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2006 Declaration Guestbook Entries: November-December

I beleive every household should have a copy hanging on their wall of our great Declaration of Independence. Sincerely Alfonso Mejia
Alfonso Mejia [12-29-2006]

James was my uncle. I'm off his brother William b.1748 in Caskerdo, Scotland. It's quite sad that James died broke. Heed the message and start saving early!
Jack English [12-29-2006]

good website
Herbert, business [12-29-2006]

good website
Evgenij, business [12-29-2006]

Dick, business [12-29-2006]

I thought that this site was absolutely fantastic! I also had a fascination with The Declaration of Independence and this fascination grew after I watched the movie National Treasure. My favorite sentence in the Declaration of Independence is: But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. It gives me goosebumps everytime that I read it. I just can't beleive that someone wrote this.
Christine Wei, Vancouver, Canada [12-29-2006]

what a timeless document. our fore-fathers gave us so much
Craig Hakes, Jackson,MN 56143 [12-29-2006]

Question, for the final signature copy of the Declaration, who was the scrib. In other words, after the final text was agreed to, who penned the words so that the document could be signed. I doubt that Jefferson would have done this, more likely a congressional scribe.
john [12-29-2006]

Wall it in to keep terrorists out. Just like Independence Hall. Armed guards would help. Security uppermost. Screening when you walk (barefoot, of course) within 10 feet of building. No liquids, natch. Otherwise enjoy our freedoms. Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam [12-29-2006]

I think that this an Awsome site for people like me who are now interested in learning about the past!
Jasmin, Here on Christmas I just found out that i am related to the last signer of the Declaration of Independence "Matthew Thornton" [12-29-2006]

it is a very educational website 5 star
anonymous [12-29-2006]

Hmm, if the Americans would only look at history as more than a class to sleep in they might learn a thing or 2 about their current events and major mistakes they are making...
anonymous, 21 Ontario Canada [12-29-2006]

i think this is sooo cool of a site to actually show a picture of the real thing! i wonder if there is any way to actually go there to see the original copy?
sabrina d, 14 yrs old in wisconsin [12-29-2006]

tristan [12-29-2006]

am i related to him
taylor stump, ohio/12 [12-29-2006]

this web sit gives me very little information!
anonymous [12-29-2006]

Ali [12-29-2006]

wonderful site. nicely layed out.
paige [12-29-2006]

what was the mans name that found the declartion of indepence on the back of a $4 picture frame and sold it for $8.14 milliion dollars?
katrina, 14 [12-29-2006]

It is a shame that some of the American people can act so fanaticaly about protecting their country when they fail to read the words of the founding fathers, or understand that which America was founded for and to be.
Justin Boyett, Seattle, WA [12-29-2006]

My Collier's Encyclopedia says "certain inalienable rights" whereas your prints of the declaration use the spelling "unalienable". I believe your web site has incorrect speeling.
Bruce Mathias [12-29-2006]

Elaina MItchell, age 13 [12-29-2006]

OMG ! This website is very educational. I'm currently in an AP US history class, and this just make this section of history a little easier. Thanks. Now i have to write a 6 page paper on the Declaration of Independence, then go to and put my opinion on everything. I suggest everyone that sees this does the same. Thanks! =)
Jesus Crites, I live in Teldrassil, Azeroth [12-29-2006]

The Declaration is one of the greatest documents in the history of this nation and possibly one of the greatest pieces of literature of all time. RESPECT IT. GOD Bless America...after all, this is one nation under GOD!
Brittani Kreinberg [12-29-2006]

BARBARA JAMES, l have a copy of the declare your l ndependence, [12-29-2006]

i learned a lot.
Daija [12-29-2006]

The Fifth Amendment is legal
Karen Elizabeth Landwehr, in my full name and read poem [12-29-2006]

I am studying the Declaration of Indepence and thanks for haveing what I needed
Kaitlin Elizabeth Ayers, Neptune city 12 New Jersey [12-29-2006]

100658 [12-29-2006]

ROBERT A. KEGEL,P.E. [12-29-2006]

Im from Canada but i love America and i wanted to know more about the Decloration and this site was really a big help. Thanks.
Devin Ste. Marie [12-29-2006]

courtney [12-29-2006]

Great job on this website its a lot better then the ones ive already looked at!
anonymous [12-29-2006]

luis, 10 dall [12-29-2006]

ashhuwregg [12-29-2006]

ZACH, 12 boston [12-29-2006]

This site has a lot of good info!
mandy shmilonakis the thrid [12-29-2006]

i beleive that Sam Adams should have a monument. Eventhough he said that there would be no monuments of himself because he is disliked, he had a lot to do with the freedom of our history and i can't understand why he doesn't have a momument. We have momuments of pretty much everyone BUT him. This makes me want to build one for him. . . but sadly i can not.
anonymous [12-29-2006]

ive always waygt ive always wanted to learnsabout the declration of indpedence
marzella stanley, 11 years old [12-29-2006]

