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2006 Declaration Guestbook Entries: July-September

oliver wolcott is the best dude who signed, you should get more info on him because im related to him :)
ALEX [09-21-2006]

i reckon it's good to have a Declaration of Independance Day and I would like to thank you for your help.
Sapphire Floyed [09-21-2006]

Becca [09-21-2006]

I think this web site is very educative to us students, especailly high school students.It helps us to do oue history homeworks and stidy easyly. thank you
Claudricia Thomas, am 18 [09-21-2006]

why can't I find a map on boston
candy rangel [09-21-2006]

yo i really like this site if anybody wants to talk 2 me hit me at
anonymous [09-21-2006]

This information was really helpful for my MAJOR paper in Civis & Economics class. Thanx for the awesome website! I will definitely recommend this site to my peeps. I had no idea the Dec of Ind was so cool. Thanx, again.
Karan Singh, Raleigh, NC [09-21-2006]

I thought this website would help a little bit, but i did not find the answers to my worksheet from school like Who signed it first or the parts of the declaration of independence?!
Maggie [09-21-2006]

thank for helping me on my US History reports that i have had
sarah, yakima washington [09-21-2006]

Lisa D. [09-21-2006]

My daughter was one of the students picked for the 2006 Electronic Field Trip at Independence Hall, etc. Just wanted to research a little before she went. Thank you.
Kellie Renae McClellan, Muncie, Indiana [09-21-2006]

i would like to know about were all of you web site are located alisha murray
alisha murray, preskisle [09-21-2006]

I thought you had the information was very helpful. It would be nice to explain what the declaration really said like twenty wrongdoings of England towards the colonies and also have the bill of rights posted nearby the declaration so it's easy to find
Cassandra, I came here to research for a school paper [09-21-2006]

This website was very helpfull for an essay and i enjoyed reading it. Tank you very much. ZIA,
Josiah, N.E. omaha 13 years old [09-21-2006]

Mon'gue [09-21-2006]

tomas lerson [09-21-2006]

Thank you very much.This website helped me a lot by doing my English homework about the Declaration. Bye
Wicky, Germany [09-21-2006]

very nice site. i love all the historical information!
anonymous [09-21-2006]

I just want to say (again) that this is a cool site!
Kitty [09-21-2006]

Hey, this is a cool site. I have to do a project... It has loads of info! Thanks!
Kitty [09-21-2006]

I think this is a very geat idea to have or do.
Tanzania Combs, Fontana, 12 [09-21-2006]

JENNY [09-21-2006]

its awesome
koko, 17 [09-21-2006]

Wonderful! It just makes me proud to know that a document like this exist, NOW if only the Government we currently have would use it accordingly. Afterall Independence is for all free thinkers, not for the Government to be thinking for us, we are the Government. God's Speed to all!
Anabelle McElroy, w-s, nc [09-21-2006]

It would be nice if our own Gov't would obey the definition of "Natures God" and stop preventing us from having the ability to throw them off as described in OUR Declaration.
Private Citizen, u.s.a. [09-21-2006]

Thanks for taking the time to start this website. It's nice to know there are people who love history as much as I do.
Proud American [09-19-2006]

thank you
tashira [09-19-2006]

Thank you for such an elaborate research site. Without it,getting your GED might be impossiable
Rhys S Minnick, Auxvasse, Misouri [09-19-2006]

well i think that the optional troops will offend the national offense..was really unnecessary to uphold the tyruth it to what people expectations..what are ubexpectedwas unidentifyed
crystal, sacramentoc.a age 16 [09-19-2006]

dumb i hate homework
anonymous, hi [09-18-2006]

I am very proud to be an American and thank all those who have worked hard to keep be safe and free.
Joanne Staubs Finnegan, florida [09-18-2006]

I am 11 years old and I am very proud to be an American and thank all those who have worked hard to keep be safe and free.
shad finnegan, florida [09-18-2006]

anonymous, ca [09-18-2006]

anonymous [09-18-2006]

Alley Ripley [09-18-2006]

Kaylee [09-18-2006]

meagan martin, palmharbor 11 3468436 [09-18-2006]

Nicole [09-18-2006]

It's cool
Ta [09-18-2006]

katy, paris, texas [09-18-2006]

I find this website very helpful, and I really needed it becuz I had a school paper so thank you!
Cadija [09-18-2006]

Vicckkkkaaaay, person of extreme awesomeness [09-18-2006]

I am an elementary teacher and was led here by the Freedom Week Activities for Sept. 18-22. What a wonderful wealth of information! I teach 2nd grade so my children will be a little young for some of this information, but I am so thankful that our nation's history is so fully shared at this site! Thank you for all the time you took to put this together. It is wonderful. I will share with my husband (who is a big history buff) and my own teenage children. Thank you again.
Cathy, age 41 [09-18-2006]

I think this web site is cool and it gives a lot of information
isabel, age 14 [09-18-2006]

Wow, this helps me a lot with my AP US history class! Thanks
Sarah, Denver,CO [09-18-2006]

Twofeathers, im in 8th grade [09-18-2006]

great reading. taught in school, but it is always nice to go back to and imagine how it used to be.
katie palmer-williams, st. louis mo [09-18-2006]

I found this web site very helpful for a school project.
anonymous, teen [09-18-2006]

marc [09-18-2006]

it's ok
allie, stonewall 13 21114 cr 3620 stonewall,ok 74871 [09-18-2006]

I really do believe in The Declaration of Independence. I all ways have.
Victoria Hagy, Hazel Green, AL, 16 [09-18-2006]

k, ashda [09-18-2006]

i just read about Edmond Burke and it means a lot to me.
anonymous, Boca Raton [09-18-2006]

I like this site because it helped e with my project
Kiara, Kansas City Kansas 14 years old [09-18-2006]

I would like to know more about George Walton. His Children and grandchildren.
Mildred Walton, Lubbock Texas 79407 [09-18-2006]

Stephenson, John [09-18-2006]

Katy White [09-18-2006]

informative website
anonymous [09-18-2006]

um what happened for them to want to make the decleration of independence?
all [09-18-2006]

I just found out while doing my family history on my great grandmother"s side of the family that a Wilkins that I am related to he married the granddaughter of Robert Morris which makes me a part of his family by marriage. This was a huge shock to me. On doing more research of my family there are more people my family is related too.
Miss Shannon Leigh Murphy, Rome, GA. [09-18-2006]

thank god!
Luis Espada, Orlando,17 [09-18-2006]

My calendar says "Declaraion of Independence" on September 15. I've combed your site looking for something related to the Declaration that happened on September 15 but can't find anything. So what happened on Sept 15 related to teh Declaration of Independence?
laura larson, Michigan [09-18-2006]

Andrew J. Herrera, Rolla Ks. 67954, Age 18 [09-18-2006]

Bill Rhatican, adjunct professor - Northern Virginia Community College [09-18-2006]

I think that the Declaration was a good idea.
Hannah, I had to look this topic up for a school project. [09-18-2006]

weres the food neeeeeeeeeeedddd fooooooooooooooooooddddddd
food luva, potatos [09-18-2006]

Thanks for the help on my project.
Jarrad, Indianoplis [09-18-2006]

i think i am one of the victim of "national treasure" movie stared by nicholas cage. is there really a secret teasure map back on the original text of Dec of Ind?
jovan, manado,20 [09-18-2006]

i waz here [09-18-2006]

kenke [09-18-2006]

Thank you for sharing our Declaration of Independence. Without the document and the courage of Thomas Jefferson and his 56 co-authors, we would not be here, living in a world with a variety of freedoms. An excellent site; very well put together. I had no problems looking through and finding all of the information I needed for a school assignment.
Weronika, Eagan, MN; 15 yrs. old [09-18-2006]

