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Fantastic reference site! Thank you for your dedication to our historical preservation. Continued success to you all!
D. Clark, Houston, Texas [12-26-2001]

Dear Friends I liked too much, the site. I hope to have had an little learning about america history. Sincerely.
José Pinheiro Neto, Brazil [12-26-2001]

Printing out info re Thomas Lynch, from whom we are descended, for my granddaughter of a Christmas stocking stuffer. Thank you.
jack bradshaw [12-22-2001]

I think this web site is wonderful. I am a direct decendent of Robert Morris and I have had trouble finding information on him. Thank you!
Lillian Pettit, West Chester, Pa Age -17 [12-22-2001]

What an excellent site.Thanks for the information on The Declaration of Indepecdence!
Kokestia, Oklahoma,City,age:13 [12-22-2001]

everyday i visit your site, i dont know what i would do with out it....thanks guys
rich [12-22-2001]

this sight is amazing...i alawys come here
richard [12-22-2001]

great site guys, keep up the good work. im on your site all of the time
mo [12-22-2001]

carlos robles, So. California [12-22-2001]

this is a great website!!!
Sara Spies, age:13 [12-22-2001]

Well I'll think I'll get a good grade with all the info you gave me about Thomas Stone.Thank Ya!
Phylicia [12-22-2001]

Maks, Noyabrsk,Russia [12-17-2001]

You's saved my u know what i almost got and F but you's here at this site gave me all the info i needed!!Thanx a bunch!!
Tiffani, 13 [12-17-2001]

Good site 4 lookin up T.J. info
Addie, CB Iowa [12-17-2001]

Tim Nickelson, I'm 13 [12-17-2001]

You need to have more pictures of what happend
Lisa Magaw, Elmira Ny 14904 [12-17-2001]

chris [12-17-2001]

I love to Read about the Presidents!
Jenny [12-17-2001]

monica watkins, Osceola, 17 [12-17-2001]

Thank you for puting your time in so people can learn of history the right way
anonymous [12-17-2001]

hello i just wanted to sighn this cuz i thought it would be cool. i was on this site because i have to write a paper on the suger tax. this site was realy helpful. well thanks a lot bye e-mail me to who ever this goes to i like to chat lol! later
melissa, im 13 [12-17-2001]

gosh I needed info on Boston Massacre
paula angela jackson, silver spring, maryland [12-17-2001]

this was the s***!! thanx a bunch i hope i get a good grade on my report
Juls A., somewhere out there [12-17-2001]

Juls Abernathy [12-17-2001]

this site has been very helpful in my school report on the declaration of independence.
Shane Palmerlee [12-17-2001]

Roger Cummings [12-17-2001]

I tbink that you need more on the actual people i am doing a school research project on the signers of the Declaration of independence. And i need more information and i would like more spacific information aon a spacific signer. His name is Joshiah Bartlett. Excuse me if the writing is incorrect. Thamk you for you time and i apreiciate you help. This a very big and improtand web site and is usefull in the process of informational but it needs more spaciic info.
Taylor Miller, no [12-17-2001]

good job
joey montes and james wickham, 8th graders [12-17-2001]

I think that us history is really good. I go here for most of my information for history projects.
Ed, 14 - 8th grade [12-17-2001]

I think you people should tell me where the Declartion was signed. thanks
Lindsay Renae Giles, Willow Lake SD 13years of age I'm an 8th grader [12-17-2001]

sanowa, im in the 8th grade [12-17-2001]

I think this is a very useful sight, it helped me a lot with my report on the Declaration of Independance, another way to get a lot of info. is to check links
Justin Littke, From Va [12-12-2001]

its cool
lyndie holthaus, im 13 [12-12-2001]

angie valdez [12-12-2001]

I really like this website it has great information u can find it easilly and it helps a lot when u are researhing the revolutionary war. Thank You
Brandy Johnston [12-12-2001]

I am working on an article about the printing of the Declaration of Independence. The different versions of the drafts and of the printed text were helpful.
M. Kathryn Huse [12-12-2001]

pretty good site ya'll
Daniel (A.K.A.)Chang Shong, 12 yrs.old - Doing research for school [12-12-2001]

i would like to have more info about the type of reactions that the neutrolists,loyalists,patriots, had in does years. please i really need this information thank
Iliana, *****************************************?**** [12-12-2001]

I so think that this declaration of independece stuff is way cool!
Princess, age 15 Lumberjack-city I'm in da 10th grade [12-12-2001]

john is a wonderful writer maria and mariyln think that.
maria maldonado, 11 [12-12-2001]

Freedom certainly isn't free. What we owe these men can never be repaid, other than to be sure we remain free, and preserve the USA.
Carl P. Cardey, Hemet, CA age 68 [12-12-2001]

thanx fo' da information!!!!
rishaline galiendes [12-12-2001]

Lexi, I'm in 8th grade [12-10-2001]

cara Rossman [12-10-2001]

As a History Teacher and simply a lover of the past, I truly enjoyed the short bios for all the signers. Great Site!
Chester Richardson, History Teacher [12-10-2001]

hey everyone who is reading this thing!~* wutzup? well i'm just doing my history homework on this website and got bored of working and decided to take a break and just relax and type~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ok that's enough~* well i guess i better get back to work<><><><><><><><><>-Krysta P.S. I LOVE BRENTON!!!
Krysta, San Antonio, 8th grade~*~*~* [12-09-2001]

was Josiah Bartlett a relative
L.A. Bartlett [12-09-2001]

Thanks for the information about John Hancock and Benjamin Franklin. Thanks again. I will always use this site for any history assignment. Thanks.
Carl Levi Bunnage, Fairfield IL age 13 play basketball [12-09-2001]

Amanda, 10 [12-08-2001]

I just love this website you can get a lot of information from this it helps helps you a lot in school!!!!!!!It helped me a lot with my DAR report.
Hanna Jacobs, 10years old North Augusta SC [12-08-2001]

I think this is a great website! I found every thing I needed for my DAR report.
Heather Biddlecome, 10 yrs. [12-08-2001]

this has helped a lot with my project thank you very much sinceraly
arbi, age 14 state california [12-08-2001]

I love history!
Nicole, 10 [12-08-2001]

Connie Baker, Harrogate. Tn. [12-08-2001]

Bransky bernard, yes I would like to know about JFK when he died and when he was bron [12-08-2001]

I'm on here for a report about the signers of the "Declaration of Independence" I know Christy.
Aaron, Nacogdoches,TX ; 14 [12-05-2001]

Shenijua [12-05-2001]

Sheena and Shiryl Best friends Forever
Sheena Ellis and Shiryl Oser, corinth, 13, [12-05-2001]

Kayla Martin [12-05-2001]

Nice site! We've developed a FUN, FREE service for schools, scouts, families and young people to help increase the reading of the Declaration of Independence at: Keep up the great work!
Bob Moran, From New Jersey, father of four. [12-05-2001]

i like this web site
DEanna Clark, i live in thew US [12-05-2001]

Kyla Chase, 1611 Charnbrook Mchenry ILL 60050 [12-05-2001]

melissa, 12 [12-05-2001]

Hey, I think that you should have a lot more information please send me Emails about the Decloration of Indipendance
Kyla Chase, 1611 Charnbrook McHenry ILL 60050 [12-05-2001]

phyllis booth, what happened after signing of declaration of indepence [12-05-2001]

