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I think in 8b. The caste system, Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar's work was unprecedented for removal of untouchability than M.K Gandhi.Thanks
K.S, Massachusetts [12-01-2014] »»»

I think it is very help ful to me!
justin reed, 12 [11-26-2014] »»»

I thought he conqured the LARGEST EMPIRE EVER KNOWN?????
T.B. [11-26-2014] »»»

Jesus did not attack the temple. Please consider revising this section and basing it on the Bible. Thank you this is a great research website I hope to use it again.
anonymous [11-26-2014] »»»

I think that instead of a google search on the website you should have a search to find things on the website. It will help you with customers because I can't use this website because of the not good search results.
AB, ny [11-26-2014]

why don't you say why the emperor had the gladiatorial games????????!
M.R.P. [11-26-2014] »»»

i am really pleased with this site I'm coming here to reasrch Hammarobi Code : an eye for an eye i am really happy i found a site like this thank you :D
Zoe Pankey [11-26-2014] »»»

This site can help you to keep people on track and go Back in Time so cool =)
Z.p., 12 [11-26-2014] »»»

Very Cool.
Lesley DeGroodt [11-26-2014] »»»

this is a bad website
HTA, i'm 11 [11-26-2014]

Why did you put a picture of Ashanti kings of present day Ghana along with a text about the Ancient ghana empire in which the Soninke dominated? it makes ZERO sense. They have nothing in common religiously or culturally. It might also create confusion in mind of readers.
RB [11-26-2014] »»»

This website helped me on my assignment! Thank you
Craig Shisheesh, I'm 17 years old [11-26-2014] »»»

vary good site (/0.0/)
Z.P, 12 [11-26-2014] »»»

I love this
Bob [11-26-2014] »»»

I love this site!
Craig [11-26-2014] »»»

I love this site
Dylan, 90 [11-26-2014] »»»

Who wrote the article on Ancient Civilizations? I notice you provide the experts who chatted online, but there is no authorship cited for the Ancient Civ articles. Thank you.
Colin Mason [11-26-2014]

bob, 35 [11-26-2014] »»»

they eat different food to us
sr [11-26-2014] »»»

al [11-26-2014] »»»

Please add author(s), so I can use this for my history fair! My only suggestion.
Jordan Gennero [11-26-2014] »»»

The Egyptians lived there by the Nile eating fish, water birds and many other kinds of animals. They use the Nile to trade stuff on the water to different places, used the water to grow plants when itn flooded the plants grew fine and they had plenty of food but when the water didn't flood the didn't get much food and some might starve.
anonymous [11-26-2014] »»»

So Europeans are actually Romans, and if he is documented evidence that in 70 AD over 1 million Hebrews fled to Africa 1500 years later they entered the Atlantic slave trade prophecy being fulfilled in Deuteronomy 28 : 68 with slave ships
prince allen [11-26-2014] »»»

hi [11-26-2014] »»»

hi this site is sorta good but you souldd add what people want to know
anonymous [11-26-2014] »»»

i love GHANA
Ashley [11-26-2014] »»»

Newman Nago [11-26-2014] »»»

Don't you have any like extra stuff about hammurabi's code of laws
anonymous, YUYvdoyuvDYVYUSVW [11-26-2014] »»»

I am the grandson of a Bishop, and is known as The Hood Novelist. I am familiar with ancestor in my own right, I acquired of who is King. Very knowledgeable wisdom do I contain. I bear the markings on my hand. On the left hand a "GH", on the right hand "AnA". This is Ghana and I would love to meet and see the country.
Tony E. Colon Jr., 40 yrs. old, New Jersey [11-26-2014] »»»

you need to add more information in order to keep people interested
alyssa [11-26-2014] »»»

Who wrote this and what date published? it was a great site helped me heaps i have to cite it for assignment :) thanks
ghk-coolies [11-26-2014] »»»

Is there a continuation of World History after Ancient Civilizations? I used last year and I am looking for an equitable resource for World History.
Nancy C [11-26-2014]

The picture of a "copy of the Rig Veda" on this page is actually a Tibetan text, part of which is a lengthy quote of what seems to be dedicatory prayers such as "Lord, look [on us] with the compassion of the knower of the three times..." etc. The text is Buddhist.
James Bradwell [11-26-2014] »»»

This site is great. It is very helpful, site is well written and easy to navigate
JW, 37 Massachusetts [11-26-2014]

AW, [11-26-2014] »»»

tinamarie ( sto [11-26-2014] »»»