I want to know what the answer is.
Katie, Chapter 4 on who wasn't involved with the Decleration of Indpendece [12-29-2006]

i love the suger act of 1764
Alexis [12-29-2006]

hey this is jasmine just saying who ever came up with this site keep up the good work
Jamine adams, highlanadpark mi [12-29-2006]

jane smith [12-29-2006]

I know Abraham Lincoln.
Joey, Joey [12-29-2006]

i need help on my ss project
me [12-29-2006]

Tee Hee
Alfredo [12-29-2006]

I`m John Hart`s 207th grand daughter
anonymous [12-29-2006]

The website is the best to help for anything like school or anything!
anonymous [12-29-2006]

if there were any time preiod i could live in besides now, it would be a tie between jesus's period and george washington's
taylor berry, rhine ga 13 i love history [12-29-2006]

this site is the best to find out all of this kind of information, i think a lot of this kind of History. When i get my diploma i am thinking of becoming a History teacher at one of the local High schools because i love this kind of thing so much.
elly watson, Brisbane, 12, Australia [12-29-2006]

casey [12-29-2006]

Dw32ne, Web- [12-29-2006]

I think it was a very good thing for them to do because I'm black and that was relating to me.
reese Paul, 13 [12-29-2006]

throughout the years I have always wondered if I was ever related to Aurthur Middleton,I guess I would have to trace family tree,it would be great if he was related.
william middleton, st.albans west virginia [12-29-2006]

This is an awesome site. Breaking away from Great Britain was an absolute must. We as a nation MUST get back to the printed words of this great document as we have strayed from them and have in large part become another GB, taxation once again is out of control. We have forsaken our first Love, and to whom this great nation was formed, God. I pray for America daily, do you?
Ray [12-29-2006]

you need more info on web site
anonymous [12-29-2006]

alp, [12-29-2006]

If only these were here a long time ago when African Americans weren't free this would have stopped the civil war!
anonymous [12-29-2006]

This is such a great site!
piggy4321 [12-29-2006]

hola! gracias para la information!
sofia [12-29-2006]

i love to learn about the declaration of independance and the liberty bell
MyKayla, i live in AK and i am 13 [12-29-2006]

i love the declaration of independence. and you know whats weird. i live in independence
courtney, girl.. white and indian [12-29-2006]

Mr.Gray is the bomb! He's the best social studies teacher ever! He even makes learning it interesting!
Jonathan Wilson, Hightstown, NJ [12-29-2006]

Brendita [12-29-2006]

hi i realy engoued this
megan, louisvill/ky 12 [12-29-2006]

I personaly think that you should go to the sinners sections [it shows you some really cool pictures,even if you don't like S. studys.]
Alex S., city :Kentucky age:11 [12-29-2006]

I think you should like make a it so you could go inside the Declaration house.
Deavon, age:10 state:Kentucy [12-29-2006]

good website
Herbert, business [12-28-2006]

good website
Evgenij, business [12-28-2006]

Alice, business [12-28-2006]

Dick, business [12-28-2006]

good website
Jozef, business [12-28-2006]

best declaration ever
richie s, palm beach gardens, fl 68 [12-27-2006]

how old was king goergethe 3rd when he was king?
austinm., age:11,louisville,2006 [12-27-2006]

I love yuor web sight it is the coolist i love history now.
a.t, louisvill ky 10 [12-27-2006]

I would like look at some pages from the comen sens book.i like this site so much.
Brian.H [12-27-2006]

what is the townsend act
d.h, 10. 5th grade [12-27-2006]

The house that the declaration of independence is cool.
amber, I am 11 [12-27-2006]

why dont you add how old evrybody that sghined were
jdb, age11 [12-27-2006]

I think the best part on this website is the people who signed and you could see anything you wanted to know.
hs, Louisville ky age [12-27-2006]

I thought the Declaration of Independence was cool. I think you need to add a reinactment of the Revolutionary War.
Matthew, Kentucky [12-27-2006]

how did he get the diseas that made him crazy.
c.p., Louisville,10 [12-27-2006]

i loved your website very much.although i think it would be nice if your website showed the inside of the house that the declaration of independence was written in.
TAYLOR M., louisville kentucky age 11 [12-27-2006]

I did not like it at all.
robert, Kintucky AGE 11 [12-27-2006]

a question for you is why don't you put a copy of the coman sense book by tom pain
S D, 10 louisville,kentucky [12-27-2006]