I think James Smith is related to me,Kody smith.
James(Kody)Smith, 11, Lufkin,TX [12-05-2001]

I am doing a reaserchy report on the signers of the Deceration of Independance. I thaght that this was a pretty good cite to get my info for my asst. Thankx for the tips!
Sude, 13 years old @ Walhalla Middle School. GO HOGS!!!! [12-05-2001]

this site is a web site that gives good info. on info. that i needed to know. i also liked it and learned. good luck.
billy hummerflap, 12 year old [12-05-2001]

what would happen if it wasnt sing
stephenjefferson [12-05-2001]

I love doing research!
Lauren, research for school project [12-05-2001]

America for every. go us. kill bin
Josh, Montpelier ohio [12-05-2001]

My daughter and I are doing research and this site seems to be the one with the most imformation we need.
Dallas Asher, Martinsville, IN [12-05-2001]

hiya doin??
Sheena [12-05-2001]

this site kicks a**
eric bly, 14,montpelier ohio [12-05-2001]

Donovan, Houston,16 [12-05-2001]

history is great
christie, nac 13 [12-03-2001]

we liked the site but we could use some more info. on the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
Eric -n- Amanda [12-03-2001]

tylee [12-03-2001]

It did not have everything that i was looking for but overall it was a pretty good site
Chris Caprara [12-03-2001]

This really is a great site!!!!!If you don't know a lot about American History you have come to the best website by far, One other thought I have for all to ponder.. At one time during the history of this country all of the congresmen attended the same church, Imagine if that was to happen today, How great that would be.....
Michael J. Ducary, Lower Burrell, PA . 33y/o [12-03-2001]

I'm a 11th grade student who takes Ap US history #1 and would like info on anything you recommen for me. Thank you.
Samantha [12-02-2001]

casey miles [12-02-2001]

Great site helped but I was looking for specific info where can I go to ask questions?
Mancil Russell, Independence Ore. [12-02-2001]

I wantto knowwho started it and i think Plymouth is a cool name.
Bridgette Velasquez, Auburn 11 November 22 1990 [12-01-2001]

I thought this siite was very informative and i will be happy to visit this site again
Susan Murphy, Big River, California, 41 yrs old [12-01-2001]

william jacobs, houston texas [12-01-2001]

Christina Holloway, Niece of Abrahan Clark, NJ 1726-1794 [12-01-2001]

i like this site i's easy to find stuff
ryan, 13/m/il [12-01-2001]

Beka, dc, age 10 [12-01-2001]

this is helping my bestfriend danielle and me a lot!!!! THANKSSS
Callista, Vandalia,10 yrs.old,5th grade [12-01-2001]

the dec. was a good thing always will be too it helping me do a essay for the d.a.r
Danielle, vandalia,10,5th grade [12-01-2001]

I am doing an essay for the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution this web site really helped me get good info thanks. Zap!!
Ella, I am in 8th grade [12-01-2001]

dont have any
roselyn todd, G'ville, 13 [12-01-2001]

jeezus! ur web iz kewl! i luv it! keep up with it!
Jackie!, ah,, i donno [12-01-2001]

tonya [12-01-2001]

catrona Samborski [12-01-2001]

lauren, libery ky [12-01-2001]

This is a great site for school and for going back in history!!!
Diamond Spark [12-01-2001]

i love america
ashley, 16 [12-01-2001]

Thank you for all the info , it was very helpful. great website
robert greb , new palestine, IN [11-28-2001]

I really enjoyed the virtual tour my family is thinking of moving to Pa. and we need info
Fran Connolly , e.Npt,N.Y. [11-28-2001]

this was a wonderful website
JAde Hardaway , age 12 [11-28-2001]

i love patrick Henry. I admire his speech and i wish i can be just like him -Snick Snick
Nick Molinaro , 13 [11-28-2001]

this website was great! it helped me get research done for a school paper......thanks so much!
Erin Blossom , im 11 yrs old and into the Declaration! [11-28-2001]

if you can send me some stuff on william hooper, the signer of the dedclaration, please send it to me @
josiah [11-28-2001]

Great admirer of T. Jefferson Graduate of University of Virginia
Bob Fox [11-28-2001]

i think this is really cool
raymond [11-28-2001]

This site is very good for all sorts of things including, reports, Biographys, or any kind of research on the American History
Andy B. , Arcata, California Age 14 [11-28-2001]

This is a very informative and astonishing site. It has really helped me out in much of my research.
Kristin [11-28-2001]

need info on dec. of independance
salie wright [11-28-2001]

I think this is a very good resource to help with projects
Samantha Sphatt , 11 [11-28-2001]

felicia [11-28-2001]

I'm have to make a newspapaer for Social Studies & this site is a really big help. Thanks.
Sherri Contento , Troy, Ohio [11-28-2001]

HI! this website is really cool!! it helped me with my essay that i have to do!! Thanks a lot!! :)
Anila [11-28-2001]

This is a really cool sight it helped me out with my project. I can find out allot of info on it. Thx
Megan , 12 [11-28-2001]

very good page informational
lizzy [11-28-2001]

Joshua Townsend [11-28-2001]

this page is very helpful
Jason , : ) [11-28-2001]

i think this is a cool site!
Katie Johnson , doing report for school [11-28-2001]

this site is good for DAR reports.
crystal , berkeley springs west virgina [11-28-2001]

najee [11-28-2001]

no comment
johnathon [11-28-2001]

I was always interested in the Declaration of Independence.I have learned a lot.
Nicole Joiner , Bartow, Florida- I am 13 years old [11-28-2001]

This is a Great Web Site and is very informative. I am so pleased to find a copy of the Declaration of Independence on this site and the actual legible text to better understand it! Thank-you for your devotion to our country. God Bless America!
Rusty L. Gehrisch , Mansfield, Ohio [11-28-2001]

I'm writing a inspirational note for our soldiers about honor and wanted more on the phrase "our sacred honor." Thanks
Chaplain Brian Crane [11-28-2001]

this is a very helpful site, especally if you have to do a school report like i do.
Lindsay [11-28-2001]

please send me the declaration of independance history and this has been a helpfulsite
Candycane , houston texas [11-28-2001]

suzanne [11-28-2001]

this is great. i wish the bios were a little longer but it is nice that they are short becouse they are nice and esay to read
Ed Argyle , i go to Pionner middle school Tustin [11-28-2001]

this is great. i wish the bios were a little longer but it is nice that they are short becouse they are nice and esay to read
Ed Argyle , i go to Pionner middle school Tustin [11-28-2001]

Thank you for actually having information on this topic. I have searched everywhere and no one has had information it! Well, finally a useful site!
Nicole Lindsey [11-28-2001]

it was great! it really helped me on my Social Studies paper! Thank YOU!
Sophie [11-28-2001]

I think this site is the bomb
Courtney [11-28-2001]

This website has provided me with useful information that has helped make my project for school much easier. Thanx to all ur helpz. ~ kthx
Dude , I'm a dude [11-28-2001]

this is a great web site my teacher Mrs.Harkins told me about it (thanks)
Anna pifer , 10 [11-28-2001]

thanx. yer site helped me a lot on my paper.
Jane , Los Angeles [11-28-2001]

hey hey! i live in the greatest country on earth- THE GREATEST! any site that advertises the fact that we have an amazing history,and we've always stuck together~ therefore we can't be beaten, ROCKS!
--$--(@) Rose , age 13, IL [11-28-2001]

