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2006 Declaration Guestbook Entries: May-June

it has helped the U.S.
rayven Blum, 12,beloit [06-26-2006]

I have been told that I'm a derect decendent of Patrick Henry. My Aunt Cherri Henry showed me a familey tree a few years ago. I have been looking for it again. I can not seem to find it.
Stephanie Logan Henry, Willits Ca. [06-26-2006]

I happen to agree with Benjamin Banneker when he encouraged that we have a "Department of Peace". Since we have a department of war and we certainly as a nation have been consistently involved in war. Paerhaps a Department of Peace we foster our ability as a nation to be creators and of peace. We today need to declare peace. Thanks
anonymous [06-26-2006]

I truely believe it is time for the American People to get back on track and either support our government or put their right to vote into effect and elect a whole new government. As I see it our most of our current officials are in office for what they can get from it instead of serving the people. As a paid position, most of them should be fired. I firmly believe that these elected officials should not get their heads out of the mud and work for the people, God knows most of them seem to be there only for themselves. And I believe that no matter what religion we are from, we should pray daily for our God to help our elected officials to do what is correct for our country or get out.
Nadine [06-26-2006]

My aunt received a communication long ago telling her about the connection. I'd love to know whether it is true or not.
Eileen Margaret Nelson, I believe that my great-grandfather, John Benedict Nelson, who arrived in Australia in the 1850's was a descendant of this thomas Nelson. How can I find out is this is so? [06-24-2006]

I think that the Declaration was a very well planned and very well thought out doucumant
Carolyn Futrell, Spring Hope [06-23-2006]

i am 12 years old and i am so into history! it like totally rocks my socks!
michelle kowlessar, i am 12 years old and i am so into history1 [06-23-2006]

walter baskin [06-23-2006]

William Stute, Westport, WA 98595-9723 [06-23-2006]

Direct Desendent
Richard Dickinson [06-23-2006]

I think that without the presadents and the Declaration we would'nt have what we have. The movir National Treasure I was amased that they used what looked exactly like the Declaration.
Sarah, 9 years of age Northcarolina [06-23-2006]

I have a Research Paper to do for my History 110 class on The Declaration of Independence. We have to dissect it, using facts and opinions. I figured this would be a very good site to do research.
anonymous [06-23-2006]

i like u
james [06-20-2006]

Matthew Martelli, Lexington, KY [06-19-2006]

I just watched the PBS special on the preservation efforts taken by the now coservators of the declartion and the constitution. Ii was shocked and saddened by the faded condition of the declaration and their decision not to do anything except to repair a torn corner.
Lauren Hunter, Las Vegas, NV 52 Forensic Anthropologist [06-19-2006]

It was good. I was looking for the signing of the declaration for my extra credit!
Ashley, 11 DOB-April 19, 1995 [06-17-2006]

June 15, 2006 Last night the PBS television program Nova broadcast a piece about new display encasements being made to store the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the United States Constitution. As interesting as this was I felt somewhat embarrassed that I no longer can cite any of the many grievances against King George III Thomas Jefferson listed, when he wrote the Declaration of Independence, especially since there was a time when I could. Even as one of those whose major in college required comprehensive knowledge about these documents and other American history, Political Science, I had learned these grievances written in the Declaration of Independence for my own information. In my American soul the Declaration of Independence, and the other two "birth certificates" of our nation, is part of me. So, in my embarrassment, I decided to once again study the whole Declaration of Independence this time to remind myself of what we as Americans hold very dear. In my more than half century on this earth, now, I've seen many civil rights borne from those few words penned by Thomas Jefferson "We hold these truths to be self-evident..." Now I think I've been around long enough to be able to say these deeply-moving words of Thomas Jefferson he wrote because John Adams believed he was the better writer, between the two of them, still stir the soul to action when it comes to not only Americans but also others demanding "their" civil rights. As I pondered the meaning of the Declaration of Independence and its genesis from the Revolutionary War, and also the Revolutionary War's flags recently returned to America from Britain, I thought about the people of Iraq. It occurred to me that maybe some of them might like a better understanding of America and our democracy and our freedoms we gained not unlike the way they as Iraqis are gaining some liberties for themselves--through the battles of war--and considered an idea. We should--in my opinion-- print up a couple million "pocket" copies of the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the United States Constitution and distribute these to the people of Iraq. Though this might be considered sort of like giving a crash course in American democracy and freedoms we learn about--which for most of us starts before we even learn to talk and walk--some native Iraqis I'm sure would welcome the information. Even if it conflicted with things written in the Koran, though it's difficult to imagine any God would be opposed to his people being independent and democratic, I'm convinced some Iraqi people would love getting an up-close look at the American documents that give us our freedoms and democracy. Thank You, Kathy Caudle East St. Louis, IL
Kathy Caudle, East St. Louis, Illinois [06-16-2006]

jahkia [06-15-2006]

i dont live in america but i think its wonderfull.
Marlizca strauss, 12 of age,South-Africa,Pretoria [06-15-2006]