I want to meet Miley Cyrus/HAnnah montana
Lindsey, nope [09-18-2006]

he was a nice guy
ashley, Bagola, mandersn 13 years old [09-18-2006]

Dena Mjullin, Rockville, MD age 45 [09-18-2006]

Surarra Prescott, Eatonton GA. [09-18-2006]

Angela Legg, Steele Missouri [09-18-2006]

dude this declaration thingie totally rocks! like now were not all british and have to speak british cause that would totally suck! ! so rock on j-adams and jeffersizzle! plus theres a hidden map on the back which takes you to this awesome place in like thai land. ive never been there but i heard its pretty sweeeeett! dont tell anybody i told you though...
Jorge Washington, Independant MAN [09-18-2006]

Great page! just need to add more causes for the Declaration of independence please... trying to do my history project! Would be great if you could add this as soon as possible! Thanks, cheyenne
anonymous [09-18-2006]

I am realated to Rodger Sherman and would like to thank you for the helpful information on him.
Kat Bono [09-18-2006]

Looked your website up after hearing about Scottish links with The Declaration. Love to know more about how these scottish men, or others, may have influenced history in America
Amanda, From Scotland [09-18-2006]

all wonders never ceise. daMari wuz here
anonymous [09-18-2006]

interesting and full of information! :) ~paige
paige wendland, kansas city, KS 12 years old- homework assignment [09-18-2006]

Today is 9/11/06. The Declaration of Independence couldn't be more important as it is today!
Mrs. Butler, Tucson, AZ [09-18-2006]

dog [09-18-2006]

Looked up this site with my daughter so she can know what the Declaration of Independence looked like. She is going to recite it by memory for her elementary school. She is only 8 yrs old and it is a very huge accomplishment for her. Thank you for this wonderful site.
Amanda, Bay City,Texas .......age 40 [09-18-2006]

brandon [09-18-2006]

Thanks for such a great resource! I appreciate the succinct biographies...very useful! Thanks again, A Homeschooling Mom in NJ
anonymous [09-18-2006]

kate [09-18-2006]

I really enjoyed reading this website and it helped me a lot during my work on a paper for my English course, it offers a lot of information and is very well-structured. I've already been in Philadelphia and I visited the hall and the court-lovely city! Greetings from Münster in good old Germany :)
Julie from Germany, Münster, 17 years old [09-18-2006]

We need to re-read the Declaration of Independece and the Constitution.Our country is ever so slowly, drifting away from the founding father's true intent and meaning of these documents.
Theodore B. Woodring, York, Pa. 17366 [09-18-2006]

this is so cool
lauran [09-18-2006]

Raleigh Robinson [09-18-2006]

rale [09-18-2006]

Hi George Washington!
Leanna [09-18-2006]

how can you edit the entries that were put here before?
anonymous [09-18-2006]

nice website!
anonymous [09-18-2006]

Georgianna Ulak, Anchorage, Alaska [09-18-2006]

This website really helped me with my homework.
Jordan, 11 [09-18-2006]

They told us the truht(BEST)
Cagatay VURAL, Turkey/Istanbul [09-18-2006]

i'm glad that i had read about our people and freedom i like to learn more about our history becouse it is good to know
trysta jean wallace, jacksonville florida 22 [09-18-2006]

has lots of info that most people don't know about.
amanda Breazeale, ft.collins, CO age 15 [09-18-2006]

Courtney, Florida [09-18-2006]

anonymous [09-18-2006]

Mildred Walton was my great.....and mother of my great......grandfather John C. Bond. I would like more info on them if you please, my grandmother was daughter of susanna bond and Walter johnson
anonymous [09-18-2006]

I thought this website was very educational. I thouroghly enjoyed myself here. Thank you SO MUCH!
Stella [09-18-2006]

Simply put, I am overwhelmed with the intelligience and need for freedom, law, order and equality put into the mind's and effort as well as completeness of those before us, and for us...
Amy Carol Sanders, Parsons TN. age 28 [09-18-2006]

Awesome presentations!
Danny Alexander, Denton, NC Age 57 [09-18-2006]

AJ Board is my brother.
Nathan Wilson, twblonde hair, blue eyes [09-18-2006]

I think this is a very good website....I am in History class... and this website really helps with my assignments THanks so much
Ashley L., hey [09-18-2006]

i will have to do a speech on this on october and can you send me any info this is great
tejasvi, i am a student [09-18-2006]

The part were you can see all of the sighners and the part were you can buy tyhe fake declaration.
Peters family, Sylacauga 11 [09-18-2006]

george, shreveport [09-18-2006]

Alma Ortega [09-18-2006]

audelina [09-18-2006]

Matthew Heath [09-18-2006]

justin b [09-18-2006]

erica [09-18-2006]

I was sitting on my couch one day and my mom came out of her bedroom w/ some papers. my dad had told me years ago that i was related to Richard Stockton,(signed declaration) but i had no proof. my mom was all like " claire, i found them." i was like " what?!" and my mom told me that they were my dads bloodlines. they went all the way back to b-4 richard Stockton. Cool huh? i sware, this is true. my friends have denied it, but its their loss, not mine. i have the proof. peace.
Claire, 13 [09-18-2006]

Thank you so much for the fabulous site! I got all the info I needed here!
Samantha [09-18-2006]

This really helped i'm doing a porject on the declaration of independence
Sarah [09-18-2006]

I love yout website and I love government! iT IS SO amazing knowing people have the interests as me!
Jessica Garcia, Denver colorado [09-18-2006]

As someone who loves to read/discover anything to do with history, I believe this website would enhance a student's understanding of The Declaration of Independence.
GJ, nyc/li [09-18-2006]

Gary Haight, Henrietta, NY 51 years, US Navy Veteran, Submarine Service, VietNam Era [09-18-2006]

I'm just in awe of how and when we became a nation and our own government. I love History!
April Andrews, Bentonville, AR [09-18-2006]

i think that just seeing how this looks is amazing it makes u wonder more about wat really happened in history. it makes u want to know more and wish that u were actually there to see it urself.
shekinah voisin [09-18-2006]

Chester Reid [09-18-2006]

Good site for info
James Spear, Romulus,35, cubmaster of summit academy pack 838 [09-18-2006]

chelsea, missouri [09-18-2006]

it is a cool website
sabrina, age 13 [09-01-2006]

Bill Kaminski, IL, Male, 55, Veteran [09-01-2006]

Love this Document!
Hannah gerber, age 16 [08-31-2006]

krystelle, 10 [08-31-2006]

matison [08-31-2006]

thank you!can you show me a picture
karina badillo, ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------- [08-30-2006]

asia [08-30-2006]

thank you for this very informational site. i love it!
Kimberly Hartline [08-30-2006]

I teach in an all male correctional facility, ages 18 and up. We are exploring American History and found this site the most interesting and knowledgeable. Thanks to all who made it so!
anonymous, Lexington, Oklahoma [08-30-2006]

The Declaration ofIndependance is an inspiration to all oppressed people.
Bahar Arabie, age50 [08-30-2006]

this site is great as i have learned quite a lot of information from this site about things i never knew before
Trisha Budhai, durban, south africa,18yrs [08-30-2006]

i just wanted to know the names of the two signers of the declaration who were also indentured servants...if anyone can help please email the answer to
Ricky, 16 [08-29-2006]

the delaration of independance rocks!
Hannah, tx [08-29-2006]

we need to fasilitate more hope and ansewrs for our children, there is abalance for our great country,
Peter O'Brien, 13 plain st Taunton Ma 02780 [08-29-2006]

These men suffered a great deal for signing this document. God Bless
terri wilds, 8900 knocker lane glen st mary fl 32040 [08-29-2006]