If we did`nt have the declaration of indepndence we wouldn`t be free and have our rights.
kristie konersmann , I`m proud [11-28-2001]

cool sight
Tash [11-28-2001]

this web site is very helpful. I really got a lot of info here. Thanks!
amanda , I'm a 7th grder [11-28-2001]

pozdrowienia dla was
Marlena , knuroof, Poland [11-28-2001]

it is a good site i got what i need thank you for your is important mainly here in morocco there is a lack of english book.
chafika affaq [11-28-2001]

you need more information on Samuel Adams and how he influenced the Declaration of Independence
Name Name [11-28-2001]

Pretty cool site! Very helpful:) Thanks from a very good student.
Nicole Marie Medina , San Jose California [11-22-2001]

I live in the town where William Hooper is buried. Childsburg N.C.(Hillsborough N.C.)
Thomas Hallman [11-22-2001]

cool stuff
ashley [11-22-2001]

Theresa [11-22-2001]

Megan Murphy , Connersville,IN. 11years old [11-22-2001]

Great Site.. It helped me out on my D.A.R. Bye!
Mary , 13 yr. CT [11-22-2001]

God Bless America!!!
*Anna Lewis* , Georgia, 15 [11-22-2001]

I hope I win the $100 U.S. savings bond
Mukul Chawla , I'm 11 [11-22-2001]

thank you for this history site. it has helped me with my dar paper a lot.i just wish there was more info on willam seems for all the things that he did in his life, there would be more info on him.
Kirstin Harshman , Age 11 ,Akron In. [11-22-2001]

this is a good site but it needs more on the indeviduale people
cody , 13 orlando midll [11-22-2001]

i found a lot of info. on john hancock for an essay i am going to do on him and another declaration signer.
Jade Valenzuela [11-22-2001]

very helpful
Holly , LaGrange,GA [11-22-2001]

I'm researching this for a school project.
Sara Browne , Midland , Mi age:13 [11-22-2001]

the Declaration of independence was a wonderfully done document by one of our greatest writers.
Juana winslow , tucson, Az, 16 yrs. old [11-22-2001]

This is a good site to get info on!!!
Caitlin Marcum , Church Hill 13 [11-22-2001]

Kayla Murphy [11-22-2001]

I have used this site for my DAR essay. This site rocks.
Carl levi , I live in Fairfield, IL [11-22-2001]

Shawn Bazinet [11-22-2001]

Really good website. Full of very useful information. An excellent resource.
Alex , New Jersey [11-22-2001]

good info!
luke , willsboro, 13 [11-22-2001]

i guess all i have 2 say is i need help with my report.
Candy , 13/f/wv [11-22-2001]

nicole silvio , west warwick 12 tears old [11-22-2001]

Hey, this is a great website for finding out information about the declaration of independence
Caroline [11-22-2001]

I think that the delartion is very important to the way people live these days.
Ashley Terrell , Lewisburg, Tn 37091 age:15 [11-22-2001]

Now I'm not stuck on my DAR report thanks to you!I like this website!
Melody Zhang , 9 years old. 5th grade [11-22-2001]

Elaine Tepley [11-22-2001]

This is a great place to come to get help. Nice!
Beth , 12 [11-22-2001]

Ny name is Charles G. Nestor. My grandfather is Charles Hart, and his father was a cousin to John Hart, the 13th signer. I am looking for a book profiling the life of John Hart. There was on published entitled "The Harts of Randolph." If you have any information about this book or another one please e-mail me. Thank you for your sight! Charlie
Charles G. Nestor [11-22-2001]

Your website was great. I have to rewrite the Declatation,thanks for all your help!
Michelle , Im 12 years old [11-22-2001]

I need help on the decleration of independence.
Chuck Blackman [11-22-2001]

can you plese send me the names f the the signers of the declaration of independece
ashley thome , pinegrove 15 pa [11-22-2001]

Bruce Willis was born March 19, 1955 @ 1:37am in Idar-Oberstein, West Germany 2 miles away from the hospital where his mother, Marlene Willis was born.
Brucey Willis , I am a meat popsicle!~*~* [11-22-2001]

i think that this site is great . it shows all the information kids need without going through trouble with bad stuff on the net.
monica , Williamsburg,KY age10 5grade attendingWilliamsburg Independent School [11-22-2001]

I have no idea about anything that has to do with the declaration of independence. I am just here for a school report. See Ya!!!
Erika Kirk , Morganton, NC I am 14 yrs old [11-22-2001]

i like your web site but i think you should have things like how they feel about the declaration of independace and what things they riked signing the delaration!!! otherwise this a very good site especially for me cuase i'm doing a report on him for my speech class!!!!
sarah , i go to RSMS juinor high and i'm in seventh grade [11-22-2001]

Nathan Terrell [11-22-2001]

sean smith [11-22-2001]

hope i pass this class.
billy bob , 13 [11-22-2001]

i like this but i need sidnitures of the signers for a prject please see if yall can put that on the site
niusha , none [11-22-2001]

Patrick Henry is related to me somehow. I think on my grandmothers side. So when i found out i got a big interest in him I am also doing a calender about him for school. So youre website is a big help
lindsey , 14, Columbia Middle School [11-22-2001]

I like the website of the signers of Declaration of Independence.I need it for a schoole project so it really helps
Kayla [11-22-2001]

hey this is a really good website. it is good for me because i am using it for a school thing and it helped me a lot thank you so much!
lindy , im white [11-22-2001]

Cool Site!
Annie Grissom , Anchorage Alaska [11-22-2001]

get a life man it's just a project
Krisitna Kuttler , Oakley,Ca 95525 18 year s old [11-22-2001]

I hope I get a good grrade on my assignment!!
Matt , no way! [11-22-2001]

this is a great site
Lauren Hosler , 12 [11-22-2001]

This site really helped me with a school project.
Kayti Matthes , I'm only 13 [11-22-2001]

i'ts very helpful. oh and by the way i'm a fifth grader at sebastian elem.
Heather , Sebastian 10years [11-22-2001]

Sherry Champagne [11-22-2001]

Ashton workman [11-22-2001]

go united states and be brave.... united we stand
amber , 11 yrs old [11-22-2001]

I think u should put more info about the signers on each of teir pages
amber , 11 yrs old [11-22-2001]

Katelyn , age:11 [11-22-2001]

i really think that your site is cool and that it helped me with my need more pictures of stuff though...its nice that you have the declaration of independence
Matt Parker , Athens,Tx 75752........14 years old [11-22-2001]

Hi my name is Heather and when I get old enough to have a job I want to be part of America's government
Heather Weaver , Damascus, Georgia, 13 Female [11-22-2001]

its great
calvin , Milpitas,11 years old [11-22-2001]

I think the website is good for people who need information on the DECLARATON OF INDEPENDENCE.
Priyanka Patel , 10 [11-22-2001]

cherrie hunsaker [11-22-2001]

this site has lots of helpful imfo. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jason bridges [11-22-2001]

I love how you thought of putting the document and this information on the internet. I am realloy fasinated by a lot of this stuff and it also helps m eon my soscial studies work!thanks agiain!!
Katie , i am 13 [11-22-2001]

i think that you were really brave if you sinedthe declaration of Independence
amanda smith , hope 14 [11-22-2001]

nikki [11-22-2001]

bubba , lk [11-22-2001]

i think it is interesting
eric wooddell , 12 years old [11-22-2001]