Kendyl [06-15-2006]

I just wanted to say, thanks for making a wonderful website were people can see and learn what all went into the signing of the Declaration of Independence. If it was'nt for these brave men and the men that fought for our freedom; we would not be the country we are today. "One Nation Under God" and God Bless America! Thank you for letting me share my thoughts. -Kaleen Schneider
Kaleen Schneider [06-15-2006]

The Declaration of Independence is one of the greatest documents ever conceived.
Earl Koenig, Redding, CA [06-15-2006]

Thank the Lord, for our freedoms and any person losing their life to protect them.
Carolyn Mainprize [06-15-2006]

Loved your site. Would like better view of Josiah Bartlett's signature. He's my 2nd cousin.
Margaret VanHull, Am gathering Bartlett heritage. [06-15-2006]

i just wanted to say thank you for having this site now i know every person who signed the declaration of independence
marisa, tucson 11 arizona [06-15-2006]

It's a wonderful idea to put this information on the Net for the Public to access. It's a very encouraging piece of document for those who feel repressed and are trying to find reasons to get out from under repression.
Elvis Kofie, Baltimore, Maryland, 34, (06/14/2006) [06-15-2006]

anonymous [06-13-2006]

Iwoold like to thank you for the information on your site, I found it very useful
Gillian, uk 48 [06-13-2006]

Tre [06-13-2006]

I would just like to tell you how much I appriciate yaws information you really helped me understand the Declaration of Independence.
brittany, Dawsonville, Ga--------- i'm sixteen [06-13-2006]

brittany [06-13-2006]

cheyanne pellak, i"m 8 [06-13-2006]

Ashley C, Soto [06-13-2006]

I love U on the show. U R so funny. I am going 2 dress up like U for Halloween. My 2 sisters R dressing up as Miley/Hannah. I can't decide if I should wear red or purple hair for Halloween.
Tierney Russell, Guttenberg, Iowa 52052 13 years old [06-13-2006]

the declaration was a terrific idea
Tyler massey, 13 years old [06-12-2006]

I Liked the rough draft.
anonymous [06-11-2006]

wahoo party very god website :)
JILLY WILLY [06-11-2006]

I am a direct descendant of Josiah Bartlett AND a close cousin of John Adams. I discovered that one day when I was just looking at my family tree.
anonymous, 15 [06-11-2006]

sup [06-11-2006]

Ismael [06-11-2006]

Vechai, nobody [06-11-2006]

Holly Smith [06-11-2006]

very good site interesting and understandable good reading thanx
Karen, Haddington, Scotland [06-11-2006]

dara [06-10-2006]

why did the people wright the Declaration of Independence?
would rater not put my name onhere just to be on hte safe side [06-09-2006]

Just love the Declaration of Independence and every thing it has to do with our history. I can't wait to have my copy and framed and put on my wall. Thank you to our founding fathers!
Jasen Vela [06-09-2006]

Lyman Hall is my ancestor. I am 100% D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution)and I am Proud!
Edith M. Heath [06-09-2006]

ALLAN C EMERY, JR. [06-09-2006]

I think all of this stuff about the declaration of independence is very cool and I find it very fun and interesting to learn about.
Marion Coyne, scranton PA [06-09-2006]

nomas quiero saber
BRENDA [06-09-2006]

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shenicqua marie billings, city/milwaukee/age13/2530 north 56 street [06-09-2006]

anonymous [06-09-2006]

CA [06-09-2006]

I am Canadian
hi, hi [06-09-2006]

i think the declaration is good becuase we wouldnt have freeedom like we do now !.
vanessa, i am 11 yrs [06-09-2006]

Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information...
educational toy, ny [06-09-2006]

It is a pleasure to be looking at the decloration of independence
brittany, West Paris ME [06-09-2006]

fifteen [06-09-2006]

thanks 4v leting me know
luke thomas [06-09-2006]

anonymous [06-05-2006]