I think that the singers part of this is really weird. Thomas McKean in Delaware that signed the declaration of independence was born in the same month and the same day but not the same year.
Tiffany W., sheperdsville 10 years old [12-27-2006]

I thought your picture of the boston massacre was pretty good.I would really like it if you added more pictures.Over all that your website is preety good tyler b.
Tyler B., 10,louisville KY [12-27-2006]

what was john hancock carrying to get his ship taken
anonymous [12-27-2006]

The most interesting thing was the signers and related info. I didnt know that much about king George III. I thank you for the info
alexis, 10 [12-27-2006]

I thought the picture of Thomas Jefferson standing on John Adams foot was real funny i would like to know if you could but a copy of the common scence book written by THomas Pain
Meredith, bullitt, 10 [12-27-2006]

S.S, Louisville/age:10 [12-27-2006]

did you guys use the real declaration in the movie national treasure.
kyle, louisvill /Ky 11 [12-27-2006]

i did not like it! i hate history!
zack, 11/hillvw [12-27-2006]

suzanna [12-27-2006]

How did he Die
WIlliams Williams [12-27-2006]

i think that after i have read the passage i knew that the declaration od independence has it's good and bad side to it. i know that the father of the declaration of independence was thomas jefferson. he mainly wrote it. and it was signed by the contenetal in the 5th grade and just learned some of these exciting facts about it. so im still learning nand i still hvae a long way to go. go ask time goes by as i learn more n more facts about it. i'll tell. if mea of couse anyone want to learned some facys from a 5th grader =)
Gem [12-27-2006]

Thanks for posting this site. It reminds us all of our forebearers complaints and vision. In many ways, we must remain vigilant today against similar intrusions into our individual and community rights and sensibilities.
Michael S. Nuesse, Hull, MA [12-27-2006]

it was aggod site it gave me all the info i needed
shawna [12-27-2006]

lol [12-27-2006]

Hey the dec. of independance saves us and u kant put a pic of it
Andrew, 13 [12-27-2006]

clem fish [12-27-2006]

I like this sit.It is cool.I am 10
lanniue [12-27-2006]

hey great site good for history rock on
tacha [12-27-2006]

thank you for your help
diamond, florida [12-27-2006]

whitney wilde [12-27-2006]

I need inf. of the Declaration and other events for my GED class. Monika
Monika Saupitty, "Cyril, Oklahoma 73029 [12-27-2006]

i thought it was neat to read because i was born on the fourth of july.
jose lima jr., pearland, texas [12-27-2006]

i thought this website was very good for information for my social studies project :]
anonymous [12-27-2006]

I have seen national treasure.
Drake Victor Legacy Luce, Bathurst NB [12-27-2006]

i need info
britney [12-27-2006]

my favorite document is the decleration of independance. i love history.
MyKayla Tuning, I am a 13 year old. [12-27-2006]

jerry [12-27-2006]

Richard Henry Lee was my 8x's great-grandfather-I am very proud of my family ancestors-America is a great country, and we owe it all to our forefathers and American Patriots-God has a special place in Heaven for them all.
Jacqueli [12-27-2006]

I lkie this website cause you give great information
emanuel harrison, Columbus, Ohio 13 [12-27-2006]

We need better information for our schools on the computers
Vanessa Smith, nothin to personal [12-27-2006]

joecarman [12-27-2006]

I'm related to Abraham Clark
anonymous [12-27-2006]

great info!
Bubbly muffly puffly [12-27-2006]

i hate your website i learned absolutely nothing "Why did John Hancock sign really big on the declaration of independence?"
anonymous [12-27-2006]

I came here to learn
Mary E. Locke Danforth, Smyrna,TN [12-27-2006]

i think the declaration is so cool it would be cool if there was a map on the back of it did yall ever look and try to find the glasses i just sayin look to be sure upper right hand corner
mackenzie rae biessenberger, eunice,louisina [12-27-2006]

alexis [12-27-2006]

tim [12-27-2006]

ieshaandrews [12-27-2006]

this website is vary informational and great for learning
anonymous [12-27-2006]

good site makes me feel warm inside my tongue gets hot
taylor [12-27-2006]

As a foreign-born US Citizen, I truly appreciate the freedoms this country has granted me and millions of others. Let nobody forget that freedom is not free!
Addy Olivier, age 58 [12-27-2006]

What an honor at my age of 35 to actually re-read the Declaration of Independence and to hold it's meaning close to my heart. I had studied the declaration while still in school, but, somehow, after so many upheavals and changes in the United States Government, the meaning is more poignant. Thank you for providing this page.
Diana B. Garza, Texas [12-27-2006]

Bob, Lakeweall [12-27-2006]

z, z [12-27-2006]

Hello... I think this page was weeeeery good :D
Ya Keeasha Tongata, Oslo, 14 years [12-27-2006]