Brennan chandler [11-22-2001]

i think this page is soo awsome! I ABSOLUTLY LOV IT! AHHHHHH!!
Amanda , i luv u! [11-22-2001]

I like your website!!!
jules , age 76 [11-22-2001]

i think this is a GREAT website!!!
Julie Collins [11-22-2001]

i am at school
blake collins , 14,tx,garland [11-22-2001]

This is a awsome website for book reports ,term papers,and just learning
Rayn Ferguson [11-22-2001]

There aint no Dought I love this land God will protect us all no matter what so belive in his son Jesus and you will be saved God watch over us
Chris , Blakely, Georgia [11-22-2001]

Go Florida State Seminoles
Alan Roberts , Blakely Georgia [11-22-2001]

god bless the usa.
Davis , Blakely [11-22-2001]

the declaration of independence really interest me. i have to do a 600-1000 word essay for the declaration of independence3 and this site really helped me out a lot.
Laurie Campbell , greenview Il [11-22-2001]

Wonderful site i used it for a school project thanx!
Sara [11-22-2001]

I really like this website. It really helped me on my homework. Thanx a bunch!
Natalie R. [11-22-2001]

stephanie gooding [11-22-2001]

Vive la reveloucion!
Elli , 13, Florida. [11-22-2001]

Kayla N. Murphy [11-22-2001]

Grace C. [11-22-2001]

can you email me at and give me information on events leading up to the declaration of independance? please it is for my history day report! i need info. pleeaase
Courtney johnson , temecula ca. [11-22-2001]

ashley [11-22-2001]

This helped me and my friends during our projecct.
Tara Harford , Hamburg N.J 13 years old Field Hocky Rocks [11-22-2001]

sara [11-22-2001]

i am proud of it!
KeAngela Yarbrough , Blakely, Georgia 31723 [11-22-2001]

this is a great website i like it a lot
matt faisst [11-22-2001]

Britt , nope [11-22-2001]

meg [11-22-2001]

hallie mercer [11-22-2001]

nice website!
Kati [11-22-2001]

Yhis site is a lot of help. My DAR essay is due in 2 days and I haven't even started it so this helped with most of the info.
Brantley , na, sc 13 [11-22-2001]

This site has helped me with my DAR essay
Lacey Blair , Age 11, from N. Augusta SC [11-22-2001]

Hi! I love your site! It's helped me a lot for my DAR essay. I'll recommend you to all my friends. (they're having trouble finding info)
Maggie [11-22-2001]

Laura Hanifan [11-22-2001]

sam , georgia [11-22-2001]

your site has been helpful to me
w [11-22-2001]

I hope that I can get a good grade on my assighnment
Amy Young , I am 11 years old [11-09-2001]

Good website very helpful
Shayla , live in Georgia [11-09-2001]

Lary Friend [11-09-2001]

i hope this helps with my asssignment
Lacey Bibler [11-08-2001]

Kelly Nichols [11-08-2001]

I think that this is the best web sight about the Declaration of Independence.
Jessica [11-08-2001]

nice site, kinda boring though
brad [11-08-2001]

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miichael jhonson , escondido 16 male [11-08-2001]

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Sara , Greenback, Tn. age 17 [11-08-2001]

This is a really good site!! I've used it for ALL of my history projects. including for the DAR essay contest.
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Al;exandra B. Hortman , 15 yrs old Pine Bluff AR, Waston Chapel High School [11-07-2001]

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Jimmy Kouzios , South Bend,Indiana age11 [11-07-2001]

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Elizabeth Shepard , Aiken, 13, info for school project [11-07-2001]

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Maryanna Elease Franks , Prolle IA I am single [11-07-2001]

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Leah Kutches , I live in IL. I am 12.5 years old - student [11-07-2001]

Great site for information, but not enough details on the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
Sarah Núñez , Daphne,Alabama [11-07-2001]

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Juan Felipe Candanoza , Bogota, Colombia, SA. 12 years old [11-07-2001]

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Britani Fisher , johnson city 14 [11-02-2001]

This is an intresting website. It is very educational and condenced. I,m wondering what resources you used and if your opened to new ideas such as famous music people listened to back in the1600-1700's. Your website is awsome. Thanks four your info. Love Ya Babe! Bye!
Christina Sauter , Sykesvile,Maryland 12 [11-02-2001]

thanks for the picture of the stamp!
Katie , Im 13 years old in my 8th grade history class right now [11-02-2001]

thanx, this will soooo- help with my essay on the declaration of independece! thanx again, Amanda
Amanda , age 13 [11-01-2001]

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Shinae , 14-oklahoma,USA [11-01-2001]

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Paul S. Cain , Nampa, Idaho [11-01-2001]

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Janie Trujillo , clovis, nm age 41 [11-01-2001]

I am helping my daughter gather information so that she can write an essay on two signers of the Declaration.
Jeanene J. Lee , Tabor City 41 Teacher [11-01-2001]

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Andrea [11-01-2001]

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Cole Odom , Blakely, Ga (12 years old) [11-01-2001]

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Emi , Brooklyn, NY, 12 yrs. [11-01-2001]

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Kasa Hester , Winder, 13 [11-01-2001]

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Great webpage!
R. Blaser [11-01-2001]

Very valuable info. I really need some ideas on what the King of England's reaction was to the actual signing. He had to be very angry and prob. said as much. i can not find any info on his thoughts and actions other than the war that was declared. Any insight? Thanks a bunch.
Krista Barnes , 8th grader/Monroe Academy [11-01-2001]

Thanks, I had to do my essay for DAR and this site really helped me!
Chris , Corpus Christi, Texas, 14, Flour Bluff ISD [11-01-2001]

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An up-to-date source of our common origins.
Matteo La Porta , Citizen resideing abroad (from NJ) [10-25-2001]

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Devin Vogel [10-24-2001]

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I, as are others, am doing the Daughters of the American Revolution essay and this site has helped me tremendously. This essay will be tough, but I'm sure we can all come up with something good! Peace!! :o)
Katie , age 13, grade 8 [10-24-2001]

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Jennifer Sun , Age:11 Birmingham, Al [10-22-2001]

Jennifer Sun [10-22-2001]

i think that its a good page..but it doesnt have what i want..or it doesnt have enough information. i need something on "speech of the virginia convention" and you dont have that...have a nice day! :)
Anna Moon , arkansas [10-22-2001]

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Britnee , 13 [10-22-2001]

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kandese brown [10-21-2001]

I am a descendant of Charles Carroll, through Ruby Carroll Oliver of Arkansas. I found this site, doing research for a class project. It made me really happy to see what a truly great legacy these courageous 56 men left behind. I am proud to see that someone in my family was a part of it.
Erin Smith , Memphis, TN, age 16 [10-21-2001]

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Bridget Jackson [10-17-2001]

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Daniel Thompson , Atlanta, 35, a school teacher [10-17-2001]

My class is searching your site now to research their DAR Essays on the signing of the DEclaration of Independence. They are signing in and making up fictional information about themselves for some wierd reason. We look forward to investigating this site.
Jan Mullins [10-17-2001]