I just want to see and read the Declaration
melissa, student [08-29-2006]

John Stundon [08-29-2006]

I found your website very helpful in giving me infomation.
James, Australia [08-29-2006]

Amber Toodles [08-29-2006]

Sarah, Carrollton, OH [08-29-2006]

this is my first time reading the declaration of independance and i find it very interresting and it has made want to find out more about it and the history about it
david jack winkle, england [08-29-2006]

vondi [08-29-2006]

i think history is the best part of our future
Antenal, 19 yrs old [08-29-2006]

I still wonder is there really a map on the back!
Stormy Beech [08-29-2006]

anonymous [08-29-2006]

Can you please tell me who are the two indentured servatns that signed the Declaration of Independence?!
Veronika [08-27-2006]

National Treasure really got me into history. I makes me wonder if the story is actually true. IS IT?
anonymous [08-27-2006]

The theology of the Declaration of Independence is ignored for the most part by those who can't bear to admit that this nation was indeed founded on the rock of the Christian faith.
Steven C. Whipple, 52 years old and every bit a true Texan [08-26-2006]

Janice Cleghorn Junkkarinen, San Diego [08-26-2006]

sawyer rahn [08-26-2006]

nin a sanchez, austin 15 [08-26-2006]

your boston massacre thing kind of sucks
anonymous [08-26-2006]

Thank you for providing a wonderful and complete reference. Without such a site, many would underestimate the document's far-reaching importance.
Julianne, Virginia-bred twig of Jefferson's family tree! [08-26-2006]

Independent in mind, body, and spirit.
Michael Broughton [08-26-2006]

hhhh [08-24-2006]

Reese Stratman [08-24-2006]

I hope to be president of the United States some day!
Dylan Gorski, Findley Lake, NY [08-24-2006]

Very interesting reading. Loved the bios.
Jack Garrison, Washington, DC & Sunset Beach, NC [08-24-2006]

I am reaching on the declartion of Independence
nina sanchez, austin,15 [08-24-2006]

Dr. Neil Garland [08-24-2006]

Carlo Borlandelli, Mialano, Italy age 60 [08-23-2006]

Very good website! I got what I needed! Thanks!
Matt [08-23-2006]

I like this website it gives a lot of info about the Declartion of Independence and it will help out many people and students to understand it better .I go to a place where I have a second chance to get my High School diploma and this website will help me with a report I have to do.Also you can read the Declaration of Independence better because the orginal copy is tiny to read
Mary [08-23-2006]

I think that this document shows show much aboout our country. I also believe that George W Bush is doing a VERY good job of running our country. And wouldn't you call hating your president, un american? I would. I do. And if you honesly believe that you're an american.. I would consider re thinging your thoughs. This is an amazing site. I love it HUGE! 8)
Hannah Underwood, Clarkesville, GA. 16 years old. [08-23-2006]

There were two men that were indentured servants that signed the Declaration of Independence. Can you tell me who they were?!
Veronika Belous [08-23-2006]

i had seen this first in the movie national tresure.From that time i am very curious about to see original declaration. thanks Suresh.B India
suresh, i am really wondered to see the original declaration in this site [08-23-2006]

Using this information for a student paper. I am a student with the University of Phoenix. This document came to mind today as I wondered how to approach the topic I am writing about. Thanks for having such a wonderful website.
Sandra Busby, 56 years old; Little Rock, AR; [08-23-2006]

I needed help on a school project
Ganey [08-22-2006]

First time visit
Meca, Boston,Ma 33yrs Mom [08-22-2006]

Good site!
GEORGE ALAN HIPP [08-22-2006]

I am a proud member of the Second Vermont Republic- the umbrella organization for the Vermont secession movement. For more info go to
Denny, Vermont secession movement [08-22-2006]

I think that this declaration is great.
Jasmine Blakley, Memphis, 16years old [08-22-2006]

I am proud to be the owner of a replica of the Declaration of Independence. I believe that this document; The Constitution, and The Bible should be made available on the web homepage of all Colleges and Universities in the United States of America. Mary C. Johnson
Mary C. Johnson, Chapel Hill, North Carolina [08-22-2006]

kori [08-22-2006]

We should be proud of those who have paved the way for us. It is now up to us to hold on to that freedom and move forward in the same direction for the next generations to come, that the remain free.
Eileen [08-22-2006]

Patricia Murden [08-22-2006]

Savannah Carson [08-22-2006]

I believe in the United State of Ammerica!
scott canning [08-22-2006]

I am learning about the Declaration in US History and I think that it's pretty cool.
Eloise, 14 [08-22-2006]

"Hasten O god,to save me; O Lord,come quickly to help me."God is great and our wonderful savior everywhere and in his arms safe we will live in hope and good health and love with peace and harmony.Help that many may find him,pray for blessed revival soon.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden
keijo [08-22-2006]

Darren Stone, 27 yr. old male from SLC,UT. In the U.S. Army and big on history! [08-22-2006]

These tyrannies are existing today out of greed. weather corporate, law, business expansions, educators, education overload and over production of paperwork for reform making our children suffer, and trade agreements. Our country is destroying each other without regards to it's future or the forms of evil that is all around us... blaming others without seeing how it is we got this far in the first place while rendering the pain and suffering of others who become desperate. Again, this Declaration Of Independance is being vandalized. C.A.J.
Carolyn A. Jarackas, harwood heights, il [08-22-2006]

I'm a very good researcher and i have been reasearching this for 3 years and i'll take this info your website has given me lots of info
Dakota [08-22-2006]

What date do you ascribe to "Congress's Darft"? What date do you ascribe to "Rough Draft"? In the "Rough Draft" the word "General" is used, in "Congress's Draft" "General" is noted as an addition. Therefore the Rough Draft is the later! ?????
Bill Sitler [08-22-2006]

i really want to go to america and see all the national documents in the national really interested in history, especially american because there are so many things which happened with them.this is a really good site because...i love national treasure and it is so convincing so thank you for stopping my belief about map and la di da.
Emily, 13 [08-22-2006]

teresa s. artis [08-22-2006]

Anna Nilsson, Sweden [08-22-2006]

567 [08-22-2006]

Ibelieve that not enough people even know what is in the declaration,if they did I would think that both parties would get along better. and not just the politians but also the masses
Mark Mayo, traverse City I'm 44 years young/Traverse City mi. [08-22-2006]

I am a decendent of Arthur Middleton who was a signer of the Declaration. Everyone should read the Declaration at least once and be proud to be an American.
Sharon Siegrist, Ozark, Mo [08-22-2006]

i love history that is my favorite subject
kristin, tallahassee,fl age 16 [08-22-2006]

tiffany, cairo, ga age 11 [08-22-2006]

There are good and useful Facts for all to use.
Sam Muller, 10 [08-22-2006]

God Bless America! I hope this country never forgets the beliefs this nation was founded on. One nation under GOD!
Mark [08-22-2006]

I think ever since I saw national thearsure I love the declaration of Independence.
Tess Schultz, town;West Laurens, age 11, ihave good grades. [08-22-2006]

Thank you for the information.
Catherine J Stanfield Cornilles [08-22-2006]

How did Jefferson's get everyone to sign the Declaration of Independence
Courtney Fitzgerald, Glendale,AZ 17 go to school at Independence high school [08-22-2006]

