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Washington Square West

  • The Athenaeum of Philadelphia, 219 S. 6th St.
    Mirick Pearson Batcheler; J.S. Cornell & Son
  • Farm Journal Building (renovations), 230 W. Washington Square
    Barclay White, Inc; HLM Design
  • Pennsylvania Hospital Cancer Center (renovations to Farm Journal Bldg.), W. Washington Square
    Nason and Cullen Group, Inc.
  • Wills Eye Hospital, 2nd floor of Walnut Towers (MRI & Gamma Knife support spaces) 9th & Walnut St.
    Granary Associates
  • Wills Eye Hospital (Master Plan Program and interior renovations), Main Bldg. at 9th & Walnut St.
    P. Agnes, Inc.
  • Walnut Street Theatre (renovations), 9th & Walnut St.
    Kise Straw & Kolodner
  • Pennsylvania Hospital, (renovations to Preston, Cathcart, Scheidt, Hall Mercer, & Key Bldg.) 8th and Spruce St.
    L.F. Driscoll Company; HLM Design; Nason & Cullen Group, Inc.; T. N. Ward Company; Wolfe Scott Associates
  • Neurological Institute renovations (Pennsylvania Hospital) 9th & Pine St.
    Barclay White, Inc.; HLM Design
  • The Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, (Gibbon, Foerderer, Thompson, Main, Medical, Clinical, Scott Bldg. & parking garage), 9th to 11th, Chestnut to Locust St.
    L.F. Driscoll Company; H2L2 Architects/Planners; HLM Design; Irwin & Leighton, Inc.; R. M. Shoemaker Co.; Wolfe Scott Associates
  • Jefferson Health System (historic conversion to clinic & offices), 925 Chestnut Street
    P. Agnes, Inc.; Granary Associates; HLM Design
  • S.S. White Bldg. (The Cosmopolitan - renovations & new construction), 12th and Locust St.
    L. F. Driscoll Company
  • Moore Residence (renovation & addition), 419 S. Camac St.
    James Oleg Kruhly Associates

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