I enjoy looking up things for the American Legion Auxiliary. I look for any thing on history on any documents such as History of the US Flay etc. Thanks for the information, Bonnie English
Bonnie English , Cape Girardeau, Mo. age 53(10-14-2001 [10-17-2001]

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Brian [10-13-2001]

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Kris , 12 years old [10-11-2001]

Brittany , Jasper AL. [10-11-2001]

Thank you for the site & all the info - learned more about my great g g g ...grandfather in 20 min. than in all my life. Those of you who are decendents - we need not take the responsibility of walking in our forefathers footsteps lightly. We follow not only purpose & destiny, but we have been covered with the Grace,Wisdom,Might,Peace & Liberty of God in countless prayers of those who have stood before us in the birth of The Land Of Free & The Home Of Brave. If the most you can do in your calling is pray, then please do so...& do not cease, because it is the most effective action we can take. It is an action agianst powers & principalities, the same powers & principalities our forefathers fought! Thank you all!! - United We Stand
maureen e. rude ( quinn ) , wynnewood,ok- born in syracuse,ny - 1959 - decendent of charles carrol through father on his mothers side - lillian geary of buffalo,ny [10-11-2001]

OMG like this page is so totally rad. You did such an awesome job on it. Send me tips and Information on Thomas Jefferson please before sunday; october 14, 2001...... I love this PAGE!!!! Love nicole
Nicole Wilson , 15 [10-11-2001]

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Cathy , Edgewood Middle School in Merritt Island, Florida [10-10-2001]

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Scott Heil , Edgewater, Fl [10-10-2001]

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Chris [10-10-2001]

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Danielle , 13 [10-10-2001]

I think it's a great site because it contains a lot of good info about a lot of people.
Stephanie Rocha , Lancaster,Tx 14 [10-10-2001]

none of the bio's i looked at say anything about them signing the declaration of independece!!!
danielle , 13 [10-10-2001]

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Alan Muckle , Beach ND 58621 age 17 [10-10-2001]

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Jon , 17 / m / va [10-10-2001]

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Phatpat [10-08-2001]

Heather M. , Milwaukee [10-08-2001]

WHERE IS JOHN DICKENSON????? I want to find him. Can you tell me where he is?
Ashlee C , L'ville Ga [10-08-2001]

This was fun!
Amelia [10-08-2001]

I'm soo happy i found your website... I had a contest entry due and i needed information on the decleration of independence and ya'll where a life saver! thank you sooo much
Christina , School ELMS age 13 [10-08-2001]

I was searching for imformation of my DAR report and when I saw all the signers and imformation I was very impressed!
Charlene Nguyen , Age 10 [10-06-2001]

this site is a very good site and very helpful too but if u can please send me information on how james wilson from philidelphia died thank you
unknown [10-04-2001]

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kaylah landes , council bluffs,iowa 51501 [10-03-2001]

it would be nice if you had more info on each person who signed the d.i.
Taylor [10-01-2001]

I really just wish I could learn more about the declaration of independence. But to bad they dont teach it all in school cuz it can be interesting if you sit down and take the time out to read it and study it. Peace Out ;) it.
JaieVisha Parker , Bullhead City Az 12 [10-01-2001]

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Jaie VishaParker [10-01-2001]

This is a very resourceful website
jane buck [09-30-2001]

I am an ancestor of John Penn. I have read some accounts that he was from Hillsborough and others that he was from Williamsboro, North Carolina. Where was he from? I was looking for an old home place or some historical information about his life.
Drew Eiker , McLeansville, NC 51 [09-29-2001]

Tina [09-29-2001]

This site helped me a lot for my DAR essay!
Samantha S. , North Carolina [09-29-2001]

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Orville Valdez [09-29-2001]

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Heather Hoffman , I'm12 1/2 Years old. I live in Millville,Mn [09-29-2001]

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Brittany Willbrandt [09-28-2001]

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Larissa Reed , age 11 [09-27-2001]

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Mr. Carnazzo is the best history teacher in the whole, wide, flat (not meaning to hurt it's feelings about its cup size) world.
undisclosed Palma Student , 16 yrs old [09-26-2001]

please more on ben franklin
Ashtin Dicochea [09-26-2001]

Scott M. Gyenes , High school teacher at York Country Day School (York, PA) and Professor of History at York College of Pennsylvania [09-26-2001]

USA rules
charlotte vorkinn , Sugar Land , TX [09-26-2001]

Great site for textual fanatics!
William W. Weber , I teach American History (including AP) and government on the High School level and American History and Western Civilization on the College level [09-22-2001]

I would like more info on Benjerman Franklin and Jhon Hancock. I am doing an essay contest!
Charles , 10 fay. [09-22-2001]

I really enjoyed reading about the Declaration of Independence. It had all the information I needed, and then some. Thank You for your help on my Grade A Project!!!
Ann Lowe [09-22-2001]

okay i already wrote something and i think i forgot to put my e-mail add.. so its and since i said i hope you do well to anyone else doing this asignment i meant the DAR Daughters of the American Revolution
Lauren [09-22-2001]

I have to do a report at school on the declaration of independence and I would really appriciate it if you could send me some info on Thomas Jefferson and Bejamin FRanklin if at all possible just email it to me if you would asap. Thank you and for anyone else doing this assingment I hope you do well.
Lauren [09-22-2001]

I am working on a school project and need to know the exact time the Declaration of Independence was signed. Thank You
Joe Jung [09-22-2001]

Thank you for you help. I was witting a speach on the signers of the Declaration of Independence. So thanks and I wish you well. You should keep working on the history. you are grate
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I never thought I would be going to a site like this.Im thirty years old, When in school hated history.Never really cared about history. Well there is now a war going on in the united States of America. I never in my wildest dreams would ever think this would happen. New York city thousands of people have died, A man named Bin Ladin.never knew who he was, till now. My family my friends there all victims of this war in New York, and it kills me. This really hit home.My brother inlaw is a police offcer In New York, As I write this Letter to you Hes digging under the rubbish of the World Trade Center, for bodies. friends are missing assumed not to live yet we have faith. Every day I cry myself to sleep, scared , and unsure, and sad. Thats why Im here on your web site,Inspiration, maybe. Thirty years being a American born and raised I never read the Declartion of Independence, I think its time I know what it said. As I was reading it tears fell from my eyes. God Bless America !! I will never forget Sep.11, 2001......
melanie jordan [09-19-2001]

it was very enlightening and i enjoyed it thouroughly. keep up the good work
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"For want of a nail the shoe is lost, for want of a shoe the horse is lost, for want of a horse the rider is lost, for want of the rider the battle is lost, for want of the battle the kingdom is lost, and all for the want of a nail" George Herbert, Poor Richard's Almanac The nail this country wants is God
Lafayette Williams , Washington, DC [09-15-2001]

This information was put together in such an easy understandable fashion. It was so easy to find information. My students will have no trouble doing their research paper. Thank you
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John H. Clymer , Massachusetts [09-11-2001]

PATRICK DAUDON ET CHARLES VALOT,ASSOCIATION LA ROCHEJACQUELEIN, INITIATEURS DE LA NORMANDY LIBERTY BELL suite a notre visite a PHILADELPHIE, nous sommes fiers, de saluer les Veterans Americains de nous avoir permis d etre LIBERTY BELL, symbole d'INDEPENDANCE trouvera sa place a BAYEUX en NORMANDIE pour que nos enfants... NEVER FORGET
patrick daudon , normandy france [09-11-2001]

