Carpenters' Hall

Carpenters' Hall can be rented for events by corporate and non-profit groups.


The Customer is required to obtain and maintain for customer and anyone who is providing a service for the event, comprehensive general liability insurance including:

  • contractual liability insurance with a minimum combined single limit for personal injury (including death) and property damage of $1,000,000 for any occurrence;
  • statutory limits for worker's compensation coverage;
  • $500,000 liquor liability;
  • and $1,000,000 business automobile liability, all in a form satisfactory to the Company.

Caterers are obligated to carry the necessary insurance if not on file, and submit a Certificate of Insurance Company one week prior to the event date.

The customer is required to provide Company with certificates of insurance, aforementioned no less than thirty days prior to the event date.

All insurance must name The Carpenters' Company as additional insured with primary coverage.