It has helped me with my projects!
michelle, American History [10-29-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence was very necessary and if there is ever a government that needs to be changed or overthrown the same thing should happen. Also if it ever does happen we can almost use the Declaration as some sort of guideline.
Jacob Szkodzinski, Lodi, 16 [10-29-2007] »»»

hi world!
aubree [10-26-2007] »»»

this is a cool website to get homework done
inda [10-26-2007]

Tanya.f.Joseph, 29 [10-26-2007] »»»

Jane, Wisconsin age:14 [10-26-2007]

Ayana L. Nugent, Student @ Robert E. Lamberton HS [10-26-2007] »»»

Becca-Boo [10-26-2007]

Maci, 13 [10-26-2007]

I think it's so, so.. interesting, I guess, how the Declaration is wrote- on the account it makes the writers seem very intellegent, as to how the words are phrased. Big Vocabulary. But I myself, like the short-hand. LOL.
Cari Dail, East Tennessee. [10-25-2007]

i love the movie national treasures!
sara [10-25-2007] »»»

This Place is Nice
Bounce, 13 [10-25-2007] »»»

I think it rocks because it give me the FREEDOM I want and need, ROCK ON U.S.A. WHOOOOOO!
Katelyn Seibers [10-25-2007]

Jovi Hills [10-25-2007]

Why Did the church came to america
Kenneth Montoya Jr., Indians [10-25-2007]

great site!
nikki [10-25-2007] »»»

This is a vvery informative site. The articles are easy to read, and fairly well presented.
Me, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy [10-25-2007] »»»

'Tis informative. .. =P
Steak, [10-25-2007] »»»

you need to add more info. on them please and thank you!
lasahwna gray [10-25-2007] »»»

this website is allright!
anonymous [10-25-2007] »»»

Jesy [10-25-2007] »»»

this web site is very cool
Jesy [10-25-2007] »»»

good site, does anyone know who the parents of richard stockton were and where they came from ?
william stockton, england [10-25-2007] »»»

Your sight is amazing it had so much information. All I think you should do i smake it more spaced and out there. Basically more organized.
anonymous [10-24-2007]

Dakota Morris [10-24-2007]

We just returned from a trip to South Carolina where we visited the homes of Arthur Middleton and Thomas Lynch, Jr. It's amazing to remember learning about the Revoluntionary War and the great Americans involved and to then stand upon the land and enter the homes of these same great Americans! I often wonder if they would be pleased or disappointed with where we are currently. This is a good website and an excellant starting point for anyone wanting to research these 56 men whom most of us have either forgotten or never heard of. Thankfully history will never forget them.
Jerry Strauss, Lowell, Michigan [10-24-2007] »»»

where do you get your source?
anonymous [10-24-2007] »»»

Hi People! I cannot really find what I'm looking for. Can u guys help me?! I have to write a short essay on this: Explain why the signers of the Declaration of Independence agreed to pledge their lives,fortunes,and sacred honor? Can someone please help me out by sending an email to me: I would greatly appreciate it! Thanx! P/S PLEASE HELP ME OUT!
Teryne [10-24-2007]

very helpful! :-)
Jessica [10-24-2007] »»»

I signed the Declaration!
Matt, Monrovia, Indiana [10-24-2007]

jordan [10-24-2007] »»»

great site
bundi [10-24-2007]

matt pinion [10-24-2007]

I just luvvvvvvvvvvv this website GREATTTTT information
Tonie Robinson-Graham [10-23-2007]

i think this web site is full of information.
breuana, rocky mount va 24151 [10-23-2007]

Tyler Chambers [10-23-2007]

hi this web site helped my get a 98 on my project
larissa collazo [10-23-2007]

i cant find what im looking for
sarah, 14 [10-23-2007] »»»

i love the subject on how our beautiful country was born. Your site is great about getting information.
Belle, Fort Wayne, age 13 [10-23-2007]

I thought the declaration was pretty interesting it was my first time reading and i learned a lot about how the rules of america are.
Jaime, Lancaster,California 15 years old [10-23-2007] »»»