I just submitted information about my grandchildren being "Wolcott's"..... how do I find out who Oliver's brothers and sisters were? Thank you, Judy Lairson
Judy ( Guynes ) Lairson [12-27-2006]

Four of my grandchildren are Wolcott' ages 17, 15, 13, & 12... we are trying to find out the link between them and Oliver Wolcott, and "Henry" Wolcott ( The Immigrant) ...What we do know is that is this: ... my grandchildren's parents, ...Richard Louis Wolcott, 1967 ..Shelie Rena Gernon, 1970 ( my daughter ) ..... Jimmy Don Wolcott ......Barbara Lynn Harris.. ......... Louis Henry Wolcott ..........Dessie Willie O'Neal .............Leroy Henry Wolcott .............Ollie Mae Teal ...............George Franklin Wolcott ...............Mary Louissa Carpenter ..................Henry Elkanah (Elkins) Wolcott ..................Martha Sanderson?/Samuelson?? ...................Samuel Wolcott ...................Leticia ? (not sure if wife) From here we are not sure....If anyone can be of help to us.......please contact me at
Judy ( Guynes ) Lairson [12-27-2006]

cool site!
Trace [12-27-2006]

This site helped me a lot on my essay and I was very interestied with all the facts it shared!
anonymous, I am 13 and live in Mcminnville, OR [12-27-2006]

well,yesterday my eigth grade class went to philidelphia to learn about the history of the USA and i was deeply moved by the motivation it took to break free from Britain.
allie holt, love [12-27-2006]

One of my ancestors possibly signed the declaration of independence.
carol putman [12-27-2006]

im doing a speech on the revolutionary war and this site really helped me when doing research. all the information is in one place without having to search in an encyclopedia. thanks ushistory! for making all high school students happier! = )
marissa [12-27-2006]

This site is all i need to do my work.
Son of Liberty [12-27-2006]

billy [12-27-2006]

think thatyou need to change
ashley conyers, detriot,15, [12-27-2006]

this is cool
cody from happy [12-27-2006]

yea boiiii i was related to william hooper. hes my great great great great great great grandfather! YAY!
Sarah Hooper [12-27-2006]

1nfection, n/a [12-27-2006]

I have learned a lot from this site! We dont usually read about this...>< maybe we dont want to talk about it....
Lyra, London [12-27-2006]

I thank the allmighty for his creation of these bold real men. They were heroic visionary's, unlike our feckless, insecure, indecisive puke commissars running this once great republic.
richard, lake ariel pa [12-27-2006]

Wow this site tells you a lot of stuff about the Declaration of Independence.And most of the stuff I didn't even know.
Whitney Taylor, 13 [12-27-2006]

aprilPulido [12-27-2006]

I like how the information about the Declaration of Independence was set up. You have all the information in order and easy to follow and read. I am teaching this lesson to my 8th graders. The timeline is the link for my special need students. Thanks and have a Bless Day!
anonymous [12-27-2006]

This site is very informative and a resource for kids in school today...
Dominique Broussard, Houston, Texas; 20 [12-27-2006]

you guys have a bad story stinks
A.J. [12-27-2006]

This site may be very interesting, but i have been looking for a good site that has INFORMATION(when, where, why, causes, effects,ect) about it. i am doing an extremely large project for school, and i just cant find any info. ps. Webmaster, i wrote this as a sugestion for this site.
Jel, Cambridge, England [12-27-2006]

I am so glaed we are free
Nicole [12-13-2006]

sammie [12-13-2006]

If only these words were being put to good use, instead of being thrown away like yesterday's garbage by this current inept government. Let's hope our NEW SENATE & HOUSE, will follow these amazing words and get us back on track!
DIANA GONZALEZ, Fla.44 [12-13-2006]

anonymous [12-13-2006]

I like this website, it gives all the information I need for John Hancock! Thanks!
BIlie Joe [12-13-2006]

I think that this site is fun and educational for people of all ages. I think that a copy of The Declaration of Independence should be put on the site as well as a copy of The Constitution Sincerely, Spencer Bounds
Spencer Ryan Bounds, Azle, Texas; 13 yrs. old; [12-13-2006]

I think that this website is really interesting
Kim [12-13-2006]

Its cool
Lorraine [12-13-2006]

This site is great!
I am 1337!, n/a [12-13-2006]

anonymous [12-13-2006]

Alexander Ralston, Los Altos, California and Toronto, Ontario, Canada [12-13-2006]

it is a cool thing how history comes together when you get older
kelsey, portland tn 37148 [12-13-2006]

I really like to read this information.I like reading this everyday because it is so interesting and I am learning this kind of stuff in school right know so it is great for me.And I just enjoy it just for fun to I think it is great.
Danielle [12-13-2006]