I am in 12th grade and we are studying about the declaration of independence... I think what they did for this country was great
Jeanette Alvarez , Hi [09-11-2001]

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Hi I found out from looking some stuff up that I am actually a Descendent of Thomas Stone Thanks Just wanted to let you guys know pretty cool
Matt Williams , 15 years Old Poway California [08-29-2001]

Hi I founnd out from looking some stuff up that I am actually a Descendent of Thomas Stone Thanks Just wanred to let you guys know pretty cool
Matt Williams , 15 years Old Poway California [08-29-2001]

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Thanks for your information-I recently discovered that my ancestor, James Smith, was one of the signers. I enjoyed reading your information about him, and other signers.
Jo Nell Costello , Katy, Texas 44 yrs. old [08-29-2001]

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Ramirez, Vincent , Montclair, VA [08-29-2001]

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Daniel Morris Smith [08-29-2001]

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Jenna Nichole Cooley , I am 10 years old. I live in Anderson,S.C.! [08-29-2001]

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Sara [08-22-2001]

I was told a long time ago that my Mother's side of the faimly had Arthur Middleton on it. She as a child lived at the old Middleton Plantation in S.C., she was a Edmonds dauther of Middleton Leslie Edmonds
Bob Stapleton , 54 Pt. Townsend ,Wa [08-22-2001]

I am interested in finding out if The Stephen Hopkins who signed the Declaration is related to the Stephen Hopkins who came over on the Mayflower. My husband is related
Kathryn Snider , Yuma, AZ [08-19-2001]

Hi, I would just like to say that I really appreciate people who are willing to give up their time and entergy to put together this website. it has really helped me a lot in school. I had no clue what the Quartering Act was until I came here! Anyway, THANKS a lot!!
Vicky Chiri , Louisiana, 13 years old [08-17-2001]

What Jefferson wrote is one of the most brilliant documents in the history of man. We, as Americans, should fight every day to defend its every word and meaning. Today, I honor the memory of those who fought to defend our rights and freedoms in the second world war. The Greatest Generation. Every person in America should salute our senior generation. As for me, I give them all a simple "thank you".
Joshua Price , 23yrs--Walnut Grove, Alabama [08-17-2001]

Best source for someone interested in US history, who does not seriously learn that at school. I appreciate the historical documents on this site.
Lars , Flensburg, Germany, 18 years [08-17-2001]

Desparately looking for info on Declaration of Independence for study by second graders
anonymous , elementary (grade 2) teacher [08-12-2001]

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bruce williams , cincinnati ,i'm 53 [08-12-2001]

mark a boller , toronto,canada message: i believe there is more to america than what is posted here...i need more info.....anyone? [08-09-2001]

I am a retired secondary school administrator/history teacher. I wish I had had access to this website when I was teaching history. OUTSTANDING!
Jim Worrall , Perry, Georgia [08-06-2001]

Trying to find out about wives of George Read and Thomas Nelson. My wife may be kin to both signers of the Declaration of Independence but must have info on their two wives to guaranty. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Jim Worrall , Retired School Administrator/Teacher [08-06-2001]

Finding this webb site was Fabulous!!!!! it's always Honorable to hear about OUR Country...makes me proud to be an "American" ..
Sandra F. Ortiz , 33 yrs [08-01-2001]

I very much would like to know the names of all the children of Francis Lewis, signer of the Declaration of Independance. I have researched this as much as I know how and can only find the name of Morgan Lewis, his 2nd son. I am related to Francis Lewis but I believe it is through his first son.
Diana McLean [07-31-2001]

I am interested because I recently found that I am a direct decendent of Abraham Clark. It's exciting to learn more of the details of his life!
koffi martins , canada [07-26-2001]

I would like to have a list of all of the owners of the Tavern. It is a beautiful place. My wife's ancestor was a part owner at one time.
Thomas J Simpson , 71 years old AZ [07-26-2001]

Each day we loose small rights and freedoms (for the securty of all)I fear that in the days to come we will have neither(rights or freedoms)
EM Dickens sr , 59years old -Oregon [07-23-2001]

I am interested because I recently found that I am a direct decendent of Abraham Clark. It's exciting to learn more of the details of his life!
Mary Holmes [07-23-2001]

Great site!!!
Nathan Noland , [07-19-2001]

An exceptional site for those who are studying more depth for their family history. I'd like to see more family trees and bios on our founders.
DeWitt Taylor Brooks , A Virginian by birth and interest [07-15-2001]

anonymous [07-13-2001]

This is extraordinary!!
Tina , Colonial Williamsburg, Va. [07-12-2001]

I love history especially Early history of our country
Jean L Lewis , Thornton, CO [07-10-2001]

I personaly think that Jefferson was a great person.
Regina Murieta , Wisconson, 32yrs old [07-10-2001]

Its very important that we keep our history alive. Someone once said that those which forget the past are destined to repeat it.
Wendell Morgan , Gentry, Arkansas 42 [07-10-2001]

This site is absolutely amazing. I have spend countless hours readin almost everything available here. Truly an interesting and wonderful resource for all Americans and and the world to read.
Anthony Nero , Philadelphia, 28 y/o [07-10-2001]

My thoughts would take up volumes. But I would be interested in learning more about our founding fathers, their insights, thoughts, trials and tribulations while forming this magnificent document.
Dennis Vihnanek [07-10-2001]

I am a naturalized citizen and find the American history very interesting - I am always facinated with how all that were thought about and written and agreed upon has been, it seems interpreted in so many different ways, it seems the interpretation evolves over time. - But, I think, for the good of some people and not so good for others. - But - in the long run Democracy, free will, previals. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Judith , Worcester, MA, 46 yrs old [07-05-2001]

Because of my mother's birth in 1909 across from the green in Lexington, Ma., the 4th of July has greater significance for me. Also, being an Eagle Scout, past Scoutmaster, and growing up during World War II, with a brother serving in the U.S. Navy, and having a love for our flag, this holiday means more to me then any other we enjoy.
D.C. Gould [07-05-2001]

I am interested in learning because a question in our daily newspaper today is: "Did our forefathers sign the Declaration of Independence because America would be better off free of England or because they, personally,would be better off?"
Betty Allard Bonham [07-05-2001]

I am interested in learning because a question in our daily newspaper today is: "Did our forefathers sign the Declaration of Independence because America would be better off free of England or because they, personally,would be better off?"
Betty Allard Bonham [07-05-2001]

Thank God I am an American
Marjoe Ward , 1st generation American [07-05-2001]

This website is very well done...quite impressive.
Candy Wellman , Ft.Wayne,IN. 49 years old [07-05-2001]

Thank you, it was great to be able to revisit history. A great place for my granddaughter to get information for homework. Thanks again for helping me to remember.
Catherine , Dallas,Tx [07-05-2001]

First visit. Have added this site to my favorites and will send this address to my grandson.
Betty [07-05-2001]

July 4, 2001 reminds me to be thankful to God that every human being has inalienable rights and that every person is entitled to live under governments based on a rule of law rather than the will of any dictator or any collective dictatorship, sometimes called democratic rule.
Ronald B. Zeh , Binghamton, New York (65 years old) [07-05-2001]

I am proud to be an American And am thankful for the founding father for there courage and sacrifices
vinne quicce , north canton ohio 2yrs old [07-05-2001]