I have not been an appreciative patriot of the United States of America, since I served in the U.S.Army quite a few(30)years ago. When something as insignificant as a movie comes along to stir the imagination, it can make one feel very lacking in the patriotic aspects of our lives. When those brave and inspired men together decided, after being pushed to farthest limits of taxation and total disrespect, they knew the future of their children and their heirs depended on seperation of tyranical rule. They kept one thing first and foremost in their minds Independence UNDER GOD. As a nation our country has walked away from many of the ideals these men founded our collective nation on. It is time for a re-birth of the moral standards this America started with. As for myself, and my family, we are going to be much more appreciative and have already come closer to Our Holy GOD, Who let us be blessed and be born in this free country we love so very, very much. God bless America and God bless You. Regardless of your faith, he calls us ALL, to come back to Him and His Rules The Ten Commandments. If our country will come back to Him, we will be under His protection again. His Love calls us. Will YOU answer Him from your heart? God Bless You All.
Kevin Weisbrod, Mountain View, MO [08-22-2006]

This is very informational! I will come to this site everyday ! =)
Briana [08-17-2006]

Thanks for providing this information. Do you actually think the 'People are running the Government, or is it the Government running the People?'
Jeremiah Wells, usa [08-17-2006]

Evelyn [08-17-2006]

niall mason [08-07-2006]

i think this guy was a total bludge
jusinta [08-07-2006]

It should be required that all students in an American history class log at least 1 hour per day, Monday Thur Friday. The information I have received has been both very helpful and yet entertaining at the same time. Thank you Lane
Lane Ericksen, West Jordan Utah age,41 [08-07-2006]

i'm glad we're free from elgland and free from eachother.
joolz [08-07-2006]

This is a Fantastic site, I have spent a number of hours just enjoying all the information that is on this site. Thank you for compiling all this information, so it is available to nyone in the world to read. What other country would allow this type of historical information to be shared with the rest of the world. Not a one but the GREAT NATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN.
Mark S. Nygaard, Mounds View, Minnesota; 49 yrs of age; Air Force Veteran. [08-07-2006]

it is a very intresting topic. after wathcing Natiomal Tresure I became very intrid about the us`s National independance day and it is very informative to Know that our country is not the only country that went through oppression, racial abuse and slavery we all no someone who went thruogh that kind of truma.
kelly wiliams, South Africa,Cape Town 16 [08-07-2006]

Mark S. Nygaard, Mounds View, Minnesota; 49 yrs of age; Air Force Veteran. [08-07-2006]

i was just kinda bord, i'm doing an assingment for class, the site is pretty cool... i geuss
briget [08-07-2006]

Gloria [08-07-2006]

There is no other place where I would live I thank god everyday for this county.Our fore Fathers where guided by Greatness and a higher power.Love for God Family and America
anonymous [08-07-2006]

This website is written and designed very well. Keep up the good work.
Matthew MacKenzie, Chattanooga, TN [08-07-2006]

Would you consider Joseph Hewes to be the first Secretary of the Navy?
Donald Smith [08-07-2006]

Doug: Ran across an interesting piece yesterday: Besides Duche's famous prayer before the First Continental Congress at Carpenters' Hall, the Second Congress adjourned on July 5, 1775 to come over to Christ Church as a group to hear Jacob Duche preach - the "Sermon of the Vine", (we have a print 1775 edition in the archives)that we are scanning to put on our website later this year; we can't find it anywhere on the web.
Donald Smith [08-07-2006]

I was taken aback by the parallel between the then actions and happenings of the times then and what we see today. Some of the same abuse of power and a government that is not responsive. Taking evry occasion to subvert the truth using their own crony judges and mock trials to convict and destroy the lives of the citizenry. It is true as great men and women of the past have said history does repeat it self.
John, Davenport, Iowa [08-07-2006]

Great Web site!
Jim Weld [08-07-2006]

As I read Conservatives without Conscience, a novel by John Dean, I noted many references to our Declaration of Independence. At that point, I realized I've never read this great piece of American History. I truly have a new appreciation for the Declaration of Independence and our forefathers in general. JWW
Jesse White, 25, Alhambra, CA [08-07-2006]

im an american by birth,didnt ask to be but im here and i feel as tho my rights and every thing that was set for me as an american is being violated by the so called govenment of today.we are not free and until we no longer fear and hate our system we will not be free.
anthony willams [08-07-2006]

Stephen W. Skaggs Sr., What is the Nations stand on Health and Welfair? [08-07-2006]

If The Declaration of Independence states that all people are created equal, Why is the immigration process legal? From that I think that the Decalaration of Independence should be just a peice of rubbish to the Immigraton Services.
Emmanuel Sanchez, Canoga Park, 10 [08-07-2006]

I joined the Navy in Nov. 1944 and retired in Sept. 1963. I can take the Navy oout of the man, but you can't take the Navy out of the man.
Joe Walsh, Pensacola, FL [08-07-2006]

i hear there is a map on the back of the declaration and only idiots are able to see it. apparently, many of you saw it!
Joe, usa [08-07-2006]

I have great respect for The Declaration Of indepence. I wish to be a citizen.
Marielis Fuentes, Im 23 yrs. old, raised in New York City. [08-07-2006]

This wesite is really great, it holds so much information for those who want or need it. I would reccomend this website to anyone from ages 12-67 and a half.
Joan, New Wilmington, age: 37; currently single, hobbies include:riding horses, trading my horse cards, and learning about HISTORY [08-04-2006]

The declaration inspires us that Taiwan's people want to have a declaration of independence like such by themself in the near future. yung Hsu
Yung Hsu, Los Angeles, CA [08-04-2006]

Kevin M. Conn [07-29-2006]

The Declaration of Independence is a surpassing written instrument of auspicious historical precedent, inspired by disciplined and congruent thought, embued by courageous and sagacious conclusions, all which state without hesitation, equivocation or purpose of evasion what is intrinsically true within the purview of godly and Biblical thought : Man is made in God's image, is also made to live under just and equitable law, and is designed by that same Almighty Being to optimally live life in a responsible and yet, free manner. In such a milieu, the human spirit thrives, the physical man prospers, and the National consciousness expands for both the good of individual citizens, as well as the corporate nation.
Maj. Jesse Carnes, Baton Rouge LA [07-29-2006]

Direct decendant of Charles Carroll of Carrollton
K.D. Carroll, Raleigh, NC [07-29-2006]

enjoyed the website. this website is very helpful to anyone who would like to know more about the Declaration and its' signers.
Samantha, Oxford AL [07-27-2006]

Excellent site! Keep up the good work!
Jason M. Rye, Hamilton, AL [07-27-2006]

theres a map on the back of the decoration of inderpendance but its afto look through glasses that are in a brick in new york.the map leads to the beried treasure under a church you afto go through agrave thats the back of the church the graves called parklington lane please beleive me because my great grand farthers grand farthers grand farther was one of the knights
niall mason, im from england and im 9 years old [07-27-2006]

anonymous [07-27-2006]

can you tell me if there was a map on the back og the declation of independence
JULIA ASHLEY [07-27-2006]

The Declaration has three distinct parts. What was the intent of the Founding Fathers?
anonymous [07-27-2006]

Kate Pitluck [07-27-2006]

When I first read the declaration I didn't understand what Jeffrson was trying to tell us, but the more I read it the more i understood. I also went to and I found out that I am a decendant of William Williams, signer of the Declaration and representitve of the state of Conneticut. I think, personally, that the Declaration is a wonderful document and I advise anyone who hasn't read it to read it.
Koryn Williams, Pennsylvania 13 [07-27-2006]

I think that there is a map on the back
Mercedez Shelton [07-27-2006]

im 11 years old and i just saw national treasure and i was wandoring if there was a invisible map that you could only see with ben franklins glasses thanks:)
anonymous, omaha ne [07-27-2006]

very good site for us that lives out side america for it makes us know what is happening out side the world
onye eze, aba age 28 years [07-27-2006]

