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Northeast Philadelphia

  • Holy Family College (new nurse education bldg.), Grant & Frankford Ave.
    Dagit/Saylor Architects
  • Frankford Hospital (OR, ER, Skilled Nursing Renovations), Knights & Red Lion Rd.
    J.J. DeLuca Company, Inc.; Granary Associates; T. N. Ward Company
  • Frankford Hospital Torresdale Division
    Ewing Cole Cherry Brott; Irwin & Leighton, Inc.
  • Crown Cork and Seal Company, Inc., One Crown Way
    Nason and Cullen Group, Inc.
  • "Little School Houses:" three prototype schools Pre-K through 6th grades - Laura H. Carnell, Thomas K. Finletter, Anne Frank
    P. Agnes, Inc.
  • Friends Hospital (dining & food service facility), Roosevelt Blvd. & Adams Ave.
    HLM Design; E. Allen Reeves, Inc.
  • Friends Hospital (Bonsall, Hillside Bldg. (both inpatient care), Hillside House (residential), renovation of historically certified original 1817 building)
    HLM Design
  • Fox Chase Cancer Prevention Pavilion, 7701 Burholme Ave.
    Ewing Cole Cherry Brott; Samuel Grossi & Sons, Inc.; Nason and Cullen Group, Inc.

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