Excellent web page. I spent a lot of time with it and will revisit.
Darrell Jauch , Park Hills, MO [07-05-2001]

On this 225th anniversary, we should all thank that remarkable group of men who had the God given vision to create this blessed land
herman gross , Age 84 Address Great Neck, NY [07-05-2001]

You have an excellent website. Thank you.
Ace , Newton, Texas [07-05-2001]

In this day and age many have given up liberty for security. But are we secure without freedom? 7/4/01
Tom Durfee , Redford, MI 48239, [07-05-2001]

We all need reminded, from time to time, just what we really have here, in these "GREAT" UNITED STATES. "Thank You Lord, for this place that, I call home !"
Thomas Mack Wilson , Ottawa, Ohio [07-05-2001]

happy 4th! Legalize freedom now!
b. ripley [07-05-2001]

love & defended the usa
Dave Boland , Missouri,USA [07-05-2001]

This is a wonderful site! Congratulations to all concerned.
Jerry Doyle , Perris, CA age 65 [07-05-2001]

Enjoyed your site this great morning of July 4, 2001.
Marjorie Hampton [07-05-2001]

The idea of these 56 or so members of the Congress willing to sign their fortunes or lives away is absolutely astounding.
Harry Pak , Boynton Beach, Florida [07-05-2001]

Thank you, my ancestors, for fighting for our freedom, which we enjoy today. I AM proud to be American!
*Stella* by STARLight , in New Hampshire, the Life Free or Die State. [07-05-2001]

What a great site,, how nice I found it on "the" Day. How brave the men were. Where is the Declaration of Independence kept now ????
Shirley Rosser , Alliance, Ohio 54 years old [07-05-2001]

4 July 2001. It's appropriate that i check into this site today. i'll continue to come back from time to time. Thank you.
Tony Finney , Johannesburg, South Africa [07-05-2001]

Excellent site
Jerry W. Blevins [07-05-2001]

The site has an important mission, to teach everyone our history. If we forget our history then we will be forced to" re-learn" it all
Edle Sewell [07-05-2001]

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Hodiduty Yall , im gay [07-05-2001]

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Catherine J. Whitehead , Garland TX [07-05-2001]

You have done an exemplary job and I can hardly wait to share it with others.
Karen Fenger [07-03-2001]

After studying the American history,I feel that this soil itself is a sacred one, which gives an independent thought of justice and independence.And so even the majority people are whites of those days, they have rebelled against tyranical and selfish rule of Great Britain, which paved the way to U.S.A to become world power and protector of democracy in the world.
basavapunnayya veluvolu , VISAKHAPATNAM -530017 . INDIA. ; Age 59 [07-03-2001]

Great site!!!!!!
julian sandoval [07-03-2001]

In this day and time we take so very much for granted. The life we all enjoy today was enabled by the men who made the monumental decision to stand against tyranny, and in the process birthed the greatest nation the world has ever known. With unparalelled foresight and tremendous sacrifice, a democracy was born!
David L. Creger , Brisol, VA - Age 44 [07-03-2001]

Pamela Legge , Franklin,MA Age 45 [07-03-2001]

Oliver P. Maldonado , Aurora, Colorado. [07-03-2001]

This is an interesting compilation of Mr. Jefferson's account of the origin of the Decalaration of Independence. It is also helpful to have some additional commentary concerning the events surrounding the Declaration
J. W. Bailey , Tucson, AZ [07-03-2001]

I'm interested in visiting the New England states, however lack of funds keeps us from traveling great distances. So, Internet study and research will have to take the place of educational visits to our historic sites. Thanks for this patriotic website!
Kim Coulter , West Des Moines, Iowa, 38 yrs old [07-03-2001]

The death of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams on the save day, July 4th of the 50th anniversary of The Declaration of Independence has always fascinated me. We owe so much to those Presidents. It is on such shoulders as both men that we stand on July 4th.
anonymous , Essex Junction, Vermont age 60 [07-03-2001]

David M. Stitt [07-03-2001]

Teresa [07-03-2001]

I have been gone from the U.S. for a long time but always knew that one of my anscestors, Benjamin Rush, signed the Declaration of Indepence. It was very interesting to be able to read about his life. Thank you for the hard work in assembling all this information in one site.
Peggy Rush , Puerto Rico, 54 yrs old [07-01-2001]

What was the religion of each of th 56 signers?
Betty Larson , Curious [07-01-2001]

My heart overflows with gratitude for all those brave men who signed and their brave families.
Geraldine Durbin , Willits, California [07-01-2001]

Great site my kids will learn a lot from this site. Thank you for taking the time to put together something so educational.
Christine Regal , Shermansdale, 30 [07-01-2001]

A great site! Should be required viewing for ALL teens before it's too late to develop new patriots. I'm glad I found this site.
Charlie Flynn , Bastrop, LA [07-01-2001]

Concise just what I required for study of the men and some results of their actions.
George Bruner , Akron Ohio [07-01-2001]

Thank you, thank you for the well documented history of the birth of our country. Please, can you tell me what happened to the signers of the Declaration of Independence as a result of their signatures? After all, they did, indeed, place themselves in danger of treason.
Virginia Wyatt , Petaluma, CA. [06-28-2001]

Susan Klement , Teacher, Palm Beach, Florida [06-28-2001]

George Read is ancestor that signed the Dec. of Ind.
Ronald D. Edgington [06-28-2001]

We live near a Colonial America historic district, and about eight miles from the Jonathon Trumbull house which is in Lebanon, CT. and about twelve miles from the home of Israel Putnam. I treasure living in this area and would not trade it for anything.
Fred Beams , Norwich, CT [06-17-2001]

Very helpful information. Thank you!
Thomas H. Britton , Virginia Beach, VA [06-10-2001]

Never before had I taken the time to read The Declaration of Independence, while in school I never really found it to be interesting. Now as I research my family history I also find myself researching American history. I understand a little better now why my ancestor's fought in the American Revolution and every war since then, including the Gulf War. We take our freedom for granted, but many fine men, brave men fought for and died to preserve our freedom. For all you young children out there when you see and old soldier thank him for what he did. I know I will.
Jim Hoisington , St. Louis, Missouri [06-06-2001]

I dearly love the USA and our Devinely inspired Constitution which is under attack from many quarters of society and from some elected ones as well.
Will Tolbert , St. George, UT 76yearsof age [06-06-2001]

I am going to phil. next week and i now know what to go see!!! thanks!! and hey all u fine guys.
Ashely , town:texas age: 14 [06-06-2001]

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Julia , texas 12 [06-06-2001]

The Rob and Lewis Morris are my direct ancesters. I just found out recently. I very proud of this fact. Thank you for your web site. It was a real pleasure.
Thomas Andrews , POBOX3 Mitchell,In 47446 [06-02-2001]

james d. benton , NEW ORLEANS,LA. 45 yrs. [05-30-2001]

it's good to know about the THE DECLARATION of the thirteen UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
jorge cardenas , 30 yrs. [05-28-2001]

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Your a life savor on homework!
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jesenia, about John Hancock [05-19-2001]

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Who writing the Declaration of Independence!!!!!!!!!!!
Emily Fox [05-16-2001]

Robert Morris was my grandfather back 7 generations To find a picture was very excting. Great site!!!!!!
Norma Morris Smith, Dubuque Iowa [05-14-2001]