I think this is a good way to over view the infomation on declaration of independence.
Courtney Futch, 17 years of age [12-13-2006]

Very beautyful!
Bálint, Hungary, Budapest [12-13-2006]

this is soooooo cool
dalejrfan101, manning, 12 [12-13-2006]

coolness this was so cool
fan 101, 12 [12-13-2006]

it will be great if they share and gives us more information to know what we need if we want to finsh our studies and what kind of they have ...?
bilal, im looking foe achance to study in the USA [12-13-2006]

the decloration of independence. and all this history stuff is really complicated for a 12 year old that is in grade 7. and no efence but history can really get boring some times
danya swynarchuck [12-13-2006]

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Blivion Simpson, Rocky Mount 18 Male [12-13-2006]

thanks for the info
kitty [12-13-2006]

Emily [12-13-2006]

i think the website is good but i as a teenager looking up this for homework i could not understand a thing about it, sorry.
hanna [12-13-2006]

This was the best website for finding info. on the Declaration of Independence
beany [12-13-2006]

Few American minds nowadays think like think Jefferson's and other hemp growers of the time. The sanctity is in the concept and not the document.
Ray*, A Raja Yogi. [12-13-2006]

I love your articals! they are so easy to read and the include details that you can't find anywhere else on the internet. I'm working on a school project abou events leading to the revolutionary war. At first I skiped over them thinking that they were to long, but soon found out every word is worth it! Ine of these artical concludes your search. I would incourage you to wide your selection!
tonya alexander, age 13 [12-13-2006]

this web site has help a lot w/ homework
BRIANNA, age 12 [12-13-2006]

i dont like this website because i needed oliver wilcotts signature for a project i have to do and this website wont show me his signature it just gives a whole bunch of information i dont need/want
katEe [12-13-2006]

It is interesting that even though the Declaration says "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness," slavery would still be legal for another fifty-seven years. If they believed all men were created equal, how could they allow blacks to be lacking in the most basic right of freedom?
Elizabeth [12-13-2006]

Alexis [12-13-2006]

my fave site ever!
lewis willums [12-13-2006]

Wow I really like this site!
Jade, 13 [12-04-2006]

This site is awsome. I love it!
Rebecca Gutierrez, i go to cca [12-04-2006]

I personally think you should put a copy of the original Declaration of Independance on the site.
anonymous [12-04-2006]

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david, im weird [12-04-2006]

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Riley, hi [12-04-2006]

i think that thiis web site is kind of cool and its cool yea baby
Juan Zarate [12-04-2006]

Hi. Im Wrighting because im doing a histroy project on The Declaration of independance so if u want add some facts about it for me ! :) THANKS
anonymous [12-04-2006]

Llarin [12-04-2006]

i liked it
WInston, Athens georgi [12-04-2006]

this is a great site for people!
billy casner, chenoa [12-04-2006]

This site is Just Fantastic! Everything I need is all right here!
Jim Huges [12-04-2006]

happy man
dustin, 12 [12-04-2006]

I love this web-site!
John [12-04-2006]

Shyla Underwood [12-04-2006]

I appecitate what the people did for our generations independence, without this everything would be different in the world.
Sonia Evette Fernandez [12-04-2006]

anonymous, hi [12-04-2006]

I found amusing learning about the declaration of independence!
iriany lopez, South El Monte 91733 CA AGE 13 [12-04-2006]

iriany lopez [12-04-2006]

i love you guys! you guys are th coolest! now i love the declaration of independance! eminem rocks!
jake, missouri city [12-04-2006]

Hey. Im signing your guestbook.
Ciera, im 13 years old. and im in missouri city [12-04-2006]

I think the Declaraton of Independence is very intresting. I think ur website tells a lot of information regarding this topic. Keep it up ya'll!
Justine [12-04-2006]

Right now I'm doing a project on the signers of the Declaration of Independence and this website helped a lot
Selene, Richmond, California [12-04-2006]

call me gals!
JONAH S. ISRAEL, grapvine, tx. age 11 [12-04-2006]

jonah was here~!!!!!!!!!!! [12-04-2006]

hi though id say hi....was refrencing some of my home work here...thanks bye!
Jim [12-04-2006]

tuyet truong [12-04-2006]

I am interested in information on a person named Jane Macrae who was murdeed near Ft. Edward,NY in 1767. Her murder was never solved and I am attempting to write a historical fiction novel about it. The murder was mentioned in the newspapers of that time but I have been unable to locate any copies. Can anyone help ?
Jack [12-04-2006]

Hi, i like this site
Jimmy Dean, there's a lot [12-04-2006]

My History teacher is awesome, and she had us come here to study the signers of the Delclaration of Independence. ROCK ON! I studied Samuel Chase, the first Supreme Court Justice! I think.
Riley, that's not really my name! [12-04-2006]