The Declaration of Independence is an amazing thing. It is very nice to be able to read it.
Breonna S. [10-23-2007] »»»

thalia [10-23-2007] »»»

proud to be aamerician 23 yrs combat helicoptor pilot retired heart problems
JACK FRICK [10-23-2007]

this is a great site for looking up historical documents!
anonymous [10-23-2007] »»»

Am reading McCullough's bio of John Adams. Needed a quick list of the signers since the Adams bio had so many names in the build-up to the actual signing. The added bonus in your web site gave some enhancement to the physical setting of this momentous time in our history. Thank you. JL
Jim, Merritt Island,FL Age 69 [10-23-2007] »»»

I actully found this Website very cool. And im not the person so in to history. But me and my uncle would love to see the real deal soon. I wish that i could have lived back then and signed the Declaratuib if Independence. And for the kid who said this was boring. I would love to me becausae there is not on thing in here that is boring every thing if fun and then we still get to have a dabate with other people. ANd see wat they like well gtg bye/.
Adriana, im 13 [10-22-2007] »»»

harli [10-22-2007]

Great site. I read the Declaration of Independence for the first time just now and also read you bio on several of the more famous signers. Thank you.
Jason Malone, Age 39 - Scottsdale, AZ (Born in Oregon, the greatest state in the union!) [10-22-2007] »»»

This project helped me a lot on my history fair project!
anonymous [10-22-2007] »»»

the sub-text of bealle numeric code uncovers the HEBREW sub-text of balances of matter and anti-matter in the bible
ROCKY [10-22-2007] »»»

i am in 6th grade but i am very interested in the declaration of independence i am memorizing part of it. so i just said that i am really excited about seeing it.
karine [10-22-2007] »»»

Jumbah Yeah Son, boohbahs show [10-22-2007] »»»

i love history! best sub. everrrr! yayy for H.
Danny Phantom, im pretty cool! [10-22-2007] »»»

This looks like a great site. I'm just researching the Declaration for a stupid school question, and it's given me good info so far.
Ashley, Maryland [10-22-2007]

very impressive help me with my project that is due Monday
Tatiyanah [10-22-2007]

anonymous [10-19-2007] »»»

This site is great for doing stupid history reports. :P
Jenifer Jazz, 904 Duval BABY [10-19-2007] »»»

i think the declaration is every improtant
anonymous [10-19-2007] »»»

I really think that this is boaring!1
Brandi Thompson, i am 13 [10-19-2007] »»»

Tiffani Penn, 13 years old, i live in Rusk TX, [10-19-2007] »»»

i have always wanted to see the declaration of independence before i die (whitch will be very soon)
ciara, lehi, 67 [10-19-2007]

sandra, Arlington, Texas 76013 [10-18-2007]

thanx for signing this thing!
Petuna, 65 years live in jgh [10-18-2007]

i love this informantion!
elilanie lutez, 12 yrs old [10-18-2007] »»»

tabi [10-18-2007] »»»

very helpful got meself an a!
anonymous [10-18-2007] »»»

Shantoya [10-18-2007] »»»

the declaration is very good!thank you for are independence!
glenda [10-18-2007]

alexandra [10-18-2007]

It is pretty darn sweet. Go Constitution! WE the people of the united states in order to form a more perfect union establish justice insure domestic tranquilaty provide for the common defense promote the general welfarance secure the blessing of libirtey to ourselves and our prosterity do ordane and establish this Constitution for the United States of America! The PREABLE ROCKS! thanks mr.e
Samantha and Lacey [10-17-2007] »»»

Lacey [10-17-2007]

katie [10-17-2007] »»»

I think this site is very intersesting. I love learning about history, it's wonderful.
Brittany, 15 [10-17-2007] »»»

This is a very informationnal site
Stephaine [10-17-2007]

I love this site; the information is great and the layout makes history fun!
lovely cupcakes, Maine, US [10-17-2007] »»»

Very nifty webbie site dechu
Chicken [10-17-2007] »»»

This website is really nice! I learned so much!
Tania, Dallas, TX [10-17-2007]

