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Market Street West

  • McDonald Corporation, N.E. Division, 1500 Market St.
    Clemens Construction Company, Inc.
  • Comcast Corporation (corporate relocation renovations), Center Square
    Nason and Cullen Group, Inc.
  • Steelcase, Inc. (new showroom), One Liberty Place
    Granary Associates
  • One Liberty Place, 1650 Market St.
    Carson Concrete Corporation; L.F. Driscoll Company
  • Chubb & Son Company, Inc., One Liberty Place
    Clemens Construction Company, Inc.
  • Five Penn Center (lobby renovation), 17th & Market Sts.
    Cope Linder Associates
  • 1700 Market St. (lobby renovations)
    Cope Linder Associates
  • AT&T (fit-out), 1818 Market St.
    T.N. Ward Company
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy, 17th & Chestnut Sts.
    E.P. Guidi, Inc.
  • Boyd's Men's Store (renovations to historic bldg.), 1818 Chestnut St.
    C. E. Broudy & Associates; Nason & Cullen Group, Inc.
  • Independence Blue Cross (prototype primary care center) 1901 Market (10th floor)
    Granary Associates
  • Stock Exchange Building (expansive interior atrium), 19th & Market Sts.
    Clemens Construction Company; Cope Linder Associates; R.M. Shoemaker Company
  • IBM Building, 2101 Market St.
    Nason & Cullen Group, Inc.
  • Keystone Auto Club, 21st & Market Sts.
    Ewing Cole Cherry Brott
  • PECO, 2301 Market St.
    Ewing Cole Cherry Brott; H2L2 Architects/Planners; Nason & Cullen Group, Inc.
  • Rehabilitation of Amtrak 30th St. Station, 30th & Market Sts.
  • Restoration of four SEPTA railroad stations, 1999 Award Entry (Strafford, Radnor, Allen Lane, Overbrook)
    DPK&A; Keast and Hood Company
  • One Drexel Plaza (historic conversion of Bulletin Bldg.) 31st & Market Sts.
    Bower Lewis Thrower Architects

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