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2001 - Franklin and Medicine

In 1751 Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Thomas Bond, founded Pennsylvania Hospital, the nation's first hospital and a leader in hospital care and clinical research throughout its history. In recognition of the Hospital's historic presence in American medical research and progress the Franklin Celebration recognized the Bicenquinquagenary of Pennsylvania Hospital. The Franklin Celebration also honored Dr. Beverly S. Emanuel, eminent molecular geneticist who made a major contribution to science as co-discoverer of chromosome 21. As the Director of the Human Genetics Center, University of Pennsylvania she directed the mapping of the human Genome, one of the most significant medical discoveries in the late 20th century, explained in her keynote address, " From Maps to Medicine: The Impact of the Genome Project."

Franklin and Diplomacy: The Essential Alliance

The Celebration also marked the anniversary of Franklin's secret meeting at Carpenters' Hall with Chevalier Julien Achard De Bonvouloir, an emissary representing the Court of France. Franklin and DeBonvouloir met over the course of three nights in December 1775. Bonvouloir's courageous mission of espionage set in motion the events that ultimately led to victory to Yorktown and America's independence. The world premiere of the movie Tête á Tête, celebrating this alliance, was held on Thursday, January 18, 2001.