De'Anne-Private, US Army [06-05-2006]

Excellent information.
Albert Azua, San Diego, Ca. [06-04-2006]

Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, if it doesn't affect someone elses life, let them live theirs as they choose.
Susan Johnson [06-04-2006]

The declaration is awsome and so is National Treasure!
unknown, Harry Potter and lord of the Rings rules! [06-04-2006]

homeschool mom and i love having a safe place to do research
R Best [06-04-2006]

i think that the fight for independence was a great thing not because many died because we would not of been here, the best thomas jefferson had hope for the usa to have independence and he was a great respectful man and if i had lived back then i would of been the first person to sighn it and i love the way how the loyalistdid not want the colonist to have independence and they had it all. i just think that the way the loyaists acted to the colonists way wrong independence is not a mistake. i really believe in it! -!
anonymous [06-04-2006]

Very nice website, info on the Boston Massacre is too thin, not enough info. Thank you.
Chris Stockton, Jacksonville, FL [06-04-2006]

i have one of these in my room and i have read it all. really intresting, and very hard.
Faye Jones, my great, great, great grandad name is on the declaration of independence. [06-01-2006]

jESSiCA [06-01-2006]

Nice Site!
anonymous [06-01-2006]

i love this site cause it can help u wit ur projects and othe stuff to learn i go to this cause i have a project of declaration of indempendence
abigail mena, i am doing a project abot the declaration of independence [06-01-2006]

im in the 11th grade and came across your cite for an essay that i am writing and found every that i needed to know about the Declaration.
april cole, 17 [05-31-2006]

i am glad that this site is available as there are tons of information for kids that are still in school and for those that are just curious and adore history. thanx for this site.
Trisha Budhai, i am 17yrs old, born 02/08/1988, i am from south africa [05-31-2006]

i really like our goverment and the laws and rules in the declaration of indapendence
natalie, 10 [05-31-2006]

penny [05-31-2006]

this has really well used info
tia995, I am doing a parade of history on the Declaration and this helped a lot [05-31-2006]

i like this website becuse it has a lot of good information
ras, ................ [05-31-2006]

kathleen king [05-31-2006]

Sarah [05-30-2006]

why did they make the declaration of indepedence
joe, hi [05-30-2006]

this is a cool website! it is nice to know about when you want to know more about how our country was formed
anonymous [05-30-2006]

sweet site
kj [05-30-2006]

Nichalette, captiol heights, md [05-30-2006]

Silence Dogood
Joshua Worley, England [05-30-2006]

The links should be a little more clearer other than that the site tell you every thing!
Summer [05-29-2006]

Jeffs inscription 1/2 way up washington memmorial should have read Y GWIR YN ERBYN Y BYD,.Y GWIR AM BYTH .P.S
P Ll Jones, Cymru/Wales [05-29-2006]

Thank you, whoever made this site. I'm having my oral exam tomorrow, and this is my topic! Tnx;)
Linn, Noway [05-29-2006]

Thanks for publishing the site. Our four fathers had strength and integrity that seems to be viewed as unimportant today. I am so glad to have a oportunity to be free.
John Bryan Middleton, Memphis Tennessee [05-29-2006]

tiffiny Rogel, Woodland,CA now live in Bedford, Texas [05-29-2006]

Great Site Full of information and resources for all ages. The time and effort of building this site has paid off well and I hope to see it stay active and for it to be none for everyone to come here and learn of our history. Thanks Shane Rhoades
Shane Rhoades, Leesville, Louisiana. age 26. CEO [05-29-2006]

I would like all information on Lyman Hall and his history.
Michael D. Hall [05-29-2006]

aren`t we lucky to be free
anonymous, Bucks County [05-29-2006]

In reading the Declaration of Independence I think our nation should read this document and compare the situations of this time in history to what were the circumstances in 1776.
Rick Miller [05-29-2006]

It is a very important document
Dustin [05-29-2006]

i think that the declaration was a great suessful in the end idea! for with out it we might still be under birttens rule!
sarah, 10 years old [05-29-2006]

Raoul Rodriguez-Walters, CFP, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico [05-29-2006]

This is a great website i love it. i'm taking u.s. & v.a. history and this website its a helpful place to study i love it! Daniel
Daniel, woodbridge virginia [05-29-2006]

The declaration is one of the most important documents
Eric Scott Ferrenberg, 123 quest lane latrobe, PA 15650 Age 15 [05-26-2006]