It is absolutely amazing that these few beautifully, intelligently and thoughtfully written words have along with The Bill of Rights sustained the USA for 230 years. My fourth grandchild was recently born on the Fourth of July...This celebration has prompted my study of the words of the Declaration...
George W. Thagard, POB 124 Brantley, AL 36009 12/09/1946 Auctioneer [07-22-2006]

I like this site very much. It really contains a great deal of information. As a descendant of signer George Ross, I'm quite happy with it.
Alan D, Southwest Wisconsin [07-22-2006]

Oliver Wolcott was my great grandfather 5x removed as told to me by my grandmother.
victor green, Livermore, CA [07-22-2006]

I am a descendent of Lewis Morris...At least that's what I have been told and I am now researching. How great is it that these Americans wrote a document that is the foundation of the greatest country on earth?
Leah Ackerman, Akron, Ohio [07-22-2006]

Thanks for the site!
Jennifer K Martin [07-20-2006]

6. Do you have children? If so, how many? If not, do you plan to have a family?
rosa paredes, Who is in your family? [07-20-2006]

No wonder a lot of the signers are from Pennsylvania and Virginia. a lot of famous stuff happened in Pennsylvania, and quite a few presidents were born in Virginia
Nafisa Wara, age 9, city of Boston in Massachusetts [07-20-2006]

3 others and myself re-enlisted in the US Army while serving in Afghanistan on July 4th, currently two of us are studying the Declaration right now. Thanks for the site, keep it up.
L. Dean Wyatt, Kabul, Afghanistan [07-20-2006]

A recent visit to Philadelphia really sparked a new interest in the history of our country's beginnings. I happened to bump into your website quite by accident, but have already saved it as a favorite. 230 years ago these great men formed a nation that was then and remains today a work in progress. Thanks!
p michelli [07-20-2006]

This shows the history of how this great nation started.
Anonymous [07-20-2006]

Dana Stevens, Escondido, CA [07-20-2006]

wonderfully done thank you
james, Kalispell Montana [07-20-2006]

Chris Boothe [07-20-2006]

I think I thought this was about Robert Treat Payne. He was my husbands great=great-great- grandfather
Brumfield, I know his son served in the war of 1812 and was at the Battle New Orleans [07-20-2006]

arielle, miami fl [07-20-2006]

We should go back to individual State freedoms!
Brian [07-20-2006]

Traci Townsend, Seattle, WA [07-20-2006]

I think this website is great and historical.
anonymous [07-18-2006]

Great to hear some of these comments. Email me if you're staunch patriotic and get a free logo! :) Thanks for this great site and encouraging open guestbook. GO AMERICA!
Jaoli [07-18-2006]

My family and I really appreciate the country we live in, and your website is fantastic in the information it gives. I'm homeschooled, and writing an essay on the life of Caesar Rodney (who, by the way, is an outstanding character!) and this information really helped me. Thank you!
Julia Spence, 15/homeschooled [07-18-2006]

I've found a diamond in the rough. This just became the required online resource for my students summer school project. Good-Bye hit or miss student selected websites. Those can always be optional. This one is mandatory.
John Georges, teacher nyc 33 [07-18-2006]

I am a woman, who is determined to become the first woman president. I have copies of the this document and many more. I want to let who ever is reading this know, that i will become the next President. Why can't a woman become President? Is my question. If books and studies show that a woman is smarter than men, then why? Take for example Queen Elizebeth The 2nd, has ruled for a long time and she has done a fatastic job.( She is running about 11 countries.) This site has givin me determination to study harder and work for my one goal in life. I would really like it if some one would answer me on my delema, on this. I love this site and will visit more often, but for now I have to go and sudy our great lands, of The United States. Thank you and that is all for now. Sighned, Britt
Britt [07-17-2006]

I found a copy of the declaration of independance over 20 years ago in a old house in Maine, it has a few spelling mistakes on it and was trying to find out if the original did also? and didn't know how to find out if it is worth anything!
Candi [07-17-2006]

Among the proudest steps in the birth of our nation. God bless America!
Robert Cunningham, Surprise, AZ [07-15-2006]

Oliver Wolcott signed the Declaration of Independence. My mother's maiden name is Wolcott. I think that Oliver Wolcott must be a distant relative.
Sharon McMeins [07-15-2006]

I never really liked any kind of history until the 8th grade when I watched the movie, National Treasure. From than on I have loved any history related to the Revolutionary War. I have been so thrilled to beable to actually love something in history, because than it also goes to my advantage for school. And that goes to my advantage for getting good grades and going on to college. My advice to any body who wants to do better in school you should watch interesting and entertaining movies to get you started on a history fling, because it benefits you in various ways. If anyone has any movies they recommend to get me going on any other history times please post a comment so I can do good in other history times and not just one. Thank you for any recommendation anyone requests. -Hannah
Hannah Fischer [07-15-2006]

Karen S. Holden, Wildwood, MO [07-15-2006]

Trevor Chadwick, star idaho [07-14-2006]

Great site
Chris, Wauconda,IL [07-13-2006]

Erphan, Reseda [07-13-2006]

I have no thoughts but information. On July 4th 1776 230 years ago my ancestor William Daniel Floyd signed the Declaration Of Indepence and i am proud to say that. I am not lying i am his well a very great grandchild of his. if you have any questions for me concerning this info please email me at thank you
Kelsey Floyd [07-12-2006]

Love this site, wish I'd have known it was here earlier. Thanks.
SYoung, Mississippi lifelong resident [07-12-2006]

What a great teaching tool. More Americans should know about this site.
Paul F. Blosser, Taylorsville, NC [07-12-2006]

Looking over your website I found it informative. I enjoyed getting a glimpse of the original doc. I would suggest this site for others wh seek info. Many of us in high school studied Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and others were, but how much do we remember. This brings to life the events which declared our freedom. Freedom by which our country lives and survives. We are so priviliged and honored that these men came together to face the challenges and even possible death to give us and this country the kind of freedoms we have. Freedom for which so many take for granted. Freedom that some do not have. The Declaration of Independence is that freedom. I think all should take the time to read this website and all websites sontaining info on this document and those affiliated with it.
Mona Lisa Huff, Louisville, Kentucky [07-12-2006]

I am a direct decedent trying to find information on the family for my genealogy records. a lot of information died with my grandparents.
Linda Fraser, His Parents,siblings [07-12-2006]

Lecie, who is Ben. [07-10-2006]

I have looked through your website and found it to be very interesting and important for those who want to know about our nation's history. I now have a 7 month old son and it is important for me to make sure he knows our nation's history and who were responsible for the creation of it. I plan to buy a copy of the "Declaration of Independence" from you to have it hang in my son's bedroom so he will grow up knowing it's words and meaning. I take this to heart especially since the majority of Americans do not even know the basics of our history. They don't know who James Madison is, why we celebrate Independence Day and if anyone does know who Thomas Jefferson is, they'll most likely know him more from his inter-racial affair with Sally Hemmings than for being our 3rd President and the writer of the "Declaration of Independence". Keep up the good work. I have recently taken an interest in the life of George Washington and plan to read as much as I can on this incredible man who is the "Father of Our Nation". God bless the United States of America!
Eric J. Seabury, Kane'ohe, Hawai'i U.S.A. [07-10-2006]

Decleration of Independence rocks man. And Bengies really smartsies.
Daddysgrrl03, 10 [07-10-2006]

Very nice site.
Ray H Meeker III, Cincinnati [07-10-2006]

I Aaron logged on to your website to learn about the declaration of independence and to learn about the signers and who wrote it. I mainly came to learn what the declaration said. I am proud to be an american and are sure that there is not a map on the back. Have you used the lemon juice trick yet? USE IT! If there is a map and a treasure I get 50 percent. Thank you.
Aaron Edwards, Lou Ky,age 8 [07-10-2006]