This website is really helpful but it needs more pictures. Were trying to find pictures for a school project and it been really difficult.
anonymous [12-04-2006]

Basketball rocks
JJJ [12-04-2006]

I'm doing an assignment on the declaration of Independance and this is a great sight.
CJO, utah [12-04-2006]

this site is very good for school I recomed it to any teacher that is studying the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDANCE
jonathan irvine, riverton 13 eagle scout [12-04-2006]

this is a good web site
anonymous, bOONE NC [12-04-2006]

This is a really good site for kids to use for information! Thanks!
Robin Fogerty, New Hampshire [11-30-2006]

this place is kool!
jonah [11-30-2006]

This website is pretty sweet. i like history a lot now
Tinkie Winkie, lala-po [11-30-2006]

i am doing a project on the decleration of independence and this is a great place to find imformation
brianna [11-30-2006]

This is very helpful in putting together a website for a client that is a veteran. God Bless America!
Roz, Tampa Bay, FL [11-30-2006]

Yea I I love the declarartin
halley [11-30-2006]

Im doing a report on this
M organ, ok [11-30-2006]

JeriLe, Kettering, Ohio [11-30-2006]

i need help i cant find anything to write about the proclamation
alisha claypool, my city is leavanworth,ks i am 12 years old [11-30-2006]

Jocaob [11-30-2006]

I love the Declaration
Sam, Gilbert,12,SC [11-30-2006]

I teach 4th grade in a small catholic school. This website was great help in talking about the people who signed the declaration and we could get a good look at their signatures. Thanks!
Melissa, St. Malachy School Creston, Iowa [11-30-2006]

i think that this websites is alright i think i learned a lot from this page its coo i think that should be a fun in game websites about the declaration of independence so kids would want to have more fun on this page
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I would just like you to know that I am currently teaching the Declaration of Independence and how historical documents are revised. Your wealth of sources was extremely handy for my history class. Thank you very much! SIncerely, Peter Klein Highland Middle School Social Studies
Peter Klein, 8th Grade American History Teacher [11-30-2006]

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cliff [11-29-2006]

this information is helping me finish my research paper. Thank- You
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there's to many diffrent pages why can't the declaration of independence be on one site in one order so you don't have to look all over the web site because i have to re-write the declaration of independence but in the 21st sentrey form
jenna, 14years old [11-27-2006]

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Kaylan Whitaker [11-27-2006]

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Lanette Pennette, Georgia [11-27-2006]

Jorge, Boston 15 [11-27-2006]

I'm thirty eight and I just read the declaration for the first time. We certainly do not talk like that anymore. Not sure if that's good or bad. Maybe progress or maybe decay... Anyway, I'm glad/proud to be an american. I think we should make immigrants read it before we open the door.
Gene Petersen [11-27-2006]

anonymous [11-27-2006]

Kaylan [11-27-2006]

Dale Lee, ancestor of Richard Henry Lee and Francis lightfoot Lee [11-27-2006]

I'm 61, and I don't remember ever reading the entire document before. Certainly all children in high school should. I couldn't help but compre my list of grievances with our current King George with those listed by our forefathers. The Declaration should be printed once a year on the front page of every newspaper. thanks
Catherine Fox [11-27-2006]

i love this was soooo helpful for my english program on the decalration on independence...thanx a bunch...keep it up
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This website is helpful because I had to recite some of the DOI for my US History Class. After I was done ricitng it I recieved an A+.
J. Rice, Washington, DC Age: 13 [11-27-2006]

I am an american vet, and I love everything about living here and having the freedom to make choices, but as a Black American I still have a heavy heart about the racism that is still here. Our fore fathers when they wrote this magnificient document they were thinking about everyone regardless of race, creed, or color, or religion. But I wouldn't have it any other way because, when I turn on the news and hear about civilian women and children being killed for no reason except being who they are and where they are from. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my views. William from VA.
William R. Hunt, Harrisonburg, VA. 54 yo [11-27-2006]

this helped me a lot for school! <3
keisha [11-27-2006]

i think the declaration of independence is very important because this document is what got everything we do today started
megan richardson, im 13 and i had to memorize part of this [11-27-2006]

When I got here I see a lot of people from a long time ago. But I just don't see who and what I am looking for.
Clarissa Taylor, Rossville and 14 [11-27-2006]

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anonymous [11-19-2006]

How many original copies were made? There must have been an original copy to go with each of the people who signed it right? Have they all been found? How big are they? Could someone please reply to my email address regarding these questions? Thank you
Sarah [11-19-2006]

I have what I believe to be is a copy of the original Declaration of Independence. It has been passed down in my family and now it belongs to me. Any help authenticating or otherwise would be appreciated.
E.W. Logsdon [11-19-2006]

