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Recent Projects: Giving Form to the Future


oday, 135 members carry on the tradition of colonial "master builders" who were largely responsible for constructing early Philadelphia, including Independence Hall and Carpenters' Hall. Each early member combined the talents of designer, engineer and construction foreman who supervised craftsmen such as carpenters, bricklayers and glaziers. Current members represent three distinct professions -- architects, contractors and structural engineers -- required for contemporary projects.

Here is a sampling of recent work by Carpenters' Company members. Some 300 projects are arranged by neighborhoods in Philadelphia or by location in nearby counties and states.

Wherever you travel in the region -- fom the airport to the zoo; from the Penn campus to the University of Delaware at Newark; from Providence, Rhode Island, to the lighthouse at Cape May. New Jersey -- Company members continue to shape the future.

About This Project

The Carpenters' Company and the staff of the Hall extend a most heartfelt thanks to Carl and Brearley Karsch for making this project a reality.

The research and compilation of this list of buildings, designed, built and engineered by members of the Carpenters' Company, is the work of Carl Karsch and his wife Brearley. Carl is a longtime volunteer at Carpenters' Hall and Brearley has willingly been "Tom Sawyered" into seeing many a Hall exhibit/research project come to fruition.

This piece was originally published as a booklet in May, 2000, and was published on the Internet in July.

Listing of companies whose work is represented here.

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