Whats up? I'm very intrested in the movie National treasure. I think there really could be writing on the back of the Declaration. If you think so e-mail me!
Andrew edwards, Lou,Ky age11 [07-10-2006]

GOD BLESS AMERICA! We have come so far!
Bryan Petrey, Williamsburg, KY age 19 [07-10-2006]

carmen [07-10-2006]

Great site that would be well served by expanding the biographies to include in detail, the incredible hardships many of these signers faced as a result of adding their names to the document. A reminder of the price of freedom.
mark spencer, oshkosh, wisconsin [07-10-2006]

Thomas McKean was my grandfather (several "greats" back of course). I enjoyed reading about him on your website. I had my niece who is home schooled look him up for an assignment.
Laura Moore, Meridian MS [07-08-2006]

To me I love to learn more and more everday about History, I find it very interesting. Thats why thus site is great it is very infromational.
Milan Eggleston, 9, Columbia,Md (7-07-06) [07-08-2006]

For an 11 year old it was very COOL!
brooke, tallahassee fl [07-08-2006]

I really like history, and this site and what it represents is amazing, our founding fathers Definitely knew what they were doing when they wrote the Declaration.
Marie [07-08-2006]

God Bless America!
Steven Fraser, Gaithersburg, MD [07-07-2006]

I love history. Even though i can never remember any of it, i love learning about it.
Ashley, Morton, 13, Illinois [07-07-2006]

I think that history should play a more important role in our children's education. It is a shame that more people do not know their basic history of this country.
Valarie Gendron, I am 54 yrs old [07-07-2006]

Always remember that freedom is not free.
Joshua Matthews, Springfield, MO; 23 yrs old [07-07-2006]

George Walton is a relative on my fathers side
James F Daugherty, Swarthmore, PA [07-07-2006]

I just watched the movie/musical 1776 and now I have this sudden urge to learn a ton about American history. I had the same urge for education after I watched National Treasure, but 1776 is totally better because it's a musical!
Julia S., 16 [07-07-2006]

I have a copy of the Declaration hanging on my wall in my office. I thank these men who drafted this document and the men and women who continue to fight for our freedom today.
Russ Stone, Granby, CT [07-07-2006]

I love History in America...
brenda, I live in San Diego California [07-07-2006]

How does anyone one know that there isn't anything on the back of the Declaration of Independence? Did you people in Washington D.C do what the people did in National Treasure. That movie probably makes kids interesting in the Declaration.
Tommi Scugoza, Aberdeen MD 10 yrs of age [07-07-2006]

history is awsome!
Kaity McComas, Enon, Ohio [07-07-2006]

Very interesting site I congratulate
Cell, co [07-07-2006]

I am a very proud descendant of John Hart, signer of the D.O.I and Speaker of the Assembly for the State of New Jersey. I am fortunate to have inherited his love of country and freedom and am saddened that the children of today have minimal to no knowledge of what this country was founded on and the sacrifices made by our Founding Fathers and those who fought proudly and unselfishly for our freedom. God Bless America and may God help and guide our children, the future leaders of this Great Country.
Melissa Bare, Newman, California [07-07-2006]

Celebrating this Independence day in the United States this July 4,2006.I am grateful for my freedom as a citizen, to make a decent living,to stay educated, to pursue happiness, and to worship God.Thankful for the freedom I enjoy in my country, I pray to God to keep me from neglecting or abusing it. Pray that God may bless our land and all nations of the world with true freedom.
Willa H.Scott, Brown Deer,WI [07-07-2006]

One of my ancestors signed the declaration. George Clymer so it was interesting to read about him. My parents did the geneology but that was so long ago, there was more info on here than I had known so thank you very much. We have a heritage to be proud of and not taken lightly by anyone. These men the architects of our great nation, had the intelligence to know one thing that times change and with those times laws need to change, luckily they saw past there years and made it possible for us to progress and keep on progressing. Please everyone take a stand. If you don't like what is going on then do something about it,vote,run for office,talk to the younger generations, but contrary to some peoples beliefs we all have a voice and it is our constitutional right to voice it. God Bless America, Yes I said God Bless, get over it.
Alexis Merriman [07-07-2006]

I love History in our World... Send me and brenda info...
jasmin settles, I was born in Memphis Tennessee... [07-07-2006]

Extremely interesting site. Very informative
Candy Buck, Florida [07-05-2006]

Charles Carroll, signer of the D.O.I. was my ancestor along with John Carroll and I believe Daniel Carroll (signed the Constitution/Bill of Rights)
K. Kelly, Cape Coral, FL [07-05-2006]

VIRGINIA POLK, dracut ma 70yrs old [07-05-2006]

The movie "National Treasure" is really exciting, and so the Declaratoin of Independence. I want to visit and look at it.
Marielle, Sweden,13 years [07-05-2006]

i love this place. I am going to Wa dc next April and i am going to see all the mounuments but i have to write a report first. This is a great place to reserch history.
megan hollibough, age,11 [07-05-2006]

I am a descendant of the Robert Livingston Family. I am very proud of my heritage and upon the recent death of my father Thomas R Livingston and this 4th of July I am reminded as to how lucky we are for the freedoms we enjoy. I hope my children and grandchildren grow up with the same appreciation of our heritage and the meaning of the Declaration of Independence!
Deborah Livingston Wharton, Grayson, ga, 47yrs old [07-05-2006]

I am very happy to have found this web page. I now live in California. I miss Historical Market Street and the ability to visit the Liberty Bell at will. Most of all I miss our main Library holding all the stories and old news articles of Philadelphia's growth into The Union.
Terita T. Hicks, Philadelphia Native [07-05-2006]

Today, July 4th 2006, I shared the story of the Declaration of Independence with my 3 children and this web site was very informative. We all read the Declaration as a family and I explained the historical context and how the grievances, spelled out so eloquently in the Declaration, fed into the concepts that helped later form the constitution and bill of rights. Keep up the good work on this web site. We'll be back soon. Pat
Patrick Bibb, San Antonio, 40, a history buff [07-05-2006]

There are brave Iraqi men and women putting their lives on the line trying to establish a government free of the past tyranny they have endured. We need to stay the course and help these 25 million people enjoy the freedoms we have, if the French had not helped us we may have still been subjects of Great Britten.
Bill Voss, Columbia MD [07-05-2006]

July 4th 1776 is the date that this great country was founded, and now 230 years later we continue to celebrate the sighing of the great document that we know as the Declaration of Independence. May we continue to celebrate this day forever.
Peter Resta, 27 male Arnold, Maryland [07-05-2006]

All of us as American citizens should read this Declaration at least once a year. As we reach the last paragraph we should remember the last line. "with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor." These fore fathers thought to remember the Lord. We should also remember that we have people who want to take out all references to the Lord in our daily lives and when each of us wants to express where all of our gifts do come from. These people didn’t, why should we?
Rick Redfern, Huntington Beach, Ca, 63 [07-05-2006]

I was assigned to read the Declaration of Indepencence for a college government class and i happened to read it on the 4th of July. I am very proud to be a part of a country that was founded on such strength and determination. I may not agree with everything that our government has done but it still makes me proud to know i am an American.
Melissa, Batavua, IL [07-05-2006]

A specific council was not established to protect these inainiable rights. Today our freedoms are threatened on every facet.I feel that our right to bear arms should include a militia equall to that of the Federal munitions.Some brutsanswer only to force as did the King himself in 1776.
Peter Albert Sweeney, LakeLA,Ca. 45 years old Father and Husband Land Surveyor [07-05-2006]