This was a coalition of brave men. Strong willed men. Men who may have disagreed on minor things, but agreed on the major things. Such as Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Our Country, again, needs a band of men this strong who can come to agreement on core issues like immigration, capitalism, and freedom. God Bless America
Travis Tennison, Branson, MO [05-26-2006]

I just finished watching the movie "1776" It is based on the Broadway play by the same name. It compelled me to come look at the actual document. It is very interesting to know the story behind the actual document. Go rent the movie!
1776, South Carolina [05-26-2006]

very helpful
Jacob, temecula, CA [05-25-2006]

my name is enrique and i was watching the tbn channel and they were preaching about the mayority of men who signed the declaration of indepndnce were killed for believing in freedom since the declaration of indepence was written by men who believed in jesus christ. blessings
Enrique González, Arecibo, Puerto Rico/ age56 [05-25-2006]

danielle [05-25-2006]

I love this site
Lola Lafonda [05-25-2006]

Joel Olson [05-25-2006]

I have been blessed by living in a country where people believed in standing up for what was needed for the betterment of all people. I wonder sometimes if at this time in our countries history if we don't close our eyes and believe that all that needed done is complete. It scares me that we allow our elected officials so much power over us and our individual lives. It's also my belief that how things are today within our gov't. is not what our founding fathers had in mind.
Mary Edwards, New Castle, IN [05-25-2006]

Declaration of independence is something like gold for the history of US
flamur, Prishtina,18, [05-25-2006]

I was doing a report on the declaration, and this website helped a lot! I'd apprewciate seeing a numbver of how many people signed though, because i had to go to another website for that.
Aria [05-24-2006]

Campbell [05-24-2006]

The sheer bravery of the men who signed it still inspires me today, for they knew if caught they would suffer a horrible death as their brave stand would have been deemed treason against the crown.
Michael Douglass, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, [05-24-2006]

anonymous [05-24-2006]

john shields [05-24-2006]

this is a great site. I love everything history. i have taken EVERY step in order to learn about early america in my education thus far.
wombat, From colorado state univresity [05-24-2006]

i believe that this web site is of ultmost importance and I totally LOVE that you can read the entire copy online. this is so educating and will surley help me on my test next period.
annabella, salt lake city [05-24-2006]

this is a good site
caitlin [05-24-2006]

I love you!
JT [05-24-2006]

its a great peace of history. even i saw this in the net after i saw it in the movie"national treasure". i am very plesed to see the declaration. i have never seen the declaration of india but i saw the declaration of america. i like to come to america. if i get a chance i will surely come. thanks for keeping this information in net. if i get a chance i will make this as my school project and make it to know to all the people.bye.
RAVI RAJIV BABU, b-1,tnpl colony,kagithapuram,karur,tamil nadu,india. my age:15 [05-24-2006]

i wish the declaration was now
Douglas patton, 42 [05-23-2006]

The fifth graders at my school do this big project called history night. My topic is the Declaration. This site is so easy to use and it really helped me get my poster done! Thnx!
Abbi, Wisconsin [05-23-2006]

claire, angus, scotland [05-23-2006]

history is sooo cool
Violet Marie Steelman, 14 [05-23-2006]

Please, send me all information on Charles Carroll of Carrollton
Charles Carroll, I have a genetic link to the signer [05-23-2006]

I'm using this information for a research paper. Thank you very useful information.
Caroline [05-23-2006]

this web page on the war times in the mid age are very exciting to read becuase im young and love reading about it!
sierra hughes, age-11 city-jacksonville,ar [05-22-2006]

Mario Mario [05-22-2006]

this thing rocks!11
sierra, 11 jax,ar [05-22-2006]

Hellow/I like yoll hand riting
Quadriyyah, 08 [05-22-2006]

PRINCSESS [05-22-2006]

sonye [05-22-2006]

i'm travelling up and down the east coast lokking for historical landmarks
gerald castellow, newbrunswick,nj 53 [05-21-2006]

hey, i think that this sight is pretty cool, and it has a lot of info. keep it up, those other kids are just jelous.
Danielle, Eagle River, Alaska, 14 years old. [05-21-2006]

thank you for setting this site really helped me to find out who all of the people were that signed the declaration of independence for an extra credit report that i needed to do!
betsy, 17 [05-21-2006]

john adms [05-21-2006]