Thisman was a good influence on society. I feel bad for his wife. If only we had the technology back then.
Kirsten, ny [11-19-2006]

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I am now studying the Declaration of independence in my American History class and I find its thoughts to be truthful and appeal to the people. The Declaration means a lot.I am going to do a report on it.
Janae, Florida [11-17-2006]

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Maria Lopez, age 23 [11-17-2006]

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Valerie Smith [11-17-2006]

this was a very useful site for information on the many delegates from the Constitution.
Emily, New york, age: 13 [11-17-2006]

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Jenna, Georgia [11-17-2006]

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jm0645832 Veronica Kakachyan The founding fathers intent was to create a government that was for the people, and established by the people. The new government would consist of elected officials, and like the monarchs of Europe. The founding fathers also intended to ensure civil liberties and, inalienable rights for all citizens. The founding fathers wanted to give the people a chance to speak up, a chance to decide what they think is right for our government. The declaration of independence was a way for the people to get involved. The constitution’s basis lead to a detailed document explaining the rights of the citizens, purpose of the government and, how each branch would be responsible for the other, checks and balances. Our founding fathers goal was to avoid tyranny or in other words a dictatorship. Checks and balances was a way to keep our government equal, balanced. The declaration of independence was a big step. In 1770s Great Britain felt the urge to over power united states; tell the people what to do, and so on, a stop had to be made. The declaration of independence made it clear the people will decide. The sole purpose of this document was to establish a government that was fair and equitable for all and, one where each citizen could live without fear because they dares to be different. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion. The freedom to be you. Since the signing of the declaration of independence people have chosen whether to be Christian, Catholic, Jewish, it’s your life why not chose how to live it. Since the establishment of the constitution many other countries have tried to establish what we have. God Bless America.
veronica kakachyan [11-17-2006]

kster, like documents [11-17-2006]

it didnt have much over the revoltionary war, so it wasnt helping me much on my social studies paper.
anonymous [11-17-2006]

I'm a bibliophile, history is my passion and I found this extremely interesting. I notice with regret, after reading their comments, that the younger generation are sadly lacking in education judging by their spelling.
anonymous, Melbourne,Australia, [11-17-2006]

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Kelsey, age 10 [11-13-2006]

Did John Hancock have childeren.
Hayley, Missouri, age 11, [11-13-2006]

Did he have childeren, and did he have a really big faimly. And how did he die, and why. How many people liked him, and how many friends did he have. Did he do a lot of things, and why.
Hayley, Missouri, age 11, I have one brother and one sisster, and I have a really big faimly [11-13-2006]

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cole, city is tempe age is 9. [11-13-2006]

There were a few stuff that I have not found here- the First and Second continental congress, and the Boston tea party. I think that these events are also related to the Declaration of Independence.
anonymous [11-13-2006]

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Sharal, 11-12-06 Milwaukee,Wisconsin [11-13-2006]

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Tiffany, Michigan, 13 [11-13-2006]

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anonymous, london [11-13-2006]

when i first studied the declaration in grammar school, i did not realize the signers were staking their lives on a new nation. what bravery, or what foolhardiness? i wonder how many of us today would be so brave?
anonymous, new port richey, fl, age 66 [11-13-2006]

A copy of said document should be sent to all newly elected politicians. Less they forget why they are there and who sent them there.
Bob Procida, Former Marine Scout FMF 3rd MarDiv Vietnam [11-13-2006]

Bob Procida, Former Marine Scout FMF 3rd Div Vietnam [11-13-2006]

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pamela buturla [11-13-2006]

I have always loved History and always appreciated the historic facts that the world has given us! But the Declaration of Independence is so rmarkable and the way that people talked back then was so formal and classic it is so inspiring! THANK YOU!
Kaylie, I live in California and i used to live in Washington D.C. [11-13-2006]

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bob fever, i am 13 [11-09-2006]

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well im in 7th grade and this really intrest me a lot it is so cool of all they went thruogh to get the freedom and now wat makes me so sad is that people dont apreciate it and the hate us and if they actually paid attention in social studies and kno about the constitution and wut they did it would b pretty amazing my 5th grade teaher told us so many intresting thing it got me so intreasted i ant wait 4 eith grade wen we study the us hystory i now more about it than most of the eigth graders i know about the midnight ride of paul revier and the constitotion and about civil war it is so ool i really lub it
monica, santa ana [11-09-2006]

The Declaration of Independence is only one of the reasons why I enjoy my freedoms today. As a classicist, bibliophile, and erudite, I am highly grateful to the men that signed this great document.
Scott Crane [11-09-2006]

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Raúl, uruguay-south-america.// [11-09-2006]