I pray that the people of this great nation chose to pause long enough today to read this incredible document and think of the hardships our forefathers endured to provide their posterity, us, the liberties we have enjoyed. May God grant that we never have to overthrow tyrrany within our own borders ever again, but rather allow us the ability to re-establish this nation to it's former glory through peace and persevereance.
anonymous [07-05-2006]

I like being able to see the Declaration on my computer, in my Living Room. All of the information is great.
Jim McDonald, West Columbia, sc, 63 [07-05-2006]

Very informative, great links...just what I was looking for....
Ann, Livermore Kentucky [07-05-2006]

Deborah L. White, from: 237 High Range Road, Londonderry, NH [07-05-2006]

I am glad to have a web site like this available. We need a place that we can trust to varify history with. The truth never changes.
Scott Keen, age 41, Business Manager, Glendora, Ca. [07-05-2006]

Thanks is given to our fore Fathers and Men & Women of our military for the freedoms we share today. God has already blest America. Now it is up to us, to keep our country free and keep worshiping our God in freedom and truth.
Martyj, Maryville,TN [07-05-2006]

It is inspiring to know that our great country was founded on the ideals set forth in the Declaration, the defining document of modern-day democracy. The courage and wisdom of our founding fathers is amazing. I am proud to be an American!
Donald Ostapowicz, Copley, Ohio [07-05-2006]

Sirs: An important omission in the bio of Francis Hopkinson. In addition to his other admirable traits Hopkinson played the violin and composed numerous pieces of muisc which are extant (NY Public Library/Orchestral collection). I have played them with much appreciation!
Herbert S. Gardner, Exec. Dir./Conductor of The String ensemble of Rockland, Inc. [07-05-2006]

I read it every year on this date. I think it is as close to divinely inspired writing as humanity has come since the last Epistle was written. Like the Disciples I believe that the Founders did not understand the full implications of their writing, and we are still understanding it more completely today. As we suffer under the abuses and usurpations of our current leadership, it gives me strength and hope for the future. As Lincoln said-"that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not parish from this earth."
Parodox, Philadelphia PA 04 July 2006 [07-05-2006]

I am so proud to be an American. I live in a retired community -- Oaks Village -- where there is to be an evening barbecue to celebrate our nation's freedom. As an evangelical I promise to do all I can to protect this freedom by praying it will be maintained forever.
Dr. William A. Ury, Avon Park, FL age 76 [07-05-2006]

Lest we forget.Thank you for the reminder.
Althea Horner, Pasadena CA, 80 [07-05-2006]

I'm going to make my kids read this aloud every year on the 4th from now on.
Norm, Jacksonville, FL, age 29 [07-05-2006]

neat site
Ally Kristina, Massachusetts [07-05-2006]

Really enjoyed reveiwing this site with my family.
Christopher Miller [07-05-2006]

Kim Smith [07-05-2006]

I'm thinking what astute men we had setting up our Constitution and government. There had never been a government like this before this. God Bless America.
Wes Luke, Ft. Worth, Texas July 4th, 2006 [07-05-2006]

God Bless America, The home of the free and brave. I love it!
Jodi Gilreath, Dahlonega, GA [07-05-2006]

I've gotten more interested in History as I get older.
Mary Lou Stojek [07-05-2006]

I am a proud veteran, and would have been proud to have been able to know the signers, and support their noble cause. Unfortunately, though, if one were to compose a document similar to that today, and generate support to do the same thing within our country right now, it would be looked upon as treason, and probably cost about the same.
Richard [07-05-2006]

Here it is, the 4th of July. I've always understood that the day marked our independence from England. Now, after actually reading the Declaration of Independence on this site, I have more of an appreciation for the founders - what they were dealing with and their vision for a new government. May God bless America. "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord and the people He hath chosen for His own inheritance." Psalm 33:12 KJV
Wendy, Christian; married mother of three [07-05-2006]

Being that today is the 4th of July, I wanted to do something different for the holiday with my family. I thought reading the Declaration of Independence today would be an appropriate way to celebrate and review with my 10 year old daughter to help teach her to have a greater appreciation of the holiday and the meaning behind it. I am proud to be a U.S.A. citizen! Thank you!
Susan Smith, Niantic, Connecticut [07-05-2006]

The analyis of why the Declaration of Independence is a rhetorically splendid document is wonderful. It would be a good class reading for upper-level students of American history or Americaln literature, and could work well in teaching rhetorical techniques, organization, and logic in writing.
anonymous, retired English teacher [07-05-2006]

A timely document, then and now. Today is the first time I've read the whole document at once. The founding fathers rock!
Kathleen D. Henderson, Falmouth, Maine [07-05-2006]

pretty cool
lorie, blasdell, new york [07-05-2006]

lynn welden [07-05-2006]

My parents came to these United States in search of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness----and they found it in this great Nation.. Tears come to my eyes when I think of the sacrifices that were made by our Founding Fathers, and all those who came after them so that this nation, of the People, by the People, for the People, would continue to be free.. And in this time, I again read the values and ideals enshrined in this document inspired by a Divine Providence----and compare it against the attitudes and actions of the present government. Then I have tears in my eyes again as I think of president george w. bush stating to a republican congressional delegation that The Constitution is "....just a goddamn piece of paper.."
Walt Ludewig, I served THE PEOPLE of the United States for 38 years as an Infantry Officer, then as a civilian Intelligence Officer, then as an Attorney in a federal law enforcement agency.... [07-05-2006]

I wish that God was still an important reason for the Declaration of Independence, and that we made our laws all considering the Bible.
Martie Crane [07-05-2006]

Tuesday 4 July 2006,two hundred and thirty years after the first signing. I enjoyed read the Declaration of Independence. The website was great.
Allan MacArthur Wilson, I have visited both Philadelphia and Boston forty some years ago and toured all the 1776 buildings. [07-05-2006]

Tuesday 4 July 2006,two hundred and thirty years after the first signing. I enjoyed read all the Declaration of Independence. The website was great.
Allan MacArthur Wilson [07-05-2006]

I wish I could get a copy for my school. As I have a high schooler who will be studing American History next school year.
Julia Withington, Withington Home School, Kansas [07-05-2006]

Christine Brownlee [07-05-2006]

Thank you for a well organized and in depth Declaration of Independence website.
Jay France, Rochester, NY 8th Grade Social Studies teacher [07-05-2006]

I am 44, born and raised here in the states and this is the first time I have ever read the declaration. Amazing?... not really, my parents moved around and I went to a lot of different schools, so somehow seemed to miss it every time each of the schools were teaching about it. Thanks so much for having this available online for poor lost souls like me. Brenda Tompson
Brenda Thompson, Ohio [07-05-2006]

Why is it, when I have to deal with Corporate America, I have to press #1 for English? I say we should encourage all business to eliminate the option to hear messages in spanish. If you don't want to learn english, then leave!
LongCoolWomanInABlackDress, Corpus Christi, Texas [07-05-2006]

I wanted to do this research finding out the "Button Gwinnett" is a ancestor of mine on my grandfathers side. This website had confirmed everything I was told.
robin albright, ohio, age 41 [07-05-2006]

thank you so much for having a site that can tell about one of the most important documents in the U.S.A history. it is sites like yours that keep the freedom spirit alive.
Keely [07-05-2006]

If my g-g-g-g-grandfather had not survived the Battle of Bunker Hill during the Revolutionary War, I would not be here to day to read this wonderful document.
Joan Pond, Proud to be an American [07-05-2006]

I like this website. I like it because it gives lots of info on the Declaration of Independence. It gives info on other things. I`m going to visit this website a lot. It`s a great website. Keepupthe good work.
aarons, 9 [07-05-2006]

I stumbled across this and sure glad I did. I am a history buff and enjoyed the info. One of our SC deligates was the youngest to sign. I don't know if I would have had the courage to sign it as they did. I would like to think I would.
Porter Huskey, Greenville, SC age 69 [07-05-2006]