I thought that this is a good website
Jonatha Karloski, age 13 [05-21-2006]

i am very happy you made the declaration of independence now some people know there laws and rights
Nicole, 4043 Wood Dr. Walnutport P.A. 18088 [05-21-2006]

Mark Halfman [05-21-2006]

pinky [05-21-2006]

Jovany [05-21-2006]

Riley [05-21-2006]

jon [05-21-2006]

I think that this site is good for looking up who did what and why they did it. It is really good for homework.
Alyna, Oakland,CA [5-21-06] [05-21-2006]

marvel [05-21-2006]

How come nobody talks like the people who signed the Declaration of Independence anymore? A language so lost sometimes I wonder if anyone knows what it means.
DJC, Age-19 [05-21-2006]

i think your website is fab and i have found everything i was looking fori was most imprest by the photo of the actual declaration and a one were you can read it. thankyou
lewis cook, i live in durham England [05-21-2006]

I have been reserching for 2 years now and i have never seen so much intresting information.
Matthew shier, age 12, location engalnd [05-21-2006]

Pleasant design, successful navigation.
Bill [05-21-2006]

Cool site!
Bill, Kiev [05-21-2006]

Very informative site. Successful structure.
Helga [05-21-2006]

Jonas [05-17-2006]

I have visited this web site and it is great. It gives a lot of info about it. It really helped learn stuff. Now I know almost everything about the Declaration of Independence
Marisa Borel, oxnard,ca 93036 [05-17-2006]

Thank you so much for this wonderful compact information about the different act that led to the American Revolution. This was very beneficial to my research for my paper.
Bridgette Vigo, Kingsburg, CA age 32 [05-17-2006]

Oh, where are the great statesmen of yesteryear, like Jefferson? We could use men like him now.
Jeff, Washingtonville, NY 56 [05-17-2006]

I think that this is a very good site that a lot of people would go into. The Declarataion Guestbook website is a good one! I thenk it helps me think of history and it is also fun to read and look at the site! See ya later!
melody [05-17-2006]

this is a very good site! It helps me learn about history and is very fun to look at!I think more people should look at it. bye!
madi [05-17-2006]

Proud to be American.
Fatoumata Sillah, Walnut Creek, CA [05-17-2006]

Excellent site, added to favorites!
alprazolam xanax, Chicago [05-17-2006]

Gage Miller [05-17-2006]

This site is very helpful for 7 and 8 grades social studies homework!
Autumn [05-17-2006]

I had to do a newspaper article on the Declaration of Independence and this website helped me out a lot.
anonymous [05-17-2006]

you guys this website is so cool and it helped me a lot with my homework! lauren age 11
lauren [05-17-2006]

On this website their should be a version of the Declaration of Independence so that students can understand it better.
tiffany, Renton, WA 17 [05-17-2006]

i think that thomas jefferson was trying to set his county freedom.
Marshall MURRAY, 15 years old york city [05-17-2006]

jo [05-17-2006]

chester morris, SSG, U.S. Army [05-17-2006]

I'm a homeschool mom brushing up on my history. This is a very nice site. I've learned more here than I ever did in school!
Sarah [05-17-2006]

you guys did a great job on this said i give a certifacate of a job well done
andee, your te best people [05-17-2006]

I think you should create a link that makes the decleratoin of independence to understand
anonymous [05-17-2006]

I love your web site. It is great.
Jonathan Garcia, Brooklyn, New York 13 [05-17-2006]

Very informative site. Successful structure.
Helga [05-17-2006]

the decleration is cool!U should watch the movie national tresurer whoever made this the ways im only 12. my bday is in august.
carol, toronto, canada [05-17-2006]

hi whats up?
Nicolette [05-17-2006]

please Vote - Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. All citizen's stand-up and be counted - U.S.A. is your land.
ROY BENSON, u.s.a. citizen [05-17-2006]

Matteo [05-17-2006]

Zain [05-17-2006]

i was just thinking while my mom was at somewhere she brought back history i thought i was going to find more about my family history my mom said we were related to John hankock im still going to find out more
alix, 10 [05-17-2006]

This is the greatest piece of American History
Edwin Weeks III, Marcellus, NY [05-17-2006]

Cool site! I like it! Thanks!
Kodko, New York [05-17-2006]

I am a treaser hunter. I hunt for the doller bills. I read the D of I carefully and have 26 copies of the D of I and 3 copies of the 100$ and 1 copy of the 2$ bill. I take emy work very seriousely. I think if the other americans care about the founding fathers and country's past and history they should work as I- mabey not as hard but good. I know that this is not the statis quo but still...
Micki [05-17-2006]

hey in class im doin a report on ben and this worked out GREAT! Thanks, Dani
Dani [05-17-2006]