Gregory Mark Lawler [10-17-2007] »»»

It helped me out a whole lot...Thank you so much
Dylan [10-17-2007] »»»

This info was not useful at all
anonymous [10-17-2007] »»»

yeah i just wanna say thanks a lot this has helped me with my s.s. writing doing my own declaration for myself so this has helped me a lot
anonymous [10-17-2007]

that is one long declaration. and it has a couple of hard words. i like it. thank god they have it. yall should make it bigger os ppl can see the signatures of everyone whom signed it.
Jasmine, seattle, 12 [10-16-2007]

Omg you totally saved me and my partner in u.s. history! I like totally love you guys!
barby gurl [10-16-2007] »»»

This website is like awesome ha ha okay
Pigster, Utah [10-16-2007]

erin, hibbing, minnesota [10-16-2007] »»»

comuity keep it up
Heaven Fuller, 62 [10-16-2007]

cool website and nice info. it was really cool
Nicole [10-16-2007] »»»

this really helped me do my declaration newspaper, thanks!
alayna [10-16-2007]

I thought your page was really helpful for my essay paper.
shealyn [10-16-2007]

Your web site looks cool!
kyle dudeman [10-16-2007]

United Nations For Taiwan
Formosan, The citize of Tainan, the Republic of Taiwan [10-16-2007]

i hate the decloration of independance because it is so stupid
anonymous [10-16-2007]

This will help me on my grade in computer tech in class p.s. BYU rocks
Ben.M., ut. [10-16-2007] »»»

I am teaching my class (GED students) about the American Revolution and found this site very helpful. However, you do not list John Dickinson on your list of "Signers" even though there is a separate biography on him stating that he was a representative from Pennsylvania to the Continental Congress.
anonymous, North Canton, OH [10-15-2007]

This helped me out a lot!
Mackenzie, Indiana [10-15-2007] »»»

I *** love the Dec. of Ind.(December of Indiana)LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Anna [10-15-2007]

this helped a lot on my s.s progect tanks a lot !
clarie, il,romeovill [10-15-2007] »»»

wats up? hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i like hot pink
anonymous [10-15-2007] »»»

It amazes me in rereading the Declaration of Independence that the very atrocities that lead us to breaking away from England’s Rule are now being once again performed on the Citizens of the United States by its very government. When will the leaders of the United States realize once again that “We the people” are in control, not them? Why are our elected officials allowing the U.S. Constitution to be stripped from the citizens on an almost daily basis? Why do we allow judges to violate our Constitutional and Civil rights on a daily basis? And foremost why do 99.9 % of all elected and non elected officials “turn their heads” to the atrocities?
Russell H. Ackerman, Jr., US Air Force Veteran [10-14-2007] »»»

i like this web sit i use it when ever i need it
breanna [10-14-2007] »»»

this site is really good 4 my 12 year old sisters so thankx 4 making it rock
TABI, 16 [10-14-2007] »»»

Kayla, Midland, Tx 19 college student [10-14-2007]

Rereading the Declaration after reading the reports of statements of Dan Barker of the athestic radio talk show challenging us to find where the Declaration or Constitution decrees that the US shoudl be a Christian Nation. The Declaration does not decree a Christian Nation, but does link God, the Creator, Divine PRovidence as faoundation fro the country. So what it really states is that the country is founded on religious principles as the Founding Fathers understood them. Does that make us a Christian Nation. Specifically no, but it certainly makes us a nation founded on God.
John F. Meyer [10-14-2007] »»»

I like history and to find a site like this is really cool!
Emma [10-14-2007]

wow i think this is so awesomw how people have thoughts that they like and the y tell you them thoughts by going on this site how awesome!i really like this website so freaken awesome.
samanthe lepore, mio,michigan [10-14-2007]

Thank you so much for this website. Unfortunately our children are being taught in schools that are more interested in being politically correct than in being historically accurate. Bless you for such a wealth of information.
Gayle Thompson, Burlington, NC [10-12-2007] »»»

I think that the Declartion of Inependence was a wonderful idea because it helped a lot
Taylor Marion, Circleville,Ohio 43113 [10-12-2007]