I can't believe I didn't find this site sooner!
Troy Osmun, Waynesboro, Va 18 [05-14-2001]

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Blake Vasser [05-11-2001]

i think your site is great, you can see it was put together with a lot of love and hard work. you all should be prond of your selfs.My grand daughter is eight years old and studying about the history of the begining of our great country.when she comes home from school an we look up what she studied on this great site. its great
anthony devito, age 65 town belleville n.j. [05-10-2001]

freedom of thought, mind, body and soul...........the declaration of indepedance is a sacred and die-worthy ideal close to my heart and every patriotic heart across this vast land of freedom.
Sean Shettle, santa cruz 20 yr [05-10-2001]

Thanks for a very informative site; it successfully refutes the utter nonsense on the web about the "tragic consequences" of signing the Declaration put up originally by Rush Limbaugh's father and since repeated on right-wing sites everywhere.
Paul J. Donovan [05-10-2001]

Great..Has everything you need to know about everyone that signed the Declaration.
teresa, amelia , va [05-10-2001]

I think it's awsome!
Ashley [05-10-2001]

there really more things i would like to now about the declaration of the indepedence
Joslyn Garner, New Jersey 11 [05-10-2001]

It provides great information
Erika [05-07-2001]

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It gives all the information that I need I just wish that it was easier to find just trying to look up the Declaration of Independence took me forever to find what I was looking for
Teasha, Sandpoint Idaho 20 [05-05-2001]

i think that this place is verry nice and i think that they did a good job on the web site
meg [05-03-2001]

planning a trip to philadelphia in September and i have started some pre-trip planning of historical sites
kathi mccord, texas [05-02-2001]

the imformation is no too much true because i read some book say that byebye
n?, only phone(415)664-5750 [05-02-2001]

I love this web site!!!!!
Lea, california [05-02-2001]

this is a site for the people who have nothing better to do but work
Liz [05-02-2001]

I like the web page. Although, you should provide pictures of the delagates and the other people living in the colonies. What I mean is that you should have pictures of clothing that people wore in the colonial times, so that people can have a better understanding of how life was in the colonial period. Your visitor, Candice
candice [05-02-2001]

I think that this web site is just fantastic! I especially liked seeing the pictures of the signers of the Declaration. Great portrait of John Hancock!!!
anonymous [04-29-2001]

amme [04-29-2001]

I appreciate the information on Uncle Edmund. It seems that most Revolutionary accounts ignore his contributions.
Les Pendleton, great nephew of Edmund Pendleton [04-26-2001]

it was held because of to much taxise
brittant, bosten tea party [04-26-2001]

This site was very informative, I got all the information that I needed and then some! It helped me out with my report more than I ever thought it would. Thanks!
RIchard I. Zartuche, Park Forest, IL-14 Yrs [04-24-2001]

This site is really good for my school paper
Justin Mize [04-24-2001]

Wondering where to go on-line for ancestry and geneological information on Matthew Thornton, his family and descendents.
J. Michael Thornton, Descendent of Matthew Thornton, last signer of the Declaration of Independence. Doing research on family history. [04-24-2001]

Ana Meraz, Bakersfield,ca/16 [04-24-2001]

ashlay meilunas [04-24-2001]

Hello there nice young people at this intelligent web site I think it rocks!!!!!
Molly Phillips, Age 89 [04-24-2001]

I was interested in the Signers. My ancestor is Robert Morris. I have seen his grave at the Christ Church in Philly. I am trying to find more info on one of his sons, Thomas Morris. To Mary Ann from Boardman, OH and Dara Green Wingate, MO, would both of you email me at We could share info on Robert Morris.
patricia gregson, sacramento, ca [04-24-2001]

Connie Wise [04-24-2001]

AnnCoooper [04-24-2001]

I aggre all men are created equal and even if it's women god maed everyone the same, sere we are a bit deffernt but, we have two arms and two legs a head. Even if they have different skin it dosen't matter tret them the saem as you want to be treted,Thank You. Thomas Jefferson
Tamara, 11 [04-13-2001]

Daniel Japa, 11 message: I liked your web site ! I found all the info i needed. [04-11-2001]

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great website! i was trying to find info on james smith for my brother and it help a lot! thanks again!
niki [04-06-2001]

I really like the easy way to get people's info for doing reports
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To look up thomas jeferson and get information on him. So that i could get a passing grade and pass college and graduate.
attifa .bajhat, wright, queens,age;18 [04-06-2001]

nicky [04-06-2001]

i would like a pic of the quartering act
Haley [04-04-2001]

By the election of 1800, it appears that the spirit of '76 was about gone. I'm beginning to want to know more about these men: who they were, what they accomplished and their place in history.
Wayne L. Stewart, Irvington, New York [04-04-2001]

hi i'm studying the declaration of independence and your site gave me loads of information thank you
elicia [04-04-2001]

Peyton Randolph [04-04-2001]

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Britny & Keina, Age-10 [04-04-2001]

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Hey...I am doing a Patrick Henry "Bio-Board." Does anyone know What things I should put on it? For those of you who dont know what a bio board is, it is a SCRAPBOOK on OAK-TAG. Thanks!!
Wooda, Doing a Patrick Henry Report... [03-23-2001]

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Extremely helpful website when the inquiry relates to government activities.
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I love this page it tell s more about Matthew than any other page I've seen as a relative I thank you. He is one of my many ancestors thank you for describing & writing about him so well.
Heather thornton, sterling,ok [03-19-2001]

Thanks! I am doing a state report on Maryland and wanted to further research the signers of the Declaration. Your web site is great!
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This web site is great! I thot Patrict Henry was a signer of the Declaration of Independence but guess I was mistaken.
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Michelle Zeblisky, 12 years old, long island, ny [03-02-2001]

Is there any relation between Stephen Hopkins, signer of the Declaration of Independance and Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower?
Janey Robson [03-01-2001]

Just as John Stockton, Bejamin Rush also attended West Nottingham Academy. We now have a dormitory in his name.
Kip Talley, West Nottingham Academy [03-01-2001]

this is a good way to allow children to learn about the important things in life.
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Samantha A. (Samm for short), I am 13 years old, and live in Rhode Island, you know, the smallest state. [02-27-2001]

Dan Williams, Home: Gulf Breze, Fl [02-25-2001]

How many original copies of The Declaration of Independence are known to exist?
Chuck Staples [02-25-2001]

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I have a friend that is a decendent of William Whipple She would love to have a photo of him.
Norma McNair [02-17-2001]

My husband is a gret-great-great grandson of Robert Morris. This site was very informational in our research.
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I am looking for information about John Morton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Please contact me if you have some.
Robert Morton Webb [01-20-2001]

John Adams' last words were "Thomas Jefferson still survives", a powerful yet incorrect statement (Jefferson had died a few hours earlier).
trina, none [01-20-2001]

I am looking for relatives of Richard Stockton...I am an 8x Great Grandaughter and doing research on him...This was a great sight...Thank You
Colleen Gray Nagle, Troy,New York [01-20-2001]

I'm looking to make a copy of the Declaration of Independence and also the Presidents of the U.S.A. for my grandchildren. Maybe even the Bill of Rights. So I can teach them about the great American way.
Patrick, Ontario, I'm 41yrs. [01-20-2001]

While working on our family tree for my son's school project, we were surprised to find out that Peyton Randolph is my Great, Great, Great Grandfather!
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