This is the first time I really read the Declaration of Independence and was able to relate to it. I can see it's time for a revolution. Anybody getting that?
Lawrence Peters, Age 61, Hammond, IN. [11-09-2006]

can i please see the declration of indepedence poster clearley
anonymous [11-09-2006]

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amy gamble, 3rd grade teacher at Eagleton Elem. School in Maryville, Tennessee [11-08-2006]

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Tiffany Rose [11-08-2006]

you are great. the declaration of independence was and remains the first and the most important step in forming america. it also first used the name of united states of america! it must be followed, the spirit of the founding fathers observed, to preserve america's independence, integrity, individuality, and her sovereignity and supremacy! sam washington thank you!
Sam Washington [11-08-2006]

k this is koo even thou it took awhile to find my answers. improve. kthnks
the one and only mary, very awsomely me [11-08-2006]

It's so amazing to live in the land of the free
Gregory A. Ward [11-08-2006]

SUPER! and heartening to see young people take early interest in what transpired to afford them the opportunity to preserve and improve on where we've been and where we may be going. It is great to be able to access so much information so easily via our "technologies-of-today". For us that have "been there-done that" it is really good to see what we may have forgotten, mis-quoted, or otherwise grown to take for granted since we proposedly "learned" it a while back!
Frank T., 65 in Colorado [11-08-2006]

Abigail [11-08-2006]

i have a history project and i have to pick a signer of the declaration of independance but i need to no how many siblings robert treat paine
linna [11-08-2006]

this website is awesome
maximilano, 13 [11-08-2006]

I think that they should tell us more about Caesar Rodney so that we can get more information about him and his family and life.
McKaylee jackson, Smithfield Utah 84335 age 13 [11-08-2006]

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Zaira Thomas, Harrisburg [11-08-2006]

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cassandra, 12 going to 13 inn 16 [11-08-2006]

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anonymous [11-07-2006]

I have a Family Bible from my Wilson Family--I believe there should be some recognition on my behalf. Please send me any information pertaining to myself and James C. Wilson. Thank You very much. James Courtland Wilson IV
James Courtland Wilson IV, I am the only living decendent of James Wilson [11-06-2006]

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heather, 16 [11-06-2006]

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Kortney [11-06-2006]

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KIM, I live in idaho and i'm a femaile that is 13 years od age.lmao [11-06-2006]

The people who signed the declaration recieved the worst treatment ever. they all were brutally murdered. I am looking up the different ways they were killd as we speak.
Anthony [11-06-2006]

sabrina [11-06-2006]

good website
marlee [11-06-2006]

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hannah avalia, i'm from gadsden, alabama ..... i am 16 ......... 16/f/usa [11-06-2006]

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shika [11-06-2006]

I thank God for the members of the Continental Congress and the signers of The Declaration of Independence.
Robert A. Medina, Corpus Christi, Texas [11-06-2006]

This site is really helpful and it gave me a lot of information to help me with my Social Studies project.
Brittney [11-06-2006]

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MATTHEW DEE, pittsburgh 25 [11-06-2006]

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ciara, no thanks [11-06-2006]

I love this site. it provides a lot of information. I love to study the Declaration and its history. Thank you for creating this site.
Therin Showalter [11-05-2006]

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Shela, 10 years old [11-05-2006]

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I like this website the people who made it did a very good job.
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i had to do a biography on 5 people who signed the declaration of indpendence and i thought that this is the best site to get info. off of and I thank you guys Greatly.
Kelsie [11-05-2006]

anonymous, manning [11-05-2006]

this website is awesome but does it have a place to answer questions about the declaration?
LD, 14 tx [11-05-2006]

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artoym, history buff [11-05-2006]

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Michael [11-05-2006]

I love the movie national treasure it is my favorite ever! i wish the declaration of independence really had a treasure map on the back, that would be like so awesome! i would like totally steal the map and find the cool treasure! oh my gosh! you should just like come and capture me so i dont! i know the way how! i have seen the movie like WAY to many times! love to all!
marina hill [11-05-2006]

This site is great! I am currently working on a report on John Penn, one of the Declaration of Inependence signers, for my Eighth Grade HIstory class. This website gave me a lot of the info I needed. Thanks!
Cara, I like Avengd Sevenfold, am 13, I live near Pittsburgh, PA. [11-05-2006]

Josh Humphrey [11-05-2006]

Andrea Nistal [11-05-2006]

chula [11-05-2006]

The Declartion is a cool reading.Plus its said a lot about how our country was born and how the country came under the law and everythingt.
Shelby Cisco, Im happy [11-05-2006]

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anonymous, Edgewood, NM [11-05-2006]

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kelsey, I like Sports [11-05-2006]

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Andrea, I am 41 [11-05-2006]

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