It is with pride I read these words of TREASON against the authority of the british Crown. It is with anguish that I watch my fellows today so freely give away what was fought for in blood. Politics of the corporate give sway to lobbyist who buy goverment influence. Mr. W. Bush who "He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good." violating the 4th amendment, holding prisoners without charge ( recently ruled illeagal by the Court), continues to "He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people." by attacking the ACLU, progressives and pacifists. Illegally spying on their activities and by enforcing as he sees fit 750 laws passed by congress a breach of "He has obstructed the Administration of Justice by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary Powers." Insisting on the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act,"For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments: and althopugh not finally but without further fanfare G. W Bush and his cronies has "has plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people." by eliminating enviormental protections and cleverly calling them Clean Water Act, Blue Skies Act and violating the Artic Refuge when a high school understanding of supply and demand would show that America will still pay what the market demands for oil, no matter where it is produced unless we fall prey to the socialist policies of CITGO> All in all, I LOVE America, my country, her people, her majestic resources and beauty, the ability to as John Locke implied to bear the profits of our own Labors. I ask others to consider what the current adminstration and legislator are doing, how they are erroding what we hold dear. If we do not act soon, these will become as mythic as the democracy of Athens. MARK RHODES AMERICAN
Mark Rhodes, WI, 42 year male, tool and die, progressive [07-05-2006]

Taylor [07-05-2006]

My God such brave men.We owe them so much and are presently giving them so little.
Kent stufflebeam [07-05-2006]

Wowo what a great Web Site - as Americans we should be PROUD
Donna Manderfield, Phoenix, Arizona [07-05-2006]

I have a great love of the United States and look forward to my annual 4th July Bar B Que. I travel to your country every year and consider it my second home.
Liz Mc Keown, Belfast Northern Ireland [07-05-2006]

it was alright
brana, no [07-03-2006]

the founders did all they could, our generation did all we could; now it is up to the youngsters; and I wonder if they are prepared for it...
Carol, age 66, medical professional, live in Southeast [07-03-2006]

I love and respect the Declaration Of Independence. I would love to be able to walk where all the great men walked that wrote and signed it.
Sandy Wilson [07-03-2006]

Never read the Declaration of Independence in my life, unless you consider US History classes in school...obviously, didn't make any impression at the time. Now, I find it facsinating and wonderful. I sent this site to my friends and family to encourage the same...hope they get inspired. God bless America
Louise, age 53, Peoria, IL, USA [07-03-2006]

The signing of this important document guarenteed might write to live a free man and to worship God whenever I want... god Bless this country
Al Jurasin, Elk Grove, Ca [07-03-2006]

Every person has the right to live and not be ruled by people, I have enjoyed learning and visiting the national archives online thank you.
colby ellis, west valley city, utah, age 9 [07-03-2006]

maverick pierce, age 8 ballground GA [07-03-2006]

God Bless America, the one true freedom...
patricia, whiting, NJ age 54 [07-03-2006]

Alisa and Michael Ward [07-03-2006]

Hello, I love reading historical things like The Declaration of Independence. I have been to Mount Rushmore before and I liked the think about the Declaration of Independence when I saw the past president's faces carved into the stone. It was truley a wonderful experience. This iste is real good for research about it!
anonymous [07-03-2006]

I'm constantly amazed at how some of our own citizens do not understand that freedom comes with a price! The war in Iraq and the fight against terrorism is one of those prices. I read some of the documents and the history attached where these brave signers of the Declaration gave their very lives to hold for truth based on Godly principles and Christianity.
Judith Bingham, Odessa, Texas [07-03-2006]

Am looking fort to united State of America.. to study my and increase my infomation technolohy knowledge... Happy Independence.
OMOSHULE OYEDELE CLEMENT, Lagos, Nigeria Male 23yrs. [07-03-2006]

may god continue to bless americal!
Mrs. Darnell Tharp [07-03-2006]

I think that the Declaration of Independence is the best thing I have ever read because my mom read it to me and translated it so I could understsnd it!
Krystal, 11 [07-03-2006]

i think the fourth of july is very cool when the fireworks com up from all the people that do things on the fourth of july,like dinner for the people that like to go out on that day!
elisabeth, baltimore,md 21211 [07-03-2006]

It is a shame that "todays Americans" don't really understand the tremendous personal risks and suffering the original signers of this beautiful document enduered. We are too concerned with "Superman Returns" and sports to really appreciate our freedoms! FLY OUR FLAG PROUDLY, AND HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO ALL!
Richard F. Carlson [07-03-2006]

It is great associating with a nation like America which God has put on the surface of the earth at this auspicious moment of human history. God bless AMERICA.
Adesola Olusola Ibitoye, Ibadan, Nigeria. 41yrs for Adesola & Olusola 46yrs. [07-03-2006]

Great site! It's fantastic having so much at one's fingertips! Thank you for all you've done here!
Bryan Baird [07-03-2006]

This site has everything that i wanted! It is great! Thanks!
Maria Blythe [07-03-2006]

Great site. I will share this with my children.
marlyn miller, encino, ca [07-03-2006]

Randy Ward, 53 years old, rural Arkansas [07-03-2006]

This is a great source of everything connected with this great event in our history. It is clear thet God raised up these men and brought about the creation of this country, with its freedom of religion, so that the gospel could be restored here and His church could be re-established.
Alan Krusinger, Gaithersburg, MD 63 yr. [07-03-2006]

When I first read it, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer.
David Clark, Las Vegas, Nevada [07-03-2006]

Carol Ann [07-03-2006]

It's brilliant to be able to access The United States declaration of independance and read about how it was formed and how it still impacts today on the American way of life. God bless America.
Ken MFEMF, Kidlington Oxfordshire United Kingdom [07-03-2006]

My ggggrandfather stood alongside Ethan Allen, for good or evil, in Vermont, later at Battle of Ft. Ticonderoga. Oh, that we should could now have the resolve to pledge our very lives and fortunes to our fellow countrymen, one with another. I'm proud to say that I live in this Independent country, and have served in her military.
Michael Barney [07-03-2006]

i would like a copy of the declaration of independence
jasmine watkins, waco tx 10 [07-03-2006]

Julio Pinzon [07-03-2006]

Cora L. LeBleu [07-03-2006]

Lori [07-03-2006]

The biographies of the signers of the Declaration of Independence are incomplete in that they do not include the Christian denomintation to which these men ascribed. The faith of these men is of utmost relavance to history in that it shaped the thought and actions of these men. To leave out such an important fact is an attempt to minimize its import and to revise history. Let the facts speak for themselves!
Ernesto E. Carrasco [07-03-2006]

Twence went the wind: What was pushing our boat freely, across unsailed waters, to strange shores of faraway lands, filled with odd peoples. Now that wind dies, our sails flutter to fathoms, our boat slows to drift. Twence went the wind: To fill the sails of our enemies, to wrack their boats on our new found shores, to break their masts of sturdy yew, to bluster the ocean to the perfect breech. The wind went whence. To discover, To conquer, To Pence...
Ted W. Morris, 7nth removed descendent Richard bro. to Robert Morris [07-03-2006]

I am happy that you have this site. It will help me in my research.
Steward T Henderson, Bumpass, VA; age - 53 [07-03-2006]

carrroll j. chandler [07-03-2006]

Thank you God for the wisdom you gave the writers of our Declaration of Independence. Thank you for the freedom we enjoy as a nation.
Gary Bazer, McLeod, Texas [07-03-2006]

Donna Jones, Arkansas city,Kansas age;34 Lessons on the U.S.Government. [07-03-2006]

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