The truths and language of the declaration are most definetly something all Americans should hold close and pass to there offspring.
Chris White [10-12-2007] »»»

anonymous, Bearvalley middle school student [10-12-2007]

Ellie, Girls can like history too! [10-12-2007]

Girls Are Better Than Boys
Karina Murillo, escondido California [10-11-2007]

Great site!
Aaron Davis, 43 yrs, electrical engineer, New Orleans [10-11-2007]

Jacob Adams, muskegoen age 8 [10-11-2007]

I love History so much but I hate my friend Brandee so much =)
Mikayla Niles, Saugus 18 01906 [10-11-2007] »»»

Laura [10-11-2007]

emily [10-11-2007]

rancid rocks \/\/
Glen Hillman, Downingtown [10-11-2007]

Ms. Karen [10-11-2007]

very helpful
jennifer, 17 huntley [10-10-2007] »»»

this was very helpful on my paper about our for fathers. thank you soooooooooooo much
katy, 13 [10-10-2007]

Camila Rios [10-10-2007]

I Love William Shane Laurenzana!I Love William Shane Laurenzana!
Michelle Rose-Laurenzana, I Love William Shane Laurenzana! [10-10-2007]

This is a nice report. Robert Morris is listed in my family geneology and I wanted to learn more about him. If the geneology is correct, his descendants through the early 1930s lived almost exclusively in Tennessee and North Carolina, and were part Cherokee.
Karen [10-10-2007] »»»

help a lot on my socail studys paper
kay [10-10-2007]

this is sooooo boring. i cant believe i have to read this.
kayla, 12 [10-10-2007] »»»

Haili Hinderer [10-10-2007]

Karla, Miami, 20 [10-09-2007]

rebecca, idk [10-09-2007] »»»

J [10-09-2007]

Me, H+i= Hi [10-09-2007]

tasha tower [10-09-2007]

very helpful on my paper about roger sherman! thank you!
Jackie [10-09-2007] »»»

alex, birch run mi [10-08-2007] »»»

jayden [10-08-2007] »»»

Jordan Redmond [10-08-2007]

damian jensen [10-08-2007]

very KOOL! :)
Ashley B [10-08-2007] »»»

kristan, florida [10-08-2007]

Jayne Genco, Coal Grove, OH, 50, helping son, 14, with homework [10-08-2007]

This site has been very helpful and educational. I've referred to it several times during my studies.
Delfina Ramirez [10-08-2007] »»»

This was a great help on my newspaper article history project. :D
anonymous, Mount Miguel High School [10-08-2007] »»»

im doing a project on this and your website helps me so very much
anonymous [10-08-2007] »»»

It made me feel that there was a reason and to keep us from slavery. No matter what color you are, we are all created the same and have to learn to live together in peace. I'm proud to be an American. My grandmother typed my words for me. Thank you.
Jon Lecanu III, I am 9 years old, and live in Port St. Lucie, FL [10-08-2007]

its an amazing thing. && very educational.
TIFFANY MICHELLE, brooksville fl 17 [10-08-2007]

good but i wount to know where the declaration of Independence ended up.
haley tschetter [10-08-2007] »»»

This site rocks
anonymous [10-08-2007] »»»

i love it it's amazing
anonymous [10-08-2007] »»»

Norman Anderson, Newport Michigan [10-07-2007] »»»

I am interested in tracing my lineage to Charles Carroll. My mother's ancestor was Pierre Batiste Poirier b.1763 who arrived with Lafayette before the Revolutionary War and married Marie Margaret Montcalm in America. The Pioriers were related by marriage to the Carrolls through John Henry b.1825 and Anna Elizabeth Carroll Peartree d. 1940 who is my maternal great-grandmother.
Marie Michelle Larsen, New York City, age 51 [10-07-2007] »»»

Emma Irene Reyes, San Diego, CA 21 [10-07-2007] »»»

Sherri Burruss [10-07-2007] »»»

i love u guys! ! ! ! ! !
J [10-07-2007] »»»

i love this web site! its very educational!
JAZMINE HUDER, dallas, tx [10-07-2007]