Gandhi was not a kshatriya. He was a vaishya or trader. That fact was a profound influence on his thinking and his politics.
Arun R. Swamy, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Guam [11-26-2014] »»»

Tania, Detroit [11-26-2014] »»»

Excellent reading material here.
Robert Atanasio, 67 male, college degree, want to be a history teacher now [11-26-2014] »»»

thank you for sharing!Share more!
Eunice, Almost 10 [11-26-2014]

thank you for sharing with us!
Isabelle, 12 [11-26-2014]

I hope you will share more:)Thank you very much for teaching us students so much about Olympic
Jannet wong, 9 [11-26-2014]

I agree with Ng,this is indeed a very good website for histories
Tan, 10 [11-26-2014]

This is a very good website,i hope you can share more about Olympics and other things
Ng, 10 [11-26-2014]

need some information
Fullara Dhar, ealy mans cloth [11-26-2014] »»»

This is something I would come to ever day. To look about the history that they have there.
E.Q.B, Jonesboro [11-26-2014]

"4g. Hebrews and the Land of Milk and Honey" claims the Hebrews called their God "Yahweh." But the descendants of that culture dispute that. They are taught that the hebrew tetragram (Yahweh is only 4 Hebrew letters) is unpronounceable and is a substitute for the ineffable name of God. They use the word "adonoy" for the tetragram, which translates to "the Lord".
nrcbtm1, 75 Virginia, U.S. [11-29-2012] »»»

i like whats it's saying i love civilization
laronnica green, age13 lakecity s.c. maxiethomas 29560. [11-29-2012] »»»

ok so i love drawing
dd, 53 [11-15-2012] »»»

esmeralda hollowy
esmeralda holloway, esmeralda holloway [10-11-2012] »»»

We already studied this!
SWF [06-06-2012] »»»

It was with great interest that I read your publication. Unfortunately, a little of this publication is read by westerns, if it were, African culture would deserve better consideration
samuel camara, Malinke (Mandeka), my ancesters founded The Empire of Mali [04-07-2012] »»»

I would to thank you for not neglecting the pre- Carnegie history, especially under the ancient Egypt section and ancient China section, of the middle and new money rich classes, the status inconsistent, the open systems of social class, meritocracy, and economic equity. It is so refreshing that this site doesn't depict these ancient civilizations as just simply having caste and other closed systems of social class.
anonymous [01-26-2012]

I would like to see you do an entire online textbook, especially with the financial crisies today, on the history of the Middle Classes, the New Money Rich, the Status Inconsistent, the open systems of social class/meritocracy, and economic equity from the time immortal and the Old Stone Age until Andrew Carnegie's birth in 1835. I think it would be very cool and a great contribrution on your part. I think it is time for every status inconsistent, middle class, and new money rich person as well as every person who believes in economic equity and meritocrcacy to reclaim, and learn as much as possible the concepts' and social classes' pre-Carnegie history and antiquities.
anonymous [01-25-2012]

I would to thank you for not confining yourself to ancient Mespotania, Rome, Egypt, and Greece. But I would like to see you to have and do an entire section on the United States of America during ancient times on the website on your online textbook. In what is now the United States of America there was a number of ancient civilizations such as the Anazi or the ancient copper mines of Michigan and Wisconsin from the years 2500-1500BC. I think they need to be talked about in detail.
anonymous [01-25-2012]

This site was awesome. I found exactly what I needed.
a. holt [12-08-2008]

I think that you should write the article like for the text book. Then at the end summarize the main or important facts that students should know.
Gulu [11-26-2008] »»»

I love the concept of a free text. I hope you will revisit the piece on Rosa Parks though; she was in fact a trained activist and not just a tired seamstress, as your portrayal suggests. The Southern Poverty Law Center has an excellent film out on her that is free for educators (see called "Mighty Times," and you can find more about her political activism training at .
Ellen Bigler [10-28-2008]

put more hitery
anonymous [10-06-2008]

Just read the piece on the Land of Television. I like history pieces that talk about culture.
Wanda, Bellingham, Washington [09-09-2008]

Do you have any info on Benedict Arnold. I need to do a report.
anonymous [09-09-2008]

I'm a big history buff and am already hooked on your site. God Bless America.
James J. Wilson, Lincoln, Nebraska [09-09-2008]

Thanks for sharing this exceptional resource. I'll be visiting often. Ed, Venice, Florida
anonymous [09-09-2008] »»»

Wow. What a useful resource for my 6th graders. I'll be sending them here often. Thank you so much for sharing this!
anonymous [09-08-2008]

historic documents, declaration, constitution, more