I am a distant cousin of charles
dee twinam [05-17-2006]

l, okc [05-17-2006]

Patrick Raulerson [05-17-2006]

Taylor [05-17-2006]

Follow your dreams, you can reach your goals.
misty [05-17-2006]

I am here to say hello and you have a great site!
Chuke [05-17-2006]

I think it's really cool that you have this website here so now I can find my ancestors on it!
Tidy the Pirate, Brea, CA age 10 [05-17-2006]

On the back of a U.S two dollar bill is a picture of a Black Man at the signing of the Declaration of Independence! What was his name and who was he? What titles did he hold? Why is he never mention in history but is clearly engraved on U.S. currency showing the greatest document of America? Please help me with this history project. Thank you in advance. D. Anthony
D.Anthony, Los Angeles California-- [05-17-2006]

I was wondering if I can find more facts about the Declaration of Independence on the internetif so please email be back . I like to know more about the Declaration of Independence than what I know about it right know, and I would like to try to read it because I would like to know what they said on it.I like learning about it is a hobby for me because it is fun.I wuld like to know how hard it was for them people who live long ago.What did they like about this? Was it a good choice. If you could email me back I would like it.
Orlynda, Elko nevada 11 years old [05-17-2006]

anonymous [05-17-2006]

Your site is very well done. I wish more children knew about it. Thank you for this opportunity.
anonymous, nc [05-17-2006]

Very good site!
Dominic, Los Angeles [05-17-2006]

lee, citronelle [05-17-2006]

i think it is so cool how you show us the original copy.
marianna, 11 [05-11-2006]

Very good site!
Aron, Moscow [05-11-2006]

suka [05-11-2006]

i would like to know if you can help me answer the questions of the 5 w's where,what why, when, and who of the Declaration of Independance
angelika, massapequa,n.y. 9yrs this is an interesting site this is very helpful for my social studies project [05-11-2006]

It was a good site to write my paper on.
Taylor [05-11-2006]

This is a wonderful wealth of information. Good Luck!
Den, New York [05-11-2006]

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Fereros, New York [05-11-2006]

Hi everyone! I think your site is very interesting and useful. I always bookmarked it.
osru, osru [05-11-2006]

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Meagan, Dallas,TX [05-11-2006]

I THINK THE DECLAration is interesting
Steven [05-11-2006]

thanks for helping on my social studies project:)
aak, 12 years old [05-11-2006]

Very good site!
Aron, Los Angeles [05-11-2006]

im part of Stephen Hopkins!
jessica white, ohio state [05-11-2006]

this for my sisters project she is 9 years old. and shes doing this for a school project. she seems very interested and would like to learn more. if posibible would you send me more information on the declaration of independence
ebonee brown, san antonio age 14 volleyball rocks [05-11-2006]

Would like to thank you for very much for this interesting site!
Mike, 4 [05-11-2006]

Kat [05-11-2006]

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Arnie, Moscow [05-11-2006]

Very good site!
Bill, Los Angeles [05-11-2006]

I love to learn about the past and things about I like this!
Lora Youngblood [05-11-2006]

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It was interesting to read that my relative John Dickinson (Delaware) was not able to attend the signing and sent george read in his stead.
Robert Dickinson, Lancaster,Pennsylvania [05-11-2006]

I want to thank (and applaud) Quintonya for her comments, most importantly, her understanding (without prejudice) of the difficulties our ancestors have had to endure. God Bless You!
Dan Henry, New Jersey [05-11-2006]

Behold the sacred document that needed to come forth as a shining beacon to all nations as a standard for all human dignity and liberty! God preserve the nation from those who would take our freedoms from us.
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I think this is a good wabsite that everybody need to come on. know the History of the Declaration Of Independence and just to know what the men that sign it had to put with.It wasn't like they just sign it and that was it.No some of them were killed or there family were tooking from them.To me thats something that everybody should be thankful for.even people of color Becuase with out them we'll still be thats something that everbody should thank about ..what these man did for you..
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A Chinese Living in Canada, but Cherishing the American Dreams for Years! Sad for his native country's despotism. Sad that he could not return back to his native land again. Sad he could not go to the States for a new life there. A very nice Web site! BY DJ GUO
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