This Is a very interactive sight for kids my age and any other age. It is full of info and has a lot more than just words.
Clifton Taylor, 14 [10-07-2007] »»»

trew [10-07-2007] »»»

Stephen [10-07-2007]

I think that the Declaration of Independence is really important it is lucky that we still have it today we wouldn't have these laws to prtect us and still have the British rluing over us
anonymous [10-05-2007] »»»

Raisheka Nidea White, milford,De [10-05-2007]

Great help on my newspaper article history project. This websight has lots of helpful facts.
anonymous, Beadle Middle School [10-05-2007] »»»

why did the declaration of indenpendence increse amricans motivation to fight and win the war??
dalia, none [10-05-2007] »»»

i am a relative of john witherspoon, signer on the declaration of independance
anita, little rock, arkansas [10-05-2007] »»»

boys boys boys
charolette, i like cookies [10-05-2007] »»»

We are all products of our past and of those that have passed. It would serve us well to acknowledge that without contemplation and remembrance of both... there can be no future.
Scott Kuhn, Indianapolis, Indiana, The Republic of The United States of America [10-05-2007]

i love the web sit it tell me a lot i wonted to no and it helped me on my project i was working on in my 12 grad year
Melinda, springfield ohio 17 [10-05-2007] »»»

I thought your site was very helpful. I ended up using it many times for a history project that I was assigned.
Sericia, Middle School Student [10-04-2007] »»»

Do relatives of the signers have grants or scholorships available to them for college? Family member of Thomas McKean.
glenn [10-04-2007] »»»

This is such an inspirational website..
KATHY POO [10-04-2007]

leidy salinas [10-04-2007] »»»

As I look around in the guest books, I see many people criticizing the Website... If you dont like it, don't use it. People spent a lot of time making this website and putting it all together. And so people like us can use this source. So if you don't like it... dont use it. Its really simple ^^ Great Site.
anonymous [10-04-2007] »»»

this guy is very cute. hahaha. just kidding. (:
Shannon, ohio 13 [10-04-2007] »»»

Well all i know that i had work on in class was that they took words from john lock an put liberty life an happyness but it realy is liberty life an proprity. the declaration was made because of people do not have the right to make a law that they are the boss with out the peoples consent of what they realy think i am 14 an i know that people have the right to everything that comes to mind. we have freedom of the press, freedoom of race no segrigation an happyness between people to stay together with out fightting we made a law now we are together with out laws we would not be here like it is war all the time i know this cause i had 11/12 on my test that is a A i have all A's in my class we all work together an have diffrent ways of thinking. give me liberty or give me death that is thou testament of life we shall not repent aginst thou race or friend or thou people
Sharon [10-03-2007] »»»

I dont like this site. No offense.
anonymous, Florida [10-03-2007]

latesha [10-03-2007] »»»

can you send me a copy of the declarashon the ones you have i do not like if you can that wood be gra tthank you
anonymous [10-02-2007] »»»

Alicia vanderDuim, Sanford, 20 yrs. old [10-02-2007]

The Declaration of Independence was a good thing
lia, mountem view [10-02-2007] »»»

lulu [10-02-2007]

me mad
alonzo, thats my dad [10-02-2007]

It's a wonderful site, all kids need to come here to study the history of the greatest country on the Earth-the United States of America. I hope you guys will continue to do your great job. Thank you for that.
Eldar, future American citizen [10-02-2007]

sounds all good....
Lee Ann Tanape, San Franicsco, CA [10-01-2007]

Sylvia Badders Runnels, Abraham Clark was my great, great, great, great grandfather on my paternal father's side. My grandmother was Elizabeth Clark Badders of Silsbee, Texas [10-01-2007] »»»

it is a good website for understanding thwe revalution
Ethan bellinger [10-01-2007] »»»

I think that we have forgotten what our forefathers have done for us. And if we would just stand for what is right,when things go wrong, we the people should stand up for the Declaration, then it wouldn't have been written in vain
Jessica, 52 Ohio [10-01-2007]

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